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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Surprise! Hunter 3rd in Important Straw Poll

Washington, DC (TLS). South Carolina has become an extremely important destination for candidates in both Parties this year, as Party leaders designated the early South Carolina primary as a pivotal first test that could make or break a candidate. The state has received multiple visits from Republican and Democrat presidential candidates such as Duncan Hunter, R-CA, John McCain, R-AZ, Rudy Giuliani, R-NY, Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY, Barack Hussein Obama, D-Ill., and Chris Dodd, D-CT.

A dark horse candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination is well on his way to receiving a major boost from this week's straw poll of the Spartanburg County Republican Party. U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter, R-CA, has emerged from the back of the pack to take third place in the important Republican straw poll.

Only a few months ago pundits had totally written off the candidacy of Duncan Hunter as a long-shot at best. Lacking in the name recognition and campaign funds of front runners Giuliani and McCain, Hunter was viewed as hardly a blip on the radar screen.

Hunter's sudden rise to the top three in the Republican race has raised eyebrows among the Party elite and enlivened the hopes of conservatives who feared that there would be no one in the race to represent them in either Party. As we have reported previously on The Liberty Sphere, Duncan Hunter has resonated with the voters in the upstate of South Carolina.

As a conservative Republican stronghold, the Greenville-Spartanburg area of South Carolina is beginning to embrace the message of Duncan Hunter, who speaks of peace through strength, the sanctity of human life, including the unborn, the need for a secure border and tough immigration reform, fair trade with countries such as China which have used the millions we send their way to oppose us, and low taxes. These 'Reagan Ideals' appeal to a broad cross-section of voters in the Greenville-Spartanburg area, who still consider President Ronald Reagan as perhaps the best U.S. President of the 20th century.

Hunter was first elected to Congress during the 'Reagan Revolution' in 1980, when Reagan trounced Jimmy Carter in a landslide and swept dozens of conservative Senators and Congressmen into office with him. Reagan turned right around the did the same thing in 1984, pummeling Walter Mondale in one of the largest landslides in the history of American politics.

Since that time, Duncan Hunter has not wavered from his conservative values.

While Hunter at this point stands in third place in the Spartanburg County Straw Poll, the count is not over. Bad weather in the area Thursday and Friday forced a cancellation of the vote count before all precincts were counted. The remaining 10 precincts will be counted next week.

Here are the results of the straw poll so far, with 81 out of 92 precincts counted:

John McCain--164
Rudy Giuliani--162
Duncan Hunter--158
Sam Brownback--85
Mitt Romney--80
Newt Gingrich--33
Mike Huckabee--21
Tom Tancredo--10
John Cox--4
Ron Paul--4
Condoleeza Rice--2

Several candidates tied with one vote.

As you can see by the results, Duncan Hunter is now competitive with both Giuliani and McCain, in spite of the previous lack of name recognition and the lack of a deep war chest of campaign donations. This will most definitely change.

The Liberty Sphere was impressed early-on with Duncan Hunter. He is one of the very few in either the U.S. House or Senate that has received a perfect grade of A+ from Gun Owners of America, which rates candidates and politicians based upon their support for Second Amendment rights.

We are pleased to see Mr. Hunter come from behind and move into a position of prominence. As we have said before, Hunter may well be THE candidate around whom conservatives and 'Reagan Democrats' can rally.

S.C. School District Updates Info on Sex Scandal

Washington, DC (TLS). Laurens County School District 56 has updated its website with the latest information on the sex scandal involving a Bell Street Middle School teacher and male students between the ages of 14 and 15.

As reported on The Liberty Sphere late Friday, Allena Williams Ward, the 23-year-old married teacher accused of alleged criminal sexual activity with minors, was released from jail Friday afternoon after posting bail. Ward left the detention facility accompanied by her husband and other family members who are avidly expressing support for the accused teacher.

Parents of young teens in the school district, however, are not so happy about Ward's release. These parents have also expressed their ire at school district officials who refused to answer any questions related to the case in a special meeting with parents on Thursday evening.

However, the school district has provided updated information on its website. Documents related to the case and the school district's response are available on pdf files. These files can be accessed by going to the district website at:

As always, The Liberty Sphere will provide updates as they become available.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Teacher in S.C. Sex Scandal Released on Bond

Washington, DC (TLS). Allena Williams Ward, the 23-year-old married teacher charged in a sex scandal involving 14-15 year-old boys has been released from jail on bond.

Ward was released late this afternoon and was accompanied by her husband and other family members, who are reportedly giving the accused teacher their full support. An electronic tracking device issued by the Laurens County Sheriff's Department will monitor Ward's movements. She is allowed to travel only to church, to her attorney's office, to the court, and to her doctor.

Law enforcement officials stated that if Ward violates the terms of this 'house arrest,' officers will be immediately notified via email or cell phone.

Parents of students in Laurens County School District 56 are none too pleased that Ward was released from jail today, claiming that she is a threat to their children. The local District Attorney, which in South Carolina is referred to as the 'Circuit Solicitor,' had sought to prevent Ward's release and/or to make her bail much higher. Parents are outraged that Ward's bail was set so low. Her release today occurred only two days after her arrest.

The Circuit Solicitor in the case has referred to Ward as a threat to the public given the predatory nature of her alleged sex crimes. If this allegation is proved in court, there is much more here than what meets the eye. A case can be made that predatory sex acts committed against under-age persons is a hideous disease that is deserving of psychiatric evaluation and treatment, in addition to whatever punishment the court deems necessary.

Yet, as always, it cannot be overly stressed that so far the charges against Ward are allegations. Her first court date is set for roughly one month from today. Only a court of law can determine guilt or innocence. So far, nothing has been proved and no verdict has been issued.

The Liberty Sphere is committed to reminding communities and victims in cases such as this to remember that in America the accused must not be found guilty in the court of public opinion before any evidence has been submitted to a court of law. There will be plenty enough time for all the evidence to be presented in court and for a jury to deliberate as to its authenticity.

The citizens of Clinton, South Carolina must allow the attorneys, the court, and the jury to carefully consider the facts in the case before any judgment is to be rendered. At present, Mrs. Ward is accused of ALLEGED crimes, and she must be presumed innocent until a jury finds her guilty.


Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere learned late Thursday evening that outrage erupted at a South Carolina middle school over the arrest of a female teacher who is charged with having sex with 14 and 15 year old boys.

23-year-old Allena Williams Ward was arrested on Wednesday of this week on 5 counts of criminal sexual misconduct with a minor and 6 counts of lewd acts on a minor.

Ward taught at Bell Street Middle School in Clinton, South Carolina, a small town of roughly 10,000 located 65 miles north of the state capital of Columbia.

Bell Street Middle School is part of Laurens County School District 56. The school board held a meeting on Thursday evening with concerned parents. However, many of the parents who attended the meeting emerged with more questions, and more outrage, than when they entered.

According to parents who spoke to the media after the school board meeting, parents were not allowed to ask any questions. The school board took the entirety of the meeting to explain the details of the alleged incidents involving Mrs. Ward and the steps the board is taking to provide assistance to students and families in the aftermath of the scandal.

However, some parents claim that it was simply not enough.

School board officials stated that their objective for the meeting was to convey information and details in as straightforward a manner as possible, and that teachers and administrators are grieving along with parents.

District 56 officials have posted complete information concerning the scandal on its official website. The District maintains that it intends to be as open about the case as the law allows, given that charges have been brought against one of its teachers and that the case is now under the jurisdiction of the court.

From what we can tell, Laurens County School District 56 is taking prudent steps. In cases such as this certain details cannot be disclosed due to legal considerations. In addition, we must again remember that the charges are of alleged actions. No one as yet has been convicted in a court of law for doing anything illegal. Mrs. Ward must have her hearing in court, and the court is the only proper place for all details to be disclosed--details that will either convict or exonerate the defendant.

It bears repeating here once again that in the United States legal system, a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Only the court can determine guilt in this case. Ward must not be tried in the court of public opinion, no matter how hideous the charges are against her.

To view the press releases of the Clinton law enforcement division, the Laurens County School District 56, as well as the plan of services the District will offer to students, parents, and staff effected by this incident, click here to go directly to the District 56 website:

Another Female Teacher Goes on Sex Spree

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that yet another female teacher in South Carolina, only 30 miles or so from Ware Shoals, has gone on a sex spree with under-age students. This time the setting is Clinton, South Carolina, a small town 35 miles south of Greenville and 65 miles north of the state capital of Columbia.

The teacher in question, 23-year-old Allenna Williams Ward, taught in a middle school in the Clinton, SC area. The married teacher is charged with 5 counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, and 6 counts of lewd acts on a minor. Investigations into the conduct of Ward ensued when she allegedly sent sexually suggestive messages to a student--which were inadvertently discovered by school officials.

Law enforcement officials conducted their investigations into the acts that allegedly occurred between December and early February, and discovered that Ward allegedly engaged in sex with at least 5 teenage boys, ages 14 and 15, in the school building, in city parks, as well as a nearly motel.

Ward was arrested on Wednesday of this week and placed on administrative leave by the school district pending a court hearing. She is being held on bond. If she makes bail, she will be monitored electronically by law enforcement officials.

The Liberty Sphere continues to be baffled by the rash of incidents around the country involving FEMALE teachers and teenage boys.

Government Helps Illegals Send Millions Back Home

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has been closely monitoring the developments precipitated by Bank of America's announcement that it would offer credit cards to illegal aliens who have no Social Security number. It turns out that scores of banking institutions do the same thing, including Wells-Fargo, Citibank, J.P. Morgan/Chase, and others.

As it turns out, the federal government encourages such activity with the U.S. Treasury Department's guidelines that make it easy for illegal aliens within the U.S. to transfer money earned here back to Mexico.

According to U.S. House Representative Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, who serves on the House Financial Services Committee, illegals aliens have funneled millions of dollars back to Mexico through a special program offered by the U.S. Treasury Department. That money was never taxed.

Blackburn stated that it is time for investigations into the practices of the Treasury Department, as well as banking institutions that offer special programs to illegal aliens, in light of federal law that prohibits such activity.

The U.S. Code specifically states that aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a FELONY.

Section 8 of U.S. Code 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) makes the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens a felony with a 6-year statute of limitations.

It is intriguing, to say the very least, that the U.S. Government has treated a FELONY with such a lackadaisical attitude that not only can countless U.S. companies get away with hiring illegal aliens but the federal government itself can aid and abet illegal aliens by failing to enforce immigration laws and by prosecuting law enforcement agents who attempt in good faith to enforce those laws.

Let's not forget that two U.S. Border Patrol Agents are rotting in prison because they dared to enforce immigration law against a known Mexican drug smuggler.

Increasingly lawmakers such as Marsha Blackburn are demanding to know how and why so many U.S. laws can be broken, including FELONIES, and yet to date no one has suffered the

My friends, when the federal government consistently looks the other way while felonies are committed against this country by the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens, something is systemically wrong with our government. Up until now, the government apparently has counted on most citizens not caring. Increasingly they care very much. And you can rest assured the next election will exhibit the outrage most Americans feel about the trashing of our nation by illegal aliens and the government officials and companies that help them do it.

Democrats Trash the Secret Ballot

Washington, DC (TLS). In a move designed to make it easier for workers to organize Unions, House Democrats passed a measure that would allow Union organizers to conduct a vote on unionization without the use of the secret ballot.

Score one for the big Union bosses at the expense of American businesses and taxpayers.

Up until now, employers could require Union organizers to conduct votes among workers by secret ballot. With today's measure passing the House, big Union bosses are one step closer to claiming a majority vote for unionization by workers, WITHOUT secret ballots to prove it.

The secret ballot is a cornerstone of our constitutional, democratic republic. The Founders demanded the secret ballot to prevent not only peer pressure but pressure by the forces of tyranny.

With this vote today, the Democrat-controlled House just proved it doesn't care about the principles symbolized by the secret ballot, such as the power of the individual, individual rights, one man one vote, etc.--all foundational principles of a free society.

If this terribly imprudent bill becomes law, Union bosses can claim a majority vote by acclamation or some other strong-armed scheme to cajole individual workers into voting to unionize. This will result in a renewed spread of unionization in areas where historically it has not been popular. One of the main reasons for the massive financial expansion and the explosive population growth of the sun-belt is the LACK of unionization. In today's society wherever Unions go, companies raise prices to pay for Union demands. Inflation ensues. Companies have difficulty meeting their bottom line.

Talk to any honest person in the world of finance and business, and they will tell you that the main reason U.S. automakers are having such trouble keeping up with Japanese companies is the fact that our automakers are unionized, meaning that the bulk of the price of one car goes toward the Union-mandated pay-scale and benefits of workers.

Thus, Detroit and other cities located in what was once a bustling industrial complex have experienced a mass exodus, and cities located in the sun-belt that frown on unionization have flourished.

The Democrats today made it clear that they wish for the fate of Detroit to fall on Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, and Phoenix.

Thanks a lot.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

LIBERTY ALERT! Sutton Under Fire Over Border Patrol Fiasco

Washington, DC (TLS). Finally, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, who sent two Border Patrol agents to prison using fabricated and tainted evidence supplied by a repeat drug smuggler, has come under fire for his conduct in the case.

The Liberty Sphere has been reporting for weeks that Sutton is a co-conspirator in one of the biggest scandals to rock the U.S. government since the Clinton years.

Now, apparently, Congress has the goods on Sutton to begin some serious investigations into prosecutorial misconduct, lying to the court, falsely accusing two innocent men, and participating in a set-up by the Department of Homeland Security to smear the reputations of two Border Patrol agents in order to save face with the Mexican government, which is corrupt beyond description.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said this about Sutton: 'Congress has an obligation as a separate branch of government to watch the executive branch and rein in an out-of-control prosecutor that is a danger to the American people. Arrogance and disregard for human beings lends credibility to the bad things in the past.'

The Liberty Sphere hopes that not only will Congress act quickly to bring to justice to the rogue prosecutor, but also the rogue Judge, and the corrupt officials in the Department of Homeland Security who lied to Congress.

Framing two innocent men should carry the maximum penalty of the law. And there are many implicated in this set-up job.

Read the whole story here on CNS News:

Border Patrol Scandal Update

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, intends to reveal documents that prove the illegal alien who was shot by two Border Patrol agents, resulting in lengthy prison terms for both, was involved in a second drug smuggling attempt even as he was granted immunity by U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton. According to published records revealed by WorldNetDaily News, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Homeland Security possessed reports that show illegal alien Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila not only had smuggled drugs into the U.S. before, but was a suspect in yet another attempt to smuggle hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs into the country.

Yet U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton repeatedly claimed that the illegal alien was NOT a suspect under investigation for a second attempt at drug smuggling.

The jury in the trial of the two accused Border Patrol agents never received the information held by the DEA and the Department of Homeland Security--information that most assuredly would have demonstrated to the jury that the state's number one witness was totally lacking in credibility.

Had the jury known of this information, more than likely the two Border Patrol agents would have never been convicted and sent to prison.

At the very least this information is cause for a new trial of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean. Thus, Rep. Rohrabacher will make public the documentation that the U.S. Government kept secret. The documentation will also highlight and underscore the fact that the Government lied in order to convict the two agents.

The fact that the government lied is actually a separate issue from the withholding of vital evidence from the defense and the jury. The latter is cause for a new trial. The former, however, is cause for an outright dismissal of the case and the release of the two men.

Department of Homeland Security Inspector-General Richard L. Skinner admitted to a Congressional subcommittee that he lied to that committee concerning the actions of the Ramos and Compean. Skinner had indicated to the committee that he had information that implicated the two men in felonies, information which was used during the trial to drag the reputations of the Ramos and Compean through the mud. Skinner had portrayed the two as 'bad cops' who thus deserved prosecution.

Skinner later admitted that he had no such information against Ramos and Compean.

Thus, the two Border Patrol agents were convicted under false pretenses, based upon evidence that does not exist. And this is reason enough for a full Presidential pardon and their release from prison.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a scandal of draconian proportions lurking here in this story. And the U.S. Government is up to its eyeballs in lies and deception. The sources of this graft needs to be routed out and prosecuted in order to preserve the integrity of the criminal justice system in this nation.

RFK Jr. Blasts Bush Environmental Policy

Washington, DC (TLS). Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. blasted the Bush Administration's environmental policy in a speech delivered at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia on Monday.

As an activist of the extremist environmentalist movement, Kennedy has long advocated for a massive revamping of the U.S. from top to bottom in order to move to a 'green friendly' society. Such a society would abhor the burning of fossil fuels, which he claims is the singular biggest cause for global warming, conveniently ignoring THE SUN, which has been getting hotter.

Environmentalist wackos never mention the sun, by the way, as the singular biggest source for heat and energy on the planet.

This is because if they can convince the country that man is to blame for global warming, it will serve as a convenient excuse for ushering in a new era where individual freedoms are limited 'for the common good.' And in this case the common good means the end of free enterprise, capitalism, and personal liberty. Human beings cannot be trusted to do the right thing and protect the environment, and therefore, government must impose limitations, as the delusional argument goes.

Kennedy is one more example of the propagandists who use the issue of global warming to impose their views on the populace--views which have their basis in collectivism, which always places the 'common good' ahead of individual freedom.

Read about his speech at Virginia Tech here:

North Korean Nuclear Missiles Could Hit U.S.

Washington, DC (TLS). According to an official of the Defense Intelligence Agency, North Korea in all likelihood has the technology to build a long-range nuclear missile capable of hitting the United States. The disclosure was made before the Senate Armed Services Committee by Lieutenant General Michael Maples, director of the agency.

Read the complete text of Maples' assessment here:

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LIBERTY ALERT! School Slams Property Rights

Washington, DC (TLS). Rush Limbaugh reported on his radio program today that a school in Seattle, Washington used a 'Leggo' lesson to teach students to doubt private property rights. And, my friends, the culprit this time is not the public school system, which often does the very same thing, but a private school in the Seattle area.

Students in the school were building a Leggo community which supposedly was destroyed in some unnamed mishap. Rather than rebuild the community, the faculty decided to use the incident to teach students about so-called 'private property,' and that in actuality all property is community property, given that the notion of private property assumes a community composed of the 'haves' and 'have-nots.'

The inequities inherent in the notion of private property rights, according to the faculty, are unacceptable.

As we have reported several times previously on The Liberty Sphere, there is a concerted effort in America today to gradually introduce into our society the notion that there is no such thing as 'private property.' This concept is a capitalistic notion and is, therefore, evil. The goal is to raise a generation of Americans that accept the concept of 'community property held in common,' so that the 'inequities' in society can be corrected.

The Left is attempting to reach this goal by utilizing several avenues of attack.

First, school children must be indoctrinated. The government run public school system is a natural starting point. But, as we have seen in Seattle, private schools must be cajoled into getting on board with this indoctrination by gradually enforcing state standards that mandate certain programs in all school, public and private, and by gradually requiring private schools to hire only those teachers who have their credentials issued by the state...the same as public schools.

Second, environmental laws must be given priority over private property rights. For example, if you own a large tract of acreage, and a rare, blind, albino bug is discovered on your property, a bug that just happens to be on the endangered species list, then you will be prevented from developing your property because it will be deemed to be a 'natural habitat' for this rare, blind, albino bug. Yes, my friends, similar things have happened all over the country. This is no joke.

Third, government must increasingly utilize the concept of 'eminent domain' to rob the citizens of their property in order for it to be used in whatever fashion the government decides, even to help large corporations so that the tax base in a given area will expand.

This three-pronged approach to undermine the private property rights of American citizens is working. Thus, we hear of things such as Michael Moore stating outright, 'There is no such thing as private property.'

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in the early 20th century may have ended in failure in the 1980s, but the ideas that formed the basis for that revolution live on in the environmentalist movement and the Leftwing. They may run from the words 'Communism' and 'Socialism' and protest to high heaven any attempt to label them with these terms, but their vision, objectives, and goals are one and the same with Communism and Socialism.

When the private property rights of citizens are removed, liberty is gone. If no one single citizen can own real property, that means the collective state owns it--meaning, of course, that totalitarianism has succeeded in smashing capitalism and the liberties that go with it.

LIBERTY ALERT! The Term 'Illegal Alien' Banned?

Washington, DC (TLS). If a Florida state legislator has her way, the use of the term 'illegal alien' will be banned in Florida.

State Senator Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, whose district is home to thousands of immigrants and illegal aliens, has introduced a bill before the state legislature that would ban the term 'illegal alien' in state documents.

Stating that the term 'alien' means a creature from outer space, Wilson maintains that she finds the term 'offensive.'

Perhaps someone should inform the good Senator that the term 'illegal alien' has been around much longer than movies about outer space creatures, and that the term has always referred to persons who gain entrance into the country illegally.

The Liberty Sphere hopes that the Florida legislature rejects Wilson's bill for the balderdash lunacy that it is.

As for our part, we plan on continuing to refer to illegal aliens as, well, illegal aliens. Immigrants come here legally. There is no such thing as an 'illegal immigrant' since those who come here illegally are not immigrants at all.

Thus, we will continue to do our part to make an important distinction between legal immigration and law-breakers, i.e., illegal aliens.

Read the complete story here:

The Dick Cheney Factor

Washington, DC (TLS). Despite assurances from the U.S. military that Vice-President Dick Cheney was not the target of an assassination attempt yesterday during a trip to Afghanistan, the Taliban wasted no time claiming that the Vice-President was, indeed, a target. Cheney himself has made it clear that he believes that he was a target and that the attack occurred in close proximity, so close in fact that Cheney says he heard an extremely loud boom. This is all in spite of the military's official statement that Cheney was 'well out of danger when the attack occurred.'

Taliban leaders stated late yesterday that they had full knowledge of the Vice-President's itinerary and his whereabouts.

I will make no attempt to prove or disprove an assassination attempt against Cheney here. I simply take the Taliban at its word. It is no secret that both the Taliban and Al Qaeda would consider the assassination of either Cheney or Bush to be a great triumph of extremist Islam. Thus, we can be thankful that Cheney narrowly escaped the murderous clutches of one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world.

Not everyone in America shares those sentiments, however.

In November of last year, the Huffington website posted a poem in the form of a prayer. The subject of the poem was a man who was praying for the death of Dick Cheney, the result of a massive heart-attack. Numerous conservative columnists and bloggers screamed to high heaven about the despicable display, and Huffington eventually took down the poem from her site.

Yesterday, however, various and sundry extremist Leftist bloggers began their verbal carnage once again, lamenting the fact that Cheney did not die in the assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

One such blogger wrote that he could not ascertain whether it would be better for Cheney to be assassinated, since obviously conservatives would use his martyrdom to sing his praises, or for Cheney to live so that he can eventually be brutally dragged through the mud in the wake of charges of 'crimes against humanity.' The mere fact that a blogger would even be musing about such a dreadful and inhumane subject is a chilling example of just how far into the abyss the Left has fallen.

There was a time in America when treason and sedition were vigorously prosecuted.

Those days are no more. America seems to have as many enemies among its own citizens as it does among terrorists overseas.

Has it occurred to all of you as it has to me that each and every outrageously hateful and extremist position that is taken by terrorists seems to be echoed by the far-Left in this country? With some of our own citizens writing on the Internet that they are sorry that Cheney was not assassinated, apparently we have as much to fear from them as we do the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Therefore, this column is dedicated to the honor of Vice President Dick Cheney, the man that most of us conservatives wish were President. If ever there were a consistently brave, patriotic voice in this government, it is that of Dick Cheney. He has stood his ground in the face of stinging opposition. He has been a bold soldier in the fight for liberty and justice in the face of terrorism. He has not hesitated to point out the irrationality and hypocrisy of Leftists in Congress, pointedly at times.

I for one am proud to call him my Vice President, and The Liberty Sphere is thankful that his life was spared in the wake of an assassination attempt by some of the most despicable human beings on the planet.

And the Leftists in this country who hailed the attempt on Cheney's life fall into a category even lower than the terrorists. They are ours, and yet they say such things. They are scum-bags who are to be loathed.

Hump Day Greetings, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007

HUMP day greetings to all of our readers this morning! Just three to go 'till the weekend!

On today's Liberty Sphere you will find the following news and commentary from the pen of D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan. SCROLL DOWN FOR THE FULL STORIES LISTED HERE.

**'Colleges Provide Platform for Muslim Extremists'

**'More on the Ominous George Soros'--find out what the atheist billionaire Democrat operative has in common with Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx!

**'Pelosi Hires George Soros' Top Lieutenant'

**'LIBERTY ALERT! Gun Owners Target ATF'--a GOA alert to contact the President about the out-of-control Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Have a great day!

Colleges Provide Platform for Muslim Extremists

Washington, DC (TLS). American college and university campuses are increasingly implicated in giving voice to Jihadists who proceed to advocate extremist views that place citizens' lives in danger. The Liberty Sphere conducted an exclusive investigation last month into terror cells in North Carolina, which revealed that the university campus is a prime launching pad for these cold-blooded murderers.

Greensboro's North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University was the spawning bed for several of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. In addition, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is home to an active Muslim group that sponsors campus speakers who use that platform as a means to spread a message of hate toward 'infidels.' The Raleigh chapter of 'MAS,' the Muslim-American Society, collaborates with members of UNC's faculty to sponsor these extremist speakers who advocate for the Jihad.

It was one of these meetings that led Muslim Mohammad Teheri-azar to ram his vehicle into a group of students on the campus of UNC, an attack that injured nine. The enraged Teheri-azar had attended a meeting sponsored by MAS and a group of UNC faculty that featured an extremist Muslim speaker who displayed vitriolic rhetoric aimed at Jews and 'infidels.'

The Liberty Sphere has also reported on several major university campuses that routinely sponsor extremist Muslim speakers. Yet those same campuses have reneged on invitations to speakers such as Nonie Darwish under pressure from campus and community Muslim groups.

You may remember that it was Darwish who was raised in a Muslim environment and experienced the Jihad first-hand. Darwish later repudiated the Jihad and became an outspoken advocate for Israel, the United States, and the War on Terror. More than once Darwish has been silenced by threats leveled at university administrators who had issued invitations for her to speak.

The Muslim extremists had different plans.

And thus, college and university campuses around the country, and around the world, have provided Jihadists a powerful platform from which to deliver their hate-filled propaganda and recruit young Muslims into the ranks of the Jihad.

In the following detailed article, Caroline Glick delves into this growing problem on college campuses. Click here to read Glick's latest enlightening article:

More on the Ominous George Soros

Washington, DC (TLS). What does George Soros have in common with Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx? A new expose into the background of the atheist billionaire and Democrat operative reveals some ominous facts concerning his upbringing, his values, and his view of the world.

As The Liberty Sphere has reported in previous articles, Soros is a Jew who hates Jews, a trait he shares with Hitler and Marx. And, as in the case of the former two subversives, Soros expresses that hatred in a concerted effort to bring down the Jewish state and any nation that supports it. His political views mirror that of Hitler and Marx, who spoke of liberty in double-speak fashion but who sought to eliminate personal freedom in lieu of a totalitarian system where the 'common good' always trumps individual liberty.

Read this brilliant expose here:

Pelosi Hires George Soros' Top Lieutenant

Washington, DC (TLS). You know what they say about 'birds of a feather.' It seems that the flocking together of the birds of the Left, under the protective wing of George Soros, now includes Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has now become part of the ultra-Leftwing George Soros network, along with other household names such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

News has come that Pelosi has hired the services of a top lieutenant of atheist billionaire and Democrat operative George Soros.

Pelosi hired Joseph Onek to be her Senior Council. Onek serves as the Senior Policy Analyst for George Soros' 'Open Society Institute' (OSI), one of the world's top financiers of Leftists and Leftist campaigns.

The Liberty Sphere is not surprised at all that Pelosi would be represented by one of the top lieutenants in George Soros' Leftist army that seeks to destroy American capitalism and usher in sweeping changes to our way of life and our form of government. Soros does his dirty work through organizations such as and through politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and Nancy Pelosi, whose vision of America is very different from our Founders' ideals of freedom.

Read all about it here:

LIBERTY ALERT! Gun Owners Target ATF

Washington, DC (TLS). This is a special Liberty Alert. Gun Owners of America has issued a special alert concerning the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Under the watch of U.S. Attorney-General Alberto Gonzalez, the 'BATFE' has had a haphazard and arbitrary manner of setting federal policy, often at the expense of gun manufacturers and gun owners.

For example, the Congressional Research Service found in 2005 that BATFE has no written guidelines for determining what is a firearm. Lacking in any clear definition to provide guidance, the agency has implemented arbitrary and often contradictory rules. The result has been decisions that negate one another, leading to confusion on the part of manufacturers who have suffered through confiscation of their products which had been previously determined to be legal.

Thus, Gun Owners of America has issued its alert for its members to urge President George W. Bush to reign in the Bureau.

Read the entire story of the dubious practices of the BATFE, phone numbers and contact information, and a sample letter to send to President Bush here:

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'Blue Dog' Democrats Lied to the Public

Washington, DC (TLS). In the 2006 election cycle a number of Democrats were elected to the House and Senate on the basis of portraying themselves as 'conservative.' These so-called 'conservative' Democrats were tagged in the media as 'blue-dog Democrats' supposedly to designate their departure from accepted Party dogma.

Many of these candidates claimed to be 'pro-life,' 'pro-gun,' 'traditional family-friendly,' and the like, all in order to distance themselves from the liberal ideology of the Party elite. They promised the voters back home to be independent-minded, to vote their conscience, and to resist the pressure of Party leaders to 'tow the Party line' on issues.

So, how do these 'blue dog Democrats' score so far?

Not good at all.

In spite of the fact that all of these supposedly 'conservative' Democrats were elected to Congress, the House and Senate still managed to promote legislation aimed at limiting the free-speech rights of individual citizens, particularly bloggers who encourage readers to contact Congress concerning issues. In addition, Democrats have proposed the 'McCarthy bill,' H.R. 1022, that would broadly expand the definition of 'assault weapons,' thus posing the single biggest threat to 2nd Amendment rights since the last time Democrats controlled Congress. Rep. McCarthy proposed yet another bill, H.R. 1167, which would remove 2nd Amendment rights from any citizen who happens to show up on an airline's no-fly list or who is convicted of a crime in a FOREIGN court.

Thus, if you ever happen to get arrested and convicted of a crime in Saudi Arabia, where women can be beaten to death for failing to wear veils, you can forget about owning a gun in America.

Take a quick scan of these other stellar proposals that have come out of the Democrat-controlled Congress: expansion of 'hate crimes' laws, laws that protect against 'gay bias,' proposals for tax increases (as Hillary Clinton stated, 'We are going to have to take some things from you for the greater good'), proposals to reintroduce the so-called 'fairness doctrine' to silence conservative talk radio by demanding equal air time for liberals (in spite of the fact that liberals already get free air time each night on CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN News), the Kennedy bill to ease immigration requirements and grant amnesty to illegal aliens, the Pelosi proposal to ease tuition fees for illegal aliens, and the goal of cutting off funding for our troops in Iraq...a proposal that has Connecticut Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman talking about becoming a Republican.

And this is only for starters.

Emboldened by the Liberal power in Washington, Democrats on the local level have proposed some outrageously extremist legislation, such as the suggestion by New York City Democrats that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote in municipal elections.

So, my question is, where are all of these 'blue dog conservative Democrats?'

It doesn't take much digging to see exactly where they are--marching in lockstep to the extremist, Leftist, ultra-Liberal agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Conyers, Barny Frank, John Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And thus, the blue-dogs lied. They deceived their constituents into voting for them on the basis of conservative principles.

So far, there are no conservative principles among the Democrats in Washington.

Cowardly Senate Dems Seek to 'Vietnamize' Iraq

Washington, DC (TLS). Cowardly Senate Democrats have crafted a plan that will effectively 'Vietnamize' the War in Iraq, leading to an abject American failure and defeat. This is not surprising given that many of the leading Democrat operatives in the Senate were very much present during the Viet Nam War era. Senators Kerry, Kennedy, Leahy, and company would force the President to change course in Iraq much as the Democrat-controlled Congress did to Richard Nixon in the early 1970s.

Yes, it is Viet Nam all over again, but only because these cowards, who somehow exhibit a fatalistic desire for America to lose, want it to be.

Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, is expected to introduce a bill that would effectively revoke the broad powers Congress gave to the President in conducting the War on Terror. They also wish to prevent the President from protecting U.S. soldiers by forbidding attacks on Iran, the single biggest threat to world security on the planet today.

Thus, by refusing to allow the President to go after Iranian terrorists who murder our troops and who pose a threat to Israel, Europe, and the free world, the Democrats are once again playing right into the hands of America's enemies.

They should bring out Hanoi Jane to make the announcement of the new bill.

My, that certainly would cause us to wax nostalgic once again--to relive those glorious moments in American history when Liberals made excuses for Communist thugs and when our beloved Hanoi Jane went to North Viet Nam and committed treason.

It truly is Viet Nam all over again.

And it is very clear that present-day Democrats still have a death-wish for America. Somehow their collective guilt and self-loathing as a result of whatever deep-seated psychopathic motivations explain their behavior still drive them to wish to see their own country humiliated.

This time, however, that loony-'toons motivation will in all likelihood result in thousands if not millions of deaths at the hands of Iranian terrorists.

Read about the Dems' plan here:

Katie Couric, Al Gore, and the 'Greens'

Washington, DC (TLS). An unexpected turn has been taken by The Liberty Sphere of late, as we have inadvertently discovered just how deep and systemic is the Leftist slant and outright bias of Katie Couric and CBS News. The Liberty Sphere was the first to blow the whistle on Couric and CBS's outright dishonest news reporting concerning a poll that supposedly showed a 53% majority of Americans that either want to withdraw funding from the War in Iraq or deny funds for the troop surge.

As we pointed out, Couric and CBS, using a deceptive slight-of-hand maneuver with the poll numbers, twisted the results to say something they actually did not say at all.

Since that episode of the Couric propaganda fiction report on CBS, The Liberty Sphere has been watching the program very closely for more instances of Liberal bias.

We found it yet again on Monday evening.

Couric's lead story Monday evening was the buy-out of a Texas coal mining company by a corporation known for its 'green' sensitivity. Supposedly this was earth-shattering news, in a manner of speaking, since this is reportedly the first time an environmentalist-friendly company has bought out one of the dark, evil, and sinister companies that produce energy, heat, and cooling for most Americans by the use of fossil fuels.

The dreaded fossil fuels, of course, are the main reason the earth is warming, according to the Leftist propaganda of extremist environmentalist activists who wish to dismantle American free enterprise, capitalism, and individual freedom in the name of 'saving the environment.'

No matter that most of the good science that is based upon actual observable fact and a non-biased approach to considering the earth's climate history show no such thing.

Yet here again is Couric and CBS spouting their slanted 'news' in favor of those propagandists who wish to lay the blame for global warming squarely at the feet of mankind, so that government can then launch the single biggest attack on human freedom in the history of the world.

But this was not enough.

Couric's second story of the evening piggy-backed on the lead story about the Texas buy-out. This story, not surprisingly, focused upon Al Gore's environmentalist extremist film and its selection to receive an Academy Award on Sunday evening. The film was not selected as best motion picture, and yet, it merited a prime spot on Couric's show.

No mention was made of the film that won best picture.

Gore's hook, line, and sinker approach to the 'man-is-to-blame-for-global-warming' mantra has earned him the accolades of Hollywood, the European Union, Socialists, Communists, and every other nut-case on the planet who would love to impose their brave new world on American society and rob the citizens of liberty. It is no wonder, therefore, that one of Gore's comrades at arms in this siege, i.e. Katie Couric, would give him prime billing as the second story of the night on Monday evening's news broadcast.

I am sure that billionaire atheist and Democrat operative George Soros was very proud.

The Liberty Sphere will continue to monitor Couric's reports at CBS. We may even launch this as a regular feature of The Liberty Sphere and call it 'the Couric Watch.' Our intent is not simply to inform our readers about the spin doctors at CBS News but to underscore and attempt to understand this fascinating phenomenon--the thorough indoctrination of the public by a major news organization.

So stay tuned. There will be much more to come.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Top O' The Morning! Monday, Feb. 26, 2007

Washington, DC (TLS). And a hearty 'top o' the morning' to ya! I hope you have a great Monday.


**'The Lieberman Equation'--why Senator Joe Lieberman is THE power-broker in the Senate, either as a Democrat OR Republican!

**'Democrats to Expand "Hate Crimes" Legislation'--why the notion of 'hate crimes' is a bad idea.

**'America's Ever-Lasting Threat'--an eye-opening piece by Kyle Dabruzzi detailing the nature of the threat America faces in the War on Terror.

The Lieberman Equation

Washington, DC (TLS). Senator Joseph Lieberman's recent hint that he may switch to the Republican Party if the Democrat majority in the Senate votes to limit funding for the War in Iraq has set Washington abuzz with speculation and rumor. It is no secret that Lieberman has been one of President Bush's most reliable allies in the War on Terror and its tributaries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, no one really expected the Connecticut Democrat to actually consider switching Parties, in spite of the fact that Democrats abandoned Lieberman in his last Senatorial bid in favor of an ultra-Leftwing anti-war extremist by the name of Ned Lamont. Lieberman proceeded to run as an Independent and trounced Lamont in the November election.

In spite of a very public and humiliating snub by his own Party, including longtime colleague Chris Dodd, who supported Lamont, Lieberman stated that when the new Congress convened he would take his seat as a Democrat, presumably so that he would be in line for a committee chair.

And this highlights an interesting and intriguing scenario that one could describe as 'the Lieberman equation.' Presently, the Democrats hold a razor-thin majority in the Senate. Should Lieberman bail and jump over to the Republican side of the aisle, not only would there be a major power shift in Congress that would put Republicans in control of the Senate, but Lieberman would still be in line for a powerful committee chair due to his seniority.

Thus, either way, Lieberman will remain as a major power broker, placing him in the driver's seat either as a Democrat or as a Republican.

And this, my friends, is the thing that has Washington abuzz. Naturally the Democrats loathe the thought of losing control of the Senate, particularly when that loss is propelled by a defection of one of its most enduring, and beloved, members. On the other hand, Republicans privately can hardly contain their glee over the prospects of not only having the Connecticut Senator among their ranks but taking power away from the Democrats so soon after the 2006 elections.

Thus, all eyes are on Lieberman and the equation he holds in his hands--the balance of power in the Senate which will most definitely effect the course of the nation over the next few years.

This is a no-win situation for the Democrats. The mere fact that one of their own venerable Senators from the traditionally liberal northeast would even suggest the possibility of a defection raises the specter of the extremist factor yet again. In the minds of the voters the Democrats have moved so far to the Left that even Lieberman can't abide their shenanigans.

And this may well shape up to be one of the biggest political stories of the decade.

Democrats Set to Expand 'Hate-Crimes' Legislation

Washington, DC (TLS). Democrats in Congress are set to expand the so-called 'hate crimes' legislation by broadening the definition of what constitutes a hate crime to include unlawful acts against gays. The proposed legislation will more than likely be tied to a bill that would target bias against gays in the workplace.

Certainly any decent American citizen wishes no harm to befall anyone of any stripe in this country. No decent, law-abiding citizen would want to see anyone become the victim of crime or discrimination on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, or religion. But the question is, do we need yet another federal law that aims to categorize crime as if a so-called 'hate crime' is worse than any other crime? In addition, the legislation that is being proposed does not use the term 'discrimination,' which is against the law anyway. The term is 'bias.' And that, as they say, is a 'whole different ballgame.'

Bias is a subjective term with as many varied definitions as there are people. If, for example, the mainstream news media doesn't even recognize their abject bias in everyday news reporting, then obviously we are not all using the same definition. How do we know, for example, that an employee was passed over for a promotion because he/she was gay? Gay persons may well believe that this is the reason due to something as innocuous as overhearing an employer state his or her opinion on the subject of homosexuality. It never occurs to extremist activists that one can have personal opinions about the behavior of others without that opinion necessarily adversely impacting relationships in the workplace.

It is extremely difficult to prove 'bias.' Thus, the question arises as to why such legislation should even be considered in the first place.

But remember who presently controls Congress. There is the answer.

In addition, it has been nearly a decade since Congress first proposed so-called 'hate crimes legislation,' the result of proposals by the Clinton Administration and its apologists in Congress. When the term was first used to refer only to specific crimes against persons of color, many of us at the time cried foul. What, exactly, makes a hate crime any worse than any other crime?

A case can be made that a significant portion of most crimes committed in this country are the result of some form of hate. The Left exhibits a shockingly noticeable blind spot in this regard with all of today's emphasis on 'understanding the psychological motivation' of those who commit crime. One would think that the psycho-social profiling of criminals that is routinely conducted today would lead advocates of social policy to conclude that not only are violent criminals driven by a highly troubled and traumatic childhood, but that this troubled background also leads to a deep-seated hatred for society in general and individuals in particular who represent for the criminal the source of all that's wrong with the world.

Yet, one never hears the crimes of, say, Ted Bundy, or Jeffrey Dahmer, referred to as 'hate crimes.'

The fact of the matter is that the Left in this country is very selective in what behaviors it considers to be 'hate driven.' Usually the one criterion that is used is the group to which the victim belongs, as in the victim's racial group, or religious group, or, in this case, the homosexual community. Thus, the focus of those who push for the 'hate crime' designation is not at all upon the nature of the crime but the group to which the victim belongs.

This is tantamount to the government compiling a list of 'protected groups,' much as environmentalists within government designate certain animals as part of a 'protected species.' The entire notion would be laughable if it were not so true.

Government has no business deciding that certain groups are so sacred that anytime an individual within that group is the victim of a serious crime it is thus to be viewed as a 'hate crime.' When government engages in this practice it is doing the very thing that supposedly these discrimination and 'anti-bias' laws are supposedly designed to prevent. One group is singled out over another and given extra protection. This means that, at the end of the day, when a Black man or a Muslim male of Middle Eastern descent chases down and runs over white students with a vehicle, such an act is not considered a 'hate crime.'

Yet this act is every bit as driven by hatred as tying a gay man to the back of a pickup truck and dragging him through the rough.

The overall, arching question that occurs to me is, when will all of this end? How many more expanded definitions must Americans endure? What other behaviors will the Left decide to include in the definition of 'hate crime'?

Remember, the very same people who push the concept of 'hate crimes' also gave us the term 'hate speech.' The speech police thus scan the communication habits of Americans to make sure that no one utters one of the dreaded 'hate words' that have come to be demonized in our society, as if real hatred is a matter of speech to begin with.

In fact, a case can be made that individuals and societies who are prevented from venting their deepest truest feelings eventually burst forth in a fury that causes the speech they use to pale in comparison.

With Democrats in control of Congress, it is entirely plausible that someone will think of adding crimes committed with a gun to the definition of 'hate crime.' Thus, using Barack Hussein Obama's logic when he was in the state legislature, if you use a 'banned handgun' to prevent an intruder into your home from murdering you and your family, not only would you be charged with having an illegal weapon but you would be charged with committing a 'hate crime' against a criminal with your weapon.

None of this is logical, my friends, I realize. But, when have these people EVER been logical?

Americans need to simply drop the term 'hate crime' from our vocabulary entirely, and politicians who promote such balderdash should be ashamed of themselves. No violent crime is worse than any other. In fact, in the final analysis, it doesn't even matter as to the 'motivation.' When bodily harm comes to innocent citizens, the motivation is not an issue at all. The issue is catching the perpetrator and making sure he/she pays to the fullest extent of the law.

America's Ever-Lasting Threat

Washington, DC (TLS). In a striking assessment of the danger the U.S. faces in the War on Terror, Kyle Dabruzzi of 'Threats Watch' states that the West is doing less than a satisfactory job of understanding the nature of the enemy we face. While a precious few in government and in the public at large truly understand the gravity of the situation at hand, most politicians and citizens are dangerously and woefully ignorant of the life-and-death prospects of the conflict in which we are engaged.

The first two paragraphs of Dabruzzi's article are found below. Be sure to read the rest by clicking on the link. This is vital information.

America's Ever-Lasting Threat

If America Halts Its War Against Terrorism, Our Enemies Won't Return the Favor
By Kyle Dabruzzi

'In the battle against al-Qaeda and like-minded jihadists, the West is doing a less than satisfactory job of understanding its enemy. There is a line in Sun Tzu’s famous work The Art of War that states: “If you know yourself but not your enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.” Although The Art of War was written in the 6th century BC, its message applies to the battle facing us all today. If the West truly knew its enemy, it might reconsider some of proposed actions relating to the war in Iraq.

'Congress, for example, has begun to make its intentions for the Iraq war, and by association the war on terror, abundantly clear. The war in Iraq is seen as futile and the Senate has introduced legislation indicating that it is not in the best interest of the United States to deepen its military presence in Iraq. Proposed legislation includes Senator Obama’s call for the phased redeployment of our forces from Iraq to begin no later than May 1, 2007; with a similar bill introduced in the House. Senator Clinton has gone a step further, calling for troops to start withdrawing from Iraq in 90 days. And we now expect a bill to prevent US forces from engaging in activities other than fighting al-Qaeda, training Iraqi forces and securing the borders of Iraq.'

To get the rest of this MUST-read, click here:

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). Immigration activists and Leftwing politicians in New York are pushing a law that would allow illegal aliens to vote in municipal elections in the Big Apple. Apparently the Leftists are not satisfied that they presently gain the majority of the vote in NYC. Most residents already vote for Liberal Democrats.

Apparently, to the immigration activists and ultra-Leftwing faithful of the Democrat Party, this is not enough. They must solidify any gains they have made by allowing 'noncitizens,' i.e., ILLEGAL ALIENS, to vote in city elections.

If the mere concept itself isn't enough to incite outrage among legal voters, note the following statement made by activist Cheryl Wertz, of New Immigration Community Empowerment: "More than 50,000 adult noncitizen taxpayers in those two districts are disenfranchised by citizenship voting laws," referring to last week's special election for council seats in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Perhaps Ms. Wertz should be reminded that there are no provisions in the Constitution allowing non-citizens to vote. It is not only advisable but prudent that only U.S. citizens be allowed to vote in our elections. If not, then why not simply send ballots to Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Iran, and let them vote?

Of course, I am sure Ms. Wertz would be all for that, given that terrorists overseas favor Democrats being elected to office here. All of them publicly endorsed Democrats in the 2006 election cycle.

And while we're at it, why not let France, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and Egypt vote in the next U.S. Presidential election? Just think of how easily the Democrat will sail into the White House if we would simply open up our elections to the world. After all, we would not want anyone to feel 'disenfranchised' in Malaysia.

Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) is the primary sponsor of the so-called 'Voting Rights Restoration Act.'

Excuse me, Councilman, but according to the U.S. Constitution, only legal U.S. citizens have the right to vote in this country.

The actions of these loony tunes in New York City should be an outrage to any American who supports the rule of Constitutional law in this country. The Constitution grants voting rights to CITIZENS and not to illegal aliens.

Yet, once again, we see the outlandish and complete imbecilic attempts of the Left to subvert the U.S. Constitution and allow a coup of the nation by law-breaking illegals who don't even have the common decency to come here legally and go through the proper procedures to become citizens. This blatant attempt to circumvent Constitutional law on the part of elected officials should be enough to have them arrested immediately.

They are traitors.

But this, my friends, is the state of the Democrat Party in America today. The Party is nothing more than a haven for every wacko, loony-tunes, off-the-wall extremist in the nation.

Remember that in 2008.

Read the whole story here in the New York Post:

Rohrabacher: 'Bush Doesn't Give a Damn'

Washington, DC (TLS). A Republican Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives stated that President Bush 'doesn't give a damn' about the lives of the two Border Patrol agents who sit in prison, their request to be released on bond pending an appeal of their conviction denied. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, made the charge in response to the court's decision to deny the release of the two falsely accused agents who shot an illegal alien drug smuggler from Mexico in the buttocks.

According to Rep. Rohrabacher, 'the lives of agents Ramos and Compean are obviously at risk, and the President not only doesn't care about securing our southern border, he doesn't give a damn about those who protect it.'

Rohrabacher lays the blame for the entire fiasco directly at the feet of the President of the United States, whom the Congressman says is more concerned about the public relations nightmare with Mexico in the event of the release of the two agents than he is about their lives. Fear of the damage the release of the two would do to Bush's reputation with the Mexican government is the driving factor in the President's refusal to issue pardons, according to Rohrabacher.

The Liberty Sphere agrees. As we reported on Friday, nothing that has come to light about the case in the last few weeks has done anything but reinforce initial suspicions that the two Border Patrol agents are the victims of a government set-up job. The Department of Homeland Security admitted to Congress that it lied in order to secure a conviction of the two men.

Yet the President still refuses to pardon the agents or reprimand government officials handling the case. At the very least investigations should ensue into gross misconduct, and high crimes and misdemeanors, on the part of at least a dozen or more government officials connected with the case.

The longer the President waits to act the more he himself is implicated in this sordid mess.

Read the complete story here: