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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Government secretly uses blacklist to label citizens as terrorists

Many conservatives and libertarians sounded the alarm when the government began spying on American citizens. The warning was clear. When government begins to engage in this behavior it bodes ill for freedom and points to malevolent intent. Apparently the alarm was no fantasy land tale conjured up by paranoid minds. Instead, the dire warnings identified something all too real -- the march toward tyranny within our own government.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A dire warning for those who are awake to the demise of America


...all of the rest were made to look like buffoons when they tried to explain how something so destructive could not be foreseen. Spokesmen for the Bush administration and then the Obama administration all seized on the mantra that it is impossible to predict this type of economic catastrophe. "Nobody saw it coming," they said.

But this is not true. A few did, indeed, see it coming...

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Heads you lose, tails you lose, no matter what you lose

In the current state of American politics, Barack Obama and his supporters, particularly the masterminds of his political philosophy, exhibit all of the marks of a pathological need to play the game called "now I've got you, you son of a b*tch." No matter what the opposition does or says, it is going to be wrong. They will be made to look like fools. 
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Good evening

Good evening, my friends.

Just a brief word to say hello and to give you an update. The surgery I will have on my eye has been put off until at least October, maybe later. They want to treat it with meds first so that there is no chance of there being some inflammation lurking in there when the surgery is done.

So, there will be days when I won't post but I will try my best. I will have an article later this evening, or even in the wee hours of the morning. Right now we are facing an unraveling of sorts that is taking place world wide. We need to watch this carefully, and I will do my part whether I am impaired or not.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Impeachment talk grows

So egregious has been Obama's lawlessness that Palin and others maintain that there is no adequate remedy to stop it other than impeachment and removal from office. But what, precisely, has Obama done that rises to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors" -- the term used by the Constitution to denote the rationale for impeachment?
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Friday night document dump is a bomshell, but few noticed

One of the most common ploys of this administration is to release bad news at the very time the fewest number of people are paying attention to news -- Friday night or late afternoon. We had yet another document dump last night. Did you catch it? It's no big deal if you did not. Unless you are one of us news junkies/reporters, you cannot be expected to monitor the news 24/7.

Barack Obama and his Obamanoids know this, which is why they like Friday nights. They can minimize the fallout by quietly rolling out controversial information that makes them look bad.

So, once again, last night was a night of the infamous Obama tomfoolery. The administration released a statement indicating that the infamous hard drive from Lois Lerner's computer was completely destroyed three years ago. The computer, the hard drive, all of it was completely destroyed along with vital data that is central to the investigation into the IRS scandal.

If this is truly the case, then why did the IRS fail to inform Congress during the dozens of hearings it has held concerning IRS shenanigans? Nobody bothered to inform the Congressional oversight committee about the destruction of official government records, which is a crime. And since this criminal act occurred three years ago, then IRS officials could have easily informed Congress during the very first hearing. But if the latest revelation is not true, it is no wonder the IRS dragged its feet in complying with Congressional directives to turn over all pertinent documents related to the scandal. The foot-dragging provided ample time for the agency to destroy the hard drive, and then claim that it happened three years ago.

This has all the markings of further coverup activity. But if the IRS thought that destroying the hard drive would make it impossible for Congress to continue its investigation, the agency had best rethink that assumption. We already know by emails, documents, and sworn testimony already given that the IRS broke the law. And somebody, or I should say, several somebodies need to pay.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

False front used to get money for Obama's illegal aliens

During the decades that crime gangs and syndicates ran roughshod over the rule of law across the country, it was common for these criminal organizations and crime families operated respectable businesses as a front to cover for their crimes. Many of these operations had ties to the Mafia, but their "respectable businesses" made it much more difficult for law enforcement to expose Mafia activity, until the FBI came along and used professionally trained investigators to uncover the illegal activity that was going on behind the scenes.

With the Obama administration, however, this sordid tactic has raised its ugly head with a vengeance. 
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Will you be able to afford to live?

The question, however, is, will you, the average American, be able to afford to live once the increases cross the threshold into unaffordability. Wages have been stagnant in this, the weakest so-called recovery in U.S. history. But prices are skyrocketing for those items that are needed to sustain life. What happens, then, when you can no longer afford them? When you can't afford to live, what will you do?
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Criticize Obama, go to jail?

Is it not allowed in the United States for citizens to openly criticize a president? Is it a crime to use the most captivating means possible to express disgust toward that president, or anyone else in government for that matter?

Traditionally America has cherished and protected free speech and expression, even that which most may consider to be inappropriate and even if those in government  are offended. The only exceptions to this long history took place in 1798 and again in 1917. 
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