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Monday, September 29, 2014

Music for the ages

Perhaps the best known and most beloved of Russian composer Tchaikovsky's works is his moving 1812 Overture. The work is based on the war between France and Russia in 1812 and is an appeal to God to save Tchaikovsky's people in Russia and their Czar from being conquered by the French. That war predated the Bolshevik (Communist) revolution in Russia by nearly a century.

Within the work Tchaikovsky draws from both the Russian national anthem and the French national anthem. The piece begins with a brief choral introduction that is quite moving, the prayer on behalf of the Russian people. You will hear mega-deep notes on the part of the bass vocalists.

This rendition of the work is presented by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, and it is perhaps the greatest recording of all among the various renditions of the 1812 Overture. Ormandy pulls out all of the stops, utilizing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the pipe organ, and the cannons firing and bells ringing at the end, which was recorded by Ormandy and the orchestra at Valley Forge, using the Valley Forge Military Academy Band.

You must hear this. You will not be sorry. And if you can listen without being deeply moved, there's something wrong with you. Click on the photo below to listen.

Dems start the blame game again

Most Americans are well beyond the stage where blaming George W. Bush for the nation's woes seems to have a least some validity. Eventually the citizens caught on to the fact that to persist in blaming a former president for current problems is not only totally unreasonable but points to a major ulterior motive on the part of those who insist on continuing such a blame game.
Take the recent announcement that Attorney General Eric Holder will be resigning as soon as a new attorney general is chosen and confirmed by the Senate.
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Obama continues the blame game

The petulant child that occupies the Oval Office continues his blame game as he
"explains" to 60 Minutes' Steve Croft how the administration missed something as powerful and dangerous as ISIS. This time, however, he had sense enough not to blame Bush. Rather, he blamed his own intelligence-gathering apparatus.

Obama said that the intelligence community, headed by James Clapper, missed all the signals of a new type of terrorist as depicted in ISIS. He further claimed that they grossly overestimated the ability of the Iraqi army to defend itself once Obama pulled out all U.S. troops.

First, Obama flat-out lied. His commanders on the ground all told him that the United States needed to keep a residual force of troops in the region even after we withdrew. This was due to one reason alone -- they all knew that without that support we would lose back to extremists all of the ground we had gained in the Iraqi War. Obama ignored them.

Second, Obama flat-out lied again when he stated that the intelligence community "missed" all the signals that a new and much stronger terrorist organization was rising in the region by the name of ISIS. False again. Earlier last week the administration, including the White House press secretary, stated that the military, the CIA, the State Department, and others had been monitoring ISIS for TWO YEARS! So not only did they know but they tracked them.

But this brings us to an even more important question -- if all of these agencies in the administration knew all about ISIS, why did they fail to stop them? One would think that something as barbaric and dangerous as this group would necessitate a quick, decisive military response that would decapitate the serpent before they started on a head-chopping spree against Christians, Jews, and moderate Muslims in the region.

Did you see the latest shenanigans in Texas?

The last time I wrote about the concerted effort on the part of progressives and Democrats to turn Texas from red to blue elicited some strong reaction from residents in the state. "Over my dead body," one declared. "Don't mess with Texas," said another.

While I am glad that many Texas citizens see the threat and are taking steps to counteract it, I am also aware that the progressive underground is hard at work ignoring them and pushing forward to take the state, even if they must break the law to do so.

Remember, this is how progressives make inroads into conservative territory. Voter fraud and election tampering is in their DNA. And this is why honest citizens cannot afford to hope for the best by assuming all people are as trustworthy as we are. A word to the wise.

And as this news article shows, the dirty rotten electioneers of the progressive cabal are working overtime in Texas. Beware, patriots!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday nights at the White House

Well, my friends, it's Friday night and it is time once again to closely monitor the White House, and the rest of the government, to see if there is some bombshell lurking around that is ready for release. During the last six years the Administration waits to report controversial news items until Friday night when most are not paying attention.

This is not the only way the Administration attempts to blunt the impact of news that places it in a bad light. They are known to wait until Congress is out of town so that no oversight is provided over their actions.

By the way, Obama is going to need the approval of Congress eventually for its actions in Syria and Iraq. Only Congress can declare war, but even if military action is not connected with a specific war, the War Powers Act mandates that when a president sends in the military in an emergency situation, he must eventually come to Congress for ultimate approval, or else he has acted illegally.

But of course right now none of that matters. Congress is out of town for the November midterm elections. And even if they were in town, would it really matter? This president has never worried about staying within the boundaries of the law on anything.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Networks fail to report reason for Holder resignation

In the late breaking development concerning the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, the mainstream media news outlets failed to report the reason for Holder's departure. For example, although CBS News mentioned that Holder had been the only attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress, the network failed to cite this as a key reason Holder decided to bail. The omission speaks volumes.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Will a new look help?

Gee, I hope so, but I have reason to doubt.

I know that in this day and age, looks, fluff, and superficiality are all-important. Substance is secondary. I don't see it that way, but most Americans do and thus, most of the public relations professionals see it that way too. They're only objective is to "reach the masses" by descending as far down into the garbage bin as they have to go.

But at least with the Examiner the substance is there if one looks for it. Even in politics, the progressive extremist point of view is presented along with the conservative, liberty-oriented viewpoint, in spite of the fact that the outfit is owned by a conservative who is an evangelical Christian. The reader is the one who has to do the digging to find this content on the site.

All of this is to say that the Examiner is getting a new look. Kick the tires and drive it around the block a time or two. At least give it a try. All of us are interested in seeing how the changes will help or hurt. The definition of "help" in this case is to make enough money to make it worth my while to write.

This link should reflect all the changes as of tonight. I am told the roll out should be complete by 11 p.m., or midnight, MT.

Did you see this? What a trainwreck! Don't be fooled by TV moguls with connections with Hollywood! They're all in the sewer together...

Hollywood is now laying down plans to gear up the fight to put Hillary in the White House, mainly by raising megabucks for her campaign.

But lo and behold, look who's on board with the Hillary campaign -- none other than Fox TV head Dana Walden. Birds of a feather flock together, even Fox.

Walden and Gary Newman took over the various divisions of Fox broadcasting in July following the departure of Kevin Reilly.

It really is a comfort to know that the network of Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, and Ollie North is working for the election of Hillary at the very highest levels of the organization. Sewer grunts stick together. (And I know that conservatives have a voice in Fox that cannot be found on other networks, but still, it's the principle of the thing).

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Latest fudge of climate numbers shows continued scam

If "the science is settled" concerning climate change, as we are constantly told by global warming crusaders, then why do many of the key scientists in the field continue to fudge the numbers? The latest fudge of the official numbers took place in Australia, as reported on Sept. 19 by Sterling Burnett of the Dallas Woods and Water Conservation Club and former senior fellow at the National Center of Policy Analysis.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Should climate change propagandists be jailed?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. went there. He actually went there, opening a can of poisonous worms by claiming Sunday that politicians who are climate change skeptics should be in jail. His actual words were, "Climate skeptics should be at the Hague with all the other war criminals."
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Friday, September 19, 2014

On the march: Russian nuclear bombers intercepted near Alaska

In a continued display of intimidation reminiscent of the Cold War, Russia continues on the march as reported by U.S. Northern Command, which identified six Russian planes flying near Alaskan air space Wednesday. The Command reported that among the Russian planes were two nuclear aircraft -- two Bear H nuclear bombers along with two Mig-31 fighter jets. American F-22 fighter jets were deployed to intercept the Russian aircraft.
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Hello, my friends. I am here.

Good evening.

I decided it was time to write today, so I will have a new Examiner article up and posted pronto.

The news I report today is by no means the most important, but when viewed within the context of everything else is indicative of a highly troublesome scenario.

Glad you all are here.