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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Senate Fails in Resolution Attempt

Washington, DC (TLS). The U.S. Senate has failed to pass a resolution that would express disapproval for President Bush's tactics in the War in Iraq. In a rare Saturday vote, the Senate failed for a second time to pass a non-binding resolution expressing disapproval of the War.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution this week expressing disapproval of the War, largely upon partisan lines.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, stated that he would not re-introduce such legislation for a third time. However, we can expect Senate Democrats to get their point across where it hurts--by inserting such disapprovals in appropriations bills that will be aimed at withdrawing the funds from our troops on the ground, as a means of getting the President to withdraw the military from the region.

Thus, the battle is far from over. Democrats in the past have never hesitated to use the power of the purse-strings to slap at the military, forcing Presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to withdraw U.S. support for causes that directly impact national security and the security of the world. We can fully expect them to attempt this underhanded tactic yet again, which will lead to a rush of terrorism in the Middle East, the mortal endangerment of Israel, and bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war.

The Britney Spears Free-Fall

Washington, DC (TLS). Normally The Liberty Sphere refrains from opining about entertainers except when it concerns someone we like or someone who's extra-curricular activity links them to politics. However, when it comes to Britney Spears, the situation begs a bit of commentary.

At the very outset do not expect us to denigrate Britney Spears. She is, at present, a tragic figure. And here's why.

The pop entertainer is in a free-fall that could mean not only the end of her career but the end of her life. This sad state of affairs had its beginning some time ago as Britney increasingly came under the influence of the Hollywood elite and its amoral view of life and the world. What has happened since is a steady descent, a gradual slip into the world of substance abuse, gratuitous sex, and dubious personal liaisons. That steady, gradual descent has become a free-fall of late.

The pop singer began as a clean-cut girl from a small Louisiana town. She was raised in church and at first made no attempt to hide the fact that she was a Christian. But, as so many otherwise good kids discover once they hit the big-time, the pressure of the Hollywood/entertainment complex to conform is nearly impossible to resist if one has designs on stardom. In order to rise to the top, one must make a deal with the devil. And once that deal is made, good girls like Britney find themselves in a whirlwind of all-night clubbing, indiscriminate sex, alcohol and drug consumption to the point of passing out--the power of which totally consumes one who never engaged in these practices until bitten by the stardom bug.

Thus, we then observed Britney getting married in Las Vegas to an old friend when the two hit town to party. Obviously when Britney woke from her stupor the next day and realized what she had done, it was off to get the marriage annulled.

It has been nothing but downhill from there.

Her real marriage--the one that produced two children--has now ended. She has been at least suspected for child neglect due to the fact that her mothering responsibilities have seemingly taken a back seat to her penchant to party. With Paris Hilton as her new 'partner in crime' the two have taken the clubbing scene by storm, resulting in Britney being photographed exposing herself in public. Spears has also been photographed on numerous occasions when she appears disheveled, dazed, and out of sorts. Her appearance has definitely taken a hit.

The situation has grown so critical that a longtime friend and associate sent emails to Britney's family begging for advice as to what to do to help the ailing pop sensation. And it is clear she is ailing. From all accounts, she has been infected by the disease of addiction and is in sore need of intervention. These emails were made public today by various news outlets around the country.

The Liberty Sphere hopes that those close to Britney who truly care for her well-being will find a way to get help for the falling star. She is way too talented, beautiful, and smart to simply go down the tubes. And, it is our view that somewhere deep inside her there is still that good girl from Louisiana who once had values that could be admired.

REALITY CHECK: Showdown Between U.S. and Iran

Washington, DC (TLS). The coming showdown between the United States and Iran is inevitable. The only question is, will America face such a showdown from a position of strength or weakness?

This is the question Mideast expert and journalist Caroline Glick asks in her new column. As Glick correctly points out, President Bush and Secretary Rice are gambling with high stakes in hopes that their latest foreign policy adventures in the Mideast and North Korea will buy them time. To be fair, however, Congress is putting unprecedented pressure on the President to halt all American involvement in the region.

Nancy Pelosi AND Hillary Clinton both stated this week that the President doesn't even have the power to launch an attack on Iran, in spite of the fact that we have proof positive they are supplying missiles and weapons to kill our soldiers and Iraqi citizens. This is not to mention their nuclear weapons program.

Apparently Pelosi and Clinton are not aware of the Presidential powers granted by the U.S. Constitution. The country can carry out limited missions to dismantle Iran's nuclear plants and its government headquarters without a declaration of all-out war from Congress. Bill Clinton utilized this power many times. But, as always, with Democrats this tactic is only justifiable if one of THEM does it.

When that dreadful day comes as the U.S. will be forced to face down a nuclear Iran, we can lay the blame squarely at the feet of pacifistic cowards like Pelosi and Clinton--and John Murtha--for the carnage that will surely befall us if we are in a weakened position.

Better to nip this beast in the bud NOW while it is yet an infant.

Here is Glick's article:

George Soros Exposed: Hillary's Power Behind the Throne

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has previously reported on the ominous maneuvering of billionaire and Democrat operative George Soros and his 'shadow party' that works behind the scenes to manipulate a victory for Hillary Clinton in 2008.

As we reported, Soros is the biggest single-source contributor to the Democrat Party and the 527s that fund them, having spent over 100 million dollars of his own money. He has been a close confidante of Hillary Clinton for years and has a vested interest in getting her elected President. If he succeeds in accomplishing his goal, he can then use her to unleash a massive, ominous attack on the core values of American society and its Constitution--a document that Soros has never failed to trash. By destroying the foundation that undergirds American liberty, he and his gang of thugs, including Hillary, can rebuild America from the ground up into a massive European-styled Socialist nation.

Thus, the freedom of the individual will forever be subservient to the 'common good.' The 'common good' is always the excuse given by Commies and Socialists to rob citizens of their individual rights.

Back in 2004, the Wall Street Journal ran a detailed expose of George Soros. The Liberty Sphere has uncovered that article from the archives. You can read the entire report by clicking on the link below. This is a MUST-read!

Hillary Clinton Blasts the Profit Motive

Washington, DC (TLS). A major candidate for public office recently stated the following:

"The unfettered rein of financial profit is intolerable for the general interest," she said. "You told me simple truths. You told me you wanted fewer income inequalities. You told me you wanted to tax capital more than labor. We will do that reform."

Further, the candidate proposed to tax companies in relation to what share of their profits is reinvested in equipment and jobs, and what portion is paid to shareholders.

Sound familiar? It should. Last week Senator Hilliary Rodham Clinton, D-NY, and Democrat Presidential candidate decried the profits made by the oil companies, stating that she would 'take that money and put it in a federal pool to be invested in new energy technologies,' in an obvious endorsement of government-run energy monopolies and a slap at free enterprise, the basis of which is to make a profit for shareholders.

The problem is that Senator Clinton did not say the first set of quotations beginning with, 'The unfettered reign of financial profits is intolerable for the general interest.' She certainly could have said it, for it is entirely consistent with her remarks about the oil companies.

The person who uttered those words that began this article is a French Socialist--Ségolène Royal--who is the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of France.

As the nightmarish term of Jacques Chirac draws to a close, the French seem to be willing to at least consider an unabashed Socialist for President, although recent polls show Ms. Royal trailing her closest opponent in the race. The thing that is even more nightmarish is how closely Hillary Rodham Clinton's views mirror that of the far-Left Socialist candidate for the French Presidency.

Political pundit and campaign consultant Dick Morris, who once worked closely with Hillary Clinton and refers to her as 'the most dangerous woman in America,' has stated that Hillary is a European-styled Socialist from the get-go. Despite her attempts to appear 'moderate' or to appeal to more conservative voters, Morris claims it is a fatal mistake to assume Hillary's views are anything but ultra-Leftwing. Her core values are that American free enterprise is not a good thing. The profit motive is evil (despite the fact that she herself personally benefited from good old capitalistic profit--more evidence of the elitist hypocrisy of the far-Left that maintains the ruling class doesn't have to live by the same rules they dump on everyone else).

Therefore, in Hillary's playbook, capitalism must be dismantled and replaced by a massive nanny state that gives away the freebies like Santa Claus from the cradle to the grave. The problem being, of course, that there is no such thing as a 'freebie.' What is free for one person has been paid for by someone else. And in this case, the freebies come at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Thus, if you want to see where a Hillary Clinton Presidency would take us, study France. If that's not enough to sober you up, nothing will.

To see just how closely Hillary's candidacy mirrors the French Socialist candidate, click here:

Friday, February 16, 2007

Muslim Congressman Calls Cops on Colleague

Washington, DC (TLS). Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, D-MN, has called the cops on a colleague in Congress. His offense? Smoking a cigar in his own private office.

Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-CO, was enjoying a fine cigar within the confines of his private office on Capitol Hill when police came knocking at his door. The officer informed the Congressman that his colleague, Keith Ellison, who has an office next door to Tancredo's, called them because Tancredo was smoking a cigar.

Tancredo has permission to smoke within his private office as do all Congressmen. This is in spite of Nancy Pelosi's politically correct smoking ban in the foyer of Congress. This is one more example of the fact that the Nazi smoke police, the food police, the speech police, and the fat police have moved into leadership in Congress.

Apparently Muslim Keith Ellison feels that cigar smoking in one's privacy is a law enforcement issue. This is in spite of the fact that for years Washington, DC has had one of the most problematic crime rates in the nation. But nevermind that. In this crazy, mixed up world of political correctness where the individual choices of private citizens are looked upon as legal issues, apparently to light up a cigar is cause for calling out the cops. The victims of murder, robbery, and rape will just have to wait. We have the much more important task of interrogating a dreaded cigar smoker!

What a complete, unadulterated idiot.

The Liberty Sphere has warned of Keith Ellison many times, even before the November election last year. Ellison has a sordid background of supporting cop killers, even lending his support to the woman who was arrested and jailed for attempting to bomb the home of U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein of California back when Feinstein was a San Francisco government official. The Liberty Sphere had called on Congress to expel Ellison immediately upon his election for being unfit for the job. The Constitution contains a provision that allows this move, no matter what the 'voters back home' think. Obviously, the 'voters back home' in Ellison's case are about as intellectually-challenged as Ellison. The Founders believed that sometimes voters are so wrong, so blind, so brainwashed by skillful demagogues, that Congress should have a right to expel members. I can think of quite a few other than Ellison who need expulsion.

As for Tancredo's cigar, the Congressman states that he has no intention of giving it up. To that we say, BRAVO!

Perhaps somebody should knock on Ellison's door and blow cigar smoke into his face.

Media Silence on Durham Rape Hoax

Washington, DC (TLS). An interesting phenomenon has occurred in the aftermath of the Durham-Duke University rape hoax perpetrated by Defendant and District Attorney Mike Nifong. What was once a media feeding frenzy, when it was first thought that a black female was raped by three rich white guys at Duke, has turned into a wall of silence in the national media.

Now that it appears the three white guys were set up by a black female who had set out to 'even the score and get her money from some white guys at Duke,' the national mainstream media apparently has decided to move on to more fruitful endeavors. This particular twist in the story does not fit with the accepted stereotypical orthodoxy that has consumed the national media.

As long as the story was about a white on black rape, the media portrayed it as an outrage. When the story became one of conspiracy. lies, and set-up, making the white guys the victims of the black female and a rogue Democrat prosecutor, suddenly there is no story.

Too far fetched to be seriously considered? Think again! Here is the proof.

Another rape has occurred in Durham which hasn't even caused a blip on the radar screen. A white woman was raped by a black man at a private house party last Saturday. The accuser has given a complete, detailed description of the perpetrator. Not only does the perpetrator still roam the streets as a free man, but the police report, which identifies the perpetrator as black, was not reported in this fashion by the local news media. The race of the perpetrator was conveniently left out in local news broadcasts in Raleigh-Durham. It was not reported at all by the national media.


The Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax was shouted from the housetops in every single news outlet in America and around the world.

According to local sources, when this story was first reported in Charlotte, it contained the complete detailed description of the alleged rapist as he was described in the original police report. His race was identified. However, by the time the story was reported in Raleigh, that key element was left out of the story. The reference in the police report identifying the perpetrator as black was deliberately left out.

Thus, the media once again shows itself to be slanted and hopelessly politically correct to the point of becoming not only inaccurate but laughable. This is not to mention the fact that this story has been totally ignored by everyone other than the local news outlets in North Carolina.

I would be willing to wager it won't EVER get reported unless somebody starts claiming that a white woman is falsely accusing a black man of rape. Then you can bet the farm it will make the headlines.

For the complete report and analysis, click here:

John Edwards Starts to Self-Destruct

Washington, DC (TLS). The John Edwards campaign for President is beginning to disintegrate. Displaying an odd inability to control the actions of campaign staffers, it is clear that Edwards is beginning to self-destruct as his campaign becomes associated with some of the most dreadful and denigrating characterizations of Christians ever seen in a Presidential campaign.

Edwards' inability or unwillingness to deal with campaign staffers who callously disregard the religious sensitivities of American citizens is very odd, given the area of the country that Edwards calls home. North Carolina is part of the traditional 'Bible belt' where Baptists are in the majority and other conservative evangelical Christians are in abundance. Yet the Edwards campaign hired staffers to run a campaign blog where Christians were treated to ridicule of some of the most vital tenets of their faith.

The Virgin Birth of Christ was mocked. Catholic views on contraception were mocked. One staffer described evangelical Christians who support President Bush in the following manner:
'wingnut Christofascists.'

And this is the mildest of the language used.

In spite of the fact that the staffers in question were hired by Edwards and are thus associated with his campaign, Edwards has refused to fire them. Claiming that he himself was offended by their remarks, he kept them on his staff in the name of 'diversity.'

I wonder what would have happened if they had used the same language and mocking toward Muslims. Actually, I don't have to wonder what would have happened. They would have been tarred and feathered in a very public display of indignation by Edwards, all under the adoring watchful eye of CAIR.

In fact, Edwards' refusal to fire the staffers involved in this searing attack on Christians shows his idiocy. He is not fit for public office. And the fact that the Democrat Party has not denounced the anti-Christian demagoguery disseminated by his staff is one more indication of their blatant hypocrisy. In their zeal to be 'politically correct' by not offending extremist Muslims, one of whom is one of their own Congressmen, they give implied approval to the denigration of Christians, all with the tacit approval of the candidate, despite his claims to the contrary.

Having spent a great deal of my boyhood and early adulthood in North Carolina, I am ashamed that this sorry excuse for a Senator is from my home state.

For more information on the Edwards' hate-filled speech toward Christians, click here:

Democrats Want Taxpayers to Pay for Immigration

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that Democrats in Congress are opposing the Bush Administration proposal to raise the fees associated with immigration and citizenship in this country. The Democrats would rather taxpayers pick up the bill for new citizens.

According to Discover the Networks, under the proposed changes, applying for naturalized citizenship would cost $595, up from $330, and the cost for processing fingerprints and other biometric information would increase $10, to $80. The cost of some complicated applications would jump by more than $1,000.

As expected, Democrats howled to high heaven. Claiming that the Bush Administration is proposing what amounts to a 'citizenship tax' on immigrants, Democrats express concern that naturalization will become a hardship for the poorest of those seeking to become citizens.

However, the process costs money. Citizenship is not a free ride. The process involves the costs of administration, fingerprinting, background checks, and other essential requirements--costs that normally are passed on to the ones applying for citizenship.

The Democrats want taxpayers to pick up the bill.

This is not surprising given that for years it has been a known fact that Democrats have pushed for open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, voter registration drives among immigrants, etc. To do anything at all to stem the tide of the haphazard onslaught of immigrants into the country who cannot possibly be properly assimilated into society would cut into an important voting base for Democrats.

In short, why should I have to pick up the tab for immigrants who relentlessly flood my country for the freebies? Until we stop aiding and abetting law-breakers who come here only for the free medical care and education, then as a tax payer I don't want to give one red dime to those who wish to become citizens.

Until America cleans up its act with regard to immigration, I don't want more citizens here in the first place. We need a temporary moratorium on immigration until we clean up our act and decide as a nation that we WILL enforce our immigration laws.

For more information on the Democrats' attempt to fund immigration with taxpayers' money, click here:,%20citizenship%20fee%20raise.html

English a Requirement for Citizenship

Washington, DC (TLS). U.S. House Representative Steve King, R-Iowa, has introduced a bill that would make English a requirement for citizenship. The bill would make English the nation's official language and would require immigrants to learn English as a prerequisite for becoming naturalized citizens.

The Liberty Sphere thinks that such legislation is long overdue. With immigration raging out of control, the nation is in deep danger of becoming nothing more than a fragmented coalition of loosely connected cultures whose only commonality would be they reside within the United States. No nation can survive without at least a common culture and language. This does not mean that immigrants cannot cherish their ethnic and cultural heritage. However, without commonly-held values that bind ALL citizens together, a nation is bound to fall. The English language is the one thing that can begin the process of finding that common culture that unites all of the splinter groups that threaten the very existence of the nation.

Thus, the requirement that immigrants learn English should be the very least we expect from them.

We urge the passage of King's bill in the House.

For more information on this proposed legislation, click here:

Conservatives Warn John McCain

Washington, DC (TLS). A coalition of conservative groups has warned Republican Presidential candidate John McCain concerning his support for measures that would eliminate so-called '527s'--those groups that were created after the McCain-Feingold law to silence free speech went into effect. 527s began to spring up as a direct result of the provisions of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, which had the chilling effect of silencing free political speech. The 527s found a loophole in the law which allowed them to raise funds for candidates and policy measures without having to adhere to the provisions of McCain-Feingold.

The Liberty Sphere has learned that McCain has sponsored legislation that will effectively put an end to 527 organizations. We also happen to know that McCain has accepted contributions from these very organizations that he claims to stand against.

Hence, the conservative coalition sent McCain a warning--stop with the senseless attempts to silence free political speech or face defections from the ranks of supporters. In short, McCain supporters can easily go elsewhere, withdrawing their support from McCain entirely.

The Liberty Sphere thinks that such withdrawals of support are long overdue. McCain has made no friends among those of us who stand solidly for free speech and 2nd Amendment rights. Not only did he and Liberal Democrat Russ Feingold fleece the American public by passing severe restrictions on free political speech in the name of 'campaign finance reform,' but he also co-sponsored a bill earlier this year that would have silenced bloggers who encourage citizens to contact their lawmakers concerning pending legislation, unless those bloggers get 'permission' from Congress first. Ultra-Liberals Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and a host of other Democrats supported this measure, which was defeated by an amendment offered by Senator McConnell and others that stopped the ominous Nazi-like assault on speech.

And this is not all. McCain is given the lowest rating possible by Gun Owners of America, which has graded him with an 'F-' on gun rights.

Of course, McCain is not alone on that score. ALL of the top tier Presidential candidates in both Parties have also garnered an 'F-', including Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Barack Hussein Obama, and others. Even Mitt Romney's support for gun rights has been tentative through the years.

Conservatives are quietly looking for a place to land as they look ahead to the 2008 Presidential election. Clearly as it stands now, most of us who refer to ourselves as Conservative/libertarian voters are mentally marking 'none of the above' when it comes to the leading contenders in both Parties. Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney simply do not have the solid conservative track record to win the support of most of us, particularly those who live in the heartland, the South, and the western Mountain states.

We are whistling in the dark if we expect John McCain in particular, who has a long track record of votes in the Senate, to suddenly change his ideological core. While McCain can be admired for his unwavering support of the War on Terror, including its tributary in Iraq, conservatives find him hard to stomach on just about every other issue.

In short, I really do not expect him to heed any warning from conservatives.

Read more of the warning to McCain here:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

FLASH! Mexico Behind Border Patrol Hoax!

Washington, DC (TLS). The Border Patrol scandal, which resulted in two innocent officers being sent to prison for a dozen years, gets deeper and more sinister by the day. WorldNetDaily News, which first broke the story, has obtained documents showing beyond dispute that the Mexican government pushed for the prosecution of the two Border Patrol agents.

Are we surprised?

The thing that everyone knew but did not dare say has now been documented. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton did the bidding of the Mexican Consulate in bringing charges against the two men. In addition, the Mexican Consulate also demanded that charges be brought against the County Sheriff in Texas, who was also involved in the incident at the border. Once again, Johnny Sutton did the bidding of the Mexican government and brought charges against the Sheriff as well.

U.S. House Representative John Culbertson, R-TX, once again expressed his outrage: 'We have long suspected Mexican government officials ordered the prosecution of our law enforcement agents. Mexico wants to intimidate our law enforcement into leaving our border unprotected, and now we have it in writing.'

Sadly, the Bush Administration, including the President himself, continues to be implicated in this sordid fiasco and travesty of American justice. The Administration has created a climate with Mexico that makes it very difficult for U.S. immigration laws to be properly enforced. Once again, America's soul continues to be sold to Mexico in the name of diplomacy and 'friendly relations.'

This isn't friendly anymore. Two innocent men were thrown into prison to rot because Bush administration officials cow-towed to Mexican government officials who want our borders left completely unprotected against law-breakers.

At his daily Press briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stated that he wished for 'cooler heads to prevail' in this case. Apparently Mr. Snow and the Administration do not realize that with each passing day more evidence emerges that makes 'cool heads' impossible. This is an outrage that needs an immediate solution by the President.

Johnny Sutton needs to go. Judge Kathleen Cardone needs to go. And at least a half-dozen or more personnel at the Department of Homeland Security need to go. Unless the President takes these necessary steps, including a Presidential pardon for the two Agents, this ugly scenario is going to explode into a full-scale scandal that will leave a dark stain on the Republic for years to come.

Read the details here:

Katie Couric on Guns, Christians, Castro, Conservatives

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere blew the lid on the dishonest reporting techniques employed by Katie Couric and CBS News when describing a poll that supposedly showed a 55% majority of Americans either did not support the funding of the troop surge in Iraq or did not support funding the War at all. As we reported, through a deft slight-of-hand maneuver, Couric manipulated the figures to say something they did not say.

In actuality, 45% of those who responded to the poll said they did not support funding the troop surge. That means 55% either support it or had no opinion. This was not mentioned by Couric. In addition, she stated that 8% of those polled said they did not support funding the War at all. She failed to mention that this means that fully 92% of Americans apparently SUPPORT funding the War.

This blatant act of deliberately misrepresenting poll numbers raised the suspicions of this writer. The result was a bit of research conducted by The Liberty Sphere. It did not take long to discover nearly a 20-year history of Liberal bias, Leftist slant, denigration of Conservatives, Republicans, evangelical Christians and Catholics, and a glowing adoration of Democrats, Liberals, Communists such as Fidel Castro, and our anti-Semitic ex-President, Jimmy Carter.

In addition, Couric is an avid supporter of gun control, even going so far as to lecture Charlton Heston when he was head of the NRA.

The following quotations span much of Couric's career, both at NBC and now as anchor of CBS Evening News. We are greatly indebted to the Media Research Center for providing much of this information.

As you will see, Couric can hardly hide her obvious Leftist bent. She is one of the prime examples of why Americans should oppose with all of our might the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine' that Democrats wish to use to gain equal time on conservative talk radio. We do not need a Fairness Doctrine. With Couric and her Leftist comrades at NBC, ABC, and CNN, the only method conservatives have to be heard is radio and Fox News.

If Democrats wish equal time to respond to Rush Limbaugh, then we should demand equal time to respond to the propaganda spouted each evening by Couric and company.

Here are the words straight from the horse's mouth:

Castro, Charismatic Success Story
"Considered one of the most charismatic leaders of the 20th century....[Fidel] Castro traveled the country cultivating his image and his revolution delivered. Campaigns stamped out illiteracy and even today, Cuba has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world."— February 13, 1992.

Carve Carter into Mt. Rushmore
"And finally President Carter, you are now considered one of the world’s foremost statesmen. You’ve been called the best ex-President this country has ever had. Your reputation has been bolstered tremendously since you left office. How does that make you feel?"— November 13, 1991

One More Gun Restriction, That’s The Ticket!
Katie Couric: "Getting back to kids and guns, if you will indulge me for a moment. You cannot think of any other position the NRA could take in terms of trying to decrease the number of school shootings? You feel like this is not your bailiwick, this is not your problem?"
Charlton Heston: "Not at all. As I told you the NRA spends more money, more time..."
Couric, cutting him off: "Other than education."
Heston: "Well what would you suppose? What would you suggest?"
Couric: "I don’t know, perhaps greater restrictions."— Exchange on June 8, 1998

Blaming Right Wing for Murder
"Let’s talk a little bit more about the right wing because I know that’s something you feel very strongly about. But this is actually not necessarily about the right wing, but perhaps a climate that some say has been established by religious zealots or Christian conservatives. There have been two recent incidents in the news, I think, that upset most people in this country, that is the dragging death of James Byrd Junior and the beating death of Matthew Shepard. I just would like you to reflect on whether you feel people in this country are increasingly intolerant, mean-spirited, et cetera, and what, if anything, can be done about that because a lot of people get very discouraged when they hear and see this kind of brutality taking place."— To former Texas Governor Ann Richards as she hosted a 92nd Street Y appearance in New York City on March 3 shown by C-SPAN on April 3, 1999.

Real Dictatorship in Miami
"Some suggested over the weekend that it’s wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami. All eyes on south Florida and its image this morning. Another writer this weekend called it ‘an out of control banana republic within America.’ What effect is the Elian Gonzalez story having on perception of Miami? We will talk with a well-known columnist for the Miami Herald about that."— April 3, 2000.

Happy Mother’s Day to a Liberal Activist
"With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we wanted to salute the hard work, integrity and love moms show us every day, so this morning we invited three women who have made their own special contribution to motherhood and, as I said earlier, to all of mankind, in fact. Donna Dees-Thomases founded the Million Mom March...Donna, you organized the Million Mom March, and it really was such a grassroots movement of stroller moms, right? Tell me how it came about."— Introduction and question to anti-gun activist Donna Dees-Thomases, May 11, 2001.

(By the way, the so-called 'Million Mom March' did not involve anywhere near millions of stroller moms, as touted by Couric, Bill Clinton, and Donna Dees-Thomases. Estimates by officers on the ground indicated that perhaps 100,000--TOPS--attended that rally in Washington).

Is the New Pope a Nazi?
"Cardinal Ratzinger’s past includes a brief membership in the Hitler Youth movement, service in the German army in World War II, which was mandatory. But given his past associations do you think that will create a rift between Christians and Jews, and what can he do to fix that?"— To liberal priest Father Andrew Greeley, April 20, 2005. Greeley, a critic of Cardinal Ratzinger, dismissed her concern.

A Catholic Town? How Awful!
"Some of the values, depending on your perspective... may be deemed wholesome, but in other ways, I think, people will see this community as eschewing diversity and promoting intolerance....Do you think the tenets of the community might result in de facto segregation as a result of some of the beliefs that are being espoused by the majority of the residents there?...You can understand how people would hear some of these things and be like, wow, this is really infringing on civil liberties and freedom of speech and right to privacy and all sorts of basic tenets that this country was founded on. Right?"— March 3, 2006, interviewing Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan and real-estate developer Paul Marinelli, who are building a community based on Catholic values in Ave Maria, Florida

And why do we need the 'fairness doctrine' again? In fact, I say, BRING IT ON. I would love to gain equal time to respond to Couric's pro-Commie, Liberal, anti-Christian, gun-grabbing propaganda!

Duncan Hunter on the Issues--Trade

Washington, DC (TLS). As reported previously, The Liberty Sphere is impressed with Republican Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, R-CA. The candidate is a true American hero, a patriot, a guardian of our borders, and one of the few left in Washington who has remained steadfastly faithful to the ideals of 'the Reagan Revolution.' Hunter was among the many conservatives who swept into power in 1981 with the election of Ronald Reagan to the Presidency.

The passage of time often leads us to forget that Reagan was adept at cultivating and winning the support of so-called 'blue collar Democrats'--those working class citizens in the Midwest in particular that traditionally voted for Democrats but felt betrayed by their Party's sharp turn to the Left on social issues. These blue collar workers saw in Reagan a genuine concern for their values, as well as a concern that American workers were about to be bamboozled in the infancy of the 'global economy.'

'Free Trade' was the mantra of those who jumped onto the globalization bandwagon, and they used that mantra to justify the outsourcing of American jobs to countries overseas that pay mere pennies on the dollar to their workers when compared to American workers. These countries became notorious for a callous indifference not only to workers but to the environment as well.

Since the Reagan era the problem has only gotten worse. Bill Clinton jumped on the globalization bandwagon and pushed for the passage of NAFTA, which only contributed to the outsourcing of American jobs in the name of 'free trade.'

However, a Constitutional Republic such as ours, which is based upon the principles of democracy, can remain free only if everyone plays by the same rules--rules that are fair and equally applied. This is one of the few legitimate roles of government, outside the provision for national security. Government was envisioned by our Founders as what we could describe as the referee in a football game. The playing field must be level for all sides. All sides must play by the same rules. When one decides to gain an unfair advantage, or begins to break those rules of engagement, then the referee must implement penalties.

In the name of 'free trade' American big business broke the rules and engaged in unfair practices that have hurt the American worker and helped America's enemies overseas. Government ceased to be a fair, impartial referee but became a complicit comrade in this grand ruse. In fact, in many ways the referee was paid off.

Thus, the issue is NOT 'free trade' but 'fair trade.' Fair trade does not negate free trade. Fair trade levels the playing field, insuring that ALL parties play by the same rules. The result is a better America and more American jobs...and a halt placed on the rampant outsourcing of labor.

Candidate Duncan Hunter believes in this concept of fair trade. It is actually the only way America can stop from being bamboozled by foreign governments who take advantage of our so-called 'free trade' policies, make billions of dollars, and then use that money we are sending them to oppose American liberty.

China has been one of the worst offenders.

Duncan Hunter would oppose such a raping and molestation of the American worker and the American ideal of freedom for all.

Here are the candidate's own words on the issue of fair trade:

“American workers are the most productive and innovative labor force in the world. Unfortunately, they are asked to compete in an unfair environment against other workers who make only a fraction of a living wage and are employed by companies that face few, if any, responsibilities to the environment or the long-term prospects of their employees. Our domestic manufacturers are forced to compete against foreign companies that benefit from their country’s currency and regulatory regimes. Ominously, China is cheating on trade and using billions of American trade dollars to build ships, planes and missiles at an alarming rate while, at the same time, taking millions of American jobs. I will reverse this “one-way street” with a new policy of fair trade for the American worker. "

The Liberty Sphere thinks this is a splendid idea.

Ware Shoal Sex Scandal Update

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that a group of parents of students at the Ware Shoals High School in Ware Shoals, South Carolina has hired the services of a Charleston, South Carolina attorney. The attorney in question is reportedly investigating possible negligence on the part of the Ware Shoals School Board in light of the recent scandal revolving around former cheerleader coach Jill Moore and a group of students.

The attorney refused to answer the question as to whether or not he was representing the parents of the particular students who were involved in the scandal that resulted in the arrest of Jill Moore, principal Jane Blackwell, and the demotion and reprimand of two National Guardsmen.

According to our sources, the attorney presently is not bringing a lawsuit for monetary damages but merely investigating the issues related to the case 'so that justice can be done.' However, this same attorney has a long history of representing clients who sue school districts resulting in multi-million-dollar settlements.

The attorney for the school district stated that in the event of a lawsuit for monetary damages the school district would mount a vigorous defense, and that he sees no indication of gross negligence on the part of school district officials.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will keep you posted on continuing updates...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hump Day, Everybody! Here's the Top Stories

Washington, DC (TLS). And a very happy 'Hump Day' to you! Just three more to go till the weekend! I hope you have a good one.

Don't forget that this is Valentine's Day. So be sure to get your honey something to express your love. Happy Valentine's Day to all.


Here are our top stories and commentary today:

**'The Fall of American Protestantism'--how mainline churches have fallen victim to Leftist propaganda

**Senator Barack Obama Says Troops' Lives 'Wasted'

**Salt Lake Killer Was Muslim

**LIBERTY ALERT!! Get Out of Bank of America! The banking giant is now pitching to give credit cards to illegal aliens!

Scroll down for these stories.

The Fall of American Protestantism

Washington, DC (TLS). American Protestantism as we once knew it is dead. What was known as 'mainline Protestant denominations' in America have fallen so far away from their spiritual heritage that it is a mistake to refer to their present ideology as 'spiritual' or 'Christian.' A new book that is making its rounds in certain circles should put to rest any doubt that mainline Protestantism is gone.

A book entitled 'American Empire and the Commonwealth of God' has been published by John Knox Press, the publishing arm of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. The book refers to America as 'demonic' and proceeds to direct every single term of derision known in the English language against the United States. In fact, the authors claim that the U.S. is a Nazi nation and poses the single biggest threat to the security of the world on the planet.

In spite of the fact that the book purports to be written by 'theologians' and 'scholars,' one is hard-pressed to believe it since they are so obviously out of touch with the real world. Apparently these Einsteins have never heard of Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah.

Oh, I forgot. The common stance among America's so-called 'intelligentsia' today is that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization but a group of 'freedom fighters.'

And I suppose they would think that Hitler was just a nice guy who happened to like skeletons.

For a group that claims to be among America's finest intellects to suggest that America is more dangerous to the world than the individuals and groups listed above should be enough not only to dismiss the entirety of their work but to issue an urgent appeal for them to be evaluated by a psychiatric professional. Their charge is so far over the top that serious-minded people will find it difficult to lend credibility to anything they say.

And hence, the fall of American Protestantism. Mainline Protestant churches for years have fallen victim to every single Leftwing extremist contention known to mankind. In fact, when one visits the average congregation among the mainline churches, one is apt to hear a sermon about how dreadful America is, how government needs to expand to take care of the 'poor, needy, and sick,' and that anytime we defend ourselves against thugs who wish to blow up the world we are 'warmongering.' Precious little of the Christian Gospel that was once preached from these very pulpits in the 18th, 19th, and even part of the 20th centuries is heard today in these churches.

Since the mid-1960s it has been widely speculated that one of the key reasons for the massive decline in membership among mainline Protestant churches is their close association with Liberal politics. As more religious propaganda began to pour from the mouths of pulpiteers who equated the teachings of Christ to the politics of the extremist Left, more and more members headed for the hills. For example, from 1965 until 1985, the United Methodist Church lost upwards of 9 million members. The United Presbyterian Church, which merged with the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. to form the Presbyterian Church, USA, has lost over 5 million members. The declines are also most pronounced in the United Church of Christ (to which Barack Hussein Obama belongs), the Disciples of Christ, and the Episcopal Church.

The rank and file members of these extremist Leftwing religious organizations apparently had no stomach for the liberal political propaganda they were hearing week by week.

Interestingly, while the mainline Protestant churches were in a free-fall in membership, evangelical Christian groups such as the Southern Baptist Convention, the Assemblies of God, the Presbyterian Church in America (the conservative Presbyterians), and Charismatic and Pentecostal groups grew like wildfire.

The situation within the United Methodist Church became so critical that the denomination began to try various means, beginning in the late 1980s, to stem the tide of membership losses. Interestingly, one of the top suggestions that came from the lay people is that less power needed to be concentrated in the clergy and more power given to the laity, which would result in a much more conservative church. From the point of view of the laity, clergy persons who had been educated at the denomination's ultra-liberal seminaries and theological schools were the ones responsible for the decline--because they preached purely a social gospel based upon Leftwing politics.

Interestingly, one of the authors of 'American Empire and the Commonwealth of God' is a professor at Drew University and Theological Seminary--a United Methodist institution. The book was on sale by the United Methodist Publishing House at a national conference on evangelism last month, but the overwhelming majority of United Methodists who attended passed up the book and opted instead to buy material that was more in line with a traditional understanding of the faith.

This is not at all surprising, given the fact that the authors of the book explicitly gave their support to any cause that would bring about the demise of the 'evil American fascist empire,' such as Cuba, Iran, and Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez, who referred to President Bush as 'the devil.' Apparently the authors of this book agree with him.

No longer can the citizens of this country sit still while subversive Leftists who infest the faculties of America's theological schools, and their churches, mount a continued assault on American liberty, free-thought, and free enterprise in the name of religion. The Liberty Sphere believes that ultimate evil is embodied in anti-freedom. Thus, if there is any evil afoot in America today, it is the propaganda of America's mainline Protestant churches that espouse a Liberal, Socialistic Communist political agenda in the name of the Lord.

That, my friends, is blasphemy.

For more information on this story, the book and its authors, click here:

Senator Barack Obama Says Troops' Lives 'Wasted'

Washington, DC (TLS). No matter how hard Liberals try to run from their record, their true feelings, their real agenda, and their genuine thoughts about issues, they always seem to find a way to show us what they really are by their 'slips of the tongue.' With John Kerry it was the now infamous faux pas where he suggested that soldiers are dumb. And now, with Senator Barack Hussein Obama, D-Ill., it is stating that the lives of those soldiers who went to Iraq and died were 'wasted.'

Thus, the truth has a way of coming out sooner or later. Obama believes that men and women who enlist in the military and then engage in activity that their country deems to be essential for the survival of liberty are 'wasting their lives.'

And if you die in the midst of battle, yours was a 'wasted life.'

In one simple sentence Obama has desecrated the memory of every single soldier who died on the battlefield for their country. In the world of Barack Hussein Obama, anyone who would make the decision to enter military service and risk dying for liberty is wasting their lives. I would suppose that he would prefer that they go to Harvard or Yale, learn from Leftists how evil America is, and then get a law degree.

What a complete, utter embarrassment to the United States!

Yet this man is the darling of the U.S. news media, Hollywood, and a significant portion of the Democrat Party. This is the man that the Reverend Rick Warren of the Saddleback Community Church in California says is 'definitely Presidential material.'

Sorry, Reverend, but if you would just preach the Gospel rather than sticking your nose into Leftwing politics and getting soiled in the process, then perhaps more of us would pay attention to you. As it now stands, you have lost your credibility by lending your influence and implied endorsement to a man who is a Socialist, a gun-grabber, and a proponent of expanding the powers of government to intrude into our lives.

In the article that you will read below, you will see that Senator Obama is backtracking from his statement and has issued an apology. I believe he is sincere in apologizing for the fact that what he said offended most people. But I do NOT believe for one minute that he is apologizing for his true beliefs. The fact is, he said what he did because he honestly believes that dying on the battlefield amounts to a 'wasted life.'

Not only is this man not fit for the Presidency, but The Liberty Sphere feels he is not fit for the U.S. Senate either.

Read Obama's retraction here:,CST-NWS-sweet13.article

Salt Lake Killer Was Muslim

Washington, DC (TLS). The 18-year old who plowed his vehicle into a Mall in Salt Lake City and began firing his gun at shoppers, killing five and injuring eight, was a Muslim refugee from Bosnia by the name of Sulejmen Talovic. The tragic incident took place yesterday.

The thing that is most interesting, however, is that the mainstream media has yet to identify the young killer as a Bosnian Muslim. This fact is key to understanding motivation, for this is not the first time a Muslim has used a vehicle as a weapon.

Just last year a Muslim in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, plowed his vehicle into a group of students at the University of North Carolina, injuring nine, after attending a seminar sponsored by a Muslim organization during which extremist Jihadist rhetoric was used by the speaker.

The police in Salt Lake claim they do not have a clue as to the motivation of the attacker, who was shot and killed in a shoot-out with officers. However, the fact that the perpetrator was Muslim could very well be a key factor in arriving at a motive.

In this politically-correct world of madness it is no longer acceptable to identify Muslim criminals as Muslim. Even Muslim terrorists cannot be referred to as Muslim. Under pressure from terrorist-supporting organizations like CAIR--the Council on American-Islamic Relations--the news media, police departments, and the Department of Homeland Security no longer correctly and specifically identify perpetrators.

But you can rest assured, what they will not tell you, The Liberty Sphere will.

So now you know.

LIBERTY ALERT!! Get Out of Bank of America

Washington, DC (TLS). This is a special 'Liberty Alert' concerning the new program implemented by Bank of America that will allow illegal aliens to get credit cards. We are encouraging our readers who are fed up with how government and big business team up to sell the nation's soul to Mexico to immediately tear up your Bank of America credit cards and close all of your accounts with them.

But before you rush to open new accounts with the likes of Chase or other banking conglomerates, ask some very pointed questions. Are they engaging in the same practice? What are their policies toward illegals? The fact that Bank of America is engaging in this practice does not mean other huge banking conglomerates are not doing the same thing.

U.S. House Representative Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, states that the plan by Bank of America is an issue of great concern. Blackburn was on the front lines of the battle when the Tennessee legislature pushed through measures that would allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses. Now that Blackburn is in the U.S. Congress, she says that these types of issues are of great concern to her and that banking practices that allow big business to fly under the radar screen and aid and abet law-breakers from other countries should be closely scrutinized.

The organization, 'Mothers Against Illegal Immigration' of Phoenix, Arizona, has strongly condemned Bank of America for its actions. The organization's founder and President states that to average citizens on the street, the move by Bank of America appears to be one more way that large business conglomerates subvert American immigration law and move us a step closer to complete amnesty for all illegal aliens.

The Liberty Sphere agrees. Apparently Bank of America has found a loophole in the provisions of the Patriot Act that allow them to engage in this type of questionable activity. We feel that Bank of America should be resoundingly condemned and humiliated for its anti-American and un-patriotic practices. We will not hesitate to do the same thing to any other banking corporation that engages in this despicable practice.

As we have stated in the past, The Liberty Sphere stands for reasonable, legal, prudent, and orderly immigration for those who love this country and wish to come here to be productive, LAW-ABIDING citizens. However, when one breaks the law to get here, the all-important provision of 'law abiding' is immediately negated. Why have immigration laws at all if for some these laws do not apply?

Illegal immigration must be stopped. Americans are increasingly enraged by the failure of our government to stop it and the tacit approval by American businesses to those who break the law by rewarding them with jobs. It is a crying, dirty-rotten shame that illegal aliens can get jobs here, free medical care and education, driver's licenses, car insurance, and now, credit cards and bank accounts. Increasingly the electorate is growing not only weary of this selling of the nation's soul but outraged by it.

And you can rest assured that outrage will be clearly seen in the 2008 election cycle.

But for now, get out of Bank of America.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rudy's Problem With Gun Rights

Washington, DC (TLS). Rudy Giuliani shot himself in the foot yesterday with a comment he made about gun control. He may well have lost the tentative support of gun rights groups in the process.

Giuliani, in attempting to explain his support for gun control while Mayor of New York City, stated that it was new gun control laws that reduced the crime rate in the city. The former Mayor and his handlers had previously made overtures to conservative groups by stating that New York City was a special circumstance when Giuliani became Mayor and that strict gun control legislation was needed to bring violence under control.

Within this spin is the slight hint that Giuliani was saying that in principle he does not support restricting the right of the people to bear arms, as guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Gun rights advocates had one brief moment of hope that the candidate was getting ready to state that his support for 2nd Amendment rights is one of his core values and that the New York City situation was an emergency scenario that required emergency measures to correct.

Most of us lost that hope when Giuliani made his remarks about gun control yesterday.

The key issue is not the fact that Giuliani has backed away from his initial hint that they may be making a move to the right on gun rights. This is bad enough in and of itself. Rather, the key issue is that Giuliani has obviously bought into the gun control lobby propaganda that strict gun control measures reduce crime and violence in our cities. This notion is simply not true. The statistical data from both the CDC and the National Institute of Science shows NO correlation between strict gun control laws and a reduction in gun violence.

The fact that Giuliani would cite an erroneous theory based upon Leftist propaganda is highly problematic for one who would be President. The lapse points to a penchant for failing to think rationally and to base one's opinions on solid, observable data rather than conjecture or theory that arises out of one's political bias. We already have this very same problem with candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and John McCain. We certainly don't need yet another candidate who exhibits a failure to consider cold, hard scientific facts rather than push an unproven hypothesis.

In short, Rudy gained no friends among conservative groups with his remarks on gun control in New York City. It was a big mistake to even bring it up. Most Americans in the heartland, the South, and the Mountain States of the West already have suspicions about Rudy Giuliani. His comments on gun control yesterday took those suspicions to an ominous level--a level of distaste--which is a terribly bad sign for a candidate right out of the starting gate.


Washington, DC (TLS). According to a report issued by the European Union, it is already too late to stop Iran's development of nuclear weapons.

In a shocking admission of diplomatic failure, the report states that attempts to engage Iran in talks concerning its nuclear weapons program have not been successful, and at this stage in the process, there is nothing that can be done from a diplomatic standpoint to stop them from building nuclear bombs.

The report, published in the Financial Times of London, states that the dire situation will most surely be used as proof that nothing less than a military strike against Iran can thwart their headstrong march into becoming one of the world's nuclear powers. The day when Iran will have the bombs is drawing very near, and the only thing that has stopped them thus far has been delays caused by technical limitations.

The Liberty Sphere has twice called upon President Bush to launch a major military offensive against Iran in order to prevent the extremist Muslim stronghold from building nuclear weapons. This report given to the EU is ample proof that no amount of diplomatic pressure or consultation will stop the Iranians from following through with their plans to develop missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. When they get this capability, not only will Israel be in mortal danger but the entirety of the European continent as well.

The nations of Europe are already expressing dismay over the looming prospects for a nuclear Iran. Sensing the danger that is ahead, the European community has sought various means to engage Iran in diplomatic consultation. The fact that these overtures have failed gives ample warning to the entire world that only a military solution will suffice, and that any delay in implementing this military solution will bring the world one step closer to a nuclear holocaust.

No matter what the Democrats in Congress say, it is time for President Bush to act to take out Iran's nuclear plants. And while we are engaged in this exercise, we must also take out the top levels of government in Tehran. While Congress is twiddling their thumbs, engaging in denial, and sticking their heads so deep into the sand that they go straight through to China, the world is getting close to a nuclear doomsday. Stupidity and timidity in the face of such a sobering threat cannot be tolerated. The President is Commander in Chief. It is time to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities and disable its government. This can be done in a clean, short-term operation that does not require a declaration of war.

After all, President Clinton did the very same thing in Bosnia and on a limited basis in Iraq during the 90s...all without U.N. approval. Only Democrat hypocrisy would lead to their condemnation of President Bush if he did the same thing.

Read the original story in the Financial Times:

More Spin From Katie Couric and CBS News

Washington, DC (TLS). CBS News has a long history of Leftist spin on its news stories, dating all the way back to Walter Cronkite's days as anchor. The bias only got worse with Dan Rather.

Now, Katie Couric and company have taken the news division at CBS to a new low in Leftist slant. Monday night's broadcast is a perfect case in point.

Couric introduced a story concerning the upcoming attempt of Congressional Democrats to pass a non-binding resolution against President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq in order to stabilize the country. After a brief description of the Democrats' plan, she stated, 'The American people seem to want the Democrats to do much more than just a non-binding resolution.

'Our latest poll,' Couric continued, 'shows that 53% of Americans want the Democrats either to cut off funding for the war altogether, or refuse funding for the troop surge.'

However, the graphic she placed on the screen painted an entirely different picture when one considers the whole story and not just the spin. According to the poll graphic, 45% of those polled want Congress to refuse to fund the troop surge. 8% want Congress to withdraw funding from the War altogether.

Obviously, when the 45% is added to the 8%, you get a 53% 'majority' who either desire a withdrawal of funds from our troops on the ground in Iraq, or a blocking of funding for the upcoming troop surge.

This carefully calculated slight-of-hand gives the appearance of widespread public support for de-funding the War in Iraq. However, let's turn this around and use the same tactic Couric and CBS News uses, except this time, let's apply it to the OTHER side.

For example, if 45% of those polled want Congress to refuse to fund the troop surge, then that means that 55% of those polled either want the surge fully funded or are not sure about it one way or the other. In like manner, if only 8% of those polled want Congress to de-fund the War altogether, then that means a whopping 92% of those polled wish for the funding of the War to continue.

Once again, using the Couric/CBS slight-of-hand formula, when 55% is added to 92%, that means that fully 147% of Americans support funding the troop surge AND funding the War in general.

147 percent.

Remember, I am using the very same formula and tactic that CBS used to arrive at their so-called 53% majority who either favor de-funding the entire War or blocking funding for the troop surge. And the number I get is that 147 percent of Americans support funding for the War AND the troop surge.

This scenario reminds me of what an accountant for a major healthcare organization told me several years ago. He said, 'Numbers can be manipulated to show whatever result administration and the trustees are looking for. It is amazing as to how figures can be manipulated to show differing results based solely upon how they are put together.'

Apparently this is the modus operandi at CBS News.

Frankly, if this is the manner in which the major polling organizations are arriving at their conclusion that the vast majority of Americans are resigned to failure and defeat in Iraq, then I question the accuracy of those polls. Polls can be made to say just about anything you want them to say, especially when you have spin-doctors at work such as we have at CBS News.

Latest Update on Ware Shoals Cheerleader Sex Scandal

Washington, DC (TLS). The District School Board in Ware Shoals, SC went into executive session Monday afternoon to deliberate their options related to Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell. Blackwell was charged with obstruction by the Greenwood County Sheriff's Department as it conducted its investigation into the conduct of cheerleader coach Jill Moore and the sex, alcohol, and cigarette scandal involving several cheerleaders and National Guardsmen.

Blackwell had allegedly told students not to speak to anyone about the allegations once the story broke that Moore had been placed under arrest. Cheerleaders reportedly took Blackwell's instructions as a directive not to speak even to Sheriff's deputies about the incidents.

However, Blackwell's attorney insists that his client's only objective was to keep down rumor in the aftermath of the scandal that rocked the small town of Ware Shoals, and that she never intended for her directive to prohibit anyone from speaking to law enforcement officials.

Today the School Board voted to send Blackwell an official letter inviting her to request a hearing before the Board to tell her side of the story. According to School Board spokesmen, the Board wishes to hear directly from Blackwell as to why she feels she should keep her position as principal of Ware Shoals High School. The spokesman also stated that it would be Blackwell's decision as to whether or not there is such a hearing, but that the Board is encouraging her to make the request. In addition, the Board encouraged Blackwell in the letter to request that her hearing before the Board be made open to the public so that citizens in the community could hear directly from the principal her side of the events that led to her arrest.

Former cheerleader coach Jill Moore resigned from the school upon her arrest for contributing to the delinquency of minors and passing alcohol to minors.

The Liberty Sphere thinks that the offer by the School Board for Blackwell to gain a full, complete, and public hearing of her story is a reasonable approach. The beleaguered principal had conducted her own investigation of Moore late last year, the findings of which she kept in a diary. This fact gives the appearance that Blackwell was doing her job as principal and had planned to do something with the evidence she had gathered. Normally in matters related to personnel, internal investigations must be completed before legal action is taken. Perhaps Blackwell was waiting for all of the facts to be corroborated and verified before taking further action. But this is all conjecture at this point.

Blackwell's appearance before the School Board will be a welcome first step in sorting out the facts in this case. The Liberty Sphere hopes that she will take the Board's offer and make her appearance before them in order to present her version of what took place.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Top Stories For Monday, Feb. 12, 2007

Washington, DC (TLS). Good morning! A tip of the hat to all our readers on this Monday morning!


Here are The Liberty Sphere's top stories and commentary for today:

**'Keep Your Guns Handy!' We will need our firearms as startling info comes our way about impending urban warfare WITHIN U.S. CITIES!

**'Cuba Revisited'--How the U.S. Government is using commercial TV stations in Florida to send anti-Communist programming to Cuba...and info on the underground black market for satellite dishes in Cuba!

**Ellen Goodman is an Idiot!'--With her latest column in which she compares man-made global warming skeptics to Holocaust deniers, Goodman lost ALL of her credibility.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will post updated information as circumstances warrant.


Washington, DC (TLS). Pamela Geller, founder of Atlas Shrugs, has reported that the federal government possesses information indicating that hand-to-hand, urban warfare, perpetrated by Muslim extremists, may be imminent IN THE UNITED STATES. Geller insists that the information is accurate and that her sources disclosed the information on condition of anonymity.

The information reported by Geller seems to be consistent with what The Liberty Sphere has uncovered in our exclusive investigative report into extremist Muslim activity in North Carolina. Our research led us to North Carolina due to the fact that several incidents over the past few years indicate that the state is a fueling center for Jihadists around the world. The Muslim extremists first came to North Carolina in the 1980s and set up shop at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro. Several of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks received their training there.

In addition, several Muslim terrorists were convicted in courts of law due to a money and tobacco laundering scheme that operated out of Charlotte, North Carolina, with ties to Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations around the world. This terror cell in Charlotte raised thousands of dollars which were fed into terrorist operations overseas.

Because these Muslim extremists have been flying under the radar screen for so long in North Carolina, they have had ample time to get a feel for the area, the habits of citizens, the gaps in security, as well as develop a strategy for launching a massive coordinated attack on American citizens right within our own cities.

The young Muslim male of Middle Eastern descent who was caught taking photos and videos of tall buildings in downtown Charlotte is a stark wake-up call to American citizens. As we have seen in Iraq, terrorist operatives from Iran have launched a different tactic besides merely the use of suicide bombers and the like. They are engaging Iraqi citizens in hand-to-hand urban warfare in Baghdad and other towns.

It could very well be that the terrorists have recognized a weakness in their strategy to bring down large structures within the U.S. Perhaps they plan to implement a follow-up to the shocking attacks on our symbols of finance and power. That follow-up plan may well be the launching of urban warfare on our streets. As we have seen in North Carolina, the extremists have made 20-year inroads into the society. And, with the information Geller has received, this could amount to an ominous dark scenario that is beginning to unfold.

This is why American citizens need to keep our guns handy. We must not listen to the stupidity of the Left who tell us that our handguns, shotguns, and rifles are no match for modern weaponry, such as missiles and bombs. We must remember that terrorist strikes utilize a variety of means. While our focus has been on the fear of dirty bombs, nuclear and biological weapons, and missiles, we are in danger of overlooking the threat of urban warfare, which will require personal firepower.

In short, our guns will come in handy. They may well be the only means we can survive an outbreak of urban terrorism in our cities.

Cuba Revisited

Washington, DC (TLS). Cuba has warned the United States against using the airwaves to send 'illegal' anti-Communist messages into the country. As one of the world's last remaining Communist dictatorships, the Cuban government is cracking down on citizens who use satellite dishes, which are illegal in Cuba, to gain access to American programming that contains messages of freedom and liberty.

In December of last year, the United States began using Florida television stations to get around the Cuban jamming of 'TV Marti,' the American owned station aimed at undermining the Communist Cuban government. The move by the U.S. government has made anti-Castro programming accessible to thousands of Cubans who otherwise would not be able to get it.

Under the U.S. plan implemented by the Bush administration, persons can pay commercial television stations in Florida to carry TV Marti programming, which by law cannot telecast anti-Cuban messages inside the U.S. These commercial stations are among those that can be picked up by satellite dishes inside Cuba.

The manufacturing and production of black market satellite dishes is a growing cottage industry in Cuba. Government officials have caught citizens operating satellite dish manufacturing and distribution centers out of bicycle tire repair shops and other small businesses that are among the few allowed by the Cuban government. Those caught engaging in this activity face fines and jail time. One Cuban citizen who was caught with 14 satellite dishes he had made was fined $44,390.

A bit of history is in order to fully understand the Cuban problem. Fidel Castro came to power in a Communist revolution in the country in the early 1960s. President John F. Kennedy purported to use the force of the U.S. military to prevent Castro from taking power. However, at the now-infamous debacle at the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy reneged on the promises he had made to provide U.S. military officials with reinforcements. Thus, our servicemen were left hanging on the vine with no help. The result was the fall of Cuba to the Communists, and Fidel Castro took power as the first Communist dictator within the Western Hemisphere to be right at the doorstep of the United States--a mere few miles from the Florida coast.

The consequence of Kennedy's striking failure was dire. The world was brought to the brink of nuclear war as the Cuban Missile Crisis loomed. The Communists of the USSR brought their backing to the new Cuban regime by bringing in nuclear missiles aimed directly at the United States. What most within modern America today fail to grasp, however, is that the entire scenario would have never happened had Kennedy kept his word to support the fledgling troops on the ground at the Bay of Pigs with reinforcements, back-up, added troop strength, and a replenishing of ammunition.

Kennedy's abject failure at the Bay of Pigs resulted in Communism coming right to our doorstep. We also came to within a hair's breadth of nuclear war.

It is most interesting that very few scholarly books have been published that delve into the murky reasons for Kennedy's failure to follow through with the plan, leaving our military personnel in a dangerous bind. Why would a Commander-in-Chief who had laid out a strategy for stopping Castro suddenly scrap that strategy after our soldiers had been sent into harm's way?

This is the million-dollar question. We do know, however, that Democrats have always had a cozy relationship with Castro. Bill Clinton rolled out the Red Carpet for him when the Communist dictator visited the United States in the 1990s. Dan Rather treated him like an elder statesman to be revered. Democrats have been calling for a normalization of relations with the Communist country for years.


According to a special report compiled by David Wallechinsky, Fidel Castro has been one of the most oppressive dictators in the world, regularly engaging in throwing journalists into jail, suppressing facts concerning his human rights violations, and the like. Last year, Castro was ranked Number 15 among the world's most oppressive dictators. The only reason he is not on this year's list is that he relinquished power to his brother in the wake of his life-threatening illness.

Miami, Florida is ample testimony to the carnage Castro has wreaked in Cuba. The Cuban-American community in Miami is the direct result of the rise of Communism in that nation. Seeking refuge here in the U.S., Cubans settled in Miami, many of whom still have family members back home. The Miami Cuban community is overwhelmingly anti-Castro, and for good reason. Most of them saw first-hand what Communism can do to a society.

The Bush Administration is to be commended for devising a strategy that allows anti-Communist programs to be telecast into Cuba. And for heaven's sake, we DO NOT need to normalize relations with this evil regime until it grants human rights to its citizens.

Ellen Goodman is an Idiot

Washington, DC (TLS). If there ever were any doubt that Leftist columnist Ellen Goodman is about three cards shy of a full deck, her latest op-ed in the Boston Globe definitively removes that doubt. Completely swallowing the 'man-is-to-blame-for-global-warming' balderdash perpetrated by collectivists who wish to use climate change as an excuse for implementing socialistic restrictions on human freedom and free enterprise, Goodman stated that those who doubt that mankind is to blame for global warming are modern-day 'Holocaust deniers.'

There was a time in the past when Goodman could be respected as an able and capable foe. Articulate and bright, she was a formidable force within the ranks of Liberals, leading their charge in the op-ed pages of many of the nation's top newspapers. With this single remark, however, Goodman has immediately lost her credibility. By comparing modern scientists who doubt the Leftist spin on the cause of global warming to Holocaust deniers, Goodman is actually suggesting evil intent on the part of ANYONE who raises questions about the set of assumptions that lead certain persons to conclude man is to blame for climate change. Holocaust deniers include persons of such ill repute as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Neo-Nazis, Muslim Jihadists, and other terrorists who pose a threat to civilization. The reason why this rhetorical tactic is over the top is that it is designed to browbeat into silence scientific inquiry, which by its very nature is ALWAYS raising doubts. The very reason why we know most of what we know about the universe today is precisely due to the bold, relentless inquiry of those who doubted the commonly accepted paradigms.

For example, before Galileo, over 90% of the educated world at that time clearly did not subscribe to the theory that led him to discover truths that changed all we know about the world. Yet Goodman claims that because a significant number of modern scientists are 90% certain that mankind created global warming, anyone who doubts that this is true is to be labeled as a dangerous subversive closely akin to Holocaust deniers such as Ahmadinejad.

Had Galileo not boldly walked through that narrow 10% window of doubt, which led to his questioning of ALL of our assumptions about the world, then mankind would still be stuck in the Dark Ages. Advances in scientific discovery are made PRECISELY because individual scientists are willing to question commonly-held assumptions. In the case of global warming, however, the scientific community is far from having a 'consensus,' as some claim. Significant doubt remains among some of the best minds in the world as to the degree to which mankind contributes to the problem. In fact, some of the brightest and best are denouncing the latest U.N. Report on Climate Change, as well as the Kyoto accords, as sheer politically-driven propaganda.

As The Liberty Sphere has reported within the last few weeks, two significant books are due to be published this year on the subject of climate change and how mankind actually has little or nothing to do with it. A mere cursory scanning of the history of the earth will show this fact. The Ice Age and the subsequent warming, the Medieval Warming Period and the subsequent 'Little Ice Age,' and the subsequent warming that has occurred since the end of the Little Ice Age, all point to the fact that man's activity has absolutely nothing to do with these cyclical changes in climate, which are attributable mainly to changes in solar activity.

As for Ellen Goodman, it is actually sad to see an otherwise bright woman fall for one of the biggest scams in human history. I expected better.

Nigel Calder, one of the foremost scientists in the world, writes today in the Sunday Times about this very issue. Calder asserts that hard science demands that the orthodoxy be challenged, particularly when it comes to the set of assumptions that lead some to assume global warming is caused by greenhouse gases.

For this MUST-READ, click here:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Breaking News: Border Patrol Agents Fired

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that two Border Patrol Agents whose testimony secured the conviction of two of their colleagues in what has become known as 'the Border Patrol Hoax' are to be fired by the agency. A third Agent who testified against the two Agents who are now in prison has resigned.

This news comes on the heels of reports that the three Agents in question changed their testimony several times, which of course taints the entirety of their depositions. This is precisely what happened in Durham, North Carolina when the accuser in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax changed her story so many times that the entire case fell apart, resulting in the District Attorney being charged with ethics violations and prosecutorial misconduct.

The big question, however, is this: were the Agents fired and pressured to resign because they changed their story thus putting U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and the Department of Homeland Security is a terribly bad light, or were they fired and pressured to resign because their initial testimony was shown to be false? This is a central question that MUST be answered, for if the termination of employment of the three Agents is in any way retaliation from Sutton, Judge Cardone, the Border Patrol, or the Department of Homeland Security, then this scandal has just gotten deeper and even more despicable. The same can be said if the powers-that-be in this case are making scapegoats out of the three Agents for a scheme that was concocted at the highest levels of government.

No matter which way you cut it, Sutton, Judge Cardone, the Department of Homeland Security, and who knows who else, are all implicated in this sordid mess. Too much evidence has been made public for there to be any other conclusion.

Thus, every single person in government who was in any way connected with this case should be tried in a court of law for falsely convicting two innocent men. This is a crime, a felony, in the United States of America. And as long as we coddle and handle with kid gloves the likes of Mike Nifong and Johnny Sutton the entire system of justice in America is on the brink of collapse.

Read the full story here:

Jewish Scholar Attacked in San Francisco!

Washington, DC (TLS). Holocaust survivor and scholar Elie Wiesel, professor at Boston University, was attacked in San Francisco after his participation in a peace conference. Wiesel, who is author of 40 books and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, was dragged out of an elevator at a hotel by a person who identified himself as a 'Holocaust Denier.'

The perpetrator claims he merely wanted to interview Wiesel in his hotel room and get him to 'truthfully answer questions related to the Holocaust.' The attacker claimed that Wiesel's own first-hand account of the Holocaust at Auschwitz is a 'piece of fiction.'

As a result of the attack, Wiesel had to be escorted by police officials to the San Francisco airport to catch his flight back to New York.

As reported to you by The Liberty Sphere on numerous occasions, attacks against Jews around the world is on the sharp increase. Reports from Europe indicate that in several European nations Jews are afraid for their very lives, including France, Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands. Apparently the march of anti-Semitic groups, including Muslim extremists, has brought their violence against Jews to the United States.

Read about the attack on Professor Wiesel and his attacker here:

Homeland Security Chief Imposes 'Muslim' PC

Washington, DC (TLS). The nation's Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff, has angered many within the Department with his insistence that the agency implement what is being called 'Muslim PC,' i.e. the politically correct way to avoid identifying extremist Muslims. Apparently Muslim advocacy groups, including the terrorist-supporting group known as 'CAIR,' has demanded that the Department of Homeland Security cease from referring to Muslim terrorists as 'Muslim.'

Chertoff has willingly caved to the demands.

This display of sheer lunacy has raised the ire of many federal officials who work within the Department that is supposed to protect the citizens from terrorists. If they cannot correctly and specifically identify those who pose the biggest threats to U.S. security, then how on earth can we possibly stay safe from terror?

It is not enough to refer to terrorists as merely 'extremists,' as Chertoff insists. There are various kinds of extremists, such as Skinheads, Aryan Nation, Neo-Nazis, Communists, and the like. However, the greatest threat to world security today is coming from MUSLIM EXTREMISTS. The ability to specifically identify the TYPE of terrorist should be a no-brainer. But not in this politically correct world of madness, which has apparently infested the Department of Homeland Security under Chertoff.

Read more here:

Poland to Memorialize Ronald Reagan

Washington, DC (TLS). The European country of Poland gets it. They understand the truth. Thus, the nation has unveiled plans to erect monuments in memory of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, paying tribute to the man they view as the driving force behind the ultimate defeat of the Soviet Union and the decimation of the Iron Curtain.

With staunch anti-Communists in the country who remember very well the decades of grueling oppression at the hands of the Soviet Communists, a move is underway in the nation's capital of Warsaw and in at least one other Polish town to erect Ronald Reagan memorials. Reagan is viewed as the man who is most responsible for the final disintegration of Soviet domination. It was Reagan who gave his public support to the worker's union called 'Solidarity,' which was led by Lech Walesa. Under the leadership of Walesa, the union resisted Soviet domination and demanded that not only concessions be made to workers but that their freedoms be restored.

Reagan used the 'bully pulpit' of the U.S. Presidency to lend aid to Solidarity and pressure the Warsaw Communists to give in to their demands.

Ultimately, Solidarity crushed Communist rule in the country, and the country held its first free elections in over 50 years. The Soviet Union would also disintegrate due to the relentless pressure of Reagan, not only with his staunch anti-Communist rhetoric, but with his determination to build up America's armed forces and weapons arsenal to the point that the Soviet Union was driven to the brink of economic ruin attempting to keep up.

By that time a very wise Russian President, Michael Gorbachov, saw the handwriting on the wall and began to make concessions to Reagan in the arms race and work toward granting the Soviet people more human rights. With the taste of freedom on the tongues of an impoverished and oppressed nation, even the reforms of Gorbachov were not enough. This was the beginning of the complete collapse of the Soviet Union as we knew it, and the ushering in of free elections. The Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain came crashing down.

The Polish people correctly observe that had it not been for Ronald Reagan, who faced relentless criticism at home and abroad for his unwavering fight against the scourge of Communism, Poland would probably have never been freed from their oppressors.

Thus, in Poland, what was once a monument erected to the Soviets in what ironically was named 'Freedom Square,' will become known as 'Ronald Reagan Freedom Square.'

As for Lech Walesa, he would go on to be elected President of Poland in 1990.

A tip of the hat goes to Poland for this very fitting tribute to the man who almost single-handedly brought down Soviet Communism. America can be very proud that we had the good sense to twice elect this stalwart patriot as President of the United States.

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