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Saturday, March 31, 2007

This Could Happen Here

Washington, DC (TLS). Germany persecutes parents who homeschool their children. Although homeschooling is allowed in most of Europe, under heavy government regulation, Germany on the other hand requires all children under the age of 16 to attend its state-run schools.

The German regulations on education date back to Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime when the Third Reich feared that citizens may teach their children anti-government views if allowed to teach them at home.

Apparently the Nazi mindset on education is still very much alive in Germany.

And woe be unto you if your reasoning for wishing to homeschool your children has anything to do with religion!

This mindset exists in the U.S. among the Leftist elites who view European Socialism as the model for American government. At least two of these sorts are running for President--Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Read the full story here:

Why British Hostages Failed to Defend Themselves

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has made no attempt to hide our utter disdain of the Iranian low-lives who took the British soldiers captive. We believe that a decisive, devastating military response from the West is essential.

However, we must also shine the spotlight on the failure of the British soldiers to defend themselves. Rather than fire on their captors, they caved.

There is only one reason for this. The politically-correct Leftists who run British society and who are working overtime to run America have made it unacceptable for a soldier to fire upon the enemy. If they do, they may face court-martial if an enemy dies.

This is precisely what happened in Viet Nam, and it is the reason we lost. As President Ronald Reagan courageously observed, 'The brave men and woman who served in Viet Nam should not take the fall for losing a war that the politicians in Washington would not let them win.'

The rules of engagement under which the West operates in Wartime these days is a joke. Only under limited conditions can a soldier return hostile fire or use force to defend themselves against an operation such as an Iranian hostage-siege.

This is entirely unacceptable and is the result of years of politically-correct balderdash emanating from certain politicians and unelected government officials.

Diana West in the Jewish World Review exposes the entire travesty in an eye-opener entitled, 'When a civilization no longer inculcates an overriding attachment to its own survival, it no longer survives as a civilization.' Click here to read it:

Friday, March 30, 2007

Update on Jill Moore/Ware Shoals Sex Scandal

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore appeared in court this morning at an 'administrative hearing' to determine if Moore had legal counsel. Moore stated that she is being represented by attorney W. Townes Jones.

Jill Moore was arrested in January after information surfaced that implicated her in a sordid sex scandal involving some of her cheerleaders. She has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors after she admitted to giving alcohol and cigarettes to cheerleaders.

This was only the tip of the iceberg, however. Moore had allegedly gotten some cheerleaders out of class early during the school day in order to go to a local motel, where they would engage in sex with two S.C. National Guardsmen. The two Guardsmen were disciplined by the S.C. National Guard, but because the cheerleaders in question are over the age of consent in S.C., no one was charged with criminal sexual misconduct. Moore resigned from her position with the Ware Shoals High School.

Moore's father is the Pastor of a prominent Baptist church in the community. He was also a member of the School Board in Ware Shoals. Upon receiving the news about his daughter's legal issues, he resigned from the School Board, stating that he wanted no appearance of impropriety.

The 'administrative hearing' concerning Moore's legal counsel this morning is rather odd, however, given that Moore had retained the services of W. Townes Jones in January.

Relentless Pursuit of Truth

Washington, DC (TLS). In today's criminal justice system, it is important to approach allegations with a few simple yet profound adages.

First, hold everything up to question.

Second, things are often not as they appear to be.

Third, when facing a mob mentality, take the opposite view to flesh out the truth.

Fourth, never assume that an arrest is to be equated with guilt.

Five, if something doesn't make sense, trust your gut and assume that something is amiss.

Six, constantly question your own motives and assumptions.

Seven, always be ready to recognize and correct your own errors.

Eight, always go where the truth leads, even if it leads to the unthinkable.

In the years 2000-2002, former Governor Ryan of Illinois began to notice some disturbing trends in the state's criminal justice system. Although as a state legislator, Ryan had been a law-and-order, pro-capital punishment zealot, as Governor he noticed some glaring discrepancies that were troubling.

For one thing, the state's attorneys seemed to be displaying an alarming cavalier attitude in the aggressive prosecution of citizens who appeared to be easy targets with little means of defending themselves. In short, Illinois was going after poor minorities in disproportionate numbers.

Further, the vast majority of these poor minorities were being found guilty and sent up for lengthy prison terms or winding up on death row.

A bit of personal investigation on Ryan's part revealed even more disturbing information. The evidence in a significant number of these cases was purely circumstantial and subject to an astute attorney's objections. The problem was that most of these particular cases had been tried by public defenders who simply let these glaring lapses pass by unquestioned.

And then came the most damaging information of all. DNA testing, which was at the time coming of age in forensic science, had shown several prisoners on death row to be totally innocent of the charges. These men were immediately set free.

Governor Ryan was so disturbed by all of these facts that he announced an immediate moratorium on the death penalty in the state of Illinois until a full investigation could be conducted into the practices and protocol of the state judicial system.

In all over 20 human beings sitting on death row were found to be innocent of the charges when DNA evidence was tested and presented.

What does this tell us about our criminal justice system in America?

It is not perfect, that's for sure. Mistakes are made, sometimes innocently due to nothing more than sheer human error.

Much of the time, however, a more sinister process is at work involving overly-zealous prosecutors who want to rack up the 'wins.' This win-lose mentality spills over to the officers who investigate and charge persons with crimes. The entire system begins to judge itself solely on the basis of the percentage of convictions per arrests. It becomes a numbers game like a baseball team racking up wins and losses based upon the number of convictions it gets out of the arrests made.

This mentality totally disregards truth and justice.

The result in Illinois was that scores of human beings were arrested, tried, and convicted by the courts and by juries, and sent to prison and to death row. The only problem was that a significant number of these persons were innocent.

And most of them were black.

My point is that in the pursuit of truth, one must cast aside all assumptions and question everything, particularly the 'party line' provided by law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys. This is not showing any disrespect. If they are truly engaged in the pursuit of truth, they will not mind being questioned and held up to doubt.

The mob mentality must always be held up to suspicion, merely because mobs tend to feed off of frenzy. There is a good reason why blacks in the South came to fear lynch mobs. The nature of the mob mentality is that reason is thrown out the window and pure emotion takes over. The result is that innocent black persons were sent to their deaths, hanging by a rope.

Black persons today can perpetuate a mob mentality that is every bit as dangerous as KKK lynchings in the past. We saw it in Durham, and we see vestiges of it in Clinton. While the end result is not a white person hanging from a rope in the woods, the mob of today has the criminal justice system do its dirty work by using corrupt politicians who will hang an innocent person out to dry, all in the attempt to appease certain groups for political gain.

This behavior is abhorrent and is to be condemned.

Having said these things, we must remember that truth often leads us down roads where there are big surprises. Over 20 black men in Illinois that were vilified, accused, condemned, and given up to be executed were found innocent when ALL the evidence was considered.

This means that many state's attorneys were forced to recant their vitriolic words used to convict these innocent human beings. And what about the juries who were sure these men were guilty?

Sometimes even those we are 100% sure are innocent turn out to have secret lives hidden from view. The Liberty Sphere is prepared to accept and admit our mistakes in those incidents. But we will never cease the relentless pursuit of truth, even in the midst of overwhelming odds.

At times a reporter, an investigator, an attorney must 'go with their gut.' There are times when your gut tells you something just isn't right when a unanimous chorus all around claims it has the truth. I learned a long time ago to go with my gut. When my gut instinct tells me something isn't right, then a thousand Huns with swords can't force me to believe that all is well.

If I am wrong, I will admit it. But if I am right, one innocent human being on the brink of ruin is worth facing down a mountain of opposition.

To my way of thinking, the absolute worst thing that can happen to a human being in this life is to be falsely accused, charged, and convicted, and having the entire community believe you are the devil incarnate, in spite of the simple fact that you are innocent. If I can prevent that from happening to one innocent human being, then I will consider my efforts a success.

State Harasses Mother of Overweight Boy

Columbus, NC (TLS). Joyce Painter, a resident of Polk County, North Carolina, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, finds herself in a nightmare with the state concerning her 10-year-old son. Painter, who has multiple health problems and is in a wheelchair, is under the threat of losing her son unless he 'loses weight.'

I kid you not.

The Department of Human Services of the State of North Carolina sent a social worker to investigate Painter after an anonymous source tipped them off due to the excessive weight of Painter's son.

The young boy weights 250 pounds.

But rather than investigate a possible physical malady that has led the boy to gain such weight, the state sends out its Gestapo to harass the mother instead.

I am very familiar with this part of the country, having spent part of my formative years in these mountains, particularly in nearby Saluda. This area is truly the garden spot of the earth and home to the finest human beings one can find anywhere on the planet. This is a very unlikely place to find the long tentacles of the food police who work for government entities that are as intrusive into the private lives of citizens as the KGB and the Gestapo.

Yet right here in God's country, the jackbooted government thugs are busy at work attempting to build a case of child abuse against Joyce Painter--all because her son weighs too much.

Painter has taken her son to numerous physicians seeking help. He has been placed on various and sundry eating programs designed to help him. So far, nothing has worked. Therefore, according to the state of North Carolina and their commie-nazis, the problem must be the mother who is obviously slipping the child treats, candies, and snacks he isn't supposed to have.

News sources report that the N.C. Department of Human Services sent an investigator to the local Ingle's Supermarket where Painter buys groceries. According to store employees, the investigator inquired as to whether or not Painter had bought candy, junk food, and other treats.

When Painter was informed of the investigator's visit to her supermarket, she stated that she felt like she has been tried and found guilty by social workers before her side of the story is adequately checked out. It was then that Painter called a local TV news station, WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC.

WSPA sent a reporter and news cameras to the Painter home in order to be present for a meeting Painter was supposed to have with a DHS Social Worker. When the state official arrived, she stated that she could not conduct the meeting with a camera crew present 'due to confidentiality.'

Yet DHS investigators paid no attention to Painter's 'confidentiality' when they approached her local grocery store and asked for information about her buying habits.

WSPA-TV reports that an employee of Ingle's Supermarket contacted them about the investigation, and stated that the DHS officials were not at all concerned about the boy or his mother, but were obviously attempting to build a case against Mrs. Painter.

The employee went further to describe the entire state-initiated witch-hunt as an 'outrage.'

We need a witch-hunt, alright. And it should start with the N.C. state government, particularly DHS.

This case is a perfect example of government power at work. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and those who have been brainwashed into thinking that government is the ultimate watch-dog over citizens obviously believe that it is entirely reasonable to harass, threaten, investigate, and even potentially remove a child from his mother, all because of the boy's weight.

The Liberty Sphere has warned time and again about the creeping crawl of government power. This is but one nightmarish result. The very same people who tell us we cannot buy and use handguns tell us we cannot smoke in public or eat at restaurants that serve up too much fat. But it never stops there. The food police are now part of the massive government surveillance of individual citizens who have no record of illegal activity.

Do you have an overweight child? Better be careful if you live in North Carolina. You could lose your child and be thrown in jail.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? The social workers involved in the harassment of Joyce Painter should be immediately fired, period, end. An investigation should ensue into government corruption in the Department of Human Services. Heads need to roll over this one.

Just as we have seen with the massive corruption in the judicial system in North Carolina, apparently it does not end there. The poisonous tentacles of collectivism are reaching deep into the lives of private citizens with no end in sight, unless we stand up and put a stop it it NOW.

This outrageous behavior on the part of government elitists is ample proof that Jefferson was right about government. The smaller the better. And even then it is to be feared and kept in check.

More on Congressional Corruption Under Democrats

Washington, DC (TLS). Even as more evidence mounts pointing to massive corruption on the part of Democrat Senators and Representatives, the Democrat leadership has discontinued the services of the very entity the Republicans had put into place to monitor and prevent pork-barrel spending and other such corruption.

No sooner had Democrats gained a majority in Congress than they discontinued the services provided by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a nonpartisan agency of the Library of Congress. CRS tracked pork barrel spending during the entire 12 years the Republicans controlled Congress.

Apparently the Demos want no one looking over their shoulders as they unleash their putrid corruption on the Republic:

Senator Feinstein in Major Ethics Scandal

Washington, DC (TLS). Senator Diane Feinstein, D-California, has resigned from her post as senior member of the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee after it was learned that she regularly reviewed and accepted contracts from her husband's two companies to do construction work for the U.S. military. These contracts were worth billions of dollars.

This means that the Senator was engaged in a clear conflict-of-interest, and thus is in violation of ethics regulations concerning the awarding of government contracts.

Feinstein was personally involved in the approval of multi-billion-dollar contracts that directly benefited her husband.

As the ranking member of the subcommittee, Feinstein established cozy relationships with military officials while funneling to her husband's companies lucrative government contracts to do construction at military facilities.

Feinstein joins the growing ranks of corrupt Democrats who gained a majority in November supposedly to 'restore honesty and integrity to Congress' after those evil Republicans corrupted it.

However, the Democrats have proved that all it took was a mere 3 months to show the nation that they are more corrupt than the Republicans.

John Conyers, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, admitted to breaking federal campaign finance laws, but avoided any repercussions after he promised 'not to do it again.'

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, took illegal campaign contributions, but avoided any repercussions after he gave the money back.

Rep. William 'the Refrigerator' Jefferson sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, in spite of the fact that over $100,000 of dirty money was found in his freezer.

Nancy Pelosi wanted to appoint a Congressman to a Chairmanship in spite of the fact that he was once expelled from Congress for breaking the law.

Senator Patrick "Leaky" Leahy violated the law in leaking classified information while a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee--for which Leahy was forced to resign from the committee.

This is not to mention that Scooter Libby faces significant jail-time in a federal penitentiary for supposedly 'outing' a covert CIA agent although everyone already knew who she was and what she did, in spite of the fact that it was Richard Armitage, not Libby, that first provided the information.

Armitage was not indicted.

Yet Sandy Berger stole documents from the U.S. government, later shredding those documents, and has yet to face any significant repercussions for his crimes. Those documents detailed the Clinton Administration's inaction on loads of intelligence information that indicated the U.S. was the target of a major terrorist attack--documents that were supposed to go to the 9/11 Commission for scrutiny but which were mysteriously taken and shredded by a member of Bill Clinton's inner circle.

Word has come this week that Hillary Rodham Clinton is fighting with all her might to stay out of court on charges of possible illegal campaign contributions that found their way into her coffers.

Add to all of this the fact that the Democrats gave us the very first Muslim Congressman, who was endorsed by the terrorist-front-organization CAIR, and insisted that he swear in on a copy of the Koran. Congressman Ellison, ironically, tried to get a terrorist released from prison back in the late 70s and early 80s--a terrorist that had attempted to murder Diane Feinstein's daughter by placing a pipe bomb underneath her window.

It is this very same Senator Feinstein who testified before Congress in 1995 that she had armed herself with a concealed handgun in the aftermath of the bombing attempt, although she is one of the fiercest anti-gun bigots in Congress. It seems that Feinstein's view is that average citizens should not have the same rights and privileges of America's left-wing ruling class.

Today's revelation, which by the way was NOT reported on the three network news programs, shows that Feinstein personally benefited from her work on the Senate subcommittee that oversaw the awarding of military construction contracts. This makes her as corrupt as Conyers.

The Executive Branch of government is given the power by the Constitution to hold investigations, including investigations into Congressional corruption. Under Constitutional law, the three branches of government are EQUAL. Perhaps it is time for the Bush administration to open investigations into mass corruption in Congress.

I can think of at least a dozen who should be expelled from the body outright.

Read more on the Feinstein scandal here:

Update On Iowa Newspaper and Gun Owners

Iowa City, IA (TLS). The Iowa City Press-Citizen, the newspaper that published the names, addresses, and phone numbers of registered concealed gun owners in Johnson County, Iowa, maintains it was only following the law in making public the information.

No, the law does not mandate the publishing of information that is considered 'public.'

Allowing something and mandating it are two entirely different matters.

Liberal newspapers have used this argument as a matter of course to justify their despicable practice of publishing these names, i.e., that given that state law considers such information public, then it therefore is to be assumed that this 'public' information must be published.

Once again, let's turn to the information on personal real property that is entered into the records of every county courthouse in America. That, too, is considered public information. Why, then, do these newspapers not publish the detailed tax records and lot dimensions of homeowners?

There is but one simple-to-understand reason. Not everything that is 'legal' is 'smart.' In other words, the particular newspapers in this nation that publish the names of those with permits to carry concealed weapons are engaging in a practice that is 'legal' but 'dumb.'

The Iowa City Press-Citizen has not expressed one jot or tittle of remorse or regret in publishing those names, in spite of the fact that they may have put a number of local citizens in mortal danger.

The newspaper operates forums online where citizens can express their opinions concerning news items. An interesting thread has developed about this story. I encourage you to read it. It seems local gun owners are up in arms about the publishing of the information.

Interestingly, the Iowa City Press-Citizen is a Gannett newspaper, and thus, has a very liberal editorial policy. Apparently that liberal bent spills into the manner in which news is reported as well.

Click here to go to the forum about the publishing of the names of concealed gun owners:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

More on the Global Warming Heresy

Washington, DC (TLS). With factual scientific information pointing to the indisputable truth that in the year 1000 A.D. the earth was much warmer than it is now (despite the noticeable lack of SUVs) and that most of the warming of the 20th century occurred before 1940, it is clear that the 'mankind-is-to-blame-for-global-warming' movement is a hoax, a heresy, a lie.

Our favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, lays it on the line concerning the blatant heresies of the global warming movement and sets the record straight.

Al Gore is completely and unequivocally discredited.

Read it all here:

The Dobson Snub of Fred Thompson

Washington, DC (TLS). Evangelical Christian leader James Dobson recently stated that while Fred Thompson is definitely conservative and espouses views that Dobson's listeners support, there are concerns about 'whether or not he is a Christian.'

Former U.S. Senator and actor Fred Thompson has suggested in recent days that he would consider entering the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Thompson's announcement has enlivened disheartened conservatives who have lamented the lack of viable conservative candidates in the Republican field. In the two weeks or so since Thompson indicated he may run, there has been a 'draft Fred Thompson' movement afoot among Republicans, including some with far-reaching influence and deep pockets.

Dobson, however, expressed hesitation over the possibility.

No doubt Dobson's listeners value a Christian candidate. As the most widely influential evangelical Christian on the scene today, Dobson's radio program, 'Focus on the Family,' is carried by over 2000 radio stations and boasts an audience of over 40 million listeners, most of whom are very politically active and support candidates who espouse traditional values.

Dobson's presumption that Thompson is not a Christian seems a bit over the top, however.

A Thompson spokesman responded to Dobson's remarks by stating that Thompson is, indeed, a Christian, having been baptized into the Church of Christ. A Dobson spokesman clarified the evangelical leader's remarks by stating that Dobson was not suggesting that the group to which Thompson belonged was not Christian but that Thompson had never spoken openly about his faith.

Evangelical Christians believe it is vital that followers of Christ give verbal assent to their faith. However, historically this has never been viewed as a license to pass judgment on a person's faith or lack thereof. Those matters are usually left up to the individual and God.

It is no secret that Dobson prefers Newt Gingrich, who recently confessed to Dobson's audience that he had an adulterous affair while serving as Speaker of the House. However, Newt has some negative baggage. Gun Owners of America is rather cool toward a Gingrich candidacy due to the difficulty of getting the Speaker to place on the docket bills of vital interest to gun owners. In addition, outside of conservative Republican circles, Newt's negatives tend to be rather high.

This is not to say that Newt would be snubbed by Republicans if he threw his hat into the ring or that he would not make inroads into the general population. He is certainly intelligent and articulate enough to bring people on board with him.

Yet so far no conservative candidate has created the excitement and the 'buzz' that Thompson has managed to create by merely suggesting that he 'might' run. Columnist Mona Charen wrote today that there are numerous reasons that a Thompson candidacy may be the only viable hope for a Republican win in 2008, not the least of which is his appeal to independents.

The bottom line is that Dobson's analysis of Fred Thompson's faith may not be a very important factor, not even to Dobson's listeners. Evangelical Christian voters today are intelligent, informed, and well-read. Their level of sophistication is such that an opinion expressed by a beloved evangelical leader will be viewed as nothing more than just that--an opinion.

Conservative voters are well-aware of the nature of politics. They are not looking for sainthood but for someone who shares their values, their ideals, their world-view. Above all they want someone who respects their faith.

Absolutely nothing in Fred Thompson's history or political career even remotely suggests that his views will not resonate with the vast majority of conservative evangelical voters.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ultimatum Issued to Iran

Washington, DC (TLS). As the U.S. Navy continued to build up its presence in the Persian Gulf and U.S. ground troops began to gather at the Iran-Iraq border, British Prime Minister Tony Blair issued Iran an ultimatum--either release the British soldiers or else.

Meanwhile, Iran violated the terms of the Geneva Conventions by releasing a video of the British hostages, who were taken in Iraqi waters off the coast of Kuwait.

Under obvious duress, the lone female soldier in the group stated that all of the hostages were being treated with 'compassion.' She also stated that she had 'apparently' wandered into Iranian waters.

Satellite information disputes that claim, however.

British officials have produced satellite images that show that the soldiers were clearly in Iraqi waters. The officials further maintain that everything contained in the video made by Iran is suspect, due to the nature of a hostage situation during which the victims, under the fear of retribution, will often state only what pleases their captors.

As tensions continue to grow in the Gulf, the U.S. and Great Britain move closer to a showdown with Iran. It is time the Americans and the Brits show Iran and the entire Middle East that we will not tolerate this behavior, nor will we allow rogue nations to build nuclear weapons.


Washington, DC (TLS). The news concerning the health status of White House Press Chief Tony Snow has sent Leftwing bloggers on a hate-fest.

Snow is suffering from a recurrence of colon cancer, which has spread to his liver.

Upon receipt of this news the Left wasted no time in hitting the blogosphere to post some of the most hateful, cold, and barbaric messages one can imagine, all aimed at Snow. One writer hoped that cancer would finally rid the world of Snow, whom the writer referred to as a liar. Another stated that the recurrence of Snow's cancer indicates that God hates him.

Many of these messages appeared on the website of Leftwing nutcase Adrianna Huffington. Others were posted on various and sundry websites that are frequented by the Commie freedom-haters.

This behavior is not new on the part of the Left. A mere two weeks ago we witnessed the very same sewage oozing from the mouths and pens of Leftwing nutcases as they heard the news of Vice-President Dick Cheney's blood clot in the leg. A near-unanimous chorus of these neanderthals wished death for Cheney.

If there were ever any doubt at all concerning the mindset, the pathology, and the rampant extremism of the Left, these deplorable messages should remove any doubt. These people are dangerous and they let nothing stand in the way of their subversive attempt to ruin American society by ushering in their Commie-Nazi plan for government control of every aspect of life...not even health problems on the part of opponents.

To the contrary, the Left views these health problems as a window of opportunity to seize more ground. If one more patriot in the tradition of Jefferson is pushed out of the way by health problems or death, the Left views this as nothing more than a tiny gap through which it can seize more power.

This mindset is absolutely no different than the implementation of the mass extermination of political opponents by such stalwart role models as Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Without coming right out and proposing such a thing overtly, the Left can hardly contain its utter contempt for those who oppose their march toward an Orwellian society.

Thus, rather than outright calling for the extermination of people like Bush, Cheney, Snow, or ME, they had rather take to the streets to celebrate heart disease, cancer, and death for those who adhere to the values of the Founders of this nation.

Besides, the news of the demise of conservatives, or of their health problems, just gives the coke-snortin' pot-heads another excuse to party and get zonked.

Transcripts of 911 Calls in Eric McLean Case

Knoxville, TN (TLS). Eric McLean, the man who is charged with the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Sean Powell in a love triangle turned deadly, faced a bond hearing in court on Tuesday.

During the hearing attorneys presented the transcripts of the two 911 calls made from the McLean home on the night of March 10, 2007, the night Sean Powell was shot to death.

The transcripts of those calls can be found by clicking on the link at the end of this article.

The text of the 911 calls shows that Eric McLean was aware of the identity of the intruder when he called police to report a break-in. In addition, apparently Sean Powell had been sleeping outside the McLean home for two nights prior to his death.

Toward the end of the first 911 conversation between Eric McLean and the dispatcher, McLean discloses that it is not exactly a break-in he is reporting but 'trespassing.' He further informed the dispatcher that Powell was leaving the house, and thus, he was cancelling the request for police assistance.

The 2nd 911 call was made minutes later by Erin McLean, who called to report that her husband had shot Sean Powell. She stated that the victim had been one of her students at school. When the dispatcher asked the name of the school, Erin McLean declined to answer.

Eric McLean's bond was set at $150,000.

Read the complete transcripts of both 911 calls here:

Executive Branch Reform Gains Opposition

Washington, DC (TLS). Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA, has introduced legislation, H.R. 984, called 'the Executive Branch Reform Act,' that would require the Executive Branch of government and all of its tributaries to keep tedious, complete records on you each time you contact them concerning pending legislation.

These records would include your name, your address, your phone number, and the nature of your conversation with Executive Branch officials, and would be sent to Congress on a quarterly basis.

Critics immediately cried foul. Since that time the measure has gained even more opposition, as critics have dubbed the measure, 'Waxman's 1984 Act,' referring to George Orwell's horror novel about a society that is totally dominated by an oppressive government called 'Big Brother.'

Under increasing pressure from Constitutional rights groups, Waxman and his fellow thugs in Congress may well slip the provisions of the measure into a broader bill under the title of 'ethics reform.' This way they won't have to take the heat for passing a separate measure that so blatantly targets the private communication of private citizens with their government.

Interestingly, Waxman has some support from Republicans who also apparently believe that taking another giant leap toward an Orwellian nightmare is in the nation's best interests.

These particular Republicans are no better than the Democrats.

Time for a house-cleaning in 2008...that is, if we are still allowed to vote by then.

Read the details here:

Joan Foster: 'Silence is Sickening'

Durham, NC (TLS). Joan Foster of Liestoppers has written a scathing article concerning the deafening silence and obvious foot-dragging on the part of North Carolina judicial officials in the Duke lacrosse rape hoax.

Apparently, the good ole boys network is in full force protecting one of its own--Mike Nifong. The Governor, the Attorney-General, and the state Democratic Party are all apparent co-conspirators in keeping the hoax alive.

Read Foster's breathtaking but true article here:


Washington, DC (TLS). Advocacy groups for Constitutional rights are celebrating a major victory in Texas. The state legislature passed the new self-defense bill that vastly expands gun rights. The measure was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry.

The bill expands the definition of the 'Castle Doctrine'--an ancient concept in English Common Law that maintains that a person has the right to use deadly force in the defense of one's home.

Under the new provisions of the law, the Castle Doctrine is expanded to include autos and places of employment.

Prior to the passing of the bill, a person who was physically threatened at work or in a vehicle was required to first retreat rather than use deadly force in self-defense. Today a person can 'stand their ground' without retreat and use deadly force to defend themselves not only at home but at work and in one's vehicle.

Several other states are considering similar legislation this year. Over 20 other states have passed similar laws in previous years.

Read the entire story here:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News! Eric McLean Has Day in Court

Knoxville, TN (TLS). Eric McLean, the Knoxville man charged in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old high school student who had an affair with McLean's wife, has appeared in court today for a bond hearing.

During today's hearing the Court listened to two 911 tapes containing the phone calls made from the McLean home on the night of March 10, 2007, the night that 19-year-old Sean Powell was shot to death.

The first call was placed by Eric McLean, stating that an intruder had entered the McLean home. The second call was placed by Erin McLean some 17 minutes later stating that her husband had shot Sean Powell outside the home.

Bruce Poston, the attorney representing Eric McLean, had requested this bond hearing during his client's first court appearance shortly after his arrest. Prior to the hearing, Poston stated that he did not expect his client to remain in jail for the duration of the investigations and trial but fully expects McLean to be released on bond.

Poston also filed papers concerning the custody of McLean's two sons, who are now staying with their mother in Nashville. Poston maintains that his client fears for the safety of the children, given that Erin McLean allegedly severely punished her oldest son for telling his father that he had seen his mother walking hand-in-hand with Sean Powell in a public park.

The Liberty Sphere will provide updated information as it becomes available.

The Liberty Sphere Policy on Errors/Corrections

Dear Liberty Sphere Readers:

A blog like The Liberty Sphere is ultimately dependent upon the reporting of factual information from which to draw commentary. Reliable commentary can be provided only if the basis for that commentary is accurate information.

From time to time we make errors in the reporting of facts, as do all news sources. Our policy is to immediately correct such errors as soon as they are discovered, and to alert readers that the post in question is a corrected version.

Today we reported that the infamous H.R. 1022 had made it through committee and had been submitted to be placed on the docket. That information is incorrect, and we apologize for the error.

H.R. 1022, the sweeping anti-gun legislation that poses as an 'assault weapons ban' has been formally submitted to the House Judiciary Committee for debate. The bill, first introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY, now has 30 co-sponsors.

The fact that H.R. 1022 has not yet made it through the House Judiciary is no reason to grow complacent, however. This is the time to contact members of the House, particularly those who serve on the Judiciary Committee, to urge them to prevent this bill from making it to the House floor.

If those of us who value our 2nd Amendment rights can prevent this bill from seeing the light of day before the full House, then we will have scored a major victory for Constitutional rights.

One more thing about errors/corrections. We were fortunate enough today to catch our own error. There are times when things slip by us totally, however. If factual errors (as opposed to opinion) are found on The Liberty Sphere, be sure to alert us, and we will check it out and correct it if necessary. Simply leave a message in the comment section of the particular post in question.

Thank-you for your help. We deeply value our readers.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan
The Liberty Sphere


Iowa City, Iowa (TLS). The Iowa City Press-Citizen has published the names of those holding permits for concealed carry in Johnson County, Iowa, one of the worst areas in the state for violent crime.

Press-Citizen reporter Mike McWilliams wrote a feature story on citizens who carry concealed weapons, which overall was fairly presented. However, that story contains a link to a list of every citizen in Johnson County who carries a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

As we have stated many times before on The Liberty Sphere, this is a most despicable practice that compromises the safety and security of law-abiding citizens who carry guns--particularly those who live in highly criminal-infested areas such as Johnson County, Iowa.

It is difficult if not impossible to ascertain any good reason to publish the names, other than the overt anti-gun mentality that exists among so many in the Press. There is no better way, in their view, to punish law-abiding citizens who believe in their 2nd Amendment rights than to attempt not only to shame them but place them in mortal danger by publishing their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

The Liberty Sphere has an ongoing policy of doing the same thing to rogue newspapers, editors, and reporters who display such obvious disdain for private citizens.

Mike McWilliams of the Iowa City Press-Citizen can be reached at phone number (319) 339-7360 and at email address Another number for Mr. McWilliams is (319) 337-3181, ext. 636.

The publisher of the Press-Citizen is Mike Beck, and he can be reached at (319) 337-3181, extension 340.

Jim Lewers is the Managing Editor, and he can be reached at (319) 337-3181, ext. 428.

Click here for the full staff directory:

We are calling on the Iowa City Press-Citizen to take down the list. Also, information on the residences, phone numbers, and property dimensions from courthouse records on staff members of the Iowa City Press-Citizen will be forthcoming. Advertisers in the newspaper should also be contacted by subscribers to complain about the list and to inform the businesses that if they continue to advertise in the paper you will no longer do business with them.

Supporters of citizens' rights in this country MUST keep the pressure on newspapers who engage in this outrageous practice.

Parents Meet With School Officials on Sex Scandal

Clinton, SC (TLS). A group of concerned parents met with school officials at the District Office of Laurens County School District 56 in Clinton concerning the recent sex scandal involving five teenagers and a middle school teacher.

Allenna Williams Ward has been charged with criminal sexual misconduct following accusations by the five teenagers that Ward had engaged in sex with them in numerous public locations around Clinton.

The meeting was called today after parents requested an update on the status of the case.

Meanwhile, organizers were getting ready to hold a candlelight vigil in Clinton on Monday evening to call for an end to student-teacher sexual liaisons and as a means of urging students to report such incidents. However, it became very clear that the vigil had another objective.

Underlying the motivation of vigil organizers is the belief that Allenna Williams Ward 'stole the virginity' of the five black teenagers, ages 14-15.

However, as of today not a shred of evidence exists that remotely suggests that Ward is guilty of the crimes of which she is accused. The teenagers maintain that the encounters took place in various places where someone, somewhere would have easily noticed--the Bell Street Middle School, a Clinton motel, behind a restaurant in town, and at a local public park. Yet so far the Circuit Solicitor's office has not confirmed that there is any evidence showing that Ward was ever a guest at that hotel or that anyone can place her in any of the areas where these acts supposedly occurred.

The scant evidence that exists is dubious at best. A note supposedly surfaced that proved the entire story. Yet the truth is that the teacher had instructed the student not to speak in class as a disciplinary issue. If he had a question he was supposed to write it on paper. Instead, he sent the teacher an obscene note, which Ward immediately threw into the garbage can.

This note somehow mysteriously finds its way to the administrative offices of the Bell Street Middle School and is used by the accusers and others as 'proof' that something sordid was happening between Ward and the teenagers.

In like manner, the defense attorney representing three of the teenagers (and why do they need lawyers?) offered a cell phone/digital camera photo of Ward as 'proof' that the teenagers are telling the truth. But the truth of the matter is that the infamous 'cell phone photo' shows nothing sordid at all. It is a picture that one of the teenagers took of Ward during class--a picture the student took from behind.

Following the attorney's charges, wild rumors ensued to the effect that one of the teenagers had a lewd picture of Ward's buttocks. The truth is that Ward is fully clothed in that particular photo, teaching her class. In addition, a student is forbidden to have cell phones in school as a matter of official policy. The mere fact that the student took a cell phone photo of Ward in class shows a blatant disregard for school regulations.

The very fact that yet another meeting was held between parents and teachers shows that critical questions remain concerning the facts in this case. So much of it does not make sense and defies all human logic.

In addition, the fact that parents and friends of the five teenagers would feel the need to hold a very public vigil, making very public statements that presume Ward's guilt, is another indication that perhaps the state's case against Ward is weak at best.

As we have seen in Durham, North Carolina with the Mike Nifong-Duke lacrosse rape hoax, when an accuser's 'facts' are highly questionable, the foot soldiers take to the streets to try the case in the court of public opinion LONG before there is any trial to establish the truth.

If the facts in a case are clear and unmistakable, there is no need for such grandstanding.

Granted, Ward has not yet faced a jury of her peers. The trial itself is a long way off, if there is to be a trial. A jury may well decide, after looking at the evidence and considering the various factors in the case, that Ward is guilty. If this is, indeed, the outcome of the trial and the evidence proves it, then so be it.

Yet as of today there is still nothing but accusations--and no confirmation of those accusations.

H.R.1645--Amnesty for Illegals and Union with Mexico

Washington, DC (TLS). Two of Congress' most vocal proponents of amnesty for illegal aliens and the nightmarish 'North American Union' between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, have introduced legislation that contains some of the most treasonous and subversive changes to U.S. law in many years.

Democrat Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona have co-sponsored a bill--H.R. 1645, 'the Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy (STRIVE) Act.'

It seems that the globalist elitists are busy at work attempting to trump U.S. sovereignty.

Vdare's Juan Mann exposes this travesty for what it is--one big dangerous piece of legislation.

Read all about it here:

Monday, March 26, 2007

Top Stories/Commentary for Monday, March 26, 07

Good Morning!

Here are The Liberty Sphere's top news and commentary for Monday, March 26, 2007.

Scroll down to read these stories!

**'Sweeping Anti-Gun Bill Introduced'--the House is expected to push H.R. 1022 through committee to be submitted on the docket for a full House vote.

**'Hillary: There She Goes Again'--Hillary Clinton's disdain for American free enterprise and capitalism is growing overt and blatant. Read her latest telling statement below!

Have a great day!


**This is the corrected version of an earlier post which contained a factual error.**

Washington, DC (TLS). Gun Owners of America (GOA) has issued an alert stating that the long-anticipated anti-gun bill, first proposed by U.S. House Representative Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY, has now been introduced and formally sent to the House Judiciary Committee for debate.

The bill is H.R. 1022--the so-called 'Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007.' H.R. 1022 has 30 co-sponsors who make up the core group of the most virulent strain of anti-Second Amendment thugs in Congress.

GOA has issued an alert to its members, encouraging them to send letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls to Congressmen, strongly urging them to vote against this legislation.

Gun Owners of America has provided complete information, plus sample letters, at the link provided below.

We MUST not allow this rogue Congress to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights. They deserve a decisive defeat on this one--so stinging that they will think twice before introducing similar legislation in the future.

Here is the link to the GOA info:

Hillary: There She Goes Again

Washington, DC (TLS). U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has made yet another remark that displays her utter contempt for American free enterprise and her desire for a socialist makeover of the U.S.

Speaking at a symposium on health care in Las Vegas, Hillary stated the following: 'We’re going to change the way we finance the system by taking away money from people who are doing well now.'

Asked to whom she was referring, Senator Clinton went vague (as usual), although she did mentioned insurance companies. She then proceeded to state that she has discovered what went wrong with her first proposal to socialize health care in the early 1990s--a proposal that was Dead On Arrival on Capitol Hill, even before Republicans took control of Congress with their 'Contract with America.'

This is not the first time in recent days that Hillary Clinton has made overt remarks leaving no doubt concerning her views on American capitalism. Several weeks ago Clinton raised eyebrows when she began berating the oil companies because of their highly successful profit-margins--which is normally viewed as a good thing for the economy and stockholders.

Yet Clinton stated, 'We are going to take that money and put it into a fund that will finance the discovery and development of alternative sources of energy.'

The question is, why is this any business of government? Private enterprise does these things much better, more effectively, and in a much more cost-efficient manner.

In addition, the profits of the oil companies do not belong to Hillary or Washington politicians, though they would like to think so. The profits belong to the stockholders, who benefit when a corporation is successful. Lucrative companies that make big profits are good for America, given that most of our jobs come from this source.

Those profits pump billions of dollars back into the economy through higher paychecks, a more stable stock market, and happy shareholders who then use those dividends to spend on goods and to re-invest in American business.

Hillary would end all of that by assuming that the profits companies make are fair game for money-hungry politicians who need to buy off sectors of the population.

However, perhaps the most damaging result of all from Hillary's vision of a socialized system of economics in America is the devastating effect it would have on American health care. With all of its weaknesses and blemishes, America's health care system is the best in the world, bar none.

And it did not happen through government.

Rather than totally dismantling the entirety of our stellar system of health care in this country, why not 'fix it' where it needs to be fixed rather than 'throwing the baby out with the bath water?'

Proposals that aim to bolster our nation's health care delivery system at its weakest links are much to be preferred over any proposal for a so-called 'single-payer system,' i.e., government-provided health care and insurance. The nightmare of the British system should lay to rest any doubt that this is a train-wreck in the making.

For example, The Census Bureau estimates that there are are 44.8 million people without health insurance in the United States--roughly 15% of the population. This means that a whopping 85% of the population is covered under a variety of health insurance programs.

In short, roughly 256 million Americans are covered under various private health insurance programs and the government-run Medicare program for Seniors, most of whom have supplemental riders from private companies.

256 million Americans have coverage. A mere 44.8 million do not.

Why should an overwhelming majority of the American population dismantle the most successful health care delivery system in the world in order to benefit a small minority, giving us the nightmarish scenario of waiting lists for routine surgical procedures, often resulting in unnecessary deaths due to the backlog?

Prudence dictates that rather than ruining a perfectly good system that well-serves the 256 million who enjoy its benefits in order to cover a comparatively small minority, a better option is to find a way to provide coverage to those who lack it in an efficient, cost-effective manner, while maintaining the integrity of the current system.

American free enterprise is the best way to provide that coverage. This gives patients choices. They can choose from a variety of health plans that best suit their individual needs.

It is ironic that Hillary, Obama, and company are touting the benefits of government-run socialized medicine in the wake of the Walter Reed Army Hospital debacle.

If one wants to see up-close and personal just what a government-run health care system would be like, one need look no further than Walter Reed with its rats scurrying underneath patients' beds, filth on the walls and in the floor, and its deplorable state of disrepair.

Is this what we want in the United States?

I would be willing to bet that the 256 million Americans who benefit from the present system would answer with a resounding NO.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Day's Collection--Sunday, March 25, 2007

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is The Liberty's Sphere's collection of news items and commentary from trusted sources, for this Sunday, March 25, 2007.

1. 'The Road to Serfdom' from Middle East Expert, magazine editor, and columnist Caroline Glick:

2. Pointed questions to ask Presidential candidates--questions that leave them very little wiggle room. See how these questions backed John McCain into a corner!

3. What a profoundly clueless idiot! When Al Gore's plans to address global warming are taken at face value, the logical conclusion is that cars and human beings will be banned! Read this eye-opener:

4. A significant update on the federal government's attempt to arrest a suspect connected with the Mexican drug smuggler who was granted immunity--except this suspect was involved in a SECOND drug smuggling attempt after the Mexican was granted immunity--information the jury for Ramos and Compean was not allowed to see!

5. Newspeak--the federal government maintains that making false statements to Congress in the Border Patrol case is not 'lying.'


Washington, DC (TLS). Iran announced on Saturday that it intends to place the British soldiers it kidnapped on trial for espionage. The announcement came on the same day that the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution approving new sanctions against the rogue, extremist Muslim nation.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was scheduled to speak before the U.N. chamber on Saturday prior to the Security Council's vote but cancelled the trip in the aftermath of his nation's kidnapping of British soldiers and the subsequent build-up of U.S. and British forces in the Persian Gulf.

American and British forces in the Gulf remain on high alert as tensions between Iran and the West continue to rise. Great Britain has demanded the full, unconditional release of its servicemen, who were captured off the coast of Kuwait. Kuwaiti observers insist the soldiers were in Iraqi waters. Iran insists they were in Iranian waters.

Somehow, mysteriously, Iran claims it has a 'confession' from the kidnapped men claiming that they were in Iranian waters. Observers in the area dispute that claim, which suggests that Iran has placed inappropriate pressure on the soldiers.

The news today that Iran plans to place British servicemen on trial for 'espionage' is a serious development in this showdown, one which points to the stark reality that we are nearing a major crisis in the Gulf.

The West cannot allow a terrorist nation to place on trial any of our servicemen for crimes as serious as the one with which they are charged. Given the present circumstances within the Gulf, the British soldiers had every reason to be where they were as we attempt to secure Iraq and insulate it from terrorist insurgents from Iran.

We must remember that in extremist Muslim states, the death penalty is not reserved for just murder but is commonly used for a variety of crimes, including doing nothing more than speaking negatively about Islam. Espionage would be considered a most serious offense, and thus, these fundamentalists will not hesitate to apply the death penalty to the kidnapped soldiers when they are found guilty, and we can rest assured that they WILL be found guilty.

Thus, the West cannot wait and deliver a measured response. The response must be swift, sure, resolute, and devastating. We can begin by delivering an ultimatum to Ahmadinejad--either release the kidnapped British soldiers or face the wrath of the massive arsenal of various types of modern weaponry that the U.S. and Great Britain have at their disposal.

If that means threatening Ahmadinejad with nuclear annihilation, then so be it. The West MUST show Iran NOW that we will not tolerate any more of their saber-rattling threats or their despicable acts of terror.