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Saturday, November 22, 2008


This was a low-scoring game, but a win is a win. The Clemson Tigers have defeated Virginia by a score of 13-3, bringing the Tigers' record to 6-5 on the season.

Virginia had been considered the favorite in this matchup, but Clemson today proved that they could shut down a fairly good offense.

Clemson's final game of the season is next Saturday against cross-state rivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks. This game is extremely important for both teams.

A win for South Carolina will give them 8 victories on the season, which would be their best showing in several years. A win for Clemson will make them bowl-eligible.

The game will be played at Clemson, the time to be announced.

Why Was a Che Guevara Statue Erected in NYC?

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, we reported repeatedly that pictures of Communist mass-murderer Che Guevara had been seen hanging in Obama campaign offices around the country.

Guevara was the Communist butcher and mass-murderer that Fidel Castro used to systematically slaughter scores of Cubans who refused to submit to the new Communist dictatorship.

Disturbing news has been reported today that a statue of Che Guevara has been erected in New York City, in Central Park. This, of course, has occurred in the days after the election of Barack Obama.

The question is, what is a statue of Che Guevara doing in Central Park? Why would anyone in their right mind want a statue of a Communist mass murderer erected in a public place on public property? And why has the statue not been torn down?

Incidents such as this only confirm suspicions that something sinister is behind the ascension of Barack Obama to the top of American politics.

Two stories concerning this issue have been published:
Che Guevara Statue in Central Park?
Che Hits the Big Apple

Cyber Wars--Pentagon Computers Hit

We have entered a new era in the global war on terror as malevolent forces use the latest advances in computer technology to gain access to sensitive, classified information.

The Pentagon has experienced an unprecedented cyber attack that may have compromised national security.

Fox New reports the following:

The Pentagon has suffered from a cyber attack so alarming that it has taken the unprecedented step of banning the use of external hardware devices, such as flash drives and DVD's, FOX News has learned.

Read the whole Fox News story here.

How the GOP Can Win in 2012

Now is the time to for the GOP to change the primary season calendar and primary rules for the 2012 election campaign.

Unless this is done post-haste, then the Democrats will use the present system to beat the GOP into the ground.

To accomplish this task, all the Dems have to do is to use the Rush Limbaugh principle--Operation Chaos. Rush encouraged listeners to register as Democrats in the various Democratic primaries in order to vote for Hillary Clinton as a means of derailing the Obama machine.

It almost worked. But Rush started too late. Had he begun the operation on day one of the Democratic primaries, the GOP could have stopped Obama from being nominated.

After Rush began Operation Chaos, Hillary won state after state in the large battleground areas.

The Democrats will use their own version of Operation Chaos to make sure that the GOP selects the very weakest candidate to go up against Barack Obama. They will register as Republicans and vote in GOP primaries for the absolute weakest candidate.

There is a way to prevent that from happening, but the GOP must act now to change the rules and the primary calendar.

Hugh Hewitt at presents the plan as devised by Rush Limbaugh.

Friday, November 21, 2008


This is a Liberty Sphere red alert.

Barack Obama's choice for Attorney-General, Eric Holder, has stated that he favors 'reasonable restrictions' on free speech on the Internet.

I swear, but the more time passes since the election the more I see signs of ChiCom policy coming to the U.S.

The ChiComs recently launched an initiative to attack free speech on the Internet, which they have been famous for doing anyway. Just ask Google.

Now do you understand why I refer to Barack Obama as 'The Chairman' or 'Chairman Ba-O'? Increasingly it is deja vu as we here in the U.S. are eerily reminded of what Chairman Mao did in China after the Communist takeover.

The video of Holder's chilling comments against free speech can be found HERE, courtesy of Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit and Gateway Pundit.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/21/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Dustin's Gun Blog comments on the good news that more of the suburbs around Chicago have repealed their gun bans since the Heller decision.

Bear on a Bicycle shows us what he bought on National Ammo Day.

If you love good writing and brilliant essays, you will love Brigid at Home on the Range. She is an advocate for gun rights and liberty in general. Read this entry from Wednesday, if you haven't done so already.

Roberta X presents 'the Friday Morning Roundup.'

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have some neat .357 magnum gun art.

Armed and Safe has a worthwhile read on the sharp spike in gun sales after the Obama election. An interesting perspective!

The great Oleg Volk provides 'Attorney at Arms.'

Breda has a link to a piece on the 'what ifs' of a federal ban on concealed handguns.

Nicki has THE absolute must-read of the day on gun rights, gun bans, the questionable future of journalism in America, and such. Read it all.

West, By God points to the stupid comment of the day.

ARRA News Service comments on Obama's choice of Janet Napolitano to head the Homeland Security division.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost provides a good read on bringing back the gold standard as a way to address our current economic woes.

Joe Huffman observes the self-destructive behavior of Israel. This is true. If ever the nation needed Benjamin Netanyahu, it is now.

Reject the U.N. posts an intriguing read on 'Looney Toons with Bombs.'

Texas Fred reports that the U.S. military is set to carry out its first execution since 1961.

David Codrea's War on Guns has THIS little item concerning Obama's choice for Attorney-General that simply gets my blood boiling. But I am not surprised one bit. Read it!

Gun Rights Examiner publishes Codrea's latest column entitled, 'An Appropriate Response.'

Syd has more info on Eric Holder, Obama's pick for AG. This is a complete examination of Holder's abysmal record on gun rights.

Sebastian provides good reading on gun rights entitled, 'Turncoating.'

Say Uncle comments on the fact that the gun-grabbing numbskull Henry Waxman is replacing Dingell (one of the few pro-gun Democrats).

Alphecca opines on Obama's apparent exclusion of anyone in his administration who owns a gun.

Speaking of the weeding out of gun owners by Obama, Mike McCarville reports that many both in and out of government are wondering, why?

Michelle Malkin provides a follow-up to the news reported yesterday that a Christian dating service is being forced to hook up gays and lesbians for dates. To be fair, why don't we just force book stores owned by gays and lesbians to provide a section of books written by the Fred Phelps nutcases, telling homosexuals they will roast in hell for all eternity? The same principle applies--the loss of liberty on the part of business owners to steer their businesses as they see fit.

Gateway Pundit says that the 'Obama factor' weighs heavy in the current market crash.

Obama's Stealth Method to Silence Conservatives

A growing consensus among conservatives who watch politics closely is that Barack Obama is way too smart to attack conservative talk radio directly by bringing back 'the Fairness Doctrine' (or, the Censorship Doctrine).

This school of thought maintains that to attack conservative critics head-on with a frontal assault would only cause a backlash of gargantuan proportions.

Thus, Obama and his appointees plan on using the stealth method. They will go behind the scenes using the FCC to gradually change the manner in which the airwaves are managed.

Local oversight boards would be created to monitor radio content, and, should someone on one of the boards complain that a radio station is not providing adequate 'local, unbiased news coverage,' then the board could conceivably move to have the station's broadcast license revoked.

As Jack Thompson states in his explosive article in Human Events entitled, 'Obama's New Fairness Doctrine,'

This, then, is the historical template that Obama, Podesta, and their FCC maven Rivera intend to use to do something about the curse of conservative talk radio in America: Redefine FCC “localism” to give community activists the right to demand more local, liberal content. If station ownership does not comply, then licenses will be revoked and given to minority owners.
And thus, conservative voices would be silenced without re-implementing the Fairness Doctrine but by simply changing the definition of 'localism' in radio by creating active local boards to monitor content and shut down stations entirely if they fail to comply with their local board's directives.

The entirety of Thompson's article can be found at Human Events.

Apparently, the Obama team's top priority as they move to change American society from top to bottom is to mount a stealth attack on free speech. This way they get rid of conservative critics in the public marketplace of ideas.

Dems to Nix the Right to Secret Ballot for Workers

With the assault on free speech and gun rights initiated by the election of Barack Obama and a greater Democratic majority in Congress, it is not surprising that the Dems wish to torpedo another basic cornerstone of our democracy--the secret ballot.

It has long been assumed that in free societies individuals have the freedom to choose their leaders and make their policy preferences known through the secret ballot--free from the coercion inherent in public votes.

But during the campaign Barack Obama stated that he is in favor of ending secret ballots for workers when they vote on whether or not to unionize.

His Democratic partners in crime agree, mainly due to the fact that the entire lot is in the hip-pocket of big labor unions. They have been bought and paid for by big labor.

And big labor wants to force workers to vote to unionize by shaming them into it through the use of a public vote.

The labor union movement in America is a story filled with corruption, coercion, threats, and even murder. Can you imagine the pressure on an ordinary worker who is against unionization but is forced to make his opinion known by a show of hands, particularly if most of his co-workers are in favor of it?

The thing that makes the Obama-Democrat plan even more galling is the fact that even the Dems in the House and Senate often use the secret ballot for votes, such as they did recently with the election of the Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

But the Dems would deny that right to American workers when it comes to voting on whether or not to unionize.

This is just one more example of the hypocrisy of the Obama-Democrat assault on the rights of citizens. While keeping for themselves the right to a secret ballot, they would rob the citizens of that same right.

Behar Trashes Homeschooling on 'The View'

I have never tried to hide my utter contempt for the TV program 'The View' or its list of giddy, ignorant, and muddle-headed liberal co-hosts--Elizabeth Hasselbeck being the exception.

The very concept of a bunch of liberal women sitting around making idle chat about matters of no consequence, and then pretending to be political pundits who then proceed to spout utter nonsense is bad enough in and of itself.

But to be forced to sit through an hour of Joy Behar's drivel-infested muttering is simply more than one can handle.

Behar is a complete airhead and everyone knows it, and not surprisingly, she was once a public school teacher.

She is America's top example of what is wrong with our public schools.

But on Thursday's program, her embittered, hateful, degrading, and acidic comments toward students and their parents who homeschool were over the top even for Behar's near-non-existent standards.

Referring to those who homeschool as 'demented,' Behar proceeded to unleash a diatribe of contempt, hate, character-assassination, and personal insults at students and parents within the homeschooling movement.

Perhaps someone should inform Ms. Behar that children who are homeschooled outperform and out-achieve students educated in the public schools.

But I'm sure Behar wouldn't be able to hear that. As with all liberals, her ideology is so loud it drowns out all other voices but her own.

And when it comes to Behar's mouth in particular, that is not hard to do.

Read the entire story, with video clips, here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ALERT! AG Mukasey Collapses During Speech

During a speech before the Federalist Society in Washington, D.C. tonight, Attorney-General Michael Mukasey collapsed and lost consciousness. He was immediately rushed to George Washington University Hospital.

Yahoo News is reporting that Mukasey's condition is not yet known.

Witnesses say that during his speech, Mukasey began to shake and then collapsed. The 67-year-old Attorney-General was chosen by President Bush to replace former AG Alberto Gonzalez.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/20/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Bitch Girls comment on a court's decision to force a Christian dating service, eHarmony, to sell gay and lesbian dates, which is against the beliefs of the company founder. This is a travesty of justice.

Michelle Malkin weighs in on the eHarmony story as well.

Texas Fred has the story of the Oregon woman who lost $400,000 in a Nigerian email scam.

Yahoo News reports that for the first time in 5 years, the Dow has fallen below 8000, continuing with the post-Obama election free-fall.

Nicki posts a good read on the media's continued smear of Sarah Palin.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*The JBTs of the ATF have lost in court again. Good!
*A great read on 'E-Tyranny.'
*'Disappearing Act'--at Gun Rights Examiner

Mike McCarville shows us one of the reasons America is going down the toilet. The Founders be damned, according to Obama and a majority of Americans, apparently.

Armed and Safe says the 'Hope and Change' anti-gun dream team keeps getting stronger by the day.

JR discusses the chances of there being a new assault weapons ban.

Alphecca points to a discussion at Harvard about the Heller decision. Needless to say, the Harvard liberals don't like it.

Mindful Musings has the must-read of the day entitled, 'Battlefield Uncluttered.'

Gun Pundit says that the U.S. Army has ordered another 20,000 9mm pistols.

Sebastian predicts rough waters ahead in light of who Obama has picked for AG. Read it all.

Squeaks reports that Obama is being sued by Memphis.

Dr. John Lott has some very bad news for healthcare in America.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts Gabe Suarez's 'How Long Do We Have?'

The Rustmeister blogs on 'race relations.'

Walls of the City tells it like it is in 'I Don't Need This.' Read it!

I just love this post from An Ol' Broad's Ramblings entitled, 'Respect Must be Earned.'

Socialism--Evil Concealed by Money

My favorite intellectual, the great Dr. Walter Williams, economist extraordinaire and professor of economics at George Mason University, has written one of the most important pieces on Socialism one could ever hope to find.

As a system that is inherently evil, Socialism conceals its sinister objectives and methods with money.

To get our minds stirred to actually think, Dr. Williams entices us with this nifty item:

Evil acts can be given an aura of moral legitimacy by noble-sounding socialistic expressions such as spreading the wealth, income redistribution or caring for the less fortunate. Let's think about socialism.

Imagine there's an elderly widow down the street from you. She has neither the strength to mow her lawn nor enough money to hire someone to do it. Here's my question to you that I'm almost afraid for the answer: Would you support a government mandate that forces one of your neighbors to mow the lady's lawn each week? If he failed to follow the government orders, would you approve of some kind of punishment ranging from house arrest and fines to imprisonment?

Read the entire article HERE. Ponder over it slowly, and let it sink in. Let your children and grandchildren read it. Send it to as many as you can think of.

America needs to be reminded of the greatness and superiority of our free enterprise system and the inherent evil embodied by Socialism, which passes itself off as 'right' and 'moral' by its supposed concern for 'helping the unfortunate.'

Taking from one group of citizens to give to another group of citizens is robbery, and the last time I checked, robbery is a crime.

"Confirming Fears"

That didn’t take long.

As we observed throughout the campaign, Barack Obama gave indications that his election would mean a return to the September 10 mentality, a national-security outlook marked prominently by its lack of seriousness about the terrorist threat. In choosing Eric Holder to be his attorney general, President-Elect Obama has taken a step toward confirming those misgivings.

The editors of National Review have written a frightening assessment of Barack Obama's foreign policy plans, as the excerpt above depicts.

If, indeed, September 11, 2001 changed everything, as most of us said at the time, then a pre-September 11 mentality is not a step forward but a gigantic leap backward to a time when we assumed we were safe from catastrophic terrorist attacks on our own soil.

If Obama is a major danger to the nation with regard to domestic issues, then his foreign policy mentality is lethal.

Bailout Protest--An Arkansas Congressman Replies

Many citizens have protested the federal government's bailout of Wall Street. Even more appear to be protesting the current desire, particularly among Democrats, to bail out automakers, liberal newspapers, and credit card companies that are now designated as 'banks' in order to qualify for a Washington handout.

One citizen in particular took his protest directly to his local U.S. Congressman.

Paul W. Davis of Fayetteville wrote a stern letter to Arkansas Republican and 3rd District U.S. Congressman John Boozman, castigating him over his support of the bailout.

Here is Paul's letter to Boozman:

Dear Rep. Boozman,

Due to your stand on the Bailout, I did not vote for you in this most recent election. I consider your approval of the ill-conceived Bailout plan to be grounded in a total lack of foresight and ignorance of economics. You had to know that sitting a proverbial "pot of gold" in front of those who had demonstrated irresponsibility in operating and managing their respective companies would only lead to throwing money down the proverbial "rat hole." In short, you bailed out those who where known to be irresponsible and undeserving of anything other than a jail term for fraud. Moreover, you gave control of it to a man that is a habitual liar - Henry Paulson, Sect. of the Treasury. Just what did you expect the result of the Bailout to be?

When you have finished destroying this country through your nonsense and poor judgment, don't expect anyone to appreciate you. I certainly don't, and will not unless and until you demonstrate to me that you have obtained some common sense from somewhere.


Paul W. Davis

Doing one's duty as a citizen to keep government in check involves much more than merely participating in a poll, opinion survey, or writing a letter to the editor in a local newspaper. Sometimes we must take our concerns directly to those who were elected to represent us.

Boozman, who is in his 4th term in Congress, made this reply to Paul's letter:

Dear Mr. Davis,

Thanks so much for your email voicing concerns about the economic recovery plan. I have had many views, both positive and negative, and very good suggestions concerning the plan. We have and will continue compiling this information to use and to pass along.

As you know, the financial market worldwide has and is experiencing chaos, with many huge banks and institutions failing and creating a domino effect. The economy and the stock market are now in crisis. American families are beginning to face great difficulty in getting loans to purchase a home, buy a family car or finance a child's education and small businesses are unable to attract the credit they need to keep and create jobs. If the government didn't act, there was fear of an international meltdown of the financial industry and this plan was an effort to cushion the blow. My concern is and has always been to protect the taxpayer first by ensuring that 401(k)'s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's), and pensions are safe and to prevent further layoffs and loss of jobs.

I have been very disappointed in the lack of oversight so far and will help to change that in the future. I have also been angry over reports that institutions who have received taxpayer money are using that money for executive bonuses and lavish trips and will work to make sure that is not the case and I support the appointment of a special prosecutor to indict those that are responsible for causing this mess. I also have real concerns with further bailouts for troubled industries and a huge additional stimulus package and I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the coming months to further address our country's economic situation. Thanks again for the input. Please be sure to visit my website at for further updates.

John Boozman
Member of Congress

So, has the Congressman seen the light or not?

School Choice--Charter Schools Chart Major Gains

During a recent debate with John McCain before the election, Barack Obama made the statement that he is against 'school choice' as a means to provide competition to failing public schools.

Instead, Obama pointed to D.C.'s Charter School program as a major success story.

McCain replied that the director of D.C.'s Charter Schools program supports the concept of school choice.

And why wouldn't he? Deciding to send one's children to a Charter School instead of a traditional public school is a choice parents make to improve the quality of education their children receive.

In California, for example, Charter Schools are outperforming traditional public schools among the state's poor.

Charter Schools are public schools that are run by independent nonprofit groups rather than the various state educational systems. These schools emphasize the basics of math and English and give the students all the tools necessary to succeed.

Public schools, by contrast, tend to view students in poor areas as victims. That very simple difference in perspective makes all the difference in how students perform. Children from poor families tend to have a strong, innate desire to succeed, despite commonly accepted educational dogma.

According to the California Charter Schools Association, 12 of the 15 top performing schools in the state that serve children in poverty are Charter Schools.

With the multiplicity of problems facing traditional public schools that seem to be failing the nation's poverty-stricken children, Charter Schools are one way to address those problems.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/19/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Pollster John Zogby stirred up controversy over a new poll that shows a majority of Obama voters were ignorant about the key issues.

Traction Control reminds us that today is National Ammo Day, and remember, Traction Control has plenty of ammo for sale on his commercial site.

Tam has a must-read (via Sebastian) on how the Ruby Ridge fiasco/tragedy changed the rules of engagement and indicated that a mega-large mammoth of a government was raging out of control.

Breda has the follow-up to last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, along with a download of the program.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*An excellent read from Paul Davis on 'Communists and Christians. A must-read!
*Obama's JBTs could be forcing us from our homes if we don't pay up!
*Meet your new gun-grabbing Attorney-General.
*A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Coronation

Gun Rights Examiner posts Codrea's new article, 'String Theory.'

Armed and Safe has more on Obama's pick for AG.

Murdoc at Gun Pundit shares with us what he bought for National Ammo Day.

Sebastian has what I consider to be the million dollar question.

Say Uncle reports that yet another Illinois town has repealed its gun ban. Good!

From Texas Fred:
*VP Dick Cheney and Texas politician indicted!
*Al Qaeda has insulted Obama.

Gateway Pundit provides info on the nutty DA in Texas that indicted Cheney.

Days of Our Trailers comments on Obama's security squad in the very dangerous city of Chicago.

The Smallest Minority provides excellent reading entitled, 'When You Can't Have a Gun (it must be nice you can afford a body guard).

Bloviating Zeppelin needs our thoughts and prayers as he cares for his very ill father. He has a gut-wrenching read on his father's condition. I can relate.

Libertarian Conservative Outpost comments on the modern rise of piracy on the high seas. But the target today is crude oil.

Western Rifle Shooters Association presents Vanderboegh's newest chapter in 'Absolved.'

Mindful Musings provides essential reading entitled, 'Obamunism and the Devil.'

Syd at Front Sight, Press has a must-read, 'Gun Free Zones an Invitation to Mayhem.'

JR supplies us with complete info on the bills that will come before the 2009 Texas legislative session.

Mike McCarville reports that Oklahoma is the center of national attention since all of its counties went to John McCain.

Obama Delivers Asinine Address on 'Global Warming'

The President-elect is a numbskull when it comes to climate.

Addressing a 'global warming summit' hosted by RINO California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Obama stated that few challenges are more urgent than global warming, and that 'the science is beyond dispute.'

Here is an excerpt from Obama's address:

"Few challenges facing America -- and the world – are more urgent than combating climate change," he says in the video. "The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking. We’ve seen record drought, spreading famine, and storms that are growing stronger with each passing hurricane season. Climate change and our dependence on foreign oil, if left unaddressed, will continue to weaken our economy and threaten our national security."
Given that I have addressed this issue numerous times, suffice it to say Obama's ignorance and/or political agenda is encapsulated in this statement: 'The science is beyond dispute.'

This whopper of a barefaced lie closed the book on my ability to give Obama any benefit of the doubt.

Read the entire garbage-spouting Obama-speak HERE at the Boston Globe (h/t to Matt Drudge).

Too Late--LA Times Notices Obama Weaknesses

After the election, of course, the Los Angeles Times finally decides that it notices glaring weaknesses in Barack Obama's credentials for the Presidency.

This News Busters article will tell you all about it.

The LA Times and the mainstream media as a whole had ample opportunity, indeed a responsibility, to inform the public of Obama's very weak resume for the job BEFORE the election.

This they deliberately failed to do and instead took on a cheerleading role for the most liberal member of the Senate and the most ill-prepared Presidential candidate in decades.

But now, after the election, one by one the mainstream media outlets are informing the public of Obama's weaknesses. Why so late? And why now?

ChiComs Devise Plan to Combat Internet News

The Communist government of China has devised a plan to combat Internet news.

Government propaganda officials of the Politburo have been thwarted from controlling news in recent years due to the exploding popularity of independent Internet news sources.

But as the Times Online reports, the ChiComs plan to combat the free flow of uncontrolled news by using the Internet itself.

According to Communist Party officials, by being the first to post on the Internet sensitive news that may be reported independently in a manner that is embarrassing to the government, the ChiComs can get ahead of the pack and be the first to report sensitive news and thus set the content, slant and tone of such news.

I have an even better idea for the ChiComs. Just hire MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media, turn them loose with no controls whatsoever, and they will do a better PR job for the Politburo than any controlled news that comes out of the Chinese government.

I would even be willing to wager that Couric, Matthews, Olbermann, Williams, and Gibson would gladly stand in line for such an opportunity to be the cheerleaders for the ChiComs. Matthews would probably even get another 'strange sensation running up his leg.'


One of the ways that we can help protect our 2nd Amendment rights is to observe National Ammo Day, which is today.

And the only way to observe National Ammo Day is to go out and buy some ammunition!

Let's keep gun-and-ammo manufacturers and dealers in business. The goal is for each gun owner to buy 100 rounds of ammo today. If that is impossible, at least go out and buy what you can.

Some of you may be able to buy even more than 100 rounds.

For more information on National Ammo Day, click HERE (h/t to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/18/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

JR has some AR news.

21 Guns Salute posts, 'Give me Liberty, or give me...just give me Liberty.'

Ahab provides the info on tonight's edition of 'Gun Nuts Radio.'

Mike McCarville reports that George Soros, not surprisingly, is providing Obama with policy ideas.

Alphecca says the RINOS are at it again, this time proposing an assault weapons ban.

Armed and Safe has an update on the proposed .50 caliber rifle ban in New Jersey.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Technical Difficulties
*More info On the Student Killed by a Gun
*A Thousand Fathers--in Gun Rights Examiner

Nicki has another good one entitled, 'American Idiot.'

Mindful Musings posts the very first chapter of Vanderboegh's 'Absolved,' which Mike has rewritten.

The Wandering Minstrel shows us some neat firearms art today.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has 'Obamanation: Preparing the Battlespace.'

Dark Blog provides a link to a video on Obama's national civilian security force. Pass this one along to as many as possible!

From Michelle Malkin:
*Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) wrote a letter to President Bush begging him to wake up to his constitutional duties in light of the massive socialistic government bailout.
*How Obama Got Elected--an absolute MUST-read!

From Gateway Pundit:
*Newsweek wonders if Obama is the anti-Christ! And they waited to report this why?
*Obama's AG pick is tied to the Mark Rich pardon scandal.

Sebastian has a good read entitled, 'When to Worry.'

The Bitch Girls provide THE must-read of the day, entitled, '10,000 Volunteers Against Freedom.'

Say Uncle says that info on concealed carry holders in Oregon may be released to the public.

Texas Fred comments on the oil tanker hijacked off the Somalian coast by pirates.

The Rustmeister wishes a Happy Birthday to the NRA, which was yesterday.

Insight on Freedom says controlling the nation's economy means controlling the nation's people.

Gov't Bailout of Automakers a Big Mistake

In spite of the 'Big 3' automakers attempting to scare the public into thinking that unless they get our tax dollars they will 'go under,' a gov't bailout of the auto industry would be a big mistake.

Declaring bankruptcy under corporate restructuring laws would actually be a good thing for the Big 3. In fact, this would be much more preferable than a government bailout.

For one, the automakers would stay in business while they restructure under the supervision of the court.

Two, the Big 3 would be required to restructure everything from top to bottom, meaning management, labor, union contracts, all of it. This would be a good thing.

Currently the greatest burden on American automakers is labor costs as dictated by powerful unions. In robust economic times, the corporations can survive such extravagance. But in hard economic times, the costs of labor and benefits can become a lethal albatross hanging around the necks of the corporations.

Unions such as the UAW have made sure that autoworkers are some of the highest paid blue-collar positions in the nation. While no one wishes to see the worker bees suffer from being overworked and underpaid, those particular positions need to be brought back into sync with the rest of the American economy.

If the automakers get a bailout from the government, it will amount to nothing more than a union payoff, and business will continue as usual.

That is entirely unacceptable.

Bankruptcy protection will allow the companies to do some pruning, which is long overdue. But in the long-run, everyone will benefit, and the Big 3 will continue to survive and do business in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.

ALERT! Sharia Law Promoted in U.S. Mosques

Muslims Against Sharia is reporting that extremist Muslim groups are pushing the concept of 'Shariah Law' in U.S. Mosques.

Shariah Law, as promoted by Islamic extremists, is civil law that is based upon the teachings of the Koran. In Britain, for example, the government has allowed areas populated primarily by Muslims to choose between being governed by Shariah Law or the laws of Great Britain.

Such a thing undermines a sense of community and shared values, not to mention the authority of commonly-accepted law outside the control of sectarian religious groups.

But, as the article will show at the link provided above, there are Muslims who are opposing the extremist version of their religion. One such person is Brigitte Gabriel, who is calling attention to the infiltration of U.S. Mosques around the country by Shariah supporters.

Their goal? To create pockets of Shariah Law within the United States, similar to that within Great Britain. The way to combat this ominous development, according to Gabriel, is to shine the light on the infiltration and to 'map' mosques that adhere to Shariah.

What has all of this got to do with average Americans like you and me? Shariah-friendly Mosques call for violence against us 'infidels.'

Oleg Volk: 'Individual Freedom--What a Quaint Notion'

Photographer and gun rights activist Oleg Volk nails it with this photo and graphic. Take a look:
Individual Freedom--What a Quaint Notion

(It took me about 30 minutes to notice anything but the model, though).

(And I'm not talking about the gun).

RINO McCain Pledges to 'Work With' Obama

Now that we are post-election, John McCain has appeared to return to his RINO ways by pledging to 'work with' Barack Obama during a special meeting between the two former rivals on Monday.

The pledge is a symptom of why McCain lost the election, and only confirms the suspicions of millions of conservatives around the country that McCain moved to the Right only out of political necessity.

'Republicans In Name Only' normally do not win national elections. And they certainly took a beating in this year's general election in the House and Senate.

McCain had plenty of opportunities to do what was necessary to win the election, but he consistently passed them up. Perhaps the reason is because in reality he is ideologically closer to Barack Obama than he is Sarah Palin.

But we shall see. We have not yet seen which path McCain will choose to follow in the Senate. If he intends to 'work with' Obama by supporting his Leftwing policies, then we will know he lied about being a conservative.

If, on the other hand, he helps Republicans block socialistic programs initiated by Obama, then we will know that working with the new President has stipulations and limitations.

We can only hope that McCain will not thwart conservative plans to derail the Obama onslaught of unbridled government growth and power.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama's Next Mistake: Hillary as Sec of State

Reports are swirling around various media outlets this evening that Barack Obama has offered the job of Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton and that Clinton has accepted.

But, like Michelle Malkin, I am skeptical of this news.

The Obama team has yet to fully vet former President Bill Clinton's numerous ties to foreign governments, not to mention his Foundation, which has accepted extravagant gifts from foreign heads of state.

All of this adds up to pitfalls around every corner should Hillary become Secretary of State.

If the reports are true, the news would be very bad. Bill Clinton was a disaster for U.S. foreign policy. There is no reason to think Hillary would be any better.

Thus, Obama's next big mistake, and there are many, would be selecting a person whose views on foreign policy are similar to those of the man (her husband) whose many mistakes led to at least 4 terrorist attacks on the U.S., 2 of those being on our own soil.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/17/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Texas Fred:
*GOP Senators oppose automaker bailout
*Man Shot 45 Times by His Best Friend
*Only in Texas!

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*The Lady of the Gun
*Fighting for Bloggers' Rights
*Tax-Free Guns in South Carolina
*No One Forced You--today's MUST-read!
*A Snitch in Time--in Gun Rights Examiner reports that investigations into the snooping and privacy violations against Joe the Plumber now involve at least 6 state agencies so far.

The Washington Post has a curious story about Barack Obama's letter to all federal government employees asking for their vote and outlining his plans for more power and an expanded role for the federal government. The Feds call it job security. The taxpayers call it highway robbery.

Nicki posts 'Sometimes You Have to Wonder About Columnists.'

Sebastian says 'Chalk One Up for the Good Guys.'

Robb Allen provides excellent reading on the vast difference between RINOS like Charlie Crist and Reagan conservatives like Sarah Palin.

Gun Pundit tells about an interesting encounter with a guy at a gun store who swears his new .308 AR is for deer hunting.

Mindful Musings calls on our elected officials to restore our privacy rights.

From Western Rifle Shooters Association:
*A color-coded map on the votes of every county in the U.S.--and commentary.
*Vanderboegh--Vetting the Ant People for our New Ruler

ARRA News Service has 'Can Character and Community Survive in an Age of Globalization?'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost follows up on the news that Obama wants to divide Jerusalem between Israel and her enemies.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings also weighs in on Obama's major foreign policy blunder.

Armed and Safe provides an excellent read on our rights, guns and speech included.

Alphecca reports that in addition to gun stores, online gun sales have also skyrocketed since the election.

Mike McCarville posts highly recommended commentary on the media hype of Obama and other political figures. Interesting reading!

Free Speech Bloggers Threatened by Obama-Thugs

'Urban Grind has written me with a threat to shut down the blog Jews against Obama. Any lawyers out there? Isn't the blog protected by free speech? Since when was truth deemed obscene? Since Obama's election. If this flies, no one is safe.'

Remember, the Obama campaign threatened numerous television stations, radio outlets, and newspapers, attempting to prevent them from running McCain-Palin ads that told the truth about Barack Obama.

Why would we think he would let bloggers off the hook?

Read the entire story HERE.

The Language of Oppression

One of the top bloggers in the nation, Pamela Geller, shares an email she received from a person who knows what it's like to live under oppressive government. Here is an excerpt:

I was born in Cuba, and know the language of Communism, Obama speaks it well. My grandfather's family had to flee Lebanon because of the Muslims to Cuba. We fled Cuba because of Castro.
Yet there is hatred out there in America directed toward those who would call attention to Obama's credibility problems. That hatred is epitomized in this comment received by Geller:

Soon we will shut down your hate spewing web sites. We will confiscate your firearms. In prison, you will get an education on the error of your ways. We will take your children and raise them as our own and instill in them the values of social justice. We will have a new American Republic of justice and order for all!

Read the entire thing by clicking on Geller's name in the opening sentence above.

NASA Caught Lying, Global COOLING Underway

If you happen to depend on NASA's chief scientist in charge of climatology for your information on 'climate change,' then you were duped in the month of October.

NASA announced that the month of October was the warmest October on record.

But wait. Reports from across the globe during October indicated that a major cooling effect was underway. From China to Russia, from Sweden to the Arctic, from Alaska to Oregon, California, and Florida, there were reports of record-breaking low temperatures, record snowfalls, and growing, expanding glaciers.

Nobody at NASA took the interest or the time to check out the discrepancies between their records and these various reports from areas around the world.

As it turns out, by NASA's own admission, the month of October was the coldest October on record.

NASA had merely accepted September's reports and reported them as October's.

Thus, without even checking the discrepancies, and without even noticing that October's reports were exactly the same as the previous month's, NASA assumed, either erroneously or deliberately, that October had been unusually warm.

It is to be noted that NASA's point man for climatology is an Al Gore, global warming, hysteria-rousing foot-soldier in the war to change the way America lives and does business by using the 'global warming' mantra as an excuse to usher in more government control over our lives.

The truth is that the earth has been cooling this entire year, in some cases dramatically.

In fact, there has been no discernible increase in global temperatures since the year 1999. But this year, there has been a very discernible decrease in global temperatures.

Yet we are still being sold a bill of goods on the dangers of 'global warming' and 'climate change' by the mainstream media, Al Gore, and certain scientists who also have a specific political purpose behind their hysteria-mongering.

The following reports represent a partial list of those that are available to anyone who wishes to know the truth.

UK Telegraph--'The World Has Never Seen Such Freezing Heat'
Newsbusters--'Surreal Scientific Blunder in Global Temps Measurements'
The Register--'Snow Blankets London for Global Warming Debate'
SwissInfo--'Record Snowstorm Triggers Delays''Record Cold Sweeps over Region'

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CONFIRMED! Obama Supports Dividing Jerusalem!

There is breaking news this afternoon indicating that rumors concerning Barack Obama's secret meetings with Hamas and other Palestinian leaders can now be confirmed.

The Obama administration plans to advance a 'peace plan' for the Middle East that calls on Israel to withdraw her boundaries to their pre-1967 levels, which will essentially split Jerusalem in half, giving away a large part of the ancient Jewish city to Israel's enemies.

The Liberty Sphere and other bloggers such as Atlas Shrugs, Gateway Pundit, and Michelle Malkin warned during the campaign that this is precisely what would happen if Obama were elected, despite his promises to a Jewish group that 'Jerusalem should remain under the complete control of Israel.'

In addition, last week anonymous sources leaked information to several alternative news outlets, including 'Insight on Freedom,' alleging that the Obama team had secret meetings with Hamas during Obama's trip to Europe and the Middle East during the campaign.

The purpose of those secret meetings, according to the anonymous sources, was to cut a deal to give away half of Jerusalem to Middle East terrorists in exchange for 'peace' in the region.

But as former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, the areas seized by Israel during the war of 1967 were being used by Israel's enemies to launch attacks against the Jews.

Why should we think that giving those areas back would cause Hamas and other Palestinian groups to stand down from their attacks on Israel, when they have repeatedly stated that their purpose was to take ALL Israeli land, given that they don't believe Israel has a right to exist?

Two special reports, one by Middle East expert and journalist Caroline Glick, and the other by Gateway Pundit, will provide complete information on this highly disturbing development.

If Israel cannot count on the United States as her closest friend and ally, then who can she count on?

Big changes are ahead in our foreign policy toward Israel under Barack Obama, and those changes will be disastrous.

"Something of Historic Proportion is Happening"

Atlas has published a piece of commentary on the election and Barack Obama that is at once chilling and sobering. The piece was found in the comments section of a blog, but the words are most profound.

We may be facing something of historic proportion in America as a result of this election. Many of us can simply sense it. Others have been there before and survived it in places such as Germany, Poland, and Belgium.

They know what it smells like, what it tastes like, and what it feels like. They can pick up the stench of it in the air even before it happens.

And they believe America is in grave danger.

Read the commentary by clicking on the link above. It may change your perspective and your life.


As we have reported on numerous occasions, CBS and Katie Couric took every opportunity possible to slam Sarah Palin.

And, we have also reported that inept McCain campaign staffers made a big mistake in immediately putting Palin, who had never before been on the national stage, in front of anti-conservative news sharks like Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charles Gibson.

What we did not know, however, is that Katie Couric had deliberately laid a trap for Palin by consulting with anti-Palin advisers prior to the interview!

Her objective? To study with those who had watched Palin and knew her weaknesses, and then to go for the jugular at the very point of those weaknesses.

Barack Obama had been on the national stage but had never been interviewed by Couric. Yet it would be laughable to think Couric would consult with a team of anti-Obama advisers to discover his weaknesses so that Couric could zero in on those very weaknesses in her interview.

Given how it appeared as if Couric were flirting with Obama like an adolescent during that interview, we all know she would not be the least bit interested in making him look bad in any way.

Palin was not so lucky.

MSNBC Helps Obama, Gets 140 Billion from Gov't

When it became abundantly obvious that MSNBC was openly and unapologetically cheering for Obama during the campaign, many wondered why on earth a news organization would be so bold in its bias.

We now know.

Apparently a deal was in the works for MSNBC's parent company, General Electric Capital, to receive nearly 140 billion dollars from the taxpayers in bailout money in exchange for bias in favor of Obama in its news broadcasts.

Now it all seems to make sense.

Keith Olbermann's over-the-top slanted news reporting that favored Obama and slammed McCain, and Chris Matthews' rather strange comment that Obama's speech at the DNC caused 'a sensation to run up his leg' had a payoff.

No wonder Matthews stated rather bluntly that it was 'his job to make sure Obama is successful.'

Gee, I thought the only job of a journalist was to report the unfettered truth to the public. No wonder MSNBC, nor NBC (its sister network), ran any stories about Obama's overt socialism, nor his close relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers--that is, until after the election.

The entire NBC family of networks is in major financial trouble, as is its parent company, GE Capital. NBC's programming lineup has been a colossal failure. MSNBC brings up the rear in ratings among the full-time cable news networks, behind Fox and CNN.

But no one had a clue that they were in line to get a government bailout at taxpayer expense.

Now we can see first hand the tragic consequences of government collaboration in business affairs. Rather than adhering to the integrity of unbiased journalistic standards, MSNBC sold its soul for a bowl of porridge.

The result was a news organization that did anything but present the public with a balanced perspective on the campaign. The network was 100% in the tank for Obama in order to cash in on some government loot.

And this is precisely the danger behind the government purchasing stakes in the ownership of banks and the automakers. There is always a price to be paid for such deals, and the society as a whole always loses as further government encroachments are made on human liberty.

A news network bought and paid for by the Obama campaign, or any other campaign for that matter, is not a 'free press.' A free press is essential to our form of government because it keeps government honest.

But in order for the press or electronic media to do its work, it must be totally free from the control or implied control of any government entity.

Government money to the tune of 140 billion bucks strongly suggests anything but a free, unbiased news organization.