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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Clemson Loses to Florida State, 41-27

Interim Head Coach Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers gave up a heartbreaker to Florida State today as Bobby Bowden's Seminoles defeated the Tigers by a score of 41-27.

Clemson watched as its last hopes for playing for the ACC championship faded into memory, even though such hopes were a long shot at best.

Florida State's running game proved to be too much for Clemson's defense.

The Tigers now move to 4-5 on the season, and even a bid for a bowl game seems to be impossible at this point.

Clemson should view this interim period after the mid-season loss of Coach Tommy Bowden as a holding pattern until Dabo Swinney has a chance to rebuild. It is increasingly apparently that the rebuilding process will begin next year rather than now.

Swinney should not be held responsible for the team's woes. He inherited a troubled program, and a mid-season coaching change in college football is simply too big an obstacle for ANY new coach to overcome.

The Tigers play Duke next Saturday in Clemson at 12 Noon ET. This will also be Clemson's Homecoming game.

South Carolina Beats Arkansas, 34-21

Moving up to a record of 7-3 on the season, the South Carolina Gamecocks defeated the Arkansas Razorbacks by a score of 34-21.

Coach Steve Spurrier returned to his practice of using 2 quarterbacks as he continues to develop the talent of freshman Steven Garcia. Senior quarterback Chris Smelley served as starting quarterback for today's game.

Next Saturday the Gamecocks will face Spurrier's Alma mater and old stomping grounds as the nations' top coach, the Florida Gators. It was at Florida that Spurrier won the Heisman Trophy as a player. It was also at Florida that Spurrier dominated the SEC and college football as a whole during his record-setting years as the Gator coach.

Spurrier has struggled with the Gators since becoming South Carolina's head coach. This year's prospects are not good as the Gamecocks face a Gator team that has racked up terribly lopsided scores against many of their opponents.

Still, an upset is possible, and the Gamecocks hope that this is their year.

College Football Today

The University of South Carolina will play host to the Arkansas Razorbacks in an SEC matchup today at 1 PM ET at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina.

South Carolina has a good opportunity to win its 7th game of the year against an Arkansas team that is 4-5 on the season.

The Clemson Tigers, fresh off their morale-boosting win against Boston College last week, will play Florida State in a huge ACC matchup today. That game will be played in Tallahassee, Florida today at 3:30 PM ET.

Bobby Bowden and Florida State have a clear advantage in this matchup, but the Tigers have dominated the Seminoles during the past few years. I would not be surprised by an upset by Clemson.

Check back with The Liberty Sphere later this evening for the final scores on these 2 games.

First News Conference: Obama Provides Clues

During his first news conference since the election on November 4, Barack Obama provided little substance on his plans, but he did provide a few clues as to the direction of his administration.

The one thing that stood out is that Obama will propose dozens of new government programs that will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars.

Most of these programs involve bailouts for the auto industry, for those who are on the brink of defaulting on their mortgages, and for new federally-created jobs programs that are intended to mirror those of FDR during the Great Depression.

When asked about his tax proposals to pay for this gargantuan increase in government spending, Obama ducked the issue but hinted that the top 5% wage earners would need to fund these proposals through huge tax increases.

And this is how the Obama plan mirrors that of Herbert Hoover.

The nation received more stunning, negative economic news today indicating that unemployment rose to its highest level since 1993, the auto industry is on the brink of bankruptcy, and the federal government will have to borrow record amounts of money, driving up the national debt.

Unless Obama raises taxes heavily on the top 5% of wage earners, he will be forced to pay for his proposals by borrowing even more money, plunging the nation to a record national debt. This is tantamount to deepening the nation's economic crisis in attempting to address its economic crisis.

Yet raising taxes to the levels necessary to pay for his proposals, particularly during a recession, will be even worse.

As we have stated repeatedly, raising taxes during hard economic times is a prescription for disaster, such as Herbert Hoover's massive tax increase in 1932, which catapulted the nation into an economic tailspin almost overnight.

Obama seemed to contradict himself by hinting that he would consider backing off of his plans for tax increases, which means he would need to drive up deficit spending, increasing the national debt by borrowing over a trillion dollars in order to pay for his new spending proposals.

Thus, Obama provided very little concrete information today other than a few clues concerning runaway government spending--the very thing the Democrats ran AGAINST during the campaign.

Several important matters to consider:

Americans overwhelmingly opposed bailouts during this economic crisis. If Obama wishes to bail out the auto industry, will Americans turn on him as thoroughly as they did George W. Bush and John McCain (forgetting that Obama supported the bailout of Wall Street as well)?

Does Obama truly grasp the fact that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010 is an automatic tax increase on ALL Americans? The average American will owe over $1200 in new taxes once the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire.

Will Americans support such a tax increase when they are already experiencing the pain of economic realities in the current environment, struggling to pay for their basic necessities?

Obama is certainly walking on thin ice in this environment. When you raise voter expectations to ridiculously high levels during a campaign and fail to deliver, the electorate's approval can turn to outright contempt in a hurry.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Statism vs. Liberty

The notion of a big government nanny state takes on many forms. Big government Republicans can be just as dangerous as liberal Democrats. Both support big government and are therefore the purveyors of statism.

Despite their protests to the contrary, statists by their very nature oppose human liberty.

We have seen the work of so-called 'compassionate conservatives' in vastly expanding the size and scope of government. Liberty has suffered as a result.

To be sure, 'compassionate conservatives' compensate for their statism by supporting tax cuts. Big government liberals have never supported the idea that citizens get to keep more of their own money.

As Geraldine Ferraro told Bill O'Reilly recently when O'Reilly complained about Obama's possible hefty tax increases on his money, 'Just be glad you get to keep some of it.'

This is the liberal ideology in a nutshell. They think your money belongs to them and you get to keep some of it only by their good graces.

Ferraro is totally and absolutely wrong. She should just be glad we allow the government to take some of it.

After all, that money is ours, not the government's. We pay taxes only as the citizens allow government to collect it.

At least the big government conservatives agree with my view on taxes.

But I am greatly disturbed by recent trends among conservatives, especially within the GOP, to embrace and support the expansion of government. This is totally antithetical to the views of our Founders.

As someone stated recently as I was reading through blogs, perhaps the terms 'conservative' and 'Republican' have lost their significance. Perhaps better terms are 'statism' as propounded by big government statists, and 'liberty' as propounded by small government Jeffersonians.

An encouraging sign that the true conservatives, the small government Jeffersonians, have gotten the message is that a group within government made up of the guardians of liberty has been engaging in a series of meetings since the election.

This group maintains that they put no stock in the fact that a person may refer to themselves as 'Republican' or 'conservative.' The only thing that matters to them is whether or not the person is anti-statism and a guardian of liberty as envisioned by the small-government Framers of the Constitution.

And this is the best sign of hope I've seen in a long time.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/7/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Codrea's War on Guns has several must-reads today:
*Compulsory Service
*Guns are on the agenda for Obama's 'change' crusade.
*The Million-Dollar Question

Gun Rights Examiner publishes David's latest column, 'The People Have Spoken.'

Syd at Front Sight, Press points to a post by Xavier on the fact that gun right suffered in this year's election.

Armed and Safe reports the good news that the Heller decision has resulted in a favorable ruling for gun rights. 'Safe storage' has been struck down.

On the other hand, JR reports that the first shots against gun owners have been fired by the new Obama-Biden team, even 3 months before they actually take office.

Sebastian says that the team of 'hope/change' is soliciting feedback from the citizens. Let's give them some! Respectfully, of course.

Say Uncle wants to know what we're going to buy now that it seems all of us are stocking up on guns and ammo. He also wants to know the good deals that may be out there for those planning to buy.

Robb Allen makes some insightful comments about the gay rights initiatives and their tendency to support Democrats who then throw them under the bus.

Roberta X shares vital but disturbing information on Obama's new Chief of Staff. The man even sent a dead fish to a pollster he disliked!

Alphecca is quite certain (and with good reason) that even if Obama and the Dems don't confiscate guns, they will make it impossible to get them in the future.

Mike McCarville post his always-insightful, periodic column 'The Gadfly on the Wall.'

Blogstitution has a great read on the election recap and its ramifications. Interesting stuff!

West, By God blogs on 'Guns and Politics.' Good reading there!

Walls of the City says he's jumped on the gun-and-ammo-buying bandwagon and shares what he purchased.

Days of our Trailers has essential reading on 'Urban Change.'

Texas Fred comments on Israel and the Middle East, and I fully agree. Take a look.

The Rustmeister has an open request to John McCain concerning the smearing of Sarah Palin. And I fully agree he needs to defend her from his own staff, since he was so quick to defend Obama from those of us who are part of the 'angry mob.'

Insight on Freedom writes about the ominous and ill-conceived Obama plan to start a 'Civilian National Security Force.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a MUST-read from an ex-Cuban and current American patriot on what to do now in light of the possibility of government oppression.

WFSA also posts good reading from Billy Beck on how Obama plans on using the Internet.

Michelle Malkin reports a judge has enacted some 'open borders' politically correct speech that bans the term 'illegal alien' from the vocabulary.

Gateway Pundit says the Dems are trying to steal Norm Coleman's seat in the Senate in order to give it to Al Franken. Charges of fraud abound.


Perhaps the past 2 days, not just the day after the election, will help convince some skeptics that the election of Barack Obama is the single biggest factor in the stock market's history-making 2-day decline.

In the 2 days since the election, the market has experienced its worst 2-day decline in U.S. history.

Prior to the election, the market was making a decent recovery. In fact, it was inching upward toward the 10,000 mark once again.

But as I predicted (along with several others), electing Barack Obama to the White House would send the market into an immediate tailspin due to his investor-hostile policy positions.

It is the height of naivete to think that the election of someone who will slap investors with heavy taxes would not negatively impact the market in a major way.

Investors are not imbeciles. They watch tax policy very closely. And they correctly determined that in order to avoid losses in 2009 resulting from the hefty tax increases of the Democrats and Obama, they need to sell now.

Thus, the stunning 2-day plunge.

And unless the Democrats and Barack Obama signal that they will NOT implement the promised tax policies that will penalize those who create wealth and invest in our markets, we can expect more dramatic and painful losses.

We are headed for another Great Depression unless the new 'chosen leaders' back off from their ill-conceived intention to increase taxes on the very ones who can pull us out of the current economic downturn.

The North Carolina Betrayal

Word has been received late Thursday that the state of North Carolina has gone for Barack Obama.

North Carolina has thus betrayed its heritage, its principles, its commitment to rugged individualism as portrayed by our forebears, and its commitment to the Constitution of the United States.

Never before I have been so ashamed of my familial connections with the state.

This is clearly not the North Carolina I remember, even as recently as the 1990s.

And make no mistake about it, when the country begins its long, dark night of oppression under a regime controlled by the forces of anti-freedom, the suffering that ensues will be the direct result of states like North Carolina.

I would have expected Massachusetts or San Francisco to completely take leave of its senses when it comes to politics. But not North Carolina.

Were it not for the majestic beauty of the mountains, I would never darken the door of the state anymore. Apparently a bunch of leftwing kooks moving in from other areas have taken control of the state.

It is abundantly obvious the the good, decent folk in conservative areas such as Bryson City have been outnumbered by the likes of Duke University types who came to the defense of a liar who falsely accused 3 students of rape and defended the illegal actions of a corrupt District Attorney in Durham.

But, as I tell everyone else who voted for Barack Obama, you made your bed and you WILL lay in it eventually. I just hate the rest of us have to pay for your mistakes along with you.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/6/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Armed and Safe says that some good news for gun rights came out of the Tuesday vote, believe it or not.

JR reports that Obama's election has been a terrific boost to gun sales. I'm glad. Buy 'em up while you still can!

Traction Control has more on the skyrocketing gun and ammo sales.

Roberta X has an intriguing read entitled, 'Dear Diary.'

Say Uncle says the rumor swirling that Sarah Palin apparently didn't know Africa is a continent is probably a complete fabrication. More falsehoods on the part of those intent on smearing Palin.

Sebastian has more concerning 'the Palin effect.' A good read!

David Codrea posts 'Coronation of the Looters' and 'Missing Someting Huge.'

Gun Rights Examiner publishes David's column for today, entitled, 'Ready for My Close-Up.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides the MUST-read of the day on 'Distant Early Warnings.' Read it all.

Breda has a MUST-see entitled, 'Jackin' Us Outta Our Money!'

From Gateway Pundit:
*Democrats are already focussed on 'taking back' the Judicial branch of gov't.
*Palin offers to help corrupt media clean up its act.
*The mainstream media admits its lies and bias but said it was 'for the good of America.' Pardon my French, but what worthless assholes!

Mindful Musings posts a link to 'Going Viral.'

Dark Blog has a good read entitled, 'Stages.'

Nicki writes 'Stay Classy, Obamatrons!'

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day.

The Rustmeister provides some interesting food for thought on Obama and Muslims.

Michelle Malkin reports the abuse of a soldier's daughter by an Obama-supporting teacher in the classroom. Yep, we're flying high, folks. Aren't you proud!?

Inept McCain Staffers Blame Palin for Loss

One of the reasons for the McCain loss is that his campaign was one of the most mismanaged in the history of American politics.

It would be nearly impossible to list all of the numerous mistakes, missteps, miscalculations, and missed opportunities on the part of his inept campaign staff.

Granted, the candidate himself is solely responsible for some of these mistakes.

But we received word today that some 'unnamed' McCain campaign staffers have told news reporters that Sarah Palin was such a 'drag on the ticket' that she doomed the campaign to failure.

It sounds to me as if someone is looking for a convenient scapegoat.

Sarah Palin was probably the ONLY bright spot in an otherwise doomed and lackluster campaign. Prior to her choice as running mate, the McCain campaign garnered absolutely no excitement or enthusiasm, especially among the GOP base.

Palin single-handedly changed all of that.

And the fact that campaign staffers decided to take someone who had never before been on the national stage and set up her very first interviews with the likes of conservative-haters such as Katie Couric and Charles Gibson only serves to highlight their total ineptitude.

Those interviews gave the public the wrong impression of Palin, and we have the McCain campaign to thank for such a colossal strategic error.

A better strategy would have been to put Palin on conservative talk radio early-on, in addition to Fox News. This way she would have grown into the task of doing major media interviews by testing out the waters in more friendly territory.

The McCain campaign also put a stranglehold on Palin rather than allowing Palin to be Palin.

Being 'a natural' as a public speaker, Palin drew significantly larger crowds than McCain on the trail. Her crowds were enthusiastic and energetic. And no amount of whining, sour grapes, or scapegoating on the part of incompetent McCain staffers will change that.

Here's a message to those in the McCain camp who wish to throw Palin under the bus--we aren't buying this bullshit. The fact that you ran a campaign that sucked is no reflection on Sarah Palin.

In fact, you people are the reason the GOP is in the doghouse with the public to begin with. It's time for the RINOS like you to get out of the way and let new leadership--CONSERVATIVE leadership--bring the party out of the doldrums.

I Make No Apologies

It seems I have taken some heat in certain circles of the blogosphere for saying that 'Barack Obama will never be my President.'

I make absolutely no apology for saying it, and I still adhere to that sentiment as much if not more today than before the election.

As far as I'm concerned, there can be no compromise with Socialists. That is my political line in the sand.

Socialists-Marxists-Communists-Fascists-Nazis are all part and parcel of the totalitarian movement that has witnessed not only the greatest governmental failures in the world but the the most heinous murders of innocent dissenting citizens in the history of mankind.

And this is why I maintain that the 'choice' of Barack Obama for President is illegitimate. There is absolutely no way that anyone with such blatant disdain and disregard for the Constitution could ever be a legitimate President, no matter what the electorate says.

As I was watching local television news earlier, a woman was interviewed who said it was time for all sides to 'put aside their differences and come together in unity for change.'

Unify behind WHAT? Change WHAT, exactly?

An economic program that will probably push the country over the precipice into another Great Depression? Nope!

A policy toward the War in Iraq that ignores the grave dangers Islamic terrorists in the region pose to the West? Nope!

An utter disdain for the U.S. Constitution that maintains that because it does not 'redistribute wealth' by robbing from the haves to give to the have-nots, it is thus flawed? Nope!

A tax program that uses the IRS as a welfare agency by giving 45 million Americans who pay no taxes at all a check from the government? Nope!

A healthcare proposal so drastic that it will overwhelm the system, forcing healthcare rationing on millions of our Senior adults so that 20 million illegal aliens can get medical care? Nope!

A disregard for human life that is so blatant that it withholds medical care from infants that survive botched abortion attempts by starving them to death in dark closets? HELL, no!

So tell me, what, exactly, can we 'unify' behind?

As far as I can tell there is nothing in the Obama plan that can be supported by ANY thinking, principled and ethical American citizen.

The woman in the television interview, by the way, stated that she didn't think people who voted for McCain would 'put their differences aside in order to strive for unity behind Obama.'

You bet your sweet patootie we won't, sister!

Count me as one of the loyal opposition from top to bottom. I will fight tooth and toenail the Obama-Democratic plan to ruin this country.

And frankly, if we had a better candidate at the top of the ticket, we would not be in this position on November 5.

Yes, I supported McCain, but reluctantly, as you will remember if you read this blog regularly. I felt that a vote for McCain gave us the best chance at keeping Obama out of the White House.

But that doesn't mean I was a big McCain supporter. My decision to endorse him and vote for him was purely tactical.

In fact, I have always been one of McCain's biggest critics. But, for better or for worse, I made my decision based upon the hope that Obama would lose.

We can only hope that in 2012 we get someone like Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal, who will carry on in the great conservative tradition of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley, Jr., and many more.

But until then, I am geared up and ready to fight the onslaught of massive government expansion and intrusion under Obama and the Democrats. And yes, I will fight McCain and other RINOS as well if they are intent on 'unifying' behind Obama.

Democrats' Tax Increases Will Doom Recovery

As I wrote here last week, an increase in taxes on anyone during troubled economic times is a prescription for disaster.

The very last thing the Congress and the new President need to do in order to address the current market anxiety and the troubles in the housing and banking industries is to raise taxes.

Herbert Hoover and the Congress made that very mistake in 1932 in an attempt to address a severe recession that was on the brink of becoming a depression.

The top tax rate for the wealthiest Americans was raised from 25% to 63%. Immediately the nation's economic woes vastly worsened. Unemployment skyrocketed to nearly 25%, the money supply dried up, and GNP only continued to plunge.

1932 and 1933 were the worst years during the horrid economic times of the 1930s...a full 4 years after the stock market crash.

The only major economic policy change that occurred prior to the 2 worst years of the Depression was the tax increase on the wealthy.

Thus, the tax increase only served to make a bad situation worse, a survivable hardship dire.

A reader asked if I had the specific figures to back up my assertions. Here is what I wrote in response:

'Recession' and 'depression' are relative terms based upon comparisons. As you will see from the facts, what occurred from 1929 until Hoover's massive tax increases early in 1932 was nothing compared to what took place following that fateful mistake.

When the stock market crashed in 1929 the country was already in the midst of a recession. That recession became severe following the crash. But it was not until late in 1930 that the first 'run on the banks' occurred, followed by a wave of bankruptcies.

But even by the end of 1930, fully a year after the market crash, unemployment was at 8.7%--roughly the same as with other severe recessions the nation has experienced since then, such as during the 1970s.

In the Spring of 1931, there was a second run on the banks resulting in more panic. By the end of the year unemployment had risen to 15.9%--very high to be sure.

But what happened in 1932 was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. The President and the Congress approved raising the top income tax rate from 25% to a whopping 63%. Unemployment then skyrocketed from 15.9% to a massive 23.6%.

1933 was even worse. Unemployment rose from 23.6% to 25%, and the nation was firmly in the death grip of low wages, low profits, a greatly diminished money supply, and a GNP that fell yet another 2.1% following the free-fall of the years between 1929 and 1932.

Thus, history shows that the nation's hard economic times were at their peak, that is, at their very worst, in the years 1932 and 1933--immediately after Hoover and Congress raised taxes significantly on the wealthiest Americans.

Even FDR's New Deal did not end the Great Depression. While unemployment fell to 21.7% in 1934--FDR's 2nd year in office--the unemployment rate by the end of 1938 was still a whopping 19%--a full 6 years into FDR's presidency.

Only when the nation began to make preparations for our entry into WWII did the Great Depression end. That was in 1939--the year FDR began to vastly expand the military. From 1939 until 1941, the nation gradually pulled out of the Depression, thanks to the build-up of goods and hardware in anticipation of entering WWII.

So, you tell me, based on the evidence of history, available in any history textbook or other works on the period, what other major economic policy changed between 1931 and 1932-33, other than the massive tax increase?

There was none. The tax increase on the wealthiest Americans plunged the nation into the 2 worst years of the crisis, 1932-33.

Hope that helps. But do your own research, and keep an open mind.

Thus, the absolute worst thing Obama and the Democrats could do in this troubled economic climate is to raise taxes. Yet this is precisely what they plan to do in order to give '95% of Americans a tax cut,' 45 million of whom do not even pay taxes to begin with.

And we have yet to find out just what exactly constitutes 'the wealthy' in the minds of our newly chosen ones. First, it was $250,000, then $200,000, then $150,000, and then just prior to the election it was stated to be $120,000.

Raising taxes on this income level may well be the final straw that pushes our economy over the edge into the next Great Depression.

And don't forget that this is on top of the massive tax increase that will hit ALL Americans when the Democrats and Obama allow the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010.

Remember you heard it right here first, folks. We will have economic hell to pay if these policies are implemented.

Stocks Plummet in Reaction to Obama Win

As predicted here, the stock market plummeted on Wednesday in reaction to the Barack Obama win.

In fact, the drop of nearly 500 points is the largest post-election loss in U.S. history.

And thus, my point is confirmed. Barack Obama's tax proposals are not only bad for the markets, but they may well be enough to push the economy over the edge into either a severe recession or an outright depression.

When investors know that after the shift in power in January their taxes will be raised, particularly capital gains taxes as Obama has promised, we can rest assured that those investors will sell NOW rather than wait for the tax increases to take effect.

In fact, I will make a further prediction. The losses on Wall Street will continue unless Obama and the Democrats eliminate capital gains taxes altogether and immediately promise there will be no tax increases, period--not even allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire.

This will give confidence to those who invest in the markets and create the wealth and the jobs in America.

But if Obama and the Dems are intent on doing what they promised with regard to taxes, look for a deepening economic decline resulting in even greater pain and suffering for the average citizens.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/5/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Mike McCarville:
*Obama lost every single county in Oklahoma! I love Oklahoma!

Walls of the City poses an interesting hypothetical. Constitutional scholars?

Armed and Safe has a great post-election read entitled, 'We're Not Going Away.'

JR wonders how McCain lost the Hispanic vote since he has been a strong advocate of limitless immigration and soft on securing our southern border.

Days of Our Trailers posts 'Making Lemonade.'

Texas Fred has a riveting post today on the election, and I agree with him that McCain was a fundamentally flawed candidate from the start.

Alphecca reminds us to keep the powder dry because we're now living in a 3rd world nation.

Western Rifle Shooters Association gives us essential reading from Vanderboegh entitled, 'Resolved.'

21 Guns, Salute urges us to 'Remember, Remember.'

Insight on Freedom says that today we mourn the choice of Socialism over freedom.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*David's post-election thoughts in Gun Rights Examiner

Nicki provides riveting commentary on what went wrong yesterday. A MUST-read!

Robb Allen has an open letter to the GOP.

Breda posts 'Gun Nuts, the Drunk Edition.' LOL!

Michelle Malkin has a MUST-read on living under the 'G-D AmeriKKKa' folk.

As I predicted, stocks plummeted today on news of the Obama win.

No 'Mandate' for Congress or Obama

Despite the mainstream media's erroneous depiction of Obama's selection to the White House as a 'landslide,' nearly half the voters opposed an Obama Presidency.

No candidate who loses all of the states in the heartland that Obama lost can claim a 'landslide' or a 'mandate' no matter how the media spins it.

In addition, Democrats in Congress failed to reach the veto-proof 60-member majority in the Senate for which they had hoped. And they failed miserably, reaching only 54.

The point of all of this is that despite high expectations in a year in which by all intents and purposes Obama should have won at least 45 states and the Senate should have at least 60 Democrats, given Bush's unpopularity and the troubled economy, the Democrats still could not muster enough support for any so-called 'mandate for change.'

Most of the 55 million votes cast for John McCain were anti-Obama rather than pro-McCain. And of the 60 million votes cast for Obama, most were anti-Bush votes rather than pro-Obama.

Thus, what should have been a major blowout for Democrats turned out to be much lower than expectations.

Add to this the fact that John McCain was a fundamentally flawed candidate. Despite his pick of Sarah Palin, conservatives remained wary of him right up to the end even though most cast their votes for him.

But McCain was never our first preference. And, despite his ultra-conciliatory remarks last evening, this is not the time for conservatives to 'unite behind Obama.'

We will never unite behind any politician, President or otherwise, whose views are so antithetical to everything we stand for.

In fact, today is the first day of the fight to recapture the Republican Party for conservatives and to oppose any Obama-Democrat-initiated Socialist agenda they put forth.

We have a better way, and for the sake of the country we owe it to our fellow Americans to make the case for that better way during the dark and oppressive times to come under Obama and the Democrats.


The country goes to hell.
Marxism on the march.

(Image courtesy of Gateway Pundit).

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Chairman Steals An Election

With the most pervasive and massive operation of election fraud ever seen in U.S. history, Chairman Ba-O and his gang of goons and thugs have just stolen an election.

John McCain has already conceded the election, and it's all over.

In fraud-ridden Ohio in particular, the Chairman has apparently pulled off a coup.

The Obama win shows nothing except the effectiveness of his goon and thug machine to perpetrate voter fraud and election tinkering by ACORN and corrupt government officials in places such as Ohio.

The goons and thugs absolutely had to place a Marxist in the White House at all costs.

And the ignorant who voted for 'the Chairman' because of the economy really showed their IQ by blaming not the Party in power (the Democrats have controlled Congress for 2 years) but the minority Party that had nothing to do with the recent financial meltdown.

Way to go, America.

When American throws a tantrum in an election, they always make decisions one would expect from a 2-year-old.

Now you have your 'G-D AmeriKKKA' President.

And you WILL suffer the consequences.

Live Police Scanner Feeds From Across the U.S.

Signals Intelligence: Live Police Scanner Feeds

'Lay low, keep moving.'
The thieves of liberty are on the prowl.

H/t to Western Rifle Shooters Association

ALERT! Dems Already Plan to Muzzle Conservatives!

Even before the votes have been counted, the Democrats made known today that they already plan to muzzle conservative voices in the media.

Senator Charles 'Little Chucky' Schumer, D-NY, stated on Fox News this morning that Democrats will most definitely bring back the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine' in order to effectively silence conservatives.

Of course, the 'Fairness Doctrine' is anything but fair. Say good-bye to all your favorite conservative talk radio shows--Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham, and others.

They all will be gone, poof, finis...if Little Chucky, Chairman Ba-O, and the Democratic Congress get their way.

Here are 2 reports on the Democrats' plans to muzzle conservative free speech:
Michelle Malkin reports...Little Chucky even said conservative speech is like 'pornography.'
Gateway Pundit reports--along with video of Little Chucky.

Second Amendment News Roundup Special Edition-11/4/08

This is a special Election Day extended version of the Roundup, focusing on guns and politics.

Western Rifle Shooters Association publishes a riveting and thoroughly researched article today on 'Understanding Obama--the Making of a Fuhrer.' Read it all the way through!

Mike McCarville posts tonight's state-by-state time table, showing when the polls close in the various key states. Georgia, Virginia, and Indiana will be the first results reported, which will indicate national trends.

Speaking of Georgia, Gateway Pundit reports massive fraud as 100,000 persons have been discovered who are also registered in either Ohio or Florida--2 of the key battleground states.

Gateway also reports the explosive news that Obama secretly promised to take East Jerusalem from Israel and give it to Abbas if he is elected.

Pajamas Media will be providing full election coverage throughout the day, and particularly tonight...all online. Boycott the networks and get your election results from Pajamas Media!

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*God of Guns
*Another gun owner for Obama
*David's latest in Gun Rights Examiner

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*Gun Nuts Radio will have live coverage of the Election tonight.
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Clayton Cramer issues an important warning--do not believe the exit polls reported on TV!

Dark Blog posts some ominous predictions for bloggers and 'new media' citizen journalists under a potential Obama administration. I agree. Expect attempts to shut us down.

Sebastian has an update on the McClintock campaign in California.

Say Uncle posts a link to 'wealth redistribution.'

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Breda provides a video excerpt from the great Ronald Reagan. Words to the wise even for this election!

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National Review posts 'Why the Polls Overstate Obama's Lead.'

Michelle Malkin reports that the Black Panthers plan to intimidate voters at the polls today. The corrupt Obama-machine is perched and ready.

Walls of the City has the complete text of Joe Biden's latest mega-gaffe (and none of his unintelligible gibberish has been reported in the mainstream media). Pathetic.

Joe Huffman writes about his election-depression.

Days of Our Trailers has a very important read entitled, 'Does Obama Need Congress?'

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Fox News issues a special, breaking report, 'Trouble at the Ballot Box.'

Atlas Shrugs submits the explosive revelation that an Obama insider admits the relationship between the candidate and terrorist William Ayers is much deeper and stronger than Obama admitted. WHAT?? HE LIED??? Say it ain't so!

Election Officials Break the Law in Philadelphia

Disregarding state law that prohibits poll watchers from being banished from voting areas, local elections officials in Philadelphia are doing just that.

These court-appointed poll-watchers cannot be removed from their posts, according to an order by a judge in Pennsylvania. But they are being removed anyway, in violation of state law.

And so, the great Obama election hoax is fully under way.

Milwaukee Discontinues Voter Fraud Unit

Strange. Strange, indeed.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit links to a story in the Wall Street Journal today about the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin pulling the plug on its special 5-man voter fraud unit, just prior to a national election in which there have been numerous reported instances of voter fraud.

The cop in charge of the unit was told by city officials not to send officers to any polling area. He was also told his unit was being disbanded.

Apparently, Milwaukee doesn't want to risk the corruption of the Obama campaign and their supporters coming to light.

McCain Supporters Urged to Report Voting Suspicions

The race is going to be very close, folks. It's important that honest citizens do their part to minimize the possibility of voting irregularities/fraud.

McCain supports are urged to report to local elections officials any suspicion of fraud.

The McCain-Palin campaign has also set up a hotline for citizens to call to report such suspicions. The number is 866-976-VOTE.

If you are intimidated or harassed in any fashion while waiting to vote, or if your complaints concerning possible voter fraud are ignored, threaten to contact local television news crews. I will guarantee you they will be ready to zoom in.

Don't pay attention to exit polls (most who participate in them are Democrats).
Don't pay attention to news organizations that may rush to call the election (they are in the tank for Obama).

Just stand your ground, vote, and report shenanigans.

The Very First Votes Are In and Counted

Michelle Malkin reports that the nation's very first votes in Election '08 are in and counted.

The small town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire has gone to Barack Obama by a count of 15-6.


We reported earlier today that the Ohio Coal Association responded to Obama's stated intention to 'bankrupt the coal industry' by issuing a stinging repudiation of the candidate.

Now West Virginia has joined the rising chorus of outrage.

Coal workers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, and a host of other major coal mining states should be aware that Barack Obama plans to make sure your jobs are 'outsourced' overseas.

Any coal miner or anyone else in the coal industry who votes for Barack Obama is simply committing employment suicide.

Obama's Illegal Aunt Makes Illegal Donations

HERE is the explosive story of Obama's illegal alien aunt who lives in poverty in Boston, but somehow managed to make an illegal campaign contribution of over 200 bucks to the Obama campaign.

Folks, if you pick up the stench of something rotten, you can rest assured something is rotten. This is not rocket-science here.

And this is in addition to all of the strange donations going to the Obama campaign from terrorist-occupied regions of the Middle East.

Documented Cases of Nationwide Voter Fraud (h/t to Michelle Malkin) has done a fantastic job at doing what the mainstream media failed to do during this election--ferret out and report voter fraud.

In this report, these young journalism students blow the whistle on Obama campaign volunteers and staffers who have engaged in possible felonies across the nation, voting in states where they do not reside.

The problem is that these practices are so widespread that a so-called 'Obama win' is likely to be the result of nothing less than voter fraud.

Thus, if Obama is elected, his will be an illegitimate Presidency.


This practice has turned up in other battleground states, but the story here is from Florida.

Obama campaign workers are registering and voting in states in which they do NOT have official residence. This means, of course, they can vote in the state in which they volunteer in addition to their home state--which, by the way, is a felony.

Read the story at the link provided above.


Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit reports that an investigation by a TV station in Cleveland has uncovered thousands of dead voters whose names are still on voter registration rolls in Ohio.

And the Democrat-appointed Secretary of State refuses to allow the election board to publicly release the dates of birth.

As I have stated repeatedly, several top government officials in Ohio should be sitting in jail as we speak. The overt attempt to allow fraud and then cover it up is not only evident to those who observe but utterly brazen.

Somebody, somewhere in Ohio needs to be brazen enough to slap the cuffs on the Governor and the Secretary of State at the very least!

When corruption in government gets so bad and so pervasive that the integrity of elections is at stake, the immunity given to government officials needs to be revoked so that the offenders can be sent to jail immediately.

This stuff needs to be cleaned up.

It's Showtime, Folks! Let's Roll!

Okay, this is the day when it all happens. It's showtime! Let's roll!

The Liberty Sphere will be posting throughout the day to keep you informed on election news.

We start by saying that there is great optimism in the John McCain camp. Staffers and reporters who have covered the Senator for years say that rarely have they ever seen McCain so upbeat.

The reason? Polls in the battleground states and swing states are showing an encouraging shift toward McCain. In 7 key states McCain has pulled ahead, or even, or slightly behind within the margin of error.

And this includes Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri.

The most accurate poll of the 2004 election, the IBD/TIPP poll, shows undecided voters breaking toward McCain. And this poll claims that there are still roughly 9 or 10% who consider themselves undecided...more than enough votes to swing the election to McCain, erasing whatever lead Obama may have had.

It's not over, folks. Get out there and vote! Show the mainstream media, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid that there is a vast silent army of voters in the heartland of America that will not stand for an Obama Presidency!

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Reminder Before You Vote Tomorrow (Video)

Lest you forget the type of human being that is within a hare's breath of the White House, watch this video of the anti-American rant of the man Barack Obama said was his mentor.

Barack Obama sat under this type of garbage for 20 years and said nothing.

Well, it's 'G-d AmeriKKKa' as far as he's concerned, I would assume!

As I've said before, the country sure is flying high when one of the 2 major political parties chooses a man like Obama as it's nominee. If he wins tomorrow, the country is screwed.

ALERT! Obama Blows It with Remarks on Coal

With less than a day to go until the general election, the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's remarks on the coal industry may well cost him the election.

In Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and other major coal-mining states, Obama's statement that he wishes to 'bankrupt' the coal industry has created such a firestorm of controversy that it is difficult to see how the election could not be effected in those states.

The President of the Ohio Coal Association was particularly harsh in his response to Obama's remarks.

Stating that the Obama-Biden ticket is clearly not supportive of the coal industry, Association President Mike Carey asserted that the Democratic ticket 'spells disaster for the American coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.'

Earlier in the campaign Joe Biden stated that he 'supports building new coal facilities, provided they are in China.'

In Ohio and Pennsylvania in particular, such remarks could make a huge difference among working class men and women who depend on the coal industry for a living.

As expected, Obama has backtracked from his remarks, claiming he 'support clean coal.' But once again, as we have seen so many times during this campaign, the candidate spends more time backing off from previous policy statements than he does advocating his new proposals.

This time, however, Obama has been caught with his pants down less than one day before the election. The voters need to do some serious soul-searching about which Obama is to be believed--the one who will say anything to get elected, or the one who in private, candid moments has made known his true beliefs.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/3/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gateway Pundit reports the explosive news that Obama's notion of there being a 'righteous wind' blowing his way is a direct quote from Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the Chinese Communist Dictator. Chairman Ba-O quotes Chairman Mao. Why am I not surprised?

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Excerpts from David's hosting of the Gun Talk radio show yesterday
*The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the Hayes case. Important!
*Last chance to help McClintock win in California

Gun Rights Examiner has today's MUST-read from Codrea on tomorrow's election, entitled, 'The 11th Hour.'

Mindful Musings points out the chilling similarities between Barack Obama's proposed 'Civilian Security Force' and Adolf Hitler's civilian 'Storm Regiment' in Nazi Germany.

Texas Fred has more on this shocking Obama proposal.

From Western Rifle Shooters Association:
*Vanderboegh's latest on Obama's promise to 'change the world.'
*'Election Night Follies, Chicago Style'

Armed and Safe has an interesting 'tale of 2 cities.'

JR got some good publicity in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram today.

Alphecca reports that our men and women in the military overwhelmingly support John McCain. In fact, we hear that in some military circles it's so bad for Obama that even if he wins he will garner no respect as 'Commander-in-Chief.'

Sebastian has an excellent response to the anti-gun bigots who think we're 'paranoid' because of our fear of gun confiscation by the government. If it is true they really do want our guns (and they do), then it's not 'paranoia.'

Say Uncle posts a MUST-read on Obama and guns.

Robb Allen muses that if only the federal government were properly limited to the role specifically delineated in the Constitution, there would be much less to fear from general elections.

Breda comments on the Obama goon squad and gun confiscation.

The Wandering Minstrel has some frank talk about guns. Read it all.

Walls of the City comments that among liberals dissent is not tolerated, and they even turn violent if you buck them.

Days of Our Trailers observes that the election may be so close we may not know the winner until sometime Wednesday.

The Rustmeister posts the latest CMP sales news.

Insight on Freedom has the riveting, 'After America, Who Will Lead the World?'

Traction Control publishes a special election message from the NRA.


The Barack Obama campaign has been running false ads in key battleground states with the objective of scaring Senior Adults on the issue of Social Security under a John McCain presidency.

In actuality, Seniors have nothing to fear concerning Social Security. With growing numbers of Baby Boomers joining the ranks of retirees, you can rest assured politicians will not dare touch the money the taxpayers have sent into that system their entire working lives.

The real threat to Seniors, however, is in the realm of healthcare under a Barack Obama presidency.

Healthcare for Senior Adults will be rationed under Barack Obama. There is no other way to get around it, and here's why.

Obama's healthcare plan calls for extending medical coverage to 45 million who currently do not have insurance. Among that 45 million are 20 million illegal aliens--people who are not even U.S. citizens but will be covered by the taxpayers.

The nation's current healthcare infrastructure, i.e., doctors' offices, urgent care clinics, hospitals, outpatient surgical units, etc., is not set up to handle an extra 45 million patients.

This means that our healthcare infrastructure will be overwhelmed and inundated with multi-millions of new patients that the system will not be able to handle.

And, as is the case in countries that provide either national health insurance, or universal coverage, the only way to ease the strain on the overburdened system is to implement healthcare rationing.

Guess who will be the very first targets of such rationing. The nation's Senior Adults!

These patients will be deemed either too old or too sick to get certain forms of care, such as cardiac bypass surgery, or a new heart valve, or a joint replacement.

The so-called 'limited funds available for medical care' will be weighted heavily in favor of younger, healthier patients that can be reasonably expected to gain the most longterm benefit from such care.

Thus, the Senior Adults who have spend their entire lives paying into a system that promised them the best of care in their old age will be relegated to the back burner so that the money can be spent on providing care to 20 million younger illegal aliens and the rest of the 45 million or so Barack Obama insists be given coverage.

Healthcare rationing IS coming under Barack Obama. There is no other way around it. In order to do what he wants in covering 45 million illegal aliens and citizens, he will be forced by the sheer weight of the numbers to implement a quiet, unspoken system of healthcare rationing for tens of millions of Senior Adults.

And even if you are lucky enough to be granted the care you need, the waiting period will be so extensive that you could well die before you ever get that much-needed surgery.

Welcome to Barack Obama's hell.

But just remember, if this happens, most of your fellow citizens voted for it. This is NOT the America I learned about and grew up loving. We have been hijacked by a group of neo-Communists.

Obama's Commie-Style Civilian Security Force

Barack Obama has stated repeatedly, though you would never hear it in the mainstream media, that he intends to begin a so-called 'Civilian Security Force' that would 'be just as powerful and just as well-funded as the military.'

Here is the video from part of an Obama speech on the subject.

Free societies based upon democratic principles have never had such civilian armies. The only regimes in the world that have implemented such measures are totalitarian ones, such as Cuba under Castro and Germany under Hitler, just to name two.

It is difficult to understand what, exactly, Obama would have this massive civilian police-state do unless it is to make sure his policies are implemented with minimal opposition from citizens.

When we look to other police states around the world, we gain some clues.

One can imagine neighbor spying on neighbor to make sure all of the peons in the citizenry 'cooperate' with the new Obama order. One can imagine gun confiscation.

In order to justify the huge expenditures that beginning such a mammoth program will entail, Obama would need a list of specific goals and objectives for this civilian police-state army.

Rest assured that with a civilian army the size Obama envisions, we can expect an avalanche of government intrusion into our daily lives. Big Brother will be watching every move. Citizen will be pitted against citizen. Former friends will become enemies...that is, unless we all get on board the Obama train to hell.

Stock Market to Plummet if Obama Wins

While hordes of mesmerized, hypnotized Obama-worshippers march like sheep into the polls to vote for their messiah, investors are openly dreading an Obama Presidency.

In fact, many stock market analysts predict a major drop in the markets if Obama wins on Tuesday.

Obama's economic policies are not friendly to investors. He will raise taxes on those who invest in the stock market, particularly in the realm of capital gains.

In addition, the Obama campaign has consistently lowered the threshold of those who can expect to avoid tax increases. First, it was $250,000. Then, suddenly and inexplicably, the candidate stated it was $200,000.

Then, Joe Biden stated on the campaign trail that the threshold is $150,000. But then Obama campaign operative, the bumbling Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, stated that only those making under $120,000 would avoid a tax increase.

This sort of thing scares investors and business people to death.

As time has progressed in this campaign, Obama has publicly inched closer and closer to his vote in the Senate to raise taxes on those making just $42,000 per year--a charge which he has falsely denied.

But one thing we do know. For Barack Obama, the definition of 'rich' has gone from $250,000 to $120,000 in just over a month.

Clearly, these people don't know what they're doing when it comes to economic policy and taxes. Those who invest in stocks know it. Thus, we can look for massive losses that will make the past 2 months seem like a bull market if Obama wins on Tuesday.

The market will not be able to sustain more losses in the aftermath of those over the past 2 months, particularly since we have seen signs of hope and recovery in the last week. The election of a man whose policies will bring the gains to a grinding halt and catapult us backward into losses will be more than the economy can handle.

And not even the 700-billion-dollar bailout will save it.

And this means that the beginning of the nation's plunge into the 2nd Great Depression will commence if Obama is announced as the winner.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Election Teeters on Edge of Illegitimacy

Constitutional democracies such as ours rely on free and honest elections that can be trusted as accurate representations of the wishes of the voters. When elections are overwhelmed by fraud, corruption, and manipulation, the entire system of government is thrown into complete chaos.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this election teeters on the edge of illegitimacy due to massive fraud, and thus, the very fabric of our constitutional democracy is at stake.

Without clean, honest elections, democracy cannot survive.

At the center of the corruption that engulfs this election is ACORN, the self-described 'voter registration organization for the underprivileged' that is actually a campaign arm of the Barack Obama machine.

Everywhere ACORN has been active in this election cycle, a putrid stench of rottenness has been left in its wake.

The dead have cast absentee ballots. Loopholes in election laws in states such as Ohio have been used to register single voters multiples of times in different counties that have no way of checking whether or not the person voted in another county. Thousands of registration forms submitted by ACORN have been shown to be fraudulent at worst and problematic at best due to information that does not match the records.

In Ohio at least, the Secretary of State plans on counting these registrations and votes anyway.

And this, of course, is not all. Convicted felons who cannot vote legally have been registered by ACORN. Homeless persons with no verifiable address have been registered, and a judge in Ohio ruled that these persons could use their 'park bench' as a valid address.

Illegal aliens have illegally registered to vote when they register for a driver's license in California, and once they possess a valid driver's license in that state there is no way to prevent their illegal vote from counting.

Going back to Ohio, which seems to be ground zero for ACORN's shenanigans, citizens have reported to state officials that ACORN representatives were caught registering Alzheimer's patients in nursing homes.

The thing that is so disturbing about this particular case is not only that ACORN was engaging in voter fraud but was being assisted by two Highland County Board of Elections employees.

If we cannot even trust the integrity of elections officials, how can any election in this country be deemed legitimate?

And this is the heart of the problem. Not only are groups such as ACORN working to perpetrate the most extensive voter fraud operation in American history, but certain citizens are helping them do it. And some of these citizens are in positions of power in government and in local election board headquarters.

It is as if there is a certain segment of American society that has determined that come what may, no matter what most Americans want, Barack Obama is going to be the next President, period, and they will lie, cheat, steal, and do just about anything to make sure it happens.

Legitimate elections that can be trusted by the citizens do not have the characteristics of this election. From what we have seen thus far, if Barack Obama wins on Tuesday it will be the result of the single most massive fraudulent operation in the history of the Republic.

The question is, what will the honest citizens do about it?