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Saturday, September 26, 2009

DO NOT Trust So-Called 'Economic Experts!'

Beware of overly optimistic 'experts' who claim we are now in the midst of a recovery. The economy is still teetering on the edge.

Columbia Conservative Examiner has a ton of information today, including an abundance of links to the latest news on the subject.

You would be wise to read it and visit ALL of the links and watch the video. Protect yourself!

Codrea: Southern Poverty Law Center Hate-fest

For several years now I have been warning citizens about the so-called 'Southern Poverty Law Center' of Montgomery, Alabama, which is nothing more than a purveyor of hate.

No group has engaged in more race-baiting and outright attacks on American liberty than this group of Leftwing subversives that masquerades as a law firm that helps the poor.

As David Codrea points out he and Vanderboegh were quoted in a major story on the group published by a major online alternative news site.

Go take a look, and stay informed!

"Who Grabbed This Guy at the G-20 Summit?"

The story and brief video on this case can be found here.

Now watch the video closely. An unmarked car. Several men dressed in military uniforms rather than police uniforms. A protester whisked away.

Has Obama now secretly authorized the military to engage in law enforcement activity on U.S. soil? If so, this is a highly disturbing development and should receive heightened attention, if you know what I mean.

Senator Receives Handwritten Confirmation that ObamaCare will Result in Jail Time for Those with No Insurance!

Heavy fines and JAIL TIME if you refuse 'ObamaCare!'

That just about says it all, doesn't it?

Alrighty Then! College Football Made My Day!

Alright, folks, give me your forbearance while I gloat a bit.

My Alma mater, the University of South Carolina, defeated the number 4 ranked team in the nation--Old Miss--Thursday evening by a score of 16-10.

Congrats to the 'Old Ball Coach' Steve Spurrier and his new rising star quarterback Stephen Garcia for a great game.

South Carolina is now 2-1 on the season and is showing signs of becoming the type of ball team Spurrier is famous for developing. I hope so! We are long overdue in this graveyard of football coaches.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/25/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Kurt Hofmann posts THE must-read of the day that ANY Patriot should make required reading. It's entitled, 'What Happens When the "Hate Group" is Government-Sponsored?'

David Codrea posts another response to the gun rights questionnaire from a candidate for the Senate.

Vanderboegh provides highly intriguing information on Pelosi's contention that violence may break forth in the nation. Read it all.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a chilling video, filmed on a street right here in America, that is eerily reminiscent of....well, you look, listen, and tell ME!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost presents an important read on 'fire and fury in the Rocky Mountain Empire?'

Meeting on the Green points out the move by the Obamanoids to place America's children under the control of U.N. initiatives--a clear violation of parents' rights and our Constitution!

Free in Idaho notes that in midst of today's political mess not everybody 'gets it.' But some do...

Ha! Brigid has another good one concerning guns, knives, and 'meat tenderizing.'

Squeaks posted, 'Things I've Learned Over the Past Couple of Weeks.' And don't forget to check out her Examiner site...she is the Memphis Pet Examiner.

Way Up North provides the must-read quote-of-the-day. Don't let THIS one get by you!

Tam points to an important message to those concerned about bank failures. What do you do with your money in these uncertain times? I will comment that the author she links to is, in my opinion, overly optimistic. FDIC is in deep financial trouble. The question is how long will they be able to continue with what they do?

From Pax Parabellum: 'What Happens When This Fiasco Health Care Bill Passes?'

Alphecca takes a closer look at the scorecard of the 'Brady Bunch' to rob citizens of their gun rights.

21 Guns Salute posts some informative commentary on various gubernatorial candidates, particularly with regard to their stance on the 2nd Amendment.

Dustin's Gun Blog perfectly summarizes the probable problems Californians are going to face with ammunition.

Texas Fred gives us the scoop on the foiled terrorist bombing plot against Dallas and other major U.S. cities.

Days of our Trailers has the scoop on the Illinois targets that the terrorists had in their sites.

Wow! Say Uncle comments on what appears to be some FBI shenanigans. You'd best read it.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight reports major news out of the 9th circuit court on a gun ban case.

From Robb Allen: 'Hey, Just Because I Started the Fight Doesn't Mean You Get to Hit Me.'

Sebastian says he thinks it's time to put his money where his mouth is with regard to gun rights organizations.

Today the Ol' Broad has a political cartoon that is quite serious. The message is stark and points to a sad truth. Take a look.

Bush Is No Justification for Obama

Excuses, excuses. The Obamanoids are full of them, particularly blaming George W. Bush for all of Obama's failures.

Here is my response to the Obamanoids at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Let's turn this thing around and ask, 'Where are YOU when Obama does the same things for which you condemned Bush?'

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/24/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Say Uncle comments on concealed carry in parks and incidental contact.

By the way, Uncle posts this video that has nothing to do with guns or politics, but I sure enjoyed watching it....

Brigid gives us a serving of 'Self-Defense--A Dinnertime Reminder.'

JR provides us with the latest update on his adventure of a lifetime.

Sebastian reports that the latest gun shop to fall target to the jack booted government thugs of the ATF is closing up for good, I am sorry to say.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has commentary on 'Dear Leader's' speech before the United Nations and the 'new world order' it represents. The newly anointed 'Emperor to the Entire World' has spoken!

David Codrea says that now politicians all across the country are beating down the door to take his questionnaire for candidates on gun rights.

Kurt Hofmann presents a good read entitled, 'Gun Rights Are For Everyone.'

Vanderboegh provides thorough investigation into the death of a census worker and the idiotic, boneheaded numbskull lunatic of the State-Run Media (SRM) who blames Glenn Beck for the death. These people are nuts and should be locked up in an insane asylum.

Tam notes that ACORN really hasn't thought through their intention to sue the young undercover investigators who discovered ACORN's corruption.

Billy Beck posts spot-on commentary on the public school teacher leading students to sing praises to Obama.

Free In Idaho says that the gun manufacturer Remington is celebrating quite a milestone in its production line.

GunRights4US has a great political cartoon that just about says it all with regard to U.S. foreign policy.

Nicki posts some photos and a few choice words about a certain loon that's been in the news lately.

Standing By points to an article on ACORN and Barack Obama that's worth a look. Read it all.

Walls of the City has 'a civilized man's traveling case.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost informs us of the 'Essential Liberty Project.' If you are a parent, grandparent, or concerned patriot who is sick over what is being taught to our young in schools, here is a way to do something about it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ALERT! Shock Video Shows Kids Taught to Sing Praise to Obama in School!

Folks, this is getting worse BY THE DAY!

Columbia Conservative Examiner published this breaking story late this evening to put patriotic citizens on high alert.

The Obamanoids are on the march, and their first target is to brainwash our school children with songs of praise and adoration to OBAMA!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/23/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea has more on the utter stupidity of the Illinois State Police in its advice to women on self-defense. These morons would rather they take a razor blade to a gun fight rather than arm themselves.

Codrea's War on Guns urges an investigation into the dismissal of a university professor who sent out fliers bragging about his shooting skills in light of some thugs who had targeted him.

Tam notes the timeless quality of old guns. I remember how much I valued an old Marlin I once had, but alas, it got ruined in a flood. That led to grinding teeth and words uttered under my breath for months.

Gun Nuts provides a complete wrap-up and downloads from last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, in case you missed it.

Texas Fred posts important reading entitled, 'Opposing the President Doesn't Make You A Racist.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has an absolute must-read on the latest information to surface on Mark Lloyd--the extremist 'diversity czar' at the FCC who thinks Hugo Chavez' takeover of Venezuela is a good role model for the U.S. Wait till you see THIS latest info!

Say Uncle presents a rather intriguing video of an outbreak of idiots with guns at 7:45 AM. Wow, what a bunch of imbeciles...

The Newbius Papers provides excellent reading entitled, simply, 'Open Your Eyes.'

Sebastian reports the news of another gun shop under assault by the Feds.

From Standing By: 'Getting the Snake Off Of America.'

Way Up North reports it's already gotten freezing cold (literally) way up in Alaska.

Robb Allen points to an article he says will surely get the caliber wars cranked up again.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight has commentary and a video on the fact that so-called 'assault' rifles are just rifles. As I always said, the term 'assault rifle' should be dropped from our vocabulary. It's just a way for the antis to get perfectly good firearms banned.

Sipsy Street Irregulars points to a man who had a little fun with a police officer who was writing him parking tickets right and left! LOL!

Every Blade of Grass has good reading on the subject of gun safes. Take a look.

GunRights4US informs us of how Obama is perceived by Englishmen. Interesting...

The Rustmeister did us all a favor by posting a handy guide to the various ways 'The Bastard's' Mayors Against Guns seek to impose gun control.

Walls of the City reports that a certain mayor essentially flipped the bird at us gun rights activists.

Mike McCarville says that a cartoon is worth a thousand words, and he has a good one on Barack Obama.

Jennifer Weber writes on how vitally important Twitter has become in the cause of liberty. Lots of good conservatives and Constitutionalists there too!

Western Rifle Shooters Association shares with us the Oath Keepers ceremony in D.C. on September 12 during the citizen march on Washington.

EXPLOSVIE! Gag Order On Medicare Cuts!

The federal government imposed a gag order on health insurance companies concerning pending cuts in Medicare benefits under the proposed government takeover of healthcare.

This explosive story and video of Mitch McConnell blasting the gag order can be found at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

McConnell mentions in the video from the Senate floor that a powerful Democrat urged the Medicare office to impose the gag to prevent senior adult customers from being informed of the cuts in their Medicare benefits under the Democrat proposals.

Just wait till you see which powerful Democrat Senator is behind the whole thing!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/22/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

21 Guns Salute shares information and pics from what is billed as 'the largest celebration of the Constitution in the country' out in Arizona.

The MOWCA Blog posts essential reading entitled, 'By What Right, Mr. President?'

Roberta X comments on some loony bird who thinks Obama is not nearly Left enough. Interesting...

Alphecca points to an Examiner writer, an idiot, who has an interesting interpretation of a recent Rasmussen Poll. Yes, the Examiner publishes a variety of views--extremist Leftwing, liberal, moderate, conservative, libertarian, Republican, Democrat, Independent etc, etc.

Kurt Hofmann's latest at St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner takes a look at the anti-gun hysteria revolving around Amtrak.

Our friend Alan over at Blogonomicon has info on a dog safety seminar, and since I love dogs I found it to be interesting. Maybe some of you are as well.

Free in Idaho provides the quote of the day.

Breda gives us all the info on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

Our own Bonnie at Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease is writing for Examiner now. She is the Memphis Pets Examiner. Click on the link and take a look!

Traction Control posts a great video from Ted Nugent on gun stuff and crime. Take a look!

The great Oleg Volk, the extraordinary gun rights photographer, shares one of his latest.

Gun Pundit shares an interesting news story he entitles, 'Guns for Peace.'

KC3 has news on some illegal activity by a local govt regarding guns in parks, and he goes further to report how the issue was resolved here.

Open Carry has zeroed in on a hot-button issue of a person illegally arrested, but the central issue is how the 'authorities' dealt with it.

From Bloviating Zeppelin: 'America, Here's Your Gubmint-Run ObamaKare.'

Around O Town points to yet another piece of the corruption puzzle in the Obama White House.

David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law says there is a very interesting week ahead of us with regard to the Second Amendment and the courts.

Blonde Sagacity has a must-read on the Bank of America. I have never trusted them for reasons other than she mentions, not the least of which is their cavalier attitude toward illegal aliens.

Joe Huffman shows us a good place to go 'gun shopping for the girls.'

Obama has lied again. CNS News Service reports that the U.S. Census Bureau has a study that shows his claim that 30 million citizens can't get health insurance is simply not true.

Never Have I Been So Afraid for My Country

This is an urgent article--a must-read, if you will.

Please click here to go to Columbia Conservative Examiner to read why I am so fearful for this great nation.

Forces are coming together in one big 'perfect storm' that threaten our very survival. We must proceed with our eyes wide open.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/21/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Texas Fred reports that the Joe Wilson shout could reverberate all the way to next November. Let's hope so!

Insight on Freedom comments on the ominous news of Obama's consideration of a bailout of failing newspapers.

Mike McCarville, our friend out in Oklahoma, and probably the most trustworthy reporter-commentator in the nation today, knows a good article when he sees one! LOL. Thanks, Mike, for all you do.

David Codrea has 3 must-reads today at Gun Rights Examiner here, here, and here. Read 'em all and stay informed! In fact, ANY citizen who wishes to stay informed should read Codrea's stuff.

Sebastian notes that the day is coming when science will render small, conventional arms useless. What then?

Vanderboegh presents an explosive report involving the Oklahoma City bombing, David Gregory, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama. Read it all.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has the latest video from Denniger in which he ties it all together concerning the economy.

Say Uncle updates us on 'The Bastard's' Mayors Against Guns, which has lost 50 members in just 2 weeks.

The MOWCA Blog writes on 'Putin's Man in Washington.' And it's NOT who you think!

John Jacob H reports the enraging news that UNC-Chapel Hill has fired a professor because he carries a gun. Sheeesh. And people wonder why I refer to North Carolina as the California of the South.

Pax Parabellum provides commentary on the 70th anniversary of the German and Russian invasion of Poland--the very day that President Dumbo pulled the rug out from under Poland by cancelling plans for the nuclear missile shield for Eastern Europe. And don't believe the irony was lost on the Polish public!

Tam posts her observations on some bad omens regarding U.S. foreign policy. Take a look!

Way Up North has some random stuff for a Monday, including an important quote from Ronald Reagan. Read it.

The Wandering Minstrel presents a pictorial of target practice yesterday.

The Black Sphere, always an excellent, provocative read, critiques Jimmy Carter from the perspective of a black man. Take a look.

Days of our Trailers shows us a special announcement from Virginia Tech, which has loaded up its special panel with anti-gun bigots.

ACORN Tentacles Spread Throughout WH Staff

The extremist czars have been exposed. But did you know that lower-level operatives within the White House, who are just as extremist, have direct ties to ACORN and big labor unions?

This is discussed today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Quietly and under the radar screen these lower level operatives have targeted the downfall of American private enterprise. Read it all and stay informed!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why They Aren't Covering ACORN Scandal

Very few media outlets are covering the explosive news story concerning corruption within ACORN--the 'community organizer' organization tied to Obama.

Why? Columbia Conservative Examiner provides some answers.

But be prepared. The double-standards abound.

Billy Beck: "Shut the F**k Up, It's Not Your Money"

Billy Beck has somewhat of a sharply-worded response to an imbecile who asks a question on healthcare spending--a question that is a moot point if you believe the premise that before gov't can spend anything, it has to confiscate it from the taxpayers first.

I've been waiting for someone to say it just as BB does right here.

Vanderboegh: "It's the Liberty, Stupid"

Mike Vanderboegh at Sispsy Street Irregulars hits the nail on the head with a piece today entitled, "It's the Liberty, Stupid."

The writer of the piece states that the Obama phenomenon is over, finis, finished. The 'Chosen One' can't even change public opinion with a mega-speech carried on all 6 of the state-run media networks. This is a thought-provoking article that is sure to give some 'hope' for 'change' in 2010 and 2012!

Pelosi, Holder, Obama Seek to Handcuff CIA

From a former CIA operative:

Pelosi, the third in line to the office of president has, in lock step with the Obama administration and the Attorney General’s Office, continued the onslaught against the CIA.

Read what this witch-hunt is really about and the dire consequences of it at Human Events.

Voters Say Being 'Like Reagan' Is Most Positive Thing One Can Say About a Candidate

Scott Rasmussen does polls on just about every question of consequence imaginable. In one of his latest polls he asked a sampling of voters what is the most positive thing that could be said about a political candidate.

By far the voters stated that being 'like Reagan' is the most positive quality one could ask for in a candidate.

But some of the other terms we normally use to describe politicians have taken on a clearly negative connotation:

"Progressive” is becoming more of a dirty word, but all political labels – except “being like Ronald Reagan” - are falling into disfavor with many U.S. voters, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

“Liberal” is still the worst and remains the only political description that is viewed more negatively than positively. Being like Reagan is still the most positive thing you can say about a candidate.

Thus, liberals and progressives are viewed negatively while Reagan is viewed positively. Read the entire poll at Rasmussen Reports.

"I Am A Shooter"

I am a shooter. Like those that have gone before me, I am strong and driven, conservative, yet free. I am fiercely individualist, yet connected with my brothers and sisters in arms, family people at home and in the field. I compete with good spirit, yet bond with courage. I celebrate our successes and mourn our fallen. I am your friend or your neighbor. I am your mother, your sister. I am charged with a reverent responsibility and I never forget it, nor should you.

The above excerpt is from Brigid at Home on the Range in her superb piece entitled, "I Am A Shooter."

Do yourself a favor and go over there to read the entire thing. You'll be glad you did.