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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Goes Mum

Charlotte, NC (TLS). The adult entertainer/stripper/prostitute who accused three Duke students of rape and then changed her story numerous times is now refusing to cooperate with investigators. Her partner in crime who also formerly provided police and D.A. investigators with information is also refusing to talk.

This curious turn of events comes after a year of one of the most shameful chapters in American jurisprudence as multiple sources of evidence emerged proving that Durham D.A. Mike Nifong had no case and that he engaged in political opportunism at its worst in using the suspicious story of the strippers to conjure a hoax in order to get re-elected to office.

For the better part of a year, the strippers in question appeared to cooperate fully with the purveyors of the hoax. Now that Nifong is no longer on the case, and special prosecutors have been assigned to pour over documents and evidence (what little there is of it), the two supposed 'victims' are no longer cooperating with authorities.

This could well be the signal that the case is truly beginning to unravel from the perspective of the Special Prosecutors and N.C. Attorney-General Roy Cooper.

When an accuser who played up the role of the victim so vociferously comes under fire for contradictions, changes in testimony, making wild accusations and then withdrawing some of the accusations, and then goes mute, this is usually a fairly good indicator that the said accuser realizes that he/she has been had, that authorities are onto them, and that they had better keep their mouths shut so as not to further implicate themselves should they be charged with falsely accusing innocent persons and lying to the court.

We can also be fairly certain that the next thing we will hear out of these two sleazy characters is that they have hired attorneys and that all further questions directed to them by the Special Prosecutors must be handled through their attorneys.

If there is one single ounce of integrity left within the N.C. Judicial System, the Special Prosecutors will drop ALL charges against the three students and proceed with charges against the two strippers/prostitutes whose false testimony started this entire fiasco.

UPDATE on School Bus Terrorist Plot

Charlotte, NC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere reported on Friday that the FBI had issued an alert concerning the possibility that 'extremists' may be attempting to gain employment as school bus drivers in districts across the nation. In spite of the FBI's assurances that it has no credible evidence to support the belief that our school children are in any danger, The Liberty Sphere's anonymous sources indicate that Muslim terrorists may be plotting a terrorist attack using the nation's school buses.

We have received further information that confirms those sources.

According to those who are working closely with the FBI in investigating this frightening scenario, the FBI has reason to believe that foreign extremists in the Jihad have either recently obtained jobs as school bus drivers or have recently received their licenses to do so.

Reports around the country indicate an unusual spike in the number of foreigners who have applied for these jobs. And these are not just ordinary foreigners. Given the FBI's expert and life-saving profiling techniques, these particular foreigners fit the description of Muslim terrorists.

Not only that, but the FBI fears that some of these extremists may be already driving school buses around the country.

While the FBI is publicly downplaying the nature and extent of the threat, it is clear that a threat does exist. And it conjures up images of the unthinkable. Remember that in many places of the world, terrorists do not hesitate to use babies, children, and youth to conduct suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks.

The Liberty Sphere is certain that the FBI does not want to create an unnecessary panic among parents across the country. False alarms do nothing but create the 'boy who cried wolf' syndrome and contribute to massive apathy on the part of the populace.

This is all the more reason to take this threat seriously.

It is better to be safe than sorry. If it turns out that no terrorist plot is in the works, we can all breath a sigh of relief and be thankful. On the other hand, if the present scenario of unusual and suspicious persons applying for school bus licenses turns out to be the beginning of a terrorist plot, we can all be thankful that the FBI was alert and on the case. And the due diligence on the part of school officials, students, and parents, is imperative in reporting unusual or suspicious activity among school bus drivers.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will keep you posted on any updates.

Valerie Plame's Sour Grapes

Charlotte, NC (TLS). In a melodramatic display suitable for a daytime Oscar, Congressional Democrats staged quite a show on Friday as they provided Valerie Plame with a platform from which to exhibit a bad case of sour grapes. Plame essentially accused everyone in the Bush Administration of deliberately blowing her 'cover,' accusing officials of 'outing' her in retaliation for her husband's opposition to the Iraq War.

The obvious problem with Plame's performance today, apart from the obvious overkill and melodramatic exaggeration, is that she is pointing the finger at the wrong persons.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's sham of a case against Scooter Libby revealed the real source of the leak--one Richard Armitage, who so far has not only escaped any blame for the 'outing' of Plame but who is never mentioned as one who may have broken federal law (this is because Fitzgerald knows Armitage broke no law in naming Plame as a CIA agent).

This begs the question, then, if the original source of the leak broke no law, then why was Scooter Libby prosecuted? Why are Democrats claiming the Bush Administration broke the law? Why are they after Cheney's head?

Plame's accusations are incredible given that everyone in Washington knew who she was and what she did, meaning of course that there was nothing inherently 'covert' about her work, although she has a penchant for touting it as such. But if one is looking for an original smoking gun--the first one to 'leak' information that everyone knew anyway--then that smoking gun is Richard Armitage.

It is curious that Armitage's name was never mentioned in Plame's lengthy soliloquy and subsequent questioning by the Congressional panel on Friday.

What is NOT surprising is that Plame was forced to admit, under heavy questioning, that she had absolutely no evidence to support her charge that Administration officials were aware that her work in the CIA was considered 'classified' information.

That Administration officials would NOT know that Plame's work was considered classified is certainly credible, given that Armitage knew all about it, along with Scooter Libby, and members of the mainstream media, such as Tim Russert, and columnist Robert Novak.

So, the question becomes, if it was common knowledge all over Washington that Plame worked for the CIA, then how could anyone be guilty of 'outing' her in retaliation? Officials within the Administration were merely repeating what they had heard others talk about openly, and thus assumed that the nature of Plame's work was NOT classified.

Let me put it this way. If Plame's work for the CIA was considered top secret and classified, then it was the most poorly-kept secret in the history of covert operations.

Merely repeating what everyone else in the Beltway already knew is not 'outing' someone.

Thus, as far as we can tell, Plame is merely verbalizing her sour grapes and cannot be considered a credible witness. And Congressional Democrats are playing this up for all it's worth in hopes of scoring some political points at the President's expense.

Friday, March 16, 2007

LIBERTY ALERT! School Bus Terror Plot?

Charlotte, NC (TLS). The FBI has issued a warning concerning the possibility that extremists may have worked in concert to become school bus drivers in districts around the country.

Although the FBI failed to publicize the nature of the 'extremists,' whispers among anonymous sources close to the investigations say that the agency is keeping an eye on a possible Muslim terrorist plot to utilize the nation's school buses in launching another attack on America.

The FBI reassured parents across the country that there is as yet no credible information that suggests 'extremists' are presently driving the nation's school buses, and thus, there is no cause for alarm.

Yet the very fact that the FBI would release such an alert is in itself cause for at least some concern.

FBI investigators state that the agency merely wants school districts to make sure that each person who applies for such a job is properly screened with a complete background check. In most districts this is standard practice already.

So, what is going on here?

Reading between the lines, it is obvious that the FBI possesses information that suggests the next tactic utilized by extremist Muslim terrorists is to infiltrate school systems, particularly in the area of school transportation. Yet the agency does not want to cause undue alarm among parents and students, given the fact that so far the FBI cannot confirm that terrorists have actually sought to get jobs as school bus drivers.

At the same time, prudence dictates that school districts, parents, and students across the country should exercise diligence. School districts need to be very careful and thorough in hiring practices. Parents and students can keep an eye out for any suspicious persons or behavior that suggest something unusual may be happening. Anything of this nature should be immediately reported to school officials and law enforcement authorities.

Lazy Gov't Employees Responsible for Walter Reed Mess

Charlotte, NC (TLS). It should be a no-brainer that military officials do not have the responsibility of cleaning the floors, placing rat-traps under beds, and using anti-fungals to clean walls at VA hospitals. That's why we have maintenance crews.

But these maintenance crews are a protected class under the federal government's guidelines, implemented by Democrats many years ago, that prevents civil service employees from being fired.

Thus, the VA hospitals are stuck with what they've got--slothful, lazy, unconcerned, and incompetent maintenance employees who leave buildings in a mess while they draw regular paychecks in spite of the failure to do their jobs.

Ann Coulter once again nails the problem in her latest column on the Walter Reed debacle--and lays the blame squarely at the feet of Democrats who passed the laws that led to the problem.

Click here to read Ann's eye-opening column:

AGAIN, Dems Attack Free Speech--H.R.984

Charlotte, NC (TLS). Having failed in the attempt to stop bloggers from encouraging citizens to contact their Congressional representatives concerning pending legislation, the Democrats are trying again to attack free speech using a different tactic.

Commies never stop attacking free speech.

This time, Henry Waxman, D-CA, has introduced legislation that would require the Executive Branch of government to keep records of each and every contact that it has with private citizens, including the subject nature of that communication.

The bill, H.R. 984, named, 'The Executive Branch Reform Act,' would require the Executive Branch to keep tabs on you each time you contact them to express your opinion concerning the actions of government or pending legislation. Waxman claims that this would part of an overall effort to make government 'more open and honest.'

Sure, Waxman.

Don't you mean that your plan is to silence the citizens by making public the private communication with the Executive Branch?

Pelosi's House is at it again, the Commie-Nazis. Sieg Heil!

In addition, if the Executive Branch, i.e., the President, the White House, and all of its tributaries, are required to keep tedious records on every single communication they have with citizens, it will mean that the Executive Branch is likely to consider such communication more of a nuisance than anything else, thus making it less likely that the White House would listen to the views of the people.

There is a much darker motivation behind this bill, however. Sources inside Congress state that this legislation is actually aimed at keeping tabs on the supposed 'sinister communication' between the Executive Branch and the citizens. It doesn't take a rocket scientists to figure out that if the Legislative Branch considers some communication between the Executive Branch and the citizens to be 'sinister,' then this means that the Legislative Branch is afraid of the will and opinions of the people. 'Sinister communication,' then, is defined as any communication between private citizens and the White House that the Congress considers undesirable, i.e., citizens expressing their displeasure with the Legislative Branch.

In short, this is just one more example of Democrats trying to subvert the will of the people and insulate themselves against any outrage of the populace directed toward them.

My my, the Demo-Commies must really be getting scared of the citizenry.

In just two short months, Democrats have attempted to thwart free speech by introducing two different pieces of legislation, the first of which failed after the outcry of citizens was heard.

H.R. 984 is perhaps even more subversive than the first bill. This piece of trash needs to be discarded to the ash-heap of dead legislation even before it hits the House floor.

It is time once again to contact your Congressional Representatives in the House to express your desire to see H.R. 984 defeated.

Read the complete story here:

Anniversary of Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax

Charlotte, NC (TLS). One year ago this past Wednesday, March 14, 2006, marked the beginning of the one of the most despicable chapters in American jurisprudence--the day that Durham, North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong and his co-conspirators in the Durham police department plotted one of the biggest hoaxes and frame-ups ever to occur in the U.S. justice system.

Students of Duke University who were each part of the university's lacrosse team were charged with raping a woman at a private party. Nifong did not bother to interview the accuser until nearly 10 months later.

In the meantime, a community was torn apart, wild accusations were made, the public decided that the students were guilty before having their day in court, university professors publicly condemned the three students, and Nifong made statements to the media on numerous occasions claiming he had irrefutable proof that the students were guilty.

As it turns out, no such evidence existed, and what little evidence Nifong had was kept hidden from the court and the defense attorneys in a secret, under-the-table deal with the lab that examined DNA evidence--evidence that showed that none of the accused had sex with the woman who accused them.

In the midst of this parade of insanity the accuser changed her story numerous times, eventually admitting that the students did not rape her.

As for Nifong, the state BAR had gotten enough of his antics and charged him with prosecutorial misconduct, lying to the court, and a breach of ethics.

In spite of all of this, the students in question are still under indictment. They still face charges of kidnapping and sexual misdeeds of some sort, but not rape.

North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper appointed special prosecutors to pour over the documents following Nifong's removal of himself from the case in order to face charges as a defendant. Cooper, by the way, visited Durham on Thursday and spent 30 minutes inside the house where the supposed crimes took place.

Joan Foster of Liestoppers has written a poignant column commemorating the one year anniversary of the hoax. Her words are so gripping in fact, that I wrote to her to say that this piece should be published far and wide.

I offer you the first paragraph of Foster's brilliant and gripping observations. The link at the end of the paragraph will send you directly to her Liestoppers post.

'Today is Hoax Day, a time to remember what we've learned. Sadly, we've learned how pathetically biased and inaccurate all of our news media can be. We've learned that the media often does not correct or amend its mistakes, research its articles or prepare for talk-show "commentary." Instead they brazenly, carelessly or unconcernedly repeat the same misstatements over and over again. We understand now that this shoddy, biased reporting has NOT just occurred THIS ONE TIME THIS ONE CASE. We've learned our media is unreliable a great deal of the time. They are biased and agenda driven. We will no longer forgive it or indulge it when the bias matches our own. That's a deadly path for our intellect, our honesty and our freedom. Never forget the outrageous Hoax reporting. Never forget.'

Be sure to read the rest of it here:

Pressure on Roanoke Times Advertisers

Charlotte, NC (TLS). Those of you who value your Second Amendment rights as I do are always seeking ways to let our voices be heard in the public arena, particularly when all too many are ready to paint us as dangerous, fringe-element kooks who have no business driving an automobile much less owning a firearm.

Perhaps we would all do well to remember what the murders of abortion doctors did to the pro-life movement for several years. Such extreme actions on the part of dangerous individuals did the pro-life movement no favors and probably set the movement back by a decade or so. Only as science came to prove our contention that unborn babies have definite feelings, plus the images in the womb we have all come to view with awe, has the pro-life movement regained the momentum it lost when anti-abortion crusaders went on killing sprees.

It's hard to successfully make a point about 'pro-life' when you are killing doctors.

In like manner, it's hard to convince skeptics in law schools and politics that responsible gun ownership and use is the norm when a few terribly misguided souls make threats or damage our cause by 'bull-in-a-china-shop' reactions.

Thus, the question becomes, how do we best go about making our point in a responsible manner? How can we most effectively make our point?

The practice of calling to task newspaper publishers, editors, and reporters by publishing their personal information is a reasonable approach when gun-owners are treated like common criminals and even compared to child molesters in some publications, such as the Roanoke Times. If they publish our names and addresses, they can expect us to publish theirs. It's that simple. And it is fair.

Another reasonable approach is to call the newspaper to complain about the nature of their coverage of gun ownership. If the publishers are aware that enough of their readers are offended by the tone of their coverage, it can make a difference. So can subscription cancellation.

However, the most effective means, perhaps, of getting our message across is to contact the advertisers in the offending publications and complain to them. If advertisers get the slightest hint that having their names associated with extremist editors and reporters is having a negative impact on a significant number of their patrons, you can bet your last quarter they will pressure the newspaper to stop with the crap, or else.

And that 'or else' means pulling their advertising out of that newspaper.

Newspapers cannot survive without advertising dollars. In today's society, with newspaper readership and subscriptions reaching all-time lows, the only way most papers survive is through the advertising...the businesses that purchase ads in those papers.

If a paper loses a half-dozen or so major business accounts, it is often enough to put their operating budget in the red.

Thus, advertisers can send a strong message to publications--shape up or we can shut you down.

Most of us around the country who are keenly aware of Second Amendment issues have already done most of the things I have mentioned to express our displeasure with the manner in which we were treated in the Roanoke Times. The one thing that's left is something that only local subscribers can do--contact the advertisers. Tell them what you think about the action of the Roanoke Times in publishing the names of carriers of concealed firearms, many of whom are single women and single moms who are in grave danger when such information about them is made public.

And then let the businesses do the rest. If you suggest that you may not be able to do business with them if they advertise in the Roanoke Times, I think they will get the message.

And believe me, these businesses will be sure that the Roanoke Times gets the message.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Racial Overtones Plague Allenna Ward Case

Charlotte, NC (TLS). Like a nightmare that keeps recurring over and over, the Allenna Williams Ward case in Clinton, South Carolina is becoming even more eerily reminiscent of the infamous Duke lacrosse rape scandal--in more ways than one.

The Liberty Sphere has already reported that Ward may be the victim of a rogue Prosecutor, in the tradition of Mike Nifong, who needs to score a victory in a teacher sex scandal. Further investigations into this case lead us to believe that racial overtones may well figure into this scenario, just as they did with the three Caucasian Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape by a Black female prostitute.

Our investigation has uncovered deep problems within the Bell Street Middle School in Clinton with regard to racial issues. Although this fact has been carefully hidden from the public, the teenagers involved in this case are Black. From what we have been able to piece together, these Black teenage males were involved in inappropriate taunts aimed at the young Mrs. Ward, a 23-year old Caucasian in only her 2nd year of teaching.

One incident involving the teenagers sent Ward to the administrative office of the school to complain.

Rumor has it that the incident involved a cell phone picture that one of the Black teenagers took of Ward while she had her back turned. It is against school policy for students to have cell phones turned on in class. Most schools have policies that mandate teacher confiscation of cell phones, iPods, and the like. The parents are then called to come to the school to retrieve the items.

Therefore, if such a cell phone picture exits, then it was taken against school policy and against Mrs. Ward's knowledge.

Another rumor has been swirling concerning the nature of the infamous 'note' that made its way into the hands of school administrators. Apparently one of the teenage boys had been called down by Mrs. Ward for talking in class. She instructed him to write questions on paper if he wanted to ask something. The Black teenager proceeded to write an obscene message to Ward, which she tossed into the garbage.

Somehow the discarded obscene message mysteriously found its way to the administrators of the Bell Street Middle School.

These two rumors have not been confirmed by The Liberty Sphere, but they do offer at least some small glimpse into the scenario that was being played out at the Bell Street Middle School.

As in the Duke case in Durham, North Carolina, not only do we have here a situation where a Caucasian is being accused by Black teenage boys, but the community of which Bell Street Middle School is a part is a central factor in this entire troubling mess. Ward was almost immediately found guilty in the court of public opinion even before any of the facts of this case were known. A prosecutor pandered to the Black community, as we found in Durham.

At this stage, with each passing day this case is appearing to be nothing but a set-up job perpetrated by Black teenage boys gone bad in order to cover up their despicable behavior in school toward their young teacher.

State Circuit Solicitor Jerry Peace had better have some bombshell irrefutable evidence against Mrs. Ward, or else he is going to have a uprising on his hands consisting of peasants with pitchforks demanding that he come clean about a white teacher being set up by some bad Black teenagers.

Roanoke Times Will Not Re-Post List

Charlotte, NC (TLS). In a statement released Wednesday, the Roanoke Times newspaper in Roanoke, Virginia stated that it would not re-post the list of owners of concealed handguns. The announcement came in response to word from government officials in Virginia that the list did not contain the names of protected persons.

Thus, while the Times is apparently in the clear with regard to running afoul of state law, the newspaper stated that it would not republish the list of gun owners, citing Christian Trejbal's initial story as 'merely an example of freedom of information.' Stating that it did not intend to target a group of private citizens maliciously, the Times contends the objective of Trejbal's article was met and there is therefore no need to re-post the information. The Times had removed the list under threats of legal action and questions concerning the legality of publishing some of the names.

However, when one reads Trejbal's editorial column, the nature, tone, and tenor of the rhetoric is clearly hostile to gun owners, in spite of the newspaper's claim that the list was merely published as an 'example of freedom of information.' Such a claim would be credible were it not for one major, central factor--Christian Trejbal's own words in his editorial column. The list must be viewed within the context of the writer's own words.

Within that column, which is a matter of public record, Trejbal makes several statements questioning the prudence of private ownership of handguns. In addition, he states that citizens in Virginia 'have a right to know if their neighbor is packing heat.'

Excuse me, Mr. Trejbal, but who says so? Law abiding citizens minding their own business have no legal obligation to disclose to anyone they are carrying a gun in the United States of America. It is called liberty, and it is protected in the U.S. Constitution under the provisions of the Second Amendment.

In refusing to condemn the practice of Christian Trejbal in attempting to shame and target gun owners, the Roanoke Times has continued to make itself vulnerable to multi-million-dollar lawsuits brought by those whose security and personal safety were compromised by the publication of that list. The lame excuse that Trejbal was merely giving an example of freedom of information, when he essentially compared gun owners to child molesters, is reason enough to totally dismiss their explanation.

Now that Trejbal has opened this can of worms, the 'freedom of information' to know which citizens are carrying concealed handguns may be very shortlived. Legislators in the state of Virginia have asked the state Attorney-General for an opinion, which many observers say is a signal that the next legislative session may pass a law protecting the privacy of such information.

In the long run, Trejbal and the Roanoke Times may have done gun owners a big favor.

In the meantime, the citizens should continue to cancel their subscriptions and talk to their attorneys about legal action against Trejbal and the Roanoke Times.

Katie Couric-CBS News' Spin of Attorney Firings

Charlotte, NC (TLS). As much as one would like to say that the slanted and downright dishonest journalism at CBS News is an isolated phenomenon, unfortunately the practices one observes being utilized by Katie Couric and CBS News is but one small example of a widespread problem in television news on the three major networks.

Couric and the brass at CBS News have pulled another fast one on the public by claiming that the actions of the Bush Administration in firing eight U.S. Prosecutors is 'unprecedented.'

Not only did Couric use the term 'unprecedented' to describe the dismissals, but she turned to a CBS News' legal advisor/reporter, who again stated that the firings were 'unprecedented.'

All of this was done, of course, to support the charges of ethically-challenged Democrats and Little Chucky Schumer that the firings were politically motivated.

The problem is that Couric's description of the actions of Attorney-General Alberto Gonzalez in dismissing the attorneys is simply not true. CBS News lied. Katie Couric lied. The firings are anything BUT 'unprecedented.'

Let me refresh the memories of the CBS producers and their anchor for just a moment. In 1993, President Bill Clinton summarily fired every single one of the U.S. Prosecutors in the Justice Department--all 93 of them.

In addition, the one and only reason that Clinton, via Attorney-General Janet Reno, fired all 93 U.S. Attorneys was purely a political one. Clinton wanted his own people in those positions, period. One of the fired prosecutors in particular was investigating the shady dealings of the Clintons in Arkansas and replaced by a Clinton crony.

Thus, the charge that Bush fired eight U.S. Attorneys 'for political purposes' seems rather disingenuous, hollow, and hypocritical coming from Democrats and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media. When are these dismissals ever NOT 'political?'

The 93 attorneys that Clinton and Reno dismissed had done no wrong. There was no stain on their performance. None had been accused of failing to accomplish the task to which they were assigned. Yet Clinton fired every last one of them.

So, the question becomes, why did Katie Couric and CBS News conveniently fail to report the 1993 Clinton Administration massacre of U.S. Attorneys while describing the dismissal of only 8 attorneys by the Bush Administration as 'unprecedented?'

If Couric and CBS News defend their actions by claiming that 1993 was different because a new President is expected to make changes in political appointments, then they will have done nothing but prove that the recent firing of eight is nothing unusual at all. They are POLITICAL APPOINTEES that serve at the discretion of the President.

Thus, if Clinton could dismiss all 93 attorneys in 1993 for political reasons which we grant to all Presidents, then what is the problem with Bush's firing 8 of these attorneys for political reasons?

Despite the cries of the dismissed attorneys and their defenders in claiming that prosecutors for the U.S. government should be 'free from the politics of Washington,' the fact of the matter is that without the political appointments they received, they would never have gotten those jobs at all. The very positions they hold are 'political' appointments and always have been.

In addition, invariably, story after story is beginning to slowly emerge as we find out more about the eight who were fired--stories that indicate these particular attorneys failed to perform a few crucial aspects of their jobs. In Washington State, for example, the U.S. Attorney failed to file a request for a recount of a very close and hotly contested race in that state. Others failed to expedite the investigations of widespread corruption and illegal activity on the part of some high-profile Democrats who so far have not only gotten away with their crimes but sit in powerful offices within the new Congress.

It is clear, therefore, that the eight prosecutors in question were negligent in performing their duty and needed to go.

In fact, there are more who need to go for different reasons, such as Johnny Sutton, who so far has succeeded in making a name for himself as perhaps the most corrupt attorney in the federal government.

However, CBS News and Katie Couric have been negligent in their duties to fully inform the public of all the pertinent facts in a story. Their statement that the firing of eight attorneys is 'unprecedented' is not only a lie, but it hides a basic truth that Clinton and company did far worse in firing all 93. And once again, CBS News has shown itself to be nothing more than a 30-minute advertisement for the Democrat Party.

Bring on the fairness doctrine!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Public Information on Roanoke Times Editors

Charlotte, NC (TLS). We understand that editorial writer Christian Trejbal of the Roanoke Times has had an avalanche of phone calls, emails, and text messages sent to him, some of which has been threatening, unfortunately.

Let me say unequivocally that The Liberty Sphere does not condone nor encourage any threat of harm against those who disagree with us or who do things that we deplore.

Those who make personal threats of physical harm, including death threats, or bomb threats, and the like, are actually hurting our cause. Threats of this nature do nothing to advance the freedoms of the Second Amendment and the liberties we all love in America. Instead, these actions drive persons to judge our entire movement by the extremist, dangerous actions of a tiny minority.

Our intent is not to harm anyone or to participate in the extreme, misguided, and deplorable actions of a tiny minority within the pro-gun movement. Rather, we wish to call newspapers, their editors, columnists, and publishers to accountability. If the tactic of publishing the names of gun owners is utilized, it is only fair that the same be done with the reporters and media personnel who participate in this despicable act of contempt of those who support the Second Amendment.

Thus, we respectfully issue the call to accountability on the part of the following persons connected with the Roanoke Times, including Christian Trejbal:

Dan Radmacher, Editorial Page Editor

President and Publisher Debbie Meade.

We encouraging those who subscribe to the Roanoke Times to write letters to the editor and drop the paper. I don’t think they yet understand the extent of the outrage they have created.

Christian J. Trejbal
675 School Ln.
Christianburg, VA 24073

As we have stated before, The Liberty Sphere will not hesitate to publish information about columnists, reporters, editors, and publishers who engage in the despicable practice of targeting gun owners by publishing their names, addresses, and phone numbers. It is only fair that if you engage in this practice, you should have the same done to you.

The Gonzalez News Conference

Charlotte, NC (TLS). U.S. Attorney-General Alberto Gonzalez gave a news conference Tuesday afternoon to answer charges by Democrats that the recent firing of a handful of U.S. Attorneys was politically motivated.

Leading the charge for the Democrats is 'Little Chucky' Schumer, who claims that Gonzalez fired the attorneys because they did not investigate charges of Democrat corruption in Congress.

It seems obvious that Little Chucky is treading on thin ice with these charges, given the present ethically-challenged Democrat leadership in the U.S. Congress. At least a dozen top Democrats are under a cloud of suspicion due to charges of corruption and the breaking of federal law. Some of these very Democrats chair major committees in Congress, such as John Conyers, Patrick Leahy, and even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The fact that the crimes and misdemeanors of these and other Democrats in Congress were never adequately investigated by the Department of Justice, then yes, these U.S. Attorneys were not performing adequately and needed to be fired. In this regard, Gonzalez is 100% correct. Perhaps their replacements will get about the business of investigating the blatant disregard for the law, particularly on the part of those like Conyers, who broke federal campaign laws.

And this is precisely why Democrats are upset with the firings.

The real source of scandal within the U.S. Department of Justice surrounds U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, who interestingly was not fired. This is in spite of his vendetta against American law enforcement officials who wish to uphold the U.S. Code in apprehending law-breakers who enter the country illegally. Sutton's modus operandi toward law enforcement at the southern border is that if an officer does his job conscientiously in upholding federal law concerning illegal aliens, he/she can expect to be punished by Sutton by being hauled to court, tried, and found guilty, and then tossed into prison to serve lengthy sentences.

Two border patrol agents and at least four other lawmen in Texas have suffered under the oppressive, heavy hand of a U.S. Attorney who has turned his head to clear federal law in the U.S. Code concerning illegal aliens.

Yet in the Gonzalez massacre of U.S. Attorneys, Sutton was spared.

Remember, Sutton is a Bush crony in Texas. Not only that, but Bush has a tarnished track record when it comes to immigration. He has privately stated that America is not a place but a concept. It is only one small baby-step from there to embracing open borders. Sutton has certainly given the citizens of America and the government of Mexico the impression that open borders are already a reality, in spite of federal law to the contrary.

To be fair, Mr. Bush should have ordered Gonzalez to fire ALL U.S. Attorneys just as Bill Clinton did during the first days of his second term in office. But that is another story in and of itself.

On Tuesday of this week, Bush was in Mexico promising to the Mexican President that he would 'work very hard toward immigration reform legislation.'

That must have been music to the ears of the Mexican government and the thousands of law-breakers who wish to rape and plunder this nation without any risk of prosecution.

Ted Kennedy and John McCain have already sponsored legislation in the Senate that would, in effect, grant amnesty to illegal aliens, just like that, with one swipe of the pen. Mr. Bush's proposals are as close as one can get to an amnesty program without going quite as far as the Kennedy-McCain plan.

If the Democrats were truly smart, they would recognize that there IS a scandal of gargantuan proportions involving Sutton, the U.S. Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, Alberto Gonzalez, and the President himself. The only problem is that Democrats are co-conspirators in this particular scandal of subverting federal law and allowing the invasion of illegal aliens into this country unhindered. This is the reason you will not hear one peep out of Little Chucky Schumer about it.

Little Chucky and rest of his cohorts are scared to death that the new attorneys Gonzalez will hire will target the corrupt law-breakers who Chair committees in the new Democrat majority in Congress!

As for the Sutton-Homeland Security-Justice Department scandal, Gonzalez continues to pretend it does not exist, treating it as the white elephant sitting on the dining room table that everyone knows is there but no one is willing to acknowledge. The problem is that with the denial, the flesh-eating bacteria that this scandal poses only continues its ooze toward infecting the entirety of the Bush administration.

Historic Jamestown 'Celebration' Banned

Charlotte, NC (TLS). The 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown settlement, 13 years before the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, cannot be referred to as a 'celebration' but as an 'invasion,' according to event organizer Mary Wade and the other members of the 'Jamestown 2007 Organizing Committee.'

Event organizers refer to the historic founding of the settlement as a 'holocaust.'

And that has some experts in history upset, since the advent of Jamestown provided what later became the United States with important introductions to Christian common law, a republican representative government, the first Protestant Christian worship service, and its first interracial marriage.

But, the 'pc' police, as usual, has rained on the parade of normal, uniquely American celebrations. Apparently, none of the great accomplishments listed above can be celebrated.

Is it just me, or is it fairly obvious that every single time someone in America sets out to celebrate freedom, human progress in liberty, Constitutional representative government, and the like, the politically correct crowd finds a way to crash the party and turn it into a downer...another reason to lament over our supposed 'collective guilt.'

I have a message to the Jamestown 2007 organizers--you are an embarrassment to your country and to the founders of the settlement.

Read the story here:

Update on Roanoke Times-Christian Trejbal

Charlotte, NC (TLS). The Roanoke Times newspaper and its editorial writer, Christian Trejbal, are apparently up to their eyeballs in an explosive controversy over the publication of the names and addresses of registered owners of concealed weapons in the state of Virginia.

Stating that the citizens of Virginia 'have a right to know if their neighbor is packing heat,' Trejbal proceeded to use his column in the Roanoke Times to list the names and addresses of gun owners.

In a late-breaking update to this story, authorities state that not all of the information Trejbal made public was authorized for public scrutiny. This means that whoever helped Trejbal gain access to the information he published may have broken state law. And in turn, this would also mean that Trejbal broke the law as did the newspaper that published the information.

As we reported Tuesday afternoon on The Liberty Sphere, the actions of Trejbal and his newspaper may place them wide-open to multi-million-dollar lawsuits. Publishing the names of persons who have a right, affirmed by the state of Virginia, to carry concealed weapons is a breach of personal security. Had I been one of the citizens named on that list, I would have made a bee-line to my attorney's office to sign the paperwork for such a massive lawsuit myself.
Since The Liberty Sphere published that story late Tuesday afternoon, reports indicate that the Roanoke Times has been inundated with an avalanche of phone calls, emails, and text messages from irate readers concerning the publishing of the names. There is also widespread talk of cancellations of subscriptions to the paper.

Apparently the outcry of the citizens is being heard. The Roanoke Times took down the posted list of gun owners from its website. But before it took this action, the damage had already been done. Hundreds, if not thousands, of readers had already seen who was on that list, including some powerful politicians in the area. One reader even found her own name on the list for all to see--a female who lives alone.

My friends, this is a call to action. As we have already advocated on The Liberty Sphere, gun owners should track down and publicize the personal information of news reporters and newspaper editors who engage in this despicable practice of attempting to target and shame gun owners. The property information of every single person in America is available to the public at the county courthouse of their residence. This should be made public and posted on the Internet. That way, whenever a hot-shot 'reporter' decides to conduct a vendetta against gun owners in the name of journalism, we will fight back by putting THEIR information online for all to see. Tit for tat.

In addition, readers of the Roanoke Times should immediately call the paper and cancel their subscriptions. Did I mention we can put newspapers out of business too?

I am also calling for persons whose names were published by The Roanoke Times and their rogue editorialist, Christian Trejbal, to consider taking legal action in the wake of having your personal security compromised by the tasteless, despicable, and deplorable actions of a newspaper and a columnist. You do not have to take this sitting down. You have legal rights.

And if someone in the government of the state of Virginia helped Christian Trejbal and the Roanoke Times to break the law by publicizing names that should not have been made public, then every single person involved in this scandal should face the full consequences of the law.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shedding Light on Roanoke Times and Trejbal

Charlotte, NC (TLS). Yet another newspaper has decided to conduct an anti-gun campaign by publishing the names and addresses of registered owners of concealed weapons.

This time the culprit is the Roanoke Times and its editorial writer, Christian Trejbal.

Trejbal used the opportunity posed by so-called 'sunshine week,' which is supposed to highlight the fact that government activity should be open to the public, to publicize the complete names and addresses of private citizens who own guns.

He may well find himself in the midst of multi-million-dollar lawsuits, as gun owners pressed the Times to take down the information due to 'security concerns.'

The fact that publishing the names and addresses of gun owners compromises the security of private citizens should be a no-brainer. Apparently not when it comes to the Roanoke Times and its numbskull editorial writer, Mr. Trejbal. Did he actually think that he could get away with this breach of privacy? Sure, the records are available at the courthouse, but this does NOT mean it is advisable or prudent to publish them. If my name had been included in the database the Times published, I would be at my attorney's office TODAY doing the paperwork for a massive lawsuit against both the Times AND Mr. Trejbal.

The Liberty Sphere takes such attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights very seriously. The last time a news reporter engaged in such an attack we published that reporter's name, address, phone number, and gave a complete description of his property, including its complete dimensions--information that is ALSO available to the public at any county courthouse.

Perhaps someone should return the favor to Mr. Trejbal. If he has the unmitigated gall to do such a dastardly thing, then we can surely get all of his 'private' information and publish it all over the Internet. What's good for the goose is surely good for the gander.

And let the media beware. We are not playing. Continue with this sordid attempt to shame and harm gun owners, and you will find that YOUR information will be blasted all over every search engine online. Property information is PUBLIC information that is entered into courthouse records. Any citizen who asks can gain access to it.

So beware, my dear news writers. You could be next.

Read the original editorial by Trejbal here:

The 'Nifonging' of the American Public

Charlotte, NC (TLS). The infamous case of Prosecutor Mike Nifong, who has been charged by the North Carolina Bar with prosecutorial misconduct, lying to the court, and ethics violations, has become a metaphor for the aggressive prosecution of the innocent by state's attorneys with ulterior motives.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald charged Scooter Libby with a crime he did not commit, the basis of which was not even a crime at all. Instead of going after the real source of the leak, Mr. Richard Armitage, Fitzgerald chose instead to railroad Scooter Libby into facing charges of a crime which is not really a crime--which is why Armitage was not charged in the first place...meaning, of course, that the entire trial was a sham from start to finish--a political set-up job by a rogue Special Prosecutor with an ax to grind with Vice President Dick Cheney over the War in Iraq.

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton of El Paso, Texas has relentlessly and mercilessly targeted law enforcement officials in the state of Texas who have jurisdiction over the counties and municipalities near or at the southern border. Not only that but he has exhibited a penchant for punishing conscientious Border Patrol agents who are doing their best to uphold federal law by protecting our borders against illegal aliens.

Despite the clear wording of the United States Code, which states that the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens is a felony, Sutton has proceeded to aid and abet the aliens by prosecuting the law enforcement officials who apprehend them.

In case after case, various news organizations such as CNS News Service and WorldNetDaily have documented a paper trail of blatant prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Johnny Sutton in going after innocent men who attempt to guard our borders and uphold FEDERAL law.

Yet so far not a single move has been made to investigate Sutton or remove him from these cases, in spite of desperate pleas by Republican Congressmen who are familiar with Sutton and his misdeeds.

Regardless of what ANYONE says in Sutton's defense, the message he is sending to Mexico and to American citizens is that there are two sets of laws that govern this nation--one for illegal aliens, and one for the rest of us. And if one of the 'rest of us' dares to enforce the laws of the United States Code in apprehending illegal aliens at the border, that person will have hell to pay in a court of law, including a lengthy term of imprisonment.

Thus, Sutton is making it clear that when it comes to illegal aliens, the law be damned.

And the message that Mexico hears is, 'Gee, we can rape and plunder America all we want. We don't have to worry about immigration laws. We have Sutton at the border to protect us!'

Despite all of this accumulation of graft, President George W. Bush still stubbornly refuses to issue pardons to Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean. And his crony Johnny Sutton is still sitting at the Border waiting for an honorable law enforcement official to do his that he can haul his sorry butt to court.

It is Sutton's sorry butt that needs to be rotting in prison rather than Ramos and Compean. The man is committing felonies right and left by aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

And then we come to South Carolina, where Allenna Williams Ward awaits her court hearing on April 2, under charges of engaging in criminal sexual conduct with under-age teenage boys. The state's attorney in the case, Jerry Peace, sorely needs to score a victory on a teacher sex scandal case. Two previous situations went nowhere in a hurry, and those who pressure state's attorneys, in addition to the self-pressure of prosecutors, on the basis of 'wins' rather than true justice being done seem to believe that Ward is an easy target to make a point.

Peace's behavior in this case has been suspect for many various reasons, not the least of which is that he did not adhere to his usual practice of pleading out cases such as this when he feels his case is solid. From what The Liberty Sphere can tell so far, in carefully researching the details, the charges, the logistics, etc., Allenna Williams Ward is a naive, sheltered young woman who may have engaged in some boundary violations with the teenagers. But boundary violations do not equal criminal sexual behavior. Lack of maturity and wisdom in what would normally be called harmless behavior is NOT child molestation or rape.

Although the teachers of the Bell Street Elementary School are under a gag order concerning Ward, it is clear that when they speak in general terms about the case there is a state of disbelief that Ward would engage in the activities the charges indicate.

In fact, not a single shred of supporting evidence in terms of Ward's character, behavior, reputation, demeanor, or deportment in the least bit suggests any tendencies toward the acts with which she is charged.

So far, the only evidence against her is the word of a few 14-15 year old boys.

Even the attorney representing three of the boys cannot produce any physical evidence proving that a text message was sent by Ward to his client telling him to 'keep his mouth shut,'
neither does the state's attorney possess any proof that such a text message exists.

In addition, the so-called cell-phone picture, the supposed 'smoking gun,' is so far nothing more than hearsay perpetrated by those with a vested interest in covering their tracks, since NOBODY--not the prosecutor, not law enforcement, and not the attorney representing the boys--possesses such a photo. In fact, the rumor of a cell-phone photo has the smell of an after-thought--a means to shore up what is beginning to look like a sham of a story, a made-up tale by teenagers gone bad.

So far, neither the infamous text message nor the infamous photo have been produced. Thus, we can only assume they do not exist.

Unless someone can produce the proof that Ward sent that message, and that the message referred specifically to the crimes she is accused of committing, and unless someone can place Ward at the motel in question, or in any of the other public places where the supposed encounters took place, then it would appear that Peace has no case. And if it turns out that the boys lied about the existence of a cell phone photo, then it will be clear that these wayward teenagers made a mockery of the United States Judicial System.

Thus, Ward would be yet another innocent citizen to be 'nifonged.'

The sad and frightening scenario that is developing in the wake of all of these miscarriages of justice is that the entire criminal justice system in America is under siege by dishonest individuals who do not care in the least that the law is upheld or that justice is done, but only that they get to add another 'notch to their belt,' or that they can accomplish a subversive agenda, such as the deliberate violation of the nation's immigration laws.

If the persons who hold the title of District Attorney, or State's Attorney, or U.S. Attorney, or Special Prosecutor, are not basically honest persons of integrity, then no one in America is safe from having their reputations ruined and their good names dragged through the mud. A dishonest person with that kind of power is not only a scourge to the nation but a dangerous cancer growing on the legal system.

How many innocent persons sit rotting in jail because of these deceptive thugs?

Unless these individuals are rooted out of their positions of power, then the entire judicial system of the United States of America is suspect. The system of a free Constitutional Republic depends upon the integrity of the men and women who hold its offices. If these individuals cannot be trusted, then the entire system fails.

I have just named four individuals within the system who either cannot be trusted outright, or who are at least under some suspicion.

The question is, do these high-profile individuals represent the state of the system as a whole, or are they exceptions to the rule? The more that cases like this dominate the news, and the longer we as a society allow the dishonest to get away with it, the more it appears that their lack of integrity is the norm. We are witnessing the nifonging of the American public.

President George W. Bush could do the entire nation a favor by setting a good example for others among the various states to follow. He could remove Sutton from office and investigate him for prosecutorial misconduct, lying to the court, and for violating the code of ethics. He could pardon the accused law enforcement officials who have suffered under the heavy-handedness of Sutton's oppression.

If the President sets such an example, this could well be the signal that dishonesty in prosecuting cases will not be tolerated anywhere within the United States of America.

Such a Presidential move is long overdue.

U.S. Judge Calls Homeschoolers 'Child-Abusers'!

Charlotte, NC (TLS). A Superior Court Judge in New Jersey has stated in open court that homeschooling a child is tantamount to child abuse!

Here we go again.

Where do these idiots come from?

Someone needs to tell the good 'Judge' that in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the government does not have control over children. The PARENTS do. And that means we can jolly well homeschool our kids if we want to.

What about the abusive PUBLIC school system where kids and teachers are in danger of being killed by teenagers, where sex between 12-year-olds happens in class, where drug abuse is rampant, and where values such as pledging allegiance to the flag are frowned upon?

Add this 'Judge' to the other thugs who are ruining our nation's judicial system.

Maybe we could charge him with a 'hate crime' for denigrating people who homeschool for no good reason at all, except for his obvious hatred for them.

Here is the complete story:

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Liberty Sphere Top Stories for Monday


Scroll down for these stories and commentary on The Liberty Sphere this Monday morning.

**Fred Thompson, well-known actor and former U.S. Senator may run for the Republican Presidential nomination. This will change the face of the entire race.

**Newt Gingrich confessed to James Dobson that he had an affair in the 1990s. Will this help or hurt?


Enter Fred Thompson

Washington, DC (TLS). On Fox News this Sunday morning, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson stated that he has thought about throwing his hat into the ring for the Republican Presidential nomination. Denying that his entry into the race would be a statement about the quality of Republican candidates, or the lack thereof, Thompson insists that he is considering the possibility of running because his views need a hearing.

And there is no doubt a Thompson candidacy will gain a hearing for his views.

Thompson is a long-time movie actor and television star, currently appearing as a regular cast member of 'Law and Order.' He also served his home state of Tennessee with distinction as a conservative Republican in the U.S. Senate.

Wherever Thompson goes there is an entourage of news media personnel, giving the former Senator a 'star quality' that is on the same par as that of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Thompson insists that he is in no big hurry to make an announcement, in spite of dire warnings from pundits such as Dick Morris that any candidate who announces as late as Labor Day will not have enough time to build the 100-million-dollar war chest he/she will need by Jan. 1, 2008 in order to run a competitive campaign.

In Thompson's case, however, there may be an exception.

He has instant name recognition. He has star quality. He generates excitement and energy wherever he goes and would have no problem raising multi-mega-bucks in short order.

The thing that is different about Thompson's so-called 'star quality,' however, is that he is basically a non-controversial figure. He is a politician in the pure Tennessean tradition. Tennesseans like for their politicians to be low-keyed, solid, consistent, trustworthy. Thompson is all of this and more. He has the ability to create excitement without appearing the least bit shallow or 'camera-hungry.'

Thompson has that cool-as-a-cucumber 'gravitas' that one needs to be taken seriously.

Enough about his persona and on to his views on the issues. Thompson is a solid conservative in the Reagan tradition. He is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-traditional marriage, pro-defense, pro-low taxes. The only thing we do not know for sure is his current stance on the nation's immigration nightmare. If he stands for enforcing the laws against illegal aliens, as prescribed in the United States Code, then conservatives will most definitely have yet another candidate they can support whole-heartedly.

The possibility that Fred Thompson could enter this race changes the entire scenario. If he decides to run, you can throw out all of your pre-conceived notions about 'front-runners' so far. It's a whole new ballgame.

Newt's Confession

Washington, DC (TLS). Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich confessed to evangelical Christian leader James Dobson and his massive radio audience that he had an affair during the 1990s while he served in Congress. Gingrich stated that he had recognized his wrongdoing and had asked God to forgive him.

Newt is to be congratulated and affirmed for his honesty.

The reason why Newt's confession rings authentic and thus rises above that of most politicians is that in other cases such confessions come only after one is 'caught with their pants down.' Newt had nothing to gain and nothing to lose in making this public confession to a deed that has gone relatively unnoticed. It is not like someone in the media had caught the former Congressman in a compromising situation and was hounding him about the truth of the misdeeds. This confession came out of the blue, under no pressure from anyone to talk about it.

In addition, Newt's confession is further significant in that the affair took place during Bill Clinton's impeachment hearings--hearings of which Gingrich was a part. Being basically a deeply spiritual man at the core of his being, this fact more than likely haunted Newt for all these years. While castigating Bill Clinton's dalliances with Monica Lewinsky, he himself was engaged in an adulterous affair.

Thus, the confession was an exercise in the cleansing of the soul.

No doubt, most of James Dobson's listeners, and the Christian community in general, can be very forgiving when a wayward soul makes such a stark and honest confession. However, the problem is not with the evangelical Christian community but with hypocritical Democrats should Newt decide to seek the Republican nomination for President.

Democrats in Congress have already shown the populace time and again that they have no qualms at all about vilifying a Republican for doing what they defended a Democrat for doing. The Democrat mantra is, 'If we do it, it's ok, but if THEY do it, it's wrong.'

Look at how many Democrats sit in positions of leadership in Congress who have terrible legal and ethical stains on their records--Kennedy, Conyers, Reid, Leahy, Murtha, and about a dozen more. Yet they thought Scooter Libby should be in jail for 'outing' an operative who everyone in town already knew about and who was not even a covert operative to begin with.

Conyers on the other hand broke federal campaign laws.

Thus, in spite of the fact that the Democrats gave us Bill 'Cigars' Clinton, Gerry 'I Love Under-Age Boys' Studds, and the like, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will have a field-day with Newt's confession to an affair while he was presiding over impeachment hearings on Bill Clinton.

One can imagine all sorts of nightmarish, tasteless, and downright sleazy attack ads aimed at Newt. Christians forgive but Democrats need campaign fodder. No matter how vehemently they defended Bill Clinton and Gerry Studds, they will turn right around and attempt to make Newt into the Devil himself.

The Gingrich confession may well work to Newt's favor in the long-run. We shall see. But there are deep and treacherous waters here that will have to be navigated.

By the way, it is not totally coincidental that former Tennessee Senator and TV Star Fred Thompson announced Sunday he may seek the Republican nomination. Here is a man with solid conservative credentials, with instant name recognition, and with little excess baggage, who could well become the 'dark horse' candidate who rises to the top in a hurry.

Stay tuned. It's really getting interesting out there.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kennedy the Felon

Washington, DC (TLS). In 1965 Senator Ted Kennedy, D-MA--known on The Liberty Sphere as 'Senator Blowhard'--vigorously pushed an immigration reform bill that would become a watershed moment not only in American politics but in American culture. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965 would forever change the face of America, opening the floodgates to unskilled poor laborers from Third World countries and limiting the quotas on skilled workers from the European countries that founded this nation.

To put it succinctly, Kennedy insured that the quotas on immigration would be changed to favor the Third World and to place severe limits on the number of Europeans who could immigrate to the U.S.

At the time Kennedy arrogantly denounced the Bill's detractors, claiming the legislation would most definitely NOT result in our cities being flooded with at least a million immigrants per year, and that the ethnic mix within these cities would NOT change.

Kennedy lied.

Not only did the flood gates open to millions of new immigrants annually but the racial and ethnic makeup of our cities changed drastically as tens of thousands of persons from the Third World, such as Latin America, Africa, and Asia, flooded our metropolitan areas.

By 1986 the problem had become so dire that the citizens pressured their representatives in Washington to act. They acted alright. But what they did was anything but stemming the tide of the onslaught.

Once again it was Senator Blowhard who led the fight, introducing and supporting a measure known as the 'Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.'

When Kennedy heard the outcry of Americans that politicians do something about illegal aliens, he heard in his own head, 'Legalize them and they won't be illegal aliens.'

The legislation amounted to nothing more than a massive granting of amnesty to illegal aliens. 2.9 million illegals were legalized and granted citizenship under Kennedy's leadership. The bill contained a provision that imposed employer sanctions so that such a thing would supposedly never happen again.

Or as Kennedy put it at the time, 'This will be the end of illegal immigration.'

End of story, right? Not so fast.

During the Clinton years of the 1990s, illegal aliens began flooding the country yet again. First, we were told there were 3 million. Then 5 million. But by the time it was all over we had at least 20 million illegal aliens living in this country.

This outrage continues today as the government turns its head to felons who hire illegal aliens, and as that very government encourages the aiding and abetting of law-breakers by telling them not to inquire as to the immigration status of these persons--which makes the government officials themselves felons.

The outcry from the public is reaching a fever pitch. Clearly Americans by overwhelming majorities want to stop the flow of illegal aliens into this country.

But once again guess who is on the forefront of this issue and once again hearing in his own mind the outcry of citizens to be, 'Let's take care of the problem by legalizing them!'? None other than Senator Teddy 'Blowhard' Kennedy.

Kennedy wants to make legal citizens overnight out of over 20 million illegal aliens who broke the law in coming here without due process. 20 MILLION. Thus, in one swipe of the pen in signing such legislation, 20 million people that we know nothing about, whose background is a mystery, would immediately and unequivocally become legal U.S. citizens.

Once again, what does the LAW, the U.S. Code, say about those who aid and abet illegal aliens? It says they are FELONS. That to act in any way as to aid and abet illegals is a felony in the United States of America.

Senator Ted Kennedy is committing a felony, therefore, just as he has twice before, not counting his Chappaquiddick 'dead woman in the car' mystery.

And guess what? President George W. Bush is pushing such legislation as well, thus betraying the very people who put him in office.

20 million illegal aliens becoming legal citizens overnight, without having to do what honorable people have done in going through the naturalization process legally. This is an outrage to any honorable law-abiding American. The citizens should let their voices be heard NOW. We want the flow of illegal aliens into this country STOPPED, NOT by making them legal, but by enforcing U.S. laws that are already on the books.

Immigration Status an Important Question

Washington, DC (TLS). Let me present a hypothetical situation for a moment. In a small town in America a local police officer spots a group of persons of Hispanic descent traveling in a small auto that is seen running a red light. The officer turns on his blue light and pulls over the auto.

He asks to see the driver's license of the driver, but the driver does not understand his question, and says something in Spanish. The officer does not understand Spanish, so he shows the driver an example of what he's looking for. The driver indicates he has no such thing.

Thus, the officer has on his hands a situation where a car-full of Hispanics who do not speak English not only run a red light but do not possess a driver's license. He suspects that they are illegal aliens, but he is forbidden by his department from asking such a question.

What does the officer then do? Write a ticket? Allow them to continue driving after the ticket is issued? Take them in to the police station? Place them under arrest?

So far the charges against them are that they ran a red light and have no license to drive. These are not considered crimes but misdemeanors which are normally handled with much leniency.

Yet the officer knows that since no one in the group has a driver's license he will probably never see or hear from them ever again. Yet if he takes them into the police station for questioning, not only has he done more than one would do under normal conditions such a this, but in order to get at the heart of the matter, the subject of immigration status will come up. But he is not allowed to go there. Thus, his hands are tied.

My friends, this is precisely the predicament in which many law enforcement officials find themselves across America today. In many municipalities, such as New York City, officers are forbidden from inquiring about immigration status. In some school districts across the nation, immigration status cannot be asked of those who apply for jobs within those districts--as a matter of district policy.

Yet the United States Code specifically refers to the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens as a felony. A FELONY.

How on earth can one determine if someone has committed a felony if one cannot even inquire about the immigration status of the person in question?

And this is precisely the root of the problem. If you can't ask, then that lets off the hook any American who hires or otherwise aids and abets illegals. They can claim they did not know. How? Because their government is giving them a way around being charged with a felony.

Yes, their own government is encouraging citizens to engage in behavior that is described as a felony in the U.S. Code.

Any municipality, state, or school district that forbids inquiring about immigration status should be sued. Possible criminal charges should be brought against officials within those entities who proposed and implemented these felonious acts.

So far, the Bush Administration has done just enough window-dressing to claim it is doing something about the problem, such as the border fence, rounding up groups of illegals here and there. But it has failed miserably to attack the problem at its root--the government's own unwillingness to go after municipalities, school districts, and big businesses (and even some small businesses) that engage in aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

It is asinine to disallow law enforcement officers to inquire about the immigration status of persons living within that municipality. It is worse than asinine for a school district to hire persons without any verification of their immigration status. And it is a stinking, rotten travesty for American companies to get away with hiring persons who are known illegals, when federal law clearly prohibits it.

People who commit felonies should be prosecuted.

Why are we not doing it?

Who is encouraging doing nothing about it?

The LAW states these people are committing felonies.

They should be hauled to jail and charged with aiding and abetting illegal aliens under the provisions of the U.S. Code, which refers to their actions as a felony.

Court Says 'Family Values' is Hate Speech

Washington, DC (TLS). The infamous, ultra-Leftwing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the term 'family values' is hate speech and can thus be banned by the City of San Francisco.

The circumstances that led to the ruling had to do with the City of San Francisco banning certain forms of speech among its employees. The City had contended that terms such as 'marriage,' 'natural family,' and 'family values' are forms of hate speech that could scare certain employees. Thus, these terms should be banned.

When the Commie speech police that runs San Francisco faced opposition, they took their fight to the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which had ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional because it contained the words, 'One nation under God.'

Many of us wondered at the time if the 9th Circuit Court would also rule that the Constitution itself is unconstitutional.

When the Commie Circuit Court of the People's Republic of California got this particular case, it ruled that all of the terms mentioned above constitute 'hate speech' and could thus by banned by the City of San Francisco.

How's THIS for some speech you might not like: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is a loony-toons kangaroo court that is occupied by mindless clowns of the Leftwing lunatic fringe who don't even BEGIN to know the definition of the term 'constitutionality.'

Read the entire story of their idiotic ruling here:

College Students Charged with Dissing 'Allah'

Washington, DC (TLS). College Republicans at San Francisco State University have been charged by university officials with 'desecrating Allah,' and will thus face possible punitive action by the university.

When was the last time you heard of a university in America bringing charges against students for desecrating the name of Jesus, or engaging in bigoted caricatures of Christians?

You WON'T hear about it, because it isn't happening. And everyone knows this dissing of Christians and Jesus Christ on college campuses is a regular phenomenon. Instead, what you hear is that universities have increasingly fallen under the influence of powerful Muslim voices who demand that colleges hold THEIR religion sacred and punish anyone who criticizes it.

Read the details here. If this doesn't make your blood boil, nothing will:

Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Russia

Washington, DC (TLS). Iran's race to build and deploy a nuclear weapon involves a few key players that add up to a dire axis of destruction for the West. We now have proof positive that Iran has joined with North Korea and Venezuela to form a dangerous liaison of extremists who are intent on extending their power world-wide.

We also know that Russia is selling nukes to Syria and Iran.

Thus, while the Democrats in Congress sit twiddling their thumbs and going goo-goo gaa-gaa, the world edges ever closer to global nuclear war.

Read the full report on this dangerous development here, at CNSNews: