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Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Powers Behind the Throne

In order to understand Barack Obama one must look to not only to the czars but the official top level advisers who wield significant power and influence in the Administration.

Take a look at a few in today's Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Unsavory characters galore!

Unbelievable--Castro Declared World Hero of Solidarity

Guess who or what make the despicable declaration.

None other than the United Nations.

I remember when world heroes of solidarity were people like Lech Waleza of Poland, who led the workers Union to rebel against Communism. Now we embrace Communism and its murderous adherents, such as Fidel Castro.

Even Barack Obama invites them to join his Administration, a la Van Jones.

Read the entire sickening story here.

And make no mistake, the United Nations is a sick organization, subversive, and anti-American. It needs to be booted out of America.

"The Doctrine of the Three Percent"

Over the past week or so I have had more than one interested citizen ask me about those who refer to themselves as 'three percenters.'

I tried as best I could to explain, but nobody can do that any better than Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsy Street Irregulars.

The Doctrine of the Three Percent lays out in plain language the plan of those who are committed to standing firm against government tyranny, just as the Founders were. Take a look at the link above.

The Head-Choppers Are At It Again

Muslim extremists have beheaded 4 Christians who defected from Islam.

The video of the news report can be found HERE. Commentary follows.

Don't believe those who claim that Islam is a harmless 'religion of peace.'

"Why Socialism Fails"

Socialism always fails. You know that. I know that. But some people remain unconvinced despite the record of history.

Jennifer Weber has done us all a big favor by going back a few years to dig out a video of the great economist Milton Friedman explaining to talk show host Phil Donahue why Socialism is a system designed for abject failure.

The video is only 2 minutes and well-worth the time.

It's College Football Time!

College football gets into full swing today as most of the major teams in the country square off against their opponents.

I admit I never cared much for the NFL. I had much rather see a college or high school team get out there and fight it out.

Here in South Carolina, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks played their first game of the season Thursday night, defeating North Carolina State by a score of 7-3.

The Tigers of Clemson University will play their first game of the season today at 6 PM at Middle Tennessee.

Friday, September 04, 2009

What the HELL is Going on HERE!?

With President Obama off on vacation, his second in two weeks, unofficial Acting President Joe Biden has stepped into the vacuum, claiming credit Thursday for the successes of the administration's $787 billion stimulus package and fielding questions on health care reform -- something his boss hasn't done in nearly two weeks.

The vice president, borrowing Mr. Obama's teleprompter for a speech before a friendly audience at the Brookings Institution, said "I" more than a dozen times as he pointed repeatedly to progress on the economy and to his lofty role in the process.

"Every week -- with notable exceptions -- I hold a Cabinet meeting. And most of the Cabinet secretaries attend," he told the audience in Washington.

Obama is missing in action and not saying much. Biden serving as 'Acting President' who is now taking credit for things a President does? What the hell is going on here???

Read the whole thing here.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/4/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

CNS News reports shocking new information on Obama's 'Regulatory Czar,' Cass Sunstein. It seems he advocated for removing organs from patients WITHOUT consent from the patient or the family!

Mike McCarville says the alarm bells are ringing for Congressional Democrats with regard to the upcoming midterm elections next year.

By the way, McCarville is celebrating 30 years as the publisher and commentator for The McCarville Report. Congratulations, Mike. I've often said that Mike McCarville is one of the most respected and trusted names among reporters in the news business today.

Alphecca reports that the rules for the safe handling of guns also applies to cannons!

Around O Town has video and commentary on the plan by thousands of parents to keep their kids home on Sept. 8 to keep them from being subjected to the Obama indoctrination session.

Take look at THIS at 1 With a Bullet. What boneheaded numbskull thought this was a good idea???

Bloviating Zeppelin highlights the fact that the Commie Chinese flag is going up at the White House on Sept. 20. Wonder of Obami is gonna leave it up once the Commie visitors go back to Chiney.

Billy Beck reports a story that may point to the coming hoof-beats of civil war.

Dustin's Gun Blog has a video of Tim Evans from the UK discussing govt-run healthcare.

Free in Idaho reports the expected reaction to the state-sanctioned wolf hunt in Idaho.

Gun Pundit reports an incident of yet another armed crime that happened in a 'gun-free zone.' Has anyone noticed most of these things happen in 'gun-free' areas?

Meeting on the Green alerts us to 'state-sponsored kidnapping' in an assault on parents who homeschool their children!

Pax Parabellum notes that there are various and sundry reasons for our somewhat lower life-expectancy rates that have NOTHING to do with the healthcare system. Healthcare is just a convenient scapegoat for statists to justify their march toward government control of all of life.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight announces the 'cash for klunker handguns' program.

The Newbius Papers has a must-read entitled, 'What If?'

Traction Control posts a great video demonstrating the firing of a fully automatic machine gun.

You won't believe your eyes when you see this head-scratching phenom at Notoriously Conservative. If you ever had any doubt that Obama supporters are delusional, this video will totally erase that doubt.

Walls of the City alerts us to yet another example of politicians acting like overlords.

Texas Fred has an update on local resistance to Obama's address to schools on Sept. 8.

From Days of our Trailers: "Why the Confusion on 'Assault Weapons' Part 2.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost writes a good one on 'the Cowboy Libertarian, Post-Turtles.' Take a look.

From Sebastian: 'How a Glock Saved a Blogger's Life.'

Say Uncle provides an update on the open carry story in Idaho.

Vanderboegh exposes how much money the jackbooted thugs of the ATF are costing the taxpayers. Take a look and be prepared to get revved up with anger.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts one on the economy that should really get you livid, just in case you're not already revved up enough.

David Codrea asks, 'Who can we trust with guns, who can we trust with freedom?'

And now, my friends, the best political cartoons on 'Algore's internets.' The Old Broad has 'em. Enjoy...

So What if Van Jones Resigns?

There are dozens more just like him with whom Obama can replace him.

And if Obama's Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett has anything to do with it, extremists are the ONLY types of advisers suitable for Obama.

Read the whole story at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

I'm not saying that a Jones resignation would not be good. It would be wonderful! But we have lots of grueling work to do even without Jones.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/3/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Texas Fred posts commentary with which I agree 100% on Obama's speech to school children on Sept. 8--KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME FROM SCHOOL ON THAT DAY!!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has a 'profiles in valor' MUST-read on a man whose death received very little attention, I am sad to say.

David Codrea presents highly important reading on a police group that supports citizen militias and the unrestricted right of citizens to buy firearms.

Days of our Trailers points to some bs from the anti-gunners who claim they are 'not after our guns.'

Mike Vanderboegh has 2 goodies today, one warning that we patriots are not going to give one more inch to statists, and the other on Obama's high-tech enemies list.

GunRights4US shows us a poster that perfectly depicts the ObamaMonster.

Western Rifle Shooters Association alerts us to an important update on the DC protests from Oath Keepers.

Tam reports that a doctor went undercover to some gun shows in order to do a 'study' on us gun nuts and our supposed 'illegal activity.' Better watch it, doc. Don't forget that since Jan. 20 we are now officially 'dangerous, rightwing extremists.'

Way Up North has what could be called 'the quote of the year' from a great American--a Democrat to boot! Liberals, take note!

Walls of the City shows us a firearm that's on his 'wish list.'

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast says THIS is what happens when we grant easy access to computers.

Traction Control posts a copy of a letter sent from the Department of Education to a local school superintendent on the upcoming Obama address to school children. By the way, late last night the U.S. Dept. of Ed had up on its website a notice concerning 'schoochildren.' I kid you not. Let's be sho we give them thar skoo chilrens a real good edukashun.

The Wandering Minstrel shows us a firearm that is now 'on sale.'

Say Uncle has a neat pic of some awesome 'boolits.' Take a look!

Pax Parabellum posts a news story of a Tennessee gun permit holder who defended himself against some thugs.

Every Blade of Grass comments on the 'top 10 handguns of all time.' The Colt 1911 is one of them.

From John Jacob H: "Every time you use the term 'assault rifle' an angel dies.' Read it all.

Brigid provides some good reading 'from the road.'

Sebastian has some new info on 'the Bastard' and his latest antics in NYC, this time a crackdown on drinking while carrying a firearm. Didn't know this was a big problem in NYC, and I still don't believe it is, no matter what the Bastard says.

Armed and United presents a doozie--liberal payback to gun owners. Read the letter.

Roberta X thinks that the attempted boycott against World Net Daily is misguided. I do too. Yes, they put some crazy stuff up there. But they publish good stuff too. It's called 'free speech.'

Robb Allen informs us of a new training-focused gun blog. Take a look.

Obama: 'Judge Me By Those Around Me'

Ok, Mr. President, I WILL.

And what I came up with is frightening, to say the least. Read it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

It would seem that the 53% or so of Americans who voted for this man have been duped.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup

Hiya, folks. Sorry, no Roundup today due to time restraints. The Roundup will be back tomorrow, however. Take this time to scroll down the sidebar and read from the many gun bloggers you will find there. They're all very good.

As always, thanks for reading the Liberty Sphere.

3 Little Items That Add Up to One Big Obama Coup

Ominous dark clouds gather from several corners, coalescing into one big perfect storm.

Read about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

The time is drawing near.

LIBERTY ALERT! WH to Monitor Citizen Comments on Facebook, My Space, Etc.

Look out, the Gestapo is coming!

Late Tuesday evening the news was published that the Obama White House will begin to monitor and archive citizen comments on Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, looking for 'detractors.'

WHEN are the citizens going to say ENOUGH!??

Read the whole sickening thing HERE.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/1/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Scott Rasmussen delivers some bad news to Barack Obama on the new poll numbers. Only 45% of Americans approve of O's job performance. 53% now oppose!

Mike McCarville asks the question, 'Is the Cash for Clunkers Program Obama's Katrina Aftermath?'

Vanderboegh reminds us of an ominous anniversary today and its implications for our present situation.

Say Uncle links to 'Barack's Button' and the danger that lurks.

Breda says that tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio will feature some names with which you are all familiar in a round-table discussion. Sounds interesting. Click for details.

Western Rifle Shooters Association alerts us to what failing governments often do to stay in power over the citizens. Read it all, including the links. And with these czars that O has put in place, this is not just fear-mongering, folks!

Sebastian notes that Harry Reid's opponent in Nevada is no gun rights supporter. In my opinion, this is the problem with 'single-issue' voters and organizations. Harry Reid is a stain on this Republic and needs to go, period. His replacement may not be better on gun rights, but he would have to be the devil himself to be any worse than Reid on other issues.

David Codrea has a highly intriguing read today on the role government plays in arming the Taliban.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports that the White House is taking direct aim at GOP Senator Enzi for backing out of a compromise measure on healthcare. Got news for the White House--Enzi listened to his constituents back home, you dopes, unlike most Democrats!

Days of our Trailers asks, 'Why the confusion over Assault Weapons?'

Walls of the City has news about guns in state parks in Tennessee.

1 With a Bullet points to an update on the pocket knife ban and knife rights.

Free in Idaho has a brief but powerful must-read on how some bullies were taken care of by armed citizens. Good!

The Newbius Papers also provides an essential read entitled, 'Flashpoint.' Don't miss it!

From Tam: 'Your Tuesday Morning Doom and Gloom.'

Pax Parabellum posts an excellent video on 'gubmint' giveaways. Take a look.

Traction Control gives us an important update on the United Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania, that will actually be a desecration of the lost American lives and a testament to Islamic terrorists. Makes me want to puke.

Alphecca muses on going shooting with a friend, living in near-abject poverty, and other such unpleasantries of life. Sounds like he is in dire need of a good day at the shooting range.

Dustin's Gun Blog provides an important reminder about the mega-citizen tsunami that will descend on the nation's Capital on Sept. 12.

Gun Rights for All issues some good advice--'make your politician prove he/she is pro-2A!'

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight blogs on some ridiculous ATF definitions and some totally irrational sentencing for those who run afoul. Take a look!

Xavier notes that AK-47s are turning up more often around and included.

Citizen Assault on Washington!

Let the record show that this day, September 1, 2009, is DAY ONE of the citizen assault on Washington.

The lamebrains in Congress are going to renew the push for government-run healthcare by removing the 'public option' and promoting it in Ted Kennedy's name.

No matter. The provisions of the Waxman Committee bill in the House still amount to government-run healthcare, even without the public option.

The details are at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Time for a top-to-bottom housecleaning in 2010!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/31/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner alerts us to another case of barefaced media bias against guns. When it comes to the mainstream media, their silence on issues speaks volumes.

The War on Guns points to a must-read on Martial Law. Lots of info provided, some of which may be questionable. Take a look.

From Western Rifle Shooters Association: 'Revolution.'

Vanderboegh posts a letter written by an active duty officer in the Marines that lays it on the line about the duty to 'the Oath.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost calls our attention to some shameless hopolohobes.

Meeting on the Green has a must-see video on the Federal Reserve. Can we now safely refer to it as a rogue organization?

21 Guns Salute posts a brief video (commentary follows) that you absolutely must watch.

CarTeachO provides an update on the Glock 30.

Dark Blog has a vitally important reminder, just in case we forget. Take a look.

JR reports on his day at the gun show in Fort Worth, Texas.

Every Blade of Grass informs us that he is one of the victims in the latest round of 'staff reductions' at his place of employment. Send up some prayers for him.

Gun Rights for Us All has a poster that pretty much says it all about the economy.

From John Jacob H: 'August 23, 2000--A Day that Lives in Infamy.'

Pax Parabellum alerts us to a restaurant in Tennessee that does not want any money from gunowners. And gee, here I thought the business of business was to make money.

The Newbius Papers presents some adventures with open carry.

Way Up North posts the MUST-read thought of the day on how eerily quiet it is in Washington for a Monday...

Tam comments on the duplicity of the 'hope and change' crowd.

Brigid has cowboy guns and holsters!

Oleg Volk, photographer extraordinaire, provides one of his latest promos for gun rights. Take a look!

Sebastian indicates that The Roanoke Times is engaging in some 'PSH' over gun permits in Virginia.

Say Uncle has now been blogging for 7 years! That's a long time in the blogosphere. Congrats!

Robb Allen has a video and commentary on a rather interesting course of fire at a shooting match.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight posts a story of a NASCAR fan 'shooting the bird.' It's not what you think. LOL.

Alphecca comments on the fact that now 57% of the public thinks that every single Senator and Representative in Congress should be voted out of office and replaced with someone else.

From Texas Fred: 'Hamas Leader Denies Nazi Genocide of Jews.'

Days of our Trailers issues an urgent request for some advice in the midst of a very sticky, and potentially dangerous, situation.

Walls of the City tells us about a product that caught his eye--gun magnets.

Insight on Freedom presents highly interesting commentary on who do you trust more--Obama, or the CIA.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vanderboegh--the CIA Factor and the Obama Administration

If we survive the Obama administration without a civil war, it will be because insiders within the permanent government -- people who remember their oaths or just men and women who are frightened at what might happen to the prospect of their pensions -- used leaks and calculated PR weapons of selective destruction to bring down the players, one by one.

For this reason we should celebrate the Obama Administration's decision to attack the CIA.

Read the whole thing here.


Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

This woman, a TV news veteran, actually had the unmitigated gall to state on the air that no Republican President, living or deceased, would deserve the amount of media attention Ted Kennedy is getting.

So tell me, Ms. Rooney, what would a GOP President have to do in order to 'deserve' such attention? Murder a woman and commit treason with the Soviet Communists???

Rasmussen--Obama's Disapproval Rating at Peak

A full 42% of Americans now say they 'strongly disapprove' of Barack Obama. This is the peak so far of public disapproval.

Those polled also say they would replace Congress entirely--by 57%.

Read it here at Rasmussen.

A Story that Needs National Attention!

We have reported before that Obama supporters have been busing in people from out of state to the town hall meetings in order to give the appearance of local support for ObamaCare.

But this blogger has the goods on it, and it's too bad the national media hasn't blown the whistle on this sham.

Be sure to pass this one along to everyone you know.

The Ted Kennedy Story the Media Refused to Tell

This information is explosive and sobering. It is not opinion, speculation, or conjecture. It is pure, 100%, documented FACT.

And Columbia Conservative Examiner has it.

Now that we have been treated to days of Kennedy-worship, it is time to come back down to reality. The funeral is over, and citizens need to know the REAL Ted Kennedy. This story will tell it all.