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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Several items caught my attention today that qualify as 'special alerts.' Read them all.

Special Alert 1
**The vote on Eric Holder for Attorney-General is scheduled for Jan. 21. Senate hearings on his nomination are complete. There is no scenario under which this man should be AG of the United States. It's closely akin to Obama's nominee for Treasure know, the man who would not pay his own taxes?

Special Alert 2
**Eerily, the very same players who are partly responsible for the Waco, Texas JBT fiasco during the Clinton-Reno years are back! Obama wants them in his Dept. of Justice.

Special Alert 3
**One of the most reputable reporters-commentators in America today notes the fever pitch that Obama-worship has reached just prior to the inauguration. He refers to it as 'Obamadolatry'--a takeoff on the word 'idolatry' in the Bible which refers to the making of idols. The ramifications of this idolatry are enormous and dangerous for the country.

Special Alert 4
**The vitriol of the anti-Jew, pro-Hamas demonstrations in the U.S. is growing more and more violent. These barbaric nutcases are now regularly calling for genocide against the Jews. Welcome back to 1939 Germany.

Special Alert 5
**This is a bill that needs to be killed immediately. The mere fact that a member of the U.S. House of Representatives would have the unmitigated gall to introduce the tyrannical H.R. 45 is an outrage to any citizen who values living in free society.

The Shape of Things to Come?

April 1, 2013 -Unemployment is approaching 25 percent, inflation is close to 40 percent, major portions of the U.S. are having power "brownouts," and Americans are forced to go to foreign countries for timely and quality medical care. How did the world's largest and most prosperous economy fall into such a morass in only a very few years?

For the entire riveting scenario of the dark days ahead for the American economy, click here for the article at Net Right Nation, which first appeared in the Washington Times.


Ominous news hit the financial world on Friday as the U.S. Government took controlling interest of the embattled Bank of America.

This is nationalization of industry, which fits the definition of 'socialism.' And yes, my dear little dumbed down lame-brains of the public schools, socialism is BAD.

In order to address a crisis of its own making, the U.S. Government has abandoned the capitalism that made this country great and embarked on a failed course of government control of business and industry.

I have had great concern about the Bank of America for quite some time anyway over its policy of providing financial services to illegal aliens and its liberal, haphazard lending practices.

If it can't survive on its own with its own business plan, then it should be allowed to fail.

But the government is so concerned about protecting the necks of the few on the backs of the many (the taxpayers) that it is willing to forsake every sacred principle this country has always stood for.

And, as usual, people blame Bush. But Congressional Democrats created this mess, and the President-elect supports not only a modest bailout Bush has embraced but is proposing to add nearly a trillion more to it, which we are already being told is not enough.

When IS enough really enough?

U.S. Citizenship for Sale

No sooner had Barack Obama been selected President in November than I noticed odd ads on several websites promoting U.S. citizenship in the name of the President-elect.

These ads bore the image of Obama with the words, 'Come and help me rebuild America by becoming a U.S. citizen.'

And now, lo and behold, ads are popping up all over the world announcing that the only thing you have to do to become a U.S. citizen is to buy a house here.

I distinctly remember thinking when I first discovered this travesty that 'the plan' has been placed in motion--'change the face of America by bringing in as many outsiders as possible.'

This has been the template of Democrats since day one.

Open the flood gates of immigration so wide, particularly the poverty-stricken, give them America's freebies at taxpayer expense, and you have millions of new citizens who will vote Democrat for life.

However, this is only part of the Obama plan to stay in power.

A move is already afoot in Congress to change several articles of the U.S. Constitution to allow unlimited terms for a President or any elected official. Term limits would be gone just in time for the Obamessiah as he completes his grand scheme not only to seize power but to keep power indefinitely.

With no term limits to stop him, and with an electorate that has either been so dumbed down by the public educational system or so infiltrated with new immigrants who are here only for the freebies, Obama will have a good chance of being President for long as he wants the job.

Welcome to 'hope and change,' Commie style.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bitter Cold Warnings for Western Carolinas

That Arctic Express that brought so much dangerous weather to a broad section of the United States continues to pose havoc for the South.

Newland, North Carolina--located in the mountains of Western North Carolina--had a high temperature today of only 16 degrees. Lows tonight are expect to dip near -4.

Greenville, South Carolina--in the Upstate of Western South Carolina--didn't make it to freezing today after all. The high temperature at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport was only 31 degrees.

Tonight the low in the Upstate will drop to 11 degrees. Last night the low was 13 degrees.

Saturday will be another very cold day for the Western Carolinas with high temps reaching into the 20s and low 30s, before a moderating system moves in Sunday.

Yet there is a good chance for snow in the mountains, foothills, and piedmont regions of North and South Carolina for Sunday.

Citizens are urged to be extremely cautious in their travel and to dress warmly if they intend to be outside for even a brief period of time.

For some interesting weather stats in the North Carolina mountains, click here.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/16/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Here it comes. CNS News and other sources say Obama's pick for Interior Secretary will push for a renewed ban on oil drilling anywhere in the U.S.--including offshore. Yet another broken promise. Why would anyone expect hammerheaded liberals like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi to actually consider drilling, in spite of what they said during an election?

Mike McCarville has a new report on the widespread fear gun owners have of the Obama Administration and what they're doing about it.

J.D. Longstreet at Insight on Freedom writes a powerful essay on this very issue. A must-read!

Texas Fred posts an interesting follow-up to the story of the Fox News reporter who was fired over her 'ambush news reporting' during the campaign of '08. Now she's suing, of course.

The Rustmeister brings us the quote of the day on gun blogging.

Our friend Kurt Hofmann at Armed and Safe has written his first two columns for St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner here and here. Take a look and support him in this endeavor!

Armed and Safe provides all the info on Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day--an important event for gun rights in Illinois.

Roberta X alerts us to a big gun auction taking place TODAY. Take a look!

Say Uncle comments on an ignorant hammerheaded numbskull who blasted one of Codrea's columns on guns.

Codrea's War on Guns reports on the overwhelming response to his recent radio appearance and plugs his latest column at Gun Rights Examiner. Be sure to click on the links.

Pax Parabellum posts an appropriate global warming update for algore and the hysterics mongers. Man, if it gets any 'warmer' out there we're all going to be forced to go buck nekkid.

Days of Our Trailers has a new 'Unorganized Militia' patch prototype he's been developing. Take a look!

Walls of the City blogs on 'the home defense shotgun,' photos included.

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast shows us in stark detail the dangerous views held toward the Constitution by Obama and his brownshirts.

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides complete details on the upcoming Peyton, CO 'Grid Down Medical Course.' Included is a rundown of topics covered, registration, lodging, and contact info.

Tam tells us what she'll do if she goes slap raving nuts and turns all L. Ron Hubbard on us. It's not too bad. I've seen a lot worse.

Nicki has an advanced copy of Obama's Inauguration speech...well, sort of.

Sebastian reports that gun-rights author and attorney Steven Halbrook is testifying against Eric Holder in the Senate confirmation hearings...

Mike Vanderboegh posts an interesting read from a survivalist magazine while waiting for his furnace to be fixed. In this dastardly sub-freezing cold?? I don't want to start no trouble or nothing, but, that's what he gets for being a nasty, ill-tempered, insulting, subversive, and curmudgeonly old man! (Running for cover!).

CarteachO has a highly informative post on cleaning surface rust without damaging the finish on your firearm.

Alphecca provides another timely update on blatant bias in the mainstream media.

Dustin's Gun Blog reports on the 2009 Arizona legislative session which will introduce some legislation involving guns. Take a look.

Everybody's favorite Commie--Venezuelan neanderthal Hugo Chavez--is in deep financial trouble because of the tumble in oil prices. Now he wants help from U.S. oil companies. Sheesh. Dr. John Lott comments...

In her latest column today, Caroline Glick notes that Israel is bracing for very chilly relations with the U.S. once the Obamination takes office.

We conclude the Roundup with today's edition of Obamarama to tickle your funny bone. An Ol' Broad's Ramblings has it.

By the way, you may have noticed that I changed my Liberty Sphere signature to 'Welshman.' Some wondered if maybe the blog had changed hands or something. Nope, it's still me. I have a reason for changing it, which I will share in due time...

Bitter Cold Sweeps Into the South

After Thursday night's bitterly cold temperatures in the low to mid-teens, the Upstate of South Carolina will barely make it above freezing today. Highs are expected to be 32-34 degrees, which is unusually cold for these parts.

The Upstate, however, will fare better than the mountains of Western North Carolina, where temperatures on Thursday night dipped into the single-digits and below zero in the higher elevations. Highs in the mountains on Friday are expected to remain below freezing in the mid-to upper 20s.

And this is just the first day of the cold weather brought into the entirety of the South by an 'Arctic Express' that has caused record-breaking cold temperatures in the Great Lakes and Plains, as well as the New England states.

One weather reporting station reported a temperature of -40 Wednesday night.

The South is bracing for another day and night of bitter cold. Friday night's temps are expect to dip back into the teens in the Upstate, and Saturday's high will remain in the 30s.

On Sunday, however, winds are expected to shift bringing more moderate temperatures back into the area.

U.S. Severe Weather Map

Upstate SC Woman Survives NYC Plane Crash

From her hospital bed in New York City, Shae Childers of Gaffney, South Carolina says she will not be taking a flight home when she is released from the hospital.

Childers is one of the 146 passengers who survived the NYC plane crash into the Hudson River on Thursday.

The plane, schedule to fly from LaGuardia to Charlotte, North Carolina, was a U.S. Air jet piloted by a man that passengers are describing as a hero.

About a minute into takeoff the jet hit some geese which shut down both engines. The pilot guided the plane into a U-turn over the Hudson River and then safely landed it in the water.

Childers says she immediately made her way out of the aircraft into the Hudson River, where rescue boats were already waiting.

As a buyer for Hamrick's Clothing of Gaffney, Childers was in New York City on company business and was returning home to Gaffney when the plane went down. She stated that the entire episode is a frightening but amazing story of survival and the coordinated efforts of the pilot and rescue personnel to insure that there was no loss of life.

Everyone on the plane survived.

'W'--An Alternative View

President George W. Bush gave an impressive farewell address to the nation last evening from the White House. In some ways, I am glad to see him go. But in many other ways, I will miss him.

No doubt anyone who has followed The Liberty Sphere for any length of time knows that I have been one of W's biggest critics, especially since 2006 or so. I was convinced that he began to waffle on his principles at around that point in time.

He made some big mistakes. Sometimes these decisions were based on bad advice offered by people the President wrongly trusted. Sometimes he was just plain stubborn. And sometimes he was just plain wrong.

It was wrong, for example, to set aside his free-market principles to accept a mass of convoluted government bailouts that in the long run will not help the economy at all.

The President was stubborn in his refusal to change course in Iraq and bump up the troop levels in order to stabilize the situation. Once he finally relented and agreed to the troop surge, the War in Iraq turned around dramatically, except by then it was too late for him to get credit for a good job. The American people had already turned against the war.

And the President demonstrated that sometimes his trust was in the wrong people who offered him bad advice. His refusal to grant pardons to agents Ramos and Compean of the Border Patrol is a case in point.

Sure, I blasted the President on issues such as the BAFTE, his growing tendency as the years progressed to forsake his friends in the gun rights movement, and his refusal to deal firmly with Mexico on the immigration problem.

But the President did a lot of things right.

W led the way in securing the nation from further terrorist attacks on our own soil. And the record proves his success...not a single terrorist attack on our own soil since 9/11.

The President appointed Justices to the United States Supreme Court who are decidedly conservative, originalist, and committed to the principles of the Founding Fathers. His appointments to the bench in the federal system have been consistent in providing a counter-balance to the Leftists of the Clinton years.

The U.S. Government's official policies on a myriad of issues related to the sacredness of human life in the realm of abortion and embryonic stem cell research have been golden examples of adherence to solid moral-ethical principles.

We can be assured that NONE of this will be true about the incoming President.

Finally, I have always been a supporter of the President's overall goals in the 'war on terror.' His vision of spreading democratic principles to areas of the world that have never before experienced it is a lesson in courage. His appointment of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador was nothing less than a stroke of genius. For the first time since the U.N.'s hard turn to the Left, it got an earful of American patriotism and grit in Bolton.

It was a crying travesty of patriotism that the Democrats refused to approve Bolton. Thus, he served the entirety of his time as a 'recess appointment' the President used to get around the stubborn, boneheaded refusal of blind Democrats to approve a good man as our U.N. Ambassador.

And ever since Bolton's departure, we have been much the weaker for it.

And thus, I do not consider the Presidency of George W. Bush a total disaster. Not by a long shot. Bill Clinton was a disaster. Jimmy Carter was a tsunami disaster. These things must be kept in perspective.

While W perhaps will not go down as one of the greatest Presidents, he most certainly will not go down as one of the worst, either.

And, considering what we're getting come January 20, I for one will sorely miss him. And I do believe that at heart he is a good man.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/15/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Say Uncle has a news story that shows that gun control freaks don't respect the law. If they don't respect personal property (firearms and ammo), then why would they respect private property?

Atlas does an impromptu video interview with the great Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. Looks like they had some fun with this one!

CNS News reports that the Democrat-controlled House voted to expand S-Chip, the socialized medicine program that 'covers poor children' supposedly--although many of those covered are not children at all.

Mike McCarville posts some news of national significance on algore and global warming...

Speaking of the weather, Weather Underground reports the wintry weather conditions have stretched all the way down into the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Gun Rights Examiner presents Codrea's 'Kill the Bill, Volume Two'--a must-read!

Codrea's War on Guns comments on an asinine statement by a boneheaded numbskull.

A hearty congratulations goes to Kurt Hofmann at Armed and Safe as he becomes the new columnist at Gun Rights Examiner-St. Louis.

Nicki reports that Barack Obama has done some more backtracking, this time on Osama bin Laden.

Alphecca points to a stupid headline that suggests that in a crowd, you lose your rights.

Days of our Trailers is keeping track of the Mayors who have teamed up with 'The Bastard's' gang of mayoral gun-grabbers and who are under indictment for corruption.

Walls of the City says there is some real hope on the horizon regarding guns in Tennessee.

Western Rifle Shooters Association reports that in 2009, under Barack Obama's economic plan, the U.S. will owe more in debt that all of its citizens are worth. Now if THAT doesn't scare you, nothing will. But then, most citizens know nothing about these things and don't really seem to care.

Tam says that cats are a writer's best friend because they are independent and not needy. Could be. But personally, I am a dog man. I have nothing against cats, but dogs are, well, sent from God. Cats are 'of the devil.' lol

The Wandering Minstrel comments on secure travel--particularly in an RV.

Breda blogs on some more examples of Democrat paranoia about guns.

Sebastian posts a letter he sent to Senator Arlen Specter on the Holder confirmation hearing today in the U.S. Senate.

Bitter has been writing a series of articles over at Sebastian's place about SHOT. This one is an example. She has others. Just scroll down.

Robb Allen has the story of a man shot in the toilet by his own gun. Gotta be careful out there, I mean.

Pax Parabellum posts the quote of the day from Jay Leno on the economy. It's a good one!

Sipsy Street Irregulars responds to criticism from an admirer who nonetheless says 'Mike Vanderboegh is Wrong.'

John Jacob H has the video of Eric Holder's 1999 testimony before the Senate on his beliefs about gun control. A MUST-see!

Blogstitution presents a most interesting case of an attempt to prove there is no bias in the mainstream media by using biased methodology.

JR says that Ruger has introduced a brand new lightweight compact revolver. Take a look!

Armed Citizen writes a good blurb on an American classic. Time to give this book a look if you haven't already.

MsUnderestimated is a blog that's new to The Liberty Sphere. Just click on the link and start reading and scrolling. Good stuff there!

'Kill the Jews' Message Greets Jewish Girls' School

The setting for the latest example of pathological hatred for Jews is not in Gaza, Iran, or Paris. This incident took place in Brooklyn, New York yesterday morning.

When the students at the Shaare Torah Girls Elementary School in Brooklyn arrived for school Wednesday morning they were greeted by a display of graffiti that vandals had left for them the night before.

All across the building were messages in large letters that stated, 'Kill the Jews,' and 'Nazis Live Here.' A large swastika had also been inscribed on the wall.

This is nothing less than a sheer abominable outrage. There is absolutely, positively no place for this sort of genocidal sentiment in the United States.

And if Israel's incursion into Gaza is the precipitating factor that caused the vermin to come crawling out from behind the walls, then this is all the more reason to believe Israel is right in its actions against Hamas terrorists.

Warning! Runaway Inflation Storm on the Way

The last time the U.S. experienced runaway inflation that severely limited the buying power of the public was during Jimmy Carter's Presidency, 1977-1981.

Inflation stood at a staggering 13%. Interest rates rose to 21%. Unemployment rose to nearly 9%.

For these reasons I have been adamant in my assertion that our current financial crisis is clearly NOT 'the worst since the Great Depression,' as the mainstream media is fond of saying.

For example, interest rates have been amazingly low for the past 16 years. Unemployment has also been historically low despite a spike in the last 2 quarters of 2008. And inflation has been nearly non-existent, except for the rise in gasoline prices in 2008, which led to a hike in food prices.

But even then, inflation has rarely topped 6% in all of the years since Jimmy Carter.

That is about to end. And the government's 'fix' for the current problem is the root cause.

The U.S. is heavily in debt. There is no money to give to the various entities the government insists we must bail out. The only way this can be done is to borrow more money or print more 'money.'

Our good graces with our creditors are quickly coming to an end. Thus, Washington will be forced to print more money out of thin air. Barack Obama has stated that he is willing to do exactly that.

The problem is that these courses of action are a prescription for stunning spikes in inflation. That is the price the market forces us to pay when we engage in activity that is foreign to sound financial practice.

As Robert Romano states in the article linked above:

The laws of supply and demand apply to dollars just as any other good, service, or commodity. Put simply, the more there is of something, the less it is worth in value. Taken together—the monetary base expansion, the national debt expansion, the bailout mania, the deficit-spending—and that is a whole lot more money than there was previously in circulation.

In short, if your money is increasingly worthless because there is more and more of it in circulation, then it will be more and more difficult to purchase goods.

Target Practice--The Bernie Madoff Silhouette

Were you one of the unsuspecting victims of Bernie Madoff's illegal scheme that resulted in the loss of the life savings of many of his investors?

Well, New York City's has developed the perfect vehicle for anger management. They are calling it, 'Our Gift to Bernie's Victims'--a silhouette of the disgraced financial mogul that is perfect for a game of darts at the bar or for target practice at the shooting range.

Both versions are downloadable.

Cityfile claims that the target meets the NRA's standards for indoor/outdoor target practice. There is even a little scorecard in the top corner to help gauge your performance.

And, for those who may not possess a gun registration or firearms license, Cityfile points to a westside Manhattan rifle and pistol firing range that for $65 bucks will allow you to fire off 50 rounds at the Madoff silhouette.

Yes, they allow you to bring your own target.

Perhaps the target practice silhouette will be a life-saver for Madoff. We hear that he is wearing a bullet-proof vest these days on those rare occasions when he is allowed to venture outside his home.

Better to shoot at the Madoff silhouette than at the man himself. He needs to stand trial for his misdeeds. And no one should deprive him of facing a jury of his peers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/14/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Weather Underground provides all the details on record cold temperatures that are sweeping into the U.S. Already, 30-year old record cold temps have been broken, and more is on the way...including snow.

Speaking of the weather, Gateway Pundit shows just how thoroughly goofy Hillary Clinton looked yesterday talking about 'global warming' when all the data since 1997 says otherwise.

Gateway also has a special report exposing Obama's new 'climate czar' as a self-avowed Socialist who apparently has a major conflict of interest to boot!

Armed and Safe posts today's must-read entitled, 'Surrendering the Constitutional High Ground.'

Nicki provides a good summary of John Stossel's analysis and conclusion that financial bailouts don't work. And if you have doubt, look at today's markets. After the trillion dollar taxpayer gravy-train, stocks are still plummeting.

Breda has the wrap-up of last night's Gun Nuts Radio show with a guest from the NRA. Audio is included.

Pax Parabellum provides today's edition of 'Random Shots'--an information junkie's paradise.

Mike McCarville reports that the political Press Corp is shrinking due to financial troubles for newspapers. An example of this is cited in Oklahoma.

JR says that today is the last day to contact your Senator to oppose the Holder nomination. Confirmation hearings begin tomorrow.

Blogstitution continues with his series on 'Obama Then and Now.' Today's segment is 'What a Phony.'

Dark Blog notes that the days of compromise have passed. The enemy has smelled blood, and they're going after our liberties with a vengeance.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has the quote of the day from China, which has been buying up U.S. debt. And the news isn't good.

The BoBo Files correctly observes that nothing in the Constitution requires us to give foreign enemies of the U.S. access to our court system. But this is exactly what the Obamination plans to do!

Days of our Trailers notes that the EU finally has a President who has a clue. I agree!

Walls of the City says another myth bites the dust when it comes to guns. A good read!

Texas Fred comments on the tax woes of Obama's treasury nominee.

The Rustmeister points out a gross omission at the Army War College that has led to some of our present troubles.

Lots of good things are going on with David Codrea these days. All of the details are at War on Guns. He's even going to be on the same radio show with Ann Coulter in the morning! Good for you, David!

Gun Rights Examiner has Codrea's column for today entitled, 'Kill the Bill!' This is important!

Say Uncle says that New Jersey is going to start helping the Feds 'pursue gun traffickers' across state borders. And he says they're going to start 'knocking on doors.' Mmmm.

Sebastian provides follow-up commentary on criticism of the NRA's handling of the Holder nomination.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight has a must-read entitled, 'Where Cops Make Up the Law.'

And as if THAT's not enough, Robb Allen reports that a SWAT team frisked all gun rights supporters and those wearing CCW patches at a board meeting in Orange County.

Sipsy Street Irregulars writes an in-depth analysis of Senator Arlen Specter's dilemma as the Holder confirmation hearings gear up for tomorrow. Good reading!

Michelle Malkin is live-blogging the debate on the House floor on S-Chip--socialized medicine in the name of 'helping the children,' some of whom just happen to be in their 20s...

I hate to end today on a negative note, but this must be reported. Dr. John Lott says that the Indiana Supreme Court has allowed a lawsuit against a gun manufacturer to proceed.

Political Buzz: Reid's Politically Calculating Move

When Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, D-NV, stated recently, 'I don't work for Barack Obama,' many assumed this was a signal that the incoming President would not have a rubber-stamp from Congress in spite of the fact that his own Party runs the place.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can bet your last Smith & Wesson that no matter what Democrats say publicly, Obama is going to have fairly smooth sailing when it comes to this Congress. All if not most of his Cabinet nominees will be approved quickly. He will get most of what he asks for with little opposition.

Reid's statement was politically calculating, period, end. Nothing more to it.

The Senator is going to be in the fight of his political life in 2010 as he faces re-election at a time when Congress' approval rating is in the single-digits and when his own approval rating in Nevada is dismal.

Nevada also went for George W. Bush both in 2000 and in 2004, despite its falling into the Obama column in 2008.

Just as Americans threw a tantrum and threw out many Republicans, they can just as easily turn against Democrats and Obama. And Reid has already seen signs that his constituents in Nevada may be getting ready to ditch their Senator who has presided over the single most unpopular Senate in U.S. history.

Reid also knows that publicly distancing himself from Obama may be good strategy come 2010.

'Judeophobic Logic'

So now, in the midst of the rampant Judeophobia that is sweeping the world, a Canadian activist believes that the Jews are now assuming the role of Hitler's SS during WW II as they presently attempt to protect Israeli citizens from terrorists in Gaza.

Interesting that this 'activist' is the Canadian Muslim who initiated criminal charges against Mark Steyn before a so-called 'human rights tribunal' because he warned that radical Islam was quickly changing European culture and values.

The Jews, claims the Canadian Muslim, are only behaving badly because the German SS wasn't successful enough in getting rid of them.

A question for our intellectually-deprived Judeophobes to the north--why is this man not hauled before your joke of a 'human rights tribunal' for disparaging the Jews?

I bet I will get an answer very quickly. Yep, I sure do...uh huh.


Senate hearings on the Obama nomination of Eric Holder as Attorney-General of the United States will commence on Thursday. Gun Owners of America has issued a special alert to its members urging them to contact their Senators to oppose confirmation of Holder.

As most of you probably know by now, Eric Holder is one of the most active opponents to the 2nd Amendment among attorneys in America today.

The gun rights community has been embroiled in controversy of late over the tactics of the NRA with regard to Holder. Many believe that they have not done nearly enough to oppose the nomination. Others believe that the organization is realistic in its approach, knowing that a liberal Democrat President with a liberal Democrat Congress WILL get a liberal, anti-gun AG, regardless of any opposition among the citizens.

In all likelihood, both perspectives are probably right to varying degrees.

Yet it is difficult not to openly oppose a nominee whose history suggests that his opposition to gun rights is every bit as vociferous as Janet Reno's, if not worse.

Regardless of what gun rights organizations do or don't do, the issue is one of personal action. We can each individually contact our Senators expressing our outrage over Holder.

Gun Rights Examiner has more on this issue.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ALERT! Martial Law, Gun Confiscation on the Way?

This is a special 'Liberty Alert.'

The following is the audio from a radio program that examines the possibility that Martial Law and gun confiscation is in the near future for the United States.

You will need an audio/media player, of course, to hear it. And it is lengthy, but well worth your time.

According to the show's guest, a former law enforcement officer, Martial Law and gun confiscation is not just a possibility. He is convinced that it is definitely on the way, and he claims to have proof of it from the testimony of hundreds of law enforcement and military personnel who attest to it.

The good news is that many of the patriotic lawmen and soldiers will defy orders and refuse to participate in this attack on American citizens. The bad news is that enough of them WILL participate that havoc will be wreaked in the streets.

Could this be true? Has this story been thoroughly verified?

At this point I am not sure. But the audio is worth hearing nonetheless. Something to think about.

Click here for the mp3 audio (H/t to Bob Pooler).
The program begins with a song by Johnny Cash...just keep listening...

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/13/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Sipsy Street Irregulars reports that the Brady Campaign has outright declared war on gunowners. Take a look.

Codrea's War on Guns has some breaking news on the NRA and the Holder nomination.

Gun Rights Examiner posts Codrea's article for today, which examines scheming Democrats in Washington who, behind the scenes, are chomping at the bits to pass citizen disarmament legislation.

Armed and Safe details the coming onslaught of gun control bills out of Washington. A MUST-read!

JR has THE quote of the day--so simple yet so profound.

Ahab provides all the information on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio. Take a look, and tune in.

Say Uncle has some disturbing news from Wisconsin. This sort of thing is going to be a trend, I'm afraid, all over the country.

Robb Allen posts a link to a future gun owner! Take a look!

Sebastian has a perspective that's worth reading entitled, 'The Principle of Politics.'

On the other hand, Nicki provides a very different perspective on the same subject.

Tam comments on the words writers use to describe certain firearms...over and over and over again.

Western Rifle Shooters Association points to an op-ed that explains the definition of 'immigration reform' in the eyes of the Obama team--'the making of 10 million new Democrats for life.'

The Rustmeister provides info on the gun control bill in the House. Time to ACT!

Days of our Trailers has a neat way of getting people talking about gun issues.

Texas Fred posts some brief, right-to-the-point commentary on the major news headlines for today. Read it!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost says that 'don't ask, don't tell' in the military is coming to an end, and he posts a plethora of links that examine the issue. Interesting stuff!

Outrageous Malfunction has a link to a VERY interesting article which examines 'why the Internet weakens the authority of the Press.' Never thought of the Press as 'an authority,' at least not in a free society...

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel always provide an interesting range report...

Blogstitution posts excellent reading entitled, 'Obama THEN, Obama NOW.'

In case you missed it, Roberta X informs us about the next Indy Blog Meet.

2A Musing does a fine job at picking apart some blatant propaganda in the Post Trib.

Free in Idaho perfectly sums up the coming freak show in Washington on January 20.

John Jacob H wants to know 'when will the circle of stupidity stop!?' Video included.

Always thoughtful and well-written, Brigid at Home on the Range has an excellent read on 'garage gunsmithing.' Some good do-it-yourself information!

Michelle Malkin updates us on Hillary's pay-for-play troubles in her confirmation hearings in the Senate. The Democrats just keep getting in deeper with their 'culture of corruption.'


I admit I like a good kick-ass Clint Eastwood or Tommy Lee Jones movie--films that routinely portray the use of firearms either in a positive light or as a matter of necessity.

These films are a welcome respite from the normal assembly-line of Hollywood garbage that politicizes the subject of firearms to the point of nausea.

You know the ones to which I refer. The plot template usually involves politicians who during the course of the movie will make a derogatory statement about firearms and the citizens who use them.

The Michael Douglas film The American President is a perfect case in point.

At the end of the film Douglas, who plays the role of a U.S. President under fire during a re-election bid, receives cheers and praise as he tells the American people and his opponent that 'if I have to go door to door myself, I'm gonna get the guns.'

The message of course is that door-to-door confiscation of all of the citizens' guns is actually a good thing. Nausea pangs begin to bubble deep in the pit of my stomach.

And then, last night I happened to watch a movie from the year 2000 entitled The Contender. The movie focuses on the problems of a Leftwing extremist female Senator who is nominated for Vice-President.

Naturally, this is the perfect template from which to unleash another stream of anti-gun propaganda. Near the end of the movie the candidate states that she believes that 'guns should be removed from every single household in America.'

And naturally she is the heroine of the film.

My nausea kicked into high gear and nearly culminated in uncontrolled projectile vomiting...were it not for the remote button that my finger mysteriously and spontaneously settled upon to switch to something more soothing to my digestive system.

In all likelihood my reaction to the piece of Hollywood garbage would not have been so severe had it not been that I had just watched a hopelessly clueless actress on the Golden Globes spout some mindless drivel on how the American people 'turned out in droves to take back this country and bring hope to the future' on election day.

The 2 together in one night was almost too much to expect a man to withstand.

This is precisely why I detest Hollywood, actors in general, and producers and screen writers. In this day and age, we can expect the entire lot to march in lockstep with Socialist dogma, denigrate everything that made America great, and generally be the worthless little puppet kings and prima donnas of the nation.

And my due apologies go to the honorable and courageous conservative minority that dwells in that cesspool.

I can't even stand to look at Tom Hanks anymore after his endorsement of Barack Obama.

And as for guns in the movies? As long as Eastwood and Jones are around we will get a fair shake. But these guys aren't spring chickens anymore. What about after they're gone?

Muslim Head-Choppers Target Madonna

Jihadists apparently don't know the difference between a genuine Jew and a pop music queen who frivolously studied Kabbalah for a season.

Madonna, of all people, has been targeted for beheading by Islamic extremists due to the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

Jihad Watch reports that the singer is taking the threat very seriously and fears for the safety of her children.

And who wouldn't? These people have proved time and again that absolutely no act of bloodthirsty barbarism is outside their realm of activity.

But Madonna??? Sheesh.

A Call to Action

As to wishing the new President well (a sentiment invariably followed with the inane shibboleth “after all, we all want our country to succeed”), personally, I don’t wish the new President well in the slightest. And, no -- just like tens of millions of other true-blue conservatives -- I don’t want our country to succeed in the direction in which he has made it abundantly clear he wants to take us.

You see, I think Barack Obama is a socialist. I think that his much-ballyhooed plans to hire 600,000 new bureaucrats (for such vital endeavors as changing light bulbs in government buildings) is absurd. Particularly when it’s coupled with his announcement that the federal government already plans to run up trillion-dollar deficits from here to eternity.

And I think his maniacal obsession with redistributing the wealth by raising taxes on the rich (who, by his increasingly erratic definition includes anyone who works hard and brings home a paycheck) in order to reward society’s dregs and drones is insulting, insane, and in his case particularly puerile.

This entire riveting piece is available at Americans for Limited Government.

It is time for conservatives to tell the truth, to fight back, to hit hard, and to let the American people know we will not back down from our principles.

The Republican leadership has failed to do this. Some of us out here are willing to step up to the plate and do what the GOP failed to do.

It is time our voices were heard. We may have to keep screaming until they are.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/12/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Glenn Reynolds reports that the Holder nomination may well capsize. But beware. This happened in the Clinton Administration--2 nominees were shot down, and we wound up with the trainwreck, none other than Janet Reno...

Armed and Safe comments on NRA director Bob Barr (former Libertarian candidate for President) and his endorsement of Eric Holder.

Codrea's War on Guns has 'a free market solution.' Interesting that the anti-gun bigots don't have a clue as to the consequences of desperation.

Gun Rights Examiner posts Codrea's article on 'Barack Obama coins.' This Obama-mania stuff is getting ridiculous.

Ha! Sipsy Street Irregulars needles the ATF over their being caught totally unprepared for the onslaught of gun purchases in the run-up to Obama's inauguration.

Western Rifle Shooters Association says the Bradys have a set of proposals they are sending to Barack Obama. You can bet your bottom dollar he will listen.

Paul Davis at Reproach of Men sends in this infuriating report from Germany on the manner in which German police handled a Muslim demonstration. Just another example of anti-Jew bias on the part of a government.

21 Guns, Salute has some good news about a community that is openly pro-gun.

2A Musing posts a picture from South Carolina that perfectly depicts the failure of our 'gub'ment' schools.

Here is some more good news. JR says the mainstream media actually did a positive story for a change on women and guns.

Roberta X gives a first-hand report from the Indy 1500 gun show.

I have stated several times before that I have an affinity for .38 police and military specials, either by Smith & Wesson or Taurus. Well, Brigid at Home on the Range provides excellent reading on this handgun and the ammo that works best with it. This is in-depth stuff...highly recommended!

Days of Our Trailers points to some dirty rotten scoundrels who pose as gunbloggers but who are obviously cheaters of the baser sort. lol

The Rustmeister says there's no joy in the Alehouse today. I can empathize. Although I'm not a big NFL fan, I am very much into college football, and I hate the Florida Gators...ugh! ALL of my teams lost in the end this year.

Walls of the City sizes up a few boomers he found at the gun stores over the weekend.

Texas Fred comments on a report about Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza. And he offers an alternative.

It's good to see J.D. Longstreet at Insight on Freedom writing again after a bout with pneumonia. In this post, he writes about Israel's right to self-defense.

Traction Control has all the info on a brand new webring for gunbloggers. Take a look!

Sebastian posts an analysis today on the upcoming Holder hearings in the Senate. Also, the NRA sent a letter to the committee chair about Holder.

Say Uncle points to a glaring omission in news reports on home safety.

Nicki has a MUST-read on Obama's call for everyone to 'sacrifice,' and then follows up with yet another MUST-read on the consequences of nationalized healthcare (they get to tell you how to live and what to do).

Breda shares a great photo of a shell-casing pendant that none other than Bear on a Bicycle made for her.

Mindful Musings gives us a reminder on the Grid-Down Medical course coming up in Feb.

Pax Parabellum posts his 'Random Shots' for the week.

Alphecca reports that Roland Burris, Obama's replacement in the Senate, is a hypocrite on guns.

Members of Congress Who Are Anti-Israel

In the United States Congress we can find some of the most rabid, anti-Israel partisans in the country, although they are often very discreet in their disdain for the Jewish nation.

But Yid with Lid has blown the whistle on them.

Congress passed a resolution supporting Israel's right to defend herself against the relentless Gaza attacks over the past few years. Yet some Congressmen voted 'No' to the resolution, and others voted simply 'Present.'

It is important to know who these people are. And a few are VERY surprising.

Needless to say, my respect for one of these Congressmen just took a nosedive.

Muslims Gathering Outside of Catholic Churches

Around the world at this hour we are seeing Muslims emboldened as never before in their extremism. But a most curious example of this is the Muslim practice, implemented during the past week, of gathering outside Catholic churches for prayer and worship.

The Vatican has expressed deep concern over this phenomenon.

And they have every reason to be concerned.

What if I, for example, took with me hundreds of Christians to gather outside Islamic centers for gospel singing, evangelistic preaching, and prayers to save the lost Muslim souls?

What do you think Muslim groups and the Leftwing would have to say about such a display?

I would be tarred and feathered, vilified, and condemned for displaying an attitude of disrespect and bullying toward Muslims.

Yet certain members of the Muslim religion around the world feel emboldened of late to make Catholic churches their gathering place.

Here are some pictures and commentary on the phenomenon.

Regardless of whether or not the majority of the persons involved in these acts of degradation to Christians are involved in supporting terrorism, it does not speak well for one's religion to be engaging in practices such as this.

Jews Launch Peaceful Counter-March in NYC

This is absolutely, positively gratifying to see...thousands upon thousands of Jews and supporters of Israel gathering in NYC for a peaceful counter-demonstration as an answer to the violent hate-spewing pro-terrorist marches staged by the supporters of Hamas.

Never before in my lifetime have I witnessed such a baffling, worldwide demonstration of hatred toward Jews. This sort of thing happened prior to WW II, but for the most part we have never seen this sort of thing since the Jew-haters were blown to smithereens.

From Denmark, Sweden, and the U.K., to France, Germany, and Italy, the Muslim extremists have taken to the streets to scream 'death to the Jews.'

Even in the United States, some terrorist-supporters have carried placards that read, 'Jews back to the ovens!'

In the midst of these shocking and deeply troubling events we find a gathering of multi-thousands, in New York City, where no hatred was shouted, no violence toward police officers was observed, and no cars were firebombed.

This was a most gratifying sight to behold.

Atlas Shrugs has the news with a complete pictorial that tells the story.

Crowley: The Democratic Trainwreck of 2009

We've got Al Franken, about to get away with stealing his Senate seat.

We've got The Bama without a clue about Gaza, which is why he hasn't said anything about it beyond "It's concerning."

We've got The Bama nominating CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta to be Surgeon General. (What---Dr. Pepper wasn't available?)

Syndicated columnist, radio talk show host, and TV commentator Monica Crowley sees nothing but a trainwreck in the Democrats' first few days of the new Congress. Her words above are but a sampling of her commentary on Obama, Congress, and the incoming administration.

She just about says it all in a concise nutshell.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Betting the Electorate Won't Care

In spite of the fact that the American electorate was warned repeatedly about Barack Obama's woeful lack of experience and qualification for the office of President, the citizens turned a deaf ear and proceeded to vote for him anyway.

Americans didn't seem to care that Obama lied about the nature and depth of his relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers, who never expressed one bit of regret concerning his deadly activity as a subversive prior to his becoming a professor, where he continues to espouse Leftist views that are distasteful if not repugnant to the majority of mainstream Americans.

And they didn't care that Obama's connection to ACORN was dubious at best, even to the extent of using the organization to get him more votes under the guise of being a 'non-partisan voter registration organization.'

And they turned a blind eye to Obama's bid for the Illinois legislature as a candidate of 'The New Party' when he first started in politics--an organization that was an outgrowth of The Socialist Party of Chicago.

And the electorate didn't seem to mind at all that Obama led Jews to believe he was for a united Jerusalem under the control of Israel, only to state before a different audience within one week that he supported a Palestinian state that divided Jerusalem between Jews and the terrorist organization Hamas.

And let's not forget that Obama's views on government, taxation, healthcare, and business place him in a very small elite group of 'the most liberal Senators on Capitol Hill.'

They were warned, but they didn't care.

And I'm betting they still won't care when they are informed that their new President wrote a ton of papers as a student at Columbia University in the 1980s that blamed the United States for escalating the threat of war during the Cold War with the USSR.

As Evan Gahr writes in Human Events, Obama was so quick to blame America and dismiss the seriousness of the Soviet threat that he entirely misread the nature of the era. This means, of course, that there is reason to believe that Obama is also misreading the threat of terrorism and its hitmen, such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

While Obama was protesting the policies of Ronald Reagan which were aimed at weakening the Soviet resolve, and building up our military capability, which forced the Soviets to wreck their own economy in an attempt to keep up with our military buildup, Reagan was showing the world that the back of the Soviet menace could be broken.

In short, history proved Obama wrong. His views on history, war, political movements, and socio-economic realities are entirely skewed, which make his policy initiatives entirely suspect.

We simply cannot trust this man. But I'm betting the electorate won't care until things are so royally screwed that they can't help but sit up and take notice.

CNN Exposed! Gaza Story Doesn't Add Up

Anyone who has been watching the spectrum of mainstream media news of late knows that an anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias has permeated it's reports on the war in Gaza.

On Saturday evening, for example, NBC News' nightly piece from Gaza focused exclusively on the toll the war is taking on children. Fair enough.

But not a single instance was mentioned of Israeli children that have been harmed or killed by Hamas rockets sent into southern Israel for the last few years.

The entire story focused exclusively on Palestinian children, as if 'those evil Jews' should be condemned for initiating war against Gaza's poor, defenseless children.

CNN has certainly been on the front lines of the anti-Jew campaign.

NewsBusters posts an example of CNN's bias as shown in a video from Gaza that in all likelihood is fake, based upon the known circumstances.

When the story of the fake video hit the blogosphere, CNN received hundreds if not thousands of protests. It then took down the disputed video.

But the video was re-posted when CNN got its story together and insisted that the video is legitimate, although several investigative reporters aren't buying it.

At issue is the death and burial of a 12-year-old younger brother of a cameraman, which supposedly was taped in real-time, as it happened, and then posted on CNN's website.

Investigative reporters from the 'new media' were skeptical. Here is a sampling of their views:

Johnson at LGF isn't impressed:

If they really had “little hope” the patient could be saved, they’d be going all out with CPR, which means very vigorous chest compression (it’s not unusual to break ribs if it’s done right), and ventilation to oxygenate the blood—not delicately touching the boy’s abdomen with the tips of their fingers as we see in that video.

Morrissey isn't either:

It’s not only a fake, it’s an absurd fake. It’s not even done well, and Gilbert’s dramatic headshake at the end of the supposed CPR — in which Doctor #2’s hands keep coming off the body — is only the cheesy coup de grace. Why did CNN republish this?

..... Maybe Martin can explain how a missile hits a roof and kills two boys but does no more damage to the roof than what a pickaxe could do in five minutes — and how the furniture didn’t get disturbed.

Here's a bit from Owens's post:

CNN has also yet to explain what kind of Israeli drone could have fired the purported missile, and what kind of missile would cause the minimal damage shown on the rooftop where it is claimed these boys are killed.

For the full story, be sure to click on the link to NewsBusters as shown above.

It is important for citizens to be able to trust their news sources in a world such as ours. And, increasingly, we are being shown little by little every day that the mainstream media is clearly not a trustworthy source of news.