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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mandatory Water Restrictions in Upstate SC District

An Upstate South Carolina water district has issued mandatory water restrictions in response to the continued severe drought conditions.

The SJWD Water District in western Spartanburg County has banned all outdoor water usage. Fines of up to $500 per infraction could be issued to citizens who are convicted of watering their lawns, flowers, and shrubbery, washing their vehicles, or filling up their swimming pools.

Lyman Lake, the district's reservoir, has reached dangerously low levels in recent days.

The water restrictions issued by SJWD include the Spartanburg County towns of Startex, Jackson Mill, Welford, Duncan, Lyman, and Greer.

Clemson has already enacted mandatory water restrictions in response to dangerously low levels in Lake Hartwell.

The Spartanburg Water System is considering issuing mandatory water restrictions but so far has decided to continue with voluntary compliance.

Five counties in the Upstate of South Carolina have been declared by the state to be in the worst drought conditions possible.

All in One Day--Obama Flip Flops on Oil

He started out the day on Friday reiterating his strong opposition to offshore oil drilling. By late afternoon he had changed his position, stated that he 'could support limited offshore drilling' provided it is tied to more taxes for oil companies.

Barack Obama, as it turns out, actually knows how to read the polls. Would that Nancy Pelosi could do the same.

But Barack's limited support for offshore drilling comes with a price.

A so-called 'Gang of 10' in the U.S. Senate is working on a compromise deal that will break the gridlock on drilling. The bill would allow the Dems to go after speculators who they blame for 'jacking up' oil prices on the open market. And it would allow the GOP to drill in offshore areas Congress has blocked for years.

This is the bill Obama says he can support.

But Barack and the Democrats want higher taxes on the oil companies, which they will in turn pass along to us, the consumers. Then, they want to take the money and use it to fund government research for alternative energy and 'green cars' that use 'renewable biofuels.'

Big mistake. We have already seen what the 'biofuels' craze has done to food prices.

The compromise bill is a mistake. The GOP has an issue that is resonating with the American public, and to 'compromise' with obstructionists is tantamount to making a deal with the devil. I believe the GOP can hold fast to no compromise because the American public is behind 'drill here, drill now.'

We don't need the support of Socialists who want more tax dollars and who want the government, not the private sector, to develop alternative energy.

Sure, McCain also once opposed offshore oil drilling. But he didn't state two different positions on the subject in the course of one day.

Perhaps the GOP-led floor revolt against Nancy Pelosi's obstructionism on the oil issue helped 'Barry O' change his mind. It's hard to swim against a swelling current that is flowing in the GOP's favor throughout the country, isn't it, Barry?

Friday, August 01, 2008


It was an unplanned, spontaneous move to demand that Democrats in Congress open up offshore oil drilling, which they have blocked for decades.

House Republicans refused to go home after Fuhrer Pelosi declared the House in recess for a 5-week vacation without taking any action on gas prices and drilling here at home for our nation's energy needs.

Before long, citizens in the D.C. area heard about the GOP protest and began driving in to join those who spoke from the House floor without any lights or microphones.

Tourists cheered as GOP statesmen, one by one, decried the inaction of the Democrats.

But then, Fuhrer Pelosi decided she'd had enough. She ordered Capitol guards to shut down the building late this afternoon. Even the air conditioning was to be shut off.

The Fuhrer can't have an uprising of the people and their representatives that could potentially put her and her Party in a negative light, although they garner only a 9% approval rating.

House Republicans insist they will stay at the Capitol during entire weekend if necessary, attempting to force the Democratic leadership to reconvene to consider what Americans by overwhelming majorities demand--to DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW.

Finally, the House GOP grew some brass ones, which they have been lacking for the past few years. Good for them!

Maybe now we can realistically hope for a coup during which we dispose of every single Democrat up for re-election in the Fall. Yes, ALL of them. If they can't stand up to Pelosi, then they don't deserve to be there at all.

Read Michelle Malkin's updates on the situation HERE.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/1/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Armed and Safe comments on Google's shut-down of David Codrea's blog.

Armed and Safe also posts THIS on the recent Vandergboegh controversy.

Squeaky, by the way, announces that next Tuesday's podcast of Gun Nuts--The Next Generation will feature Kurt from Armed and Safe and Sebastian from Snow Flakes in Hell discussing their disagreement on the Vanderboegh controversy.

Speaking of Mike Vanderboegh, be sure to read his latest entry entitled, 'Deacon,' at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 posts 'what's wrong with this picture?' Go have a look.

Mike McCarville reports that U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) has blasted the Democrats over their inaction on gas prices and oil drilling here at home. Good!

Gateway Pundit says that the GOP in the U.S. House has refused to vacate the premises, staging a floor revolt against Pelosi and the Democrats over their refusal to deal with offshore oil drilling.

Michelle Malkin is providing continuous updates on the GOP revolt and says that they may well call on the President to call a special emergency session to deal with oil drilling, going over Pelosi's head.

Malkin also reports that today marks the 20th anniversary of Rush Limbaugh's radio program. Here's a hearty congrats to EL RUSHBO! Mega-dittos!!

Syd at Front Sight, Press provides good commentary on the bipartisan deal the NRA struck with Congress to restore Constitutional rights in D.C.

Say Uncle says that Google's shut-down of blogs for supposedly being 'spam blogs' is a sign of their ineptitude.

Of Life and Liberty, on the other hand, says it's pure censorship. I tend to agree, given that Google threw free speech under the bus when they cut a deal with the Chi-Coms to do business in China.

Breda has an interesting pic that she entitles, 'Training My Legion.'

Nicki says that Oleg Volk, gun artist extraordaire, has made some pics of her into a t-shirt.

Traction Control gives us an update on the 2009 Gun Blogger Rendezvous at the NRA Convention in Reno.

John Lott is debating Paul Helmke on Campus Gun-Free Zones on C-Span as we speak.

Gun Owners of America issues an important update on the good work of Senators Coburn and Burr on behalf of gun rights.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings points to an excellent op-ed on Nancy Pelosi and her...ahem...'misguided' views, to put it mildly.

Insight on Freedom blogs on another useless, empty apology issued by Congress.

Days of our Trailers points to a 'stellar' cast of supporters for the Obamessiah.

The Bobo Files comments on the Obama energy plan (keep your tires properly inflated). By the way, Obama restated today his opposition to offshore oil drilling.

Elephant Forum provides good reading on 'Barry O's' attempts of late to hide his socialist views.


David Codrea reports that Google has blocked all further posting to his blog, War on Guns. This is nothing short of an outrage.

Read David's sidebar comments on the situation, in the red font, by clicking HERE.

Facts About Access to Our Own Oil

Nancy Pelosi and her obstructionist co-conspirators in the Democratic Party have been parroting a 'talking points' strategy of late, blaming the oil companies for not drilling on offshore land they have already leased.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist, however, to figure out that prudence dictates drilling where we know there is oil, not just anywhere.

The oil companies want the land that has been blocked from access by Congress under the influence of the environmentalist wackos. It is here that we can find some of the richest crude oil fields in the world.

But the enviro-wackos and the Democrats they have bought off do not want us to have that oil, for this would foil their plan to force Americans off of oil entirely...even before the economy and society as a whole can sustain it.

This may be an excellent long-term goal. But for the short-term it is asinine.

And Americans by overwhelming numbers know it. This is why most of us support immediate offshore drilling, including drilling in areas presently forbidden by Congress.

Jane Van Ryan of the American Petroleum Institute has graciously provided The Liberty Sphere with information concerning access to our own oil.

The following is a fact-sheet published by the Institute that explains the problem of access and how to address it.

Click HERE to go to the website called 'Energy Tomorrow,' and read all about it.


I am here to declare G-hawd, the Southern redneck version of holy war.

Islamofascists have Jihad, and we have G-hawd.

We declare G-hawd on the Jihad.

We southerners pride ourselves on our rich tradition of self-reliance, independence, patriotism, God-and-country issues, and other outgrowths of the liberties afforded us by our forefathers.

And most of us are armed. Most of us have multiple firearms.

If and when the Jihadists decide they will launch a concerted terror attack against citizens on our own soil by inducing urban warfare or hand-to-hand combat, we will be ready--more so than most of our fellow citizens.

Normally we are not considered 'armed and dangerous.' We are ordinary citizens leading ordinary lives. We are polite, mannerly, hard-working, God-fearing, country-loving human beings who under normal conditions would not hurt a flea.

You would never know by looking at us that when our lives, families, fellow citizens, and property are threatened we immediately morph into combat-machines if necessary.

Strike us if you dare, but the Jihadists need to know upfront that the G-hawd is nothing to be trifled with. We will fight to the death if necessary. We will confront you head-on with all of the weaponry in our arsenal, which collectively is considerable.

We have absolutely no intention of allowing you to cripple this country or to conduct mass murders in the name of your religion.

So don't fancy yourselves on getting all those virgins in heaven if you die in this war. Most of us believe in Hell, and we believe with all of our hearts that it is to Hell you will go because of your exceedingly wicked, despicable, and contemptible deeds.

We are not 'the Great Satan' as you call us. But we know how to arrange a quick face-to-face meeting with him just for you. Attack us, and you will find out.

Congress Agrees to Restore Gun Rights in D.C.

The NRA is reporting that it has reached a bipartisan compromise deal with Congress to restore gun rights in the District of Columbia.

In response to D.C.'s continued unwillingness to abide by the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Heller decision, Congress has proposed, among other things, that D.C. drop its cumbersome registration process, allow semi-automatic handguns, and allow residents to purchase their guns in surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland since there are no firearms dealers in the District.

The bill, called the Second Amendment Enforcement Act, has received the support of a broad range of elected officials in both Parties, including powerful Democrats such as John Dingell.

Since Nancy Pelosi adjourned the House today even before any action was taken on the much-needed lifting of the ban on offshore oil drilling, it is assumed that the D.C. bill will be taken up by Congress when the Representatives return from their lengthy vacation.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


It becomes more obvious with each passing week that the MSM is in the tank for Obama. No greater example can be found than tonight's broadcast of the CBS (Cheerleading for Barack System) Evening News.

Katie Couric's lead story is about John McCain's new ad which compares the rock-star type worship of Barack Obama to infamous Hollywood starlets such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and others.

It is a legitimate criticism, and much of it Obama has brought on himself.

But Couric referred to the McCain tactics as 'the low road,' echoing the sentiments of Barack Obama himself.

And then she brings on Bob Schieffer to parrot that line, calling the McCain ad 'silly' and 'weird.'

Schieffer ended his segment by these ominous words, 'McCain is not getting any traction at all, and with this latest ad it is hard to see how anyone will take that seriously.'

Wow. No traction? What about poll after poll that shows McCain gaining on Obama in many of the battleground states where the Democrat has been ahead? What about the latest Gallup and Rasmussen polls showing that among likely voters, McCain is up by 4 over Obama?

I have a message for Katie and Bob. It's hard for us out in the American heartland to take YOU seriously.

The Gathering Storm--Winds of War Parts 2 & 3

Part 1 of The Gathering Storm's 'Winds of War' dealt with the subject of the coming civil war in Europe as a result of the present onslaught of Islamofascism across the continent.

In Part 2, the writer explores his contention that such a civil war will inevitably lead to World War III as the U.S. is forced to join the fight in response to the worldwide theater of battle which the Islamofascists will launch.

The 3rd and final part of the series deals with subject of war in America as the writer maintains the inevitability of a massive U.S. backlash against Muslims and Mosques in response to the murders of thousands of U.S. citizens.

This is not reading for the faint of heart, but it is essential reading nonetheless, delineating in stark detail the fight that the West faces against the forces of extremism within Islam.

Click on the links below for Parts 2 and 3 of the series:

The Winds of War--Thinking about the Unthinkable, Part 2: World War III

The Winds of War--Thinking about the Unthinkable, Part 3: War in America

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/31/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Nancy Pelosi's Democrat-controlled House now thinks your children belong to the government. Just wait till you see what two bills in the House would allow state workers to do without your consent!
*Fight or Flight? The uphill battle over gun-rights in certain areas of the country.
*Something About Mary--a freelance spy with NRA connections in gun control land.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has a MUST-read on 'The Popgun Parade,' which examines Smith & Wesson's attempt to commemorate the Heller decision.

The JPFO also provides essential reading on how to protect yourself against travesties of justice such as what happened to David Olofson. This is vital info for ALL gun owners!

Michelle Malkin comments on John McCain's excellent new ad comparing Obama-worship to those who are star-struck by the likes of Britney, Lindsay, and Paris.

Texas Fred reports a striking decline in the number of illegal aliens in the country in the past year.

John Lott reports that Obama has accused John McCain of running a 'racist' campaign, but the thing is, he can't point to anyone who said anything racist. Do you think maybe he made it up to get some mileage?

Born Again Redneck comments that it is Barack who keeps bringing up the race issue in the campaign.

Finally, a major, liberal newspaper of the mainstream media has picked up the story of the John Edwards-mistress-love child scandal. It's about time, but they are very, very late.

Sebastian says that the NRA has reached a deal with Congressional Democrats to reform D.C.'s gun laws.

Squeaky tells us that The Rustmeister has fallen ill and is in the hospital. She is taking donations to help him. We can all wish him the best and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone takes apart one of the quintessential a**holes of the mainstream media--Keith Olbermann. Just wait till you see what he said about the Second Amendment.

Walls of the City has an interesting exchange between the blogger and one of the members of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville who stopped the shooter. The UU member is against guns. Go have a look. (H/T to Say Uncle).

The Bitch (Pelosi) and her Democrat Mongrels in the U.S. House of Representatives have adjourned and gone on vacation--over the objections of the GOP--without doing a damn thing about the energy crisis or drilling here at home. Gateway Pundit has the story.

Walter Williams, my favorite intellectual, has a great new op-ed at Jewish World Review on the environmentalists' stranglehold on the Democrat Congress.

Via Rezkorama, Clipmarks posts a letter from a major Democratic Party donor to the DNC treasurer delineating his problems with Barack Obama.

Mike McCarville reports that Andrew Rice, Senator Jim Inhoffe's Democratic opponent for Oklahoma's Senate race in the Fall, didn't do very well in the primary, despite his win.

21 Guns Salute provides essential reading on Vanderboegh's latest article, which we cited yesterday.

Edwards Protected, Stevens Vilified by MSM

One had been the Vice-Presidential candidate for his Party in 2004 and was a contender for the Presidential nomination by his Party in 2008. He is a former 2-term U.S. Senator from North Carolina.

This man's wife, who had stood faithfully by his side during his campaign, was diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

But it turns out that the man has a mistress with whom he had a love-child.

That anonymous 'love-child' now has a name--Frances Quinn Hunter, the daughter of the mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Rielle Hunter, as it turns out, has also been receiving $15,000 per month in hush money.

John Edwards, one of the most popular and influential Democrats in the country, is up to his eyeballs in scandal of draconian proportions, yet not a word of it has been even as much as whispered in the mainstream media.

The word on the street is that the MSM will soon be forced to report the story due to the overwhelming evidence that it's true.

But how much do you want to bet that when Katie, Charles, and Brian report it, the word 'Democrat' will not be uttered in the introductory remarks about the story?

The other man in the news has been an icon in the U.S. Senate longer than any other living person in the GOP. Alaskans have trusted this man to be their spokesman in the Senate for half a century.

He has been described as one of the most powerful figures in U.S. politics, though he is not often mentioned as the prime mover behind key legislation. His power has been wielded more often than not behind the scenes.

The mainstream news media has been suggesting that this man resign his seat in the Senate. His only transgression? He got a new basement and a new deck built onto his home, supposedly paid for by Alaskan companies that received lucrative government contracts as a result of this Senator's influence.

Yet so far these are allegations only.

When the MSM reported that Ted Stevens of Alaska was under indictment and investigation for corruption, not only did it make headlines and become the lead story on the evening news broadcasts, but within the very first sentence of the story, Stevens was identified as 'a powerful Republican.'

Often when other stories have been reported involving Democrats being caught in scandals, the
reporter conveniently fails to mention that the politician in question is a Democrat.

Thus, John Edwards is given safe haven protection from the MSM while Ted Stevens is vilified.

This is all part of the stellar, unbiased journalism to be found on ABC (All Barack Channel), NBC (National Barack Channel), CBS (Cheerleading for Barack System), and CNN (Clinton News Network).

And as for the silence of the major daily newspapers such as the New York Times on the John Edwards scandal, that silence shouts louder than a foghorn that they are beneath the dignity of even the National Enquirer, which has at least a year's worth of investigative work to back up its allegations.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/30/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Olofson Incarceration Update
*Comedy icon Jerry Lewis was detained in Vegas for having a handgun
*A school in Texas will require prison-like jumpsuits for its students

Mike McCarville has today's MUST-read on U.S. Congressman Tom Cole's statement on preserving Second Amendment rights.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has a major op-ed featured in an Israeli newspaper, Israel National News.

Geller also posts a follow-up to the continually-developing story on Obama's anonymous overseas donors and other bizarre illegal activity.

Michelle Malkin reports the late-breaking news that Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has resigned. Good! He has been almost as bad for Israel as Hamas.

Say Uncle has some very appropriate words for morons and totalitarian morons who are mouthing off about the Fairness Doctrine and more gun control in light of the church shooting. Read it all.

Sebastian posts a quote from Barack Obama that seems to endorse the idea of reparations for slavery.

Breda has a video that she entitles, 'Politics for Idiots.' Yep.

The Stiletto posts today's edition of her always-interesting 'The Daily Blade.'

Gateway Pundit has a late-breaking update on the John Edwards-mistress-love child scandal, and says that Edwards paid hush money to his mistress.

Gateway also shows us that all of the Obama-worship has gone to the candidate's head. Just wait till you see what he told a group of Congressional Democrats...about himself!

Gunservatively has an interesting read entitled, 'Predatory Borrowers and Reckless Homeowners.'

Blogstitution provides good commentary on the end of journalism as we know it.

Gun Law News reports that there is significant movement in Congress today to restore Second Amendment rights to D.C.

The Western Rifle Shooters Association has essential reading by Mike Vanderboegh that provides some answers to the question, what good is a handgun against an army?

Walls of the City gives us an update on his concealed handgun spreadsheet.

Bloviating Zeppelin has a MUST-read on 'the religion of peace.'

John Lott reports the good news that Students for Concealed Carry is having its first National Convention on August 1.


Politeia cites a special report at NewsMax that assesses Iran's developing nuclear capability. The news is not good.

According to the report, Iran possess the ability launch a nuclear attack on the United States, not from mainland to mainland but from various strategic points on the land and sea to space.

If, for example, Iran launched a crude nuclear missile from a ship and then detonated it in space once it reached a certain altitude, the electro-magnetic pulse from the explosion would immediately cripple communications, transportation, power, food, water, and other infrastructure in the U.S.--without the bomb ever hitting the ground.

Thus, even without any immediate loss of life, such an attack would render the U.S. an impotent giant. The economic and logistical impact alone would be catastrophic.

The authors of the NewsMax report believe that Iran is currently capable of launching such an attack and have already conducted missile tests to assess the plan's feasibility.

The Gathering Storm--Winds of War in Europe

Winston Churchill once described a 'softening up' process that a nation's enemies undertake in the years prior to a military attack. Churchill was convinced this was what happened to Europe and Great Britain in the years leading up to World War II, as Hitler and others led the West to believe that appeasement was the 'path to peace.'

Under such a subterfuge, nations and citizens are lulled into a false sense of security.

It is then that the enemy strikes with a vengeance, such as Hitler did in invading Poland just after signing a treaty with Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain promising there would be no more aggression.

Maverick News Media points to a new, 3-part series at The Gathering Storm entitled, 'Winds of War--Thinking About the Unthinkable,' which examines the inevitability of another world war which will be precipitated by the Islamofascist domination of Europe.

The writer contends that the West, particularly Europe, has reached the state of induced slumber, or 'softened up' as Churchill would say, where the enemy succeeds in lulling its prey into a false sense of security with promises of 'peaceful coexistence.'

And all the while the extremist factions within Islam continue to bombard Europe with massive immigration, along with demands for accommodation as no other religious group is given. Inch by inch, step by step, the Islamic extremists undertake their calculated approach toward total dominance.

When the West finally wakes up from its delusional state and realizes what has happened, so intense will be the outrage that war is inevitable, according to the author.

The first article in this 3-part series is entitled, 'Civil War in Europe.' It is a must-read.

But while Europe is 'ground zero' in this new war, it is a big mistake to assume the U.S. is immune from its consequences. The forces in Europe that strive toward the domination of extremist Islam have targeted the U.S. as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The City of Union, South Carolina is in for a change in its form of government.

In a decision made by the Union City Council at a special called meeting late Tuesday afternoon, the city has opted to hire a full-time administrator, separating the position from the Mayor's position.

The Council also terminated city zoning director Jeff Lawson.

Lawson had been on unpaid administrative leave after being indicted under federal corruption charges.

Former Union Mayor Bruce Morgan was also charged in the corruption scandal. Morgan resigned the day the indictments were handed down.

Residents of the city had assumed, as they had been led to believe by the Council, that Union's next Mayor would handle the combined role of city administrator as well, as it had been done since 2004 when Morgan convinced the Council to combine the two positions.

But the Council nixed that plan at today's meeting and chose instead to hire a full-time city administrator. A nationwide search will ensue to find the person best suited for the job, according to the Council.

At least 6 persons have announced their candidacy for Mayor. With Tuesday's decision by the Council, the Mayor of Union will be a significantly weakened position with a reduced salary.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/29/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Dick Heller has filed a new lawsuit against D.C.
*Megalomania Defined (Nancy Pelosi)
*Obama's Short List of potential running mates grabs gun-owners by the shorthairs
*Lies are afloat that Timothy McVeigh was 'connected to a militia'

CNS News Service has more on the new Dick Heller lawsuit against D.C.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone gives her take on the new Heller lawsuit.

John Lott has the quote of the day from Stephen Halbrook on the new Heller case.

Gun Owners of America has issued an alert to its members concerning the continued D.C. outrage.

Traction Control reports that Republicans John Cornyn and Dana Rohrabacher have renewed their calls for President Bush to pardon agents Ramos and Compean, in light of yesterday's dreadful Appeals Court decision.

Gun Nuts--The Next Generation, hosted by Squeaky and Ahab will focus on carrying guns to church. This should be a riveting show tonight, so be sure to tune in. Click on the link for the time and info.

Mike McCarville reports that the latest Gallup Poll shows McCain up by 4 over Obama among likely voters. Mmmmm, wonder why THIS poll was not presented by the mainstream media?! Instead, they promoted a poll showing Obama up by 7 over McCain following the Obamessiah's overseas trip.

Alphecca has a perfect example of how the gun-grabbers are exploiting the church shooting in Knoxville.

It's good to see Syd over at Front Sight, Press posting again. Here he comments on guns in church and says the shooting in Knoxville is ample reason to carry when you go to worship.

21 Guns Salute provides good commentary today on several items of interest.

Freedom Sight says the New Orleans Police Department is at it again, illegally seizing guns.

Gateway Pundit reports on the growing Nancy Pelosi-Colombian scandal HERE and HERE.

Sebastian has a very interesting read on the possible courses of action citizens could take against D.C. Mayor Fenty for the continued violations of Constitutional rights.

The NRA reports that a federal judge has upheld Florida's new law allowing employees to carry at work.

Insight on Freedom posts riveting commentary today entitled 'Propaganda Machine'--a MUST-read!


A U.S. Appeals Court in New Orleans has upheld the conviction and lengthy sentences of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean.

Refusing to overturn the convictions, the 3-judge panel stated that 'a jury has spoken.'

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators and Congressmen led by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) had called on President Bush to commute the sentences of the two men, releasing them from prison.

Rohrabacher had even presented evidence in Congress of corruption within the U.S. Justice Department involving U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, who had prosecuted the case.

Yet so far nothing has been done to correct an obvious wrong on the part of the U.S. Government in this case.

Read all about this outrageous new development on the Border Patrol scandal HERE.

U.S. Moves Toward Heightened Terror Alert

ABC News is reporting that the federal government is moving quietly toward a heightened terror alert in light of an upcoming series of high profile events.

Fearing that Al Qaeda or a similar group could attempt a terrorist attack during the Olympics or one of the two major political conventions this summer, the Department of Homeland Security has declared a 'Period of Heightened Alert,' or 'POHA.'

The period would run from August of 2008 until July of 2009.

The Department has designated POHA to refer to a time-frame when terrorists may have more incentive to attack, such as during high profile campaign events during an election year.

During such a time-frame federal agents will double their counterterrorism activity and prepare for any contingency during the transition from the Bush Administration to that of the next President.

The Feds are already doubling efforts in tracking leads in a terrorist threat made against the Olympic games by a group of Chinese Muslims.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Media: Church Gunman 'Hated Liberals'

The spin-doctors of the mainstream media have kicked it into high gear over this one. The lunatic who opened fire inside a Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee on Sunday is now being described as one who 'hated liberals.'

I suppose this means that any of us who express a decided lack of esteem and respect for liberals, particularly those of us who own guns, will now be designated as potential homegrown terrorists who are liable to whip out a piece during Communion and knock off as many parishioners as we can.

In all the years I have owned a firearm (30-plus years), I have never shot at anything but a target at the range and a few wild boar.

I have never been forced to draw my gun on a human being.

And I have never felt the slightest strange urge to go walking into a House of Worship, draw my weapon, and bump off a few of the faithful just for the heck of it...not even if they belong to ultra-liberal, Leftist organizations such as the Unitarian Universalist Church or the United Church of Christ.

You see, I am one of the 99.9% of conservative gun owners who believe that the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people can be won in the marketplace of ideas--as we debate issues head-to-head, eyeball-to-eyeball, toe-to-toe.

When we engage the Left in the marketplace of ideas, they lose...always, inevitably.

Thus, I do not accept being lumped in with lunatics like the Knoxville gunman. Instead, I am going to turn this around and implicate the entire lot of the liberal mainstream media. Liberals hate us.

And they will do everything they can to stop us by innuendo, defamation of character, caricature, and lumping us all together with lunatics whose mental capacity prevents them from engaging in rational behavior.

That is where the real hate lies.

'Walls of the City' Needs Some Input

One of our fellow gun bloggers, Walls of the City, needs some input as to suitable guns for concealed carry. He has a new spreadsheet posted with the possible choices. It would be helpful for him to know what most who hold concealed carry permits actually carry.

So, go over there and give him some help by clicking HERE.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/28/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Unitarian-Universalists on Gun Control (the group that got hit in Knoxville on Sunday is part of one of the most subversive, Leftwing religious organizations in the country, in addition to Barack Obama's denomination, the United Church of Christ).
*Reporting a stolen gun will land you in jail in New York!
*And David announces the winner of the Bob Barr poster contest.

Armed and Safe has the complete scoop on Chicago Mayor Daley's response to the Heller decision on gun bans.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 blogs about his day at the North Texas Gun Show.

Roberta X gives us a report on the Indy Blog Meet yesterday.

Scott Rasmussen reports that his daily Presidential tracking poll shows no significant bump for Obama after the overseas trip. This is today's daily poll, posted 2 hours ago.

XRLQ has a link to one of the most hilarious things you will ever see this political season. 'Yes, Barry loves me, the O-bible tells me so.' ROFL! And no, the piece is not making fun of Jesus. It's making fun of the Obamessiah who seems to think he's Jesus, or least his supporters do.

Gateway Pundit reports that the terrorist front-group, CAIR, has held a fundraiser for the first Muslim elected to Congress, Keith Ellison, D-MN.

Gateway also reports the sad news that venerable conservative columnist and icon Bob Novak has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

My Way News reports that a Judge has tossed a lawsuit filed by conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage against CAIR. Contrary to the article, however, CAIR is NOT a 'civil rights group.' Sheeesh.

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Sharp as a Marble posts a MUST-read on 'Barry O's' dirty little secret concerning Blackwater. What an 'effin socialist hypocrite.

Squeaky announces that tomorrow's show of 'Gun Nuts--the Next Generation' will focus on carrying guns to church.

Traction Control reports that Florida and Georgia have expanded their gun rights laws. Good!

John Lott posts several news videos that show the exceeding dishonesty of Barack Obama.

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Dark Blog has excellent commentary today. Give it a read.


The nature of the term 'plagiarism' denotes the practice of passing off as one's own the ideas of someone else.

This being the case, Barack Obama has plagiarized the ideas of Cuban Communist Fidel Castro.

Two weeks ago the Illinois junior Senator and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee rolled out his plan to implement a massive 'civilian security force' that would rival the U.S. military in scope, power, and authority.

Political observers in both Parties were taken aback by the proposal. But the concept is not new, nor is it original with Barack Obama.

A major political figure from the past made a similar proposal right here in our own hemisphere. One of the keys to the implementation of Cuban Communist totalitarianism under the Castro regime was the concept that each individual civilian would see himself/herself as a comrade in the massive 'army of the people' that would insure the success of the revolution in changing Cuban society from top to bottom.

Not only that, but civilians would be required to provide service in this massive security force, just as they are always forced to do in totalitarian regimes from Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot.

And now here comes Barack Obama with the very same idea.

The thing that makes this proposal so frightening at this particular time is that there is already a move afoot in the Democrat-controlled Congress to implement the so-called 'National Service Act' that would require all citizens of a certain age to engage in service to the government.

When it was first suggested that Barack Obama finds some close kinship with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Fidel Castro, many charged that the notion was 'over the top.' Perhaps now the notion that Obama plans to unleash Marxist ideology on America is not so far-fetched.

At the very least, Obama needs to come clean with the American people about where he got the concept of the 'civilian security force.' America needs to know that Fidel Castro is one of Obama's ideological mentors.

For more information on this explosive story, click HERE.

'Muslims for Obama' Seeks to Impose Sharia Law

A group that calls itself 'Muslims for Obama' is calling for the passage of laws in the U.S. that impose Sharia on American culture, according to the website Muslims Against Sharia.

While the group stops short of calling for imposing the full force and letter of Sharia law, the laws the group wants to implement would be a form of Sharia law, or 'Sharia light,' which would make drastic accommodations for American Muslims that are not made for any other religious group.

For example, 'Muslims for Obama' wants a federal law that requires employers to give Muslim employees time off on Fridays for 'Jummah Prayer.'

In addition, they want laws requiring prayer areas for 'Jummah' or 'Salah' in public and private buildings such as airports, government offices, shopping malls, and universities.

They also want their religious holidays made into national holidays recognized by the U.S. Government, with time off from work provided. They want provision for special Halal meals to be offered in public schools, federal buildings, and colleges. They want laws preventing any perceived 'harassment' of Muslim women who wear Hijab in public areas such as airports, the DMV, etc.

And last but not least, they want a special committee of Muslim Americans to make recommendations concerning U.S. foreign policy.

It should not escape our attention that the group considers Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama sympathetic to their cause.

This is not simply a group of Muslims who support Obama. This is a group with an agenda, an agenda which they see as having a chance of being implemented if Barack Obama is elected President of the United States.

For this reason, Muslims Against Sharia denounces 'Muslims for Obama' and suggests that if it is Sharia law they want, there are plenty of places outside the U.S. that have exactly what they're looking for.

True. But then, leaving would not be following the script. It is revolution they want--change. And if their ideas are implemented, then change will surely result, that's for sure.

Perhaps now we can begin to see a bit more clearly what, exactly, Obama means when he keeps uttering the word 'change' without actually describing the type of change he has in mind.


THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER has filed a criminal complaint in Beverly Hills, California, contending that a security guard acted illegally in interrupting their questioning of former U.S. Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards, D-NC.

Now that a criminal complaint has been filed, Edwards will be forced to answer official police questions concerning the incident that led to the complaint, which the National Enquirer says involves a clandestine rendezvous at the Beverly Hilton between Edwards, his mistress, and their love-child on the night of July 21.

In a related development, the mainstream media is frantically attempting to keep the Edwards scandal off of its front-page news.

According to reports published by Matt Drudge on Saturday, bloggers at the Los Angeles Times have been instructed not to mention the incident involving Edwards at the Beverly Hilton.

But the attempts to keep the story under wraps may prove to be a lesson in futility once Edwards is required to answer a police inquiry into the actions of a Hilton Hotel security guard who escorted the former Senator out of the building while reporters for the Enquirer were attempting to question Edwards.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guns, Ammo Stolen from Major Laurens Co. Shop

Over 50 guns and numerous boxes of ammunition were stolen Friday night from a major Laurens County wilderness shop.

Lawson's Outfitters on Highway 76 in Laurens County in the Upstate of South Carolina has been burglarized 3 times within the past month. Friday night was the first time the robbers got away with merchandise, however.

Lawson's is a popular outdoor, wilderness, gun, and ammo shop in the Upstate. Customers like the variety one can find by browsing Lawson's considerable collection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, as well as outdoor accessories.

Police say that surveillance video of the burglary gives them a fairly clear picture of the description of the perpetrators, but it was blood left on the scene that investigators say can possibly lead them straight to the criminals.

Store owner Danny Lawson states that in spite of the best video and alarm equipment money can buy, the crooks persisted until they found a glitch in the system.

'I guess I'm going to have to start sleeping up here,' he said.

For a complete video of this news report, click here to go to WSPA News Channel 7.

Democrat Delegate Banished, Supports McCain

Apparently the Democrats have no use for a Hillary Clinton delegate to the national convention who now supports John McCain rather than Barack Obama.

Is this one of their latest casualties from the 'vote for Obama or die' campaign?

When Wisconsin Democrat Debra Bartoshevich was elected to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, she was a delegate for Hillary Clinton.

However, when Clinton suspended her campaign, Bartoshevich stated that she would support GOP Presidential candidate John McCain rather than cast a vote for Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Party bosses in Wisconsin were incensed. Wishing to avoid the embarrassment of having a defector in their ranks, the Wisconsin Democratic Party executive committee voted unanimously to strip Bartoshevich of her status as a delegate to the Convention.

Evidently the Democrats want no independent thinkers in their ranks to rock the boat as Obama sails to the nomination.

Miracles Happen, But Not by the Obamessiah

A miraculous thing has occurred on the way to the planned and carefully orchestrated coronation of King Barack in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Despite the best-laid plans of mice, vermin, mainstream media news reporters, billionaire Leftists, and other characters of ill repute, the precious 'Savior of Mankind' is not gaining any ground in the polls.

Barack Obama got absolutely no bump in the polls resulting from his much-touted trip overseas.

This is in spite of wall-to-wall coverage by the mainstream media, the presence of all 3 major network news anchors, the worshipful adoration of throngs of zombies in Germany, and the attempt of the mainstream media to influence the election by covering the trip of a 2nd-rate junior politician as if it were an official visit by the President of the United States.

Despite Lara Logan and Katie Couric's rather hard-hitting interviews with Obama on the trip, make no mistake that the MSM is in the tank for the Illinois junior Senator.

The reporters had to appear hard-nosed in order to address widespread criticism that they were actively attempting to get Obama elected by slanting their news coverage.

Such criticism is entirely valid, no matter what questions Logan, Couric, and company asked.

John McCain got no such coverage when he made the same trip some time ago.

Yet, despite the goo-goo-gaa-gaa-O-Baa-Maas of the MSM, complete with their endless cheerleading for the 'candidate of hope and change,' Americans have apparently become very skeptical of what they're seeing and hearing night after night on the national news broadcasts.

Even after all we've seen and heard over the past week, John McCain is still within the margin of error of being tied with Obama in a composite average of all of the major polls. In fact, the latest major poll shows that the two are in a dead-heat.

But more importantly, McCain is picking up support in key areas with key demographic groups. He is pulling way ahead of Obama among the reliable over-55 voters, and he is gaining by leaps and bounds in the battleground states.

The miracle here, therefore, is that Obama is losing ground in spite of the media hype.

Wow, do you think he's really just a man after all?