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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is YOUR Pic Here? Amazing Smiling Mug Shots

Washington, DC (TLS). Apparently there is nothing like a big smile just before being thrown into the slammer. At least that is the thing that must have been on the minds of the following persons just before being hauled to jail.

The Smoking Gun has mug shots of some of the happiest jail-birds in the nation.

Remember, this is a big holiday weekend as the season for summer vacations kicks into high gear. If you drive, don't drink. If you drink, don't drive. It really is simple as that.

Fail to follow that simple rule of thumb, and you may wind up like these ladies and gentlemen who are apparently too smashed to care that they are getting ready to become residents of a cell down at the big house.

Take a look at these mugs. Some of the women are actually very pretty!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Keep a Suspicious Eye on China

Washington, DC (TLS). The news out of Washington today is that the Bush Administration is increasingly concerned about China's long-range missile capability. And well they should be.

For years China has been quietly but steadily building its military, munitions and weapons arsenals, including the capability of launching nuclear missiles that can hit the U.S. mainland.

While the Chinese have been busy building up their capability of waging nuclear war against America, we Americans have largely ignored such ominous clouds on the horizon in lieu of establishing corporate and business liaisons with the Communist giant, not only to pad our pockets but to supposedly weaken the totalitarian resolve of the Chinese by expanding capitalistic ventures within their borders.

The problem is that under the present unfair trade practices in the name of 'free trade,' the Chinese have made billions at the expense of Americans--billions that have then been used to continue expanding their military and nuclear capability.

In short, the Chinese have been using our willingness to engage in capitalistic ventures with them against us.

The result is that China is on the brink of becoming a true, bona fide super-power in every sense of the word, not just militarily but economically.

Thus far, the only thing keeping China from dominating the world stage as a super-power has been its lack of economic progress under the stifling effects of Communism. That has changed drastically. And they have done it by being willing to adopt a limited capitalistic economic model while steadfastly maintaining their Communist totalitarian philosophy.

Thus, Google can do business and flourish as a capitalistic venture in China, but they must keep the Chinese population in the dark about certain strains of political thought that could incite the citizenry to an uprising similar to the Tienanmen Square display.

The ominous result of this course of events is that the capitalism that China allows to flourish within its borders is then used to bolster and strengthen its basic governmental philosophy that the general population cannot be trusted and that the liberties of the people must continue to be restricted.

Not only that, but the bounty produced by the capitalistic model is used to continue to build itself into the largest and most dangerous totalitarian army in the world.

Although China has seen the light that only capitalism can produce wealth and prosperity, it has failed to embrace the underlying principles of liberty from which capitalism draws most of its vitality.

The result, unfortunately, is a significantly strengthened--and dangerous--super-power.

In dealing with China we cannot for one moment forget that they are still Communists. And with their growing military power, we must always keep the suspicious eye on them, regardless of our business connections with them.

Hey Obama, Hillary, Gore--WHERE'S THE BEEF?

Washington, DC (TLS). The mantra of the Democrats as we head toward the 2008 election cycle is that 'America has lost the support and respect of the entire world.'

Oh yeah?

Not anymore.

First it was Germany who saw the error of her ways and elected a U.S.-friendly leader. 'Angie' as she is called, is very popular in her country as well. Apparently the rank and file of the German electorate did not view America and George W. Bush with disdain.

Now it is France's turn. The new French President is decidedly pro-American, and the French have even joined the U.S. in filing a complaint against the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Such a thing would have been unheard of under the ethically-challenged Jacques Chirac.

So amazing is the new support in Europe for America that 'Atlas Shrugs' says that pigs are now flying! Read it here:

'Smoking Gun' Shows Al Qaeda Torture Techniques

Washington, DC (TLS). While Republican John McCain, most Democrats, and anti-war lunatics split semantic hairs over whether or not 'waterboarding' is considered torture, perhaps it would do the nation well to consider what, exactly, is the nature of REAL torture.

The images you will find on The Smoking Gun today will cause waterboarding to look like a friendly game of bobbing for apples.

Al Qaeda and terrorists like them know how to torture human beings.

And do you know what? We AIN'T doing it, and we never have!

So, the next time a bleeding heart pacifist or a half-brained politician claims the United States is torturing terrorists, point them to the following images, provided courtesy of Al Qaeda.

Warning! These images are graphic!

Cosmetic Surgery Fad--The 'Designer Vagina'

Washington, DC (TLS). Women in the United States and the U.K. are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery for something that is being called 'the designer vagina.'

I kid you not.

According to medical sources in the U.K. women are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery to enhance the look and feel of their genitalia. Some are even bringing pictures from magazines to show their surgeons exactly what they want to look like.

Apparently, two of the main reasons women give for seeking the surgery are to shorten the length of the vagina and to 'flatten the vulva bulge.'


Personally, we think that the risks from surgery far outweigh any perceived flaw. Besides, the doctors quoted in the article below found that these procedures often leave women with diminished sexual sensitivity.

Click here for the complete article:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

GOA Issues Alert on Immigration Bill

Washington, DC (TLS). Gun Owners of America has issued a special alert concerning the new immigration bill backed by the White House, Ted Kennedy, and John McCain. This bill contains provisions that could shut down every gun shop in America.

In crafting this ill-conceived bill, gun-grabbers Ted Kennedy and John McCain could not resist including provisions that would target gun stores. If a gun shop with as few as 5 employees commits at least two violations of federal gun laws, including paperwork violations, that store could be designated as a 'criminal gang' and shut down.

In addition, if an anti-gun zealot in the government determines that the 'main purpose' of that gun shop is to commit gun violations, then it can be shut down.

My friends, ambiguous wording such as this, aimed at gun stores, is simply one more way the anti-gun bigots in Washington have determined to rob the citizens of their Constitutional rights.

Click here to go directly to the GOA alert, including info on contacting Congress:

Pics of S.C. Teacher in Court Facing Sex Charges

Goose Creek, SC (TLS). WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia has posted a slide-show of S.C. teacher Kanesa Hopkins, 31, as she appears in court to face charges of engaging in criminal sexual conduct with a female student.

Hopkins was recently named 'Teacher of the Year' by her school, the Westview Middle School in Goose Creek. A sworn affidavit also indicates that Hopkins was the Sunday School teacher of the alleged victim.

Click here to go to the slide-show presentation:


Goose Creek, SC (TLS). The town of Goose Creek, located in the 'low country' of the coastal plain of South Carolina, takes its turn being rocked to its core by a teacher sex scandal that was, to the say least, most unexpected.

The teacher involved was recently named 'Teacher of the Year' at the Westview Middle School in Goose Creek. She is also a Sunday School teacher.

Kanesa Hopkins, 31, is being held on $300,000 bail after being charged with five counts of having sex with a teenage student. The student who came forward, a female, had been a student of Hopkins previously and is a member of Hopkins' Sunday School class.

The sexual encounters allegedly took place at the residences of both Hopkins and the accuser.

Read the details of this shocking scandal here, from the Charleston Post and Courier:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update on Allenna Williams Ward Sex Scandal Case

Allenna Williams Ward, shown above, is the Middle School English teacher accused of criminal sexual misconduct with five teenage boys in Clinton, South Carolina.

Ward has plead not guilty to the charges.

The state's attorney in the case, Laurens County Circuit Solicitor Jerry Peace has stated that he is attempting to work out a deal with Ward's attorney, presumably a plea bargain. Peace further stated that if a deal could not be reached with Ward and her attorney, that 'we may then try this case in a year and a half or so.'

To the casual observer this may mean nothing. But to astute observers of the court system there is plenty that can be gleaned from the words of the prosecutor.

The obvious factor that strikes us about this case is that if the allegations and charges against Ward are true, then she would be nothing less than a hardened, seasoned sexual predator, worthy of the most stringent sentence that could be leveled against her under the law.

Yet Mr. Peace is not proceeding with this case as one who actually believes he is dealing with a hardened sexual predator.

This means there are two possibilities--either Ward is entirely innocent and has been falsely accused, in which case Peace is giving things time to settle in the hope the truth comes out, or, he believes Ward is guilty but cannot amass sufficient evidence to prove her guilt in court.

At this time I tend to believe Ward is entirely innocent and has been falsely accused.

The complete silence surrounding this case is yet another odd circumstance, given the severity of the charges and allegations. Ward and her attorney have been totally silent throughout this case, which is understandable. At first the pot-bangers in Clinton took to the streets to decry the 'child molester' and such. But now even they are totally tight-lipped. So are the boys who made the accusations.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will keep you updated on all further developments.

Reagan 'Inner Circle' Supports Fred Thompson

Washington, DC (TLS). During Ronald Reagan's climb up the political ladder, and his subsequent attaining of the Presidential office, he was able to assemble around him a group of highly loyal and astute aides and political operatives. Among these are Michael Dever, Edwin Meece, and former Tennessee Senator Howard Baker.

The Liberty Sphere has learned that the Reagan 'inner circle,' as they are called, are backing former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson's bid to become the Republican nominee for President.

In addition, sources tell us that Nancy Reagan herself is supporting Fred Thompson.

This news is significant in that all of the Republican Presidential nominees have, in one way or another, attempted to link themselves to Ronald Reagan. Yet not everyone who makes that claim truly fits the bill.

Reagan embraced religious conservatives. He also embraced non-religious conservatives. He reached out to socially conservative 'blue collar' Democrats. In short, he was able to piece together a massive coalition of various groups who shared one common ideal--the belief that America's greatness lies in HER PEOPLE and not in big government.

Big government conservatism would be an oxymoron to Reagan.

Fred Thompson embodies all of the Reagan ideals--small government, lower taxes, a strong defense, pro-life, a belief in the autonomy of the individual, and an undying optimism and belief that America's greatness can only be preserved by a constant diligence against the forces of oppression and anti-freedom.

Having been a part of 'the Reagan Revolution' as far back as the early 1970s, when I began working for Young Americans for Freedom, naturally I have a great amount of respect and affinity for the Reagan inner circle. The Reagan people appear to be of the same mind when it comes to the Republican nomination.

Early on, The Liberty Sphere threw our support behind Duncan Hunter. We still believe he is a good man who is the best candidate among those who have declared. However, this was before Fred Thompson suggested he may be interested in running.

Mr. Hunter, I am sorry to say, has had trouble raising the necessary funds to be competitive. This goes for most of the candidates. If Fred Thompson announces his candidacy, this writer would enthusiastically throw our support behind Thompson.


Columbia, SC (TLS). Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, finds himself in deep political trouble in his home state of South Carolina. Graham raised the ire of the Republican base when he helped broker the present 'immigration compromise bill' that is supported by Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and President Bush.

The fact that Graham supports John McCain in his Republican Presidential nomination bid is increasingly viewed as an albatross hanging around the Senator's neck.

With McCain losing support among the Party faithful, and with the Kennedy-McCain-Bush immigration bill viewed by most as an amnesty program for illegal workers, Republicans in South Carolina have begun to turn their rage toward Graham.

A grassroots coalition has sprung up within the state that is seeking to rescind Graham's election to the Senate. In short, they want to immediately remove him from office.

By overwhelming majorities South Carolinians want secured borders, immigration limitation and control, and a commitment on the part of elected officials to uphold and enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.

Graham is increasingly viewed as someone who does not share the views of the majority of the people in his state.

The Liberty Sphere believes that the Senator is in deep trouble politically. If he survives the move to have him removed from office, he has an election to face next year. With opposition mounting, it is looking doubtful that Graham could win another term.

South Carolina's other Senator, Jim DeMint, another Republican, has been solidifying his popularity in the state by his steadfast opposition to the immigration bill. When South Carolina voters compare the two, given DeMint's more compatible views with the majority of the state's electorate, Graham comes out looking like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

It will be interesting to see just how strongly the ill winds toward Graham are blowing in South Carolina.

UPDATE! Top 10 Reasons The Vegan Diet (Will) MIGHT Kill You

UPDATE! In the interest of fairness I must say that those of you who wrote in to make your case concerning the safety of the vegan diet, when undertaken with due diligence to insure all the proper nutrients, have made a good point. The Vegan Diet will not necessarily kill you. It MIGHT kill you if you don't know what you are doing and fail to eat the variety of food necessary for good health.

But then again, any diet might kill you. Eating the way I do could be deadly if I fail to address the potential problems inherent in high protein-low simple carbs diets. Thus, the vegan diet is no more deadly or unhealthy than any other.

It is important to note, as some of you have mentioned, that some societies have survived very well on vegetarian diets of various kinds. In like manner, the Eskimos in the Arctic region have survived very well by eating nothing but what they had available--fish that were high in fats, and other animal proteins indigenous to the region.

I want to say it has been fun debating this issue with all of you from the vegan message boards. I wish you all the best in your quest for good health.

Washington, DC (TLS). New research from several major universities strongly suggest that the vegan diet might kill you. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. Vegans are not as healthy and do not live as long as their meat-eating counterparts.

2. Vegans are at a much higher risk for developing massive strokes.

3. Eggs and certain species of cold water fish contain valuable complete protein and monosaturated fats that help PREVENT heart disease.

4. Vegans are more likely to show higher blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes.

5. Diets that are based upon eliminating certain categories of foods, such as the vegan diet, can lead to striking imbalances in essential nutrients, such as iron.

6. Vegan diets are usually extremely low in fats, some of which can help prevent inflammation, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

7. Portions of the world population where the diet is limited to meat and fat, such as Iceland, and the Arctic, exhibit strikingly more robust health and longevity than those populations that eat strictly plant-based foods. Of the world's most disease-laden cultures, where lifespans are shockingly short, most of these cultures subsist solely on a plant-based diet.

8. Nobel Prize winning biochemist Linus Pauling discovered in the 1970s that higher blood sugar levels is the main cause of heart disease, and NOT cholesterol and fats. Plant-based diets contribute to a spike in blood sugar due to the absence of fats and animal proteins.

9. The latest studies show that persons who eat a low carbohydrate diet over the course of a year exhibit more heart-healthy indicators in their blood-panel than those who eat a strictly vegetarian diet.

10. Overweight patients lost more weight and kept it off longer on lower carbohydrate diets than did those who ate a meat-less fare, such as the Pritikin or Ornish plans.

Remember to check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise plan. And remember to eat your veggies and fruits like your grandmother told you, but just don't eliminate the meats and good fats. Balance is the key.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Top Stories for Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Morning!

On today's Liberty Sphere you will find the following news stories and commentary for Tuesday:

**Why John McCain Will Never Be President

**Duncan Hunter--'Israel Should Not Give Up One Inch of Land'

**The Vanishing American--A Coup in the Making? An explosive take on the immigration compromise bill you simply MUST read!

**'CONVERT OR DIE!!' The Mantra of Muslim this account of what the Taliban told Pakistani Christians over the weekend...

SCROLL DOWN to read these stories and commentary by D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan.

Have a great day!

Why John McCain Will Never Be President

Washington, DC (TLS). Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has begun to become unraveled a bit as the campaign heats up. There is yet a long, long way to go toward the Republican nomination, yet the candidate is already showing signs of strain under the pressure.

On Monday, for the second time in less than a week McCain went ballistic on a fellow Republican over disagreements on the Kennedy-McCain-George W. Bush Immigration Reform bill. Responding to Mitt Romney's continued attacks on the provisions of the bill, McCain went neanderthal by saying, 'Maybe he can get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his yard.'

Not only was the statement terribly ill-advised, but the context and timing were near-suicidal politically.

McCain has made no friends among those multi-millions of Americans who have serious concerns about the nation's safety and security in the midst of an immigration policy that is raging out of control. Americans largely do not like what they see, and they suspect that most politicians in Washington are simply not listening to their concerns.

McCain, along with Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, and many more, are some of the worst offenders. So is George W. Bush.

Thus, when McCain compares Mitt Romney's opposition to a bill that grants amnesty to illegal aliens who work here to a hayseed rednecked hillbilly with a varmint gun, driving 'them thar foreigners' off his property, he has immediately lost his connection with the vast majority of the population.

The thing is, this is the 2nd time in less than a week that McCain has gone ape over the immigration bill, at the expense of another fellow Republican. In that particular exchange, McCain was overheard hurling several denigrating expletives at his colleague in the midst of a heated argument about border security and immigration control.

Americans come away from these kinds of displays with the distinct impression that McCain is simply not in touch with the American heartland on this issue. And they certainly are leery of a candidate for President who cannot listen to opposing points of view without blowing his stack.

Thus, it is our opinion that the candidacy of John McCain is, for all intents and purposes, over. His candidacy never caught on like it did in 2000, and he has lagged behind in fund-raising. Giuliani is clearly running circles around McCain when it comes to capturing the loyalty of moderate Republicans--McCain's ONLY major source of support.

It's been a very bad week for John McCain--a week that may well go down in history as the week that ruined his chances for being President.

Duncan Hunter--Israel Should Not Give Up One Inch of Land

Washington, DC (TLS). Republican Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter stated Monday that if he is elected President he would be guided by the premise that Israel should not be pressured to give up a single inch of land as a prerequisite for peace.

In the court of world public opinion, somehow Israel is portrayed as the bad guy in its fight for survival against mortal enemies sworn to its demise all around it. Hunter correctly assesses the Middle East situation as 'having the deck stacked' against Israel while Palestinians, Iranians, Al Qaeda, and others go about their dirty work to destroy the Jews and anyone who defends them.

Hunter has thrown his support behind Israel in the fight.

Needless to say, we like it! Read the full story here:

The Vanishing American--A Coup in the Making?

Washington, DC (TLS). The blogger over at 'The Vanishing American' has posted a sobering analysis of the new emerging immigration compromise endorsed by the White House, Ted Kennedy, and John McCain. Apparently there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that a coup is in the making with measures such as this being shoved down the throats of American citizens.

In spite of the fact that consideration of the Kennedy-McCain Immigration Reform bill has been placed on hold until after the holiday break, it is clear that there are individuals and forces within the U.S. and Mexican governments that are complicit in an attempt to change American society from top to bottom, with Mexico being the clear winner and America being the loser.

Read this stunning article over at The Vanishing American:

'CONVERT OR DIE!' The Mantra of Muslim Extremists

Washington, DC (TLS). The global jihad is a fight to the death whether we like it or not, whether we choose it or not. The ultimatum has already been chosen for us by those who intend to kill us unless we convert.

Proof positive of the ultimate goal of Muslim extremists is a statement that surfaced from the Taliban in Pakistan over the weekend. Pakistani Christians were informed by the Taliban that they can avoid death...IF they convert.

This is the mindset of the Islamic Jihadists. Convert to Islam or you WILL be killed.

Read the full story here:,2933,273075,00.html

Monday, May 21, 2007

Top Stories for Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Morning!

On today's Liberty Sphere for Monday, May 21, 2007, you will find the following top stories:

**The Carbon Issue in the Global Warming Debate--why Al Gore is WRONG

**Utah Law Enforcement Targets Gun Dealers in Salt Lake Trolley Mall Terrorist Attack

**A Sensible Approach to Immigration--and why the current compromise is bad for U.S.

**Illegal Aliens Commit 90% of Murders in Los Angeles! the shocking report

Scroll down for these news stories and commentary by D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan.


Global Warming Debate Over Carbon Dioxide

Washington, DC (TLS). A key element in the debate over the cause of global warming is the carbon dioxide issue. Doomsday alarmists of the 'consensus' scientists, who maintain mankind is the cause, point to carbon data as proof that what we are putting into the air has caused temperatures to rise.

'Scientists' of this ilk are behind Al Gore's new movie, which I understand has become required viewing in some colleges for graduation, and is being shown in class after class--sometimes forcing students to see it four times in one day in a variety of classes--in high schools.

The propaganda machine is hard at work attempting to indoctrinate the young that mankind is responsible for global warming and that the carbon we put in the air causes temps to rise.

Hard science, i.e., the study of actual verifiable data, shows otherwise.

Scientists who look at the facts and let the facts dictate their policy proposals, rather than allowing their policy bias to dictate how they view science, state that a rise in carbon is a direct RESULT of rising temperatures and NOT the CAUSE of it.

In short, most reliable and honest scientists know that a rise in carbon does not cause a rise in temperatures, but a rise in temperatures causes a rise in carbon dioxide.

This fact is proved in the geological record. During those periods of the earth's history when the planet has been at its warmest, the presence of carbon dioxide is at very high levels. Yet this was long before current lifeforms were even on the planet. There were no man-made emissions going into the atmosphere to cause such a rise in carbon.

Long after Man appeared on the earth, during those cyclical periods when the temperatures rose significantly, we also see a rise in the amount of carbon. Yet these periods in human history pre-date the industrial era. Once again, there were no man-made emissions going into the atmosphere.

Thus, the observable data proves that rising temperatures cause a concomitant rise in carbon. There is to date NO valid historical scientific data that remotely suggests that a rise in carbon creates a rise in temperatures.

The 'consensus scientists,' therefore, have it exactly backwards.

A Sensible Approach to Immigration

Washington, DC (TLS). Most of the proposals put forth by politicians thus far to address the nation's bizarre and uncontrolled immigration problem simply do not address the pertinent issues. At the top of this list is the latest so-called 'compromise' bill on immigration reform put forth by Kennedy-McCain and the White House.

Amnesty is clearly NOT the answer.

An entirely sensible, workable, and cost-effective approach to the problem has been put forth by Jessica M. Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Vaughan made the proposal public in the summer of 2006. It has gone largely unheeded except for a few lone voices in the Republican Party, such as Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and others.

It is time to re-examine her proposal, which is provided here:

Illegal Aliens Commit 90% of Murders in L.A.

Los Angeles, CA (TLS). Here's an eye-opener for you. Statistics from the Los Angeles Police Department and the California Department of Justice show that illegal aliens commit over 90% of the murders in Los Angeles.

This is simply another example of the consequences of a reckless national policy on immigration--a policy that does not even pretend to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Statements have been made by some in the debate over immigration that perhaps the driving force of the opposition to open borders and amnesty programs is that 'we don't want those kinds of people in the republic.'

You bet your sweet bottle of Corona I don't!

Why would I want to open up the country to gangs of thugs who plunder, pillage, pilfer, and perpetrate mayhem? Those who come here to work, learn English, become accustomed to our culture, and support our government and way of life are welcome. Those who come here for the freebies and to fly the Mexican flag are NOT welcome. It is simple as that.

In a city as large as Los Angeles and its near-uncontrollable crime problem, for over 90% of the murders to be committed by illegal aliens is nothing less than horrifying.

The nation's immigration problem is totally out of control, and the bill put forth by Ted 'Senator Blowhard' Kennedy and John McCain, and supported by George W. Bush, will NOT reign it in. We need to enforce the laws already on the books, and the main one is that part of the U.S. Code that states the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens is a FELONY.

I want to know when we are going to arrest and throw into jail politicians and business leaders who violate that part of the U.S. Code on a regular basis.

If we cannot even bring ourselves to enforce the laws already on the books, how in the HELL do we think a NEW law is going to clean up the mess any better?

Read the complete story of the murders committed by illegal aliens here:

Utah Targets Gun Dealers in Salt Lake Massacre by Bosnian Muslim

Salt Lake City, UT (TLS). The Associated Press is reporting that law enforcement officials in Utah have made some arrests in the case of the Salt Lake Trolley Mall Massacre, which was perpetrated by a Muslim immigrant by the name of Sulejman Talovic.

This time, however, the target is not accomplices in the crime but gun and ammo dealers who sold Talovic the goods.

The action by Utah law enforcement is simply another outgrowth of the mindset that holds gun dealers liable for what patrons do once they purchase the weapons. It is an intimidation tactic of the anti-gun bigots.

In like manner, gun owners are often targeted by law enforcement when their guns are stolen and then used in crimes by criminals. The serial numbers are traced back to the owners, who are then charged as accomplices to the crimes, although they had absolutely nothing to do with them.

This is what I call gun control by 'the backdoor method.' Intimidate gun owners and dealers by these kinds of underhanded, wacko tactics in an attempt to get people to think twice about either selling or owning a gun.

The mindset that leads to this kind of lunacy is epitomized by those politicians who would hold legally liable gun manufacturers for the crimes committed by criminals.

And by the way, if we are going down this trail, we had better start hauling bar tenders off to jail for selling alcohol to a person who then drives and kills someone on the road. Why not make Ford, GM, and Chrysler legally liable for the thousands of highway deaths this year! After all, they made the cars that caused the mayhem. And let's not forget to haul to the slammer those murderous car dealers who SELL those instruments of death!

Give me a freakin' break.

Read the full AP story here:

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). James Earl Carter, the worst President in U.S. history, has mouthed off yet again concerning matters he knows nothing about. This time, however, his statement is so outlandish that it defies all logic.

Ex-President Carter stated on Saturday that George W. Bush is 'absolutely the worst President in U.S. history.'

Excuse me, Mr. Carter, but I thought you had carved out for yourself that designation many years ago. No one since has even come close to bumping you out of your place in history as the absolute biggest mistake the American electorate ever made.

I remember full well the days leading up to 'the Reagan Revolution.' In the four years prior to President Reagan's landslide defeat of Jimmy Carter, the U.S. had faced the following dire circumstances:

--interest rates hit a whopping 21%, effectively killing the housing market dead cold

--inflation was running at 13 - 18% per year

--for the first time in American history gasoline prices reached one dollar per gallon

--in the 1978-79 economy, one dollar per gallon fuel put many truckers out of business

--America had become the laughing stock on the world stage, portraying an image of weakness

--this perceived weakness led to the former Soviet Union invading Afghanistan

--this perceived weakness also led to the kidnapping of hostages by the Iranian dictator

--foreign policy initiatives in the Middle East always favored Islamic extremists

--Israel was looked upon as a pariah (Carter still looks at it this way, as his latest book shows)

--cutbacks in military spending and the lack of development of new weapons systems emboldened Communists in the USSR to attempt to beat us in the Cold War arms race

--Carter brought with him to Washington the most inept team of Administration officials in the history of the republic, leading the late Senator Barry Goldwater to refer to them as 'numbskulls'

--Carter was not respected even within his own Party, as Ted Kennedy mounted a strong campaign to wrest the nomination away from Carter in 1980 to run against Reagan (Kennedy lost, but Carter was severely weakened going into the general election)

--Carter blamed the American people for our woes rather than his own ineptitude, referring to Americans as being held in the grip of a 'malaise.'

In short, by the time James Earl Carter got through with the country after four years, we were nearly in shambles both at home and abroad.

Ronald Reagan won the Presidency by reminding Americans of our greatness and that we could recapture that greatness again with the right leadership. He promised lower taxes, lower government spending, building up the military, and facing down the Soviet Union and our other enemies.

He also warned the Iranians that they would have hell to pay if they did not release the hostages once he was elected President.

As Ronald Reagan was being sworn in as President, Iran released the hostages.

My dear friends, if you think George W. Bush is the worst President in history, remember the Carter days. 21% interest rates and 18% inflation. Today we think 7% interest is high and anything above 5% is 'runaway inflation.' I remember all too well when it was MUCH MUCH worse.

Rest assured, the one thing I will NOT do is to allow a demagogue like Jimmy Carter to try to hide his dismal record as President by calling attention to George W. Bush. I lived through those years and I know what it was like. And as long as I have breath I will remind people that James Earl Carter came as close to ruining this nation as any other person in my lifetime.