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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jim Gilmore Drops Out of Republican Race

Washington, DC (TLS). Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore announced today that he is dropping out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Citing money woes, Gilmore stated that there was not enough spendable cash to sustain the campaign.

Gilmore is surely to be merely the first in a string of candidates who will announce their departure. The most high-profile of these is John McCain who, despite the insistence that he will fight on, is facing his own money woes. Others who are in dire financial straits include Democrats Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich, and Republicans Tommy Thompson and Tom Tancredo.

In addition, while Democratic Senator Joe Biden has done well in the debates, he has not exactly set the woods on fire with fundraising. While we believe that Biden is a serious candidate, we look for him to decide to stay in the Senate rather than continue with a campaign that so far is appearing lackluster.

The impending entry of former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson into the race will definitely change the entire makeup of the campaign. Sources inform us that Thompson is already poised not only to be the front-runner but the top fundraiser as well, right out of the starting gate.

Republican and Independent activists with deep pockets have either already committed or will commit to giving the candidate large sums of money that will not only rival but surpass the campaign cash raised by Rudy Giuliani.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul continues with his grassroots surge, raising 2 million in the last three months, mainly from online contributions. We see his prospects continuing to improve as time progresses.

Something to think about--perhaps Ron Paul's 'ace in the hole' is his stance against the War in Iraq. Among Republicans not only is this rare but it is seen almost as anathema.

However, given the present mindset of the electorate as a whole, independents, libertarians, and disenchanted Democrats may well come flocking to the Ron Paul campaign because of the War.

And this is not to mention the fact that many conservative Republicans, though openly castigating Paul on his stance on the War, privately express delight over his emphasis on the return to core conservative values, such as small government and low taxes.

The Liberty Sphere still puts its money on Fred Thompson, although we like Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul.

But as they say in politics, it really is getting interesting out there, isn't it?

Clinton, Edwards Plot to Oust Colleagues from Debates

Washington, DC (TLS). Unaware that a Fox News microphone was open and the tape was rolling, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were heard scheming to oust certain of their Democratic colleagues from future debates.

Upon hearing the news that Clinton and Edwards were plotting to exclude some of the contenders, campaign aides for Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich expressed outrage over the secret plan.

The exchange took place at a political forum in Michigan, which included Democrats Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Mike Gravel, and Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo.

At one point Edwards turned to Clinton and said in a low voice, 'We should try to have a more serious and a smaller group.'

Clinton agreed and stated, 'We've got to cut the number. They're not serious.'

Hillary further stated that the Clinton and Edwards campaigns had already tried to limit the number of participants, and that 'we've gotta get back to it.'

It is difficult to comprehend how Edwards can consider himself a 'serious' contender given his fundraising woes of late and his plummeting poll numbers. The only true top contenders at the moment among the Democrats are Clinton and Obama.

Even so, it is nonetheless highly presumptive of any of the candidates at this point to attempt to limit debate so early in the campaign. Under normal conditions, a Presidential campaign doesn't get started in earnest until the winter of the election year, which in this case would be January of 2008. And even then it is normally early enough for ALL of those seeking their Party's nomination to be hitting the campaign trails, doing interviews, and taking part in debates.

Only as the primaries are held in late winter and early spring does the weeding out process begin.

No doubt this year is very different, given the fact that all of the major primaries have been moved up. This has forced everything to an earlier schedule. Even so, it is the height of arrogance on the part of Edwards and Clinton to merely think about excluding anyone at this stage. The elitist snobbery of such a thing is mind-boggling.

After all, the first primary is still six months away.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Renown Gun Expert Jim Cirillo Dies in Collision

Washington, DC (TLS). Front Sight, Press is reporting that world-renown gun expert and author Jim Cirillo has died from injuries sustained in a collision between his vehicle and a tractor-trailer.

Reports indicate that Cirillo died at the scene.

Here is the story from Front Sight, Press:

Bush, Chertoff Deny Level of Al Qaeda Threat

Washington, DC (TLS). President Bush and Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff both denied that the threat from Al Qaeda to the U.S. is at pre-9/11 levels. The denials are not surprising given that common wisdom maintains that government must not send citizens into a panic.

However, The Liberty Sphere continues to maintain that not only is the threat capability of Al Qaeda at its highest level since 9/11 but that the terrorist threat to the U.S. mainland is at its highest level ever.

Official documents from counterterrorism officials, released Thursday and confirmed by several news organizations including FOX NEWS, CNN, ABC News and others, point to a stronger Al Qaeda that has regrouped and rebuilt and has plans to infiltrate the U.S. mainland IF they have not already done so.

This ominous news means that at the very least Al Qaeda is poised to do much more damage to the U.S. than on 9/11.

Yet Chertoff reverted to his previous statements last week, i.e., 'there is no specific, credible threat of a terrorist attack against the U.S. at the present time.'

This is in spite of his statement on Wednesday that he has a 'gut feeling' that we may be in for a major attack this summer.

Apparently new reporters covering Chertoff and the President are allowing them to get away with these dodges without asking them two very pointed and direct questions: 'Where is that gut feeling coming from? Upon what is it based?'

Chertoff's gut feeling is the direct result of his knowledge of the new intel that shows Al Qaeda plans on a 'summer spectacular' attack on the U.S. Chertoff is also well-aware of the intel that further describes Al Qaeda's growing strength and its plan to plant a terrorist cell within the U.S.

This fact is so very obvious that it causes one to wonder just how gullible Chertoff and the President must believe Americans to be.

Perhaps we can be grateful that behind the scenes and in private the Administration is in a frenzy to get prepared for what could be a devastating summer. Despite the public denials, we can take at least some comfort in their top secret, high level, private meetings that are designed to address the latest intel and devise a method to thwart whatever may be ahead.

The Liberty Sphere still believes that the Administration should level with the public and place the nation's terror alert on red.

Sen. Barbara Boxer Wants to Impeach Bush

Washington, DC (TLS). For the majority of the Bush Presidency The Liberty Sphere has supported most of the policies and political philosophy propounded by Mr. Bush and his administration.

Of course, we had reservations about some things, such as the notion that a 'conservative' can actually support such a massive expansion of big government, and the tendency to place limits on some of our time-honored, sacred Constitutional rights.

However, we favored the War in Afghanistan, the War in Iraq, both of which are tributaries of the overall War on Terror. We believe that mistakes have been made that severely hampered our progress in these areas, not the least of which has been listening to the wrong people, particularly those within the politically correct movement who seem to hold to the idiotic premise that war can be 'clean, quick, and tidy.'

War by its very nature is nasty, protracted, and bloody. Yet it is sometimes an unavoidable necessary evil. Fighting wars with the tactics used in Viet Nam is a recipe for failure. If we must go to War, it must be to win no matter how much damage is done to the enemy.

You don't fight wars like playing a nice little game of tiddly winks.

We favored the Bush tax cuts, the attempt to be more supportive of private educational initiatives, the opposition to abortion, and appointing to the Supreme Court only those justices that hold to a strict constructionist model.

We do, however, have increasing frustration and deep reservations about some of the Bush initiatives, most of which arise out of the President's personal weaknesses, such as his stubbornness with regard to such things as freeing two innocent Border Patrol agents, his stance on immigration, and other such indefensible positions.

But impeachment? That is way too extreme.

Not to Barbara Boxer's way of thinking, however. Recently Boxer granted an interview in which she stated that she thinks the notion of impeaching the President 'should be put on the table.'

This is in addition to her scheme along with Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to silence Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly by bringing back 'the Fairness Doctrine.'

We make no attempt to hide the fact that we believe Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and and several others to be leftwing nutcases. But to suggest that it is time to impeach Mr. Bush is so far over the top that perhaps it is time to consider expulsion for some members of Congress, such as a few of the aforementioned socialists.

You can view the interview by clicking here:

Ex-Cheerleader Scandal Principal Resigns

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Jane Blackwell, who was the principal at Ware Shoals High School in Ware Shoals, South Carolina when the news broke concerning a cheerleader sex scandal involving a school employee, has resigned from the position to which she was reassigned.

After a lengthy hearing of the school board that lasted for days back in April, Blackwell was not allowed to continue as principal of the high school but was reassigned to a different position within the district.

Apparently Blackwell was not satisfied with her new job--a job that took her away from the classroom and schools.

In a sharply-worded letter of resignation, Blackwell left the door open for a return to the district, provided the board allows her to resume her duties as a principal somewhere in the district.

Blackwell accused the school board with incompetence in its handling of the Jill Moore cheerleader sex scandal at the high school.

Moore was accused of sexual activity with a male student while serving as cheerleader coach at Ware Shoals High School, but because the student is over the age of consent, no charges were filed against Moore.

However, Moore was charged with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor when she confessed to giving cheerleaders alcohol and cigarettes, and allegedly taking several cheerleaders off campus during school hours for sexual trysts with two National Guard recruiters.

Law enforcement officials also charged Blackwell with obstruction in their investigation of Moore.

No trial date has yet been set for either Moore or Blackwell.

The court has issued a gag order which restricts the principle parties from speaking to the media about the case.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/13/07

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Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Front Sight, Press has some disturbing news on the coming ammo shortage:

Snow Flakes in Hell gives us an update on the Philly lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania over gun laws:

The Ninth Stage posts 'This is my rifle, this is my gun':

Xavier Thoughts has a Matt Lisicki interview on self-defense:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone sets the record straight about gun shows:

The McCarville Report provides us with an update on requests for disaster relief in Oklahoma after devastating floods ravaged parts of the state:

This is off-topic but very interesting--Traction Control says he has a complete collection of each of Billboard Magazine's 'Top 100' songs ever since the year 1957. Music lovers may well want to give it a look:

Again off-topic but highly intriguing, the Volokh Conspiracy evaluates Michael Moore's contention in the his latest documentary, 'Sicko,' that the American healthcare system is dangerous to patients and should be 'socialized':

Volokh also posts a timely reminder about the impending vote in the House concerning the Tiahrt Amendment, which the gun-grabbers vehemently oppose (and a late-breaking update--the attempt to eliminate the Tiahrt Amendment failed...the gun grabbers, including the Brady Campaign, lost another one!):

The Bitch Girls poke fun at Michael Chertoff by pointing to a new 'Gut Feeling' Homeland Security Warning System:

The Buckeye Firearms Association posts an excellent article by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, who writes of the importance of guns being allowed on campuses for self-defense:

Say Uncle says that if we treated all of our rights like we do 2nd Amendment rights, things would look like this:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

LIBERTY ALERT! Al Qaeda Threat Highest Ever

Washington, DC (TLS). As we reported yesterday, several ominous and disturbing circumstances have coalesced to create one huge terrorist threat that even surpasses that of pre-9/11.

Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff now admits that the U.S. faces a potential 'summer spectacular' terrorist attack, as secret documents previously disclosed.

The White House and the FBI are now in a race against time to attempt to thwart the impending attack, leading White House officials to convene an urgent meeting of top government operatives tomorrow in the Situation Room--a fact that the White House denies.

Meanwhile, the FBI has been frittering away precious time by targeting ordinary U.S. citizens for information that can be 'mined' from them--information that could lead to their being tagged as potential terrorists. This has created a gap through which Al Qaeda has taken full advantage.

Counterterrorism officials report that Al Qaeda has plans to plant a terrorist cell within the United States and that such a plan may well have already been carried out.

On the heels of these dire circumstances, news comes today that Al Qaeda has been steadily rebuilding until now they are at pre-9/11 strength.

Despite the contention of Chertoff that it is not necessary to raise the nation's terrorist threat level in light of these disturbing facts, The Liberty Sphere maintains that not only is Al Qaeda's strength at pre-9/11 levels, but the threat Al Qaeda poses to the U.S. is actually greater than in the days prior to the Twin Tower attack.

The reason for this assessment is really quite simple.

Before 9/11 Al Qaeda had no organized cells operating within U.S. borders. The suicide terrorists certainly had crucial contacts with Al Qaeda and with Muslim groups in the U.S. that supported the goals of Al Qaeda. But there were no known actual Al Qaeda cells.

Apparently this has changed.

In addition, terrorists have had years to study America's infrastructure, making note of vulnerabilities within the nation's power-grid, its transportation system, its bridges and highways, it's traffic tunnels, and its aviation industry.

With regard to the aviation industry, there is still that nagging report that appeared in a Saudi newspaper earlier this year that dubious characters have been seen observing and studying major U.S. air facilities.

In short, not only are the terrorists stronger and mingling among us, but they are more sophisticated and knowledgeable.

Not surprisingly, one Democratic strategist had the gall to suggest that all of this is nothing more than 'fear-mongering' for political gain. But this mindless drivel fails to take into consideration that secret intelligence documents on terrorism are gathered by career agents who have no political reason to manufacture a terrorist threat.

For these reasons, The Liberty Sphere takes seriously these latest indications that a terrorist attack may be imminent. The threat from Al Qaeda is at its highest level ever.

RFK Jr. Continues Smear Tactics

Washington, DC (TLS). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Neil Cavuto's afternoon program on Fox News today and didn't miss a beat in continuing his smear tactics against those who disagree with his hypothesis that human beings have caused climate change.

Carefully skirting around questions about his use of the words 'treason' and 'traitors' at Al Gore's Live Earth concert last week, Kennedy attempted to place the focus on Exxon Oil rather than politicians.

He also deftly refused to answer a remark by Cavuto that Kennedy has done business with Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez. While castigating American oil companies for their 'evil desecration' of the environment, Kennedy not surprisingly gave a pass to his buddy Chavez, although the Venezuelan Communist's oil ventures pollute the planet more than any American enterprise.

Chavez operates under NO regulations that prevent pollution. American companies, however, must comply with endless federal regulations about such matters.

But of course, in Kennedy's world-view, polluting the planet is not evil as long as a Commie does it. American capitalism must always be vilified as the bad guy, no matter what anybody else does.

As one of Kennedy's frequent targets on various issues, ABC's John Stossel appeared briefly at the end of the JFK Jr. segment on Cavuto's program today. Kennedy repeatedly referred to Stossel as a 'liar,' and continued with his attempt to get advertisers to boycott Stossel over his refusal to accept the erroneous hypothesis that mankind caused global warming.

But perhaps the most ridiculous statement made by Kennedy on today's program was his assertion that merely visiting the Arctic Region and noting how the glaciers have receded is enough to prove evil human beings perpetrated global warming.

Ok, Junior. Here's one to put into that pimple-sized brain of yours. Suppose we all had lived at the end of the last Ice Age. I suppose that you in your almighty wisdom would assert that one only need look at North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and other states northward to see that since the ice shelf has receded to the point that one can actually plant vegetables in those states, human beings must somehow be responsible for the shrinking of the ice.

After all, all you have to do to prove human beings are evil perpetrators is to visit areas where once there was nothing but a frozen wasteland--such as Iowa.

Sorry, Junior. But once again your appearance in public has done nothing but further solidify the impression on the part of most thinking Americans that you are not in full possession of your faculties.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/12/07

Scroll down for today's news:
Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Jet Pilot posts some great information on 'open carry' that most of you will find interesting:

The Bitch Girls provide a MUST-READ concerning letting our voices be heard in the various forms of media today:

The Buckeye Firearms Association has a collection of Ohio news stories of interest to gun-rights advocates:

Check out this article from Political Mavens. While most of us are most watchful about our 2nd Amendment rights, we must not forget that our FIRST Amendment rights are under attack as well:

The Ninth Stage has a very sad and infuriating story from Great Britain about a man arrested for firearms that were perfectly legal:

From across the pond, Melanie Phillips in Great Britain opines on the utterly stupid manner in which the U.K. goes about fighting the war on.......(well, you can't say it anymore):

Continuing with the Brit-bashing (which right now is deserved), Nicki at The Liberty Zone blasts Great Britain for increasingly becoming like Communist China:

Nicki also blogs about a citizen's use of an assault rifle to take care of some criminal vermin:

Blonde Sagacity has some sharp words for those who have orchestrated a vicious rumor-attack on Fred Thompson:

Say Uncle blogs about the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' among us--the American Hunters and Shooters Association:

Mr. Completely has a reminder about the e-postal handgun match:

Xavier Thoughts has this for people like me who like Smith & Wesson snubnosed beauties:

Snow Flakes in Hell presents us with some gun-purchase options if you happen to live in D.C.:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FBI Targets Citizens While Al Qaeda Moves In

Washington, DC (TLS). The news this evening is fast-moving and constantly changing on the subject of counterterrorism and the move of Al Qaeda into the U.S. In the interest of making sense out of the constant barrage of stories emerging all at once, it is of vital importance to connect the dots and look at the various points at which all of these stories intersect.

First, the White House has called an urgent meeting of all of the government's agency heads for this Thursday in the Situation Room. The subject is intelligence reports--reliable intelligence--that indicate Al Qaeda has plans to plant a terrorist cell within the U.S.

That same intelligence also indicates there is a chance that such a cell has already been planted.

Similar pieces of intelligence surface on a regular basis as a matter of course. The fact that the White House is moving quickly on this particular piece of intel only heightens how seriously the government's counterterrorism apparatus is taking the latest threat.

This is NOT just another bit of terrorist 'chatter.'

Second, as The Liberty Sphere reported last week, sources within the Department of Homeland Security indicate that Islamic terrorists are planning a so-called 'summer spectacular' attack on America at some point before Autumn.

Despite Michael Chertoff's initial reaction to the disclosure of secret Homeland Security documents that describe the attack, i.e., 'there is no credible intel that indicates the U.S. is in danger of an imminent terrorist attack,' Chertoff appeared to back off from that initial assessment today.

According to Chertoff, 'I have a gut feeling we may be in for a major terrorist attack this summer.'

Perhaps Chertoff decided that his initial claim made him look exceedingly deceptive, particularly in light of the fact that certain news organizations had copies of the secret documents.

Third, instead of adequately preparing the country and its law enforcement agencies for the likelihood of such an attack, the FBI instead has been targeting ordinary U.S. citizens, 'mining' them for information that may link them to terrorist activity.

The problem has been a woefully flawed process of determining which citizens may be a threat, leading to law-abiding citizens being tagged as potential terror threats, placed on surveillance and watch lists, and placed on the no-fly lists of airlines.

Congress is now in the process of investigating these breaches of Constitutional rights--one of the few things Congress has done right this year.

In spite of the obvious Constitutional questions raised by the practice of 'mining' citizens by the FBI, the more critical issue at stake here is that the more the FBI uses precious time and manpower to conduct frivolous and legally-questionable activity, the less time and resources it has to manage the real threat posed by Al Qaeda's move into the U.S.

Several links are made available below in order for readers to research the issue for themselves. My friends, we are facing perilous times at present. Get informed, and get prepared.

Click here for more info on Al Qaeda's move into the U.S.:

Click here for the story on Chertoff's sudden acknowledgement that we are at risk for a summer spectacular terrorist attack:

Click here for the disturbing story of the FBI's collection of data from citizens, which can be 'mined' for terror risk:

RFK Jr. Goes Neanderthal at 'Live Earth'

Washington, DC (TLS). Al Gore's 'Live Earth' concerts didn't exactly set the woods on fire in terms of creating a massive, world-wide groundswell of support for his erroneous hypothesis about global warming. Response to the shindig was mixed, and even green-friendly places like Great Britain referred to the event as 'dull.'

Yet there was at least one moment of excitement when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. went neanderthal in a rampage against politicians in Washington who express doubt about Gore's spin on the cause of climate change and what to do about it.

Like a bull in a china shop, RFK Jr. referred to those who disagree with the Gore hypothesis as 'traitors.' Here are his exact words:

'Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies. This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors.'

The environmentalist activist and son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy grew hoarse from shouting the tirade.

Someone obviously needs to inform Junior that just because one happens to disagree with the hypothesis that mankind is responsible for global warming does not make one a 'traitor.'

As we have reported many times on The Liberty Sphere, the mass of scientific evidence indicates that Gore and his hypothesis are wrong. That makes the entire 'environmentalist movement' wrong.

One can have a healthy concern for the environment without being part of an overtly political 'environmentalist movement' which is nothing more than a front-group for a gang of Socialists who wish to destroy human liberty, freedom of choice, free markets, and American capitalism.

If the movement can convince the majority of Americans that human beings are singularly responsible for climate change, which goes against every known, verifiable scientific fact, then they can also convince gullible Americans that nothing less than a massive change in our way of life, our economic system, and even our form of government is necessary to 'stop global warming.'

The geological record contains ample proof that human beings really can't do a damn thing to stop the planet from undergoing its regular, cyclical changes in climate that fluctuate between warm and cool, and at various points in between, even at times tilting toward extreme conditions such as we found during the Ice Age.

If modern, industrialized mankind is the single biggest source of global warming, then how, pray tell, did the earth emerge from the last Ice Age? There was certainly no burning of fossil fuels at the time. There was no man-made pollution of any kind.

Yet the ice receded so dramatically that what was once an ice-covered frozen wasteland, held captive by a mega-deep freeze, gradually became a human-friendly environment with a moderate climate.

And let's not forget that the Middle Ages were significantly warmer than the present climate. What, exactly, contributed to the gradual cooling that has occurred since then?

With all of our global warming hysteria, the earth is still much cooler than the days when Greenland was exactly as the name denotes--a green land that was lush with plant life and a moderate climate.

Sorry, Junior, but you and your buddy Al Gore simply don't have your facts straight. And, it is obvious that your outburst at Live Earth was an example of the old adage, 'If you can't win a debate with the facts and logic, go ape.'

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/11/07

Scroll down for the news:
Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gun Facts has the latest edition of 'Gun Facts--Your Guide to Debunking the Gun Control Myth':

The Jet Pilot points to an excellent read on the importance of the gun to civilization:

Snow Flakes in Hell reports that the Illinois Governor is pushing a gun ban, much to the distress of opponents and supporters alike:

The McCarville Report says that a special honor was recently bestowed upon both of Oklahoma's U.S. Senators:

The Bitch Girls cite the many recent examples in the news concerning lawmakers who use guns:

Blogonomicon points out an interesting and disturbing connection between OSHA's latest proposed regulations of ammunition and the United Nations (which in recent history has not been a beacon for human liberty!):

The Ninth Stage has a perfect example of why we need more gun control (said with tongue-in-cheek):

Traction Control reports that citizens in the small towns along the U.S.-Mexican border do not have the firepower to overcome Mexican thugs who rampage through their towns:

Front Sight, Press has information on a massive effort to mount a counter-protest to Jessie Jackson's planned national anti-gun protest scheduled for Aug. 28:

A Keyboard and a .45 reports on a court case involving a lawman and guns that should be enough to get your blood boiling:

The Buckeye Firearms Association publishes an article entitled, 'The Awful Price of Not Being Prepared':

Buckeye also has an update on letters written in protest of Matt Westerhold and the Sandusky Register, which CNS News Service has been kind enough to publish:

Say Uncle has a very timely quote of the day:

Say Uncle also reports that the mayors who were part of Bloomberg's gun-grab group continue to drop like flies:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone blogs about a political hypocrite in Texas who voted against the 'Stand Your Ground' bill but turned right around and shot a robber stealing some copper wiring:

The Liberty Zone also has a very pointed question to ask the NRA about its support of HR 2640 (this is a MUST READ!) :

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCain Campaign Starts to Unravel

Washington, DC (TLS). All of Washington is abuzz this afternoon with the announcement of some key resignations within the John McCain campaign that could well spell the end of his bid for the Presidency.

McCain's chief political strategist and his campaign manager both announced their resignations today in a major shakeup that most insiders say bodes ill for the candidate.

The two key staff members have been McCain loyalists from the start.

One top Republican operative stated that the departure of the two key players in McCain's inner circle is earth-shattering news that could have ominous ramifications down the road for the candidate.

Stating that major shakeups such as these rarely turn out well, the operative said that it would be very easy at this point for the entire campaign to unravel. McCain's cash woes certainly play into this assessment, but without the energy, drive, and strategy offered by the two staffers who are now gone, the McCain campaign finds itself at a turning point.

Can McCain carry on without two of his most trusted and loyal operatives?

One Beltway strategist answers that question with a resounding 'no.' McCain has already suffered from his support of the disastrous immigration reform bill. And, despite the fact that the candidate is a certified war hero--a Viet Nam Vet who underwent the most gruelling and torturous experiences of being a prisoner of war--his unswerving support of the Iraq War has not won him any votes.

As Americans, unfortunately, turn their backs on the War on Terror and its tributary in Iraq, they increasingly view with suspicion politicians such as McCain who support the President's strategy almost without question.

In addition, the Senator's record on gun rights and taxes has certainly not won him any support with the Republican base.

And the worst news of all for McCain is that he has now fallen to fourth place in available campaign cash as rival Ron Paul has surged ahead into third place.

The real energy within the Republican field of candidates revolves around Fred Thompson and Ron Paul. Most politicos are increasingly regarding the McCain campaign as a lackluster attempt to recapture the energy surrounding his campaign in 2000.

That energy and momentum is simply gone this time around.

As one Republican operative stated today, 'Now that his top lieutenants are gone, look for more to leave. And look for the money to start drying up as well.'

Palfrey's List Hits the Internet, Senator Implicated

Washington, DC (TLS). The infamous 'DC Madam,' Deborah Palfrey, has posted her phone records going back 13 years online. A member of the U.S. Senate has already been identified as a one-time patron several years ago.

Senator David Vetter, R-Louisiana, confessed to having utilized the services of Palfrey's escort service and describes a crisis within his family that led to his confession to his wife several years ago.

The Senator states that he has asked forgiveness from God and his wife, and that through marriage counseling they have managed to keep their relationship intact.

As for Ms. Palfrey, the list she posted online is no easy task to navigate. It takes knowledge of computer technology in order to decipher it.

No doubt, the IT specialists who work for the various news organizations will be hot on the case, quickly decoding the language and then reporting the information post-haste.

Meanwhile, Washington still waits....

For more information on Deborah Palfrey's list, click here:

And here:

Pollster: Hillary Win 'Inevitable'

Washington, DC (TLS). A pollster for the Hillary Clinton campaign has declared that her nomination by the Democratic Party and her ultimate election as President are 'inevitable.'

Ben Smith of bases his conclusion upon polling numbers during the month of June, which show the candidate picking up support across the country at the expense of Barack Obama. Smith also cites various polls which point to Hillary leading Rudy Giuliani by anywhere from 1 to 7 percentage points.

As a pollster whose services are paid for by the Clinton campaign, Smith has certainly done an admirable job in spinning the story to make his client look good.

A closer look, however, reveals major problems with his assessment.

The polls that Smith cites are all limited to a two-person matchup between Hillary and Rudy Giuliani, with the exception of one poll that has a three-way matchup including NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Naturally, that particular poll has Bloomberg drawing votes away from Giuliani, which of course would work to Hillary's advantage.

Never once does Smith cite a poll that pits Hillary against Fred Thompson, for example, or any other conservative/libertarian candidate.

Although there are major differences between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, both represent the same area of the country and share certain northeastern values that do not resonate with the heartland or the South. Thus, a large portion of the electorate tends to view both candidates--along with Bloomberg--as liberal northeastern elitists who do not share the worldview, the values, and the faith of the rest of the country.

To present only those polls that pit Hillary against Giuliani alone is no reliable or credible method to justify the view that her election to the Presidency is 'inevitable.'

In addition, Smith deftly fails to mention Hillary's negatives. No other candidate in either Party carries the huge negatives that are ascribed to Hillary by the electorate. The latest poll indicates that fully 48% of the electorate has a negative opinion of her, and a whopping 50% state that they will NOT vote for her, no matter who is her opponent.

It is certain the Clinton campaign is well-aware of these figures, and that includes Mr. Smith. But at the moment the spin seems more important than the facts.

Come to think of it, in politics the spin is ALWAYS more important than the facts.

If you are of a mind to read Smith's spin, here it is:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/10/07

Scroll down for today's news:

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Say Uncle points out some pertinent facts concerning the so-called 'evil gun-show loopholes':

Say Uncle also has an interesting story about a gun-grabbing, anti-gun bigot who was charged with firearms violations!:

Front Sight, Press lists a complete panorama of news stories about guns:

The Volokh Conspiracy has commentary on the notion of 'judicial activism,' as liberals set about to re-invigorate the plan to use the courts to enact 'profound social change':

The McCarville Report provides us with an up-close and personal perspective of the devastating floods in the nation's heartland, particularly with regard to the damage in Oklahoma:

Xavier Thoughts reports on an odd incident involving an elderly couple and a burglar:

The Buckeye Firearms Association provides an update and background information on the incident involving Matt Westerhold and the Sandusky Register's publication of licensed concealed gunowners:

A Keyboard and a .45 blogs about the next gun he plans to purchase:

Traction Control points out that the recent terrorist attack at the Glasgow Airport occurred in a 'gun-free zone' (even security didn't have guns!):

Snow Flakes in Hell says that 'the Reverend' Jessie Jackson is relocating in order to continue his attack on the rights of citizens in....San Francisco of all places:

The Bitch Girls point to some sloppy journalism when it comes to the Brady Campaign and its affiliates:

Gun Law News states that it is vitally important that we all contact OSHA concerning their proposed new rules that will effectively drive the gun and ammo industry out of business. He has crucial information about contacting the organization with your comments:

John Lott shows us one more piece of evidence that the New York Times long ago ceased to be a serious newspaper. Look at what they had the utter gall to say about Fred Thompson and his beautiful (and smart as a whip) young wife!:

Mr. Completely blogs about his hanging plate match last week:

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Ron Paul Surge

Washington, DC (TLS). With 2.5 million dollars in cash on hand, U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) finds himself at the top of the second tier Republican candidates in terms of the amount raised in campaign funds. In terms of the amount of spendable cash, Rep. Paul has moved up into the top tier, surpassing John McCain and placing third behind Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

McCain has raised more money overall than Dr. Paul. Yet McCain finds himself in a precarious situation of waning support, falling poll numbers, and only 2 million in cash left in the bank due to the overly-optimistic spending of the 21 million he has raised.

As McCain finds himself on the downward slide, Dr. Paul is surging ahead. Even the mainstream media has taken notice.

The Ron Paul organization has been largely a grassroots movement right from the start. The candidate has an entire volunteer army of citizens who promote Dr. Paul through blogs, emails, text messages, and other free publicity. This has enabled the candidate to run on a shoestring budget with very little overhead.

Thus, that 2.5 million he has in the bank will not be gobbled up by staff salaries, a gruelling travel schedule, or slick campaign ads on TV.

This gives the candidate the freedom to decide where he wants to focus in terms of campaign logistics and strategy.

Admittedly, having a mere 2.5 million in the bank is in all likelihood woefully inadequate in this day and age, given the nature of the 2008 campaign and its ridiculously early primaries. That all-important deadline of January 1, 2008 is moving closer and closer.

Remember, each candidate will need 100 million bucks by Jan. 1 in order to be competitive.

Even Dr. Paul recognizes that his candidacy is a long shot. But who would have thought back in March that Ron Paul would come in fourth in terms of overall fundraising among Republicans, and third in terms of available cash on hand?

Ron Paul can now be competitive with both Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. And this has caught almost everyone by surprise.

Switzerland the Next Target?

Washington, DC (TLS). Like a drug-resistant infection that slowly spreads its poison throughout a defenseless human victim, the so-called 'religion of peace' has undertaken a relentless, gradual, and systematic plan to spread through Europe and become the dominant force in the region.

The 'Muslim Brotherhood' envisioned this plan decades ago. And with each passing year the plan gains momentum as it builds on the successes of those who have already infiltrated the institutions of society.

The result has been nightly car-bombings in Paris and the suburbs of France. An opera house in Germany was forced to cancel a performance due to threats of violence from Muslims who were 'offended' by one scene in the opera. The Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium have also been targets of the Islamic extremists.

According to the nation's counterterrorism experts, Switzerland could be next.

Switzerland has often escaped the ravages of war and mayhem in the past due to its harsh terrain and its insistence that citizens be armed. However, that has begun to change as a movement within the country has sprung up that wishes to place limits on the firearms rights of citizens.

It is interesting that at the very moment in history that the gun-grabbers zero in on Switzerland, the terrorists suddenly put the nation on their radar screen.

This is no time for Switzerland to change public policy on guns. The citizens may well need them if the counterterrorism experts are correct.

Click here for a complete analysis of the new threat to Switzerland:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/9/07

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Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Bitch Girls have an excerpt from Dave Hardy's 'In Search of the Second Amendment':

Blogonomicon has a bit of satire aimed at gun-control freaks that he entitles, 'Shot Down by the Facts':

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Nicki at The Liberty Zone has shocking information about Gordon Brown's attempt to keep the British people in the dark concerning the loss of British sovereignty to the European Union:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone also reports that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has forbidden the use of the terms 'Muslim' and 'Islamic' when referring to 'extremist' terrorism in Great Britain. That's odd, given the fact that such terrorists are Muslim/Islamic:

The Volokh Conspiracy has more bad news from Great Britain. It seems the British University and College Union has boycotted Israel. Once again, this is rather odd given the recent terrorist activity in the U.K. by Islamic extremists. Volokh says there is now a movement to boycott the British University and College Union to protest their treatment of Israel:

Xavier Thoughts presents a detailed description and analysis of the new rules proposed by OSHA--rules that could bury the gun and ammunition industry:

The Jet Pilot also weighs in on OSHA's ominous plan:

Mr. Completely blogs on the upcoming Gun Bloggers' Rendezvous and says that a new online shop is offering items of interest to attendees and others who blog about gun-rights:

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A Keyboard and a .45 has a complete and informative wrap-up of firearms legislation in Texas for 2007:

John Lott has the scoop (and the video) on a concealed handgun permit holder who stops a robbery in Texas:

John Lott provides a follow-up to the previous story here:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

John Lott Exposes Motive in Hillary's Attack

Washington, DC (TLS). Nationally recognized author, educator, and news consultant John Lott has exposed the motive behind Hillary Clinton's attack on Fred Thompson, making the false charge that he once worked for a group of abortion advocates.

The Associated Press picked up on Hillary's charge and ran with it, never once questioning the veracity of the accusation.

Why would Hillary makes such a ludicrous charge? First, she is scared stiff by Fred Thompson. Thus, she must attack. Second, it is much easier for the guilty party to escape scrutiny by pointing to the supposed guilt of another, or accusing an innocent person of guilt.

Let's not forget who is really the abortion-supporter here. Hillary has been one of the most long-standing, vocal advocates for abortion-on-demand--along with Barack Hussein Obama and basically every Democratic candidate for President.

Her barefaced lies about Fred Thompson take the focus off of her own sordid record.

Click here to read John Lott's expose:

2008 NIGHTMARE: Hillary Presidency Will Mean Open Borders

Washington, DC (TLS). Do you think that the recent amnesty bill for illegal aliens, proposed by Ted Kennedy and John McCain, was bad for the country?

Well, don't look now, but if Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2008, the nightmare of open borders she will implement will force us all to wax nostalgic over just how good the Kennedy-McCain plan actually was.

The immigration reform bill that was voted down by Congress recently was a bad piece of legislation, no doubt. Yet Hillary Clinton has a long, documented history of favoring open borders, including not only providing amnesty for illegal aliens but FREE in-state tuition to public colleges and universities!

Hillary sponsored a bill in 2005 that would have done all of these things, except we were fortunate enough to have a Republican Congress to vote it down.

In 2008, there is no guarantee that Republicans will pick up any seats. Thus, with a Democrat-controlled Congress, along with Hillary in the White House, there will be no stopping the mad dash to open the flood-gates to as many illegals as possible, grant them amnesty, and get them into our public colleges for free in-state tuition...all at taxpayers' expense.

And that's not all. A Hillary Clinton presidency, along with a Democratic Congress, will surely raise taxes sky-high, implement the Fairness Doctrine to silence conservative talk radio, commence on a systematic plan to rob the citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights, foist socialized healthcare on the American public whether they want it or not, and 'take money from business profits' in order to undertake the most massive, sweeping increase in the scope and power of government in the history of the United States.

My friends, Hillary is on the record advocating for all of these things.

Yet, if none of that were true, the issue of immigration alone would be more than enough to deny her a term in the White House. She is poised to destroy the nation by allowing a massive influx of illegal aliens, who will then be in the hip-pocket of Democrats for the rest of their lives.

Click here on the link for all of the details on Hillary's disgusting views on amnesty, and be sure to follow all the links in the story as well, since you will want to know ALL of the details: