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Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Fitting Finale to a Fumbling Fiasco

Raleigh, NC (TLS). This man is now officially disbarred:

The North Carolina Bar rendered its decision on Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong today, and the verdict is that he is to be disbarred...a very fitting finale to a fumbling fiasco.

Family members of the three Duke students that Nifong maligned and wrongfully prosecuted state that now they intend to seek criminal charges against the former lawyer and District Attorney.

Read the entire story here, at Liestoppers:

Nifong Cries, Apologizes, But No Oscar for this Performance

Raleigh, NC (TLS). A tearful and apologetic Mike Nifong resigned from the office of Durham's District Attorney while on the witness stand, in a surprise move that took aback nearly everyone present, including the attorneys.

In one last-ditch effort to save his career, Nifong aims for the Oscar, becoming tearful and apologetic, resigning from office, and appearing remorseful. I'm afraid, though, that he would not even secure a nomination for the Oscar much less take home the prize.

Nifong's resignation is welcome but long overdue. This move should have been made months ago.

As for the apology, it did not appear that the falsely accused Duke students and their families were very impressed with the display. They watched, expressing no visible emotion, as Nifong delivered his defense, which was given in tones so low that one had to struggle to hear it.

For one thing, Nifong's 'apology' was interspersed with a continued defense of his actions, even to the point of claiming he did not lie throughout the entire process. True apologies that are heartfelt and sincere include, at the very least, an acknowledgement of the wrongdoing. Nifong's display was lacking in that one essential element.

One does not continue to defend one's actions, and even continue to claim innocence, when one is sincerely apologizing for misdeeds.

No wonder the 'apology' seemed to fall flat, especially to the students and their families.

Most observers believe that Nifong offered the semblance of an apology in a last-ditch effort to save his law license in North Carolina. His words today will hardly be sufficient to convince the N.C. Bar that he should keep his license to practice law, given that the Bar has already delivered some fairly sharply-worded assessments of Nifong's behavior in the months leading up to his trial.

In addition, with the revelations made during the trial this week to the effect that early on in the process Nifong knew that there was scant evidence to proceed with the case against the three students, he may be subject to criminal charges. If it can be established that Nifong was fairly certain the three young men were innocent, yet prosecuted them anyway, including going before the public in the press and referring to them as 'hooligans,' then a criminal act has been committed for which Nifong should be forced to face legal consequences.

And this does not even begin to address the fact that vital DNA evidence clearing the three accused of any wrongdoing was withheld by Nifong's office from the court and the defense attorneys.

Thus, it would seem that Nifong's losing his job as District Attorney should be the very least of his worries.


Washington, DC (TLS). U.S. intelligence sources have confirmed that China is sending arms to the terrorist insurgency in Iraq, and routing them through Iran!

My level of suspicion concerning China has been rising for quite some time now, as suddenly the U.S. has been bombarded with numerous instances of poisoning in our pet and human food supply, and now our toothpaste.

All of the offending items came from China.

In addition, California Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter has been warning that the gross imbalance of trade practices between the U.S. and China--all to China's gain--has allowed the emerging super-power to use billions of American dollars against us.

This is cause for alarm.

Read the full report here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/16/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second-Amendment news roundup:

Traction Control announces a gun-bloggers' rendezvous coming up soon:

The Volokh Conspiracy posts an excellent primer on the meaning of the term 'free state' in the Second Amendment:

Alphecca blogs on something that should make your blood boil...Mexico, of all places, is complaining about U.S. gun laws! It's not enough that they want to overrun the country, now they want our gun laws tightened because 'they make it too easy for citizens to buy firearms!' Those bastards! Read it all here:

Alphecca also reports that Smith & Wesson is reporting a banner year in gun sales! This shows that Americans are waking up to the only fool-proof way to protect ourselves against muggers, murderers, and rapists--fire-power:

Armed and Safe gives an update on the gun-grabber protests at a gun shop in Illinois:

Sebastian at Snowflakesinhell writes about an impending gun purchase...this one looks interesting:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Part of the Reagan Legacy--A Piece of the Wall

Washington, DC (TLS). For millions of Americans born after the last world war, and yet old enough to remember much of the 2nd half of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan is THE quintessential American President by whom all others are judged.

As for me, NO ONE has even come close to Reagan's greatness.

But then, I am not exactly totally unbiased in this assessment. I began working for Reagan's ascendancy to the White House in the early 1970s--when most people still knew him only as the former Governor of California and a former Hollywood actor.

I joined Young Americans for Freedom, an organization that William F. Buckley founded at least a decade earlier, but by the time I came around the organization had two distinct purposes: one, to promote conservative values among America's college students, and two, to elect Ronald Wilson Reagan to the White House.

I have written at length in past posts concerning Reagan. Yet I never cease to be amazed and dazzled by the manner in which his legacy continues to live on.

The Reagan Library has an artifact that is a lasting legacy to the Reagan Presidency. It is a piece of the Berlin Wall. I still remember to this day my eyes filling up with tears as Reagan stood at that Wall--a symbol of oppression, murder, Communism, anti-freedom--and demanding, 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall!'

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have written a moving testimonial of a trip they made to the Reagan Library and seeing that piece of the Wall, which by the way, DID, indeed, come down.

Be sure to click on the link and read it. You will find a picture of that piece of the Wall, and you will also find the full text of Reagan's history-making speech at the Berlin Wall.

Read all about it here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/15/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment news roundup:

The Volokh Conspiracy corrects a misquote in the media that misled many gun-owners:

The GOA blasts Congress, Carolyn McCarthy, John Dingell, and the NRA on the gun-grab:

Armed and Safe blogs on a two-minute anti-gun rant by Congressman Moran on the McCarthy-Dingell-NRA gun grab:

Alphecca reports that a 'Stand-Your-Ground' bill has been introduced in Ohio, similar to the one recently passed in Texas that expands 'Castle Doctrine' principles, which allow citizens to use deadly force to defend themselves in an attack:

Here's more on the Castle Doctrine push in Ohio from Ohioans for Concealed Carry:

Front Sight, Press has a video of Dr. Suzanne Hupp describing the absurdity of gun-free-zones:

EU Tries Again on Constitution

Washington, DC (TLS). The European Union failed to approve a unifying Constitution the first time such a proposal made its rounds in Europe. It appears that now they are trying again, although the new proposal is being described as 'Constitution-lite.'

Melanie Phillips in the U.K. always provides an insightful perspective from across the Atlantic. Here are her thoughts on the new proposal:

Bush Legacy--Illegal Alien Population Explodes

Washington, DC (TLS). President George W. Bush is searching so frantically to find a lasting 'legacy' that he and his aides are making horrible mistakes. The Immigration Bill is a perfect case in point.

What the President seems to fail to grasp is that his legacy is already being determined, in part, by immigration--the illegal kind.

V-Dare has the exact figures of the explosion of illegal aliens flooding the country during the Bush Presidency:

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The U.S. Agriculture Department reported today that Americans should brace themselves for a massive case of sticker-shock by the end of the summer...not at the new-car lot but at the grocery store.

Prices for common, everyday food staples such as meat, milk, cheese, corn and other veggies, will increase by 50 to 65 percent by September.

On balance, the average American family will pay at least 100 bucks per month more for groceries this September than they did last September.

What, exactly, is driving this numbing price hike? Ethanol production.

Corn is the main ingredient in ethanol and hundreds of other products, including the feed given to cows. Hence, the price hike in meat, milk, and cheese.

Because farmers are increasingly using farmland to grow corn for the FUEL industry as opposed to the FOOD industry, the law of supply and demand will result in a smaller supply of corn for food and an increasing demand for the food items that depend on corn, thus driving food prices through the roof.

We can thank the Einsteins in the 'environmentalist movement' for the coming train wreck at the grocery store.

For years the 'man-is-to-blame-for-global-warming' crowd and their comrades in the 'renewable bio-fuels' movement have been feeding to the public the notion that oil is evil and that ethanol is the answer to our energy needs.

We will now suffer the consequences of that notion as we pay out the wazoo for food...all because the corn is going to make fuel.

I have never had a problem with developing alternative sources of energy, weaning ourselves off of our dependence on foreign oil. But it is just as bad an idea to depend solely on ethanol and other agri-fuels as it is to depend solely on oil.

We need to begin developing and utilizing nuclear energy to the max, since we have discovered ways to make it safe. It is the cleanest fuel available. Fuel cell technology is another way to go, as are solar and wind power.

As for now, when you are shocked at how food prices suddenly skyrocket in about three months, remember that this is what we get for listening to the loons in the environmentalist movement.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/14/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment news roundup:

Here is my Liberty Alert from yesterday afternoon about the gun-grab bill passing the House:

Armed and Safe warns about the impending McCarthy-NRA Gun Grab in Congress:

Ohioans for Concealed Carry reports on good news for gun owners in Illinois:

The Jet Pilot blogs on a case of justifiable self-defense:

Traction Control reports on a must-read for anyone interested in 2nd Amendment issues--a book entitled 'Stopping Power.' The book not only documents why over 70 million Americans own guns but why non-gun owners put themselves and others at high risk for crime! Read it here:

The Katie Couric-Dan Rather Flap

Washington, DC (TLS). It seems ole Danny-boy has ignited a wildfire with his unnecessary comments about Katie Couric. Let's not forget that ole Danny-boy's career is forever tainted by the fact that he helped produce and air a FALSE report on George W. Bush's military service...for which several CBS associates lost their jobs.

Some would say that ole Danny-boy lost his job too over that one, except it was conveniently covered up by Rather's supposed 'retirement,' except he never retired!

For a VERY intriguing take on the the Couric-Rather flap, read this, entitled, 'In Defence of Cleveland and Katie C.':

Terrorism! The Illinois Shopping Mall Plot

Washington, DC (TLS). The men and women who work diligently in the nation's counterterrorism aparatus have documented yet another terrorist plot to kill masses of Americans.

This time the plot focussed on America's heartland, an Illinois shopping mall.

Read the full report here:

Al Gore's Duplicity (Video)

Washington, DC (TLS). Do you find it just as odd as I do that Democrats are prone to take 180-degree turns at the drop of a hat?

Take Al Gore, for example.

Today, you would think, to hear him talk, that he has always been a staunch anti-war advocate when it comes to Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East.

Well, a video has been found from few years back where Mr. Gore is deriding Bush, Sr. for not taking a strong enough stand against...Saddam Hussein!

You absolutely MUST see this video. If ever there is any proof of the demagoguery of Democrats, this is it.

Click here for the video (hat tip to Blogstitution):

Blonde Sagacity: Hundreds of U.S. Terrorist Havens

Washington, DC (TLS). Blonde Sagacity is reporting that there are hundreds of terrorist havens in the United States, most of them posing as innocuous 'Islamic Centers.'

Read this shocking report here:

Recap of 1st Day of Nifong's Trial

Raleigh, NC (TLS). Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong went on trial before the North Carolina Bar yesterday in a fight to save his career in the wake of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax debacle.

Liestoppers has updated information of the first day of the trial here:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LIBERTY ALERT! House Passes Gun-Grab

Washington, DC (TLS). In an effort to 'do something' about individuals such as Cho Seung-Hui and his massacre at Virginia Tech, the U.S. House of Representatives, under the pressure of the Democratic leadership, passed a measure that supposedly closes the 'mentally ill' loophole in gun purchases.

Republicans, along with the NRA, jumped aboard this rank piece of stench in order to appease the gun-grabbers who always use incidents such as this to justify their desire to rid the nation of guns, albeit piece by piece.

To its credit, the NRA succeeded in adding a provision that would allow U.S. Veterans who had been diagnosed with some sort of emotional disorder after their time in service to continue to be eligible to buy firearms.

Well, whoop-t-dooooo.

It's not that this is not an important provision, but what about the millions of other law-abiding citizens who will NOT be afforded an exemption, in spite of the fact that they have no history of violent behavior either toward themselves or anyone else, yet at some point or another they have been diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, or some other quite treatable emotional malady?

Well, under this bill they are shit-outta-luck.

Oh they can go through a process to get their names removed from the national registry that designates them as nuts, but that can be a lengthy, shameful, and embarrassing process.

Rather than bar these fine citizens from buying guns, I have a quite different proposal.

Let's ban anyone who has ever been to a psychiatrist or been treated for ANY emotional disorder from serving in Congress!

With the nutcases in control of things on Capitol Hill, this may be the perfect means of getting some sanity back in Washington.

As for the bill the House just passed, my fellow Americans, 'drop 'em, bend over, and grab 'em,' for you are getting ready to be screwed in the you-know-what by your illustrative representatives in the U.S. Congress.

Our only hope is that this abominable piece of legislation will be stopped in the Senate (which, admittedly, seems unlikely).

Read the full story on this rank piece of stench here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/13/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is the day's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gun Owners of America issues warning about new gun compromise brewing in Congress:

The GOA has a fine op-ed piece on Diane Feinstein's gun program--'turn 'em in':

Alphecca has found another legal 'scholar' who wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment:

Ohioans For Concealed Carry gives an update on the Daniel Sayers lawsuit (Sayers is the man arrested for carrying two guns while pumping gas):

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel blog on California's ridiculous waiting period in gun purchases:

The Volokh Conspiracy has a very informative post on the Federalist Papers, which detail the need for the Constitution and its provisions that protect rights. In James Madison's own words we discover how the Federalist Papers were put together:

San Francisco Snubs Navy's Blue Angels

San Francisco (TLS). In a tradition dating back to 1981, the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels have put on a spectacular aerial show in San Francisco that has drawn visitors from coast-to-coast, pumping millions of dollars into the local economy.

So-called 'peace activists,' however, are mounting strong opposition to San Francisco hosting the show for yet another year, claiming it glorifies 'militarism' and war.

Blonde Sagacity has written an excellent piece on this yet another example of the anti-Americanism of San Francisco:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Durham, NC (TLS). Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong's day of reckoning has arrived as he faces the Bar today.

The long-awaited accounting of Nifong's nefarious work in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax will culminate as he faces his peers, the three innocent victims and their families, as well as others he has irreparably harmed.

Liestoppers has the full details here:

Second Amendment News Roundup 6/12/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is the day's news on Second Amendment issues:

Front Sight, Press has a dire warning about pending gun legislation! Time for action! Read it:

Veterans for 9/11 Truth exposes Gun Control's Nazi Connections:

Armed with the Truth blogs on Fred Thompson's support for the 2nd Amendment:

Armed and Safe describes the Cook County, Illinois gun-grab attempt:

The Bitch Girls post at length on the current state of the gun-grabbers of the Brady Campaign:

The Jet Pilot blogs about 'Gun Free Zones':

Self-Defense: A Human Right documents media bias against gun-owners:

Alphecca writes about an astonishingly biased National Geographic piece against gun owners:

Alphecca also warns about the Democrat-NRA deal that amounts to yet another gun-grab:

The Volokh Conspiracy points to police being unarmed at the City College of San Francisco:

Monday, June 11, 2007

If ALL Democrats Could Be Like This...

Washington, DC (TLS). Senator Joseph Lieberman, whom the Democrats abandoned during the 2006 election cycle in order to support a fringe-element Leftist anti-war pacifist, has stated in an interview that the U.S. should bomb Iran unless it stops feeding aid to terrorist insurgents in Iran.

If only there were more Democrats like Lieberman...not that Lieberman is a Democrat anymore. He was chased out of the Party by a bunch of extremist nutcases who would rather cow-tow to terrorists than use military force.

The nation needs more statesmen like Lieberman who put national security and honor ahead of personal political gain.

Read Lieberman's striking interview here:


Washington, DC (TLS). Remember when we invaded Iraq, and all the Liberals howled that they agreed with the military campaign in Afghanistan, but not Iraq?

Remember that ever since that time the Liberals have qualified their opposition to the War in Iraq by saying, 'But I was all for Afghanistan.'

Bull. Don't believe a word of it. They are lying.

They protested going into Afghanistan too. I was there and saw it with my own eyes. In short, they don't want to use military force for ANYTHING that serves our security or national interest, period!

Read this eye-opener from Blonde Sagacity:


Washington, DC (TLS). CAIR has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a funds-to-foreign-terrorist scheme, according to the FBI. The Liberty Sphere first reported on this most interesting development last week.

The people at the nation's counterterrorism bureau have further information about this development, and they ask the important question, now that CAIR is directly implicated in ties with terrorism, will the U.S. Government change its policy toward them under the present Democratic leadership in Congress?

Read all about it here:

Albania Greets Bush as Beloved Hero

Washington, DC (TLS). President Bush was received in this former Soviet bloc country as a hero on Sunday as he became the very first American President to visit the impoverished Eastern European nation.

In statement that is sure to irk Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Bush stated that it is imperative that Albania continue on its process of independence--a statement that brought loud cheers from average Albanian citizens as well as their leaders.

Increasingly, the Putin regime is acting as if it wishes to return to the old paradigm of a Soviet Union, consisting of small nations dominated and ruled by one large, powerful Communist government located in Moscow.

It is clear that Putin repudiates the move toward liberty that was embraced by Boris Yeltsin and Michael Gorbachev.

Yet the nations that were once dominated and oppressed by Soviet Communists celebrate the American vision of liberty and independence and treat our leaders as heroes. Albania and Poland have been two of our staunchest allies in the War on Terror.

Poland has even begun the process of erecting statues to the memory of Ronald Reagan and naming several landmarks after the deceased former President.

Read the story of Bush's hero's welcome in Albania here:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blond Chic Blasts Sean Penn (Video)

Washington, DC (TLS). You are gonna LOVE this. The following video (click on the link below to access) will knock your hat in the creek. This chic is easy on the eyes, but she packs a powerful punch against Bush-bashers such as Sean Penn.

You MUST see this! (Hat tip to 'Blogstitution'):


New York (TLS). The probe into the foiled terrorist plot at JFK International Airport is widening, according to FBI officials. Investigations are now spreading beyond the four who are now in custody.

The Liberty Sphere reported shortly after the thwarted plot went public that something is afoot in the murky world of terrorists. This 'something' is evidenced by three distinct and simultaneous circumstances.

One, the FBI is reporting a marked increase in terrorist 'chatter' that is monitored by surveillance equipment. Two, the Saudi government reported that unusual characters have been seen watching sensitive areas in various airports around the United States, including Chicago's O'Hare. And third, the most wanted man in America, Adnan el-Shukrijumah, is reported to have already smuggled into the country nuclear material that could be used in several 'dirty bombs.'

The present probe is concentrating on secret havens of terrorism in Trinidad and other cities around the world, as well as to the more overt and recognized havens of terror in the Middle East.

Read the specific details of the widening probe here: