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Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Poll Indicates Hillary In Trouble

Washington, DC (TLS). A new poll is making its rounds in Washington and beyond that shows Hillary Clinton in deep trouble. The poll also has some startling information for the Republican front-runners.

If the election were held today, both Barack Obama and John Edwards would beat each of the top three Republican candidates in head-to-head races. This shows that Giuliani, McCain, and Romney's support may be very tentative, even among Republicans.

However, when Hillary is matched with Rudy Giuliani in a head-to-head encounter, if the election were held today, Giuliani would beat Hillary in some areas that have become known as Democratic strongholds, such as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Hillary would not win a single Southern state.

The poll suggests that at this particular point in time, if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, Giuliani is the one who can beat her. However, if either Obama or Edwards are the nominee, the Republicans had better have a strong candidate other than Giuliani, McCain, or Romney to step up to the plate.

No doubt this race is still wide open at this point, as it should be this early in the game.

But let's look at trends. Over the past several weeks, Democratic voters have tended to shift away from Hillary and toward Obama to a great degree, and toward Edwards to a somewhat lesser degree.

Republicans, on the other hand, are beginning to indicate that they actually prefer a candidate who is NOT in the top tier, while hanging onto Rudy as their preference should Hillary be the Democratic nominee.

LIBERTY SPHERE INSIDER'S TIP: It is still very early and things will certainly change. But at this point don't count out John Edwards as an emerging powerhouse on the Democratic side. Voters are still enamored with Obama's charisma, but that will fade as the campaign moves forward and citizens see just how much of a political lightweight he truly is. The picture on the Republican side is a bit fuzzy but beginning to focus slightly on one major variable--the Fred Thompson-Newt Gingrich factor. If one or both enter the race, it is an entirely new ball game.

Ware Shoals' Jane Blackwell in Court Friday

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Former Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell made a court appearance yesterday in Greenwood County. This was an administrative hearing to determine if Blackwell had adequate legal representation and to make sure both the prosecution and the defense were in possession of all evidence.

Blackwell is charged in obstruction in the investigation of former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore, who has been charged with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

In late April Blackwell appeared before the Ware Shoals School Board at a cumulative 20-hour hearing to make her case for keeping her job as principal of Ware Shoals High School. The Board determined that it was not appropriate for Blackwell to remain as principal of the high school, but decided that she could remain as an employee of the school district.

Blackwell now works in the technology support office of the school district.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hate Crimes Bill a Nazi Thought-Police Spree

Washington, DC (TLS). Without allowing real debate or amendments to guard free speech and expression, House Democrats passed the so-called 'hate crimes bill' that is actually a license for government to act as the thought police.

Under the ethically-challenged guidance of Rep. John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee, this bill will essentially make it a hate crime for a minister of the Christian gospel to describe homosexual behavior as a sin, even if it is read straight from the pages of the Holy Bible.

Republicans attempted to amend the bill to grant exemptions to religious organizations which by their very nature are charged with the responsibility to speak sometimes uncomfortable truths that fly in the face of the opinions of the masses.

I am sure Conyers, for example, would not have agreed that the fact that slave owners considered the preaching against slavery by America's ministers constituted hate crimes against slave owners and Southerners. These courageous men often took a stance on the issues of the day that were very unpopular.

What right does the U.S. Government have to tell a minister of a congregation that he cannot speak the truth from the Bible as he interprets it?

The Nazis silenced their opposition in Germany by attacking churches and religious bodies. They did this by first determining what form of speech was allowed. And then, since they had already confiscated the citizens' guns, there was no real resistance when the jackbooted thugs came knocking on their doors to haul them off to camps for merely speaking forbidden words.

President Bush has said he will veto this bill, as well he should. And Congress should promptly uphold that veto. This is a bill that attacks freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of speech.


Washington, DC (TLS). The May 15 Republican debate, which will be held in Columbia, South Carolina and televised on Fox News, will feature ALL 10 of the candidates after all.

Apparently Fox and the S.C. Republican Party heard the outcry from the rank and file Republicans concerning their plan to feature only the three front-runners. Thus, in a joint statement released today by Fox News and the S.C. Republican Party, all 10 Republican candidates will be featured in the May 15 debate.

The Liberty Sphere applauds both Fox and the Republicans for this very wise decision. As we saw in last night's Republican debate in California, allowing ALL candidates makes for some interesting surprises. Who would have known how strong Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee come across on the national stage had they not been allowed to be a part of last night's debate?

In addition, we fully expect there to be some movement in the polls toward Mitt Romney. We cannot be certain at this point exactly how much movement, but the candidate did so well Thursday night that he is sure to gain some supporters who had not yet had the chance to see him in action.

In fact, look for Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, and Jim Gilmore all to gain in the polls.

Neither Rudy Giuliani nor John McCain did or said anything last evening that would sway voters, in our opinion. In short, they neither hurt nor helped themselves. Their support will probably remain steady, but at this point we do not see either candidate picking up widespread new support resulting from last night's debate. But neither candidate lost any ground either.

The public, however, needs to have a second look at all ten of the candidates. The South Carolina debate will give them that opportunity.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ratings of Republican Presidential Candidates

Washington, DC (TLS). The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California provided the backdrop for this first forum of the Republican Presidential candidates.

As we did with the Democrats, The Liberty Sphere will rate each of the Republican candidates based upon their performance in tonight's debate, as well as their views.

With regard to strength of communication skills, clarity of presentation, answering the questions posed, and ability to connect at an emotional level with voters, the candidates are listed below in order of their overall effectiveness in tonight's forum:

Governor Mitt Romney
Rep. Duncan Hunter and Governor Mike Huckabee (tie)
Governor Jim Gilmore
Senator Sam Brownback
Senator John McCain
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Rep. Ron Paul
Governor Tommy Thompson
Rep. Tom Tancredo

The surprises of the evening are that Mitt Romney and Jim Gilmore did so incredibly well, and Tom Tancredo did so poorly. We regret the latter, for Rep. Tancredo is a good communicator with ideas that need a hearing in this country. For some reason or another, he was off his game tonight.

Of the three front runners so far, Mitt Romney gained the most from this encounter, allowing a large portion of the population to see how well he handles himself under pressure. If there were to be a declared winner on the basis of communication, presentation, and debate presence, it would be Romney, hands down.

Now for the issues of substance. The Liberty Sphere rates all candidates based upon our mission statement, which is to advocate for human liberty all over the world, and to support those candidates, Parties, and organizations that do the most to propagate human freedom.

We base this 'liberty rating' on eight (8) key issues that are central to liberty: national defense, taxes, healthcare, gun rights, abortion, the war on terror, U.S. foreign policy, and immigration control.

For a complete description and rationale for our view that these issues are key, click here to go to our ratings of the Democratic candidates in their first debate:

Based upon our analysis of the views of each of the Republican candidates on these 8 key critical issues, The Liberty Sphere rates tonight's candidates on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest score):

Rep. Duncan Hunter--10
Governor Mike Huckabee--10
Governor Jim Gilmore--9
Senator Sam Brownback--8
Governor Mitt Romney--7
Governor Tommy Thompson--7
Rep. Tom Tancredo--7
Rep. Ron Paul--7
Mayor Rudy Giuliani--6
Senator John McCain--5

Based upon The Liberty Sphere's total leading indicators, combining effectiveness of presentation with strength of views with regard to liberty, who benefited the most from tonight's forum?

Four candidates stand out as doing a stellar job at presenting their case for why they should be President, and probably helped themselves tremendously by appearing in tonight's debate. They are Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, and Jim Gilmore.

A LIBERTY SPHERE INSIDER'S TIP: The man to watch is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who has been gaining supporters everywhere he goes. He was terribly underrated going into the campaign, and not only has he far surpassed everyone's expectations but he has proved that he is a major player--a political heavyweight who can stand his ground with the most seasoned veterans.

By the way, Huckabee surprisingly came out as the winner of the first Republican straw poll in South Carolina, the Spartanburg County Republican Party Straw Poll, which not only shows Huckabee's ability to sway voters to his side but which also showed the strength of another dark horse--Duncan Hunter, who came in third.

A FINAL NOTE: A huge absentee who was yet very much present tonight was former Senator Fred Thompson. He is emerging as a star waiting in the wings whose entry into the race could change the entire complexion of the Republican race for the nomination.

What If Bush Gave the Dems What They Want?

Washington, DC (TLS). For just a brief moment in time, cast aside all of your statesmanship in order to play with me a little game of political strategist...not that all political strategists are bereft of statesmanship, but after all, it is not their job to tell candidates what's best for America. Their job is to tell their clients how to get elected.

Regardless of what you or I might think of the grave danger the situation in Iraq poses for the world and for the United States, for a few moments let's consider some harsh political realities.

Americans are increasingly getting very tired of the war, so much so that all of the latest indicators point to a massive Republican blood-fest in 2008. Internal polling numbers suggest that if we stay on the present course, not only will Democrats pick up even more seats in Congress than they did in 2006, but they will gain the White House as well.

The single issue that is driving voters away from the GOP is the war.

Thus, as political strategists our job is to devise a method for our clients, in this case the Republicans, to regain control of Congress and to keep the White House.

How can we best go about this?

Remember, the end game is to win. We must, at least for a season, put our best sensitivities as Americans on the back burner.

Winning in 2008 involves a straightforward two-pronged strategy. First, we cater to the electorate. We tell them that we did, indeed, succeed in Iraq by deposing an evil dictator and providing the means for a totalitarian state to hold its first democratic elections...with a democratically-crafted Constitution to boot. We then admit that we blew it after that. We miscalculated the strength of the insurgency, and we simply did not have the troop strength on the ground to do the rest of the job.

We tell them, 'We heard your voices. You are weary of our continued presence in Iraq, and you want the boys to come home now.'

And then we bring them home. Just like that.

Second, we send a message to Democrats. We are giving you what you said you wanted. The American people obviously agreed with you that our mission in Iraq is finished. So, whatever consequences arise as a result of our withdrawal will be entirely on your shoulders.

If the entirety of the fledgling Iraqi government falls apart, so be it.
If Iran seizes the government in Iraq, so be it.
If there is mass genocide, murder, and carnage, so be it.
If terrorists find a new safe haven, not only in Iran but also in Iraq, so be it.
If terrorists are emboldened around the world, so be it.
If they go on the offensive again, against our embassies, our aircraft carriers, etc, so be it.
If they send a nuclear bomb to Israel, so be it.
If they decide to attack America on our own soil....

A wise man from the past said, 'In a democracy, the people usually get the government they deserve.'

The question is, are the Democrats prepared to accept full responsibility for whatever calamity befalls the region, our nation, and the world as a result of our departure from Iraq?

Remember, there will be nobody left to blame when the chickens come home to roost.

Are Americans willing to accept whatever consequences occur in the wake of our departure from Iraq?

Remember, in a dangerous world full of terrorists and Islamo-fascists who are intent on either converting the whole world to Islam or killing the infidels who refuse to convert, there are no second chances. If we get this wrong, it may be the very last mistake we make as a free society before the oppressive heavy hand of Muslim extremists make the nation over in the image of Allah.

My friends, every ounce of political shrewdness in my body wants to urge the President to pull out and give the Dems what they want. That way, if calamity befalls the world, there will be no one to blame but them. Yet every ounce of common decency and concern for the future of the world in my body wants to urge the President not only to stay in Iraq but drastically increase the military fire power, including air and sea (i.e., bombs...the big ones).

I suppose it all boils down to this: is this war worth losing the Presidency and more seats in Congress? If not, then it is time to bring 'em home and let the chips fall where they may. But if what we are doing is worth that kind of loss, then it is time to fight this war like the super-power we are. We need to stop playing footsies with the enemy like a bunch of wussies. Fighting to win is not a place for the politically correct.

The Palfrey Ultimatum

Washington, DC (TLS). 'DC Madam' Deborah Palfrey has obviously cut a deal, or rather it is more an ultimatum. She wants some of her high-profile customers to come forward voluntarily to tell the Court that she operated a legitimate business within the limits of the law.

If they refuse, their names will be published, and they will be subpoenaed.

What seems to be a rather straightforward ultimatum on the surface is actually a deal
prosecutors have brokered with her, i.e., 'give us your list of names in exchange for our going easy on you.'

The deal, which involves not only the infamous 'Palfrey's List' but also a carefully crafted ultimatum designed to send shivers up the spines of who-knows-how-many in Washington, is a no-lose situation for Palfrey. If she can scare up enough customers to testify for her, she may beat the rap. If she can't beat the rap she gets off easy because she gave prosecutors the list of powerful 'johns,' which any law enforcement agency would die for.

Palfrey is obviously playing this game with the deftness of a pro. And so are the prosecutors. Let's see what, if anything, this carefully crafted plan will cough up.

Gun-Grabbing Freaks On the Loose

Washington, DC (TLS). A national tragedy such as the Virginia Tech massacre should be a time of sacred, solemn mourning. Instead, the gun control lobby seizes each and every national tragedy as a platform from which to spout their disdain for the rights of citizens to own guns.

Such is the case now. The Brady campaign bunch is hard at work, and so are the gun-grabbers in Congress. Despite their innocent-sounding pleas to the contrary, Congressional Democrats are indeed unleashing massive attacks on the 2nd Amendment, even as they assure voters they are not.

The following article focuses on the Brady gang and their desire to rid the nation of all handguns. Read carefully their words, for they have many allies in the House and Senate under the Democrats.

Click here for the complete story:

Senate Bill S.1237--A Lautenburg-Bush Gun Grab

Washington, DC (TLS). A very troubling piece of legislation has been proposed that would give the U.S. Attorney-General the power to revoke the gun licenses of millions of citizens, even if they have never been charged with a crime.

Frank Lautenburg, the Democrat who never saw a gun control measure he did not like, introduced this bill at the request of the BUSH JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

The bill, S. 1237, is entitled, 'Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2007,' but instead targets individual citizens who have never been charged or suspected of engaging in any act of terrorism.

Read the details here:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that Fox News Channel is planning on excluding the majority of the GOP candidates from a debate scheduled for May 15, 2007, in Columbia, South Carolina. The South Carolina Republican Party is co-sponsoring the debate along with Fox News.

According to sources planning the event, Fox and the S.C. GOP is considering excluding 7 of the 10 GOP candidates from the televised debate.

Those sources also state that the agreement with the candidates was that only those who polled more than 1% of likely voters would be invited to the debate. This excludes candidates such as Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, Sam Brownback, and Mike Huckabee, among others.

This would mean that the May 15 South Carolina debate will feature only Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

However, on Thursday night of this week, May 3, MSNBC is sponsoring a GOP debate that features ALL of the announced candidates.

Needless to say, many conservatives are in an uproar about the South Carolina debate. It has even been suggested that the S.C. Republican Party is deliberately excluding the most conservative voices in the field of candidates, in order to showcase Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.

S.C.'s two Republican Senators may have a stake in this decision. Senator Lindsey Graham supports McCain, while Senator Jim DeMint supports Romney.

The vast majority of Republican voters in South Carolina, however, are solidly conservative, and many clearly do not feel that the top three candidates in the field best represent their views. This is why such a decision to exclude conservatives from the debate appears very odd to most GOP insiders in the state, given the fact that it is still very early in the campaign.

It is time for the South Carolina Republican Party and Fox News to hear from you, the voters. Demand that ALL GOP candidates participate in the May 15 debate. This is only fair.

Is a boycott in order unless the rest of the candidates are allowed to participate?

ALERT! Feinstein Scandal Hits Major Capitol Paper

Washington, DC (TLS). The scandal involving Senator Dianne Feinstein's scheme to funnel millions of dollars of military construction contracts to her husband's companies while chairing the very committee that approves those contracts has finally hit a major Capitol newspaper.

'The Hill' is reporting today that Feinstein's under-the-table activities that benefited her husband's companies is finally causing a stir among those responsible for appropriations in the Senate...not that her Democratic colleagues or any of the mainstream media fueled the uproar.

In fact, there has been a deafening silence among the mainstream media and Senate Democrats concerning Feinstein's obvious conflict of interest activities. Not a single major newspaper or any of the four mainstream TV news sources (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN) have said a word about it. Harry Reid and company have conveniently allowed Iraq and other issues to hide this brewing scandal that is getting ready to blow like a dormant volcano in an earthquake.

Granted, The Hill is not a major national newspaper. But it is a VERY important source of news inside the Beltway among government movers and shakers. And this is why this story is so significant.

Until now the only ones talking about the Feinstein scandal have been The Liberty Sphere, World Net Daily News, and those whispering in the corners of Capitol Hill. The Liberty Sphere has dubbed this debacle as 'the Feinstein war profiteering scandal.' Very few, however, paid attention.

Today however, with 'The Hill' bringing those whispers and lone voices to the forefront, this scandal is about to take the Beltway by storm. The Democrats and their comrades in the mainstream media will be forced to deal with a corruption case that it had just as soon ignore.

Read the story in The Hill here:

Cho Update! 5 Theories on Ismail Ax

Washington, DC (TLS). Several days ago The Liberty Sphere reported that Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs had information from a Virginia police officer indicating that Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung Hui was an Islamic terrorist.

The officer had seen the complete written text of Cho's manifesto, which has not been released to the public.

As a follow-up to that story, Verum Serum has postulated five theories concerning Cho, specifically revolving around his chosen name of 'Ismail Ax.'

A growing body of evidence is indicating that Cho was indeed an extremist Muslim who had renounced Christianity, capitalism, free enterprise, and every single value the West holds dear.

If we ever have the opportunity to actually see the printed text of the manifesto, rather than simply the edited excerpts of the videos, then we can see for ourselves the dark forces that drove Cho Seung Hui to murder 32 persons.

Read the 5 theories on Cho here:

A Liberty Sphere Classic on Global Warming

Washington, DC (TLS). The following is a reprint of a Liberty Sphere classic from November of 2006. It is a treatise on global warming and the political implications of the belief that mankind is to blame for climate change.

In anticipation of Glenn Beck's expose of the environmentalist movement's grand hoax this evening on the Headline News Network, I decided to post this Liberty Sphere classic for your consideration.

by D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan

The responsible stewardship of the environment is not up for debate in modern times. Every responsible, thinking person is forced to consider the world around us and the impact the activity of man has upon the earth's ability to sustain and renew life. The debate, therefore, centers upon one single issue--globing warming and its cause.

Global warming itself is not really the issue at all. It is a fact. In the earth's long and sometimes violent history, there have been patterns of warming and cooling that run in cycles, usually in response to the sun's activity. As the sun increases in volatility with solar storms, the impact on earth is quite predictable. Earth's temperatures increase.

For example, during the Middle Ages, long before the burning of fossil fuels, the earth experienced a warming that is well-documented among feudal societies where written descriptions of the climate are preserved from the era. In reading those documents we are struck by the descriptions of various writers who describe warm temperatures in areas that are generally known for the cold.

During the modern industrial era, however, particularly at its infancy in the 18th and 19th centuries, we see descriptions of a much cooler climate than that of the Middle Ages. In fact, there was a mini ice age that occurred early on during the period where unusual cold and snowfalls were described by novelists and historians.

These periods of global cooling occur simultaneously with a leveling out of the sun's activity. As solar storms decrease, the earth responds by a cooling of global temperatures.

Presently we are in the midst of an increase in the sun's activity. This activity has been documented for quite some time, resulting in a slight but observable increase in the earth's temperatures.

Thus, the issue of global warming is not up for debate. It is a fact at present, just as it has been a fact many times throughout the cyclical life of the planet. The debate centers on man's role, if any, in the warming that is occurring.

The 'environmentalist movement' has come down on the side of man's culpability in the warming of the earth's temperatures. With a dogmatism that would put Medieval Catholicism to shame, those who belong to the movement insist, adamantly, that the blame for global warming lies squarely with human beings. Human activity, according to the environmentalist dogma, is the single largest contributor to the increase of the earth's temperatures, and thus, steps must be taken to curb man's activity.

The activity in question, of course, is free enterprise, capitalistic industrialism, and entrepreneurship that supposedly 'rapes the precious environment.' This, according to the High Priests and Priestesses of the movement, must be stopped cold.

At the opposite side of the spectrum lies conservatives, libertarians, and those who adhere strictly to 'hard science.' It isn't that these persons deny the possibility of global warming, or global cooling either, for that matter. Rather, these persons question man's contribution to the process. They are not convinced that human activity has much of an impact one way or the other on changes in the earth's temperatures.

Hard science definitely appears to confirm the notion of the latter group of persons.

Take the example of the mammoths in the North Pole region of the earth. Millions of years ago it is clear that the polar region was warm, blooming with plant life, and inhabited by life forms that fed on the plants that were abundant in the region. Hard science proves that this was the case.

Scientists discovered large mammoths frozen in the ice of the polar region that still had undigested green plants in their mouths. These majestic gargantuan creatures roamed the polar region during an era of the earth's history when there was no ice but plant life, grasses, and trees.

The startling discovery of the frozen mammoths in the polar ice region forced scientists to consider one basic fact--there are times when the earth's climate changes suddenly, unpredictably, and violently.

These mammoths had obviously been feeding on the plant life in the polar region, yet they froze to death so quickly that the plants they had just taken into their mouths were frozen along with them. Preserved in the ice for eons of time, these animals provided hard scientific proof of three basic postulates.

First, the polar region was not always frozen but teeming with plant life. Second, this plant life sustained animal life that in today's climate would not survive the cold of the region. And third, the earth is often unpredictable in its wide variances of temperatures, sometimes resulting in sudden, violent, and catastrophic shifts in temperature.

In short, the mammoths froze to death within seconds or minutes while munching on the plants that once grew in the Arctic.

In addition, the mere fact that the Arctic region contains some of the world's most abundant oil deposits is ample proof that the region was once inhabited by numerous animals that left behind fossils that eventually led to the 'fossil fuel' of oil. Such animals could not survive the harsh climate the region has today.

Thus, observable, documented hard science is in unanimous agreement concerning the earth's climate. In the grand scheme of things, mankind has little to do with it. The dramatic shift of the climate in the Arctic region occurred long before man appeared on the earth. The Ice Age was ushered in by forces totally outside the activity of human beings. The warming that has occurred since the end of the last Ice Age began long before humans began burning fossil fuels.

It can be documented without dispute, for example, that the earth has been warming for centuries. In actuality, taking the long view, the earth has been warming gradually ever since the end of the last Ice Age, long before there was any industrialization.

Why, then, do the dogmatists within the environmentalist movement insist so vehemently that global warming is a man-made phenomenon? Why are those who present an alternative view to the notion that man caused global warming presently referred to by these dogmatists as 'Holocaust deniers?' These are shockingly harsh terms.

This is not all. PBS was scheduled to do a documentary on global warming. They were planning to utilize the expertise of a world-renown scientist at the University of Oklahoma. However, when the scientist explained to the producers at PBS that he planned on basing his views solely on hard science, they told him in no uncertain terms that he MUST lay the blame for the phenomenon on human activity and the burning of fossil fuels. When the scientist protested that such a view is based upon speculation and opinion rather than hard scientific evidence, he was politely told his services would not be needed on the program.

Why? Why is the dogma of the environmentalist movement so important to its adherents that scientists must be browbeaten into submission and the documented scientific evidence ignored?

The answer is that today's environmentalist movement is not a scientific movement but a political one. The movement is a front for those with a definite political agenda.

Consider this. The scientists who belong to the environmentalist movement claim that their basis of authority on the subject of global warming is 'by consensus.' They have arrived at their viewpoint that man is responsible for global warming by consensus, that is, most of the scientists in the movement adhere to a viewpoint that is not universally held by the best minds within the scientific community.

And this is the source of the problem. If science is determined by consensus, it ceases to be science. It then becomes conjecture, opinion, and theory. Hard science is based upon one thing alone--the observable facts. Anything that cannot be verified with observable facts remains in the realm of opinion and theory. But it is not science.

Thus, the environmentalist movement has outed itself as a purely political movement. By admitting to the notion that scientific fact can be determined by consensus rather than hard evidence, the movement has immediately taken itself totally outside the scientific realm.

This leaves only one dire conclusion. The environmentalist movement is nothing more than a political movement that is dedicated to the destruction of capitalism, entrepreneurship, and free enterprise industrialism. Thus, Americans are told how horrible they are for driving SUVs. We are told how wicked are the oil companies. We treated to diatribes about how awful are the chemical companies. To express a belief that nuclear-powered energy sources are an acceptable, clean alternative is to commit the unpardonable sin. This is enough to get you excommunicated by the High Priests and Priestesses of the movement. You will surely go straight to hell.

Thus, the environmentalist movement is today the single largest threat to liberty in the world outside of terrorism. In the name of saving the planet from us wicked human beings, its adherents would dismantle American capitalism and free enterprise. Under the guise of 'doing good' the movement would destroy the basis of the American economy and totally change our way of life.

It is for this reason that many of the ex-Communists and Socialists from the Cold War have joined the environmentalist movement. When the old Soviet Union fell as a result of the policies of President Ronald Reagan, who brought them to the brink of economic disaster with our massive military buildup, the comrades were caught without a cause and with no place to go.

These people always have to have a subversive 'cause' to justify their existence.

Thus, they chose the environmentalist movement as the perfect vehicle by which to push toward their goal of destroying capitalism, dismantling the American economy, burying our prosperity, and eventually bringing the complete demise of a Republic that is dedicated to human liberty.

To buy into environmentalist pronouncements as the musings of concerned scientists is a big mistake. The practice of environmentalists to ignore hard science and smear the good names of respected scientists who do not subscribe to their views is ample proof of the subversive nature of this movement.

Thinking people can see right through the ruse. When science is decided by 'consensus' and not factual evidence, it is clear that anything the man-is-to-blame-for-global-warming crowd has to say is to be viewed with a grain of salt. They are not to be taken seriously, except for their massive and single-minded desire to dominate politics and alter the course of a free society.

As for their anti-American and anti-liberty scheme, we should quickly and forcefully repudiate their statements in the public arena whenever we have opportunity to do so.

Don't Miss 'Climate of Fear' on Global Warming

Washington, DC (TLS). Tonight at 7 PM and again at 9 PM, Eastern Time, Headline News Network will air a special presentation on global warming entitled, 'Climate of Fear.'

The report will feature Glenn Beck and will focus on the vast fear-mongering that has accompanied the dire warnings and predictions of those who subscribe to the 'man-is-to-blame-for-global-warming' theory.

In addition, Beck will expose the hidden political agenda of those who are intent, no matter what the hard science says, to convince us that human beings caused global warming.

Needless to say, the Left does not want you to see this program!

That is all the more reason to watch. It is time that those who are actually concerned about truth and hard science put to rest once and for all the massive hoax perpetrated by those with a vested interest in causing the collapse of capitalism, free enterprise, and free human choice.

Glenn Beck's special report tonight should be an important step in that direction.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). A video of the interrogation of Jill Moore has surfaced in the Ware Shoals sex scandal case that cost Moore her job as cheerleader coach at the Ware Shoals High School. A local TV news outlet somehow secured a copy of the video, which it proceeded to telecast.

Upon Moore's arrest, law enforcement officials with the Greenwood County Sheriff's Department escorted Moore to the Sheriff's office to be questioned. These interrogations are routinely videotaped by law enforcement officials.

The portion of the interrogation that dealt with the subject of how much former Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell knew about Moore's activities is the part of the video that aired on a local news channel.

Greenwood County law enforcement officials state that they do not know at this time how a portion of the tape wound up in the hands of the news media.

The only persons who were given a copy of the tape were the Circuit Solicitor, attorneys for Moore and Blackwell, and the local Ware Shoals School Board attorney. The local state's attorney, Jerry Peace, stated that the airing of the tape compromises the integrity of the court case against Moore.

Peace indicated that a change of venue may be necessary for the trial, given the heavy local publicity the case has received in the local news.

In keeping with The Liberty Sphere's philosophy that criminal cases (and all other cases, for that matter) should be tried only in a court of law and NOT in the court of public opinion, we will not provide links to any source that had a part in distributing or telecasting this tape.

However, we would like to know who is responsible for the leak.

CNN Exposes Global Warming Hoax

Washington, DC (TLS). Tomorrow evening, Wednesday, May 2, 2007, CNN Headline News will present a special report by Glenn Beck that exposes the global warming hoax.

This program will air at 7 PM and again at 9 PM, Eastern Time.

The Liberty Sphere encourages all of our readers to watch this riveting report that will expose the hidden political agendas of the Leftwing in hoodwinking the public into believing that mankind is solely responsible for climate change.

As we have reported many times before, there is no doubt that the earth is in the midst of climate change. Our point of contention with the mainstream media and so-called 'scientists' of the environmentalist movement bandwagon is the claim that human beings brought this about.

In fact, the earth has ALWAYS undergone shifts in climate throughout its entire history. We have basically been in the midst of a period of gradual warming since the last Ice Age.

Obviously, there are many forces at work beyond the control of mankind that produce these temperature fluctuations. But members of the Leftwing have an agenda in laying the blame at the feet of mankind.

Ralph Nader admitted that the ultimate goal of the environmentalist movement is the destruction of capitalism, personal choice, and free enterprise.

Thus, the apologists for the Leftwing must convince us that mankind is to blame for global warming so that major shifts in public policy can be implemented to strip individual citizens of their rights and implement a socialistic, collectivist model of government which can then force lifestyle changes.

Don't forget! Tomorrow night at 7 PM and again at 9 PM, Eastern Time, on CNN Headline News. Glenn Beck will expose the hidden political agenda of the global warming hoax.

DC Madam--the Marketing of 'Palfrey's List'

Washington, DC (TLS). The nagging question among news reporters and news organizations today is, how did ABC News get a copy of the now-infamous 'Palfrey's List' when other news organizations were deprived of that opportunity?

What is quickly becoming known as 'Palfrey's List' is the documentation of the names and phone numbers of clients that alleged DC Madam Deborah Palfrey provided the Court in her prostitution ring case. Somehow ABC News winds up with a copy of at least a partial list of the clients.

How? Why? Who decided to release this information to the Press? Who decided it would be ABC News to receive a copy? Why were not ALL of the major news organizations given a copy?

More importantly, is this an indication of the marketing of Palfrey's List? If so, what was the price? What did ABC do to receive this favor from the Court?

The entire scenario smacks of privilege. It does nothing but raise suspicions for one news organization to have the opportunity to pour over these sensitive documents before anyone else besides the Court has a chance to see what's in them.

Until the questions concerning the involvement of ABC News are answered, a cloud of suspicion hangs over the entire process of making the list public.

Suspicions High Over Polk County DSS in N.C.

Columbus, NC (TLS). One thing you can say about the mountain folk of North Carolina other than the fact that they are some of most hospitable, good-hearted people on earth is that they don't take kindly to outsiders meddling in their business. And that goes for individuals who work in government agencies that tend to believe that they are the watchdogs of the behavior of private citizens.

A perfect example of this phenomenon is the case of Joyce Painter, a resident of the North Carolina mountain town of Columbus. Painter thought she was minding her own business, raising her 7-year-old son as best she could, when along comes 'Big Brother' to tell her that because her son is 'too fat' she is therefore a sorry Mother.

'Big Brother' in this case is the North Carolina Department of Social Services, which utilizes 'anonymous tips' to justify going after private citizens, usually with regard to cases of suspected child abuse. The Polk County Department of Social Services received such a tip concerning Ms. Painter, except in this case it was not about child abuse but about the weight of her son.

Considered 'morbidly obese' by medical definition, the Painter boy had at one time topped the scales at 254 pounds, despite being taken by his Mother on numerous occasions to see physicians about what to do to correct the problem.

Ms. Painter had placed her son on numerous eating programs recommended by various physicians, all to no avail. She insists that she fed her son only those foods prescribed by the physicians.

In spite of Ms. Painter's obvious concern about her son's health, DSS officials moved in and implicated Ms. Painter with innuendo concerning possible 'child neglect,' 'child endangerment,' or other such terms, all designed to place the blame for the boy's obesity squarely at the feet of his Mother.

Yet DSS had NO medical history of the boy and ordered none. How, for example, do they know that the boy does not have a hidden medical problem that contributes to the weight gain? Does his thyroid gland function normally? What about his digestive system? Does his digestive system function in such a manner that food is digested along a normal continuum?

Studies published in various medical journals indicate that persons who have what is called a 'slow rate of digestion,' that is, food tends to stay in the stomach for much longer periods of time before being emptied into the small intestine, tend to gain weight.

Has the boy ever been checked for this? If not, why?

It would seem that if DSS were actually doing its job rather than conducting a smear campaign against an overweight boy's Mother, it would want to know about potential medical problems that cause this kind of weight gain.

Yet so far, not a single indication has been made public that DSS has checked into these possibilities.

Rather, DSS decided to aggressively pursue Ms. Painter as an 'unfit Mother.'

But this is not the end of the story. DSS in its almighty wisdom decided that the Painter boy needed to have knee surgery at Duke University in Durham...several hours away from the Painter home. A mere 30 minutes to the north, however, is Asheville, North Carolina, a nice medium-sized city with several top-notched medical facilities that routinely do the type of surgery DSS claims the boy needs.

Rather than allow the boy to have the surgery closest to home, DSS instead decided to seize the child, remove him from his Mother, and place him in foster care--so that he could then have knee surgery in Durham.

On Monday a Judge in Columbus put DSS in its place by giving custody back to Ms. Painter, stating in essence that DSS did not have the authority or the proper rationale for removing the boy from his home.

Needless to say, this entire episode has the entirety of Polk County in an uproar. It is clear that DSS Social Workers are attempting to make an example of Painter and her son, but for what reason? At this point it is clear the boy has become nothing more than a football being passed between his Mother and DSS. DSS, however, has been called on a technical foul. In fact, DSS should not even be in the middle of this at all.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are rumblings among folks out and about that this is not the first time DSS has used heavy-handed, gestapo-like tactics in dealing with social service issues. And these folk are still in an uproar over the fact that DSS went to Ms. Painter's local grocery story to 'check up on her buying habits.'

A DSS official went to the local Ingle's Supermarket in Columbus to ask employees if Ms. Painter had been buying junk food and other treats for her son.

Store employees were so outraged over this that they immediately contacted a local TV News station and reported the actions of DSS officials who came to them to snoop on Painter's buying habits.

It is time we started to snoop into the Polk County Department of Social Services. Obviously something is terribly amiss in this department. Taxpayers do not pay the salaries of these persons to act as 'Big Brother' or to browbeat citizens who have overweight children. Employees of DSS are supposed to be public servants who act only at the pleasure of the citizens who pay their salaries.

Once they step out of that role and begin to act as if they have more power and authority than our Constitution allows, then drastic action needs to be taken to reign them in. If there ever were a government agency that needs to be reigned in, it is the Polk County Department of Social Services.

An immediate top-to-bottom investigation is in order. And if North Carolina won't do it, then perhaps the Federal Government will.

We as citizens CANNOT allow renegade organizations like DSS to run roughshod over the rights of individual citizens.

The Liberty Sphere intends to use every legal means within its power to expose the gross corruption, over-zealousness, and outright gestapo tactics of the Polk County Department of Social Services. Their reign of terror in North Carolina needs to be stopped.

Yet Another Border Patrol Agent Charged with Murder

Washington, DC (TLS). In what is becoming an all-too-familiar scene at our nation's southern border, yet another of America's Border Patrol Agents has been charged with murder.

Is it just me, or does it seem that nearly every week or so a Border Patrol agent is charged with murder?

In this case the agent was being threatened with having his head bashed in with a rock carried by an illegal alien. The agent shot the alien in self-defense.

Yet once again, at the bidding of the Mexican Consulate, U.S. Attorneys at our southern border are aggressively pursuing Border Patrol Agents who use deadly force to defend themselves against illegal aliens who are clearly intent on doing them harm.

Once again, Congress turns its head, the President does nothing, and the Mexican government is allowed to dictate prosecutorial discretion in these cases. The President, the Congress, and the Administration have abdicated their Constitutional mandate to protect our borders and have allowed undue meddling in the affairs of the U.S. judiciary by the Mexican government.

Read about the latest outrageous persecution of our Border Patrol here:

Monday, April 30, 2007

Deborah Palfrey's List--a Sneak Peek

Washington, DC (TLS). As the drama and anxiety grow over 'DC Madam' Deborah Palfrey's list of high-profile customers in the Beltway, ABC News has given a sneak peek into what is to come as these names are made public.

ABC states that among the list of hundreds of customer phone numbers it has poured through, there is a major CEO, the head of a conservative think-tank, and yet another high-ranking government official.

In what is sure to become known in the days ahead as 'Palfrey's List' are the names and phone numbers of scores of individuals who utilized her services, which Palfrey maintains is 'perfectly legal.' She says that if some of her clients engaged in illegal sexual activity with the escorts in question, then these particular customers instigated such activity on their own and that she has no control over what the escorts or their customers do once they are 'on a date.'

Palfrey is in a legal fight of her own involving her activities as a suspected 'Madam' who ran a prostitution ring in the D.C. area. As part of her attempt to remain free from jail she is cooperating with investigators by turning over the names and phone records of former clients.

The entire scenario has put Washington on edge as some who occupy very public positions of power may well be identified as a name that appears in 'Palfrey's List.'

It will be most interesting to see how this story plays out in the days ahead as the light is shone into the dark corners of Washington.

Court Returns Overweight N.C. Boy to Mother

Columbus, NC (TLS). The overweight North Carolina boy who was seized by the Department of Social Services has been returned to the physical custody of his mother by the order of the Court.

Joyce Painter had her day in Court today to request that her son be returned to her after DSS officials seized the boy last week and placed him in foster care.

The ongoing dispute between Painter and DSS began when Social Workers, operating on an anonymous tip, began investigating the Painter home concerning the boy's eating habits. At one point the 7-year-old boy weighed 254 pounds.

The dispute was brought to a head last week when Social Workers insisted that the boy needed knee surgery and should be taken to Duke University. Painter maintained that doctors closer to home could perform any procedure that was needed.

At this point DSS seized the boy, removed him from his Mother, and placed him in foster care.

The outrage of citizens over this gross misuse of government power must have reached the ears of the Judge in this case, who promptly slammed the tactics of DSS by returning the boy to his Mother. Although DSS still has legal custody of the boy, he will remain in his Mother's care until a hearing in June to determine permanent legal custody.

It is The Liberty Sphere's opinion that this is only the first step in what the Court should do. DSS should be investigated for the gross misuse of power and overstepping their legal and ethical boundaries in removing a child from his Mother for no overwhelmingly pressing reason.

In fact, it appears that Social Workers in the Polk County Department of DSS are punishing Mrs. Painter for daring to defy their omniscient, omnipotent decisions concerning her son. They had threatened to remove the child months ago due to 'obesity.' Apparently they were met with resistance over that one, so they seized upon the surgery ruse to justify removing the child from his Mother.

The fact that this case has produced outrage among local citizens in Polk County is significant. The Judge slapped DSS on the wrist today by returning the boy to his Mother. But he needs to go much further.

Until DSS is fully investigated, it will operate under a dark cloud of corruption, misuse of power, gestapo tactics, and bullying.

Buckley Warns Iraq May Bury Republicans

Washington, DC (TLS). The quintessential conservative intellectual, the venerable William F. Buckley, is warning today in a special article in National Review that the War in Iraq has the potential of burying the Republican Party.

All of the signs point to a Republican free-fall of historical proportions over one single issue--the war. The Rasmussen organization, in its latest poll, indicates that the number of people who call themselves Republicans is at its lowest point in 6 years. The only issue that is precipitating the exodus is the War in Iraq.

Public sentiment has turned against the war and against the President. It wasn't so much that they did not see the need to invade Afghanistan or Iraq, but they simply do not believe the Bush administration has conducted the war in an effective and efficient manner. They wanted us in and out in timely fashion.

Buckley indicates that Bush may well be the demise of the Republican Party, not because people do not like him personally but because of the stubbornness exhibited in the face of a growing catastrophe in Iraq, which seems to have no end in sight.

Admittedly, I have been one of the President's most ardent supporters in the War on Terror. I believed that Saddam Hussein had to go. But, I also trust the wisdom of William F. Buckley, who for 50 years has been a steady voice of reason, reliability, and resilience on the conservative side of politics.

In short, I take Buckley's latest warning very seriously. His voice must be heard and heeded in the highest levels of the Republican Party.

Read Buckley's article here:

New Poll: Obama Edges Passed Hillary

Washington, DC (TLS). A new Rasmussen poll just released today shows that Barack Hussein Obama has for the first time edged passed Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

If likely Democratic voters were to make their choice today, Obama would win by 32%. Hillary would get 30% of the vote. John Edwards would come in third with 17%. The other candidates would lag far behind with totals under 5%.

This poll is significant in that it is the very first time since the start of the campaign that Obama has surged ahead of Hillary, who up until now has been the front-runner. But even more significant is the trend that these poll results show.

For the past 6 weeks or so, pollsters have noted a shift in voter preferences among Democrats. Hillary has been gradually losing support, particularly among those under the age of 40. Obama has been gaining steadily. The Rasmussen organization sees no indication that this trend will reverse in the near future.

However, it is to be noted that the razor-thin lead for Obama falls within the 4% margin of error. Thus, statistically, Obama and Hillary are tied.

The poll also notes that Hillary has opened a broad lead among voters over the age of 65--those who are most likely to vote. Conversely, Obama has opened a major lead among voters under the age of 40--those who are less likely to vote.

Thus, the battle is for those voters who are between the ages of 40 and 65.

'DC Madam' Sends Politicians Scurrying

Washington, DC (TLS). Deborah Palfrey, the infamous 'DC Madam' who ran an escort service inside the Beltway, has turned over to the Court hundreds of pages of telephone records that could implicate major power-players in Washington.

Ms. Palfrey's trial has already led to one casualty at the State Department.

Word has been received this afternoon that ABC News has some of the telephone records provided to the Court by Ms. Palfrey. This news has people all over Washington shaking in their boots, particularly some high-profile leaders in government.

The fact that one government insider has already lost his job over the scandal is sending shock waves throughout the Beltway, as it is anticipated that when ABC News releases some of the names gleaned from Palfrey's records, many more will go to the chopping block.

And this brings us to the issue of the day. Should prostitution be illegal? Is this a legitimate role of government in a free society?

Obviously there are certain moral/ethical issues that must be provided the prohibition of legislation, such as murder and theft. Thus, the old adage, 'You can't legislate morality,' simply does not wash. We have always legislated certain moral precepts. No civilized society can survive without it.

Yet when it comes to prostitution we are faced with a dilemma similar to that which we face with illegal drugs. Should government be spending precious resources, taxpayers' money, to fight personal behavior that probably will not change, no matter what laws are passed?

The time, money, and resources spent on the 'war on drugs' and the fight against prostitution could be much better spent on far more important matters. The war on drugs has been lost, despite the billions spent on it for over 25 years, and prostitution has not gone away for centuries, not even in the face of stiff penalties.

I would like to hear from you, our readers. You can post your opinion anonymously, of course. But what do you think about the publicity surrounding the DC Madam? Should we be spending taxpayers' money on things of this nature? Should we legalize activities such as prostitution and the use of illegal drugs, with important legal safeguards to protect human life?

Fred Thompson on Concealed Guns and Virg. Tech

Washington, DC (TLS). Fred Thompson, the man who is the 3rd most popular choice among Republicans for the Presidential nomination, although he has yet to decide to run, is picking up quite a bit of support among gun rights activists with his comments on concealed weapons and the Virginia Tech massacre.

If there were ever any doubt that Thompson is a true stalwart on 2nd Amendment issues, his comments in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre should quickly dispel any such doubt. We can count Thompson in as one of those who believes that had students been allowed to carry concealed weapons, Cho Seung Hui would have been stopped long before the body count grew passed three.

Here is an excerpt from Thompson's article on the subject:

' Whenever I've seen one of those "Gun-free Zone" signs, especially outside of a school filled with our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, I've always wondered exactly who these signs are directed at. Obviously, they don't mean much to the sort of man who murdered 32 people just a few days ago.'

Read the rest of Thompson's essential must-read here:

Eric McLean Released on Bond

Knoxville, TN (TLS). Eric McLean, the man who is charged with murder in the shooting of 19-year old Sean Powell, has been released from jail on bond. McLean's bond was set at $150,000 at a court hearing earlier in the month.

McLean's wife, Erin, had been a student teacher from the University of Tennessee, doing a teaching internship at West High School in Knoxville. It was there that she met a student by the name of Sean Powell.

An altercation occurred at the McLean home when Powell reportedly went to see Erin. Eric McLean has stated that he knew of a relationship between his wife and Powell, which was confirmed by his own son when the son informed his Dad that he had seen his Mother walking hand-in-hand with Powell at a nearby park.

Sean Powell's mother also confirms that her son confessed to her concerning the affair.

On the night of the shooting, Eric McLean called 911 to report a break-in. Minutes later Erin Powell called 911 to say that her husband had shot Sean Powell outside their home.

Powell had reportedly slept outside the McLean home for several nights in his auto.

Eric McLean was apprehended by police several hours after the shooting as he walked down a railroad track carrying a gun. He had left his vehicle parked at the school where his wife had taught and met Sean Powell.

According to the terms of his bail, Eric McLean is not allowed to have contact with either his children or his estranged wife, who is living with relatives in Nashville.

Important Notice From Firearms Coalition

Washington, DC (TLS). Gun Law News has an important notice from the Firearms Coalition concerning the renewed assault on 2nd Amendment rights by politicians in Washington. This is an article worth reading. It is even more essential that we take action.

Here is an excerpt from the notice:

'Even though the American people have made it pretty clear that they are not interested in seeing additional restrictions on firearms, and the politicians from both sides of the aisle in Washington are reticent to make calls for new gun control measures, the threat remains. Many – if not most – politicians have an inclination toward government control, including government control of firearms. The only thing holding these tendencies in check is the well-founded belief that taking action in support of gun control is political suicide.'

Click here to go to Gun Law News for the rest of this must-read:

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Disarming of America Has Begun

Washington, DC (TLS). Well, my friends, the disarming of America has begun. As soon as there is a stated, step-by-step, cohesive plan in place, the process of confiscating the guns from American citizens has begun, even before a law has been passed.

The very first step in a systematic, large-scale process of confiscation is the development of a concrete plan.

The gun-grabbers of the Leftwing in this nation have such a plan, and they have been so brazen as to publicized it.

Wasting no time in getting to work on capitalizing from the carnage of a crazed madman at Virginia Tech, Senator Carolyn McCarthy issued a Trojan horse by stating there would be no attempt at gun control in this Congress. Little Chucky Schumer did the same thing.

But it was all a attempt to quell the fears of law-abiding citizens that their rights were endangered in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre. Yet, even as they issued such reassurances to the public, both Little Chucky and McCarthy were busy at work behind the scenes crafting an unholy alliance with some Republicans and the NRA to pass a gun control measure, supposedly aimed at tightening background checks.

The problem is that this bill punishes millions of non-violent, ordinary citizens by banning them from gun ownership even if they have so much as visited a doctor's office with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit, hyper-activity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a myriad of other legitimate medical diagnoses for which there are proven effective treatments.

No matter. If you are a U.S. Veteran to whom your country called to carry a weapon in wartime, you will be effectively barred from gun ownership as a civilian if you have received treatment for post-traumatic stress resulting from your service to your country.

You were good enough to carry a gun as a soldier, but now your government will deem you to be unfit to carry a gun as a civilian merely because you are now considered damaged goods.

My friends, this is an outrage of gargantuan proportions. The ONLY major gun rights group in America that will not compromise on this obvious attempt to steal rights is the GOA. Even the NRA caved to the gun grabbers on this one.

Now, back to the plan to confiscate guns. It is printed in the Toledo Blade in an op-ed column written by Dan Simpson. It is a shockingly candid admission that the Left has a definite plan to implement gun confiscation...that is, if they can succeed in convincing enough lawmakers in Washington to bite the bullet.

Impossible, you say? Don't be so quick to dismiss it. After all, they have just succeeded in getting the NRA to cave in to a McCarthy ruse to rob millions of citizens of the right to own a gun!

As I have said many times before, these attempts to rob citizens of their rights will only create a massive underground black-market for guns without serial numbers. This way they cannot be traced or registered. Those who squelch human rights usually find that such attempts only backfire on them in the end, just like Prohibition.

The very same thing will happen with guns, if the present trends continue. Gun owners by the millions will merely tell their politicians, 'To hell with your rules and regulations!'

If they want to play this game with over 100 million gun owners in America, we can sure devise methods to keep our rights if we have to. And we will not hesitate to do it.

Read the entire plan here:

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**From Robert Novak in HUMAN EVENTS: McCain's Complaint

**From CNS News Service: Hate Crimes Bill Moves to Full House (this is the bill that will criminalize your preacher for merely speaking about homosexuality as a sin!)

**From CNS News Service: Pennsylvania Bill of Rights for Gun Owners

**From CNS News Service: Foolish Democratic Sponsored Bill on Background Checks for Gun Owners (H.R. 297, sponsored by gun-grabber Carolyn McCarthy--this is the one that would disqualify U.S. Veterans from owning a gun if they have ever seen a doctor about post-traumatic stress disorder)