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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Novak Says Fred Thompson Set to Run

Washington, DC (TLS). Political columnist and TV personality Robert Novak states in his latest column that former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, who appears weekly as the D.A. on TV's 'Law and Order,' is set to make his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Novak states that Thompson's talk about a White House bid is no act. Persons closest to the former Tennessee Senator told Novak that Thompson is seriously considering his options. His wife, who has worked as a political consultant, has stated she has encouraged her husband to run.

In recent weeks Thompson has met with Republican party officials, political operatives, campaign experts, and even members of Congress who have already endorsed other candidates, concerning the viability of a successful run.

And apparently the pundits and powers-that-be are impressed with the possibility of a Thompson candidacy. As soon as the former Senator announced to Fox News that he was seriously considering a bid, polls began to show Thompson moving into 3rd place in the field of Republican candidates, although he has made no campaign appearances or a formal announcement of his intentions.

The significance of this scenario cannot be brushed aside. John McCain has been basically running for President since 2000. Rudy Giuliani has been gearing up for a possible White House bid ever since his actions during and after the 9/11 terrorist attack made him an extremely popular figure throughout the country. Newt Gingrich has been touted as the conservatives' choice ever since he departed the U.S. House.

Yet Thompson immediately took 3rd place in the polls as soon as he merely suggested he was 'thinking about' seeking the Republican nomination.

Thompson would have absolutely no problem raising the mega-bucks needed to mount a successful campaign. He will need 100 million by Jan. 1. He has lots of friends in high places, who have lots of money. Even many in the Hollywood community would step up to the plate (yes, there are conservatives among the Stars although their voices are drowned out by the extreme Leftists).

Some have suggested that Mitt Romney may well be the 'dark horse' who will emerge as the favorite. After all, in the first quarter he raised almost as much money for his campaign as Hillary Clinton. Yet Romney is having great difficulty rising in the polls among Republican voters. If anything, he has lost ground since he first announced, despite his fund-raising ability.

Both McCain and Giuliani have posted lackluster results in raising campaign funds during the first quarter. Though both have individually raised 15 million or so each--a respectable number--it is still far short of Clinton, Romney, and Obama, all of whom have raised well over 20 million.

Although it is still early yet, the rest of the pack among the Republicans have not posted significant success in raising campaign cash. Duncan Hunter, The Liberty Sphere favorite, is coming along, but at this rate he will not have reached that all-important 100 million by Jan. 1 in order to run a competitive campaign.

He is not to be counted out yet, however. Things can change quickly.

The fact remains, however, that a Fred Thompson candidacy has excited many persons who were feeling glum about the prospects for a Republican victory in 2008.

The Liberty Sphere believes that he is the man to watch. Our view is that once Thompson announces his candidacy, he will immediately move to the Number One position in the polls of Republican voters. And at that point, the campaign cash will come rolling in.

Read Novak's interesting analysis here:,CST-EDT-novak02.article

The Gingrich-Kerry Climate Debate, April 10

Washington, DC (TLS). A real treat is in store of those living in the Beltway area on April 10, at 10 AM. Newt Gingrich and John Kerry will square off in a debate concerning climate change and the impact of humanity on the process.

This is an event you will not want to miss.

The debate is being sponsored by New York University’s John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress and will take place next Tuesday, April 10, at 10 a.m. in the Russell Senate Office Building.

I have never made any attempt to hide my disgust with John Kerry. However, any public event featuring Newt Gingrich is an opportunity to see one of the most astute political minds at work, not to mention his immense skills in public speaking, fielding questions, and handling himself in a debate.

Read the details of the event here:

Easter, Passover Take a Beating

Washington, DC (TLS). At the time of year when Christians and Jews celebrate some of their holiest days, the mongrels of the secular progressive movement in the mainstream press work overtime to bash the beliefs of both faiths.

This year, during Lent, Passover, and Easter, we have been treated to endless attacks on Judaism, Israel, the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity. One art exhibit in New York featured a life-sized image of a chocolate Jesus--'anatomically correct.' A commentator claimed that Judaism is by its very nature racist.

As I write this, it is Good Friday--the day that Christ died on the Cross for our sins. This day and what it represents is central to my belief system, that we see what God is like most fully in the person of Jesus Christ who exhibited unconditional, sacrificial love for all humanity by dying on a Roman Cross.

For the attack dogs of CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times (and many others) to undermine my convictions about these matters is nothing but sheer bigotry at its worst.

Wonder what would happen if they did that to Muslims?

Well, here's a hint. They would be afraid to. Look at Great Britain, where teachers have stopped teaching about the Holocaust and the Crusades for the fear of inciting the ire and violence of Muslims.

But Christianity and Judaism are fair game.

Read more here:

Friday, April 06, 2007

Cheerleader Sex Scandal Meeting Drags On

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Jane Blackwell, principal of Ware Shoals High School and a central figure in the investigation of the cheerleader sex scandal involving coach Jill Moore, is still meeting behind closed doors at this hour with the school board.

Blackwell had requested the meeting after the Board offered her a chance to tell her side of the story after having been charged with obstruction in the police investigation of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore. The meeting today is key in Blackwell's attempt to keep her job as principal of Ware Shoals High School.

Initially the meeting was open to the public. However, school board officials, and their attorney, had informed the local news media that the meeting would go behind closed doors if news cameras were turned on for Blackwell's testimony.

Local CBS News affiliate WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, SC, chose to ignore the directive of the Board, stating that they had a clear legal right to roll the cameras during a public meeting. At this point, the Board chair and attorney promptly ended the public meeting and took it behind closed doors, at the request of Blackwell.

WSPA-TV rolled out its apologists from legal authorities, law professors, and the like, in order to bolster its contention that it had a legal right to put on camera all of the testimony in a meeting that is 'public.' The law states that in public meetings cameras are allowed.

However, it would seem to us that this is yet another case of a news media outlet allowing a 'legal right' to trump common sense.

This case involves minors. Minors are given protection from having their names published or broadcast in legal matters, particularly when so far there are only allegations and not proven facts established in a court of law. Blackwell's testimony today would no doubt involve the identities of the students who were allegedly part of the actions of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore, who allegedly had a sexual affair with a student and took female cheerleaders to a local motel for sex with two National Guardsmen.

The nature of the facts in this case are so sensitive that prudence, one would think, would dictate discretion on the part of news outlets. Having the legal right to do something and choosing to do it under highly questionable circumstances are two separate issues. WSPA-TV should have turned off the cameras.

Many observers came to the meeting today because they have children in Ware Shoals High School. Many of these took the day off from work to attend. Yet they were deprived of hearing Blackwell's side of the story due to the misguided recklessness on the part of WSPA News. Because of WSPA, these parents and family members were barred from the meeting.

It seems to us that WSPA-TV owes an apology to the persons it inconvenienced today by its dogged determination to ignore prudence in order to 'assert its legal rights.'

So far, today's meeting has been ongoing for 9 hours. We will not know what was said in that meeting. The School Board will not reach a decision concerning Jane Blackwell's job until the next meeting of the Board on April 16.

Ware Shoals: Meeting Goes Behind Closed Doors

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). The public meeting scheduled today in Ware Shoals between beleaguered Principal Jane Blackwell and the Ware Shoals School Board went behind closed doors in executive session after a local TV station began rolling the cameras as the meeting commenced.

The news media had been warned that no cameras would be allowed at the meeting.

At least one local media outlet defied the directive, and thus, the meeting was halted, and upon the request of Blackwell the meeting then went into executive session behind closed doors.

Blackwell had requested to appear before the Board at a public meeting to explain her side of the story in the investigation of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore. Blackwell faces charges of obstruction in the case.

At the meeting today, an interesting cast of characters could be seen. None other than Jill Moore herself was in the audience. The local state's attorney, Jerry Peace, was also in attendance, stating that his office was keenly interested in hearing Blackwell's explanation. Peace maintains that Blackwell attempted to cover up the shocking behavior of former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore, who was arrested on several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The public, however, was deprived of hearing directly from Blackwell concerning these matters due to the actions of the local news media.

The Liberty Sphere will provide updates as they become available.

Public to Hear from Key Figure in Sex Scandal

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). For the very first time since the story of Jill Moore broke, a key figure in the Ware Shoals High School cheerleader sex scandal will go public with her side of the story.

Ware Shoals High School Principal Jane Blackwell will publicly discuss her role in the events leading to her arrest for obstruction and the resignation of Moore this morning in a special open meeting of the School Board. The meeting will be held in the Ware Shoals High School Auditorium and will be begin at 9 AM.

Blackwell faces charges of obstruction and hiding evidence from police in their investigation of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore, who resigned after admitting that she took students off campus after ball games to give them alcohol and cigarettes. She has been charged with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Moore denies the charges of an affair with a male student at the high school or of taking cheerleaders off campus during the school day to meet two National Guardsmen for sex. The Guardsmen, however, have been disciplined and reassigned, which suggests that there is reason to believe something untoward took place between them, the cheerleaders, and Moore.

The office of the Circuit Solicitor (the state's attorney) states that the only reason the two Guardsmen were not charged with rape is that the cheerleaders in question are over the legal age of consent in S.C.

Principal Blackwell's role in this sordid mess involves what she knew (or didn't know), and what she did about it. Law enforcement officials claim they confiscated a diary belonging to Blackwell that details an internal school investigation into the allegations about Jill Moore. In addition, several students claim that Blackwell told them not to speak to investigators. Thus, the obstruction charge.

Blackwell's attorney has dismissed the claims by the students that his client forbade them to speak to investigators. Instead, he says, Blackwell was referring to gossip about the case in the middle of an ongoing police investigation.

Yet, there is another key element pertaining to the validity of the obstruction charge. This issue revolves around what Blackwell knew and when she knew it. If she was, indeed, conducting an internal investigation into allegations of improper behavior on the part of a school employee, then the details concerning the time line of that investigation are key.

How long had the investigation been ongoing? What did Blackwell uncover? Had her investigation been completed? If so, when? If not, then what was the focus of the continuing incomplete investigation? Is there any indication in the diary of what Blackwell intended to do once the investigation was complete?

In addition, what is school district protocol in cases of this nature? Was Blackwell following procedure in withholding information concerning the investigation until district officials had been notified about her findings? Had they already been notified of her findings? If not, is there any indication in the documents that Blackwell was intending to disclose the results of her investigation to district officials?

These questions are of utmost importance, for there may be a very simple explanation to each of the allegations concerning Blackwell's alleged 'obstruction.'

Perhaps Blackwell will shed timely and revealing light on these issues this morning.

Zogby: Half of Americans Wary of Clinton Corruption

Washington, DC (TLS). A Zogby poll released this week shows that nearly half of Americans fear major corruption if the Clintons return to the White House.

In the first poll of its kind taken since Hillary hit the campaign trail, the Zogby organization reports that its poll finds that 45% of Americans are fearful of 'high levels of corruption' should Mrs. Clinton become the next President.

This startlingly high figure bodes ill for the Clinton campaign, as Americans have increasingly grown impatient with corruption in the Democrat-controlled Congress, as well as within the Bush administration.

The Democrats may have more to lose, however. Approval ratings for Congress are far below that of President Bush.

Read the details here:

Terror Expert Sees Bleak Future for Immigration

Washington, DC (TLS). One of the nation's foremost authorities on counterterrorism sees a bleak future for immigration in the United States. Michael Cutler testified before a House Judiciary Subcommittee, a meeting that was held at Ellis Island.

Cutler is the son of an immigrant who fled Europe during WWII to gain asylum in the United States. His grandmother died in the Holocaust.

Cutler speaks with utmost power and sincerity when giving his assessment of America's present-day immigration fiasco as compared to the days when his mother brought him to America.

Read his gripping words here:

Border Insecurity Poses Major Terrorist Threat

Washington, DC (TLS). The failure of the Bush administration and Congressional Democrats to adequately face the growing problem and explicit danger of border insecurity and illegal aliens poses a major terrorist threat to the country.

This assessment comes from one of the top Counterterrorism networks in the U.S.

Not only is the lack of border security fueling illegal activity but exposing gaping holes in the nation's attempt to provide for the safety of its citizens. Not only do illegal aliens murder American citizens at the rate of 12 per day for every day of the year, but the Counterterrorism network maintains that the ease by which illegal aliens slip over the borders means that terrorists could easily gain access into the country with WMDs small enough to be transported undetected. These devices could then be used to unleash a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack upon our largest cities.

Read this disturbing assessment in the Counterterrorism network:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

To AG Cooper: Where's the Beef?

Durham, NC (TLS). Two weeks ago word leaked out from sources close to the Duke lacrosse rape hoax that the remaining charges against the three accused students were to be dropped. Several if not all of these sources were highly credible and would avoid impugning their reputations by giving false information.

Yet here we are going into the third week since the information surfaced, and there has been nothing but silence on the part of the Attorney-General Roy Cooper and the special prosecutors appointed to review the case.

In the meantime, many of those who were once enablers of the hoax have begun to drop like flies. One has taken down a website devoted to the cause. Members of the African-American community who once may have believed in the guilt of the three Duke students and the credibility of the accuser are now openly expressing doubt about the entire matter from top to bottom.

One anonymous source reported to The Liberty Sphere that at first they were willing to give the accuser the benefit of the doubt despite her dubious reputation. That source stated, 'But now it has become very clear that she is living up to her soiled reputation, confirming that not only is her credibility shot to bits but that she herself doesn't appear to even know what to believe about the events of that night.'

Even more questions have surfaced in the African-American community concerning Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. Community leaders in Durham are beginning to openly question the motives and credibility of Nifong and coming to the stark realization that they have been duped by an opportunist looking for an easy ticket to the D.A.'s office. Not only that, but Nifong has set back race relations in Durham by at least a decade by playing up to the race baiters by bringing false charges against three innocent students.

Astute observers of race relations realize that every time someone is falsely accused, whether they be white or black, not only does the criminal justice system suffer but those who perpetuate the public displays of race baiting in these situations do more harm than good to the very cause they purport to promote.

Bitter emotions have been left in the wake of this gargantuan scandal. It will take literally years for Durham to heal from the carnage created by a rogue, opportunist District Attorney and his enablers in the community.

Positive signs have emerged, however, in the midst of this dark cloud. U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama has publicly called for a federal investigation into the actions of Mike Nifong and the Durham D.A.'s office. Activist Jessie Jackson endorsed the candidacy of Obama shortly after he called for such an investigation, which suggests the approval of Jackson.

The support of Senator Obama for a federal probe is an important addition to the chorus of voices from Republicans in Congress and in the North Carolina state legislature, who have been calling for such an investigation for quite some time. This turn of events shows that this is not a partisan issue. The fact that Democrats are beginning to jump aboard the bandwagon calling for a federal probe of Nifong is ample evidence that the unraveling of the hoax is taking a new turn.

Yet N.C. Attorney-General Roy Cooper remains silent. The Governor remains silent. The N.C. Democratic Party remains silent. And the Judge in the case remains silent.

Citizens all across North Carolina, and the entire nation, particularly those who care about honesty and integrity in the criminal justice system, are demanding the goods from Roy Cooper, or else a complete dismissal of the case. If he has evidence that no one knows anything about that justifies this foot-dragging, then he needs to immediately produce it for all to see. Otherwise, the charges against the three students need to be immediately dropped.

Thus, the following question begs an immediate response: 'Attorney-General Cooper, WHERE'S THE BEEF!?'

Liestoppers has complete, detailed info on the abandonment of the hoax here:

Pelosi, Chertoff Meet with Terrorist Supporters

Washington, DC (TLS). In this latest expose' by the experts at the Counterterrorism network, American officials are increasingly engaging in the dubious practice of meeting with supporters of terrorists, such as Syria.

Two of the main culprits of late are Nancy Pelosi and Department of Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff.

Pelosi is clearly undercutting our nation's policies toward terrorism. Chertoff is engaging in behavior that clearly places him in the ranks of promoting homeland INsecurity.

Read this explosive expose' of the actions of these two American officials, and others, who are undermining our ability to effectively thwart the worldwide march of terrorism:

The Terrorists Win Again

Washington, DC (TLS). As the world breaths a sigh of relief that the 15 British hostages are being released by the Iranian government, there is without question a much darker side to this entire scenario. The terrorists have won again. The Iranian government accomplished its purpose by utterly humiliating Great Britain by taking their soldiers hostage, parading them on TV, the female in Muslim head-gear and the men apologizing for supposedly entering Iranian waters, while singing the praises of their captors.

And then Iranian President/terrorist/madman/Holocaust Denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes forth to 'save the day,' claiming he has given Britain an 'Easter gift,' and coming across looking like a benevolent statesmen in the Muslim propaganda machine.

But make no mistake about it, this was a calculated scheme from the very start.

Iran is under great pressure from Europe, the United States, and the United Nations concerning its rogue status and its program of building nuclear weapons. It needed a public relations boost, and unfortunately, it got one handed to them by Great Britain.

The terrorists win by appearing benevolent and open to diplomacy and negotiation, Leftists win by being enabled to claim that talking to Iran rather than waging war against them is the thing that gets positive results, and the world is once again duped into believing that such displays by a dangerous nation that has vowed to annihilate Israel and the West is some indication that they are really not that bad after all.

Prime Minister Chamberlain of Great Britain thought the same thing when he signed a treaty with a very benevolent Adolf Hitler prior to WWII.

While Britain cheered Chamberlain as a hero for keeping them from war, a lone voice, that of Winston Churchill, warned Parliament that they had been duped, that Chamberlain had just been made the fool, and that Hitler would only continue his deadly march through Europe.

In just a few short days following the supposed triumph of Chamberlain, Hitler proceeded to break the treaty. He then invaded Poland, dragging Great Britain into the middle of war with Germany because of its treaty obligations to Poland.

While it is always good news that hostages are released unharmed, the world must not lose its focus or its bearings. Iran is still one of the most dangerous nations on earth. They are clearly not benevolent. Neither is Ahmadinejad. They are murderers. They sponsor terrorism. The fact that they allowed 15 British hostages to go free in order to play to the court of public opinion in no way minimizes or negates the fact that they wish to kill innocent people because they do not embrace Islam.

Ahmadinejad hopes that his little charade will buy him some more time as Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons and as it continues to funnel terrorists into Iraq and work for the destruction of Israel.

Informed people know that the entire display is a ruse. And it is our task to keep this fact flowing along the information highway for the less informed. Iran is still a dangerous enemy that must be stopped.

Important Update on Jane Blackwell/Ware Shoals Meeting

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Ware Shoals High School Principal Jane Blackwell will hold a public meeting with the School Board on Friday, April 6, at 9 AM, in the Ware Shoals High School Auditorium, in order to present her side of the story in the Jill Moore Cheerleader Sex Scandal.

There had been earlier conflicting reports concerning the nature of the meeting. One report indicated the meeting was open to the public, the other saying it was not. However, the latest word from school board officials is that the meeting is open to the public, but TV news cameras will not be allowed.

The directive is that should TV news teams begin rolling the cameras, the public meeting will immediately be brought to a close, and the meeting will then go into executive session--behind close doors if Blackwell so requests.

Meanwhile, State's Attorney Jerry Peace stated that he had been given new information by the Greenwood County Sheriff's Department indicating that Blackwell may have lied about her knowledge, or lack of knowledge, concerning the activities of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore, who has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Peace stated that officials from the Circuit Solicitor's office will be at the meeting Friday morning to hear Blackwell's explanation.

Blackwell's attorney maintains that his client had no direct knowledge of Moore's activities, particularly when they occurred off school property, and that Blackwell would thus have no authority related to matters that had not been proved.

Thus, not only is Blackwell fighting to keep her job but she is also fighting to stay out of jail.

Needless to say, the community of Ware Shoals anxiously awaits to hear from the Principal herself on Friday morning concerning her version of the events and how she went about handling the issues surrounding the investigation of Jill Moore.

In a late-breaking related note, South Carolina's State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has information that potentially implicates the Ware Shoals School District in the misappropriation of funds. Law enforcement officials state that their investigation into Jill Moore, Jane Blackwell, and the cheerleaders at Ware Shoals High School uncovered information that may indicate a misappropriation of funds at the District level.

A spokesperson for the Ware Shoals School District stated that they are fully cooperating with the investigation and that all of their financial records are open to inspection.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dealing with the Feinstein Scandal

Washington, DC (TLS). Senate Democrats are no doubt in quite a quandary at this hour, in spite of the fact that they are on a rather lengthy Easter break. Although the news has barely caused a ripple in the mainstream media, here comes the Internet news sources, bloggers, and a few secondary newspapers swarming around the scandal involving Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and her war profiteering scheme with her husband.

First, let us put this scandal within its proper context. Democrats, the Liberal variety in particular, have made it their trademark to be anti-war. San Francisco is where Feinstein cut her political teeth, having once served in the city government. And everyone knows that San Francisco has become the nation's number one hotbed of rabid, putrid ultra-leftwing extremism.

This is the area that refuses to allow ROTC recruiters in public schools or to allow a major U.S. battleship, which has been placed in retirement, to find harbor.

Feinstein, along with Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, are the heroines of the extremist Left. And, as such they tow the Party line on all the hot-button issues--gun control advocacy, abortion-on-demand, tax-and-spend expansion of government power, and most important of all, the vilification of American military power and prowess.

War is an evil symbol of American imperialism, according to the true believers of the extreme Left. Nevermind that the present war was declared on us first and that Iraq was a centerpiece of its propagation. Even Hillary Clinton stated that Saddam was training, funding, and giving safe haven to Islamic terrorists--that is, until she started running for President.

Feinstein, therefore, has walked the walk and talked the talk on the hot-button issues. Until now.

There have been hints all along that perhaps Feinstein was not the true believer everyone thought. She admitted before a Senate panel in 1995 that she had bought and carried a concealed handgun in the 70s when she and her family were being threatened by a terrorist who had planted a bomb outside her daughter's window.

Somehow, miraculously, the bomb did not detonate.

Yet Feinstein has consistently been one of the most avid and rabid anti-gun bigots on Capitol Hill, voting regularly to deny to ordinary citizens the right she exercised when she and her family were threatened with harm.

Now we discover that the quintessential Liberal Democrat from California, the anti-war crusader from San Francisco, is up to her neck in a war profiteering scandal of draconian proportions. While publicly decrying the military and the war, Feinstein was making cozy with U.S. military officials concerning construction projects and overseeing the process by which her husband's companies would receive billions of dollars' worth of government construction contracts for the military.

In short, as Chair of the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee, Feinstein personally approved billions of dollars' worth of government contracts that were awarded to her husband's companies.

While our men and women were being shipped overseas to fight the War on Terror, which Feinstein harshly denounced, she and her husband were padding their pockets off of U.S. involvement in the war.

Publicly she blasted President Bush's War on Terror. Privately she profited mightily from that very war.

The question that is before the Senate, therefore, is what to do about it. If the brief history of Democrat control of Congress is any hint of what they will do, the answer is nothing at all. After all, Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, is himself waste-deep in scandal due to the receiving of illegal campaign funds. In spite of the fact that he gave the money back, it was still against federal law.

Senator Blowhard is responsible for the death of a young woman, but he walked away free as a bird and never suffered ANY repercussions from it.

Senator 'Leaky' Leahy leaked classified information while serving on the Senate Intelligence Committee--a major breach of national security. Yet the worst thing that ever happened to him was to resign from the committee.

And this is just in the Senate. If we go over to the House, we find even more glaring corruption on the part of the Party that purported to 'restore integrity to government.'

The problem, however, is that after these cases hit the news over and over, the public finally begins to get the message that something is terribly amiss. The news of the Feinstein scandal is simply too much, too big to ignore. If the Democrat leadership allows this to pass by without even as much as an investigation, then the whole country will know without any doubt whatsoever that the Democrat Party is all talk and no substance.

The thing is, they already know it. The latest polls show that approval of Congress has slipped back into the 25% range--much worse than President Bush's approval numbers.

With Feinstein's war profiteering scheme making the headlines--and sooner or later the big guns in the media will be forced to make it a headline--the public will have even more reason to lose faith in Congressional Democrats.

Feinstein needs to go. She should either resign from her seat or be expelled from Congress.

The Jim Webb Gun Controversy

Washington, DC (TLS). U.S. Senator Jim Webb, D-Virginia, finds himself embroiled in a controversy involving firearms and a top personal aide. The aide was arrested by Capitol police for bringing a concealed handgun into the Senate office complex.

Upon his arrest, the aide claimed that Senator Webb had given him the weapon and that it belonged to Webb. Webb has permission to carry a concealed handgun into his office.

Wasting no time in going before the cameras, Webb held a brief news conference during which he denied giving the gun to the aide.

This controversy has raised several interesting, key issues revolving around the national debate on the right to carry, the D.C. law banning guns (which was recently declared unconstitutional by a federal court), and the problem with politicians such as Jim Webb.

Webb ran as one of the so-called 'blue dog Democrats,' who openly defied their Party's leadership by embracing conservative issues such as gun rights. Once elected, even Nancy Pelosi, the quintessential socialist of the People's Republic of California, embraced these conservatives, stating that they would not be pressured to vote for any issue that their constituents back home deplore. On the Senate side, Harry Reid echoed Pelosi's sentiments.

Yet no sooner had Pelosi and Reid took the gavel to open the session of the new Congress than the inexperienced freshman Democrats with a conservative bent found themselves totally overwhelmed by the 'big guns' of the Democrat Liberal Establishment. Bills were introduced to silence free speech. Another bill was introduced to scale back Second Amendment rights (this one, H.R. 1022, now has nearly 40 sponsors).

The 'blue dogs' suddenly found themselves under heavy peer-pressure. After all, how can a first-term conservative Senator from a largely rural state find the intestinal fortitude to go head-to-head with one of the Party's perennial stars, such as Ted 'Senator Blowhard' Kennedy?

The huffing and puffing of Senator Blowhard is enough to send inexperienced freshmen Democrats scurrying for cover.

So here is Jim Webb facing the cameras with the dilemma of his life. He clearly has a much more conservative viewpoint on the Second Amendment than most of his Democrat colleagues. Yet his top aide has been arrested for committing the unpardonable sin as far as some in his Party are concerned--he brought one of those evil, concealed weapons right into the Capitol!

Webb has yet to strongly defend the actions of his aide. Yet he has not condemned him, either. Walking this tightrope is the curse of being a conservative in a Party run by extremist Liberals and who get most of their money from those who are even MORE extremist than they are.

The flip side of this controversy has to do with the reaction, or lack thereof, by the Senate leadership.

Suppose this had been Trent Lott's aide. Or Orin Hatch.

I can just hear it now. The Democrats would have hit the airwaves that very day to condemn the practice and use it to showcase why we need more gun control in the United States of America. There would be calls for endless investigations into the incident, including why the top aide of a top Republican Senator would be bringing a concealed weapon into the Senate (probably even hinting that since Senator Lott and Hatch are religious conservatives, they were probably part of an evil fundamentalist Christian terrorist plot to blow up the Senate office building).

But because this is DEMOCRAT Jim Webb, what have we heard from the Senate leadership about this incident? Nary word.

And we won't.

The Democrats can ill-afford to further alienate that part of the voting base that values the Second Amendment yet holds a vague distrust for Republicans, and they can ill-afford to rattle a freshman Senator who hold a seat they sorely need to keep and who tends to blow his stack at the drop of a hat.

It is to be remembered that Webb has a penchant for volatility. This is the same man who refused to shake President Bush's hand in a serving line at a White House reception given in honor of the newly elected Congressmen. Set this guy off, and the Dems are likely to be the recipients of a stream of projectile venom aimed straight at the Party leadership.

Why, he may even whip out his gun.

The bottom line is that the blue dogs are in a precarious position in a Party that is clearly out of touch with most Americans. But they are not dumb. As much as the Democrat leadership despises the right of the people to keep and bear arms, they dare not make an issue out of Webb and his aide's views on guns.

Webb could help himself by coming clean about all of this. Let the country know that he backs his aide's right to carry. Let the country know that he backs Second Amendment rights, and that he finds the law banning guns in D.C. to be a travesty and a sham...particularly when one must break the law in bringing a gun through D.C. in order to legally hold it in the Senate office complex.

How much sense does that make?

Webb could do himself and all freedom-loving Americans a big favor by living up to the way he portrayed himself during the campaign. The problem is he would immediately become a pariah in his own Party, and frankly, I don't think he has the guts to do it.

The Fallacy of Failing to Kill the Enemy

Washington, DC (TLS). Although the work we are doing in Iraq is absolutely necessary in fighting the War on Terror, there is no doubt that the Bush Administration made some tactical errors.

Rule Number One in waging war is that we are fighting our enemy because they have sworn to kill us. Therefore, we must kill them first.

This is a basic tenet in any scenario involving self-defense on any level, both personally and corporately as a society.

The Bush Administration made the mistake in thinking it could bring democracy to a region that is overrun by dangerous extremists who don't believe in it. The Koran specifically forbids it and states that the rule of Allah must be implemented within all societies, thus making them theocratic rather than democratic.

Thus, the nations of the Middle East who have embraced the notion of 'free elections' have proceeded to elect themselves right back into tyranny under the rule of extremist factions of Islam. Thomas Jefferson referred to this as 'elective despotism,' which he viewed as a constant danger to liberty. The objective, therefore, is not simply free elections or 'democracy' with no set guidelines to prevent majority rule from running roughshod over basic individual rights.

This is why the United States has a Constitution with a Bill of Rights to prevent the mob rule of a pure democracy from electing to take away individual rights.

Instead of working for free elections in a highly volatile area of the world that is populated with millions of persons who wish to annihilate the West, we should have first killed them.

Yes, that sounds harsh, but it is a basic, irreversible rule of war and self-defense.

To keep your enemy from killing you, which he has sworn to do, you MUST kill him first. Kill or be killed.

The War on Terror should have commenced with a massive, swift, and violent campaign to stop the terrorists in the Middle East by reigning the power from America's mighty arsenal upon them relentlessly. Then, once they were dazed and weakened, and lying in massive piles of rubble, we start the rebuilding process, just as we did in Japan after WWII.

Read more about this concept of conducting the war here, from Front Page Magazine:

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Breaking Update on Ware Shoals Cheerleader Scandal

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Greenwood County, South Carolina law enforcement officials stated late today that they had completed their investigation into obstruction on the part of Ware Shoals High School Principal Jane Blackwell. Their conclusions have been sent to SLED--the State Law Enforcement Division in Columbia, SC.

Blackwell was arrested as part of the investigation into former Ware Shoals Cheerleader Coach Jill Moore, who was charged with giving alcohol and cigarettes to minors off school property after ball games. Moore also allegedly got several cheerleaders out of class during the school day to go with her to a local motel for sex with two S.C. National Guardsmen, both of whom have been disciplined and re-assigned.

The charges against Blackwell stemmed from statements by several students at Ware Shoals High School who reported that the principal instructed them not to speak to anyone concerning the Jill Moore case. The students told law enforcement officials that they took the instructions to mean they were forbidden to speak to investigators about what they knew about Jill Moore and the cheerleaders.

Blackwell, however, strongly disputes the students' interpretation of her words, insisting that she merely did not want students engaging in gossip around school--gossip that could interfere with an ongoing police investigation.

Greenwood County law enforcement officials state that Blackwell possessed information concerning Moore that should have been turned over to investigators.

The Ware Shoals School Board invited Blackwell to give her side of the story. Blackwell has agreed to appear before the Board and school district officials this coming Friday, April 6, at 9 AM, at the Ware Shoals High School gymnasium. This meeting is NOT open to the general public.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will alert you to further updates.

'Human Rights' Talk the Biggest Threat to Liberty

Washington, DC (TLS). The West is under siege. And the danger is every bit as real and lethal as the threat from Islamic terrorists. This threat, however, comes from within.

The talk of 'human rights' has become a catch-phrase for those groups that are committed to limiting human liberty.

No greater example can be found of this phenomenon than the Muslim Imams who were forced from a U.S. Air jet after other passengers alerted officials concerning their strange and unusual behavior--behavior that would normally land American citizens in jail.

But not these race-and-religion-baiters.

In the name of 'human rights' they would seek to take away the 'human rights' of the passengers and of U.S. Air to remove them from that flight and to treat them as a potential terrorist threat. Further, they want the names of the passengers so they can be sued. This is meant to send a message.

Muslim extremists wish to sue Americans into silence.

Thus, in order to protect the so-called 'human rights' of extremists, the rest of us must keep our freakin' mouths shut.

What about OUR human rights?

Melanie Philips writes an eye-opening column on this very issue as it has played out across the Atlantic in the U.K. Read it. It is entitled, 'Liberty Fades as Rights Talk Grows.' Click here to read it:

Holocaust No Longer Taught in U.K. Schools

Washington, DC (TLS). Are you prepared for yet another story that will get your blood boiling? Look no further than Great Britain, where school teachers are deciding not to teach about the Holocaust for the fear of 'upsetting' Muslims.

For decades the Holocaust was considered one of those absolutes in education--an incident in history that MUST be taught so as to provide a constant reminder that even the most civil of societies can turn barbaric when collectivism becomes the norm, particularly when that collectivist society has decided that certain groups of human beings are deemed to be lacking in any inherent value.

No wonder Jews are increasingly afraid to live in Europe.

But this is not all. These particular teachers in England have also decided not to teach about the Crusades. The reason? They have a real fear that teaching about the circumstances leading up to the Crusades (Muslim barbarism) will incite Muslim students to violence.

My friends, this is what political correctness is doing to education and to entire societies. It is nothing less than an outrage.

Read the entire story here:

Texas Deputy Sued by Illegal Aliens

Washington, DC (TLS). My tolerance level is reaching a very low ebb as I continue to be sickened by the madness we are allowing to happen in this country today. Illegal aliens have no Constitutional rights. Those rights are for U.S. citizens who come here LEGALLY.

Yet a Texas deputy is being sued by illegal aliens because he 'violated their civil rights.'


The despicable illegal aliens low-lives tried to run him down with their vehicle after entering the country illegally. The deputy shot at the vehicle to defend himself--a act for which he was sent to prison as a direct result of the U.S. government's appeasement of Mexico and ignoring U.S. law in the process.

Not surprisingly, it was not enough for the deputy to be sent to prison for doing his job. Now the illegal aliens want the greenbacks.

Isn't this ALWAYS the case?

Inevitably it always comes down to the money. It is time we put a stop to this NOW. It should not be tolerated.

The idiot who took this case is an Austin, Texas attorney by the name of James D. Doyle III.

What would be the sensible, right thing to do in this matter? Release the Texas deputy immediately and give him a pardon. Kick the illegal alien low-lives back to Mexico tonight. And throw James D. Doyle in jail for violating U.S. Code, which states that the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens is a FELONY.

Read the entire rotten story here:

School Hostage Drill Features 'CHRISTIAN' Terrorists

Washington, DC (TLS). This is just absolutely sickening. A New Jersey public school implemented a hostage drill in order to prepare students and faculty for the possibility for a terrorist hostage siege.

Yet guess who were the terrorists in this drill. CHRISTIANS!

Now, how many Christians do you know who have been involved in any way whatsoever with terrorism or the taking of hostages at schools?


Columbine? Nope. Several kids were blown away precisely because they were Christians. The perpetrators had a vendetta against Christians.

Which terrorist attack in this country can you think of that involved Christians, unless they were the victims?

The Twin Towers? Nope. Young Muslim men of Middle Eastern descent.

The bottom line is that this New Jersey public school pulled off this shameful display for two reasons and two reasons only:

One, they did not want to 'upset' Muslims in their hopeless politically correct mindset, where Christians are fair game for vilification but not ANY minority group.

Second, they wished to make a statement about Christianity, suggesting that 'Christian fundamentalists' are every bit as likely to unleash a violent attack on the nation's children as Jihadists--which is an abominable, barefaced lie.

Read the complete story on political correctness run amok here:

Update on School Bus Terror Plot in U.S.

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere reported several weeks ago on the possibility of a terror plot brewing within the U.S. involving the nation's schools and school buses. At that time we posted a link to a thorough examination of the threat from one of the nation's top counterterrorism experts, who routinely provides testimony before Congress.

Despite assurances from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security that the nation's school children are in no danger, the experts in counterterrorism claim the opposite. The very fact that the FBI would issue an alert to local law enforcement agencies around the country to be on the lookout for suspicious activity revolving around school buses and school buildings is ample proof that Homeland Security considers this to be a very real threat.

Today, WorldNetDaily has provided a thorough examination of this terrorist plot in the making, including quotes from FBI officials and others involved in the nation's counterterrorism apparatus. It is a sobering analysis of the nature of the threat and the level of danger to the nation's school children.

For that complete report, click here:

Monday, April 02, 2007

Breaking News on Cheerleader Sex Scandal

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Jane Blackwell, the principal of Ware Shoals High School accused of obstruction in the investigation of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore, will appear at a public hearing of the school board this Friday, April 6, 2007.

The meeting, which is open to the public, will take place in the Ware Shoals High School gymnasium.

Blackwell had requested the public meeting after the school board had offered to give her a hearing regarding her continued employment. The beleaguered principal chose a public hearing so that her side of the story can be told amid rumors that have run rampant in this small community.

This scandal revolves around former Ware Shoals High School cheerleading coach Jill Moore and several of her cheerleaders. Moore has admitted to giving alcohol and cigarettes to some of the cheerleaders off-campus. She is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. However, further investigations revealed that Moore allegedly got some of the cheerleaders out of class early, during school hours, in order to meet S.C. National Guardsmen at a local motel for sex.

The Guardsmen have since been disciplined and reassigned.

No criminal charges have been filed in these incidents due to the fact that none of the cheerleaders in question were under the legal age of consent.

However, Principal Jane Blackwell was charged by local investigators of obstruction when several students at Ware Shoals High School reported that she had instructed them not to speak to authorities about the case concerning Moore.

Blackwell had conducted her own investigation into the behavior of Moore late last year and had written her reports in a diary that police officials confiscated as evidence. Blackwell contends that she instructed students not to talk about the case in order to prevent false rumors from spreading around the school and the community. She maintains she never intended for her students not to speak to law enforcement officials investigating the case.

With her job on the line, Blackwell has maintained that she did absolutely nothing improper and that she intends to fight to keep her position with the school district.

At a meeting in February, the Ware Shoals School Board voted to invite Blackwell to a meeting of the Board to give her side of the story and to make her case as to why she should keep her job. The Board gave her the opportunity to accept or decline the offer and to choose whether she wanted a private or public meeting.

Blackwell chose a public meeting.

Anticipating a large crowd for the meeting, the school board decided that the hearing will be held in the gymnasium of the Ware Shoals High School this coming Friday, April 6.

Allenna Williams Ward Says 'Not Guilty'

Clinton, SC (TLS). Allenna Williams Ward appeared in court today to be arraigned on five counts of criminal sexual conduct on a minor and six counts of performing lewd acts on a minor.

Ward is the former Bell Street Middle School teacher who was fired from her job after being accused by five teenagers, ages 14-15, for engaging in sex with them at various public places around town.

Upon the counsel of her attorney, Ward has not spoken to the media about the case.

In court today, however, we heard directly from Ward for the very first time. When read the charges against her and asked, 'How do you plea?' Ward stated simply, 'Not guilty.'

Ward will remain under house arrest pending her trial. No trial date has been set as of yet.

Update on Mother of Overweight Boy

Columbus, NC (TLS). Joyce Painter, the mother of the 10 year old boy who has been threatened with the removal of the child from the home unless he 'loses weight,' reports that her son has indeed lost some weight during the past week.

Painter and her son are being monitored closely by the N.C. Gestapo/KGB, otherwise known as the North Carolina Department of Human Services. DHS received an anonymous 'tip' from someone who claimed that the boy is so fat that it constitutes child abuse, in spite of no thorough medical investigation to get to the root of the problem.

The Painter boy weighs 250 pounds.

Mrs. Painter was told by state social workers than unless the boy loses weight, she may face having him removed from the home and placed in foster care.

State social workers also conducted an investigation last week into the Painters' eating habits by 'checking up on them' at their local grocery store. Store employees at Ingles' Supermarket state that DHS officials asked them if Mrs. Painter had been buying candy, snacks, and other junk food.

Excuse me for just a minute while I get this out....'IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS WHAT THE PAINTERS EAT YOU COMMIE-NAZI!'

One store employee stated that it was clear that DHS was on a 'witch hunt' to build a case against Mrs. Painter.

The good news, however, is that the boy lost weight last week. Mrs. Painter says that she had taken her son to a new doctor, who prescribed a different eating plan. So far the plan has worked.

This should hold off the SS officers of the Commie-Nazi DHS arm of 'big brother' long enough to give Mrs. Painter and her son a reprieve from the heavy hand of government oppression.

The Liberty Sphere condemns the state of North Carolina, particularly its social workers in DHS, for this shameful and frightening display of government power run amok. We continue to call on the state to fire outright any official who played a role in this sordid nightmare of Big Brother's attempt to rule over the private lives of citizens.

This is nothing less than an outrage.

News Blackout on Feinstein Scandal

Washington, DC (TLS). Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-California, is embroiled in a scandal of gargantuan proportions, yet you won't hear about it on network news broadcasts. It has not made headlines in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Los Angeles Times.

This is due to the fact that she is in the right Party to get away with major scandal without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Suppose this had been Dennis Hastert, or Trent Lott, or even John McCain. Every major news organization would be milking this story for all its worth. Headlines would blare across the bottom of the TV screen. The NYT would place the news in bold, block letters across the front page.

But the Feinstein scandal? Nary word. Nada. Naught.

Senator Feinstein has been caught in a profiteering scheme involving her husband and the U.S. military. Feinstein and her husband, Richard C. Blum, were the direct beneficiaries of billions of dollars' worth of military construction contracts awarded to Blum's two companies, Perini Corp. and URS Corp.

The clincher, however, is that Feinstein herself, as the Senior member of the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee, had personal oversight of the awarding of military construction contracts. She personally approved awarding her husband's companies with these lucrative government contracts...a clear violation of ethics at the very least, and potentially a violation of the law.

For six years Feinstein engaged in the practice of awarding these contracts to her husband's businesses, until two rather small news agencies blew the whistle on the practice, resulting in Feinstein's immediate resignation from the subcommittee.

Conflicts of interest of this nature are against the law. The question, therefore, is, will Feinstein be investigated by the Senate? Will she be resoundingly condemned by the Senate for this breach of the public trust? Will she be forced to resign?

Remember, Senator Trent Lott was forced to step down from his post as Senate Majority Leader for merely complimenting an old man (former Senator Strom Thurmond) on his 100th birthday. Many were calling for his resignation from the Senate entirely.

Lott committed no crime and there were no conflicts of interest or ethics violations.

Yet Senate Democrats wanted his head, in spite of the fact that ex-Klansman Robert 'Sheets' Byrd sits in the Senate enjoying the respect of his colleagues.

Feinstein's lapses of ethics are serious. They should have serious consequences. The question is, when will the national media begin reporting this bombshell of a story? Are they waiting for D.C. to get its statehood so that two more Democrat Senators can immediately be added to the roster, meaning that they can afford to lose one?

This case is simply one more example of the blatant and despicable hypocrisy of the mainstream media. Let the news blackout on Feinstein's corruption end NOW. The nation deserves to know the whole truth about the rank stench of corruption emanating from Democrats in Congress.

Allenna Williams Ward to be Arraigned Today

Clinton, SC (TLS). Allenna Williams Ward, the 24-year-old middle school teacher accused of having sex with five male teenagers, will be arraigned in a Laurens County, SC courtroom today.

Ward will be arraigned on five counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, and six counts of performing lewd acts on a minor.

The African-American community in Clinton has claimed racial motivation in Ward's bond and her subsequent release. However, Ward is being held under house arrest with an electronic device that monitors her every move and is allowed only to go to church, the doctor, to court, and to see her attorney.

Similar cases across the country reveal that persons charged with similar offenses are rarely, if ever, held without bond. In addition, Ward's bond was set at a level that rivals that of murderers. Thus, the charge of racism would seem to hold little credence.

Updated information on Ward's court appearance will be provided by The Liberty Sphere later in the day. Be sure to check back for further updates.

Anti-Gun Propaganda in School Textbooks

Washington, DC (TLS). Over the past 30 years or so it has been puzzling as to the growing tide of misinformation concerning the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution that one is apt to hear in general conversation. Such propaganda was not at all prevalent in the days I was being reared in the nation's public schools.

Way back when, we were taught that individual U.S. citizens have the right to keep and bear arms and that this right is affirmed and protected by the Constitution under the provisions of the Second Amendment.

This right was assumed all the way through my college and graduate school years, including post-graduate education, fully ten years' worth of study in institutions of higher learning. Not once was it ever suggested that the Second Amendment ever meant anything other than referring to individual citizens' rights. Even in university courses on government and political science, it was never questioned that citizens have the ultimate right to own, possess, and use firearms for the legal purposes of self-defense and the defense of the nation against tyranny.

In the intervening years since the completion of my formal education, however, an insidious, erroneous 'interpretation' of the Second Amendment has gradually made its way through the society via the nation's government-run school system and its institutions of higher learning. It is the notion that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is purely to establish a state militia, period.

This blatantly erroneous notion totally disregards the plain wording of the amendment, which specifically states that the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged.

It is no accident that the 2nd Amendment falls within that part of the Constitution that is called the 'Bill of Rights,' which was ratified sometime later after the Constitution itself had already been approved. The Founders felt that there were certain individual rights that were not addressed in the main text, and thus, ten amendments were added to protect those individual rights.

The sanity of a human being is in serious doubt if he/she claims that a right that is protected in the Bill of Rights is no right.

Yet, notice below two excerpts from public school textbooks concerning the meaning of the 2nd Amendment:

'The Second Amendment means that only a state has the right to keep an armed militia. A 1939 Supreme Court ruling says the Amendment applies only to state militias, thus allowing the government to limit gun ownership and sales. In other words, it is not an individual right and the Court has said so.'
-Glencoe, U.S. Government: Democracy In Action, 2008 edition, page 356.

'These words [Second Amendment] excite as much controversy as any words in all of the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment was added to the Constitution to protect the right of each state to keep a militia. The Amendment's aim was to preserve the concept of the citizen-soldier. Many---including the Bush administration today---insist that the 2nd Amendment also sets out an individual right to keep and bear arms just as for example, the 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has never accepted that interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. The only important case is U.S. v. Miller, 1939...The Court could find no valid link between the sawed-off shotgun in the case and 'the preservation...of a well regulated militia.'
-Prentice Hall, Magruder's Government, 2008 edition, pages 570-71.

The reason there is no vast legal precedent concerning the Second Amendment is that it was commonly assumed that the amendment referred to the individual rights of citizens, just as Madison insisted. The Federalist Papers make this clear.

How do we know what a clause or a statement in the Constitution means? We have the Founders' own words to show us!

For example, the term 'separation of church and state' is found nowhere in the Constitution. The First Amendment merely states that Congress shall make no law regarding religion or the free expression thereof.

So, where do we get the notion of 'separation of church and state?'

The term is found in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist Association, explaining the meaning of the First Amendment with regard to religion. Legal analysts, scholars, judges, attorneys, professors, and teachers regularly refer to Jefferson's words to provide context and definition to the Constitution's statement on religion.

Yet these very same persons routinely ignore the Founder's own words when they explain in stark detail the meaning of the SECOND amendment. Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, and others explicitly detail the right of individual citizens to keep and bear Arms as means to keep check on government tyranny, and they take painstaking precision to contrast this uniquely American practice with that of European nations that as a matter of course disarm the citizenry.

Noah Webster, in his 1787 "An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution," wrote:

'Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.'

And as the Federal Farmer concluded: 'A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves....'

When history is our guide, only one conclusion can be reached concerning the right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms--this right is guarded and guaranteed in the Constitution every bit as thoroughly as the First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly, religion, and the press. If individuals are not viewed as possessing of these rights, then there can be no 'collective right' to these activities either.

Only as individuals are viewed as fully possessing each of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights is the collective society as a whole to be viewed as free. Without individual freedom, the collective society is not free but held in the grip of tyranny.

Thus, modern-day public school textbooks are teaching our children lies. It is anti-freedom propaganda, and it must be stopped. It is time for lawsuits to be brought against school districts and colleges that unleash this barrage of subversive propaganda on the nation's youth. No wonder there is such ignorance today on the meaning of the Second Amendment!

Read the following thorough analysis on the Second Amendment here:

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Reader Blasts Liberty Sphere for April Fool's

Washington, DC (TLS). A most interesting comment was received today to highlight April Fool's. Fortunately, I moderate the comments section, meaning, I have the final (and only) word as to what gets posted.

I began that process when I discovered that there are too many spam artists out there who were taking up my cyber space for their unsolicited ads.

However, I have also discovered that being able to moderate one's comment section prevents one's blog from being overwhelmed by less-than-desirable verbiage, much of which can be downright insulting and even threatening.

Today a most interesting comment came my way--from one of the Commie-Nazi Leftists, no doubt--who stated that he could think of no better poster-child for April Fool's Day than me.

This brilliant assessment was interspersed with various and sundry profanities and insults, one of which disparaged my heritage, which was capped off by a vague reference to my Mother.

The writer in question, however, made one glaring mistake. He mentioned that today was his birthday.

Stating that he could think of no better way to celebrate his birthday than to deliver a scathing and profane attack on one of the so-called 'purveyors of right-wing hate,' he proceeded to claim that knowing I would 'squirm in emotional languish' would be an even better birthday present than season tickets to the New York Yankees.

Interesting. My attacker was born on April 1--which has been traditionally known as 'All Fools' Day.'

As one preacher told a congregant who confessed before an entire congregation to having sex with his brother's wife, 'Brother, I don't believe I would have told that!'

Sometimes being attacked is a blessing in disguise, in this case, the source of much merriment--so much so that I briefly considered calling the paramedics for some extra oxygen. Having the last laugh can be so wickedly delightful.

I once knew a man personally who was born on All Fools' Day--one of wisest men I ever met. Very few people knew that his birthday was on April 1. But each April Fool's Day he went around wishing people 'Happy Birthday.' When they protested, 'But, this is not my birthday,' he would immediately look puzzled and say, 'But, isn't this All Fool's Day?'

My friend knew that the beginning of wisdom is not taking oneself too seriously.

Oh, and Happy All Fools' Day.

Allenna Williams Ward Due In Court Monday

Clinton, SC (TLS). On Friday, March 30, a Grand Jury indicted Allenna Williams Ward on five counts of criminal sexual misconduct with a minor and six counts of lewd acts on a minor.

Ward is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, April 2, 2007, to answer these charges and enter a plea.

Ward's attorney declined to give a statement or to answer any questions from the press.

Allenna Williams Ward was fired from her position as an English teacher at the Bell Street Middle School in Clinton following allegations by a group of teenagers, ages 14-15, that Ward had engaged in sexual activity with them in no less than five public places around Clinton.

Clinton is a small town of 10,000 in the upstate of South Carolina, roughly 60 miles north of the state capital of Columbia. Allenna Ward had spent her entire life in Clinton, graduating from its public schools and attending college at Clinton's Presbyterian College, where she received her teaching degree.

The Bell Street Middle School is a part of Laurens County School District 56 and was formerly an all-Black school prior to the days of integration. Laurens County is also the setting of stark racial tensions. The area is famous for the lynching of a Black man over 70 years ago, and to this day it is the setting for a KKK museum.

Some residents have quietly whispered that the rather harsh treatment of Ward, along with the mob mentality that has all but proclaimed her guilty as charged although a trial date has not even been set, is an indication of payback on the part of the town's African-American community for years of mistreatment by the area's whites in the criminal justice system.

Such sentiments would be understandable if Ward were found guilty. At this point, however, she is only charged with alleged crimes. Until she is found guilty in a court of law, she is presumed innocent of the charges.

A dangerous mindset exits among some in the African American community, however, that maintains that guilt or innocence in these cases is a non-issue. This was precisely what one activists stated in Durham in the midst of the Duke lacrosse rape scandal. According to the prevailing wisdom of the mob mentality, it does not matter if the accused is innocent. What matters is the payback for years of white mistreatment of blacks in the criminal justice system.

It is to be hoped that Ward has excellent legal counsel who can pull lots of string. He will need all the tools at his disposal to make sure his client gets a fair trial in this hotbed of racial pot-stirring.

Why Dems Want D.C. As 51st State

Washington, DC (TLS). Now that the Dems are back in control of Congress, the monstrous move to make D.C. the 51st state has raised its ugly head once again. The idea is preposterous and its proposed for one reason alone--to give the Democrats two more U.S. Senators.

With a population of just 582, 049 (2005 U.S. Census Statistics), Washington doesn't even rank in the top 10 U.S. CITIES, much less states.

In addition, the notion that D.C. doesn't have voting rights or representation is simply a lie. Citizens of D.C. vote for President just like all other areas of the country, and they have representation in the Electoral College. They also elect their own municipal government.

Residents of D.C., who are overwhelmingly Democrat and minorities, have been pushing for statehood. Their comrades in the House and Senate are listening. After all, this would instantly give the Democrats two more Senators.

The problem is, the entire scheme is a scam. If this is purely about representation in Congress, there is a much easier way. Give the bulk of the land back to the state of Maryland where it came from in the first place, or divide it between Virginia and Maryland. This way D.C. residents will immediately have their two Senators and their Representatives in the House.

What do you want to bet that this proposal will be deemed 'unacceptable?'

It is unacceptable because representation is NOT the real issue. The real issue is the underhanded scheme to gain more power for the Democrats, who will clearly benefit from D.C. statehood.

This is a plan that needs to be fought with all our might. It is dishonest, underhanded, and does not serve the country well at all.

Read George Will's complete analysis of this shameful scheme here: