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Saturday, September 12, 2009

March on D.C. Draws 2 Million

Michelle Malkin reports that ABC News estimated the crowd in D.C. today at 2 million. D.C. police estimate 1.2 million.

No matter. It was an overwhelming crowd of ordinary citizens saying NO to Obamacare, runaway govt spending, and higher taxes.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

The sleeping giant is awake!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/11/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Via The War on Guns, Oath Keepers posts its itinerary during the massive citizen march on Washington, DC tomorrow. Our friends from Sipsy Street Irregulars and Western Rifle Shooters Association will be there.

David Codrea reports that a candidate for the U.S. Senate from the state of Nevada deserves the support of gun owners. Her name is Sharron Angle. Read all about it.

Say Uncle and a bunch of others, including Ride Fast and Shoot Straight, Sebastian, The Wandering Minstrel and Traction Control are now in Reno for the annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous.

Mr. Completely provides the first report from Reno.

The Rustmeister has an excellent roundup of the various posts on 9/11 from the gun bloggers. It is well worth the time to take a look and click on the links.

Robb Allen has written THE must-read of the day! This is good stuff, and if you don't read it, you are as dumb as an old mule staring at a new gate.

Nicki is back, I'm glad to say, after I thought she had fallen off the face of the earth. Glad to have her back!

Way Up North reports all of the latest news from the great state of Alaska, including an update on Sarah Palin.

The Newbius Papers posts an excellent refresher on the Constitution and Presidential succession. This may turn out to be more important than any of us thought, given that a rising tide of voices are calling for the removal of Obama from office, given his outright assault on the supreme law of the land--the U.S. Constitution.

Alphecca reports that the FBI has issued a study which concludes there is no such thing as a 'gun show loophole,' despite that claim by anti-gun bigots and their organizations.

Free in Idaho has a story that reminds us that leftwing wackos are dangerous. Read it.

Meeting on the Green says, 'Congressman Joe Wilson speaks for ME!' Me too, my friend.

Pax Parabellum reports that the open carry movement has won another one. Great news!

Texas Fred provides a moving remembrance of a lady who lost her life on 9/11.

Walls of the City has this memorial from Project 2996.

The Black Sphere, a new blog to the Roundup, has an excellent post on the ACORN scandal that would be wise to read. By the way, the blogger here appeared on Glenn Beck on Fox News yesterday. Excellent stuff!

And now, for some therapeutic humor, The Old Broad posts the finest political cartoons on the Internet. Enjoy...

9/11, Massive DC Protest, and ACORN Scandal

Lots of news today that's worth considering.

And it's all at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Be sure to click on the links to the ACORN scandal videos!


In loving memory of all who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We will never forget. And we will strive to the death to insure it never happens again!

I would suggest that all view the informative, riveting, sad, and enraging film 'United 93' in loving memory of those who lost their lives.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/10/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Walls of the City has an excellent post today, including lots of neat gun photos, entitled, 'Kickin' It Old Skool.' Take a look.

Days of our Trailers provides an update on Illinois Mayors Against Guns.

Notoriously Conservative notes the 'outrage' the Obamanoids feel toward Joe Wilson today...the hypocrites.

Texas Fred highlights the price-tag for the ObamaCare snake oil plan.

Insight on Freedom posts excellent reading on the climate entitled, 'Leader of None.'

From Free in Idaho: 'No Change.'

Robb Allen provides an important update on Sarah Palin. A MUST-read!

Meeting on the Green considers the issue of how we get out of the mess we're in as a nation.

Codrea's War on Guns shows us that the ATF is in the news quite a bit concerning its corruption, and he lists his latest Examiner articles on the subject.

Tam posts 'your Thursday doom and gloom.'

Standing By reports the disturbing news that the Boy Scouts can no longer bring knives to their camping trips.

Way Up North has THE must-read quote of the day from Thomas Jefferson.

Sebastian comments on the divide between the 'prags' and the 'three percenters' and points to more commentary from Joe Huffman.

The Wandering Minstrel has a must-see pic of 'liars caught in the act.'

Pax Parabellum thoroughly debunks Obama's claim that he has 'saved the economy.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts a barn-burner entitled, 'Communist in Chief.' Frightening!

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight provides a quip on the subject of magazines.

GunRights4US has a hilarious cartoon and serious commentary from Sarah Palin. Go look.

Joe Wilson's War

As for me, I am proud to be a South Carolinian today. Congressman Joe Wilson, R-SC, called out the President of the United States on his lies.

Read the entire analysis at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Naturally, Wilson is being vilified and trashed today as no other since Trent Lott praised Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday.

We need to stir up an avalanche of support for a brave Patriot who told the truth in the tradition of the Founders of the Republic!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Complete, Thorough Analysis on Obama's Speech

Complete...utter...unadulterated...100% pure....aromatic...HORSE CA CA...from beginning to end.

Any questions?

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/9/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Texas Fred reports that the taxpayers face HEAVY losses from the bailout of the auto industry.

Days of our Trailers posts a video that should get the juices of rage flowing. Just wait till you see who is attacking bloggers and Internet news sources.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has a delightful post today entitled, 'How to Deal with Bankers and Big Government Types.'

CNS News reports that many of Obama's claims about healthcare have already been debunked.

Sipsy Street Irregulars says that it looks like Eric Holder is a fan of the blog. Read it all.

Vanderboegh also posts an excellent read on the meaning of 'not one more inch'--the line in the sand.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has what could well be THE single MUST-read of the YEAR. Denninger offers an alternative address to the nation's public school students, in light of Obama's address yesterday. This is top-notch stuff, folks. Don't miss a single word.

Gun Owners of America provides a very important warning about gun-grabber and extremist Cass Sunstein, one of Obama's Czars.

WSJ published Sarah Palin's excellent rebuttal to ObamaCare, even before 'O' goes before Congress tonight.

Say Uncle has a last-minute update on the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous, which begins tomorrow.

The Newbius Papers points to an excellent, key question: where the heck have Republicans been on the Czars, healthcare, the Constitution, and other issues????

Tam blogs on some weird hunting regulations.

Breda posts the quote of the day that reminds us of who feels kinship with our illustrious Dear Leader.

David Codrea says that even ATF employees are fed up with corruption and incompetence in the organization, and then his 2nd Gun Rights Examiner article highlights the importance for gun owners to support Danny Tarkanian for the Senate.

Alphecca presents some good advice from a cop on the subject of guns.

Gun Nuts has the recap and downloads from last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

Brigid provides good reading, as always, entitled, 'Collateral Carry.'

1 With a Bullet issues an important action alert concerning knife rights. The nanny state not only thinks we kiddies are too dumb to have guns but knives as well.

Around O Town says we're all still waiting for the hope, but instead we get THIS...take a look!

Obama Tries to Stop the Unraveling

Obama's speech before Congress tonight is pure politics. Sensing that his Presidency is in deep trouble, Obama hopes that by going before Congress and the public to try to save his plan for the government takeover of healthcare, he can stem the unraveling of his failing Administration.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

One thing we have learned we can count on from Obama in these speeches--more snake oil couched in smiles and smooth talk.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/8/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Codrea's War on Guns highlights a barefaced lie being told about 'the Three Percenters.' Good. It's time we got that rotten rumor out of the way!

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner expounds on a clear message from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership--'BOOT the ATF!!' I 100% agree!

From SnowFlakesInHell: 'Obama Supporters and His Creepiness Factor.'

Vanderboegh takes direct aim at some who have been taking pot shots at the Three Percenters.

Say Uncle reports that a panel discussion will be held at the University of Tennessee Martin Campus, featuring Paul Helmke and members of the NRA who will engage in some debate on the Second Amendment.

Way Up North says that a school district superintendent in Alaska just doesn't get it concerning parental uproar over the Obama speech and lesson plans in schools today.

Walls of the City has the stunning video of the pompous-assed Congressman telling his constituents, 'You are not going to tell me how to run my office.'

Robb Allen provides 'The Journalists' Guide to Firearms Identification.' Take a look!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports some intriguing news out of the Middle East.

From Texas Fred: 'What Obama Has Accomplished So Far.' You'll enjoy this one!

The Rustmeister reports yet another shooting in a 'gun free zone.' Dang, I wish I knew how this could happen in all those 'gun free zones.'

Days of our Trailers provides an excellent shooting range report, complete with lots of good photos.

Pax Parabellum posts an excellent MUST-read entitled, 'Why Van Jones Matters.' Read it all.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight updates us on donations to Project Valour so far.

Mr. Completely has last-minute details on the agenda for the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous, coming up THIS WEEK!

Breda informs us of all the info on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, including news about a very special guest host.

Tam blogs on an important topic for shooters, 'How many magazines is enough?'

Traction Control takes sharp exception to Obama on making 9/11 a 'day of service.' Good reading!

Back to Business on Healthcare

Congress is now back in session, and citizens should be wary.

Will the loud, angry outcry from the public on healthcare be heeded by our illustrious elected officials? Apparently not, as we report today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

One good sign, however, is that 23 Democrats in the House have stated they will NOT vote for the healthcare reform bill.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/7/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Meeting on the Green posts the full text of the Obama speech to schools tomorrow. I agree that he tweaked it so that it's not the extremist dogma we had anticipated. But the lesson plans teachers are to use to present this, student discussions, assignments, etc. ARE indoctrination. I still urge parents to keep their children home from school tomorrow. It's an excellent way to send a signal to the government-run schools, the Department of Education, and Barack Obama.

The Newbius Papers has an excellent piece on the 'progressive movement' and their hidden agenda, along with their not-so-hidden agenda.

Breda presents a gun video she entitles, 'When Thousandths of a Second Counts.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports that the next government bailout will be of the FDIC, which is burning through its reserves faster than a California wildfire in the middle of a drought.

Texas Fred informs us that he has been the recipient of threats from the Obamanoids who are angry over what he writes concerning the assault on our liberties from Obama and company. Get set, my friends. These people don't believe in free speech. They will come after ALL of us before this is over.

Armed Citizen has essential reading entitled 'Obama's 10 Commandments' with sources provided for each one.

Roberta X provides good reading today on several items of interest in the news. Perhaps we really ARE living under the Chinese curse--'may you live in interesting times.'

Free in Idaho notes that the White House is simply not listening to the outrage of the people over the healthcare proposal Obama and the Democrats have introduced in Congress.

GunRights4US posts a highly important message concerning the upcoming U.S. Census.

John Jacob H has the story of how a gun possession case led a Judge to recuse himself from cases that elevate street crime to Federal Offenses.

Brigid informs us of the characteristics of a 'home on the range' man. Good reading!

David Codrea asks the question, 'Can the ATF be Reformed?' My opinion is no. It cannot. The only remedy is to abolish that bastion of hooded, jack booted government thugs.

Vanderboegh has something that just about takes the cake--absolutely the most ironic thing I've ever heard. One of the ChiComs quoted Benjamin Franklin back to the U.S., and the thing is, the ChiCom is right! This only shows the depth to which we have sunk as a nation.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts vital information concerning the gathering on 9/12 in D.C.

Beware the 8th of September

Tomorrow is a key day when it comes to political shenanigans. There are 2 things that should be watched very closely.

Columbia Conservative Examiner has the story.

This is the time to be ever-vigilant!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Where Was Media on the Van Jones Debacle?

That is the question of the day. Only now that Jones has resigned have the moguls of the state-run, mainstream media suddenly decided to take notice of this self-avowed Communist.

Read the details on this case of blatant media malpractice at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Thank God for bloggers, online news sources, conservative talk radio, Fox News, and Glenn Beck!

President of the Entire Earth?

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit notes that back in July of 2008, he stated of Obama, 'He's not running for President of the Unites States. He's running for President of Earth.'

And guess what? On September 24, 2009, Obama is taking the unprecedented step of presiding over the U.N. Security Council.

So, what in the name of heaven is THAT all about?!

Will Jones Continue Working for Obama Behind the Scenes?

It has been suggested that Communist Van Jones will continue working behind the scenes for the Obama White House, even after announcing his resignation as the 'green jobs czar.'

The Right Perspective has the story.

For Jones to continue working for Obama only makes sense. 'O' has so many murky, shadowy, unsavory characters around him, it fits the pattern for an avowed Communist to continue in some capacity, even behind the scenes.

And For Today's REALLY Big Headline...

By now everyone should know about the resignation of Communist Van Jones as Obama's 'green job czar.' One down and at least 43 more to go!

Glenn Beck did a yeoman's work on TV and radio in exposing the extremism of Jones and decrying the fact that an avowed Communist was serving right in the White House.

But on the Internet, one of The Liberty Sphere's preferred bloggers, Gateway Pundit, did one more heckuva job exposing the dangerous extremism of this man who had received the accolades and praise of Obama and his chief Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Gateway has several items of note today concerning Jones and his sudden resignation.

Green Czar Van Jones Resigns...Communist Leaves White House

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on ABC Responding to Jones Resignation--with video

Fox News All-Star Bill Kristol Says Gateway Pundit did More Reporting on Van Jones than Entire Mainstream Media--with video

Question--where was the mainstream media the entire time controversy boiled over concerning a Communist having an office in the White House????

Will Citizens Need Physical Stamina, Endurance for Road Ahead?

Western Rifle Shooters Association thinks so.

What? You don't think you'll need cardio-respiratory endurance for what is coming in the months ahead?

Tempus fugit.

To help those who are determined to survive whatever social, economic, or civil upheaval we may face in the coming months, WRSA offers Fartlek. Take a look.