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Saturday, February 28, 2009

From Across America, the Tea Party Roundup

Reports are coming in concerning the great American Tea Party held in cities and towns across America on Friday.

From what we can tell, the events were successful. Some were poorly attended, but for the most part, the response was beyond expectations, given the short notice and the inclement weather experienced by much of the nation.

Columbia Conservative Examiner has the roundup from Greenville, SC, to Washington, to Chicago, to St. Louis, to Atlanta, and many places in between. Give it a read, and pass it along! Thanks!


Dr. Alan Keyes, conservative African-American extraordinaire, issued a statement that has set the blogosphere abuzz: 'Barack Obama is an extremist Communist...'

Keyes went further to say that Obama will ruin this country and that he 'must be stopped.'

But even better than reading the words of Dr. Keyes is seeing on video. And John Jacob H has it. Just click on the link at his name, and view one of the most riveting pieces of commentary yet on the very real danger of Barack Obama.

Friday, February 27, 2009

ALERT! St. Louis Tea Party Draws 1500

1500 citizens came out in the cold and wind today at the famous arch in St. Louis to protest Barack Obama and his 1.2 trillion-dollar spend-fest.

Gateway Pundit provides photos and a complete report.

The St. Louis Tea Party so far has been one of the largest in the nation as taxpayers from coast to coast gathered in towns and cities across America to make their voices heard.

It will be interesting to see the overall attendance figures for today's events. And, given that in some venues there was little advance notice and the weather was terrible, it appears that in general the somewhat simultaneous events were very successful.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/27/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Breda and her husband are off to the Chicago Tea Party today. Hundreds are expected.

JR provides good commentary today on Eric Holder and the assault weapons ban.

Walls of the City blogs on the obvious contradiction between the 10th amendment to the Constitution and the 'assault' weapons ban.

Texas Fred reports that Americans in Mexico are being warned concerning growing violence.

Regarding Mexico, Insight on Freedom says the U.S. fails the test on national security.

Days of our Trailers comments on the 'gun rights' Trojan Horse, the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

The Rustmeister offers some comic relief with a 'Friday Funny.'

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast observes that some fools never learn. The GOP leadership, for example. Read it!

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a link that shows us who Obama is appointing to the upper-middle tier of gov't bureaucracy...the ones who make the decisions. And it ain't good.

Nicki just told anti-gun AG Eric Holder to go to hell! She never minces words...

Pax Parabellum points out that despite the rhetoric, Obama can't just raise taxes only on the rich to pay for his massive spending program. Taxes will eventually skyrocket for ALL.

Say Uncle reports that Idaho is the latest state to consider snubbing federal gun laws.

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner says the Obama team is now in full damage control over Holder's call for a new assault weapons ban. Apparently they got an earful of outrage.

Codrea's War on Guns posts the MUST-read of the day from the President of the Norfolk County League of Sportsmen's Clubs.

Sebastian reports that the Tea Party held today in Philly was very poorly attended.

Instapundit, however, has pics from areas of the country where the Tea Party was highly successful, despite the terrible weather. In some areas, it was extremely cold. In others, it was cold and rainy. But they showed up by the hundreds.

Armed and Safe says that San Fran Nan is now chirping the same mantra as the NRA!

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner has a riveting column today entitled, 'What will it be--a new assault weapons ban or a preserved Union?'

Alphecca shares news from D.C. that may result in its gun laws being stripped away.

Michelle Malkin provides photos from D.C.'s Tea Party today.

Mike McCarville has news from Dan Boren's Congressional task force on the assault weapons ban.

Sipsy Street Irregulars says that the New York Times, which is on the brink of going under, had the audacity and stupidity to call for draconian gun control. Read it all.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...An Ol' Broad's Ramblings provides the best in political cartoons in 'Obamarama.' This has become a Friday tradition here on the Liberty Sphere. Be sure to take a look and have yourself a good laugh!

It Begins! Nationwide Taxpayer Protests Today!

Today is the day that the grassroots 'New Boston Tea Party' taxpayer revolt against Obama goes national in dozens of cities across the country.

Multi-thousands are expected to attend these events as part of a new movement called 'Tea Party U.S.A.'

A complete list of cities, locations, and times is available at Columbia Conservative Examiner. Be sure to click on this link for the Tea Party nearest you.

And if you can, attend one! This is a movement that is growing by the day and has the potential of dominating the national news.

Quote of the Day from Alan Keyes

"Barack Obama is an extremist Communist who will destroy this country. And we have to stop him."

--conservative Alan Keyes

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Numbskulls on the Loose: 1 Trillion in New Taxes

You voted for change? By golly you got it. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in new taxes. (H/t to Matt Drudge).

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/26/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Codrea's War on Guns has more on the Obama plan to institute the 'assault' weapons ban and other gun control measures. 'And So It Begins.'

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner column offers more info on this ominous news.

Armed and Safe posts a message concerning the Obama gun ban--'the gloves come off.'

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner: 'The Idiocy of Smart Guns.'

The Wandering Minstrel looks backward to Bill Clinton in order to provide perspective on the current anti-gun mentality of the Obama administration.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost says it's time to arm up as fast as we can!

Mike McCarville reports on the Congressional Gun Rights group to be headed by U.S. Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma.

Sebastian doesn't think Obama has the votes in Congress to pass a new assault weapons ban, and he details his reasoning along with a prediction of how members of Congress would vote on the issue.

Michelle Malkin gives us an update on Tea Party U.S.A., the growing taxpayer protest movement against Barack Obama.

Say Uncle doesn't think GOP Governor Bobby Jindal has a chance on the national stage because of some of his views, such as abortion. If that's the case, the country is in much worse shape than I imagined.

Speaking of Gov. Jindal, most of those 'responses to the President's address' things on TV are not that good. It may be due to the type of venue. But as The Rustmeister reports, Bobby usually hits it out of the ballpark in live speeches before audiences. He provides a video as an example.

Nicki has a MUST-read today on gun control. Don't pass this one up!

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight makes an excellent point in 'The Gun Way.'

JR reports that the growing 'states rights' movement has come to the Texas legislature.

Free in Idaho points to a 22-year-old who was smart enough to figure out for himself the real meaning of 'unalienable rights.' Read it all.

John Jacob H posts the scoop on an organization that may be yet another gun-rights 'Trojan Horse.'

Breda blogs on the upcoming Chicago Tea Party on Friday, as part of the national taxpayer revolt against Obama called, 'Tea Party U.S.A.'

Dr. John Lott reports that even the Democrat-controlled Congressional Budget Office admits that huge government deficits will continue for a decade under the Obama plan. True. Obama admitted it Tuesday night. His stimulus bill doubled the deficit, and he promised to cut it in half, which will bring the deficit right back to where it was prior to the stimulus bill.

Walls of the City has the quote of the day. Good commentary follows.

Days of our Trailers points to reason vs. emotion when it comes to guns in church.

Notoriously Conservative provides excellent reading entitled, 'Indoctrinating our Kids with Global Warming Nonsense.'

And for the 'rolling-in-the-floor-laughing-hysterically' moment of the day, be sure to take a look at THIS over at Western Rifle Shooters Association. Be sure to 'insert your own caption.'
It seems to me that 'insert' may be the key word here.

Alphecca confirms our warnings about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. When it came right down to an important gun rights issue, she turned against us. Not surprising.

ALERT! Obama Wants Gun Ban, More Gun Control

Via Matt Drudge, ABC News is reporting this morning that Barack Obama is going to request that so-called 'assault' weapons be banned, in addition to more gun control.

The announcement was made by Attorney-General Eric Holder, the most anti-gun AG in American history.

Read the complete news story here at ABC News.

Obama's Policy Flaw Similar to Hoover's in 1932

As I have written before on The Liberty Sphere, the notion that a tax increase should be levied against the wealthy in hard economic times is a serious flaw doomed for failure. None other than Herbert Hoover attempted this policy initiative in 1932 during one of the nation's most severe recessions.

The result was that a severe recession turned into the Great Depression within a matter of a few short months.

And this is my topic of discussion today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Yesterday's article created quite a stir among those who apparently have a very fuzzy view of history. In today's article I attempt to correct such thinking by providing the facts from the era.

Once again, I urge you to read it and pass it along to everyone you can think of. And thanks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/25/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Sipsy Street Irregulars posts a jaw-dropping memo Obama sent out on Feb. 19. Read it!

Texas Fred comments on Gov. Bobby Jindal's excellent response to the Obama speech.

The Rustmeister says that a certain book that is decades old is suddenly flying off the shelves.

Walls of the City provides excellent commentary on the 'Chairman-in-Chief.'

Ms. Underestimated sends a stark message to liberals and Obama-supporters: 'I WANT A DIVORCE!' Excellent reading!

Days of our Trailers reports that pro-gun legislation is on the move in Oregon. Good!

Insight on Freedom points to the CO2 madness contained in Obama's speech.

Atlas has the text of Geert Wilders' speech in New York yesterday. Wilders is the Dutch politician who is under fire for exercising free speech against the Muslim extremists.

Gateway Pundit reports the stock market plummeted in response to Obama's socialistic speech last evening.

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner posts an excellent read entitled, 'Disarming the Poor.'

From Western Rifle Shooters Association: 'Fighting Tyranny Without Terrorizing the Innocent.'

Caleb has the recap and audio from last night's edition of 'Gun Nuts Radio.'

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner discusses the important issue of open records for concealed carry. Be sure to read it all.

Codrea also informs us that his Gun Rights Examiner column has a page on Facebook.

Nicki has a real hum-dinger today on 'fiscal responsibility' or the lack thereof.

Tam reports the sentence of 3 Atlanta cops whose botched drug raid resulted in the death of a 92-year-old woman.

Say Uncle provides today's update on the fallout from the Commercial Appeal's publishing of the names of concealed carry licensees.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight gives us the real number of those who are behind on their mortgages. It ain't what you think, which is not surprising.

Sebastian has some interesting commentary on 'the boundaries of the Second Amendment.'

Free in Idaho posts a political cartoon that just about says it all on Congressional hypocrisy.

Armed Citizen issues an important 'Militia Call to Arms.' Read it all.

Alphecca has THE must-read of the day. The AP did a fact-check on the Obama speech. The results are very, very interesting, to say the least. Read it!

2A Musing alerts us to the push by the antis to restrict ammo sales.

Roberta X offers some brief, straight-up political commentary today that's worth reading.

'Huge Policy Flaws in Obama Speech'

In Barack Obama's speech before Congress last night there are serious policy flaws that must be considered by conscientious citizens. One must look beneath the rhetoric and pleasant demeanor in order to objectively assess these flaws.

This is how my latest column begins at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

In this article I go into some detail to show the serious flaws contained in Barack Obama's plan for the nation. If I may engage in some self-serving promotion, I believe that the article is a MUST-read for any conscientious American who wants to know the truth.

Read and pass it along to everyone you can think of. Thanks!

Couric the Airhead

CBS News anchor Katie Couric, the talking airhead, tried her best to make Sarah Palin look like a 'dumb' conservative. Perhaps Couric should do some serious introspection before doing that to anyone else.

Before and after Obama's speech Tuesday night, Couric, as usual, played up the 'support Obama' rhetoric with her comments, such as 'The American people overwhelmingly support Obama's plan for the country,' and 'President Obama has an enormous amount of political capital to spend.'

Yet she turned right around and cited several polls that show the complete fallacy of the words she had just spoken.

For example, she stated that only approximately 33%-39% of Americans support bailouts for the automakers, Wall Street, and those who can't pay their home mortgages.

Excuse me, Ms. Couric, but the figures you cited in those polls clearly do NOT show that 'Americans overwhelmingly support Obama's plan for the country.' Are you not aware, Ms. Couric, that those figures show exactly the OPPOSITE of what you said?

Perhaps you are NOT aware. If that is the case, then you are without doubt the biggest ignoramus to ever occupy an anchor's chair.

But if you ARE aware of the contradiction, then you just lied to the American public.

And you people wonder why Americans in ever-increasing numbers say they do not trust the mainstream news media. You are either too dumb to recognize a blatant contradiction in reporting, or you deliberately lie to the public. In either case you do not exactly inspire confidence on the part of the viewing public.

The Best Part of Obama's Speech...

...was Governor Bobby Jindal's response from the Republicans.

No clearer distinction could be made between big government Democrats and conservative Republicans than Jindal made last night.

Barack Obama's speech clearly defined his ideology. Spend trillions of taxpayer dollars and expand the role and scope of government, because the citizens simply can't be trusted with their own money. This is pure socialism.

Bobby Jindal, by contrast, stated that individual Americans can do anything we set our minds to do...if only government gets out of the way.

This is precisely the philosophy set forth by President Ronald Reagan in his 1981 Inaugural Address.

Liberals, Democrats, and President Obama believe that only the federal government can be trusted to 'fix' things. Conservatives, Republicans, and Bobby Jindal believe that the individual citizens can do far more than they ever conceived if they put their minds to it.

Who do YOU trust? The federal government? Or the people?

A Quote Concerning Obama and His Speech

Barack Obama is about the best liar I have ever witnessed. The smiles, the pleasant demeanor, the soothing rhetoric are so convincing, but the words themselves are lies nonetheless.
--The Welshman

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/24/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gateway Pundit announces a big 'Tea Party U.S.A.' rally in St. Louis this coming Friday, as the national protest movement against Obama's 1.2 trillion pork package continues to grow.

Tam has news that the Chicago Tea Party will also take place Friday. Click for details.

Atlas reports that the FBI Director has warned of coming Mumbai-style attacks within the U.S.!

The Rustmeister provides commentary on a variety of gun rights stories in the news. Take a look!

Days of our Trailers has news on CCW legislation in Illinois.

Texas Fred opines on another incident in Mexico and Obama administration non-action at the border.

Bloviating Zeppelin reports that the stock market continues to give a big THUMBS DOWN to Obamanomics.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has an important video entitled, 'How Can a Bankrupt Government Save a Bankrupt Banking System?'

Dr. John Lott shows the proof that Obama lied to the citizens concerning guns.

Remember the Trolley Square shooting in Utah? Sebastian has some important, breaking news on the lawsuit against the gun shop owner who sold the gun to the perpetrator.

Traction Control publishes the official ATF State Laws and Published Ordinances on Firearms. Interesting reading!

Say Uncle points to what is undoubtedly the most asinine comment ever made concerning a crime committed with a gun.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight blogs on 'banning scary-looking firearms.'

Pax Parabellum gives us one of the main reasons the numbskull in the White House is going to get us all killed with his policy decisions that were formulated in the asylum for the hopelessly insane.

Breda reports that tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio is going to be quite controversial. Sounds like a barn-burner. Be sure to take a look for the promo and details.

Alphecca says that for the first time in memory, the New Jersey Senate has actually rejected a gun control bill.

In case you missed it, CarteachO has 'Defensive Shooting with a Shotgun.'

Free in Idaho informs us that the Idaho legislature has passed a resolution against U.S. House bill H.R. 45 on gun control. Good!

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has the absolute MUST-read of the WEEK! It's entitled, 'Question 46, Revisited.' Read it all. Need I say it yet again? America is in deep trouble!

Armed and Safe blogs on the possibility that the supposedly 'pro-gun' Kirsten Gillibrand of New York may vote in favor of microstamping.

From Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner: 'Should Effective Self-Defense be Limited to the Fit and Strong?'

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner asks the question, 'Will Obama's Justice Department Fight for Guns in National Parks?'

Codrea also reports that one of the last bastions on earth of gun rights--Switzerland--is in grave danger of losing those rights. Read it!

RNC's Steele Open to Challenges for 3 Turncoats

The new Chair of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, stated on Monday that he is open to primary challenges against the 3 GOP turncoats who voted in favor of the Obama pork-fest--Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins.

This is the topic of my column for today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

No doubt Specter, Snowe, and Collins are intensely disliked among most GOP faithful across the country, but the question is, can a more conservative candidate fly in states like Maine and Pennsylvania?

And what about other questionable GOP Senators, such as South Carolina's Lindsey Graham?

Read the article and spread the news. Thanks.

Why Should I Want to Bail Out Homeowners?

This may not be the most popular thing to say at this point in time in America, but why on earth should I want to bail out homeowners with my tax dollars?

For eons of time homeowners who could no longer afford their mortgages did one of two things--sell or go into foreclosure. If selling wasn't an option, foreclosure was the only thing left, provided they had exhausted all other financing possibilities.

And yes, it has happened to me.

It has happened to millions of Americans through the years. Yet nobody came around with the 'government tit' (Jimmy Stewart's comment about it in the movie Shenandoah) to offer financial help, 'free government money' that is not really free, or a plan to 'buy down the mortgage.'

We succeeded or failed all on our own, sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, such as a catastrophic illness or loss of income. But we somehow managed to pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps and start over.

And this is my message to those homeowners who somehow think that because they may lose a house, it is therefore the government's responsibility to come in and save it for them. Listen, it is NOT my responsibility as a taxpayer to make sure YOU don't lose your house. That is YOUR responsibility. And if you lose, you suck it up and start over, just like the millions before you have done.

This goes for businesses as well. I have also lost a business. Yet the government tit didn't show itself for me at that point, either.

Thus, I am totally 100% against government bailouts for homeowners and corporations. Do what all others have done in the past who have lost out...suck it up, learn your lessons, and move on. But DON'T expect taxpayers to pick up the pieces for you.

Sean Penn's Rant at the Oscars

I don't care how good of an actor he supposedly may be. I still can't stand Sean Penn.

I knew that if he won an Oscar on Sunday night, he would, as usual, use his platform as a public figure to spout political nonsense whether we want to hear his drivel or not.

And he certainly didn't disappoint or surprise anyone when he launched into his mindless blather about what a prince of a man the country just elected to the White House, followed by a string of insults aimed at those who voted against gay marriage in California.

Penn is one of the reasons I hate the Oscars. I have never really enjoyed watching a single one since the mid 1980s. It seems to me that the entire lot is dominated by leftwing loony-'toons coo-coo clocks who feel that the country wants to hear what they have to say about politics simply because they know how to memorize what somebody else wrote.

I don't want to hear it, period. Penn is a bastard, and I don't care to hear a word about what he thinks concerning the Socialist in the White House or his support for gay 'marriage.' I have just about had it with all of that politically correct horseshit.

Obama's 'Health Summit'

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that due to budget constraints and the recession, Obama has therefore put his plans to socialize healthcare on the back burner. The first sign that the plan is still very much near the top of the list is the fact that it was included in the 'stimulus bill' as a rider.

But Obama will take another step toward fulfilling his goal by holding a major White House 'Health Summit' next week.

According to a report in The Hill, Obama intends to send a clear signal that 'healthcare reform' is still a top priority.

And by the way, 'healthcare reform' is simply a code word for more spending and the intention of setting up a national health czar to oversee the spending habits of the nation's medical providers.

It would be wise to watch this development very closely.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/23/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea muses on the coming civil war in America and points out that the statists fear another rise of 'angry white men' such as we had in the 90s.

From Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner: 'Queens Councilman Brandishes Gun in Church!'

Kurt Hofmann provides an interesting read at St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, entitled, 'Protecting Children...From the Ability to Defend Themselves.'

John Jacob H has a timely update on the law enforcement raid of the food ministry for needy families in Ohio.

Mindful Musings posts the spot-on quote of the day on the hijacking of America.

And if that was sufficient to whet your appetite, take a look at this one from Western Rifle Shooters Association on the theory that Obama wants to push the nation to civil war so he can then 'unite' it under more federal control known as socialism.

Nicki has a riveting read on the execution of a perpetrator and the evidence against him. Take a look!

Breda says that Dollhouse is her kind of story (it's on DVD). Look to see why.

Mike McCarville points to an interesting Gallup report on religion in the South.

Bitter guest-blogs at Sebastian's place on the voting patterns of NRA members.

Walls of the City admirably complained to some advertisers on the Commercial Appeal concerning their publishing the names of concealed carry licensees, and here he writes about a response of sorts.

Say Uncle reports that yet another newspaper has published the names of concealed carry licensees, this time in Arkansas.

Tam offers appropriate snark to that numbskull, Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on his call for a 'global New Deal.'

Days of our Trailers reports that Hamas has solicited the services of Sen. John Kerry to mediate between a group of Palestinian terrorists and Obama. Not surprising. Kerry has a penchant for helping America's enemies.

Insight on Freedom has the MUST-read of the day, the title of which says it all--'The States are not Branches of the Federal Government!' Amen!

Roberta X has had another health episode, and here she gives us an update.

2A Musing posts an excellent read on range lessons--some good pointers about shooting at the firing range.

Alphecca reports that the folk in Montana have flipped another bird at the Feds...they want to exempt guns made and sold in the state from all federal licensing and background check requirements.

Texas Fred comments on the NAACP's action against the New York Post concerning the monkey cartoon.

The Wandering Minstrel issues a call to arms in light of the looming threats of the Obamanation.

Get set. Here comes another one. Gateway Pundit reports that House Democrats are ready to roll out yet ANOTHER half-trillion-dollar spending bill in the name of 'stimulus.' Sheesh.

Atlas has the jaw-dropping news on how the Feds are engaging in book burning by deeming all books published before 1958 as 'unsafe for children.' I kid you not. The Nazis are in control, my friends!

Healthcare Rationing Hidden in Stimulus Bill

As we have warned previously, hidden in the 1.2 trillion dollar Obama-Democrat pork spending bill is a provision for healthcare rationing as the nation moves toward socialized medical care.

But now a U.S. Senator is on the case and calling for citizens 'taking to the streets' to protest the bill, particularly this horrific provision that will ration care for senior adults who are deemed too old and sick to get expensive medications and treatment.

And this is the subject of my column today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Few people were aware that the Democrats slipped in this provision in their rush to get the bill passed with little debate, and without giving members time to read the 1000-page document.

The shocking provision mandates a 'national healthcare coordinator' who will be looking over your doctor's shoulders to make sure he doesn't spend too much in your care, particularly if you are deemed too old or sick to 'justify' the expenditures.

This is one of the most important columns I have written yet at the Examiner. Read it, spread the word, and then get ready to join the nationwide protest!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guns A-Blazin'

Let's cut right to the chase at the very outset. The Founders of this Republic believed that all citizens should be armed as the best means of preventing government tyranny, including our own. They also believed that the rights enumerated in the First Amendment were secured and protected by an armed citizenry.

Now that we have that much out of the way, let's move on to another step.

Since the Founders believed these things and included gun rights in the Bill of Rights to be protected as one of the 'unalienable rights' of citizens, all of our so-called 'reasonable restrictions' on gun rights are illegal.

The common argument, for example, in favor of gun control compares firearms registration with getting a driver's license. But the two cannot be compared because getting a driver's license is not a Constitutional right but a privilege granted by states. Keeping and bearing firearms is not a privilege granted by anyone. It is an absolute right as stated in the Constitution.

OK, so we have dropped the ball in allowing encroachments upon this unalienable right ever since the 1940s. We refused to mount a serious fight against gun control in all forms. We did not draw a line in the sand, and even if we did, we didn't force those who crossed that line to suffer any measurable consequence.

That day is quickly drawing to an end.

Citizens around this nation who are perceptive and aware enough to know that under the current administration and Congress our rights are in grave danger are beginning to wake up to the fact that a day of reckoning may be approaching.

And, as the 'run on the gun shops' is proving, the citizens in record numbers are getting prepared not only to draw a line in the sand but to force those who cross that line to pay for their actions.

Never again will we allow the forces of anti-freedom in this country to encroach upon a God-given, Constitution-protected right. We have learned our lesson from our failures of the past. And we are ready.

Here we stand.

Taxpayer Revolt Spreads, Tea Party Goes National

There is big news today on the heels of an announcement by the Obama administration of a hefty tax hike on those making above $250, the midst of a severe recession. The taxpayer revolt that began several days ago in Seattle has spread and has now gone national.

The national movement is known as 'Tea Party U.S.A.', and dozens of protests are planned in cities across the country.

And this is the subject of my column today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

You will even find information that will help YOU organize a tea party in YOUR area, even if you have never done such a thing before.

Tea Party U.S.A. is only going to grow as word spreads of Obama's new tax increase, just as Herbert Hoover did in 1932 during a very severe recession. The tax increase is viewed by many economists as the precipitating factor that pushed the U.S. over the edge from a recession into the Great Depression.

I strongly encourage you to read my column at the Examiner today and spread the word. This is going to be a movement of great national significance as the grassroots citizens express their discontent over the direction Obama and the Democrats are taking the country.