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Saturday, January 24, 2009


The day after being slammed by President Barack Obama in a meeting with Congressional Republicans, Rush Limbaugh has responded to the outrageous, infantile comments of the Fuhrer-in-Chief.

Byron York at National Review has the entire reply.

Apparently, the comments were part of a calculated move by the Obamessiah to 'divide and conquer.'

A case can be made that he also took a page out of socialist Saul Alinksy's playbook on how to defeat those who stand in the way of the march to Socialism.

I Regret My Vote for McCain

Against my better judgment after heaping criticism on the man during the GOP primaries, I supported John McCain in the general election against Barack Obama.

As I stated many times, I felt this was the most prudent course given the choices.

McCain is proving me dead wrong.

I regret voting for him. He has proved himself, once again, to be no friend of conservatives. He is cozying up to Obama and is positioning himself to be a good little foot-soldier for the Fuhrer in the Senate. And he has already criticized conservative Republicans over delaying confirmation of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.

Now that Barack Obama has outed himself for being the overbearing, overreaching bully that he is, McCain's overtures toward him is even more outrageous.

Barack Obama has, for all intents and purposes, declared war on conservatives. He wants us silenced. He wants powerful voices of opposition like Rush Limbaugh's silenced. How dare we question the mighty wisdom of the Messiah?

And to the degree that John McCain helps him in this war, McCain is from now on to be considered the enemy of conservatives as well. If he is going to support socialism as envisioned by Obama, then he may as well join the Democratic Party and be done with it.

It is time for real Republicans to grow some brass balls, step up to the plate, and tell Obama and McCain that we are not rolling over and playing dead. And if they refuse to show this backbone and courage, there will be an uprising/schism in the GOP the likes of which has never been seen in American politics.

This is the time for action. Our patience with compromising our principles is over. We are going to need every single patriot who loves this country and its Constitution to put it on the line. It's now or never.


Like a tantrum-throwing, infantile puppet-king in his newly-formed fiefdom, Barack Obama slammed the GOP and Rush Limbaugh in a meeting on Friday with Congressional Republicans.

It is clear from Obama's statements in the meeting that he is not open to bipartisan cooperation with opponents as he has repeatedly suggested.

Our only conclusion is that the President has been lying.

When confronted with criticism of his socialistic programs for the economy, Obama seemed to bristle and then come out swinging. He told GOP leaders that 'you can't listen to Rush Limbaugh if you want to get things done.'

Excuse me, Mr. Fuhrer, but YOU do not get to tell ME who to listen to! Got it?

I don't know who you think you are, but you are NOT a dictator, and you were not elected King. You are just a man who happens to be President. That does not give you unlimited power.

Further, Obama slammed another GOP critic in the room who dared to question the President's decision to spend billions in taxpayer dollars for contraception at a time when the economy is sinking.

Obama looked at the Republican representative and said, 'I won. I will trump you on that.'

So what? The fact that 'you won' doesn't mean you get no opposition. We told you beforehand we would fight you tooth and toenail on every single initiative you propose as long as you continue to spout your ultra-liberal, socialist nonsense.

Thus, from my perspective, Obama just launched a war. If he wants to play this game, we will meet him head-to-head, toe-to-toe, eyeball-to-eyeball.

Remember, Mr. President, conservatives can shut you down if we chose to do so. We will stage walk-outs in Congress, we will take to the airwaves, the TV, the radio, the newspapers, the blogs, every avenue we can think of, in order to warn the American people of just how dangerously drunk with power you seem to be.

Your statements in that room today with Congressional Republicans represent an immaturity that is shocking for a President. It was entirely unnecessary and uncalled for. And if this is what we can expect, you can expect to be bombarded with opposition so thorough and so heavy that you will lucky to get anything at all done in Congress.

We are NOT going down the road you wish to take us, Mr. President. Just try to make us.

And if you think you can work with us by attacking Rush Limbaugh and parading around bragging that 'you won,' then you can forget it.

Read the complete story here at the New York Post (h/t to Matt Drudge via Pam Geller).

More 'Change' Than They Ever Dreamed

Apparently, Americans are beginning to wake up from their drunken stupor--a stupor induced by Obama's seductive magic--to realize they have just made one big colossal mistake.

Many within the Christian community in particular are being brought to the stark realization that they are getting much more 'change' than they ever dreamed was possible, and that change is the type that is increasingly disgusting.

Lured into a state of idol worship, false euphoria, and unfounded 'hope,' many of these thought that Obama might represent a good change for the country, in spite of dire warnings by patriots, conservatives, bloggers, ministers, and others.

They saw Christian leaders such as Rick Warren of the Saddleback Community Church in California appear to embrace the Obama mystique and jump on the bandwagon.

Whether or not this is actually true is not an issue. Warren gave the appearance of endorsing Obama.

And thus, many Christians felt they could in good conscience support such a man for President.

But now that we have seen with our own eyes what many of us warned about prior to the election, Americans are beginning to wake up to reality. Obama is not what they thought. Far from it.

In one week alone he has proved to be the most rabid proponent and exporter of abortion on demand executive order. He has snubbed Israel by calling the Palestinian leader Abbas as his first official foreign contact as President, in order to tell him that the U.S. would now 'support Palestinian goals.' With the stroke of a pen he has ordered the closing of Gitmo prison where hundreds of the most dangerous persons in the entire world are held. These persons will be brought to the U.S. mainland, to be housed in our prison system, placed within our court system, and provided legal representation all at taxpayer expense.

And this is just within 4 days.

CNS News provides a stunning look at how perhaps the American people are beginning to realize what a terrible mistake they have made in placing Obama in office.

This is excellent. Self-examination and reflection in the aftermath of bad decisions are a good thing. Perhaps citizens will take a serious personal inventory of their lives, determine how and why such a glaring error of judgment was made, and take steps to prevent such a fiasco from happening again in the future.

I know this may be expecting too much in this day and age, but we can hope.

Video of Halbrook Testimony on Holder

Via the Independent Institute, here is the C-SPAN video of Stephen Halbrook's testimony against Obama AG nominee Eric Holder.

You will also find the full text of Halbrook's testimony by clicking on the link provided beneath the video segment.

Stephen Halbrook, of course, is the author of The Founders' Second Amendment--Origins of the Right to Bear Arms.

On Bill of Rights Day in December, the Independent Institute launched the Second Amendment Book Bomb in order to promote Halbrook's book. The Book Bomb has been and continues to be a monumental success, propelling the book to best-seller status.

The goal is the make the book Number One on the New York Times' bestseller list. This will be possible if enough people promote and buy the book. Be sure to click on the links above for all of the details.

(H/t to David Theroux of the Independent Institute).

Friday, January 23, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/23/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The New York Post has the complete scoop on Patterson's choice for Clinton's replacement in the U.S. Senate--great news for conservatives, bad news for liberals. She's pro-gun and she voted against the Wall St. bailout!

Atlas gives us a detailed rundown of the complete mess Obama made of his first 4 days in office with regard to Gitmo, interrogation techniques, Israel, Gaza, and terrorists.

Caroline Glick, world-renown journalist and Middle East expert, has a riveting op-ed in The Jerusalem Post today on the mistake Obama is making with regard to foreign policy in the Middle East...a MUST-read!

Say Uncle reports that Senator Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, will vote against the confirmation of Holder for AG. Good. We can safely add Senators Jim DeMint of S.C. and David Vetter of Louisiana. Now, if we can just get Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss, Jim Inhofe, Jeff Sessions on board, we may be able to get this thing blocked.

Little Chicago Review of Lincoln County, Wyoming has essential reading on what Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) told Obama's pick for UN Ambassador about guns.

Sebastian has a follow-up on the gun rights bill being debated in Montana.

Tam provides a great read today on 'Do You Know Who Designed that Gun?' to commemorate the birthday of John Moses Browning.

Alphecca presents the infuriating details of the Ammunition Accountability Act.

Robb Allen issues a stark warning to those politicians to push for the 'ammo accountability act.' And it's true, we will not comply!

Open Carry provides a state-by-state analysis of the push to register ammunition.

Pax Parabellum shows a poll that should be of great interest to 'dear leader.' Americans OPPOSE the closing of Gitmo.

'The Rev.' over at Kharma Futures is a good writer. Here he opines on Obama's Cabinet problems.

The Daily Globe reports that there is more drama in the Minnesota recount between Senator Coleman and liberal clown Al Franken.

ROFL! You MUST see this! Michelle Malkin has 'the John Murtha Jihadi Correctional Facility.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides links to 5 essays by Michael Gaddy that are well-worth the time to read.

Americans for Limited Government posts breaking news that Obama and company will allow oil exploration and drilling on the outer continental shelf...that is, until Democrats in Congress stop it. This may well be what he's counting on.

Days of our Trailers has today's update on the Blagojevich scandal in Illinois.

The Rustmeister shows us the latest shamefully dishonest display of a mainstream media that is hopelessly awe-struck by Obama.

Walls of the City posts some interesting links and commentary on how to fight with a shotgun.

Texas Fred reports explosive news that an ex-Gitmo detainee has joined Al Qaeda in Yemen. And Obama's closing of Gitmo is going to make the world safer HOW?!

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast points to some interesting Orwellian newspeak by Obama. He will use conservative values and terminology to promote a progressive socialist agenda.

This title says it all. 'Helmke Works Himself into a Pre-Ejaculation Lather Over the Prospect of Stealing Our Rights (and Vanderboegh Throws Cold Water on Him).' Read it!

David Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner column takes a look at another ominous Obama initiative, and provides a recap of the Lou Dobbs CNN story on David Olofson last night. Scroll down for that segment.

Traction Control posts 'Double Shot--Liquor and Guns.' All I have to say is, 'God bless Texas!'

Speaking of the Lone Star State, JR has a news story of a Texas concealed carry license holder who stopped a thug. I love these kinds of stories.

Blogstitution provides a video clip that you absolutely must see. We need much more of this!

Armed and Safe highlights an aspect of the David Olofson case that has not been emphasized. Good reading!

St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner has another good one from Kurt Hofmann on one of 'the Bastard's Mayors for Gun-Grabbin'...along with info on microstamping.

Mike McCarville reports that Oklahoma's 2 largest newspapers have reached an agreement to a merger of sorts...another sign of struggling times for print media.

Clayton Cramer comments on the racial issues coming to the surface now that Obama is in office...and it's not what you might think.

Obama to Israel: 'Open Border with Gaza'

Signifying a major shift in Middle East policy, President Barack Obama on Thursday pressured Israel, fresh from its response to years of terrorist bombs from Gaza, to open up its border with the area.

If Israel's leaders have one single ounce of rationality left in their bodies, they will simply say, 'No, thanks, Mr. President,' to the Obama plan.

The mere suggestion that Israel consider opening borders with one of the most dangerous and deadly areas on earth is cause to wonder if the new President has taken leave of the entirety of his senses.

To their credit, Israel's response to Obama was measured. Without flatly refusing to consider the proposal, the Israeli leadership merely stated that they would never consider opening the border if the result would be the strengthening of Hamas, which is precisely what such an action would do.

As long as the Palestinians allow Hamas to continue to send rockets into Israel, and as long as residents in the area continue to spout their sentiment that Israel has no right to exist, then the Jewish state would be well within its rights to tell the American President to kiss off.

This is the kind of pie-in-the-sky, liberal knee-jerk type of foreign policy that will get the entire Middle East blown to bits in the long run.

The Conservative's Dilemma: What About the GOP?

During the years leading up to the election of President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and throughout his 2 terms of office, I had been a card-carrying member of the Republican Party.

As one of the original foot-soldiers in the Reagan Revolution, I had worked within William F. Buckley Jr.'s Young Americans for Freedom, which advocated for a fair hearing for conservative principles on college campuses, during almost the entirety of the 1970s.

One of the goals of that organization at that time was the election of Ronald Reagan to the Presidency.

Thus, I was proud to be a Republican and a very conservative one at that. I was even prouder when I watched Reagan take his first oath of office in 1981.

The GOP during those years was constrained by the sheer force of Reagan's personality to turn decidedly more conservative, although the liberal eastern establishment Republicans, such as those of the Rockefeller mindset, grumbled underneath their breaths.

Reagan's resounding success at home and abroad came with its downside. There is an aspect of winning that leads to a certain complacency...and a tendency to forget the core principles that led to the fight to win in the first place.

Unfortunately, the GOP exhibited (and still does) that complacency and that amnesia concerning the principles that made the Party so successful under Reagan.

Since the late 1990s I have not considered myself a Republican. I have rather enjoyed the freedom that goes with being Independent. But there is still a big part of me that longs for the GOP to recapture some of the greatness it achieved under Reagan.

It was the Party of distinct conservative values and ideas. Sometimes these ideas were entirely innovative and creative. But they were based upon sound OLD ideology born of the vision of the Founding Fathers--limited government, individual initiative and responsibility, individual liberty that is unfettered by oppressive government regulation, and free enterprise.

And this brings us to the present dilemma. The GOP seems to have forsaken its core values. Sure, the voices for liberty are still there, but right now they are in the minority, and they are being muzzled to a degree.

The answer for me is certainly not Democrats. And no, it is not the Libertarian Party, either.

There is a certain deep resistance yet toward abandoning the GOP altogether. And this goes much deeper than simply a nostalgic wish for the good old days. There is a very practical reason. To totally abandon the Republican Party at this point is to weaken the conservative voice and play directly into the hands of Democrats who WILL use it to their advantage.

Simply look at what happened in 2006 and 2008.

But one thing is for sure. Conservative patience with the GOP is not an endless virtue. Sooner or later, unless the GOP leadership gets the message, we will totally abandon the Party in order to forge a new venture somewhere else that values the conservative point of view.

For an even deeper look at this fascinating subject, read Larrey Anderson's excellent essay at American Thinker.

Torpedoing the Holder Nomination

Now that Senate Republicans have successfully placed a hold on confirmation hearings for Eric Holder, Obama's choice for Attorney-General, this would be a golden opportunity to inundate your Senators with emails, phone calls, and faxes urging them to vote against the nominee.

Holder's true colors have already been thoroughly vetted. The last thing we need is yet another retread from the Clinton years in the Department of Justice.

The Clinton Department of Justice is the one that gave us the Waco, Texas murders of the Branch Davidians and the Elian Gonzalez debacle, when hooded, jackbooted government thugs stormed the home in which little Elian was staying in order to snatch him from a loving family to ship him back to Communist Cuba, where Castro proceeded to make a good little Commie out of the boy.

And let's not forget the assault on gun stores by the ATF that began in earnest under the Clinton Department of Justice.

Eric Holder will be a nightmare for gunowners, gun retail, gun and ammo manufacturers, and the Bill of Rights.

Time to torpedo the Holder nomination. And if Obama sends up another one like him, we can just torpedo that one as well...until the President sends up someone who truly believes in the principles of the Constitution.

Matthews the Moron

Is Chris Matthews really a moron, or does he just act like one while attempting to be a news anchor?

The MSNBC anchor asked the question on Thursday, 'Does Rush Limbaugh hate this country,' because Limbaugh stated on the air that he hopes Barack Obama fails.

I said the very same thing, so I suppose that means I 'hate this country.'

Listen, Matthews, you dumb little thimble-brained twit. I want Obama to fail precisely because I love this country. And if you had one ounce of journalistic integrity in that sorry carcass of yours, you would have reported the context of Limbaugh's words.

Limbaugh had just reported that Barack Obama's ideas are socialistic. This is true. And, as most of us who are true American patriots know, socialism is antithetical to everything America has ever stood for.

Therefore, we want Obama to fail because we are against socialistic programs being introduced into a capitalistic society.

If I state that I want Obama to succeed, that means I am endorsing and supporting socialism.

This I refuse to do.

Thus, I want Obama to fail for the good of the country.

Now, MORON, I mean Matthews, tell us precisely why YOU want Obama to succeed? Are you a socialist? Do you look down your snobbish nose at the very capitalism that made this country the greatest in the world? Do you continue to accept a salary from a corporation that is run according to capitalistic principles?

If so, Matthews, and we all know it's true, then not only are you a moron, but you are a hypocrite to boot.

But of course, you know that yourself, you snarling, salivating, slithering, slimy piece of rabid humanity. Tell us how you live with yourself or go to sleep at night.

By the way, have you and your bosses at NBC gotten any of the mega-bailout bonanza Obama promised you before the election in exchange for being totally 'in the tank' for him, cheerleading the way?

Before we get through with the likes of you and your bosses, not only will you be bankrupt and off the air, but we will hold you accountable for our tax money you got but didn't deserve.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/22/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Bob Pooler sends the link to the White House website that states in no uncertain terms that Obama-Biden WILL repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, as Tam reported yesterday. Just scroll down to the 'crime and law enforcement' section on the page.

MOWCA Blog alerts us to the results of the hearing this week in U.S. v. Fincher.

CNS News reports that Geithner has been approved for Treasury by the Senate panel, in spite of the fact that he himself didn't pay his taxes. Welcome to the age of embracing thugs for government. The Democrat Culture of Corruption.

Here's to winning one for the Gipper! Mike McCarville reports that in spite of the hoop-la over Obama, more people watched Ronald Reagan's inauguration than Obama's.

David Codrea reports some good news concerning Georgia Carry.

David also posts breaking news on his Gun Rights Examiner column that one of David Olofson's attorneys will appear on Lou Dobbs this evening on CNN. Click the link for details.

Armed and Safe points to an article at Reason Magazine on the NRA.

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column today examines the sharp spike in armed citizens in Missouri.

JR provides an update on the firearms bills in the Texas legislature.

Roberta X comments today on current events.

Say Uncle has words of wisdom on making the case against gun control.

Sebastian posts the latest political buzz from New York on Patterson's possible appointment to the Senate seat Caroline Kennedy turned down. Interesting info here!

Robb Allen highlights a common 'gun myth' that needs to be 'shot down.' No pun intended.

Nicki presents, for our reading pleasure, 'stupid people breeding,' compliments of our new dear leader.

Breda presents Day Two of the Obamanation.

Pax Parabellum points to a man who should have retired from politics years ago before he began embarrassing himself. Just look at what he's said now!

The Wandering Minstrel has an interesting read on shotgun chokes.

Sipsy Street Irregulars always provides excellent reading, and today it's 'Scaring the White Folks Again--Hide the Children!'

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts Dick Morris' 'Here Comes Socialism.'

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight has good reading entitled, 'Analysis of a Fraud.'

Pam Geller provides a timely update on Dutch liberty-patriot Geert Wilders who has been charged in the Netherlands with speaking against Islam.

Alphecca says that Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign has become delusional.

Free in Idaho says it all right here on the unconscionable executive order Obama is set to sign TODAY.

Dustin's Gun Blog has good news today from Arizona--they have a new pro-gun Governor!

Insight on Freedom posts 'Mr. Obama--Taking America into Harm's Way.'

The Rustmeister comments on one key Inaugural Ball that Obama blew off the other night.

Days of our Trailers says it's a good thing criminals don't have guns at Virginia Tech anymore...they'll just decapitate you with a knife.

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day...

Michelle Malkin has been designated by HuffPo as a 'whore for the far right.' Funny how this designation comes from bastards and bitches.

The Hillary Vote: Only 2 Courageous Patriots

The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly today to confirm Hillary Clinton as Obama's new Secretary of State.

Only 2 votes were registered against her confirmation.

2 courageous American patriots had the guts to stand on their convictions against an overwhelming majority and vote 'No' to Hillary.

Those 2 were Republican Senators Jim DeMint of South Carolina and David Vitter of Louisiana.

Congratulations, gentlemen. You are to be commended for voting on your principles and not expedience or compromise.

Obama Will Provide Funding for Overseas Abortions

Today it was announced that Obama will fund foreign abortions.
FOX News reported:

President Obama will issue an executive order on Thursday reversing the Bush administration policy that bans the use of federal dollars by non-governmental organizations that discuss or provide abortions outside of the United States.

As we reported in our 'Political Buzz' segment yesterday, this was one of Barack Obama's top priorities after becoming President, in keeping with his background in Illinois as being one of the most rabid supporters of infanticide/abortion in the nation.

Now, by executive order, our tax dollars will fund abortions overseas.

Did You Notice Sharp Spike in Gas Prices?

Over the past few weeks gasoline prices have inched back upward after experiencing the steepest decline in American history.

But have you noticed that this week alone prices at the pump have increased dramatically?

Here in the Carolinas we are paying roughly 10 cents a gallon more today than we were on Sunday.

Have you cared to ask why?

The reason is very simple and not far to find. Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have made it clear, now that the 2008 election is over, that they have every intention of imposing more bans on oil drilling here at home. In fact, they have already taken steps to pass a bill that will insure no new tapping of energy sources in Wyoming.

Barack Obama's new Secretary of the Interior has further stated that he will oppose any attempt to increase domestic oil drilling anywhere on our own soil or on the outer continental shelf of our coastline.

The sharp spike in gasoline prices we have witnessed of late, in spite of the fact that on the market oil dipped below $30 a barrel, is directly connected to the energy policy of a Democratic Congress and an anti-oil drilling President.

Even CBS News admits it was wrong in failing to report that positive talk during Campaign '08 concerning 'drill here, drill now' led to a dramatic drop in gas prices.

Now that such talk is no longer being heard, in spite of the fact that overwhelming majorities of Americans want us to develop our own energy resources that include oil and natural gas, prices are headed back up.

And with higher federal taxes the Democrats want to slap on gasoline, get set my friends. Once again, we are going to be paying through the nose to drive to work.

Read the complete story here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


At 8 AM this morning the very first foreign leader President Barack Obama called was Palestinian leader tell him how important it is for the U.S. to help the Palestinians:

The PA reports that Obama called Abbas today to tell him how important it is to help the Palestinians. Obama also told Abbas that he was the first foreign leader the new president has called, and so underlined how important it is to advance the cause of the Palestinians.

No wonder Israel wanted to get as much done as it could against Hamas terrorists prior to Obama's inauguration.

The full story is here.

This is an ominous signal that relations between the U.S. and Israel will grow tense under the Obama administration. And it is unconscionable that our most vocal and steadfast ally in the world would be treated in this fashion by an American President.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/21/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Major gun rights legislation has been proposed in the Montana legislature that would override any federal restrictions! This would be a major triumph if passed. (H/t to Mike Vanderboegh via Bob Pooler).

Hot Air reports that by executive order, Obama has halted all further Gitmo military tribunal trials. Most observers believe this is a precursor to closing Gitmo and bringing the terrorists to our own soil, placing them in our own court system and providing them with lawyers at taxpayer expense.

Texas Fred comments on this terribly misguided action by Obama.

Mike McCarville says that a deal may be in the works for a merger between 2 major newspapers in Oklahoma, due to declining readership and ad revenue.

David Codrea notes that now may be a golden opportunity to spread a positive message about guns, given that so many citizens are brand new gunowners as a direct result of the perceived threat of the Obama administration.

Gun Rights Examiner posts Codrea's column for today, 'Dreams of Obama.'

Fox News is reporting that Israel has withdrawn all troops from Gaza as of this morning. Interesting that this coincides with Obama's first full day of office...

Atlas reports the infuriating news that a Netherlands court has ruled that Dutch liberty-patriot Geert Wilders should be prosecuted for speaking his mind about the dangers of Islam.

Sebastian has news that indicates if yesterday's trend continues, Obama will be great for increasing membership in the NRA.

Armed and Safe highlights a complete loony-'toons that has made his way into the realms of power in the Obama administration. Wait till you see who it is!

St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner provides Kurt Hofmann's article today on gun buy-backs.

Roberta X is sick. So let's cheer her up by going over there and reading her excellent blog.

Blogonomicon has 'The Death Chart' and it is the MUST-read of the day concerning how gun control has always been used as a precursor to genocide throughout history.

Gun Nuts posts the recap of last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has Glenn Beck's interview with the great Thomas Sowell. Essential reading!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost provides great reading entitled, 'Charisma as a Tool to Tame the Masses?'

Bloviating Zeppelin 's title for this post says it all--'Hands Coming to Grope for a Wallet Near You.'

Walls of the City muses on 'the cult of personality' and its ramifications for the Obama phenomenon.

Nicki issues this report from the White House on what, exactly, the Obama team plans to do. It is, to say the least, an eye-opener!

Opposing Views is a place where interesting debates occur on gun rights. Their other sections present debates on various issues...

Sipsy Street Irregulars presents 'Retribution.' Read it!

Say Uncle provides info on all the gun bills in the new Congress.

Tam has news on the Tiahrt Amendment and the Obama administration. It's not good.

2A Musing posts something you gotta see--'We Walk the Plank.'

Kharma Futures blogs on Obama's call for revolution. An interesting read!

Brigid provides a much-needed break from the inaugural and Obama-worship. Now THIS is the way to forget about your troubles...

The Liberty Sphere's Political Buzz: Executive Orders

The buzz in and around the Beltway today is that a ton of executive orders await President Barack Obama's signature that will signal a major shift in policy on several fronts.

It is to be noted that executive orders require no act of Congress or prior Congressional approval.

First on the agenda will be an executive order immediately lifting all foreign aid restrictions implemented by the Bush administration on funding of overseas programs that promote abortion and infanticide.

As a legislator in Illinois Obama had a distinct history of being on the record as one of the most ardent advocates for wide-open abortion, and in one case in particular, outright infanticide.

The President has already made it known that one of his first targets as Chief Executive will be foreign aid restrictions set up by George W. Bush that barred any U.S. dollars being used to fund abortion-related causes overseas.

We can expect Obama to lift those restrictions immediately, and thus, the U.S. will once again become one of the world's biggest exporters of baby killing.

Second, many believe that there is an executive order awaiting Obama's signature that will revamp from top to bottom the export-import of firearms and ammunition. One dealer states that a shipment of Russian-made ammo, already bought and paid for, has been detained at port due to the anticipated executive order.

Others believe that yet another executive order will ensue which will mandate the encoding of all ammunition. This, of course, will involve totally reinventing the manner in which ammo is manufactured. And the outgrowth of such a program would be federal registration of all ammo purchases.

Some insiders vehemently dispute that such a move will be made. But even if it turns out to be true, this process will take some time--enough time for patriots to pitch the proverbial fit and cause one big ruckus.

For now, I am putting my money with those who say this is a possible proposal and not a done deal. Obama at present cannot afford to stir up massive ill will in the electorate when he is going to need to use a truckload of political capital and good will to get some critical things done in the financial sector.

And this brings us to the 3rd area of executive orders that will involve the present financial 'crisis.' Obama and his team will capitalize on the hysteria in the electorate over the supposed 'worst economy since the Great Depression,' which is not true of course. But they will seize on the perception to make draconian changes in the manner in which America does business in its business sector.

Look for Obama to continue with the Bush plan of giving broad powers to Treasury, expanding the government's meddling to include a bit of everything, particularly the auto industry, manufacturing and big labor, print media, Hollywood, and 'alternative energy,' such as 'big wind.'

Since Congress has already given the Executive Branch broad powers to expand the role and scope of government in these areas, look for a scurry of activity on the economic front in short order.

And one more thing--we can expect an executive decision very shortly on immediate reductions in troop levels in Iraq...along with an surge of troop levels in Afghanistan. Thus, anti-war extremists are not going to be very happy with the end result. The Obama plan is troop-shift.

This is anything but 'bringing the troops home.'

Mr. Obama: McCain and Powell Don't Qualify

Much has been made in recent days by Barack Obama's apologists in the mainstream media concerning his supposed 'bipartisan gestures of good will.'

This supposedly shows the new President sincerely 'wants to work with Republicans as well as Democrats' in forging a new spirit of cooperation in Washington.

Invariably, the 'proof' they offer for such an assertion is that Obama has reached out to John McCain and Colin Powell.

The fact that Obama kept Secretary Gates at Defense doesn't count because Gates never has been viewed as a political partisan in the first place.

Yet we are supposed to believe that Obama is 'being the bigger man' by 'reaching out' to Republicans.

John McCain and Colin Powell.

Excuse me, Mr. President, but, neither McCain nor Powell qualify.

And you should alert your foot-soldiers in the mainstream media of this fact as well.

John McCain is a RINO at best. Obama himself even stated on Monday of this week that had McCain been elected President, he would have made many if not most of the same choices for the Cabinet as Obama.

And we conservatives do NOT consider McCain to be one of us, particularly not after he made such a royal mess of his campaign and refused to do what was necessary to win. McCain is and has been a sellout. We expect him to continue.

As for Colin Powell, for heaven's sake, the man endorsed Barack Obama for President, although he has been close friends with John McCain for decades.

Again, Powell is a RINO. He has NEVER been one of us. He has admitted he doesn't like conservatives, particularly conservative Christians and conservative radio commentators.

In short, if John McCain and Colin Powell are the best Obama can do with regard to 'bipartisanship,' then relations between Democrats and Republicans in Washington are going to grow even more confrontational.

If Barack Obama is truly serious about 'reaching across the aisle' to work with the opposition, then let him reach out to real conservatives such as Senators Jim Inhofe, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and David Vitter. Let him set up a fancy luncheon with House Minority Leader John Boehner, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, or Governor Sarah Palin, for that matter.

Surely the new President is smart enough to know he can't placate us conservatives by rolling out the names of McCain or Powell as a sign that he is going to cooperate with us.

As an infamous ex-President was known to say, 'That dog won't hunt.'


Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, the undisputed ratings king and the highest-paid radio personality in history, was to do a live-broadcast/real-time commentary on air of the Obama inauguration on Tuesday during the 12-12:30 PM time slot.

But several liberal station managers in a few key areas took it upon themselves to self-censor the Limbaugh program.

In keeping with the mindset and practices of Obama and his team with regard to television and radio programming they find to be 'problematic,' the liberal station managers simply refused to broadcast the 1st half-hour of the Limbaugh program.

So far, 8 stations have been identified as part of the censorship of Limbaugh, including stations in Boston, Raleigh, and Los Angeles.

After the election in November, the Liberty Sphere warned that the censorship of conservative voices in the media may not need the implementation of the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine.'

We were alerted at that time to plans made by the Obama team to bypass the implementation of the Doctrine by working on the local level with station managers and their own teams of 'media watch dogs' to censor unacceptable speech without much fanfare.

Apparently, with this level of cooperation they are already getting from some within the radio industry, they won't have much trouble in silencing conservative voices of dissent.

Sieg Heil!

The Best Line I Heard All Day

A local news anchor in the Western Carolinas said this as the lead-in to the story about the big Stock Market drop on the day Obama was sworn in:

Well, apparently the Stock Market wasn't excited at all about the Obama Presidency. Take a look at these figures.

In the midst of endless, incessant, wall-to-wall idol worship on the part of the mainstream media, all the living long day, this one statement was the only real truth I heard proceed from the mouths of the talking heads.

Yesterday's Stock Market experienced the single largest sell-off in history on the day of a Presidential inauguration. Here is a complete report from NewsBusters.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/20/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Michelle Malkin presents today's Obamedia Orgy Watch, plus the Inauguration cliches count.

Tam unleashes some wonderfully amusing snark on the great disturbance she felt in the force today.

Robb Allen shares his well-founded fears concerning the next 4 years. A MUST-read!

Armed Citizen has some Inauguration facts worth considering.

CNS reports that Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn has blocked Hillary's confirmation. The issue is her husband's entanglements with foreign donors...

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership issues a special news alert that the seeds of confiscation are being quickly planted. A MUST-read!

Dr. John Lott reports explosive news that a well-respected law professor believes that the Heller decision will be overturned...and much sooner than we think.

Caroline Glick has a stunning analysis of the latest developments in Israel--regarding Hamas, European leaders, and the upcoming Israeli election.

Pax Parabellum notes that the deadly plague that swept through Al Qaeda may not be such good news. Take a look...

Walls of the City predicts Obama will sign an executive order regarding guns and ammo during his first week of office.

Days of our Trailers wants us to take a poll on the color of the new Unorganized Militia patch/sticker he's developed.

Ha! The Rustmeister tells it like it is in this one! Take a look...

Western Rifle Shooters Association catalogues what's waiting in the Oval Office in-box for Barry-O today.

Alphecca admits he's gotten all mean and nasty in light of what he's been hearing today. Looks like he has good reason!

Codrea's War on Guns posts a guest editorial today on the ominous H.R. 45, assault weapons ban, and the Hegelian Dialectic.

Gun Rights Examiner publishes Codrea's 'Hail to the Chief?'

Kurt Hofmann, in his St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column today, points out that studies on 'right-to-carry' laws seek to answer all the wrong questions.

Ahab provides all the info on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, with our faithful hosts, Ahab and Breda.

Say Uncle reveals that now more people are employed in government than in manufacturing. This bodes ill for ANY society from a simple economics point of view.

Nicki has essential reading on the history, background, and identity of David Olofson, and the gross injustice that was done in his case. Read it!

CarteachO blogs about his participation in a military rifle match in the snow. Lots of photos.

Breda makes a hum-dinger of a fashion statement today for the Inauguration! I love it!

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast provides the quote of the day on Obama-worshippers.

Notoriously Conservative publishes the complete text of Barack Obama's Inaugural address today.

And now for some rollicking fun all at Obama's expense, An Ol' Broad's Ramblings presents today's edition of 'Obamarama.'

Reagan's 1st Inaugural Address, 1981

I remember Ronald Reagan's 1st inaugural address of 1981. I had never been so proud to be an American, and Dutch certainly didn't let us down.

As Larry Kudlow notes in his article at National Review, Reagan faced a much more severe economic crisis when he entered office than Obama now faces. Yet Reagan summoned the indomitable American spirit and optimism, declaring that we could solve those problems if we get government out of the way.

That, we did.

Obama, however, has stated that 'only government can solve our problems'--a mantra that has been proved 100% wrong over and over again all across the globe.

Reagan's ideas produced 25 years of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity. Obama's ideas have resulted in disaster each and every time they have been implement in human history.

Snow Moves Into the Carolinas

Most of the counties of the Western Carolinas are under a winter storm warning or a winter weather advisory for Monday night and Tuesday morning.

A broad section of the Carolinas are included in the weather alerts, and snow accumulations are expected to be in the range of 2-5 inches.

10 counties in South Carolina are under a winter storm warning. Another 31 counties are under a winter weather advisory.

Detailed weather maps and announcements concerning these conditions can be found here.

Join Me at the Firing Range

I invite all patriotic Americans to boycott the TV networks and other channels as they coronate a new emperor today, and instead join me in going to your local firing range to shoot off some rounds as Barack Obama is sworn into office.

What better way to note the Inauguration of America's most anti-gun President in history than to use one of those handguns he despises to do some target practice at the range?

From the time Obama commenced his political career in Illinois politics in the 1990s, he has been steadfast in his opposition to any American being 'allowed' to own a handgun. He has stated he wants them banned.

He even voted to disallow homeowners to use 'unregistered' weapons to defend their lives and property during dangerous home invasions.

I sincerely hope that millions of us who cherish liberty will be at the firing range today enjoying our unalienable right to self-defense with firearms at the very moment Obama is sworn in.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Breaking news! President George W. Bush, in the waning hours of his Presidency, has done the right thing and commuted the sentences of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean.

Thank-you, Mr. President. Thank-you!

Full story HERE.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/19/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

MOWCA Blog sends breaking news concerning Wayne Fincher's court hearing. It is TOMORROW. For full info, click on the link (h/t to Paul Davis).

He's baaaaack! Now that the Obamessiah is safely headed for office, he brings out 'the Reverend' Jeremiah (God-d*mn Amerikka) Wright to offer a sermon. Michelle Malkin reports.

Atlas says that no sooner had Israel begun to pull out of Gaza than Hamas began firing rockets into southern Israel again. Who can honestly say they are surprised? The operation into Gaza was stopped way too quickly.

Armed and Safe reports that his (and others') columns in Gun Rights Examiner are gaining momentum and attention. Great news!

And here is Kurt's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column for today.

Speaking of the Gun Rights Examiner, don't forget about David Codrea's national column, and today's is a doozy!

Codrea's War on Guns says that the heirs of liberty have been reduced to the rubble of idol-worship. 'He will save us.' What sacrilege falls from the mouths of the awe-stricken!

Say Uncle has a good roundup today of SHOT.

Pax Parabellum provides a good read on W's legacy.

Days of our Trailers blogs on joining Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

Seen at Western Rifle Shooters Association: Abraham Delano Messiah Obama.

Roberta X reports that on this day, she's dreamin' too. It's a great read!

The great Mike McCarville quoted none other than ME today, showing his ultimate good taste, wisdom, and insight. Seriously, I feel honored to be quoted by one of the most respected journalists/commentators in America today...and I mean that, Mike. You are a credit to your profession.

These things posted by 21 Guns, Salute will make you wonder if the economy is truly 'the worst since the Great Depression.'

2A Musing has an excellent post entitled, 'Cigarettes, Empty Cups, Prisoners, and Guns.'

Free in Idaho posts some essential reading from the great Mark Steyn today.

Sebastian comments on the last day of the Bush Presidency.

Texas Fred reports that the worship and adoration of Obama is beginning to wane overseas.

Joe Huffman has more data on the sharp spike in gun sales since November.

Insight on Freedom has the MUST-read of the day on the passing of the mainstream media.

Bloviating Zeppelin tells the story of 'Tuesday and Beyond' in drawings...

Mike at Sipsy Street Irregulars provides a moving tribute to his son on his birthday...

Traction Control is purchasing reasonably priced transferable machine guns, and provides some photos...

Robb Allen is lusting in his heart for some goodies over at Ahab's place.

Breda points to an interesting incident she entitles, 'Jennifer's Head.'

Tam isn't looking forward to this week, and it's already started off with a bummer. Can we all give her a collective 'awwww'?

The Wandering Minstrel gives us a target practice report.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight has one heckuva read on 'Advice on Weapons Carry--Cop vs. Me.'

The Liberty Sphere's Political Buzz

The Liberty Sphere presents 'The Political Buzz'--the latest whispers and rumors swirling in and around the Beltway.

Go to most any gun store in America and sooner or later you will hear the rumor that big changes are on the way with regard to ammunition under the Barack Obama administration.

Several were overheard to say that one reason retailers can't get adequate supplies of ammo is that encoding is on the way, and thus, manufacturers are waiting until sometime after Jan. 20 to attempt to ascertain whether or not ammo encoding will be required under the incoming Administration.

This would save the manufacturer the costs of shipping out ammo that will only have to be recalled.

I asked a local dealer in South Carolina if this were true. He stated that anything is possible, but he doubts that this will be a nation-wide push due to the cost involved and the wave of vehement protest that would immediately ensue.

Another dealer, a female, was contacted, and she was bit more pessimistic. She could only say that she 'hopes' this is not the case about the ammo and that the main reason for the delay in shipments is the great Obama-inspired rush on guns and ammunition in the run-up to the 'regime change.'

She also made it a point to state that what she's hearing from the customers who frequent her store indicates that the vast majority have 'contingency plans' should Obama and his minions get wild ideas about encoding ammunition or restricting access to firearms.

In addition, House and Senate Republican conservatives also have a plan. They know that RINOS like John McCain will go along with much of the Obama plan. Senate Republicans will use the filibuster and attempt to embarrass and strong-arm turncoats such as McCain, Snow, and others into silence on key issues.

Look for South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, and Oklahoma Senators Tom Coburn and James Inhofe to be at the forefront of the GOP maneuvering to stop any attempt to mandate ammo encoding, as well as several other key issues regarding our nation's survival.

Among conservatives look for South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's stock to decline, given he has hitched his wagon a bit too often to McCain to set well with his conservative base. He will simply be bypassed as conservatives get serious about stopping the ultra-liberal bandwagon.

Martin Luther King Day and Guns

This is the first piece I have ever written on Martin Luther King Day, but I am convinced that this year more than ever a clear, concise statement is needed about its significance, within the context of gun rights.

The very first gun control enacted in this country was initiated by the Ku Klux Klan in order to keep firearms out of the hands of blacks.

Even today, the race-baiters, whether they be white, black, yellow, red, or whatever, continue their quest to disarm groups of people for the purpose of keeping them subservient in one form or another.

Thus, when Barack Obama and Jessie Jackson demand gun control, it is for oppressive purposes. When Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, and others of their ilk demand gun control, once again it is for oppressive purposes.

Honorable citizens have NO criminal intent in their desire to purchase, keep, and bear firearms.

Criminals get guns illegally. And that is where the emphasis should lie, and not upon the average citizens.

Martin Luther King, Jr. understood these things.

Sure, his marches were peaceful, non-violent. But talk to thousands of blacks in the South who joined him, and you will find scores who found a way to keep firearms in order to provide themselves with protection against oppressive whites who worked for government.

Condi Rice tells many a fascinating story about her father in Birmingham, Alabama, and his conviction that Bull Connor, the man who ran the city police department and did the bidding of the Klan, was such a danger that her father needed to keep weapons in their home.

The throngs of the oppressed who either joined King's marches or supported them silently understood all too well the dangers of oppressive government. They had lived under it. And they knew the lengths to which evil men drunk with power would go to deprive the powerless of any and all means to gain security for their persons, their families, and their property.

Those who would seek to deprive any citizen of the means of self-defense are just as culpable as 'the white sheets with hoods' that sought to do so in the pre-Civil Rights South.

Dr. King knew a thing or two about human liberty that our incoming President-select doesn't know. King understood because he had lived without it. And that is the difference--the defining difference between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama.

Martin Luther King Day is actually a day I can celebrate. Tomorrow's inauguration of a human liberty charlatan is no celebratory matter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jack Booted Thugs

Apparently it is now part of the politically correct mindset to view terms such as 'jack booted thugs' as part of an anti-law enforcement mentality.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Growing up in a small southern town as I did, I was around fire, police, and sheriff's officials during the entirety of my upbringing. I happen to know that many if not most of these persons are the salt of the earth. They are good men and women doing the best job they can.

Yet I am one of the first to use the term 'jack booted thug' when I see law enforcement run amok, such as the Bill Clinton-Janet Reno murderous raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and the senseless, spineless, and despicable murder of the Weavers at Ruby Ridge--all compliments of federal law enforcement agents.

And of course, the ATF is the penultimate example of jack booted thuggery with the manner in which they treat firearms dealers and gun owners in general.

Anyone who truly understands the vocabulary of those of us who love and cherish liberty knows that 'jack booted thug' is never used in an attempt to paint a broad brush stroke of all law enforcement personnel.

It takes a special kind of law enforcement person or persons to qualify for the term. That kind of person is usually oblivious to the rights of citizens and drunk with their own power. You know the kind.

And, as long as there are those out there who continue to use their 'authority' to trample on human liberty, squelch the right of the people to self-defense including the use of guns, and generally look askance at anyone who questions big government, then I will continue to use the term 'jack booted thugs' to describe them.

Believe me, there are going to be lots and lots more of these types around after January 20.

Why She Won't Be Watching the Inauguration

I'm not going to watch the inauguration. I love my country, but don't think I want to watch another 150 million spent in what is proving to be not a solemn rite of passage, but what looks more and more like the confirmation of the divine right of kings. I don't wish to celebrate another day in which I see our country moving further away from that which made it great.

I fully concur! Read the entire stunning and beautifully written piece by Brigid at Home on the Range.

Several weeks ago I stated here on The Liberty Sphere that I will not be watching the Inauguration this year as a matter of principle. I will not and cannot support any election to public office of an individual that so thoroughly flies in the face of the undergirding principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers of this nation.

Besides that, I don't think I can stomach watching yet another juvenile display of 'professional journalists' who swoon, oooo and ahhhh, get feelings running up their leg like Chris Matthews, or grow all flirty and wet like Katie Couric.

Barack Obama has made enough statements questioning large portions of the Constitution, the wisdom of our Founders, and even the Declaration of Independence (he thinks we need a new one that is free of 'oppression' whatever the heck that means), that he is at the very least suspect.

He is determined to take the nation down a path it is has never tread before--the path to total government control of the means of production, beginning with the financial sector.

And no, I do not 'wish him well and hope he succeeds' in this endeavor.

Count me from day one as a member of the loyal and persistent opposition. I will oppose every single initiative Obama brings forth, unless and until he wakes up from being so drunk with power that he begins to realize that the citizens who love liberty will not stand for his chicanery and then wisely changes his ways.

I am making it a point to be down at the range while he's being sworn in, firing off some rounds with one of those evil, despicable handguns he's been wanting to ban all his political career.

I can think of no greater way to usher in the Obama Presidency than for gunowners to boycott the Inauguration and head for the firing range.

Explosive New Revelations on Energy

Over the past couple of months or so it has been a welcome relief to go to the gas pump and face prices that are entirely reasonable for working families in the middle of a recession.

That is about to change...if Barack Obama and his new energy 'brain trust' have their way.

Already plans are in the works not only for Obama to break a campaign promise to support offshore oil drilling in order to promote American energy independence, but to approve new regulations that will drive up prices.

This is precisely what they want.

They want gasoline prices so high that most of us are forced to stop driving most of the time. True, it's not realistic in today's society, but the hardliners of the environmentalist Leftwing that helped put Obama in office have never been known for their realism.

The first report is here, and the following is an example:

Beyond restoring the ban on offshore drilling, the Obama transition team is also considering adding to the restrictions facing onshore drilling, something [incoming Secretary of the Interior] Salazar has pushed for in the Senate. He has also been instrumental in placing regulatory roadblocks in front of oil shale in Colorado and other states where it exists.—Ben Lieberman, senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation.

And not only that, but new information has surfaced concerning the news report a couple of weeks ago that environmentalist groups, trade Unions, the United Nations, and Obama team members are working overtime to rob the pensions of hard-working Americans to fund so-called 'green' initiatives, whether the workers want to support it or not.

In an article entitled, 'Green Deception and Future Betrayal,' Isaac MacMillan examines the movements of the pension-robbing environmentalist Leftwing and their co-conspirators in the Unions and the U.N.

When the Washington Post Criticizes Pelosi, Reid...

When the Washington Post criticizes Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the Democrats who run the House and Senate respectively, you know we have a major problem on our hands.

The Post has never been known for its objectivity when it comes to Democrats and Republicans, with the Democrats, of course, always coming out smelling like a rose.

But the abject, rude partisanship that has characterized the 'rule' of Pelosi and Reid at the expense of the minority GOP for the past 2 years has caught the attention of even the Post.

We know Democratic lawmakers have taken their bully-boy tactics too far when even The Washington Post worries about the lack of civility in the 111th Congress. As the Post notes, during the 110th Congress "Democrats brought more measures to the House floor under closed rules - permitting no amendments - than any of the six previous Republican-controlled congresses." Barring amendments to proposed legislation, of course, means take it or leave it, which renders floor debate all but meaningless. But then a meaningless floor debate is fitting since House members of both parties often don't even bother to read measures before voting on them.

Considering how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are treating Republicans in the new Congress, the brazen muzzling of minority rights will continue.

Clearly, Democrats demand the rights of the minority...until they are in the majority. It is then they rule with an iron fist that would make Hitler and Stalin proud.

Sieg Heil!