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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jack Booted Thugs

Apparently it is now part of the politically correct mindset to view terms such as 'jack booted thugs' as part of an anti-law enforcement mentality.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Growing up in a small southern town as I did, I was around fire, police, and sheriff's officials during the entirety of my upbringing. I happen to know that many if not most of these persons are the salt of the earth. They are good men and women doing the best job they can.

Yet I am one of the first to use the term 'jack booted thug' when I see law enforcement run amok, such as the Bill Clinton-Janet Reno murderous raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and the senseless, spineless, and despicable murder of the Weavers at Ruby Ridge--all compliments of federal law enforcement agents.

And of course, the ATF is the penultimate example of jack booted thuggery with the manner in which they treat firearms dealers and gun owners in general.

Anyone who truly understands the vocabulary of those of us who love and cherish liberty knows that 'jack booted thug' is never used in an attempt to paint a broad brush stroke of all law enforcement personnel.

It takes a special kind of law enforcement person or persons to qualify for the term. That kind of person is usually oblivious to the rights of citizens and drunk with their own power. You know the kind.

And, as long as there are those out there who continue to use their 'authority' to trample on human liberty, squelch the right of the people to self-defense including the use of guns, and generally look askance at anyone who questions big government, then I will continue to use the term 'jack booted thugs' to describe them.

Believe me, there are going to be lots and lots more of these types around after January 20.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could agree with you. But I cannot. There have always been bad cops. But they weren't the majority. That is no longer true.

A good cop cannot cover for or keep silent about the actions of bad cops. When they do, they are bad cops, themselves.

How many times have we seen bad cops brought before the bar of justice without undeniable proof of such horrific nature that the politicians who set them on us were in fear of losing their positions due to citizen outrage. the recent BART murder, is a case in point.

Do you really believe that if the cops had successfully confiscated all the cell phone images showing that cold-blooded murder that the other cops would have arrested him?

Think about that, now. They were there, they held the man down, they witnessed this monster commit murder on a non-threatening man. They didn't arrest him then, they didn't disarm him, instead they tried to gather all the citizen owned copies of the murder.

Had they arrested him on the spot, a weak argument could be made that they were gathering evidence. Since they did not even attempt to disarm or arrest the murdering s.o.b. it can only be reasonably assumed they wanted to destroy evidence. As has been done time after time all over this nation.

No, I no longer believe that most are decent people. Neither do I believe that is an accident, these are people recruited and protected for their unswerving loyalty to our would be masters.

Does that make me a cop hater, perhaps, but mostly I think it makes me a criminal hater. The presence of a uniform and a badge does not entice me to like the criminal a damn bit better.

Too broad a brush? I think not. I will continue to think not until I see some of them willing to clean up their own ranks. I have yet to see that.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the second kind of JBT, the overwhelming majority of LEOs who do everything in their power to protect the JBTs of whom you write.

To everyone who believes themselves to be a 'good cop', I ask you this: "How many 'bad cops' have you arrested in your career, and how many times have you looked the other way when a coworker broke the law?"
If the boot fits...

Anonymous said...

How many of the ATF/FBI Waco killers came forward to tell the truth about their raid? NONE....... Most still work for the Feds. Betcha their all excited now that they have a president that will be willing to send them on more Waco type raids.

Anonymous said...

We may have more than ATF to watch out for. Obama is building his own 'Political organization' with campaign funds. Check here:,0,1539654.story
They plan to be loyal only to Obama, not party, not country. A very disturbing idea.