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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Romney Wins; Thompson, Hunter Tie for 2nd

With 75% of the vote counted, GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has won the Wyoming Republican Caucuses.

Wyoming, however, is not a winner-take-all state. Although Romney has won 7 of the 12 available delegates to the GOP convention, both Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter picked up one delegate each.

With only 3 delegates left to be won, this means that Romney cannot lose. However, he could well pick up more delegates as the Mormon vote comes in from the southwest sector of the state.

Early indications show that Fred Thompson could also pick up at least one more delegate, meaning he would finish a solid 2nd, pushing Hunter back into 3rd place.

Thompson Surging, Ties Hunter for 2nd Place

Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, R-Tennessee, has experienced a surge in Wyoming and is now tied with Duncan Hunter for 2nd place. Each has one delegate with 20% of the vote.

Mitt Romney remains in first place with 50% of the vote and 6 delegates.

Breaking Update on Wyoming GOP Caucuses

With nearly 70% of the vote counted, it appears that Mitt Romney is cruising to a win of the majority of the delegates at stake in Wyoming's Republican Caucuses.

Romney has received 50% of the vote so far and has 6 delegates. Duncan Hunter places 2nd with 21% of the vote and has received 1 delegate.

Fred Thompson is coming in at a strong 3rd with 17% of the vote. Thompson has not as yet won any delegates, however.

Stay tuned!

Mid-Afternoon Update on Wyoming GOP Caucuses

It's still very early in the voting process, but with 42% of the precincts reporting in the Wyoming Republican Caucuses, Mitt Romney has jumped into an early lead with 80% of the vote so far.

U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter, R-California, is in 2nd place with 20% of the vote.

The voting process still has a long way to go today, with 58% of the precincts yet to be counted.

Check back with us later in the afternoon for a further update...

Wyoming Republican Caucuses Today

Always committed to telling you what the mainstream media won't, we at The Liberty Sphere will keep you informed about the headlines beneath the headlines, and the information buried by supposedly 'more important endeavors.'

The Wyoming Republican Caucuses take place today, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008.

If you had only been paying attention to the mainstream media or the Press, you would have never heard about this event.

Very few delegate votes are at stake in this event, yet Wyoming is a vital part of the political process, given that it is in the middle of one of the strongest Republican areas in the nation.

Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, and Mitt Romney have campaigned in the state, while the rest have placed Wyoming on the back burner. Rumor has it that Mitt Romney will do very well here, but there is no solid evidence to back that up.

The reason is that no polling data has been gathered. Perhaps the various polling organizations do not consider Wyoming to be important enough to invest the time and money.

Thus, the only count to be taken will be the actual vote itself, and Wyoming's preferred candidate will be chosen by the end of the process.

As always, the Liberty Sphere will keep you informed of the results of the Wyoming Republican Caucuses as soon as they are made available.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/4/08

We apologize for the absence of the Roundup yesterday. I was incredibly busy with the Iowa Caucuses.

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Born Again Redneck has Fred Thompson's video from last night, where he said 'Let's go out and shock the world':

Born Again Redneck also says that a much-ignored primary is taking place tomorrow--the GOP Wyoming Caucuses:

Nicki also weighs in on the Huckster and Osama-bama:

Sebastian has some important information on Georgia gun issues:

Mike McCarville reports on the turmoil in the D.C. gun case before the Supreme Court:

Of Arms and the Law has more on D.C.'s attorney-shuffle here:

Today's MUST-read is over at Cap'n Bob and the Damsel. They have Fred Thompson's comments on the D.C. gun ban:

Uncle has some links to a few comments on the Second Amendment:

Tam appropriately issues an indictment on American society, based upon the Britney Spears story vs. the Iowa Caucuses in the news media:

It's time for us all to run for our lives. Breda has been turned into an action figure. (J/K, Breda):

And here is the culprit who unleashed the Breda action figure onto an unsuspecting world (can a Mike McCarville bobble-head doll be far behind?):

A Keyboard and a .45 comments on a crazed Muslim Dad who killed his beautiful teenage daughters for becoming 'westernized':

We have two MUST-reads of the day. Armed and Safe writes a vital post on state law and inalienable rights that you absolutely have to see:

Oscar Poppa posts good reading today on the four types of government operatives:

For some reason I haven't been able to gain access to Robb Allen's blog, Sharp as a Marble, for days:

Michelle Malkin reports that Democrats Chris Dodd and Joe Biden have dropped out of the race:

Malkin also discusses Rush Limbaugh's reaction to the Iowa Caucuses--an interesting read!:

L. Neil Smith at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership begins a three-part series entitled, 'What's It Gonna Take?':

From the NRA: the Virginia legislature opened the 2008 session with attacks on preemption:

Eugene Volokh issues a stinging indictment against the United Nations on the subjects of free speech and religion:

Instant Analysis: The Iowa Caucuses

With over 99% of the Democratic vote counted and with nearly 90% of the Republican vote tallied, the Iowa Caucuses have once again shown us the independence and grit of Iowa voters.

Defying all predictions (except for the last minute prognostications late last night), Iowans have picked Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee as their preferred standard-bearers for the Democrats and the Republicans.

Although the Iowa Caucuses are very strategic in American politics due to their uniqueness and thoroughly grassroots process, the system does have its weaknesses. That weakness shows itself in the winners.

Only the most activist of voters participate in the Iowa Caucuses, which require a commitment of time and energy. On the Democratic side this means that Leftist activists by and large choose the preferred candidate. On the Republican side this means that rightwing evangelicals carry the most weight in picking their preferred candidate.

Thus, Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee emerge as winners.

While America needs the unique grassroots process as epitomized by the Iowa Caucuses, their importance in influencing who will eventually be the Parties' nominees is highly questionable. So many candidates have won Iowa only to go on to defeat.

It is highly unlikely that Mike Huckabee will be elected President of the United States. And this is why Republicans will eventually reject him.

The same can be said for Barack Obama. He is a first-term U.S. Senator who has ZERO experience in so many areas that are vital to America's well-being. This is particularly true with regard to foreign policy and terrorism.

In fact, neither Huckabee nor Obama have the necessary experience to deal with situations such as Pakistan.

Obama may well win in New Hampshire and Michigan. But by the time the Florida primary rolls around we can expect Democratic voters to have settled down from their 'star-worship' and consider the cold, hard facts that in a dangerous world such as ours it is sheer folly to select a novice as your Party's nominee.

As for Huckabee, voters in New Hampshire already know the folly of choosing a novice. He will not do well in N.H., neither will he gain much traction in Michigan. Huckabee's best hope is to make a good showing in South Carolina, which is still very much in flux.

Both Obama and Huckabee have made 'change' the rallying cry of their respective campaigns. When disgruntled voters throw a tantrum, they usually turn to such candidates, even if they possess very little knowledge or experience in the area of world politics.

But Iowa is different--always has been. The entire electorate nationwide is not quite ready to throw a tantrum, at least not to the degree that they are willing to throw all rationality out the window. For this reason we can look for McCain to win New Hampshire.

It will take the Democrats a bit longer to come to their senses. We predict they will have done so by the time the Florida primary rolls around.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thompson, McCain Tie for 3rd in Iowa

The major news organizations have already projected the winners in the Iowa Caucuses this evening. GOP candidate Mike Huckabee and Democratic candidate Barack Obama gained more votes than anyone else in their respective Parties.

However, the biggest news of the evening is what's beneath the headline.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is projected to take 3rd place, with 96% of the vote counted. This is sorely disappointing news for the Clinton campaign. John Edwards has surpassed Hillary in the vote count to take 2nd place. Bill Richardson comes in 4th with a distant 2% of the vote.

Republicans, on the other hand, seem to be more undecided than the vote count indicates. While Huckabee is in 1st place in the state, Romney is a mere 7 percentage points behind in 2nd place.

But here is the big news. Tied for 3rd place are Fred Thompson and John McCain.

A mere three months ago McCain had been given up for dead on the campaign trail. But he has surged to share 3rd place in the voting.

Fred Thompson was written off in Iowa completely by the news media and the political pundits--and even many citizens. Yet the candidate spent most of the month of December criss-crossing the state and experienced a last-minute surge that placed him in 3rd place along with McCain.

With McCain also surging in New Hampshire, his 3rd place showing in Iowa will surely help his chances in the N.H. primary next Tuesday. And Thompson can emerge from Iowa claiming that he did much better than expected.

Ready To Rumble: Iowa Caucuses Today

Alright, alright, alright. We're ready to rumble. The Iowa Caucuses are today, kicking off the 2008 Presidential race in earnest.

For us here at The Liberty Sphere, this is our area of expertise, our forte. And we are already excited about the drama of this race in both Parties.

First of all, our sources in Iowa tell us that we can safely throw out the window all we think we know concerning the polling numbers in both Parties. A trusted veteran GOP operative in Iowa tells us that never in the history of the Caucuses has a race been as wide-open as this one.

Never in his memory has a race been so tight, and this includes the Republicans as well as Democrats.

Within the GOP there are now four candidates that are within easy striking distance of first place: Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Fred Thompson.

On the Democratic side the race fluctuates between three top candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards.

In addition, the thing for which Iowans are known when it comes to politics--changing their minds and deciding on a candidate at the last minute--is even more a factor this year than any before. A significant number of primary voters in the state say that they could easily change their minds. Some citizens even state that they have already changed their minds after they declared support for a candidate in the various polls that have been conducted in the last few days.

The process is expected to go on well into the night, particularly for the Democrats whose procedure is more complicated than the Republicans.' The Republican procedure is a straight straw poll. The Democrats, however, wheel and deal, negotiate, and vote at least twice before a winner is decided.

Nowhere in the country is the political process any more grassroots than in Iowa. Iowans commit much more than just a vote at their caucuses. They commit a significant amount of time to come out to the polling places to engage the candidates and their supporters.

This is the reason the Iowa Caucuses are considered to be so vitally important. This is the American heartland. This is the grassroots in the heartland. This is as close to the average voter as it gets.

And this is why Iowa will always be central to the American political process--as long as they keep their system close to the people.

So, my friends, it's time to rock and roll.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/2/08

Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's holiday.

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

A Keyboard and a .45 met up with USCitizen of Traction Control for a day at the range on New Year's Day:

Traction Control adds his perspective on the day's events at the shooting range, along with pics!:

Armed and Safe muses on whether or not 2008 will be the year of the 2nd Amendment:

Ever since I began blogging, Atlas Shrugs has been a regular read. Pam Geller is one of the most effective voices against the Jihad in the blogosphere. Her New Year's Resolution is to work to get the U.S. OUT of the U.N. And here is one of the main reasons why--the U.N. mandates the number and type of refugees that are relocated here!:

The most beautiful blond on earth, Blonde Sagacity, tells us why both the Right AND the Left should be supporting Fred Thompson:

Born Again Redneck says that television personality Pat Sajak has some poignant words about Fred Thompson and the media:

Syd has a very interesting read on how to teach your girlfriend to hate guns (and get killed in the process!):

Of Arms and the Law reports that D.C. is expected to file its brief in the Heller case on Friday:

Of Arms and the Law also reports that the GOA's chief federal lobbyist, John Velecco, is in very serious medical condition and needs surgery:

Snow Flakes in Hell points to a startling admission on the part of the New York Times concerning the NRA:

You gotta see this over at War on Guns concerning the Ceasefire PA Director:

Tam provides a link to her Sunday Smith blog, and this post is about the S & W Model 19-5 Combat Magnum:

John Lott has an interesting read on Giuliani's views on gun control:

I know some have already written about this, but you MUST see this from Michelle Malkin. The Dallas Morning News named the 'illegal alien' as the 'Texan of the year.' We all know that the DMN is just another leftwing rag, but this is over the top even for them:

The quintessential conservative, Mr. William F. Buckley, Jr., writes about the Iowa caucuses from the perspective of what the news people are not allowed to ask:

The Volokh Conspiracy comments on the exclusion of Ron Paul from a candidates' forum in New Hampshire:

Poll Results on Hillary's Gasoline Claim

The results from our exclusive online (and unscientific) poll on Hillary Clinton's claim that electing her to office will result in an immediate lowering of gasoline prices are in. This short-term poll lasted for one week only and portrays a sampling of the views of the readers of The Liberty Sphere.

Hillary's claim did not fair very well with Liberty Sphere readers. By an overwhelming majority (over 75% of respondents), our readers think that Hillary Clinton is completely nuts. This is no surprise, given that The Liberty Sphere attracts some of the most deep-thinking, bright, and politically astute minds in the blogosphere.

14% of you stated that Hillary's policies would have the exact opposite effect from her claim--meaning, of course, that her election would have the effect of raising gasoline prices.

These two top choices in the poll account for a whopping 89% of respondents.

The choice that said, 'Yes, she is a genius,' received only one vote.

The remaining choice, 'Maybe, but the decrease will be due to many factors,' also received one vote.

As you can see, Hillary Clinton is not exactly a popular figure here at The Liberty Sphere. If only the rest of the country could see what we see.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Late-Breaking Update on Allenna Williams Ward

News has surfaced concerning the sentencing hearing for Allenna Williams Ward, the Clinton, South Carolina teacher who confessed to criminal sexual contact with at least 5 teenage boys.

For the complete story on the reason for the delay of sentencing, as well as a statement from State's Attorney Jerry Peace, click here:

Happy New Year!

May your 2008 be the very best year ever!

Major Poll Shows McCain in First Place

Could it be true?

We have heard reports out of New Hampshire that GOP Presidential hopeful John McCain's crowds have dramatically swelled in recent days and that there is a new buzz being generated about the candidate that he is the one to watch.

On the heels of those reports comes the news, released yesterday, that McCain is in first place in a major poll released over the weekend.

Two things to consider: first, this is the only poll among the top polling organizations that places McCain in the lead, and second, his lead in this particular poll is tenuous. At least three other candidates are within easy striking distance...Thompson, Romney, and Huckabee.

The biggest news of all, however, lays buried within the poll results--news that seems to be confirmed across the board among ALL of the major polling organizations. That news is that Rudy Giuliani's stock has been devalued--dramatically.

The former New York City Mayor has experienced a sharp decline in support over the past three months, totally dropping out of the top tier of candidates in some polls. He barely registers at all in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina--the three early primary states.

Aides to the Mayor state that his strategy has been to focus on later primary states that carry huge delegate counts, such as Florida and others.

But this is a risky endeavor, particularly if someone emerges from the first three primaries with momentum.

McCain's stock has risen for three basic reasons--one, the success of the resurgence in Iraq, for which McCain had advocated for years and which has resulted in a dramatic drop in violence; two, his maturity, experience, and wisdom that are vital in a dangerous world; and three, his willingness to amend his positions on issues that do not find widespread support among the voters.

When the electorate takes him to the woodshed over his support of amnesty for illegal aliens and the McCain-Feingold debacle, McCain listens.

Thus, McCain has a good chance at winning New Hampshire. But he has troubles down the line.

So, stay tuned. It's getting very interesting out there. And Iowa looms large on Thursday of this week.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/31/07

Notice! The Roundup will take a break for New Year's Day tomorrow. We will resume on Wednesday.

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

We start with some good news today. Armed citizens are having an impact on crime. Here is a news report about a home invasion gone bad, the result of which was two criminals dead:

Mike McCarville has the latest scoop on Iowa as we head down to the last 3 days before the Caucuses:

A Keyboard and a .45 blogs on a great gun show at the Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth:

Armed and Safe posts the BBC's take on the American gun rights debate:

Blogonomicon reports that gun owners are safer than ever before:

Born Again Redneck has the responses of Thompson supporters to the latest smear by the mainstream media:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel write about their last target practice for 2007:

Syd presents Part 2 of his interesting discussion on 'The Second Gun':

Sebastian has a brief wrap-up of the shooters' shindig at Uncle's place in Knoxville:

Tam has more about it here:

Squeaky has some notes on her life of late. She has moved, and as we all know, that is quite a fact, I had just as soon eat road-kill as to move:

Breda reminds us that 'the Breda fallacy' is still true:

David Codrea at War on Guns has been hit with an anonymous troll who apparently is using the name of a college professor. Read this post and the others connected to this mystery:

Traction Control has the link to the video Fred Thompson just released that lays out a vital message to Iowans and the rest of the nation on the brink of the Iowa Caucuses:

We could very well call this 'the swine Congress,' due to the excessive pork (earmarks) the Dems promised they would stop in 2006. John Lott has the story:

Gun Law News alerts us to a bill in the Georgia Legislature that would restore 2nd Amendment rights infringed upon by state laws:

From the NRA: Cook County, Illinois is stepping up its assault on gun rights:

Duke University seems to be in hot water again in the aftermath of its botched handling of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax. Liestoppers has the story:

Media's Smear Campaign Against Fred Thompson

The distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the mainstream media have either deliberately misled the public or else they are lacking in the mental capacity to do their jobs. The case of GOP Presidential candidate Fred Thompson is a perfect case in point.

When Mr. Thompson first entered the race, the buzz around the mainstream media was the he lacked 'the fire in the belly' to be President, referring to the candidate's laid-back personality and style.

Then, they whined that he did not conduct his campaign like everyone else. They never knew what he would do or say next, or when he would walk off the stage ahead of schedule, or refuse to take questions, or a gazillion other major transgressions the mainstream media view as unforgivable due to their insatiable need to control candidates.

And now comes their latest foray into outright lies and half-truths, misrepresenting the candidate so blatantly that the entire lot should be cast onto the ash-heap of yellow journalism.

Campaigning in Iowa, Mr. Thompson answered some questions about this 'fire in the belly' business. He stated that he did not have an overwhelming desire to campaign or to be President. That kind of barefaced ambition, said Thompson, is reserved for those who have made it their lifelong goal of attaining the Oval Office from which they can fulfill a pathological ego need or to try to change America into a Socialist state.

As for Fred, his priorities are in the right order. His commitment is to his family and his principles. Being President is not a desire that arises out of selfish ambition. Rather, his quest for that Office comes from the need for a straight-up, plain-talking, no-nonsense leader.

In short, Mr. Thompson seeks the Presidency because he sees a great need and he wants to serve his country, IF the people want him.

Our nation's greatest Presidents have always had this attitude toward the highest office in the land. George Washington had to be drafted by his friends and fellow countrymen before he would agree to serve. Dwight D. Eisenhower never aspired to be President. He was courted by both Parties to run. And Ronald Reagan ran only because he sensed a compelling need to save the Republic from shysters who had brought to the nation to the brink of ruin.

But when Reagan's time was up, one sensed that he could not wait to be 'outta there' and get back to his ranch in California.

Yet the Press has always loved career politicians who have had designs on the White House for long periods of time. These persons are usually self-indulgent, arrogant, snobbish, and behave with a sense of entitlement, with their loyal subjects, usually the mainstream media, following in their entourage.

Not only that, but the Constitution to these self-serving pompous gold-bricks is a mere inconvenience to their underhanded schemes.

They do the country absolutely no good whatsoever.

And thus, along comes a candidate such as Mr. Thompson, who brings such a breath of fresh air into the rank stench of politics-as-usual and those who promote it--the Press. This they cannot handle.

It is thus much easier to misrepresent the candidate's views or either they fail to understand the mindset and thus get it all wrong.

Today the news is all over the papers, the Internet, the TV, and radio that Thompson has stated he does not want to be President. These people read the very same news clip I read which quoted the full text of Thompson's remarks. The problem is I didn't read any of what they read into Thompson's remarks, primarily because what they read into his comments is simply not there.

The perfect cut-and-paste job the Press did on Thompson's remarks is incredibly unprofessional, biased, and downright stupid to those who can read the full text for themselves.

What reporters and writers are counting on, however, are the millions of zombie-like sheep who will read or listen to only the 5-second sound byte--'Thompson doesn't want to be President.'

You see, this is one of the ways the Press influences elections.

Thompson never said a word of what they are reporting when the full context is read and understood. In fact, the candidate has the perfect answer for those who question his commitment to seek the Office--he gave up ALL of his income to do this. To run for President without running afoul of laws that mandate equal time, he had to give up Law and Order, a syndicated newspaper column and radio stint with ABC, and several other income-producing jobs that carried his name.

A man who is willing to do all of that to run for President is certainly a serious candidate who is committed to serving his country if the people want him. Of course, all of this is totally lost on the Press.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


While the Interior Ministry of Pakistan continues to claim that Benazir Bhutto did not die from bullets but from a blunt force trauma to the head, a new 'McGruder-type' home video from the crime scene has emerged that clearly shows plenty of evidence that Bhutto sustained gun-shots to the back of her head and neck.

The Interior Ministry claims she was not struck by bullets but that when the vehicle was rocked by a suicide bomb blast, she ducked inside the vehicle and hit her head in the process.

The tape shows no such thing.

In addition, the attending emergency physician at the hospital where Bhutto was taken stated in his official report that the charismatic opposition leader had died from gunshot wounds to her head and neck.

The hospital--not the physician--later changed the official report.

Of course, none of this is shocking to those familiar with the Pakistani government, which is by all accounts one of the most corrupt on earth. The government would have a vested interest in being able to say that terrorist bullets did not kill Benazir Bhutto.

The rest of the world, however, knows the truth.

Notes From Here and There

In just three days the Iowa Caucuses will kick off the 2008 Presidential campaigns in earnest. Polls have been all over the board in both Parties. In fact, voter preferences have been so fluid that we think it is fairly impossible to predict who will win on either side.

Although he is in 3rd place, Fred Thompson has a chance to pull an upset. He is within striking distance of front runner Mike Huckabee, and the money Thompson raised during his two-day blogburst blitz last week will mean he can inundate the state with a barrage of TV and radio ads in the last three days of campaigning.

This could make a huge difference.

On the Democratic side some observers indicate that Barack Obama has begun to lose some of his luster, despite Oprah Winfrey's 'Barack and Oprah Road Show.' Nonetheless, there is also widespread discontent with Hillary. Does this mean that John Edwards is the beneficiary?

This is hard to say. We do not see Edwards winning any primaries, but we have been proved wrong before.

Pakistani officials now claim that popular opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was not killed by bullets but by a severe bump to the head. Apparently the shots that rang out missed the charismatic Bhutto but rattled the vehicle in which she was traveling. When she attempted to duck back inside the vehicle she sustained blunt-force trauma to the head, resulting in death.

Nonetheless, Pakistani officials also claim they know who was behind the assassination.

A pro-Taliban leader with connections to Al Qaeda, who resides in the lawless tribal section of Pakistan where terrorists have found safe haven, was quoted from a document obtained by the Interior Ministry as congratulating the assassins for a 'job well-done.'

Baitullah Mehsud is suspected for perpetrating the attacks and is implicated in a series of other terrorist attacks within Pakistan.

In addition, there are widespread reports of violence and unrest throughout Pakistan in the wake of the funeral of Bhutto.

The Baltimore Chronicle suggested this week on its op-ed page that a global warming catastrophe could rid the world of conservatives. As areas in the Southeast, the Deep South, the Southwest, and the Great Plains States are devastated by rising temperatures, residents will be forced out, supposedly to take haven in the cooler areas of the northeast and Great Lakes region, which somehow will be spared the doom.

It is then, as the writer suggests, that these conservatives should be forced to endure sub-citizen status and not allowed to participate in the political process, 'due to their hate-filled and single-minded desire to do nothing about global warming.'

The writer hails this as a wonderful thing.

But apparently neither the writer nor the Chronicle have been reading the template of their own movement. According to the script followed by the Algore people and the more militant global warming proponents, the end result of global warming will not be unendurable heat but a massive ice age caused by gigantic, hurricane-like storms that will engulf the entire planet, which will catapult the Earth into a devastating ice age.

These storms, which will be fueled by the warmer air, will have the net result of ridding the Earth of the warmer air, plunging temperatures into danger zones like the planet has never seen since the last Ice Age. Thus, those who survive will be forced South.

Just think, the pompous-assed northeasterners and Great Lakes elitists will be forced into territory where Bubbas love their guns and dislike Yankee liberals. I don't think I would be mouthing off about how you plan to punish Bubba if he is forced up into your area. He just may have a few surprises of his own waiting for you when you get here to thaw out of the deep freeze.