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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hollywood Whispers: Britney Spears

Washington, DC (TLS). It goes without saying that most have heard by now that Britney Spears is out of rehab. Normally such news would be a good thing, but not in the case of a star who is obviously held firmly in the grip of one of the most destructive and deadly diseases in the world.

For the tough cases, one month is simply not enough. 90 days to a year in rehab is the prescription for those who have shown resistance to recovery in shorter periods of hospitalization.

No sooner had Spears been released from rehab than rumors were flying about her love-life and her night-time habits. She has been linked to a new beau who himself has had his own uncontrollable problems with drugs and alcohol--a BIG no-no for someone who is just getting clean.

Rumors have also circulated that Spears is back on the clubbing circuit, but this has not been confirmed.

However, the things one hears around Hollywood and New York night life indicate that Spears may not be out of the woods when it comes to her program of recovery. We can only hope for her sake, and for her family's sake, that this is not true.

One of the more interesting interviews telecast in recent days was a cable news program featuring one of the original child stars of 'The Brady Bunch.' This young lady went through her own hell on earth with addiction in her teens and twenties. Yet now she is a recovering, mature, and beautiful young lady who has her life back together.

This she owes to God, her recovery program, and her total change in way of life, including a new set of friends and acquaintances. The latter, she says, is the real key to success in recovery from addiction.

If Britney is to succeed in her erstwhile failed attempts at recovery, she is going to have to revamp her entire life from top to bottom. The old friends that she 'uses' with must go, unfortunately...not that she is better than they or that they are not worthy of her, but that an addict simply is not capable of resisting the urges and cravings when they are around friends who use.

She will need friends and a support system that have nothing to do with alcohol or drugs.

My words here are not the rantings of a teetotaler. People who are not addicts can drink alcohol responsibly. Addicts cannot. Thus, an addict, particularly one who has had such a difficult time staying clean, MUST clear their lives of all stimuli that produce the cravings, and that includes one's friends.

In short, Spears has a tendency to hang out with all the wrong people for someone with her problem. This has got to change.

And the urgency of my words are not meant to denigrate her in any way whatsoever, but they come from one who believes in her amazing talent and in the clean-cut girl from Louisiana who still lurks in there somewhere beneath all of the Hollywood garbage.

Jimmie 'J.J.' Walker Unleashed on Imus Affair

Washington, DC (TLS). Former TV star Jimmie 'J.J.' Walker minces no words in his take on opportunists such as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and their hypocritical denunciation of Don Imus.

While it is true that Imus needed to be denounced for many various reasons, not the least of which is his penchant for referring to human beings in the most bigoted of terms, Sharpton and Jackson are hardly the ones to do it with any integrity. Both have said much worse, particularly Sharpton.

In this must-read below from Jimmie Walker of 'Good Times' fame, you will see why the likes of Sharpton and Jackson are LAST ones who have a right to any righteous indignation.

Click here for Walker's commentary:

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Ultimate Insider with the Latest Hillary Scoop

Washington, DC (TLS). No one has any greater 'insider' knowledge of Hillary Clinton than Dick Morris. Morris ran Bill Clinton's campaign in 1994, and, as anyone knows who works for Bill Clinton, anyone who gets that close to Bill WILL encounter Hillary on a regular basis.

Morris is the ultimate insider with the latest scoop on news involving the Clintons. His job as a political operative was to know them from the inside-out so as to determine the most effective means of presenting them to the public during a campaign.

In later years Morris has turned more conservative--and more spiritual.

Thus, his views on the Clintons have turned critical, particularly with regard to Hillary.

The following is a fairly lengthy read, but it is well-worth every single riveting minute that it takes to read it. Click here to get the latest scoop from the ultimate insider, who knows Hillary well and who considers her 'the most dangerous woman in America':

PBS Doesn't Want You To See This Film!

Washington, DC (TLS). The Public Broadcasting Network has planned a mammoth series of films entitled, 'America At a Crossroads,' to be aired on Sunday evenings. The eleven-part series will focus on some of the most critical issues facing America today.

One segment, however, has been pulled by the network. It is the segment that deals with radical Islam.

PBS does not want you to see this film. Executives at the government-run network insist that the reason for pulling the segment is that it was 'disjointed,' 'sloppy,' and 'lacking in a distinctive plot.'

Media watchers, however, say that there is another reason.

PBS is apparently caving to the massive Muslim propaganda machine, headed by organizations such as CAIR, that clearly does not want American citizens exposed to the facts that differentiate extremist Muslims from those moderates who practice the Muslim religion but who are pro-Democracy and anti-Jihad.

PBS thus far denies such charges, but the denials have a hollow ring to them given the fact that CAIR and other front organizations for radical Islam have pressured everyone else in the media.

It is very hard to believe that PBS has escaped such pressure.

But instead of forging ahead with their rational approach to the subject, PBS decided to can it.

Read more about this outrage here, from Frank Gaffney at Jewish World Review:

Agri-Fuel to Cause Food Prices to Skyrocket

Washington, DC (TLS). In the frenzied rush to judgment amid the hysteria surrounding global warming, one little fact seems to totally escape notice on the part of those who are determined to ram 'agri-fuel' down the throats of consumers. Such 'green-friendly' fuel will cause food prices to skyrocket.

The increase has already been felt as prices are rising for grains, oils, eggs, corn, and other commodities that are used to make ethanol and other fuels that are made from farm-grown items. Meat prices are on the rise as well since farmers must purchase grains to feed their stock...grains that are also used to produce fuel.

No better example of the law of supply and demand can be found than that which is currently being played out in the push to develop grains into sources of energy. As the demand for these grains increases due to their utilization in the production of fuel, prices will increase for these grains...which means that farmers must pay more to buy them for their livestock, and thus, the consumer will pay more for meat at the grocery store.

Market watchers say we can expect such rises in prices for food to continue. Such inflation is the result of governments pushing the agriculture industry to grow goods that can be used as alternative sources of energy. This causes an unhealthy competition between that which is grown for food and that which is grown for energy.

To be sure, agri-fuel is one alternative source that can be utilized in our search for alternatives to oil. But it is a big mistake to think this is the only source or even the main source of such an alternative.

To rely solely on agriculture to provide for the nation's energy will end in disaster.

This is why modern-day nuclear power is long overdue a second look. Nuclear power is much safer than back in the days when the plants that produced it were lacking in some of the modern safeguards that prevent the infamous 'meltdowns' of Chernobyl and science-fiction films. Modern technology has rendered the production of nuclear energy to be safe.

And it is as clean and 'green-friendly' as it gets.

Another alternative that should be put on the fast track is hydrogen fuel cell technology. Here again, the process of production is safe and and the energy it produces is clean.

The utilization of these two important alternative sources of energy will take a great amount of pressure off of the agricultural industry, thus saving Americans a tone of money at the grocery store.

Read more about this here:

Immigration Debate Sours for Illegal Aliens

Washington, DC (TLS). As Congress and the White House struggle to reach agreement on a bill that can be passed in the next few weeks on immigration reform, the nature and tone of the debate has turned sour for illegal aliens.

This is long overdue.

Key players on both sides of the issue concede that if an acceptable bill is to be passed that will reform the nation's current process of immigration, such a bill must contain measures that tighten restrictions of those who cross the border illegally.

One strategy is to place heavy fines on businesses that hire illegal aliens. Another is to levy hefty increases in fees and fines for those who seek a path to citizenship that involves entering the country illegally.

These are encouraging measures, but they fail to address one glaring fact--aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony according to the U.S. Code. Until the nation's lawmakers are willing to prosecute illegal aliens and those who hire them as felons, everything else is but a band-aid approach.

For the latest status on the debate, click here:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cheerleader Sex Scandal Meeting Continues

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). The Ware Shoals School Board continued its meeting today in the library adjacent to Ware Shoals High School in order to finish its business related to the employment status of Principal Jane Blackwell, who has been charged with obstruction in the Jill Moore-Ware Shoals Cheerleader Sex Scandal.

Blackwell, principal at Ware Shoals High, had requested a meeting with the Board to make her case as to why she should be allowed to keep her job as principal.

That meeting was scheduled for last Friday, April 6. The meeting had initially been designated open to the public, and 200 parents and family members took the day off from their jobs in order to hear Blackwell's version of the events surrounding the investigation into former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore.

The Board had instructed the media not to roll the TV cameras during the testimony phase of the meeting, due to the sensitive nature of the discussion, which no doubt included several under-age high school students.

However, at last Friday's meeting WSPA-TV Channel 7, a CBS affiliate, refused to turn off its cameras as requested, citing a legal right to telecast a public meeting.

At this point the meeting was brought to a quick and abrupt end that sent 200 disappointed observers back home. At Blackwell's request, the meeting went into Executive Session behind closed doors, meaning that there were to be no observers and no news media.

That closed door meeting went on for 12 hours, and when the Board emerged spokesmen stated that it had not concluded its business and that the meeting would be continued today, April 12, in the library adjacent to the high school.

The meeting today is also a closed door meeting, and thus, the media will not know the nature of the discussion except in general as it pertains to Blackwell keeping her job. The Board stated, however, that no decision on Blackwell's continued employment would be made until the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting on April 16.

Police officials maintain that Blackwell knew about Jill Moore's activities but withheld evidence from them in their investigation. Blackwell through her attorney maintains that she made no attempt to withhold evidence or to obstruct the investigation in any way.

School Board officials state that a full transcript of Blackwell's testimony on April 6 and April 12 will be made available after the April 16 meeting of the Board.

The Ware Shoals High School Cheerleader Sex Scandal made international news when it was disclosed that former cheerleader coach Jill Moore had given alcohol and cigarettes to students off campus, which she has admitted, and that she allegedly took several cheerleaders with her to meet two National Guardsmen at a local motel for sex--a charge which Moore denies.

The Guardsmen, however, were disciplined by their superiors and reassigned.

Blackwell's role in the scandal revolves around the question of what did she know and when did she know it. The Board is attempting to determine if Blackwell followed proper protocol in investigating Moore and if there was any obstruction. Blackwell is not being investigated for any sexual misconduct.


Durham, NC (TLS). 'The Smoking Gun' website has exposed Crystal Mangum, the accuser in the Duke lacrosse rape hoax, and provided the complete official documents pertaining to her prior arrests.

Now that the North Carolina Attorney-General has proclaimed the complete innocence of the three falsely accused Duke lacrosse students, The Smoking Gun has decided to introduce the public to Ms. Mangum--the woman whose sole word was enough for a Durham District Attorney to bring three innocent lives to the brink of permanent ruin.

As you will see in the documents on file at The Smoking Gun, Ms. Mangum's arrest record is significant--not unusually long but significant enough to conclude that her testimony should be considered highly questionable at the very least.

This, in addition to the fact that her own father stated that his daughter was emotionally unstable, no doubt led Attorney-General Roy Cooper and his two special prosecutors to conclude that Ms. Mangum's testimony was sorely lacking in credibility.

To be fair, Ms. Mangum's plight elicits at least some pity. It is clear that she is a deeply troubled young woman who suffers from delusional ideation.

For this reason she should not be the one to bear the bulk of the responsibility and blame for the fiasco that ensued after her charges were made against the three Duke students.

The real villains in this case are Mike Nifong, who should have known better than to base an entire case upon the word of a delusional person, and the Durham Police Department that obviously sought to bury its gross misconduct by not only covering up their botched procedures but actually perpetrating a frame-up as a cover for their misdeeds. The local and state governments share in culpability as well, due to the fact that Judges and offices of District Attorneys carry the full weight of the government entities that employ them.

The Smoking Gun always provides insider scoops into most of the intriguing cases that make the news. For this reason we feature them in our list of preferred links on The Liberty Sphere.

Click here to go to the Crystal Mangum section of The Smoking Gun. There are three full pages of official documents tracing Mangum's prior arrest records:

Justifiable Outrage

Durham, NC (TLS). Despite the excellent news that all charges against the three Duke lacrosse students falsely accused are being dropped, including a strongly-worded proclamation of innocence by the North Carolina Attorney-General, there is no celebrating in Durham on the part of the lives disrupted and nearly ruined by the fiasco.

Instead there is outrage. And this outrage is justifiable.

Three innocent young men--David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann--were dragged through the absolute worst nightmare of their lives by being accused of crimes they did not commit, thus robbing them of a full year of student life, normal activity, and the pursuit of future professional employment. Their good names and reputations were not only sullied but dragged through the mud as an entire community it seemed united behind proclaiming them guilty.

And this was not even a case of guilty until proven innocent, as tyrannical as that is. They were proclaimed guilty, and in the minds of many there was no use in even having a trial at all. The court of public opinion had already issued its verdict--guilty no matter what the evidence or the facts say.

Certain special interest groups with a very well-known agenda came together with local personalities and entities as co-conspirators in this miscarriage of justice--Mike Nifong and the Durham D.A.'s office, the Durham Police Department, the Durham criminal justice system, the Durham Democratic Party, Duke University, the infamous 'group of 88' faculty members of Duke, the NAACP, the North Carolina Democratic Party, and certain members of the press and certain websites devoted to stirring up the pot bangers.

All of them now have egg all over their faces, in spite of their frantic attempts to appear delighted that the three students were proclaimed innocent.

Some of the co-conspirators, however, are still spouting their hateful venom. At least they are consistent if not very smart.

The fact that this entire affair has now been shown to be a hoax from top to bottom is a chilling microcosm of the state of the criminal justice system in America today. As devastating as this has been for the three young men and their families, who have suffered unfathomable emotional and financial loss, think of what would have happened had the three students come from families of meager means. They would have been totally overwhelmed and swallowed up by a system engaged in a legal equivalent of the story of David and Goliath, except in this case Goliath would have smashed David with his foot.

Had the accused been from a poor or lower-middle-class background, the massive machine of the North Carolina justice system would have engulfed them whole.

This is precisely why those who were adversely impacted by this hoax must take action--not only for themselves but on behalf of those who may not have fared so well had they been accused.

The State of North Carolina, as Mike Nifong's employer, is a co-defendant in this case. Nifong represented the state. His actions carried the weight of the state of North Carolina into any case he decided to prosecute. The same goes for Durham County. Government entities that are implicated in this hoax by the mere fact that Nifong acted in their name should bear some of the responsibility for this shameful display.

Thus, the outrage of the friends and family of the three students should be channeled into legal action. Each government entity involved in this case should be sued. The former accused students and their families are owed a massive bounty from the state of North Carolina and least a million bucks a piece to each of the falsely accused.

Criminal charges should be brought against Mike Nifong and some within the Durham Police Department for perpetrating a heinous crime--that of falsely accusing and framing innocent people for crimes they did not commit. The criminal charges should be followed by civil suits.

The only way we are going to prevent this kind of horror from happening again and again is to make the penalty so severe that corrupt government officials will think twice before engaging in such charades.

In fact, the Duke lacrosse rape hoax is a perfect example of government run amok, of unfettered government power and the very real danger it poses to innocent citizens.

This is a golden opportunity to beat back the creeping crawl of government power and to win a big one for the rights of individual citizens. But in this case, it won't be Goliath who wins. 'Little David' will be the one who sends a stone hurling into the monster of big government, right between the eyes.

Such a moment is long overdue.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Text of NC Attorney-General's Announcement

Durham, NC (TLS). For the complete text of North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper's announcement that the supposed Duke lacrosse attack never took place, go here to Liestoppers. The website has complete information on Cooper, and his special prosecutors Coman and Winstead, who concluded the entire affair was a hoax from the very beginning and that charges should have never been brought.

You will also find the complete text of Cooper's 2:30 PM news conference:


Durham, NC (TLS). At 2:30 PM, EDT, the Duke lacrosse rape hoax was brought to an abrupt end as North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper announced that the remaining charges against the three falsely accused students were being dropped.

Cooper stated that after a three-month examination of documents, evidence, statements, and prosecutorial conduct, there is no credible evidence that the case should have been tried in the first place, and that continuing to try the case would lead to 'a bad result.'

In a stark reminder of the torture that the three students and their families have had to endure for over a year, Cooper stated that 'many owe apologies' to those whose lives were wrecked in this entire scandalous affair.

Although Cooper did not specify those who owe the apologies, the list is rather lengthy, from Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong, to the Durham Police Department, to the administration of Duke University, to the 'group of 88' Duke faculty members, and to the countless groups of race-baiters, special interest groups, and biased news organizations that proclaimed the guilt of three innocent students in order to advance their agenda.

This would include those who maintained, 'It doesn't matter if they are guilty or not. The issue is revenge for the years Black people were mistreated by whites in the criminal justice system.'

Such stupidity was the fuel that kept the locomotive of the hoax moving, despite some of the most flimsy evidence ever put forth by a prosecutor in the history of American jurisprudence.

Legal action is in order for those whose lives were brought to the brink of ruin in this case. Apologies are not enough. Ample restitution must be made in order for their to be absolution granted to a corrupt system of justice. And even then, it won't be absolution. The only redemption for a system that allowed this travesty to take place is a complete overhaul from top to bottom, routing out the stench of corruption at its core.

However, before we get down to the business of bringing the guilty to justice in North Carolina state government, this is truly a day of celebration for the three students whose lives were put on hold for the past year. This is their day in the sun. Their names have been cleared. This is a day of liberty for them and their families, and that liberty is sweet.

A word of sincere gratitude must go to those within the media and the blogosphere that worked endlessly and tirelessly to see that the lives of these three innocent young men were snatched from the jaws of ruin. At the forefront was Liestoppers. To Joan Foster and her colleagues at Liestoppers goes a tip of the hat for a job marvelously done.

There were others who blew the whistle on the corruption as well, such as K.C. Johnson, John in Carolina, The Johnsville News, and others. Many thanks for your wonderful work as well.

It is to be hoped that the nation will learn a valuable lesson from this despicable display of government corruption...that never again will we allow the innocent to be so treated in a system that supposedly presumes the accused to be innocent until PROVEN guilty in a COURT OF LAW.

This all-important precept is quickly being lost in America today. Perhaps the Duke case can serve as a corrective to a dangerous slippery slope that contends that anyone accused is assumed to be guilty and that the burden of proof is on them to establish their innocence.

In the United States of America, if we are to remain truly free, we MUST continue to assume that the accused are INNOCENT and that the burden of proof is on the state to establish their guilt. Without this vital distinction, no citizen is safe from having their lives ruined and their reputations dragged through the mud by an unfettered government that is bereft of any restraint.


Durham, NC (TLS). North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper has summoned the three accused Duke lacrosse players and their families to Durham for a major announcement concerning the case this morning.

The Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) has been busy this evening as defendants and their families, and news personnel from across the country, are flying into Durham for this morning's news conference.

Sources close to the case indicate that this may be the end of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax after a long year of false accusations, racial tensions, shattered lives, lies and innuendo, and the antics of a prosecutor so obsessed with winning an election that all objectivity, ethics, and integrity were thrown out the window.

The fact that the accuser in the case changed her story at least a half-dozen times, finally stating she could not remember what happened, and then going silent, seemed to be the turning point in the unraveling of the hoax.

Needless to say, all eyes will be on Durham this morning as Roy Cooper makes his move.

The Liberty Sphere will keep you fully informed concerning late-breaking updates.....

Pressure Groups Shape Media Bias

Washington, DC (TLS). Pressure groups have found a way to gain access to news rooms all across the country, particularly those of the four major mainstream networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC). These groups raise millions of dollars each year from their partisan supporters, and thus, they exert an enormous amount of influence on the manner in which stories are presented.

Hints of this came to light last Fall as it was discovered that Democrat billionaire operative George Soros was meeting on a regular basis leading up to the November 2006 elections with network execs, editors, and reporters to discuss how news stories could be presented in such a manner as to help Democrats and hurt President Bush.

As it turns out, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Scores of Leftist pressure groups are doing the same thing on a regular basis all across the country. In some instances, these special interest groups have convinced reporters that there is no need to present an alternative view, that in essence the spin of the story dictated by the special interest group is the ONLY valid point of view on the issues.

A perfect example is ABC News and its presentation of global warming. According to ABC News reporter Bill Blakemore, there is NO alternative point of view on the subject. And thus, 'striving for balance' would be ludicrous.

The problem is that it has not occurred to Mr. Blakemore that there is nowhere near a consensus in the scientific community concerning the CAUSE of global warming, as MIT professor Richard S. Lindzen so eloquently demonstrated yesterday in his eye-opening article on the flaws of present computer models in predicting future changes in climate.

Blakemore, however, would like for viewers to believe that there is no such dissension in the scientific community and that the contention that mankind caused global warming is an open and shut case and not subject to question.

Such is the influence of the special interest pressure groups that have gained access to news rooms. Their money and their lobbying influence have essentially bought off reporters, robbing viewers of having the issues reported to them in an objective fashion.

Read the full expose' here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). ABC News is reporting this evening that the year-old Duke lacrosse rape hoax may be over tomorrow, as North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper has called a news conference for early Wednesday morning.

Major news organizations have begun descending upon Durham, and some of the accused and their families who live out of state have taken flights into the Raleigh-Durham airport.

Local news outlets in the Raleigh-Durham area are reporting that the families of all of the accused have been notified by Cooper's office concerning the announcement tomorrow. Local law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have stated that tomorrow's announcement by Cooper is expected to involve dropping all of the remaining charges against the three Duke lacrosse players who have been falsely accused of rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

However, as they say, it's not over till the fat lady sings, and in this case it is not over until we hear directly from Roy Cooper concerning what he intends to do with this case. We have been sorely disappointed before by making premature assumptions. But this time, the signs all point to a clear victory for the three young men whose lives were almost ruined by a stripper/prostitute and a rogue District Attorney.

For complete information on the latest breaking updates, click here:

COWARDS! Dems Ditch Fox Debates AGAIN

Washington, DC (TLS). For the 2nd time in two months, the candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination have pulled out of debates sponsored by Fox News.

The first time, the candidates ditched a Fox-sponsored debate over something Roger Ailes said about Barack Obama. So, they picked up their rattles and pacifiers, and went home.

This time, Fox was planning a mammoth debate co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and the CBC in September.

But Barack Hussein Obama pulled out today, citing a policy of only participating in 'Democratic National Committee sanctioned debates.' Yet Obama stated that 'CNN would be a more appropriate venue.'

Sure, Senator. We understand. CNN will throw you soft-balls just as all the mainstream media news outlets have done. You wouldn't want to face the tough questions Fox may pose, would you? You Republicans have had to do for decades at the hands of a hostile mainstream media that clearly preferred Liberal candidates?

B. Hussein Obama is not the only coward in the mix, however.

Hillary Clinton also bailed today, citing the same supposed 'policy' of appearing only at 'DNC-sanctioned debates.'

What the heck is that, anyway? 'A DNC-sanctioned debate.' Hmmm.

Let me guess. A DNC-sanctioned debate will mean Fox News will not be allowed to have any part of it. A DNC-sanctioned debate will probably involve Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Wolf Blitzer, or Helen Thomas. No questions will be allowed on Hillary's graduate thesis at Wellesley, showing her metamorphosis from a Goldwater Republican to an extremist Leftist collectivist who prefers European styled Socialism to American free enterprise.

In addition, no questions would be raised concerning Obama's connections to extremists in Islam (even his own pastor questioned his ties to Islam when Obama joined the United Church of Christ--another ultra-Leftwing outfit that takes every opportunity possible to bash America). And of course, a DNC-sanctioned event would involve absolutely no questions about the fact that Obama has the most Liberal voting record in the Senate--even more so than Ted 'Senator Blowhard' Kennedy.

Hillary would also be given a pass on her enormous dark cloud of corruption that follows her and her husband wherever they go.

My friends, what if Newt Gingrich were to say, 'I will not appear at any debate except that which is sanctioned by the Republican National Committee?'

Or what if Rudy Giuliani were to say, 'I will appear only at debates sponsored by Fox News?'

What do you think would be the response of the mainstream media to such statements on the part of Republicans?

I can tell you it would dominate the news for months. Charles Gibson and his colleagues at the other networks would see to that.

Yet this is the 2nd time--read that again, the SECOND TIME--the Democrat cowards have refused to appear at a debate involving Fox News.

If the mainstream media allows these clowns to get away with this without sounding the clarion alarm about how candidates are ducking the hard questions, then there will be even more ample proof that they are in the hip-pocket of the DNC and the Democratic candidates.

Of course, we knew that anyway. We already know for a fact that George Soros paid them off and met with them regularly during the 2006 election cycle to talk with them about pushing stories that made Bush look bad and squelching stories that made him look good.

It is obvious that the cowardly lame-brains that make up the field of Democratic candidates this year want nothing but soft-peddled questions. They want to dictate what will and will not be asked. They want to avoid pointed questions that shine the spotlight on their glaring faults, contradictions, and extremist ideology.

In short, they are yellow-bellied cowards that don't even have the guts to face Fox News! So, tell me, how in the HELL will they muster up the courage to face Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Il?

MIT Scientist Questions Theories on Global Warming

Washington, DC (TLS). A respected scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who receives no research funding from energy companies, has dared to openly question the current popular theories on global warming.

Richard S. Lindzen is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT, and he is taking on head-to-head the shrill voices of the politically correct by questioning their dogma on global warming.

Lindzen states that those who would lay the blame for global warming at the feet of human activity have very little credible ground to stand on when the entire history of the planet is objectively considered.

Further, Lindzen states that the computer models that make projections of what the climate will be like 50 years from now are the very same models that predict the weather from day to day, which are wrong 50% of the time at least.

Lindzen provides ample evidence that current computer model projections are highly flawed and that the earth has been in an overall pattern of warming ever since the end of the last Ice Age.

The Liberty Sphere feels that this is a refreshing addition to the debate on global warming, particularly in an era in which some scientists would mandate a sweeping change of lifestyle for humanity based on computer predictions that can't even get next week's forecast correct.

Read Lindzen's article here:

D.C. Rally Aims to Free Jailed Border Patrol Agents

Washington, DC (TLS). A group of conservative radio talk show hosts and politicians will hold a major rally at Capitol Hill in order to demand the freedom of jailed Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean. The rally will also call attention to present terribly misguided amnesty legislation in Congress, sponsored and supported by persons such as Ted 'Senator Blowhard' Kennedy and John McCain.

The sponsors of the rally state that this bill must be defeated as part of America's attempt to secure its borders and turn back the invasion of illegal aliens.

The rally will also call for President Bush to fire U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton of El Paso, one of the main perpetrators of the assault on U.S. law enforcement officials and Border Patrol agents who do their jobs by stopping and apprehending illegal aliens.

Capitol Hill will be the site of the rally. The dates are April 22-25. The event is called 'The Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2007 Rally,' and is sponsored by The Federal for American Immigration Reform of Washington, DC.

Conservative talk radio will broadcast live from the rally for a 19-hour blitz featuring talk show hosts Roger Hedgecock, Edd Hendee, and Howie Carr, among others.

For more information on this major event in Washington, click here:

Blowing the Whistle on Leftist 'Think Tanks'

Washington, DC (TLS). Political think tanks are by nature partisan in their approach. Their purpose is to do scholarly research on matters of public policy and then issue their findings in the form of well-documented position papers that can then be used by those running for office, as well as those in academia, government, and business, to provide credibility to their views.

Very few of these entities are totally non-partisan, nor do they purport to be totally without a philosophical bias for conducting their work.

However, some of these organizations are of dubious reputation due to their penchant for using the 'think tank' designation as a front for conducting political campaigns and funneling large sums of money into the pockets of certain politicians.

Discover the Networks has examined one such organization, 'New Politics Institute' (NPI). Learn how this Leftist group conducts its covert business of promoting extremist Liberal propaganda using modern here for the full report:

Monday, April 09, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that the Attorney-General of the state of Virginia has issued an opinion concerning the practice of some newspapers of publishing the names of concealed gun owners. Virginia Attorney-General Bob McDonnell issued an advisory opinion stating, 'Use of concealed carry permit information is limited to law-enforcement personnel for investigative purposes. Identities and locations of crime victim and witness permittees should be protected in the interest of public safety.'

Thus, the names and address of Virginia residents who apply for concealed handgun permits will no longer be available under the Freedom of Information Act.

Reporter Christian Trejbal of the Roanoke Times created a firestorm of controversy after publishing the database of concealed carry permit holders. So strong was the public outrage that the newspaper took down the database from its website just two days after its publication.

Observers of Virginia politics stated that elected officials in the state are gearing up for legislation to be introduced next year that would effectively bar news outlets from publishing the names and addresses of concealed gun owners. The first step in that process would be to get an opinion from the state's Attorney-General.

The fact that Attorney-General McDonnell's advisory opinion clearly refutes the practice of publishing the database suggests that the legislature now has the green light to pass a bill forbidding anti-gun bigoted newspapers such as the Roanoke Times from publishing such information in the future.

Thus, it is beginning to look like the imbecilic notion of targeting gun owners on the part of Christian Trejbal and the Roanoke Times has backfired. Their actions may well be the start of a nationwide effort to legally prevent news outlets from publishing the names of those with permits for concealed carry.

Such a push is long overdue. The practice puts citizens in mortal danger, such as single mothers hiding from abusive husbands.

Thus, there is good news coming out of Virginia today!

New Additions to The Liberty Sphere

Good Morning!

You may have noticed a new look for The Liberty Sphere. We have upgraded to the new blogger offered by Google, and we are very pleased with the results. We will continue to make a few changes here and there to make the blog more user-friendly and readable.

We have also added some new links to the site. You will find interesting and informative material at 'Front Sight, Press' and at 'The Smoking Gun,' which tracks public information on Hollywood Stars, politicians, news reporters, and others in the public eye.

Another link is to 'Consumer Freedom,' the freedom watchdog group led by Attorney Rick Berman, known to some as 'Dr. Evil' due to his relentless attacks on the forces of anti-freedom, such as the food police. I encourage you to read his stuff. It will open your eyes to the wiles of collectivists who use 'protecting the public health' as a ruse to gain more government intrusion into our lives.

Another great addition to The Liberty Sphere is our video section. We will periodically add video snips of items of interest in the world of politics and culture. Presently, you will see a selection of visual clips on 9/11, President Ronald Reagan, Presidential contenders Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson, and some vintage footage of the venerable conservative thinker, William F. Buckley, Jr.

Take a look at these new additions and let me know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan

Save the Electoral College!

Washington, DC (TLS). Democrats on Capitol Hill are busy attempting to dismantle the Electoral College. Under the guise of 'democracy' and 'preserving the notion of election by popular vote,' the Dems are mounting a major effort to ditch the process by which the U.S. has chosen its Presidents since its founding.

But the problem lies not only in the concept itself but in the way they are going about implementing that concept.

The Constitution requires the states to ratify such changes to the U.S. Constitution. The last time such a thing was attempted, the measure failed to gain the approval of the required number of states.

This time, realizing that such a thing is likely to happen again, the Democrats in Congress wish to change the Constitution without the consent of the people. They want to ditch the Electoral College by introducing Congressional legislation alone, rather than by using the proper method of state ratification.

This is illegal and unconstitutional.

There is absolutely no doubt as to the reason for this massive push by the Dems. Democrat voters tend to inhabit large metro areas around the outer rim of the country, i.e., Boston, NYC, Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and other cities around the Great Lakes. The vast American heartland, however, is a Republican stronghold. Many of these states are smaller in population compared to the massive metropolitan urban areas that tend to attract Democrat voters.

The result of a direct popular vote, therefore, will greatly curtail the influence of the more sparsely populated states. The large metropolitan areas around the rim will, in essence, invariably dictate who will be President in every single election, thus taking away the power of the vote from other areas of the country.

It is for this very reason that the Founders in their wisdom set up the Electoral College--which provides for a more equitable playing field. The Founders did not wish for Philadelphia, New York, and Boston to totally overwhelm and snuff out the voice of smaller states, such as North Carolina.

Today, Kansas, North Dakota, and Montana have a greater voice in selecting a President under the Electoral College system than they would in a direct popular vote. One can quickly see why the Democrats wish to do an end-run around the Constitution by passing this terribly misguided bill. If the Electoral College is dismantled, then NYC, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Chicago will be the ones choosing our Presidents. The rest of the country may as well stay home.

Not only that, but get set for a thousand years of darkness as nothing but ultra-Leftwing collectivists get elected as President.

Read the complete details on this vital issue here:

Destined for Defeat?

Washington, DC (TLS). The defeatist mentality of many in Congress and some within the general electorate is cause for a creeping malaise of negativism concerning the War in Iraq and the War on Terror. It seems that many are resigned to an American humiliation. Some even hope for such a humiliation.

The offenders are not far to find.

However, Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post writes in an excellent article in the Jewish World Review that America's defeat need not be a foregone conclusion. Despite Pelosi's felonious forays into conducting U.S. foreign policy (which is not her job) with terrorist regimes, there is a clear path to victory for the U.S. in the region if we will but put aside our trepidity and get the job done with resolve.

Read Glick's latest article here:

N.C.Residents 'Cactus-Jacked' by Legislature

Raleigh, NC (TLS). Rational minds would think that in the aftermath of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax nightmare, the N.C. legislature would rush to pass legislation that would immediately remove from office any disbarred District Attorney or Judge.

Then again, who said that rational minds run the North Carolina legislature?

A bill was introduced by N.C. State Senator Tony Rand that would remove in a timely fashion unqualified Judges and D.A.s, including those who had been disbarred. By the time the bill made its rounds it somehow got hijacked along the way, and the Senate passed an amended version that would allow such unqualified persons to stay in their positions, thus defeating the original purpose of the bill.

Thus, once again, residents of North Carolina have been 'cactus-jacked' by their elected state officials.

No surprise there.

Read the details here at Liestoppers:

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Update to Closed Door Meeting in Ware Shoals

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). The closed door meeting between Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell and the local School Board went on for 12 hours on Friday. School Board officials state that despite the lengthy meeting, they still did not finish their business, and thus, a follow-up meeting will be held next Thursday, April 12, at the library adjacent to Ware Shoals High School.

Principal Jane Blackwell had requested the meeting to give her side of the story surrounding charges and allegations against former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore. Blackwell has been charged with obstruction in the investigation of Moore.

Initially, Blackwell had requested a public meeting. However, the stipulation given to news organizations in advance of the meeting was that there were to be no TV cameras rolling during the testimony phase of the meeting.

WSPA-TV News Channel 7 in Spartanburg, a local CBS affiliate, decided to defy the request, citing the legal right for cameras to be present during public hearings.

This action brought the meeting to a quick halt. School Board officials, and their attorney, at that point stated that the meeting would go into executive session behind closed doors. Blackwell has requested that no cameras be present at her hearing before the Board, due to the sensitive nature of some of the information concerning under-age high school students implicated in the cheerleader sex scandal at the school.

Once again, it seems to us that Blackwell's request was a reasonable one. WSPA's actions, on the other hand, were lacking in basic common sense.

The unwillingness of WSPA to follow a prudent course in sensitive circumstances led to over 200 attendees at the meeting to be sent home without hearing what Blackwell had to say.

The unwise actions of one news organization insured that the public was kept in the dark about the long-anticipated testimony of Ms. Blackwell.

Ware Shoals School Board officials state that a final decision concerning Blackwell's continued employment will be made at the regular monthly meeting of the Board on April 16. At that time complete transcripts of Blackwell's testimony will be made available to news organizations and the public.

Easter Sunday, 2007

Saluda, NC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere takes this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Easter. And a very 'Happy Passover' to all of our Jewish readers.

Easter Sunday is special here in the North Carolina mountains. Flowers have begun to bloom, and the apple trees are beginning the process of budding forth their tiny fruit, later to be harvested for what is hopefully a lucrative apple crop. Families still hold to their traditions of dressing in their Sunday's best, meaning usually that Dad, Mom, and all the kids get a new suit of clothes and new shoes. The men are still expected to get their wives a lovely Easter corsage to wear to church with her new dress or suit.

Cold weather has hit the mountains hard this year, however. The past two nights have witnessed a blast of arctic air that sent temperatures plummeting into the low 20s at night.

Tonight the temps are expected to dip into the teens.

Mountain folklore states that in those years that Easter falls in April rather than March, one can expect a cold snap on or around Easter Sunday.

Thus, the cold weather is not entirely unexpected, but it bodes ill for local fruit growers. Apple farmers are already talking about losing most of their crop this year due to the cold temperatures.

Easter Sunday brings the local folk out in droves. They emerge from these hills to go to their various places of worship where celebrations of Easter range from stirring sermons on the resurrection of Christ, Easter musical programs presented by choirs and ensembles, and often a meal at church. Many of these churches have Easter Sunrise Services followed by breakfast and hot coffee.

These special moments bring to remembrance the things in life that truly matter--faith, family, tradition, ritual, hope.

I wish for all of you a very meaningful day.

'Because He lives, we too shall live.'