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Saturday, October 18, 2008

South Carolina Falls to LSU, 24-17

In a scrapping, rough-and-tumble game involving many injuries, the Gamecocks of the University of South Carolina could not manage to out-run the Tigers of LSU.

Freshman Quarterback Steven Garcia got roughed up by LSU at one point, making fans wonder if he would be able to return to the game.

Garcia did return, but it was clear after that point that he had been knocked off his game. Gone was the sure-footed athleticism and the precision in passing that had characterized a near-perfect 2nd quarter during which the young quarterback led the team to put 17 points on the board.

But that would prove to be it for the Gamecocks. LSU basically shut down the Gamecock offense and defense during the entirety of the 2nd half.

The 24-17 loss now puts South Carolina at 5-3 on the season.

Georgia Tech Nips Clemson, 21-17

Georgia Tech came rolling into Clemson, South Carolina today with one goal in mind--to take advantage of the upheaval in the Tigers' program of late and beat them on their home field.

The game in Death Valley this afternoon proved to be a death blow for the Tigers as Georgia Tech nipped Clemson by a score of 21-17, putting the Tigers at 3-4 on the season.

Granted, Clemson was under enormous pressure today after this week's abrupt and unexpected mid-season 'resignation' of Tommy Bowden. The pressure proved to be too much for rookie Head Coach Dabo Swinney and his shell-shocked Tigers.

Today's loss will prove the end of the Tigers' hopes for an ACC championship and throw into question it's goal of going to a bowl game. The latter depends on how the Tigers fare for the rest of the season.

And thus, what began as a season of high hopes, expectations, and goals, is turning into one big disappointment for Clemson in seemingly its elusive quest for making it to the top.

And Now It Gets VERY Interesting! Palin Calls Bluff

In light of the fact that Barack Obama refuses to cooperate with a federal investigation of voter fraud perpetrated by his organization, ACORN, Sarah Palin has ratcheted up the stakes by calling on Obama to turn over ALL of his records concerning ACORN to the FBI.

Obama, of course, has called for an investigation into the investigation, claiming impropriety on the part of the FBI in launching a national probe into his precious baby, ACORN.

But Palin has called his bluff.

If Chairman Ba-O is really serious about condemning voter fraud on the part of ACORN, like he has claimed, then let him put his money where his mouth is. Let him immediately show good faith, since he has requested a probe into the probe, by turning over all his ACORN records and correspondence to the Feds.

I love it! Go get 'em, Sarah!

Maybe I should start a good-natured 'bet.' How many would be willing to wager that if the Chairman is elected to the White House, he will be arrested and jailed during his first term of office?

EXPLOSIVE! Obama Wants Probe of the Probe

Unbelievable. But why am I not surprised? This is typical of the tactics of a campaign that is obsessed with silencing any critic or any suggestion of impropriety.

If you even as much as ask a question that Chairman Ba-O considers out of bounds, he and his goon squad will come after you with a vengeance.

Consider the probe into widespread voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN. The FBI has concluded that there is sufficient evidence to launch a federal investigation into the Obama-backed organization.

Sorry, but according to Chairman Ba-O, such a probe is inappropriate. Thus, Chairman Ba-O and his goons have called for a federal investigation into the federal investigation.

It seems the Chairman thinks that the FBI has quite the gall to investigate his baby.

So, it's time to investigate 'possible improprieties' in the investigation of ACORN.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Barack Obama's campaign asked the U.S. Justice Department to expand a special prosecutor's investigation to include possible improprieties surrounding reports the FBI is looking into voter fraud in the presidential race.

Obama's campaign attorney said the investigation should look into a leak to the news media that the FBI is probing allegations of voter registration fraud by a grassroots organization called ACORN. The group's activities were denounced by Republican nominee John McCain in the Oct. 15 presidential debate.

It would seem, then, that the Chairman has just outed himself as part and parcel of ACORN, a suggestion which he has denied.

Thus, if massive voter fraud is indeed found at ACORN, then the Chairman himself will be personally implicated.

Once again, the possibility exists that our next 'President' could be arrested and jailed.

Wow, we sure are flying high, aren't we?


Seen in the comments section of a post on Barack Obama at Atlas Shrugs, headed by Pamela Geller, who is Jewish:

"A working person or small business owner voting for 'Hussein the Marxist' is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. A Jew voting for 'Hussein the Marxist' is a fool bringing his/her own axe to the slaughter."

Needless to say, I agree.


The following is a quote from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, dated April 2, 2008, in which Barack Obama admitted he is opposed to licensed concealed carry of firearms in the United States:

"I am not in favor of concealed weapons," Obama said. "I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations."

Barack Obama--Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 2, 2008

Thus, once again Chairman Ba-O shows his true colors, which he is attempting to hide with all his might in the general campaign. (H/t to Open Carry).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tigers, Gamecocks in Key Games Tomorrow

The Clemson Tigers and the University of South Carolina Gamecocks each play in key games on Saturday.

The Tigers will play in their very first game since the departure of Coach Tommy Bowden and the naming of Dabo Swinney as Interim Head Coach. Clemson will thus be under enormous pressure to perform.

Clemson squares off against Georgia Tech in Death Valley at 12 Noon ET.

Meanwhile, Coach Steve Spurrier and his Gamecocks have a chance to continue a winning streak tomorrow as they play in a critical SEC matchup with No. 13 ranked LSU. South Carolina is 5-2 on the season and has won its last 4 games.

That game will begin tomorrow evening at 8 PM at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC, which will be nationally televised on ESPN.

Check back with the Liberty Sphere tomorrow for final scores.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/17/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

ALERT! U.S. Supreme Court complicit in Ohio Voter Fraud! The Court ruled today that Ohio's law-breaking Secretary of State can count 200,000 registrations without checking their validity, although they appear suspicious. Thus, once again it is 'vote early, vote often' for Democrats in Ohio. This election is already a sham.

More Obama-perpetrated voter fraud in Indiana as Obama workers cross state lines to 'get out the ACORN-intitiated get out the Obama vote.'

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama campaign attempted to register inmates at prisons in Michigan.

Mike McCarville reports that yet another poll, the AP-Yahoo poll, shows McCain and Obama in a statistical tie.

Walls of the City provides interesting commentary on this baffling campaign.

Roberta X has today's MUST-read entitled, 'Misogyny.'

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*A Press Release from Read it!
*An excellent read on why the polls are so unreliable...

From Michelle Malkin:
*'Operation Destroy Joe the Plumber.'
*A Revolt is Brewing at the University of Nebraska, which has invited terrorist Bill Ayers to speak. Good! Maybe the few sane members of academia will stop this travesty.
*'ACORN WATCH: Fraud in New Mexico.'

Dr. John Lott shows how the Leftwing media, all members of Chairman Ba-O's Politburo, have smeared Joe the Plumber by the use of the 'sleight of hand' technique.

The Buckeye Firearms Association has an excellent article on the death of proportional representation in Ohio.

Western Rifle Shooters Association publishes another good one, 'Obamanation: Forebodings.'

Sebastian comments on Murtha's assertion that citizens in his own Pennsylvania district are 'racists.'

Say Uncle posts 'More Trouble at the ATF.'

Gun Owners of America has issued an alert that the JBTs of the ATF have engaged in outright software theft. It seems not only will they steal your guns but your database as well.

Armed and Safe has a most interesting read on justifiable homicide.

JR points to an intriguing exchange between a fellow blogger and an Obama brownshirt.

You have GOT to see this enraging story provided by Nicki at The Liberty Zone.

Pamela Geller reports that Obama won't meet with Jews, even with preconditions.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings has today's edition of 'Feckless Weasels,' political cartoons at their best.

Insight on Freedom says that an Obama administration holds dire consequences for our relationship with one of our most important allies--Israel. It seems that Chairman Ba-O has already proved to the Israelis that he is not their friend.

Days of Our Trailers posts an important update on National Park carry.

Texas Fred has the story a homeowner who fatally shoots an intruder.

OBAMA, Not McCain, Is 4 More Years of Bush

With Senator Barack Obama incessantly repeating at least 2,189,449 times within 3 months that 'John McCain will be 4 more years of Bush,' perhaps it is time to take a look at the actual record.

In actuality, when it comes to the economy, it is OBAMA and not McCain that represents 4 more years of Bush.

And here's why.

Clearly, Obama and Bush are polls apart when it comes to tax cuts. The 2 major Bush tax cuts within the last 8 years did much to allow citizens to keep more of their own money and stimulate the economy.

Obama wants those cuts to expire, thus creating the largest single tax increase in U.S. history.

But when it comes to government spending and the growth of government, Barack Obama is a Bush man 100%.

Obama has proposed nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in new government spending, which he claims he will pay for by giving '95% of Americans a tax cut.' Yeah, I know. What a complete idiot. Obama must have been schooled in 'ebonics math.' The figures do not add up.

Bush has been vilified by Democrats and Republicans alike for running up huge deficits, increasing government spending, and increasing the overall size of government while at the same time providing tax cuts.

Ring any bells?

Who is the one Presidential candidate who has made proposals that will increase government spending, run up huge deficits, and increase the size and scope of government, while at the same time proposing a tax cut for 95% of the citizens--that is, after he gives you the largest tax increase in history?

It certainly isn't John McCain! There is no such 'ebonics math' in the McCain plan.

McCain, on the other hand, has clearly differentiated himself from Bush on economic policy.

McCain has proposed an across-the-board freeze on all increases in government spending. This is only fair and prudent. If Americans are being asked to sacrifice in these rough economic times, then government needs to do the same.

It is time for government to go on a diet and tighten the belt. This can only be done by immediately putting a freeze on any increase in government spending and then later making reductions in that spending. This will force government to live within its means, meaning that deficits will be reduced and our overall economy will grow stronger.

For a Presidential candidate of Obama's supposed vast intellect to propose in the midst of a serious economic downturn massive increases in government spending, running up huge, unmanageable deficits that will be passed on to future generations, and increasing the burden of national debt that is absolutely ruining our nation, is the height of arrogance, stupidity, and recklessness.

Only someone like George Bush would do that.

But Barack Obama will do the very same thing!

And thus, an Obama Presidency would represent 4 more years of Bush economics. The real change is in John McCain's plan for sensible limits on government spending, which has been raging out of control under the Bush presidency.

The next time, then, that you hear Barack Obama say that McCain will be just 4 more years of the same old 8 years of failed policies, remember...once again he is lying.

Ohio Voter Fraud Heats Up; Official Breaks the Law

As the tension grows over widespread voter fraud in Ohio, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner admitted to breaking federal law that there be a direct computer database link between the her office and the Board of Elections and the local elections boards.

She simply disconnected that linkage, thus making it impossible for elections officials throughout the state to verify the identifies of those who registered to vote.

Thus, Brunner is sitting on 200,000 suspicious, possibly fraudulent registrations, refusing to allow the state to verify their validity.

This is a clear violation of the law.

The question is, why is this woman not in jail?

She is under the order of the court to release those 200,000 registrations so that the verification process can begin, thus minimizing the possibility of widespread voter fraud.

But Brunner refused to comply. Instead, she has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. And guess who is the Justice who presides over these cases in the Ohio area? The most liberal member of the Court, John Paul Stevens.

Stevens could well simply overrule the lower court and allow Brunner to count 200,000 suspicious registrations without any verification. Or he could refuse to hear the case. Or he could involve the entirety of the U.S. Supreme Court for a ruling.

But one thing is for sure--Bush won Ohio both in 2000 and 2004 by less than 200,000 votes. If Brunner is allowed to withhold these registrations from verification, the election could well be decided by fraudulent votes under the names of the deceased, fictitious names, or other such shenanigans.

Again, I ask, why is Brunner not in jail? She admitted to breaking federal law.


Mike McCarville, Matt Drudge, and others are reporting that the latest Gallup Poll of likely voters, which was released on Thursday, shows John McCain and Barack Obama in a statistical tie for the White House.

The poll shows Obama leading McCain by 49-47%, which is within the survey's margin of error and is thus considered a statistical dead-heat.

Gallup's figures indicate a significant shift in voter preference in the week since the last poll was taken. At one point Gallup had indicated a 9-point advantage for Obama.

It is to be noted that the poll was conducted prior to Wednesday evening's debate. While some surveys show Obama winning that debate, many observers also admit that it was McCain's strongest showing yet.

And, contrary to popular opinion among so-called 'pundits,' the ads McCain has been running, which inform the voters of Obama's dangerous associations and ideas, are working. The pundits claim these are 'negative attack-ads.'

But the fact is the voters appreciate being informed of a candidate's life, identity, background, ideology, and voting record. This is not perceived as 'negative' by the voters themselves, no matter what self-appointed pundits say.

Thus, when Sarah Palin points out the plain truth about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, the voters do not necessarily view this as a negative attack. When John McCain informs the electorate that it makes no sense for Obama to claim to give 95% of Americans a tax cut when he has proposed a trillion dollars in new government spending, the voters perceive that as no personal attack but as vital information.

It is also clear that many voters believe that John McCain is, indeed, providing specific proposals on taxes and spending that differentiate him from the nebulous, irrational proposals of Obama.

McCain has claimed for himself the Reagan heritage of reigning in runaway government spending and lowering taxes.

Thus, the race is getting close within these last 3 weeks of campaigning.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Campaign Lied on Capital Gains

Chairman Ba-O had one of his moronic bitches on Fox News this afternoon attempting to explain how the Chairman's tax plan will lower Plumber Joe's taxes because 'of the capital gains tax cut.'


Ma'am, businesses pay no capital gains tax. Individuals do.

Thus, Joe's plumbing business will not benefit at all from any so-called cut in the capital gains tax. Plus, let's not forget that Chairman Ba-O has always opposed capitals gains tax cuts

The loony-'toons Obama mouthpiece also tried to explain how massive tax increases that will occur when Barack lets the Bush tax cuts expire are not really tax increases at all. They are just 'making a break with the failed policies of the past.'

Excuse me, moron, but tax cuts are never a failure. That one statement shows you are a neo-Commie who believes the people are not really entitled to keep their own money.

This doublespeak and smoke and mirrors only betray your attempts to appear 'mainstream.'

You and Chairman Ba-O apparently are well-adept at telling the most outrageous lies on the planet.

Couric/CBS News Lied

Tonight's broadcast of Katie Couric's CBS Evening News was replete with more lies on behalf of the Obama campaign.

First, Couric and CBS lied about the 'fact check' process on McCain and Obama during last night's debate. Supposedly, Obama's tax plan will enable small businesses to get a tax cut, thus helping 'Plumber Joe.' This is according to some watchdog group.

The assertion is FALSE. Under Obama, who wishes to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, everyone will experience the largest tax increase in U.S. history. Interesting that NOBODY takes into account the INCREASES in taxes that will come when Obama-Democrats allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. This skews the figures of the 'facts check' organizations and assumptions about the Obama tax plan.

As I have repeatedly stated, you cannot claim to lower taxes for 95% of Americans if you will let the Bush tax cuts expire. THAT will RAISE taxes automatically on everyone.

Plumber Joe, therefore, will get hit hard even if Obama does nothing but allow the present system of tax cuts to expire in 2010. This is the dirty little secret Democrats don't want you to know, and CBS/Couric are helping them lie about it.

Second, Couric pointed to some poll showing that Obama supposedly beat McCain in last night's debate by an outrageous percentage, 52-29%.

That poll is SKEWED. The samples CBS and the New York Times use are heavily loaded up with Democrat participants, making their polls patently FALSE.

Third, CBS came to Obama's aid in trashing Plumber Joe by bringing up a tax bill he owes the state of Ohio--a mere $1200 or so. But the report was worded in such a way that Joe's reputation was impugned. This is unconscionable. And this is the way Obama and his mainstream media morons do business.

Fourth, CBS/Couric showed a video of Joe supposedly admitting today that under the Obama plan he would get a tax cut. If he did actually say that, it was because of the CBS-Couric blather that hides the expiration of the Bush tax cut in 2010, which will dramatically increase taxes on every single human being who pays taxes in this country.

CBS-Couric-mainstream reporters are pathetic.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/16/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lightworker (Chairman Ba-O) in Vain'
*'A Well-Heeled Anti-Gunner'
*'Supporting Republicans is Racist and Stinky'

From Michelle Malkin:
*The Secret Service says that Chairman Ba-O's claim that people are shouting 'kill him' (Obama) at McCain rallies cannot be verified.
*Malkin live-blogged the debate, but be sure to see the part about ACORN in the post.
*An interview with the plumber who confronted Obama

From Gateway Pundit:
*Sarah Palin stumps in Maine to great crowds and rips into Chairman Ba-O and Joe Biden.
*Voter Fraud Alert!! Washington State sends 24,000 ballots to convicted felons!

From Nicki at The Liberty Zone:
*Nicki reams Senator Jim Webb, to put it mildly. I warned voters about him before the '06 election. This 'friend of gun owners' says we have 'nothing to fear' from Barack Obama. What a numbskull.
*It seems that Nicki's words about Webb attracted the attention of the Senate Sergeant at Arms.

Armed and Safe gives us an important and much-appreciated update on Father 'Snuffy' Pfleger, the rabid anti-gun activist.

Syd has important news from Oleg Volk and his continuing problems with the theft of his website.

Breda posts a must-see video on the financial crisis, entitled, 'Follow the Money.'

Robb Allen has a good read on a question posed by Roberta X, 'Why Do You Shoot?'

Breaking news...Mike McCarville reports that the FBI has opened a nationwide investigation into the activities of ACORN--Chairman Ba-O's 'get out the Obama vote' organization.

Here is some interesting news! Supporters of Hillary Clinton have been helping Sarah Palin!

Another example of the loss of liberty (H/t to Cajun Bass).

Following the bouncing ball--the real story behind Obama and terrorist Bill Ayers.

Open Carry has an interesting thread going on their forum about a lawman in Virginia who unlawfully detained gun owners.

Blogstitution has a brand new look and some good reading to boot. Go have a look! Of course, I say good reading because in one post he links to me!

A Few Quick Notes on 'Joe the Plumber'

'Joe the Plumber,' as he is called, is Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio, who has worked for a plumbing company for a number of years. Joe wishes to buy the small plumbing company.

But Joe discovered that Barack Obama's tax plan for small business will put him a much higher tax bracket, thus punishing him for any success he may have with his business.

Here are a few quick facts on 'Joe the Plumber':

*Joe is not rich as Barack Obama claims. He is an ordinary guy--a hard worker--who wants to succeed.

*Becoming a small business owner will not make Joe rich. His expenses for operating the business and providing jobs will cut into whatever profit he makes.

*Barack Obama wishes to tax that profit if it reaches the $250,000 level. For a small business with employees, $250,000 is not a vast sum of money.

*Barack Obama had an encounter with Joe in Ohio during which Joe told the Senator that his tax plan would hurt him if he becomes a business owner. And how did Barack respond? 'We have to spread the wealth around.' What wealth?

*It is clear that what Obama intends to do is rob from those who succeed to give to other citizens of his choosing. This takes away any motivation to succeed.

*It is also clear that Obama's tax plan is not simply targeted to the 'big oil companies and corporations.' He has also targeted small businesses that barely make it.

*The present economy cannot withstand such an onslaught on those who create jobs. The result will be layoffs and less hiring in the small businesses that employ 80% of Americans. Some of these businesses will be forced to close.

*Barack Obama and the Democrats are now blasting Joe the Plumber for being 'selfish.' Selfish? It is HIS CAPITAL that will provide JOBS! What lamebrains.

Say what you will about John McCain's less-than-stellar moments during his long Senate career. But on taxes, he is no Socialist who will rob business owners to give to somebody else.

Chairman Ba-O and ACORN--Stealing an Election

It is already common knowledge that if Barack Obama (to whom I shall hereafter refer as 'Chairman Ba-O') wins the Presidency, it will be due to vast and widespread voter fraud.

Not only has ACORN been shown to be a sham, engaging in illegal practices to get out the vote for Obama under the guise of merely 'registering the poor to vote,' but today we learned that the Secretary of State in Ohio has admitted to hiding over 200,000 fraudulent voter registrations from election officials.

The controversial and rabidly partisan Secretary, Jennifer Brunner, admitted that she has been concealing 200,000 questionable registrations from the local election boards.

Brunner is the one who implemented the highly controversial plan for 'same-day early registration and voting' in Ohio a couple of weeks ago--a system so full of holes that an individual could potentially register and vote in every single county in the state without election officials having the means to check for such massive voter fraud.

The latest news concerning Brunner is yet another stunning and frightening example of just how questionable Election '08 has become.

And the Brunner scandal isn't the only problem. Reports are coming in from all across the nation concerning such voter fraud.

As for ACORN's role in this, an organization that accepts multi-thousands of dollars from Barack Obama and his campaign is clearly NOT a 'neutral, bipartisan voter registration organization,' particularly in light of the fact that they have been caught bribing individuals to register numerous times so that they can vote for Obama under dozens of names, registering individuals under fictitious names and the names of the deceased, and offering to 'provide transportation to the underprivileged so that they can go and vote for Obama.'

And this is not to mention the number of convicted felons who are disqualified from voting yet are being added to voter registration rolls anyway--illegally.

The entire scenario reminds one of the shenanigans that occur in third world Communist dictatorships that claim they are holding 'democratic elections' but rig those elections so that only the ruling party wins.

Before he is even elected Chairman Ba-O is already presiding over the most scandalous and corrupt campaign in U.S. history, which is one of the many reasons why his Presidency, if you can call it that, will be illegitimate, assuming he actually gets elected.

As I have stated before, Obama will NEVER be 'my President' no matter what the election results show in November. Nobody who subverts the Constitution to support the banning of Second Amendment rights, First Amendment rights, and infanticide will ever be my President.

The most appropriate title we can give him is that of Mao Tse Tung of China, the Communist who took over the country in 1948. They called him 'Chairman Mao.' Now we have our 'Chairman Ba-O.'

Chairman Ba-O

I propose that if Barack Obama steals the election and becomes President we refer to him as 'Chairman Ba-O.'

Obama's ideology, methodology, and goals are so similar to Chinese Communist Mao Tse Tung, the founder of the People's Republic of China in 1948, that the title 'Chairman' seems to suit him very well.

'Chairman Mao,' of course, presided over a massive change and restructuring of Chinese society from top to bottom, or as Chairman Ba-O puts it, a 'fundamental change.'

Alright, then. Chairman Ba-O it is!

Barack the Liar

Let's have some fun enumerating and identifying at least some of the numerous lies Barack Obama told during Wednesday's night's 3rd and final Presidential debate.

1. Barack denied beginning his campaign for the Illinois Senate in the living room of terrorist Bill Ayers. That is a lie. The record from all of those who were there say it is true. Not only that but Ayers helped bankroll Obama's campaigns for the Illinois legislature, along with convicted felon Tony Rezko.

2. Barack said that Bill Ayers is 'a university professor in Chicago,' insinuating that he has moved beyond his terrorist past. That is a lie. The truth is that Bill Ayers never repudiated his bombing of the Pentagon, Congress, and several other structures during the 60s, and in 2001 he stated 'he wished he had done more.' Ayers is nothing more than an extremist Leftwing radical to this very day.

3. Barack stated that the Annenberg Foundation, which funded Ayers' radical Leftwing educational program, is a mainstream organization made up of many Republicans. And this legitimizes their funding for Ayers how? Ayers' educational program, which Obama worked for, is not about education but about political extremism and raising up a generation of Leftwing radicals. The 'education' moniker is nothing but a front for the organization's subversive political goals.

4. Barack has identified anyone making $250,000 as 'rich,' including small business owners who include their companies' profits together with any compensation they may have received as a sub-chapter 'S' corporation or an 'LLC.' That is a lie. These small business owners are not rich. They do provide jobs, however. And Barack wants to raise their taxes at a troublesome time in the economy. This is part of his 'Robin Hood' approach to steal from others to give money to the poor. 'Plumber Joe' is a good example. Barack brushed aside his complaints about taxes and told him he wanted to 'spread the wealth around.' Joe is not wealthy, Barack.

5, Barack claims pro-life and pro-abortion folk can 'come together and find common ground.' That is a lie. It is impossible for those who value human life to find common ground with someone who supports infanticide. Barack is one of the most rabid pro-abortion advocates in the country, and he supported a bill that would remove ANY and ALL restrictions on any type of abortion at any time during the pregnancy. THIS is unconscionable.

6. Barack stated he voted to withhold medical care from babies who survive abortion attempts because Illinois already had such a law on the books. That is patently FALSE. The issue came up as a result of a specific case where a doctor botched an abortion and the staff took the baby, which was still alive, put it in a dark closet, and denied water and food and medical care to the infant. The proposed law would have prevented that atrocity. Barack voted against preventing such atrocities.

7. Barack says repeatedly he wants a tax cut for 95% of Americans. That is a lie. He wants the Bush tax cuts to expire, which will immediately give Americans the largest single tax increase in U.S. history. You can't claim you are for tax cuts if you want the Bush tax cuts to expire. That means ALL of us will pay higher taxes.

8. Barack blames Republicans for the economic troubles in the housing industry. That is a lie. Look no further than the Democratic Congress and Democrats such as Chris Dodd, Charles Rangel, and Barney Frank, and you will find who is to blame. Even Barack had cozy deals with Fannie and Freddie's CEOs, and it was Fannie and Freddie that started this whole mess. Plus, don't forget the Democrats have controlled Congress for 2 years, not Republicans.

9. Barack lied about the McCain record in Congress and even his own non-record. He blames McCain for voting for budgets submitted by the President, although they had been tweaked by Congress, when a majority of both Parties in Congress voted for them or else they would not have passed. But then, Barack isn't really in a position to know what happens in Congress. He has been out campaigning for President during the entirety of his short, 2-year Senate career.

10. Barack lied about the McCain healthcare plan leading to employers dropping workers from coverage. In fact, BARACK's centralized government-controlled healthcare plan is a sure-fire way to motivate employers to drop their employees from coverage. They will simply conclude that since government is going to do it, then why should they?

And then, it's hello Canada and Great Britain with their disastrous national healthcare plans. You had better hope you stay VERY healthy if Barack Obama is elected President.

Thus, the debate on Wednesday night did nothing but confirm that Barack can calmly and reassuringly look you in the eye and tell one lie after another like a smooth-talking used car salesman on a back lot in the south side of Chicago.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Notes on 3rd Presidential Debate--10/15/08

This was by far the best nationally televised debate so far during this campaign. McCain and Obama 'mixed it up' and went after each other on various issues, making for an interesting exchange.

But let's get right down to the main point.

John McCain won on the issues.

Barack Obama won on style.

But a silvery-tongued liar is still a liar, and a smooth style often is nothing more than a cover for a person's real self, which is often hidden by a very well-crafted outward persona.

Thus, if we are electing a silvery-tongued orator who can let lies slide from his lips as smoothly as water glides off of a duck's back, then Obama is your man.

But if you want a President, a leader, a reformer, and a man who values the sanctity of human life and always puts his country first, then McCain is your choice.

And yes, it really is that simple.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/15/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Matt Drudge issues an explosive memo showing that Barack Obama sent the media a talking points memo 12 hours before the debate. Interestingly, the media has been headlining each of the Obama talking points, almost verbatim!

CNS News reports that Obama's reply to a plumber who complained about high taxes is coming back to haunt him. Could it be that Obama's Marxist-Communist ideology is beginning to scare Americans?

Mike McCarville posts Dr. John Lott's latest entitled, 'Barack Obama, the Ultimate Gun-Grabber.' This is a MUST-read!

Rush Limbaugh has an explosive piece of commentary entitled, 'Radical Marxists Three Weeks Away from Electing One of Their Own.'

JR gives us some words of wisdom about getting involved in the political process.

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Fear and Loathing, Not Hope and Change'
*'Ethics from the Barrel of a Gun'

From Nicki at the Liberty Zone:
*'Here's What Obama Wants for You'
*'A Win for Gun Rights'

From Sebastian at Snow Flakes in Hell:
*A MUST-read quote from a man who knows Obama better than anyone. The subject is guns.
*'Why They Go After Gun Shops'

Say Uncle posts 'Where's the Truth Squad When You Need It?'

Days of Our Trailers shows us a pic of the words of a man who has been vandalized by Obama supporters.

The Rustmeister has an example of Hollywood hypocrisy.

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day on the present cesspool we call 'Congress.'

Bloviating Zeppelin posts THE must-read of the day. Take this seriously, folks. Liberals have already declared they will not only limit conservative speech on the radio but on the INTERNET as well! They intend to put restrictions on the Internet that will effectively silence us.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts an excellent piece entitled, 'Give Me Liberty.'

From Michelle Malkin:
*Guess What's Hanging On Bill Ayers Door! A pic of Che Guevara and other Commies!
*Out-of-state Obama activists registered to vote in Ohio!

The Latest on Climate Change--It's Global COOLING!
*Alaskan Glaciers Grew This Year Thanks to COLDER Weather
*Record Lows Set in Oregon--the Lowest in 118 Years!
*California Grapes Threatened by Lowest Temps on Record

Calm, Rational Thoughts from the Non-Compliant

Make no mistake about it, many patriotic Americans have no intention of being compliant with laws, directives, and programs initiated during a possible Barack Obama administration.

This is no knee-jerk reaction, no hot-headed racist blather from hayseeds, no irrational musings from the paranoid, but the logical sequence of behaviors by those who still believe in the idea of liberty as encapsulated by the Founders in the U.S. Constitution.

And, since I have been designated as part of the 'angry mob against Obama,' I thought it would be appropriate to verbalize some of my calm, rational thoughts from the non-compliant sector of society.

First, let it be made crystal clear that tens of thousands, if not millions of Americans will be so thoroughly disgusted by the fact that an outright neo-Communist was elected to the White House that civil disobedience will become commonplace.

In the past, this action seemed to be reserved for those liberals who wished to overthrow the capitalism inherent in the U.S. Government. Today, however, civil disobedience will be embraced by those who love personal, individual liberty so much that they will dare to refuse to comply with the neo-Communist concepts espoused by Barack Obama and his supporters in Congress.

Two, some of these among the non-compliant may well refuse to pay taxes in protest, including some small business owners. Those who feel they cannot follow this course of action should not be singled out as 'turncoats,' for this decision is an ominous one that could land such persons in jail. This is a very personal decision made only after counting the cost soberly.

But even if we feel we cannot engage in this form of civil disobedience, we must lend our support in any way we can to those who put their all on the line in defense of liberty. This is a MUST.

Beyond these two principles, here is a list of some things ALL of us can do to express our outrage in the event that Obama is elected or the Democrats increase their majorities in the Congress, or both:

1. On Inauguration Day and afterward, we can inundate the White House and the offices of our Senators and Representatives with phone calls expressing our intent to oppose each and every proposal put forth by Barack Obama or a veto-proof liberal Congress. This tactic must be a permanent fact of everyday life and not just short term. We must keep the pressure on them each and every single day.

2. We can write letters on a regular basis to Senators, Governors, Representatives, and other government officials expressing our opposition to the Obama agenda. This, too, must be a regular, permanent tactic.

3. We can inundate newspapers with letters to the editor expressing opposition to Obama proposals...refraining from attacking but stating clearly and rationally why we oppose those proposals.

4. We can get involved with local politics, from the ground up, if we have not done so already. Lethargy on the part of mainstream America may be the very thing that ruins this country. We are about to lose our liberties. Our inaction will be partly to blame. We MUST change that now.

5. Between now and Inauguration Day purchase your many as you can. This may be the last time you and I as free citizens can exercise our Second Amendment rights in this country by buying firearms. If money is an issue, remember that $300 can purchase all you need if you know where to look.

6. Absolutely, positively refuse to turn over personal guns in the event of confiscation. This is OUR property, not theirs.

7. Join a conservative religious group that is not a part of the National Council of Churches or the World Council of Churches. These 2 organizations are full of Marxists. Conservative religious groups have some of the most stalwart advocates for personal rights and liberties anywhere. And beyond that, the message you hear might do you good.

8. If you can, pull your children-grandchildren out of the public school system. Find a school that teaches the principles of liberty, or decide to homeschool. The public school system in this country will become nothing more than a tool in the hands of Barack Obama to indoctrinate young minds in the ways of extremists like Bill Ayers.

9. Get out of debt as fast as you can. Tear up credit cards. Do your transactions with cash. Withdraw funds from banks and put the money in your personal safe. You can even take this further if you wish, withdrawing investments and stashing the money yourself in your safe. Pay yourself first. There really is no better way to force government and the new monopolistic banking system to deal with our displeasure than to hit them in the pocket book.

10. Make a list of like-minded persons who believe in the Constitution, the vision of the Founders, and the Bill of Rights. Make sure they are registered to vote. Get them to the polls in the next election. Become a free taxi service for the elderly, the frail, the sick--anyone who is like-minded but who cannot get to the polls on their own.

In short, as soon as the Election is over on November 4, begin laying the groundwork for the Congressional elections in 2010 and the Presidential election in 2012. The nation will be wrecked to pieces by the crowd getting ready to come to power this year . We must be ready to step up and step in to clean up the mess in 2010 and 2012.

Why Most Polls Can't Be Trusted

CBS News-New York Times, in a poll released on Tuesday, shows Barack Obama headed for a landslide victory against John McCain, 53-39%. Other polls have shown an Obama lead by anywhere from 9-11 percentage points.

While this is certainly cause for alarm, can these polls be trusted, when other polls show a much closer race?

According to a poll observer in National Review, a closer look at what's beneath the surface presents a very different picture than what is reported by the organizations that conduct the polls.

The Dumbed-Down Generation

As I contemplated the possibility that the Obama bandwagon could well steam-roll over all of us who cherish liberty, the thought occurred to me that this could be the culmination of years of hard work by those who have a vested interest in destroying America.

The 60s generation gave us school busing, lower standards in schools, safeguarding 'self-esteem' at all costs even if it means giving passing grades to those who can't read, and of course, Leftwing radicalism that called America evil and Communism/Socialism good.

Some among that generation never gave up their vision for a different kind of America where the Constitution is considered a relic of the past and where government is all-powerful.

After all, the Constitution was written by 'a bunch of old men who believed in slavery,' as Whoopie Goldberg stated during an interview with John McCain some time ago on that joke of a TV program, 'The View.'

This, of course, is meant to silence all defense of the Constitution out of the fear one may be tagged as a racist.

Whoopie, of course, failed to mention that this very Constitution FREED slaves. One cannot hold people who lived in the 18th century to 21st century concepts. But the principles espoused by those 'old men' in the 1700s led to slavery being outlawed in the 1800s. The principles themselves were so forward-looking that even the Founders didn't know all of the ways in which liberty could express itself.

In addition, many products of our public school system today seem to think that mass murderers like Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Chairman Mao are pretty cool guys. Communism and Socialism are accepted as good ideas. Nevermind that in each case where these ideologies gain a foothold, citizens are robbed of their rights and multi-millions are murdered by their own government.

Do most students in America today know this?

Absolutely not!

Even John Edwards, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama didn't know that the Second Amendment is a right, not a privilege. And each of these are lawyers!

By the way, why is it that not a single reporter in the media has asked Barack Obama why his campaign offices across the country have pictures of Cuban mass murderer Che Guevara hanging all over the walls? Guevara, of course, was one of Fidel Castro's hatchet men when he first came to power in Cuba, making sure the opposition was minimized by the systematic slaughter of ordinary citizens.

But of course, Fidel Castro is considered a pretty good guy by Obama supporters as well.

Yet the Obama-worshippers in the mainstream media think we who oppose Obama are an 'angry mob!'

This must be la-la land. What's good is called bad, and what's bad is called good.

Therefore, it is no wonder that in 2008 a large number of Americans are going to march into the polls like zombies and pull the lever for a radical, anti-American, neo-Communist who believes in infanticide and outlawing handguns in this country.

The social engineers of the 1960s planned this out from the beginning. You see, in order for revolution to occur, you don't need guns or violence. All you need is to take over the school system, dumb down the students by lowering standards, withhold information about the Constitution and the men who wrote it, brainwash them in the ways of Socialism/Communism, until one day in the future you have an entire generation of Americans who think it's absolutely splendid that a person with an ideology like Barack Obama runs for President.

That one day in the future is now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/14/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Michelle Malkin reports today's latest ACORN voter fraud cases, including registering 'Mickey Mouse,' among others. Obama is trying to distance himself from the group, naturally.

From Gateway Pundit:
*Yet another Democrat has been caught in a major scandal. This time it's money-laundering.
*WOW! A couple that supports John McCain mysteriously found that $2300 had been charged to their credit card by THE BARACK OBAMA CAMPAIGN! You may oppose Obama, but one way or another you are going to pay for him to win!
*ACORN hired get out the vote workers for Barack Obama, although they claim to be non-partisan. Yeah, right.
*The Complete Guide to ACORN Fraud--read it all!
*Explosive!! Unbelievable! A new 8th grade English textbook contains a 15-page section on Barack Obama!

CNS News reports that the Obama scandals just keep on coming. A foundation run by Obama gave millions to leftwing radical groups, including one run by BILL AYERS!

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed blowing the whistle on Obama's claim to support gun rights.

Traction Control points to a slow-motion video of a .50 BMG Accuracy International AS50 being fired. Take a look!

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*The Knob Creek Diary--David meets Len Savage and Mike Vanderboegh in person.
*Report your stolen guns, get arrested. At least that's the way the JBTs see it.
*David posts an open letter to anti-gun reporters and politicians, written by Mike Vanderboegh.
*It's interesting that China has a 'gun crime problem' although the country has had a complete firearm ban in place ever since the Commies took over the country over a half-century ago!

Nicki has the video of what Barack Obama told a tax-burdened plumber about 'spreading the wealth.'

Armed and Safe has a MUST-read on 'massive non-compliance' in the event of gun confiscation during a Barack Obama Presidency.

From Alphecca: NBC News is a total sham. Read it!

Breda will be solo-hosting tonight's 'Gun Nuts' radio program, since Ahab is out of town. Check her link for into.

Sebastian posts footage from the 'Sportsmen for McCain' rally. Take a look!

Texas Fred has 'Dedicated to the Obamessiah and His Democrats.'

The Rustmeister publishes an urgent message concerning TV ads that warn about Obama's anti-gun agenda. Read it all!

Robb Allen alerts us to the Brady Gang's latest anti-gun offensive.

Freedom Sight hit some snags in switching to a new server, but he managed to get something posted today. It's good!

Front Sight, Press has an important reminder, entitled, 'A Clean Gun is a Happy Gun.'

Roberta X blasts Yahoo for its leftist slant in news reporting. Good for her!

THE must-read of the day is over at 21 Guns, Salute. It's entitled, 'Liberty?'

Pelosi's Recall of Congress in Nov. a Bad Omen?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated over the weekend that she has plans to recall Congress for a special session after the November election, supposedly to 'pass more economic stimulus legislation.'

And certainly this may be one item on the Speaker's agenda, no doubt.

However, there is a much more covert and ominous reason for the Speaker's unusual plan, and it has to do with the upcoming Presidential election.

Despite polls showing that Obama is still running ahead of McCain and winning the electoral vote outright, many observers of the electorate suggest a very close election--unusually close; so close in fact that we may end up with an Electoral College tie.

The Constitution makes it clear what happens at that point. In case of a tie, the election is thrown into the hands of the U.S. House of Representatives. The House then selects the next President.

We all know what this means. The Democrats control the House under Speaker Pelosi. Under normal conditions this would indicate that the Democratic candidate for President would be chosen by the House, in this case, Barack Obama.

Yet Democrats in the House are much more responsive to the wishes of their constituents back home than Senate Democrats. This means that there are many conservative-leaning Democrats in the House who cannot necessarily be counted upon to automatically vote for Barack Obama, should the House be forced to choose the next President.

There are roughly 90-100, possibly more, Democrats in the House who have defied Pelosi's leadership and voted with Republicans on some key issues. These conservative Democrats could be persuaded to join with Republicans to elect John McCain, in the best-case scenario...that is, unless they cave to Pelosi's strong-arm tactics.

And make no mistake about it, she will not hesitate to bring out the whips to keep the underlings in line.

And thus, it could well be that Pelosi's announcement of a special session of Congress in November, after the Presidential election, is a signal that she is preparing for all of the possibilities, including the responsibility of presiding over the election of the next President.

Market Could Regain Losses This Week

The stock market opened on Monday to speculation that a rebound was about to occur. And boy did it ever.

Stocks rose by their sharpest gains in the history of the market, posting a 955-point-gain by the end of the day.

Market watchers say that today could be a repeat of Monday's windfall.

And thus, it is entirely possible that the market this week could regain most if not all that it lost in the past few weeks.

If this good news continues to hold until Election Day, does this mean, then, that John McCain and the Republicans get to benefit handsomely from the upswing? It would seem only fair given how thoroughly they have been blamed for the woes in the financial markets of late.

Isn't it interesting--Obama benefits from bad news. Let's see if McCain benefits from good news.

Monday, October 13, 2008


The Clemson University Athletic Director announced this afternoon at roughly 5:15 PM that Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden has resigned, effective immediately.

Clemson officials stated that Assistant Coach Dabo Swinney would become the Interim Head Coach for the remainder of the season.

A.D. Terry Don Phillips said that Bowden offered his resignation in a lengthy meeting this afternoon during which the coach acknowledged that the football program was operating under a cloud with its shaky 3-3 season so far.

Phillips indicated that both he and Bowden had approached the 08 season with the goal of winning the ACC championship and going to the Orange Bowl. But the Tigers' under-performance so far this season had placed those goals in doubt.

Clemson will buy out the remainder of Bowden's contract, which was renewed just last season.

Dabo Swinney played for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide under Coach Gene Stallings and has formed solid relationships both on and off the field with the Tigers. When asked if Swinney would become the permanent head coach, Phillips stated that the position would have to be earned.

Coach Tommy Bowden has amassed a respectable record of 72-45 during his 10 years at Clemson. His overall career record is 90-49.

Bowden is the son of legendary Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/13/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*Constitution-Free Zones, the solution proposed by an Obama supporter.
*'Wayne Fincher Fundraising Appeal'
*The 'Knot Heads of the Round Table' opine on 'assault weapons.'

Armed and Safe says that the Brady Gang is up to no good again.

JR posts a great article on carrying to live. It's worth the time to read it.

Mike McCarville reports that pollster John Zogby says Obama has slipped back into a statistical dead-heat with John McCain.

Sebastian says the American Bar Association is eating some post-Heller crow. Good!

Uncle has a complete roundup of the third annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous.

The SunSentinel reports that thousands of ineligible convicted felons are registered to vote.

The Times Online says that in the U.K. the government has seized control of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Communism on the march!

It is no secret that the Cuban Commie Castro Brothers want Obama to win. But now Fidel Castro says that 'racism in America is driving people away from Obama.' What a pinko idiot! It's not racism, Fidel, it's his Commie philosophy!

And now for some good news. Reuters reports that the price of gasoline in America has experienced its sharpest decline ever within the past few weeks. Here in S.C. the price has now dropped below $3 per gallon.

From Roberta X:
*'How Hateful! How Divisive!'--a good read!
*'Corrupt Congressthings'

Alphecca reports that in addition to all the other corruption, the Obama campaign has now engaged in theft!

Dark Blog posts a good one, entitled, 'No, Dear, It's Called Freedom.'

Breda has a MUST-read today, in case you missed it from Saturday. Take a look!

Texas Fred wants to know why we are not hearing more on THIS!

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings says that shots have been fired at the U.S. Consulate in Mexico.

Insight on Freedom provides some very politically incorrect commentary entitled, 'The Secret,' and it is a MUST-read!

Michelle Malkin takes a riveting look at the Liberal-Obama-Democrat hatred and rage. You gotta see this. Read it all. Geeezzz. And they think WE are an 'angry mob?'

Gateway Pundit reports that a Democrat has been caught in a sex and hush-money scandal. Just wait till you see who it is!

Could Obama Be Jailed During 1st Term, If Elected?

An enormous news story broke over the weekend that barely got mentioned on any of the news broadcasts. The Tony Rezko sentencing and his agreement to cooperate with federal officials investigating corruption in Chicago politics is a major bombshell of a story.

The reason is simple. Rezko contributed millions to Democrats in Illinois. He was engaged in kickback schemes as well. He was convicted in a court of law for his corruption. And he was a close associate of Barack Obama.

Rezko contributed thousands to ALL of Barack Obama's campaigns for the Illinois legislature during the 90s.

In exchange for a possible lighter sentence, Rezko is singing like a canary to federal prosecutors who have set their sights on corrupt public officials in Illinois.

But here is the bombshell, as reported by Hillbuzz:

We need to repeat that: we never believed, until now, that Obama would go to jail for anything related to Rezko. Today, this breaking news about what Rezko is singing to the Feds about makes us reconsider all of that.

Barack Obama will serve a prison sentence in the next few years — because knowing Fitzgerald, there is no reason he would be going through all of this if that was not the targeted goal in the long term.

And thus, should Barack Obama be elected President of the United States, he could well be the very first sitting President to be arrested and sent to jail on corruption charges.

Read the entire story HERE.

Integrity of '08 Election Already in Question

With ACORN's obvious and blatant attempt to pad voter registration drives with Obama supporters, and with reports in places such as Ohio of widespread voter fraud due to the state's inadequate registration laws, the integrity and legitimacy of the '08 Election is already in question.

Despite ACORN's insistence that it is nothing more than a 'non-partisan, non-profit organization that seeks to register to vote those who are poor and underprivileged,' the group has undeniable ties to the Obama campaign, has received donations from the Obama campaign, and has benefited from the Democrats' control of Congress, who always succeed in sneaking into bills some pork-barrel spending that sends cash directly to ACORN.

ACORN is presently under a federal investigation for possibly engaging in voter fraud and breaking election laws. ACORN has registered individuals in the names of the deceased in order to allow them to vote numerous times. The group has been accused of bribing poor persons to register several times under fictitious names and bogus SS numbers.

And in Ohio it was discovered that ACORN had actually registered a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD child!

Ohio in itself is yet another story.

Due to the partisanship of a corrupt Secretary of State, Ohio put into place an election law this year that allows citizens to register and vote early, all on the same day. This allows persons of ill repute to register in potentially dozens of counties, allowing them to vote dozens of times, all on the same day, without election officials being capable of checking the validity of the registrations.

This widespread corruption across the nation has cast a shadow of suspicion over this entire election already, fully a month before Election Day.

Tens of thousands of people have already cast votes who are doing so illegally and are planning on doing so illegally.

Thus, can we trust the results of this election, particularly if Barack Obama wins?

If ACORN and the Democrats in the state of Ohio and the U.S. Congress have their way, Barack Obama is going to win no matter what, even if it takes hundreds of thousands of illegal votes to do so.

Explaining the Unexplainable, Next Chapter

Here is yet another example of pure illogic:

George W. Bush, the Republicans, and John McCain are all to blame for the problems in the financial markets, supposedly.

Yet the crisis is g-l-o-b-a-l.

The problems occurring here at home are only part of the problem. Europe is in worse shape than we are, and the Asian markets are even worse than that.

So, how is it that George W. Bush, the Republicans, and John McCain played a key role in the plunging markets in China, India, Great Britain, France, and Germany?

If you answer it is because what started here had a ripple effect overseas, you would be wrong...well, partially wrong. That concept works both ways. As what happens in our markets effects other markets around the world, so it is true that what happens in THEIR markets effect us.

The fact is that all across the globe the markets based their value on a false overly-inflated fantasy, creating a windfall bubble in the short term. But when the bubble bursts as it always does eventually, the house of cards comes crashing down.

The Chinese, the Brits, the French, the Indians, and the Germans were every bit as gullible to the scheme in their own countries as we were.

So, tell me again why George W. Bush, the Republicans, and John McCain are to blame for this?

I know the answer! It's magic!

Those evil Republicans cast a spell on the whole world. And guess who is the only 'ONE' to break the evil spell?'s the Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama...who, by a wave of his magic wand will remove the economic troubles of the world and make everything all better for all the little boo-boos out there in la-la land.

Now, my little sweetie-pies, go to sleep while I sing a lullaby to you, and you will have sweet dreams of your Savior Barack Obama who saves all his little children from all harm and hardship...

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Two major leftwing hacks, Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich, stated on Saturday that McCain and Palin have been out stirring up 'mob anger' toward Barack Obama.

Both Dowd and Rich are ultra-liberal columnists for the New York Times.

And both are entirely WRONG about McCain and Palin 'stirring up the mob.'

The two leftist columnists should know that average, everyday, God-fearing, hard-working, taypaying, responsible citizens in the heartland of this country are scared to death of Barack Obama and his extremism.

Their anger has been slowly rising the closer we get to Election Day due to the fact that they know the truth about Obama and are seething about the fact that this man may actually get elected to the Presidency, when he could not even get a security clearance for a government job due to his ties with persons of dangerous reputation.

Governor Sarah Palin is not to blame for Barack Obama's votes to kill infants who survive botched abortion attempts. Senator John McCain is not to blame for Obama's sleazy relationships with terrorists and thugs in the corrupt Chicago political machine.

No, Ms. Dowd and Mr. Rich, Barack Obama did those things all on his own. And now he must take responsibility for his actions and pay for them with being denied the White House at the very least. He may even need to go to jail, depending on what Tony Rezko tells the Feds about him.

Alerting the voters to the myriad of highly troubling problems surrounding Barack Obama is not stirring up a mob. It is telling the truth, which the mainstream media and columnists like Dowd and Rich are NOT doing.

Thus, in the eyes of Obama disciples and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media, I am now part of a 'mob' because I am angry that someone like Barack Obama could get this close to the White House. My fellow bloggers who oppose Obama tooth and nail are now considered part of a 'mob.' Gun owners who cherish their God-given and Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms are now part of a 'mob' because they are livid that a man who stated publicly that all handguns should be banned in America is on his way to becoming President, if we believe some of the polls.

And last but certainly not least, those who are outraged that a man who voted 3 times to disallow medical care for infants that survive botched abortion attempts is within a hare's breath of being elected are now referred to as 'a mob mentality.'

No, Ms. Dowd and Mr. Rich, these are the best and brightest among us.

And thus, if the outrage the ordinary citizens in the heartland feel toward Barack Obama makes us a 'mob,' then I will gladly take my spot as part of it. We are angry that the media of which you are a part has thrown its hat into the ring for Obama, openly campaigning for him when it is supposed to be neutral.

And we are mortified over the prospects of an outright Socialist being elected as President of the United States of America.

I supposed Dowd and Rich in their almighty wisdom would refer to Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Henry, and John Jay as 'a mob' because they were livid over British rule and actually defied authority on behalf of liberty.

Yes, I am proud to be associated with such mobs. And if getting angry about what is about to happen to this country is what it takes to save it from socialist tyranny, then so be it.

A Proud Member of the Angry Mob Against Obama

FOX Documentary Exposes Obama Chicanery

In a jaw-dropping documentary tonight on Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity exposes Barack Obama's chicanery by tracing the candidate's history back to his early days in Chicago politics.

This eye-opening documentary should be one of the most pivotal reports we will see during this campaign, particularly since the mainstream media has failed to do its job in investigating and reporting the truth.

For more information about the documentary this evening, click HERE for an overview by Dr. Stephen Yulish.

Proof McCain Sounded Alarm on Fannie-Freddie

In May of 2006, John McCain wrote a letter, signed by 19 other Senators, to the Republican leadership in the Senate, expressing support for a bill entitled, 'The Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act.'

The Senate Banking Committee had already put its stamp of approval on the bill, and McCain and the group of 19 urged Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Chair Richard Shelby to bring the bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

That bill would have put the screws on corruption in FannieMae and FreddieMac, the 2 federal housing agencies that were so corrupt that no wonder the housing market went into a tailspin, leading to the present difficulty in our economy.

Not only does the letter prove that McCain was ahead of the game on this, long before anyone sounded a serious alarm, but it shows the signatures of the Senators who added their names to the word of warning.

It is of utmost importance to note that Senator Elizabeth Dole, R-NC, is one of the signers. Yet she is in the fight of her life to keep her Senate seat in North Carolina. It would seem that voters in N.C. are blaming all the wrong people.

Guess whose name is not on that letter? One Barack Obama, who continues to spin a tale claiming he 'warned' about it early on.

Well, where is the proof, Mr. Obama, particularly when some of your best buddies in Fannie and Freddie were the very ones up to their eyeballs in scandal?

Read the complete story and the text of the letter HERE at Human Events.

The Coming 'Thugocracy'

Michael Barone, contributing writer for National Review, has written a sobering article concerning the coming 'thugocracy' in America, assuming Barack Obama wins the Presidency.

Here is an excerpt from Barone:

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors,” Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. “I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than getting into people’s faces. They seem determined to shut people up.

Barone goes on to detail how the Obama campaign has intimidated conservative free speech when those conservatives dared to take to the airwaves to criticize the candidate.

Read it all HERE.