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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sword-Wielding Man Chases Burglar in Underwear

Washington, DC (TLS). The town where this occurred shall remain nameless, and the homeowner who was involved will also remain nameless. But I can vouch for the veracity of the story.

It seems a burglar who was on the prowl in a certain neighborhood decided that he could climb into upstairs windows much easier by removing his clothes. So, he proceeded to break into one home in nothing but his boxer shorts.

The only thing is, he was greeted by the homeowner who was awakened by the noise. Immediately the homeowner jumped up out of bed, in his underwear, grabbed a samurai sword he kept under the bed, and chased the burglar out of the house and into the neighborhood.

Now get this picture for me.

Two men, one running for his life dressed in nothing but boxer shorts, is being chased in the middle of the night by a man in his underwear who is brandishing a sword.

I wish I had been there with a video camera. Surely the thing would win America's Funniest Videos.


Washington, DC (TLS). An elderly couple in the state of New Hampshire is telling the IRS to go jump into the nearest lake. Presently the couple is holed up in their home as IRS agents storm the property for their arrest.

Apparently the scenario all started when several years ago the couple wrote the IRS a detailed letter explaining why the Income Tax is illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional. At that point they stopped paying taxes.

Of course, in modern times the Income Tax is certainly legal and one disregards the paying of taxes to their own peril. However, the elderly couple has a good point.

When the Constitutional was first put together, it specifically forbade a national Income Tax!

Of course, for years I have been calling for abolishing the IRS, a move that is long overdue, and implementing some version of a flat tax, national sales tax, or the more recent rendition, the 'fair tax.'

I would love to see the IRS told, legally of course, to go to simply abolishing it. The Income Tax would be NO MORE.

You know, I don't even know the couple in New Hampshire, but I like them already.

Read their full story here:

A Different Perspective on Paris Hilton

Washington, DC (TLS). Do I think Paris Hilton is a spoiled brat? Yes. Do I think she is totally self-absorbed and tends to drag others down into the abyss with her? Yes. Do I like her? No.

But I also believe that persons should be treated equally under the law.

Apparently Paris Hilton has been treated more HARSHLY than most!

That's right. According to the County Sheriff where Paris was arrested, normally persons with similar charges are released from jail after serving 10% of their sentence. In Hilton's case, that would be FOUR DAYS.

Yet the Judge in his almighty wisdom decided that such a break would NOT be given to Paris Hilton, in spite of the fact that others get that break. In fact, what the Sheriff stated must be true, or else the Judge would not have found it necessary to specifically forbid Hilton from being released early on house arrest with a monitoring device--like others who are charged similarly.

Thus, Al Sharpton, being the disgusting demagogue that he is, has it exactly BACKWARDS. Most prisoners under these circumstances are released after serving only 10% of their sentence. But Paris was specifically ordered by the Judge to serve the ENTIRETY of hers!

Yes, it seems we have class warfare in this country...the 'have-nots' hate the 'haves' and wish for them to be treated more harshly than others.

And yes, the criminal justice system in this nation is a joke. O.J. Simpson walks scott free for murder, Scooter Libby is sent to the slammer for 2 and a half years for committing no crime, and Paris Hilton has to serve her ENTIRE sentence in jail rather than get the break all other prisoners get.

Geezzz. I think I am living in la-la land. The country has gone ape-nuts.

Read the complete story here:

Funds Needed For Blogger Sued by Extremist Muslims

Washington, DC (TLS). Last week The Liberty Sphere sent out an appeal on behalf of a fellow blogger in Florida who is being sued by local Muslims who have connections to overseas Islamic terrorists.

That blogger's name is Bill Warner. In consultation with his attorney, Warner has learned that his legal expenses will be quite substantial in fighting this nationally orchestrated effort by certain Muslims to silence critics of terrorism through the use of lawsuits.

Some are calling their tactic 'the litigation Jihad.'

In short, Bill Warner needs your help. If they can do this to him, they could do the same thing to YOU, ME, and ANY blogger who publishes the truth about extremist Muslims and terrorism.

Pamela Geller has provided complete information over at Atlas Shrugs concerning how to get the donations to Bill's legal defense.

My friends, this is a sincere and earnest plea on behalf of a fellow blogger who is being bullied into silence by Muslims with ties to overseas terrorists. Please click on the link, read the information, and then consider sending a gift toward Bill Warner's legal defense.

Remember, the next time this happens, it may be YOU we are helping!

Click here for more information, and thanks!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). Counterterrorism expert Michael Cutler is warning that the nation's airports may already be havens for terrorists such as the one who was charged with conspiring to blow up JFK International Airport.

Cutler is also convinced that this danger is an outgrowth of an immigration problem the nation's leaders refuse to fix.

As you already know, one of the Islamic terrorists arrested in that plot is a former employee of Kennedy International.

The question is, how many more terrorists are presently working for major airports in this country and are simply waiting for the right moment to engage in an act of mass murder?

How do we know for sure that every single airport employee across the nation is to be trusted with some of the most sensitive and invaluable commodities known in the world--including human life?

The fact is, we don't know for sure. And airports cannot tell us for certain that all of their employees have passed stringent background checks.

Read the following shocking report from Michael Cutler:

The Real John Edwards--A Dangerous Subversive (Video)

Washington, DC (TLS). The following excerpts from a John Edwards interview, video included, will shock you. Were Edwards not a very intelligent person, highly educated as an attorney--and a successful one at that--we would be tempted to say that the candidate is simply hopelessly misinformed.

But Edwards is no dummy. He knows the Constitution and its provisions. Yet he simply refuses to accept those provisions.

Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards actually stated on camera and on the record that basic human rights (inalienable is the term the Founders used) do NOT include the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, or any of the rights described in the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution.

Wanna know what Edwards considers a basic human right? There are only five.
1) American Citizenship
2) A College education
3) Healthcare
4) “Living” wages
5) Internet access.

It is very interesting (and highly disgusting) that Edwards never mentioned freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, the right to bear firearms, etc., know, like what we find in that totally irrelevant and unimportant document called THE CONSTITUTION?

I believe that each of the Democratic candidates should be asked the same questions that this interviewer asked John Edwards. I would be willing to bet we would get similar answers.

One Democrat who wrote in to the Huffington Post concerning the Republican debate described Ron Paul's defense of the Constitution as 'quaint.'

Excuse me? QUAINT?

Let me tell you something, you IDIOT, were it not for that Constitution you would not be able to write your B.S. in freedom on the Internet or anywhere else!

It is time for America to WAKE UP!! Democrats and the people who support them are subversives who have ZERO respect or regard for the U.S. Constitution.

It is more important to them for everybody to have Internet access.

Edwards and his ilk need to take a flying leap from the highest bridge they can find.

Read more about this disgusting interview, including the video of it, here (but keep your up-chuck pan handy):

What's Going On In California?

Washington, DC (TLS). News sources in the state of California are reporting a massive upheaval in the political landscape over the past few weeks. Clearly, Rudy Giuliani has maintained a substantial lead ever since he announced, but recent days have shown that lead slipping.

Plus, another unexpected phenomenon has occurred.

Fred Thompson has surged ahead to tie John McCain at the Number Two spot in the polls among likely Republican voters in California. And this is before Thompson has even announced.

Polls in California are showing both McCain and Giuliani slipping, particularly Giuliani. The Fred Thompson surge is most unexpected due to his solid conservative views in a state that has clearly turned Leftward over the past two decades.

Read more about the Thompson surge in California here, at the McCarville Report:

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Crime stats show that violent crime is increasing in America's cities. How do we stop it? ARM THE CITIZENS! Scare the heck out of the criminals...greet them with your fool-proof way to keep from getting killed or robbed. And tell the politicians they will have HELL to pay if they prevent you from using the most effective means of self-defense!


Think about it! (Hat tip to the Jet Pilot).

Remembering the Luby's Cafeteria Massacre

Washington, DC (TLS). The year was 1991. The scene was Killeen, Texas. A gunman drove his pickup into a crowded Luby's Cafeteria, opened his door, and began firing at customers.

23 people were killed, many of them elderly, and another 20 wounded before the gunman killed himself.

Many of us who remember that incident vividly also remember that this was the start of a national movement to allow citizens to carry hidden firearms. You see, this massacre took place in a 'gun-free zone.'

Establishing 'gun-free zones' is sort of like preaching to the choir. The only people who obey such laws are law-abiding citizens who then become sitting ducks for criminals. The lawless do not obey laws. Thus, gun-free zones do nothing but allow gun-totin' criminals to have the upper hand.

This led several citizens who were caught in the carnage that day to take action. One of those is Dr. Suzanne Gratia Hupp. Hupp led the fight for concealed carry in Texas.

Many other ordinary citizens, some of whom lost their parents in the Luby's massacre, joined the fight stating, 'If only I had been carrying my handgun, I would stopped the madman before he shot my parents to death.'

Just remember the next time you hear a politician, a college professor, a school teacher, a Social Worker, or even a Minister talk about the need for 'gun-free zones,' you are dealing with an idiot whose ideas will not protect innocent citizens but empower criminals.

Read more on this important issue here:

House Dems Slow To Investigate William Jefferson

Washington, DC (TLS). House Democrats are dragging their feet, as expected, in investigating the corruption of Rep. William Jefferson, D-Louisiana, who has been charged with multiple counts of money laundering, bribery, and racketeering.

Jefferson is the Congressman who was caught with $90,000 in cash hidden in his freezer in his residence.

In spite of the dark cloud of corruption hanging over the head of Jefferson, Congress has not investigated him, and his home district of New Orleans re-elected him to office.

In spite of the federal indictments on several felony charges, the Democrat-controlled Congress is still in no hurry to investigate Jefferson. Apparently Pelosi is concerned about corruption only when it comes to Republicans.

And apparently committing felonies is fine as long as you have the 'Big D' beside your name.

Dems Defeat Amendment to Immigration Bill

Washington, DC (TLS). CNS is reporting that Democrats in the Senate have defeated an amendment to the immigration bill--an amendment that would have prevented anyone from gaining legal status who had fake documents, committed crimes, or ignored deportation orders.

The amendment was offered by Texas Republican John Cornyn but was harshly denounced by one of the bill's co-sponsors, Senator Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy said the following about the amendment: "This amendment would exclude hundreds of thousands from benefits in this bill and undermine the bipartisan compromise that members of this body worked so long and so hard to produce."

Cornyn's amendment was entirely reasonable and appropriate. Kennedy's words provide only more proof of the absolute mockery of the U.S. Constitution he has foisted on the public for over 30 years.


Washington, DC (TLS). Increasingly citizens are asking the question, 'Where is that border fence?'

They have a right to be concerned.

Two years ago Congress approved the 700-mile fence that would help Border Patrol agents keep illegals out of the country. So far, only a fraction of the fence has been built in spite of more-than-adequate appropriations from Congress to do so.

Most of that which has already been built is in U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter's district in San Diego, which the Congressman insisted be built. Hunter is a strong proponent of strict measures to prevent the continued onslaught of illegal aliens.

Yet the Bush Administration and a Democratic Congress have been dragging their feet getting the rest of the job done. This is an outrage. Perhaps it is time to remind the esteemed members of Congress that an election is coming up next year, and increasingly Americans are feeling the outrage concerning the lack of attention to the border fence and illegal aliens in general.

And no, the Kennedy-McCain-Bush immigration bill is NOT enough!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). First, Scooter Libby committed no crime whatsoever. If you can prove me wrong, have at it. But it simply isn't there. The perpetrator in the disclosure of the identity of Valerie Plame was Richard Armitage. Yet Armitage was never prosecuted.


Because this is a political trial and imprisonment, pure and simple. The prosecutor, Mr. Fitzgerald, should face charges by the BAR for prosecutorial misconduct in pursuing a trial against an innocent man.

Second, Valerie Plame's claims are contradictory, confusing, and filled with misinformation. Everyone in town knew who she was and who she worked for. Neither Libby nor Armitage committed a crime because she was not actively engaged in any covert activity for the CIA when Armitage let the cat out of the bag.

This is why Armitage was never charged. So then, why was Libby?

Third, the Judge who handed down this shockingly severe sentence for something that is not even a crime went neanderthal in court today by giving Libby two-and-a-half years in jail. Perhaps the Judge should face criminal charges. I am sure it is against the law to sentence someone to prison for something that is not even a crime.

They say, 'Well, Libby lied.' So? PRESIDENT Bill Clinton lied under oath and never went to jail.

As long as that one fact remains in the annals of American jurisprudence, give me one good reason why I or any other American should give a damn about Libby lying.

The simple fact is that this entire trial was a charade from start to finish--a sham designed for political gain. Scooter Libby was nifonged every bit as thoroughly as the Duke lacrosse students in Durham. But they finally got justice. Who is going to get justice for Scooter Libby?


Washington, DC (TLS). A federal investigation into ties between Muslim groups in America and overseas terrorists has implicated, among others, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The federal probe names CAIR as a co-conspirator in the illegal support of the terrorist Palestinian group, HAMAS.

Federal prosecutors have implicated three U.S. Islamic groups with conspiring to support Hamas--CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, and the North American Islamic Trust.

To refresh your memory a bit about CAIR, remember that it was CAIR that forced the City of Los Angeles to remove a billboard stating that Osama bin Laden was a terrorist, because, as CAIR put it, it is 'offensive to Muslims.'

CAIR helped elect the very first Muslim to national office, Keith Ellison, D-MN, who insisted on using the Koran to take his oath of office.

More recently, CAIR issued a 'directive' to news agencies in the U.S. in the wake of the Fort Dix Six terrorist plot, instructing them not to refer to the perpetrators as 'Muslim.' Each of the perpetrators were, indeed, Muslim.

And let us not forget that CAIR meets on a regular basis with members of the Democratic Party in Washington concerning bolstering the image and influence of Islam in America. These are the people, for example, who insist that the nation cease to profile terrorists for the fear that they will be correctly identified as 'Muslim'

CAIR has a long history of dubious operations, often providing financial support for terrorist operations overseas. It is good to see that they are finally on the hot seat. Perhaps their legal hot water will prevent them from continuing their mode of operation of late, that of suing citizens into silence merely because they identified potential terrorists.

Read the complete story here:

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ratings of Republican Candidates--3rd Debate, 6/5/07

Manchester, NH (TLS). The 3rd major Republican debate is history. Once again, CNN did an admirable job, with the exception of the 'stupid question' we have come to expect from the mainstream media.

The stupid question tonight was, 'If you are elected how will you use former President George W. Bush?'

Other than these types of stupid questions, Wolf Blitzer and the CNN team did a very good job at managing the debate.

All of the candidates were in top form this evening, and we saw no one who appeared to be having a bad night or struggling with answers.


In terms of overall communication skill, several candidates competed for top honors, including Duncan Hunter, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. Each of these 5 candidates did an exceptional job at presenting their views.

Those who did very well but not quite up to the level of the aforementioned candidates were Tom Tancredo, Jim Gilmore, and Tommy Thompson. However, even these candidates presented themselves very well and showed very few weaknesses.

Perhaps one of the key moments during the debate came during the second half, when Duncan Hunter took on Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney for espousing views that are far outside the Republican mainstream. Hunter made a strong case for Reagan ideals being key to reaching out to moderate Republicans and Independents, rather than allowing conservative values to be usurped by the support of more gun control, socialized medicine, and other such dubious positions.

Giuliani's strongest area tonight was his ability to articulate the clear differences between Republicans and Democrats on national security and defense, and the War on Terror. He stated that, 'Not a single Democrat on this stage Sunday night would even utter the words "Islamic Terrorist." He also took direct aim at both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, particularly Edwards' contention that the War on Terror is merely a bumper sticker slogan.

Thus, in terms of presentation, Duncan Hunter showed the strongest improvement. Rudy Giuliani continued to exhibit a clear penchant for leadership, credibility, and a natural ability to look 'Presidential.'


The Liberty Sphere uses our exclusive 'Liberty Scale' for rating candidates based upon the following key issues: national defense, taxes, abortion, gun rights, the War on Terror, healthcare, immigration, and U.S. foreign policy.

Based upon these 8 key issues that impact human liberty, The Liberty Sphere rates each of the Republican candidates in tonight's debate as follows (10 being the highest score):

Duncan Hunter--10
Mike Huckabee--10
Jim Gilmore--10
Tom Tancredo--8
Ron Paul--7
Rudy Giuliani--7
Tommy Thompson--7
John McCain--5

While John McCain can be given high marks for his stand on the War on Terror and its tributary in Iraq, The Liberty Sphere is still very concerned about his long-standing opposition to gun rights, immigration control and border security, and his assault on First Amendment/free speech through McCain-Feingold.

Frankly, however, we would have no problem supporting McCain if he is chosen to go up against ANY Democratic candidate in the general election. In this contest, even the very weakest Republican candidate is a vast improvement over the outright socialistic, pacifistic anti-freedom exhibited by each of the Democratic candidates.

McCain may well have succeeded in regaining his 'number three' position among the front-runners with tonight's strong performance. While Mike Huckabee came on very strong, we are concerned with the 'ministerial' moniker that is increasingly hanging around his neck.

The Liberty Sphere has no problem with ministers running for office, and we believe that Huckabee is a very good man and a strong candidate. Our concern is that the Baptist Minister tag will hurt him among certain portions of the electorate.

It will be interesting to see how the polling data falls out over the next few days with regard to McCain and Huckabee.

Look for Duncan Hunter to move upward in the polls.

Major Shift in Tonight's Republican Debate

Manchester, NH (TLS). At 7 PM tonight CNN will broadcast the third major Republican presidential debate. Going into tonight's debate there is already a major shift among the candidates in terms of the top tier.

Polls show that John McCain continues his slide downward among potential Republican voters. The latest polls indicate that McCain now comes in 4th.

That leads to the question as to who has moved into the top three.

Well, it depends on who you ask.

Fred Thompson looms over this debate now that he has announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee. Although Thompson insists that he still has not made up his mind, he has already given NBC notice that he will not finish out his contract as the DA in the network's long-running series 'Law and Order.'

This can only mean that Thompson has every intention to run.

With Thompson in the picture, he is already polling at 3rd among the candidates--without even campaigning or appearing in a debate.

Others, however, restrict their polling data to those who have announced. Without Thompson in the picture Mike Huckabee moves up into 3rd place.

Thus, going into tonight's debate, here are the Republican candidates' polling standings thus far:

Rudy Giuliani
Mitt Romney
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Ron Paul
Sam Brownback
Duncan Hunter
Jim Gilmore
Tom Tancredo
Tommy Thompson

Mike Huckabee has surprised everyone with his very strong showing in the first two debates. He is articulate, humorous, likable, and makes for an attractive candidate. Look for him to continue his upward spiral this evening.

It will be interesting to see if Ron Paul continues to ignite fireworks this evening. The candidate certainly provides an alternative for Republicans who are tired of the War and who take seriously the U.S. Constitution. We will see if he can recover from his unfortunate insinuation during the last debate that America is to blame for the terrorist attack against us.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will provide our exclusive Liberty Rating on the candidates following the debate. Check back tonight for further details....

Paris Hilton's 2 Mug-Shots

Washington, DC (TLS). This chic really decks out for her mug-shots! We could call them 'glamor-mugs.'

By clicking on the link below you will see both of Paris Hilton's mug-shots, one from September of 2006, and one from earlier this week when she began her brief jail term.

Glamor-mugs. I like that term.

UPDATE on New York-Kennedy Terrorist Scare

New York, NY (TLS). The foiled terrorist plot at JFK International Airport in New York City has shed light on the literally thousands of unnoticed methods that terrorists could utilize to attack the United States.

Islamic extremists both inside and outside the U.S. have been very busy at work using various surveillance methods to devise deadly means of using the nation's infrastructure to level an attack.

These include ventilation systems for traffic tunnels, such as the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, or perhaps the various means by which America's waterways are prevented from flooding major populated areas.

While most Americans' attention is focused on the large landmarks, such as the Sears Tower or the Statue of Liberty, the nation's law enforcement officials are focused on the mundane but vital aspects of the infrastructure while at the same time keeping an eye on the major landmarks.

Read this enlightening update on the New York-Kennedy Airport terrorist scare here:


Washington, DC (TLS). U.S. Representative William Jefferson, D-Louisiana, has been charged with multiple counts of felonies, including bribery, racketeering, and money-laundering, in a stinging indictment that could potentially carry a 235-year term of imprisonment.

Two years ago investigators found $90,000 in cash hidden in a freezer in Jefferson's residence.

Yet voters in the New Orleans Congressional district elected Jefferson to another term even as a dark cloud of corruption enveloped him.

In addition, the ethically-challenged House of Representatives run by Nancy Pelosi has essentially abdicated its responsibility in following-up on the evidence of gross corruption on the part of Jefferson. The Democrats were elected to a majority in the House partially based upon promises to 'clean up the corruption.' Once in office, however, it was business as usual, not only with the Jefferson case but also with other high-profile corruption cases.

The Republican minority reported late Monday that it intends to force a vote on expulsion for Jefferson in light of today's revelation.

The Liberty Sphere agrees that this is the best course of action, unless Jefferson decides to resign. The charges against him are serious enough that it would be the right thing to do to step down while he deals with the legal ramifications of one of the worst offenses a public servant can commit--that of using his office to take bribes from foreign countries.

NYT Slams Its Own Reporters for Hillary Expose!

New York, NY (TLS). The New York Times is slamming two of its own reporters, one of whom worked at The Times for over 25 years, for a new book that exposes the dark side of Hillary Clinton.

The book, 'Her Way,' details the calculating ruthlessness of Hillary Clinton spanning several decades. It is sure to become a classic source of information on the Clintons--information that has been carefully hidden from the public.

Yet the New York Times has turned ballistic in its attempt to 'kill' the book. Editorial writers and book reviews slated to be published in The Times will trash the book, in spite of the fact that it was written by two of its own.

This provides even more evidence that The Times is nothing more than a Leftist political rag that is a mere shell of its former glory as a source of serious news.

Read Matt Drudge's expose of the Times' attempt to bury the Hillary book here:

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Democrats--Who's Ahead So Far?

Washington, DC (TLS). With two nationally televised debates under their belts, the Democratic Presidential candidates have begun to show patterns that help voters form opinions and impressions of their fitness for office.

Who's ahead so far?

As we did with the Republicans, The Liberty Sphere will provide an overview of the candidates' performance and their ratings on the eight key liberty issues, based upon the two debates so far.

In our opinion Joe Biden has made his way to the top of the heap when it comes to effectiveness as a communicator and ability to connect with voters. The candidate's many years in the Senate have certainly provided Biden with the experience to handle himself extremely well in public forums.

Dennis Kucinich comes in a close second in terms of overall debate performance. He is articulate and is able to clearly convey his views with a minimum amount of spin.

Edwards, Richardson, Dodd, Gravel, and Clinton make up the next tier of candidates in terms of effectiveness of communication.

Bringing up the rear is Barack Hussein Obama, who has shown viewers of the last two debates that he is clearly lacking in the experience and seasoned communication skills to be placed in the same league with the other candidates.

Obama's poor showing may well be every bit as big a story as Biden's strong performance.

Now on to the accumulative ratings of each of the candidates, based upon their scores in the last two debates on the eight key issues that impact human liberty.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score, The Liberty Sphere rates the Democratic candidates cumulatively as follows on those eight key issues:

Bill Richardson--5
Joe Biden--3.5
John Edwards--3
Chris Dodd--2.5
Hillary Clinton--1.5
Barack Obama--1
Dennis Kucinich--1
Mike Gravel--1

It is to be noted that in spite of Joe Biden's excellent showing in terms of communication skills, his views on gun rights deprived him of a higher score. Bill Richardson, on the other hand, picked up points for his support for Second Amendment rights, in spite of his disappointing answers in the 2nd debate.

The Liberty Sphere believes that the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama is essential over for all intents and purposes. His falling poll numbers since the first debate will only continue after the 2nd. His poor debate performances have given the impression that the candidate is simply not Presidential material.

Of course, both Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel can essentially hang it up as well. We do not see either candidate gaining any momentum either in terms of poll numbers or financial support.

Thus, The Liberty Sphere believes that it is a whole new ball game for the Democrats. We now have a new set of front-runners. Hillary Clinton will continue to be THE front-runner for now, but both Joe Biden and Bill Richardson are coming on strong. We look for both candidates to greatly enhance their poll numbers.

John Edwards has slipped to 2nd-tier status. We saw nothing in last night's debate to change that fact. In spite of his overall cumulative score, we feel he is losing momentum while Biden and Richardson are surging. This is why we feel Biden and Richardson are now in the top three, while Edwards is on his way downward.

In terms of polling numbers and campaign cash, look for the following lineup of front-runners in order of their poll numbers and financial support:

Hillary Clinton
Bill Richardson
Joe Biden

Chris Dodd leads the pack of the 2nd-tier candidates, but look for him to begin to surge should one of the new front-runners stumble.

For perspective, consult with The Liberty Sphere's ratings on the first Democratic presidential debate. This will also explain in great detail our eight key, critical issues with regard to human liberty:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ratings of Democratic Candidates--2nd Debate

Manchester, NH (TLS). The Democratic Presidential candidates squared off in this, their second major televised debate.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will provide complete evaluations on all of the candidates, based upon their performance and how closely they adhere to our eight key issues that impact human liberty.

First, a word about CNN and Wolf Blitzer's job as moderator. Blitzer is due high marks for his willingness to level the hard questions at the candidates, giving them very little wiggle room for deflection. Right out of the starting gate he zeroed in on the War on Terror in light of yesterday's foiled attack at JFK.

There was only one 'stupid question' segment of the debate, a segment which we have come to expect from the mainstream media's coverage of Democrats. In contrast to MSNBC and Chris Matthews' penchant for emphasizing the absurd, Blitzer only asked one question that could be considered stupid, which was, 'What role will you give Bill Clinton if you are elected President?'

Overall, however, Blitzer and CNN are to be commended for producing a debate that focused largely on the pertinent issues. Fox News is still tops in the manner in which they handled the Republican debate, but CNN is running a close second so far.


In terms of communication skills, clarity, answering the question asked, and ability to connect with the audience, The Liberty Sphere believes that there are two candidates that came on very strong--Joseph Biden and Dennis Kucinich.

The two candidates who exhibited a marked improvement over their last debate performance are Chris Dodd and Mike Gravel.

Bill Richardson and John Edwards both can be placed in the 'good' category, both giving a solid performance.

Once again, Barack Obama came across as rather tentative. We noticed this tendency during the last debate. The candidate often seems to struggle to put together his answers. And, since this is certainly an observable trend rather than a one-time fluke, we feel that the candidate is simply not in the same league with the other candidates.

This leaves Hillary Clinton. Her performance was as expected--nothing to win people over but nothing to discourage her supporters either. Her problem, in our view, is her playing loose with the facts. We noted several instances where the candidate simply was not candid in her answers and instead opted for her usual spin of facts.

For example, she referred to the War in Iraq as 'George Bush's War.' This was big lie number one. She voted for it, no matter how she spins the issue. In addition, this is America's war. OUR sons and daughters are fighting in it. We are in it together.

Big lie number two was Hillary's claim that her husband tried to 'take out bin Laden.' Actually, the record shows he had several opportunities to do so, but opted out.

We will stop with the first two big lies of Hillary, simply because much of her rhetoric is not worth the time to evaluate.


The Liberty Sphere's eight key issues that impact liberty are as follows: national defense, taxes, healthcare, gun rights, abortion, the war on terror, U.S. foreign policy, and immigration control.

Based upon the candidates' answers this evening, and their previous statements on these issues, we rate them as follows on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score:

Joseph Biden--5
Bill Richardson--4
Chris Dodd--3
John Edwards--2
Hillary Clinton--1
Barack Obama--1
Dennis Kucinich--1
Mike Gravel--1

Joe Biden's strong showing this evening is perhaps THE big news of the debate.

Bill Richardson lost some points from his first debate performance due to his answers concerning immigration, taxes, and U.S. foreign policy.

In addition, Richardson's assertion that the Border Fence that is to be built between the U.S. and Mexico is like 'the Berlin Wall' is the most ridiculous statement of the evening. The Berlin Wall was built to keep oppressed people imprisoned by a totalitarian government. Our Border Fence is being built to keep a free people from being overrun by those who neither respect nor value America's way of life or her government.

That Richardson would even suggest such a highly ludicrous and asinine thing is simply unbelievable for a Presidential candidate.

Running a close second to Richardson's most ridiculous statement of the evening is John Edwards' repeated assertion that the War on Terror should not be fought and that it is 'just a bumper sticker slogan.' That he would suggest such a thing only one day after the FBI foiled one of the most massive terrorist plots in the history of the nation is simply baffling.

We must at this point question Edwards' judgment, and therefore, wonder if he is fit to be President.

Only one Democratic candidate believes that English should be the official language of the United States--Mike Gravel. He is also the least likely to gain any ground as a viable candidate.

Thus, there are NO Democratic candidates who believe that English should be the official language of America.

You will note that none of the Democratic candidates could muster above a rating of '5' on our Liberty Scale. This is very telling and very dangerous.

If the Democratic Party can offer no one but these, or perhaps Al Gore to boot, then it is obvious that American politics has reached a sorry state of affairs when it comes to human liberty.

Democrats Debate Tonight

Washington, DC (TLS). The Democratic Presidential candidates take the stage this evening for their next debate at 7 PM, EDT. CNN will take the honors this time as the co-sponsor and broadcaster of the event.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will provide readers with our exclusive 'Liberty Rating System' of each of the candidates in the debate. The candidates will first receive a general evaluation based upon their debate performance alone--communication skills, answering the questions posed, ability to connect with the audience, etc.

Then, we will rate the candidates based on their adherence to the principles that promote and preserve human liberty, using our 8 key issues as indicators.

More about that tonight.

So, be sure to watch the debate and then check back with The Liberty Sphere this evening for our evaluation of the Democratic candidates.

LIBERTY ALERT! Terrorist Threat on Two Fronts

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has reason to believe that the U.S. is at a heightened risk for a major terrorist strike, perhaps more so than at any other time since 9/11.

As we reported to you in the aftermath of the foiled JFK Airport attack, the Saudis have warned that suspicious activity has been occurring at the nation's major airports since January of 2006, including strange persons who have been observed watching restricted areas at those airports.

In addition, the FBI is offering a 5 million dollar reward for information leading to the capture of Al Qaeda operative Adnan el-Shukrijumah, who is suspected to have smuggled nuclear material into the Unites States in order to conduct a massive, simultaneous terrorist attack on major U.S. cities using nuclear explosives.

Read The Liberty Sphere's special reports here:

It is interesting that this information comes to the forefront just as the Democratic Presidential candidates get set to debate this evening on CNN. Not only have most of the Dems downplayed the significance of the terrorist threat to the nation, but one in particular, John Edwards, has stated that there should be NO 'global war on terror.'

It will be interesting to see if the Democratic lapdogs at CNN dare ask the Dems about whether or not their views have changed in the wake of the foiled terror plot in New York City.

Why Fred Thompson?

Washington, DC (TLS). Syndicated columnist and television personality Robert Novak has a new column, featured in 'Human Events,' entitled, 'Why Fred Thompson?

This article is a must-read for any voter. Novak delineates the various reasons why Fred Thompson is the candidate who can win the Republican nomination and beat any Democratic candidate. But more importantly, Novak describes why this choice is essential for the good of the country.

Read Novak's article here:

Complete Coverage from New York City of JFK Plot

New York, NY (TLS). For the latest developments and for a detailed sketch of the Kennedy Airport terrorist scare and how the FBI foiled it, click here to go to WNBC-TV in New York: