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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Who Taught Cho to Hate?

Washington, DC (TLS). From all accounts, Cho Seung Hui was reared in a fine Christian family from South Korea. His parents came to America and made something of themselves, building a dry cleaning business from the ground up as true American entrepreneurs.

Yet their son picked up some notions along the way that placed him directly at odds with the values his parents attempted to instill in him.

One writer suggests that it was Virginia Tech itself that shares part of the blame. With modern academia's emphasis on 'diversity,' 'multi-culturalism,' 'openness with no boundaries,' and an aversion to traditional values and religion, there is no doubt Cho was introduced to a sub-culture in America in which our country is denigrated, American capitalism is condemned, the rich are vilified as 'oppressors,' and religious values are mocked.

Read James Lewis' explosive commentary here at American Thinker:

Cho's Possible Islamic Terrorist Connection

Washington, DC (TLS). The killer had referred to himself as 'a question mark' and signed his name thusly when he registered for the class roll at Virginia Tech. He was carrying no I.D. when he was found dead. He had tattooed his name on his arm--'Ishmail Ax.'

Various interpretations have been suggested as to the meaning of all of this, including a connection to Islamic terrorists. From his manifesto there is no doubt Cho had forsaken Christianity. His vitriolic words echo that of extremists around the world.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has a riveting article on this connection. Read it here:


Washington, DC (TLS). Federal campaign laws were passed for the specific purpose of keeping corruption out of the electoral process, not that they have succeeded. No greater example of the fact that certain politicians continue to drip with corruption is the latest 'smoking gun' video of Hillary Clinton and her scheme with a major donor.

This donor plans to release the video showing Hillary clearly engaging in the committing of felonies with regard to campaign contributions.

Here is the full story:

'I Found Saddam's WMD Bunkers'--Air Force Officer

Washington, DC (TLS). Melanie Phillips, British journalist-extraordinaire, has published explosive information about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction program. Phillips, who hardly accepts the word of dubious news sources, states that this particular source is entirely trustworthy and above reproach.

He is U.S. Air Force Special Investigations officer Dave Gaubatz, who states that he personally discovered and investigated the various bunkers where Saddam kept his stash of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Gaubatz maintains that through a major faux pas on the part of the U.S. military, this stash inadvertently wound up in the hands of the Iranians who are now using it to develop their own arsenal to use against the United States.

This, according to Gaubatz, is the reason why the U.S. government is mum concerning the discovery of the WMD bunkers.

Read Phillips' explosive story here, a story you will likely not read or hear anywhere else:

Ohio Lawman Calls for Guns in All Schools

Washington, DC (TLS). A prominent sheriff in the state of Ohio is calling for guns to be present in ALL schools in light of the massacre at Virginia Tech. The lawman maintains that this is the only sure way to stop a crazed gunman who enters a school building intent on the murder of the nation's youth.

Sounds like a good idea to us.

Read the story here, from Ohioans for Concealed Carry:

'Gun Town' Marks 25 Years Murder-Free

Washington, DC (TLS). The year was 1982. A small Georgia town was disturbed over its murder rate, which placed it well above the national average.

This town, however, chose to take a decidedly different approach to the problem of gun crime than the norm of passing more stringent gun control laws that unnecessarily infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Instead, they passed a law that required that every single household within the town limits have a firearm.

In short, every single head of household in town was required by law to own and possess a gun.

The press howled to high heaven, complete with the usual ridicule, calling the residents hay-seeds, hicks, and the like. Art Buchwald, the deceased liberal, predicted that gun violence would skyrocket.

Instead, immediately the level of gun violence dropped significantly, and today that town of Kennesaw, Georgia celebrates 25 years murder-free.

Read the complete story here:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Page from Manifesto Shows Cho's Political Motives

Washington, DC (TLS). When you see the page from Cho Seung Hui's printed Manifesto, which has not been aired or publicized by the media, you will discover a shocking revelation. Cho had definite political motivations that led to his massacre--motivations that place him on a par with terrorists.

Read the page closely (it is difficult at points to read because it is a photo-copy). Cho refers to 'democratic terrorists' and other American citizens who 'need to have their heads chopped off.'

Apparently, the very worst of Cho's manifesto is being deliberately withheld from the public. This is an outrage. Thanks to the 'democratic underground' website, we have at least one small glimpse into what provided the impetus for Cho's violent rampage.

Wonder where he got such ideas??? Mmmmm.

Click here to view the page:

Alec Baldwin Verbally Abuses 11-Yr.-Old Daughter

Washington, DC (TLS). Alec Baldwin, the Hollywood Leftist elitist who stated he would 'move out of the country' if George W. Bush were elected President, has been caught red-handed engaging in severe verbal and emotional abuse of his eleven-year-old daughter.

I am still waiting for Baldwin to make good on his word to move out of the country.

It's been seven years now. Perhaps it is time for us to usher him out.

Baldwin referred to his own flesh and blood as a 'pig.' And this is not the worst of it. At the end of this article you will find a link to a site where you can hear each and every word of Baldwin's violent rage against his daughter on a voice mail message he left for her.

Warning! This taped excerpt contains vile language and should not be listened to by under aged persons.

So, why do we publicize such things on The Liberty Sphere? Simple. You have a right to know what the self-righteous, particularly the bleeding-heart Liberal hypocrites, are actually doing and saying behind closed doors. They hold the rest of America to a standard they are not willing to abide by themselves.

Baldwin is a despicable human being. And when you hear what he said to his own daughter, you will in all likelihood agree.

To hear Baldwin's abusive rampage against his daughter, click here:

Republican Candidates Court Gun Rights Vote

Washington, DC (TLS). Amazing things happen when politicians begin running for President. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated this week that he believes in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution--that individual citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.

This is in spite of the fact that Giuliani supported some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the history of NYC.

But now Giuliani is running for President. A Republican Presidential candidate is going nowhere in a hurry these days without the support of citizens at the grassroots level who hold dear their right to keep and bear arms.

Just as it is to be expected that Democratic candidates on the national level will call for more gun control, Republicans on the other hand are expected by their core constituencies to clearly and strongly articulate their unfettered support for the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment is every bit as important as the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to free speech, free assembly, free religious expression, and a free press. These rights delineated in the First Amendment were won only by the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment.

Thus, it is the Second Amendment that ultimately guarantees that the rights delineated in the First Amendment are kept intact. Without an armed citizenry to keep the creeping crawl of government power in check, tyranny is just around the corner. And with tyranny you can kiss free speech, free press, free assembly, and freedom of religion good-bye.

In Giuliani's case, does he really and truly believe in these things, or is he merely saying them to appease that part of the Republican voting base that he needs to win the primaries?

No one know for sure except Giuliani in his heart of hearts. But I had rather hear him state his support for the 2nd Amendment, and then hold his feet to the fire, rather than risk a Democrat getting elected, all of whom are clearly anti-Second Amendment.

Next we have John McCain. McCain has an F- grade on gun rights from Gun Owners of America, showing that when it comes to crucial votes, he has consistently voted to limit the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. Yet Tuesday, in the wake of the Virginia Tech Massacre, McCain stated unequivocally that he supports gun rights and believes that exercising that right responsibly could have prevented the attack on Monday.

This is the strongest statement yet by any of the three front-runners on the Republican side concerning Second Amendment rights.

It took guts for McCain to say these things in the wake of the worst single-gunman mass murder in the history of the U.S. But he is 100% correct.

Mitt Romney also reiterated his support for gun rights, although he has flip-flopped several times on the issue, leaving voters scratching their heads trying to figure out where, exactly, he stands on anything.

While the statements this week by Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in particular are encouraging, The Liberty Sphere still feels that the vast majority of Republicans are not enthusiastic about the front runners. Someone from the so-called 'second tier' will more than likely emerge from the back of the pack and captivate the hopes, dreams, and aspirations not only of the Republican core, but the electorate in general.

Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, and Mike Huckabee are all very shrewd and able candidates. They are also each in favor of gun rights for the citizens.

And with the front runners now on the record in support of gun rights for individual citizens, at least we have a full field of candidates we can hold to accountability. No matter who is the nominee, we can now hold their feet to the fire and demand that they stick by their words during the campaign if they get elected.

If they don't, we can sure turn against them in a hurry.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shocking Court Documents on Cho Seung-Hui

Washington, DC (TLS). The Smoking Gun is in possession of the original court documents indicating that Cho Seung-Hui was mentally ill and of imminent danger to himself and others. These documents also contain official psychiatric evaluations indicating that Cho was in immediate need of hospitalization.

Although Cho was given the right to commit himself voluntarily, clearly hindsight shows that this young man was so sick he needed to be committed to long-term hospitalization against his will if needed.

There are six pages of documents here:

Two Important Cho Seung Hui Documents

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has copies of two key documents concerning Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung Hui. Below you will find a link to Cho's mental health records. You will also find a link to the official police inventory of the material recovered from Cho's dormitory room at Virginia Tech.

As soon as Cho's 28-page manifesto is released to the media, The Liberty Sphere will post that as well.

Cho's mental health records in PDF file:

Police inventory of seized items in Cho's dormitory room:

Dems Condemn Supreme Court Ban of Barbarism

Washington, DC (TLS). In a stunning victory for pro-life forces, the United States Supreme Court yesterday banned a procedure that critics have long designated as an unnecessary, gruesome, and barbaric attack against unborn children.

The high court banned the procedure known as 'partial birth abortions,' a late-term procedure during which the child is partially delivered, killed by drilling a hole in its head and sucking out the brain, and then delivering the rest of the child dead.

Republican Presidential candidates praised the decision of the Court.

Democrats, on the other hand, condemned it.

U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein, D-California, took to the floor of the Senate to deliver a lengthy diatribe against the court's decision, claiming that it took away all the progress toward 'women's rights' that we have made over the past 30 years.

Excuse me, Senator, but how does a ban on barbarism set back human rights? In addition, you should be under arrest at this very moment in order to face charges of war profiteering--a scheme during which you sent to your husband's companies millions of dollars' worth of military construction contracts while you were the Chair of the very committee that approved those contracts.

Hillary Clinton, as expected, condemned the decision, as did Barack Hussein Obama. No surprises there.

John Edwards, however, issued a most stinging rebuke, stated that he 'could not disagree more strongly' with the decision.

In that one single statement alone, Edwards betrayed his upbringing and the values of his home state of South Carolina. As a native of Seneca, which is located in the upstate of S.C. where people value faith, freedom, the rule of law, and traditional family values, Edwards demonstrated today he has little regard for those values.

Let the record show for all to see that every single Democratic candidate for President is on the record for supporting one of the most blood-thirsty, gruesome, chilling, and barbaric procedures ever devised in the demented minds of abortion doctors.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Cho Manifesto Video Clips UPDATE

Washington, DC (TLS). Below you will find two links to the video clips that Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung Hui mailed to NBC News the day of the killings.

Cho sent the package between the time he killed two persons in a dormitory and the time he killed another 30 students in a classroom building. Included in the package from Cho are the video clips, still images, and a 28-page manifesto of rantings that law enforcement officials are pouring over in order to find clues as to motive.

It was earlier reported that one of the first victims, Emily Hilscher, whom Cho killed at roughly 7:15 AM on Monday, was Cho's girlfriend. This information turned out to be erroneous. Cho had no friends, period, and certainly not a girlfriend. It is generally believed at this point that Hilscher's murder was totally random.

The clips you will see below are very disturbing and depict an evil, dangerous, and seriously mentally ill person. A court in the Commonwealth of Virginia had declared Cho to be mentally unstable and a threat to both himself and others. This declaration was made two years ago. Yet the information was not reported either to Virginia Tech officials or to state agencies that are supposed to keep records of such court pronouncements.

Virginia Tech police expressed shock and dismay that they would not know a court had issued such a declaration concerning Cho.

Tech faculty also stated today that Cho was viewed as a highly volatile and unstable person, yet somehow nothing could be done due to the fact that up to that point Cho had not made any direct threats to anyone, with the exception of being questioned for stalking two female students in the past. The two students did not press charges against Cho, however.

For the video clips of Cho's rambling rampage from Fox News, click here:

For the original version shown on NBC, click here:


Washington, DC (TLS). In a decision that clearly signals the fact that Roe v. Wade is not a license for wide-open abortion-on-demand, the Supreme Court today issued a ruling that denotes a clear victory for pro-life forces around the country.

The barbaric and gruesome procedure known as 'partial birth abortion' has been banned.

This late-term procedure is used as a means of killing an infant by partial delivery. The abortion doctor delivers the infant's head only, leaving the rest of the body inside the mother. At this point a hole is drilled into the head of the infant, whereupon the brain is sucked out of the skull using a suction devise. Then, the rest of the baby is delivered dead.

Abortion foes have long insisted that this procedure is indicative of a culture of barbarism at its worst--an example of how inhuman the abortion industry can be.

And they were right.

Today, the Supreme Court agreed.

Pro-life forces hailed the decision today as a victory for humanity, for the unborn, and for basic human dignity. Republican Presidential candidates in one accord also hailed the decision, including Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.

Barack Hussein Obama, however, stated, 'I strongly disagree with the decision.'

This is not surprising. The Illinois Democrat and Presidential candidate has consistently voted for abortion on demand throughout his political career, including support for this most barbaric of procedures known as partial birth abortion.

While the other Democratic candidates have not yet opined on the decision, you can be assured that they too will express their displeasure. There is not a single pro-life candidate on the Democratic side.

Hillary in particular will be most displeased. During her husband's tenure in the White House, the Clintons vigorously opposed measures introduced by Republicans during the 90s to stop the practice of partial birth abortions.

As for today's ruling, those of us who value innocent human life can chalk one up for the precious unborn. The Supreme Court can be congratulated for introducing just a bit of sanity into the horrendous state of the nation's abortion industry.

Reality Bombards the Mountain Paradise

Blacksburg, VA (TLS). The small town of Blacksburg, Virginia, nestled in the near-idyllic setting of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, hardly seems the setting in which the most horrific mass shooting in our nation's history would occur. This place is as near paradise as one can get in the real world.

Yet reality came swooping down on paradise like a buzzard aiming for his next meal.

The mountains of the Appalachian chain stretch from Alabama to Maine, encompassing some of the most scenic mountain ranges in the country, from the Great Smokies, to the Blue Ridge Mountains, to the Adirondacks. Not only are these hills serene, but the people who inhabit them historically have been known as being some of the most humble and hospitable people on earth.

Crime statistics to this very day prove the point. Look at most any sector of the Appalachian Mountains, and you will find some of the lowest crimes statistics in the country. This is in spite of the fact that per capita, more people own guns in these hills than just about anywhere else in America.

These gentle but rugged mountain folk live by a code that has been inbred in them for generations, a code that arises out of the strong and vibrant evangelical Christianity for which these hills are known, particularly in the South. The people have been taught that cold blooded murder is a mortal sin. Thus, their guns are used primarily for hunting and for defense against those wayward souls who have forsaken their upbringing and discarded the code.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons the massacre at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg is so strikingly shocking. This is one of the last places one would expect such a thing to happen, in spite of the fact that this small town is home to a large university with 30,000 students.

Most students and alums here report that they have always felt safe at Virginia Tech. All it took to change that, however, was one lone gunman and the shots that rang out one cold Monday morning in April.

In an ideal world no one would ever use a gun to kill innocent people. Tragedies such as Columbine and the Twin Tower attack would be foreign concepts. But then again, in an ideal world no one would die of cancer, heart disease, or auto accidents. And certainly no one would ever even think of suicide.

But who ever seriously thought that this was an ideal world to begin with?

It is easy to be lulled to sleep in idyllic settings such as Blacksburg, Virginia, or Boone, North Carolina, or Lake Placid, New York. For one brief moment in time we forget that we live in a world of imperfection where there is disease and hunger, war and murder, violence and abuse...and death.

Yes, death. The one thing we all have to face eventually.

Despite the fleeting moments of bliss in the midst of our delusion that we live in paradise, the real world is still out there with all its pain and sorrow.

It is too easy at times such as this to seek scapegoats. 'The campus police didn't do their jobs.' 'The President of Virginia Tech ought to be fired.' 'Someone should have known that Cho Seung Hui was a time-bomb waiting to explode.'

Or the classic scapegoat, 'If we could pass strict gun control measures, this would not happen.'

If all else fails, it's always the gun's fault.

Yet, at the end of the day, when all of our attempts at blame hit brick walls, we are still left with one unexplainable fact--one single, solitary young man, a deeply disturbed young man, chose to do great harm. He did it out of his own free will. And out of that free will he chose not only to do himself in but to take 32 others with him.

The fact that Cho was a South Korean is entirely irrelevant. South Koreans have been immigrating to the United States for many years, and they have proven themselves to be some of the most endearing and productive naturalized citizens we have.

Cho did not commit these heinous crimes because he was South Korean but because he was very sick and very dangerous. He chose to do evil.

This evil that lurks within the heart of humanity cannot be legislated out of existence. When it rears its ugly head, it finds a way to perpetrate mayhem, no matter what laws men have passed to prevent it.

The hope for us all lies in the code that many of the mountain folk in the Appalachians discovered well over a hundred years ago. Human beings have the capability to choose to do great harm or to do great good. Through the religious faith that has sustained generations all over the world for thousands of years, we can choose to do great good.

And when we do so, the demons are kept at bay.

Neither Virginia Tech nor Blacksburg can ever be defined by the actions of one crazed gunman in 2007. Too many years have gone by that have set the standard for this area and this university. Those years have shown that people who live by the simple code that these mountain folk hold so dear can overcome evil with good.

And that is what defines this area and this institution.


Washington, DC (TLS). Gun Owners of America (GOA) has issued a special alert in the wake of the massacre at Virginia Tech. It seems the forces of anti-freedom have wasted no time in using this tragic situation to push their agenda of robbing the citizens of their rights.

Virginia Tech is a gun-free zone in the Commonwealth of Virginia, meaning that students, employees, and faculty are defenseless against lawless violent perpetrators, such as Cho Seung Hui. Had there been someone in that classroom building carrying a concealed handgun, dozens of lives could have been saved from the blood-bath.

But this point goes right over the heads of the gun-grabbers.

Read GOA's alert here:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Campus Gunman's Disturbed Creative Writing

Washington, DC (TLS). Students and officials at Virginia Tech are reporting today that campus gunman Cho Seung Hui was known for being emotionally disturbed and had written a play in a creative writing class that sent him to campus mental health counselors.

The Smoking Gun has posted on its website the text of that play.

The play contains scenes of graphic violence, including that which involved a chain saw.

Students also report today that at the start of the semester last year, Cho refused to sign his name on the class registration form, but only put a question mark where his name would normally appear. When the professor asked if he should refer to him as 'question mark,' Cho refused to speak.

For the remainder of the semester, Cho remained silent and was known merely as 'that question mark guy.'

The complete text of Cho's play, entitled 'Richard McBeef,' can be found at the Smoking Gun here:

European Press Goes Nuts Over Campus Shooting

Washington, DC (TLS). As expected, those with a vested interest in robbing law-abiding citizens of their inherent right to keep and bear arms are taking to the streets blaming America's 'gun culture' for the Virginia Tech shootings. The European press in particular has gone nuts over the incident, blaming Charlton Heston for the massacre.

Yesterday the Brady Campaign to ban handguns also blamed American society for the killings.

The killer has been identified this morning as a South Korean exchange student by the name of Cho Seung Hui, 23, a resident alien. The perpetrator was not even a U.S. citizen, which sends the theory about the 'American gun culture out the window.

Cho Seung Hui had an early morning argument with his girlfriend, Emily Hilscher, after which he shot and killed Hilscher and a dorm counselor, who had responded to attempt to intervene in the argument.

Later, Cho would walk across to the other side of the campus where he went on a shooting spree that left carnage, tragedy, and heartache in its wake.

The European press has clearly taken leave of its senses by blaming Charlton Heston and America's 2nd Amendment rights for this massacre that was caused by a crazed madman, a homicidal/suicidal monster who was not even a U.S. citizen.

No one is to blame for this except for Cho Seung Hui.

If You Think Don Imus is Bad...

Orangeburg, SC (TLS). Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would like for us to think that Don Imus, conservative talk radio, and white people in general are to blame for bigoted comments about race.

It begs mentioning here that Don Imus is NOT a conservative, nor is he part of 'conservative talk radio.' He never has been. He supported John Kerry for President and has been a staunch opponent of the War in Iraq. Various and sundry quack news organizations have put out the word that Imus is 'conservative' to make the rest of us look bad. So now you know.

A dyed-in-the-wool liberal Democrat uttered those despicable terms on national radio!

But if you think Don Imus is bad, take a look at this!

In Orangeburg, South Carolina, the setting for South Carolina State University, a musical group came to the campus for a rap-fest. The shocking part of the story is not just what was said in the lyrics of the songs performed by the group, but what students had to say about it.

Talk about double-standards!

In one song alone the 'n' word was used over 100 times!

Read it here:

Brady Gang Blames Virginia for College Massacre

Blacksburg, VA (TLS). Residents, students, and faculty in this normally quiet Blue Ridge Mountain town are still reeling from the heartbreak and senseless tragedy of a Virginia Tech campus massacre that left 33 dead and over 25 wounded.

No adequate words can be mustered to express the intense shock, grief, and outrage experienced by those personally effected by this tragedy. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all of those involved.

The Brady Campaign to rid the nation of handguns was in full swing, however, almost immediately after the incident took place. A spokesman for the Brady Campaign took to the airwaves, not to talk about the emotional toll on a campus in shock, but about the fact that supposedly Virginia's lax gun control laws are to blame for the carnage.

Such blatant political opportunism is to be forcefully condemned. Shame on the Brady campaign.

Plus, to add insult to injury, a CBS News correspondent reporting from Virginia Tech stated that 'a gun show was held just 30 minutes from campus two weeks ago,' implying of course that the gunman obviously was present at the show and probably bought his handguns there.

After all, only mentally unstable nutcases with anger control issues go to gun shows, right?

Here we go again. The anti-gun bigots always crawl out of the woodwork when something like this happens, even before the families of all the victims have been notified, before we know anything about the status of the wounded, and before we know anything at all about the perpetrator.

The ONLY thing we know is that the gunman was in his mid-20s and of Asian descent.

We do not know his motives, when or where he bought his weapons, or anything else about him, for that matter, except that without saying much he walked into a dormitory and a classroom building and began to systematically kill whoever was there.

One Tech professor was shot in the head.

The gun did not discharge on its own. I have never witnessed a firearm spontaneously firing at the heads of human beings, unless there were a human being attached to the trigger.

Perhaps rather than taking the easy way out and demonizing an inanimate object that has no capability of action apart from the trigger action of a person, American society needs to take a cold, hard look at the culture that produces these kinds of perpetrators.

We know, for example, that in the music culture, lyrics about chopping off heads, shooting people, and slaughtering the unsuspecting innocents with knives, all within the context of vengeful rage against women, society, politicians, clergymen, and police officers are all too common and readily available. These songs are listened to over and over again on iPods and other portable sound equipment for most of the day.

While Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson spout their blather about how awful Don Imus is for using certain language, millions of African American teenagers listen to lyrics of songs each day in which the 'n' word and much worse are used numerous times. These messages are played over and over again into minds of young, impressionable teens who walk around nearly delirious from the constant barrage of the relentless beat and the hate-filled lyrics.

And yes, this is just as bad if not worse than anything Don Imus has said in all his years on radio.

Over the course of the next few weeks I am sure we will hear again from the Brady gang. There will be calls for strict gun control measures.

But guess what? Virginia Tech already has a strict gun control policy that is much tougher than the state of Virginia. The students and professors caught in the crossfire were not armed--by university policy.

Once again, as we have seen numerous times before, if there had been armed persons in those classrooms, the perpetrator would have been dead on the floor before he would have succeeded in shooting over 50 people. I found myself saying to myself as the news broke, 'If I had been there, that "s-o-b" would have been dead before getting off five shots.'

My friends, one dead perpetrator and five people wounded is much better than 33 dead and 26 wounded.

An armed citizen in the classroom could have prevented this massacre. And anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jane Blackwell Fate Decided Tonight in Ware Shoals

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell's fate as an employee of the school district will be decided this evening at the regular monthly meeting of the Ware Shoals School Board.

Blackwell had requested a hearing before the Board and district officials to tell her side of the story involving the cheerleader sex scandal investigation into former cheerleader coach Jill Moore.

Over the last two weeks the Board has met twice, for a total of 19 hours, to hear Blackwell's testimony and to discuss her continued employment as principal of the high school.

Blackwell's attorney stated that she had waived her right to remain silent in order to present the facts as she saw them in the aftermath and in the days leading up to the arrest of Jill Moore for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Blackwell had been arrested for obstruction in the investigation into Moore's activities. Police officials maintain that Blackwell withheld information and asked students to withhold information concerning their investigation of Moore.

Blackwell has steadfastly maintained her innocence.

The Board will make its final decision concerning Blackwell's employment status at the meeting this evening. It is not yet clear as to whether or not there will be an immediate public announcement of the Board's decision.

The Liberty Sphere will keep you updated on further developments.....

Away with the IRS!

Washington, DC (TLS). Have you filed yet? The deadline is near, that dreaded time of year we all loathe and wish would go away, yet nobody seems to have the guts to do anything about.

Filing taxes in the United States of America is a colossal headache. There is no rational sense to it. Laws are complicated and contradict each other. Even IRS personnel are known to give out erroneous information due to the extremely complicated nature of the U.S. Tax Code.

I am convinced to this day that the primary reason the government keeps this dysfunctional system is so that IRS personnel, tax attorneys, and accountants can keep their jobs.

Other than that, there is no single useful and beneficial purpose of IRS and the present tax code.

The Liberty Sphere has called for the abolition of the IRS many times in the past. It is a concept whose time is due. There are better ways for the government to collect the money it needs to rule over us.

We have heard most of the proposals before--the flat tax, a national sales tax, the fair tax, etc.

These are all worthy proposals that sorely need to be carefully examined.

The fair tax in particular is interesting because it is similar to a national sales tax, with the exception that food and drugs are not taxed at all. This would greatly benefit the poorest among us. The government would be funded by the goods we purchase, excluding food and drugs.

No keeping of records. No filing deadlines. No browbeating by an unelected government agency that has its own police force. No penalties and interest. No tax accountants and attorneys.

In fact, the concept and implementation of such a plan is so simple that complicated minds that thrive off of the present system and its dysfunction are totally baffled by it.

Unfortunately, many of the candidates who ran in the 2006 election cycle on a platform of abolishing the IRS and the U.S. Tax Code lost. We are now dominated in Congress by a Party that loves the IRS and its heavy-handed tactics. After all, when your entire philosophy rests upon growing big government even larger, the IRS is an absolute necessity.

Oh, the horror of life without it! Why, the government could go broke!

The government will never go broke under a fair tax that is attached to buying habits. Under such a system, government will probably have to begin to live within its means, but after all, that's what you and I have to do.

It's time government had to do the same thing.

So, to the IRS--begone! Away with you!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Straw Poll Shows Massive Rift Among Democrats

Washington, DC (TLS). The Leftist mega-website recently held its much-touted straw poll of its readers, and the results show a curious massive rift developing among Democratic voters.

Up until now, Hillary Clinton was viewed as the heiress-apparent to the Democratic throne, the one to whom the Left has looked for years as their ultimate redemptrix who would usher in an era in America that would replace personal freedom and free enterprise with liberal social issues as the defining values of the culture.

Obviously, the faithful are running scared, however. Hillary has faltered in two key tests in recent days. First, despite her ability to raise well over 20 million in cash during the first quarter, the real winner was Barack Hussein Obama, who not only rivaled Hillary in fund-raising ability but actually posted more individual donors than Clinton. Second, Hillary came in 5th--yes, that's right, FIFTH--in the mega-straw poll conducted by

Clearly, the momentum has shifted among the Democrats to Obama.

And while most if not all Democratic operatives would downplay the significance of the behind-the-scenes turmoil this scenario has created, there is absolutely no doubt that these developments show that a massive and serious rift is developing among the Party faithful.

On the one hand you have the Democratic Party traditionalists--liberal, pragmatic, and old-school. Hillary represents this segment of the Party. Her willingness to vote FOR the invasion of Iraq when she believed it was in the country's best interests is the perfect example of this liberal pragmatism. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden are part of this segment in varying degrees.

No doubt Hillary is thoroughly liberal. She is a European-styled Socialist that carries a striking disdain for American free-enterprise and has made no attempt to hide it by her statements indicating she intends to 'take that money' from large corporations and their stockholders.

On the other hand you have the Democratic Party activists--liberal, idealist, and new school. Obama represents this segment of the Party. These ideological purists believe that pragmatism is a bad thing. Thus, war must be condemned and fought against no matter what the circumstances. These are the ones who voted against the Iraqi invasion and have tended to oppose every single use of American military power since the Viet Nam War.

These idealists/activists are also very liberal, but that liberalism is never tempered with reason. Thus, this segment of the Party is apt to forge ahead with anti-war protests that denigrate our troops in harm's way overseas, strive to implement stringent restrictions on industry and business--and thus change our entire way of life--because they are convinced that mankind is single-handedly responsible for 'global warming,' and, among other initiatives, remove the citizens' right to keep and bear arms.

Obviously, the traditionalists and the idealists share much in common. They are more alike than they are different. However, the problem is that Hillary and her supporters--Bill Clinton being 'ardent supporter number one'--believe that the power of the Presidency is rightfully hers, and thus, there will be little tolerance for those who claim otherwise.

In their view, Hillary has fought long and hard to get to this point. She is within reach of attaining a lifelong dream and ambition. She has spent years, perhaps decades, laying the groundwork for a victory. Her close friend and confidante, atheist billionaire Democratic operative George Soros, has spent millions of dollars helping Hillary and her husband.

And this, in and of itself, is a major source of the developing rift. Soros is hedging his bets. With Obama surging and Hillary faltering, Soros has begun putting money into the Obama bandwagon, in addition to funds given to Hillary.

No doubt Soros' penchant for playing both sides is sitting hard with Bill and Hillary. Hillary in particular, who is known for throwing tantrums and launching into extended tirades, has no doubt fumed behind closed doors about the current state of affairs. She would probably view Soros' funding practices as a betrayal, not to mention what she thinks of those who previously had pledged full support but now seem so willing to jump ship in favor of a political novice.

Hillary's woes do not end here, however. The most recent polls show her losing in head-to-head match-ups with both Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in the general election.

The fact that Hillary has a 35-million dollar war-chest at this point is no guarantee that she will do well in the early primaries next winter. As the poll showed, all the money in the world can't seem to buy her first place.

Thus, things are getting really interesting out there. So stayed tuned.