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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coulter Rips Prosecutor Fitzgerald a New One!

Washington, DC (TLS). The Special Prosecutor who prosecuted a bogus case against Scooter Libby is a danger to society, freedom, and honest men and women. For political purposes only, Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald paraded Scooter Libby before the court and the news media as a criminal, in spite of the fact that Libby had committed no crime.

Fitzgerald prosecuted this case for one reason only--to try to embarrass the Bush White House and to attack Vice President Dick Cheney. For that he is a scum-bag that should be investigated for bringing false charges against an innocent man--enough to be disbarred and charged with crimes.

Libby was 'nifonged' by a rogue Prosecutor every bit as corrupt as Mike Nifong.

Ann Coulter, however, says it better than anyone in this riveting piece:

Democrats Bail on FOX Sponsorship of Debates

Washington, DC (TLS). The Nevada Democrat Party has pulled out of a debate sponsored by FOX NEWS featuring the Party's contenders for the Presidential nomination. The move comes as the Democrats reacted to a remark made by FOX official Roger Ailes, who had compared Barack Hussein Obama to Osama bin Laden.

Yet and its extremists that are bankrolled by atheist billionaire George Soros had been urging the Party all along to separate itself from any association with FOX NEWS.

Thus, the cry babies of the Left, when they do not get their way, pick up their marbles and run home to Mama, or in this case, Papa George Soros.

The difference in the maturity level of these ultra extremists on the Left and conservative Republicans is striking. Republican and conservative candidates have had to face numerous news organizations and reporters that had a decidedly Leftist slant. For years Presidential debates were sponsored by the Leftwing 'League of Women Voters.' Yet Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and a host of other Republican candidates took their place behind the podium despite being at a decided disadvantage.

Not only that, but conservative contenders were forced to have debate questions thrown to them by openly hostile reporters from the mainstream Leftwing media. Yet never once did any conservative candidate throw a tantrum like a 2-year-old and stomp off to Mama because mean ole Liberals sponsored, moderated, and posed questions during the debates.

In the Nevada Democrat case, however, you have an entirely different cast of characters. For the first time in history a debate was being sponsored by a news organization with a conservative bent. Instead of stepping up to the plate and taking it like men and women of courage like Republicans have all these years, the Democrats instead pitched a hissy fit and demanded FOX be dropped from involvement in the debate.

All because that mean ole conservative Republican Roger Ailes said mean things about B. Hussein Obama.

Here is a message to Nevada Democrats and the Presidential contenders: why don't you run to Papa George Soros for your bottle, your rattle, and your pacifier. You itty bitty babies need to get some sleep. It will all be better in the morning. Papa George will see to that.

In the meantime, serious politicians with serious ideas based upon the traditions of our Founders will continue to try to govern the country, in spite of you troublemakers and turncoats who never matured passed the kindergarten years.

For Fox News' response to the pull-out, click here:

Friday, March 09, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The Second Amendment was clarified and upheld when a D.C. Circuit Court panel ruled that the District of Columbia's gun control laws violate the U.S. Constitution.

The panel held that the Second Amendment protects the INDIVIDUAL'S right to keep and bear arms and that this right is not excluded to service in the militia. The Judges cited historic legal precedent in stating that gun rights were viewed by the Founders as serving a multi-purpose function, only one of which is being ready to serve in a militia when called. The right to keep and bear arms, according to the Founders, served as a mechanism for self-defense and as a means to fight the rule of a tyrannical government, should that need arise.

Here is an excerpt from the 75-page ruling:

'To summarize, we conclude that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. That right existed prior to the formation of the new government under the Constitution and was premised on the private use of arms for activities such as hunting and self-defense, the latter being understood as resistance to either private lawlessness or the depredations of a tyrannical government (or a threat from abroad). In addition, the right to keep and bear arms had the important and salutary civic purpose of helping to preserve the citizen militia. The civic purpose was also a political expedient for the Federalists in the First Congress as it served, in part, to placate their Antifederalist opponents. The individual right facilitated militia service by ensuring that citizens would not be barred from keeping the arms they would need when called forth for militia duty. Despite the importance of the Second Amendment's civic purpose, however, the activities it protects are not limited to militia service, nor is an individual's enjoyment of the right contingent upon his or her continued or intermittent enrollment in the militia. As we have seen in many other constitutional cases, including decisions by the Ohio Supreme Court, the judges found that DC's gun laws amount to a complete prohibition on the lawful use of handguns for self-defense: The majority opinion also rejects the argument that the Second Amendment does not apply to the District of Columbia because it is not a State. And the majority opinion concludes, "Section 7-2507.02, like the bar on carrying a pistol within the home, amounts to a complete prohibition on the lawful use of handguns for self-defense. As such, we hold it unconstitutional."'

My friends, this is a monumental victory for the rights of individual citizens.

For a further review of the ruling, click here to go to Ohioans for Concealed Carry:

To read the full text of the Court panel's ruling, click here (pdf file):

Leftwing Activist New Head of CBS News

Washington, DC (TLS). The Katie Couric Show on CBS News has a new boss. With Katie's plummeting ratings, the brass at CBS decided that something drastic had to be done to save Couric's neck. After all, she is one of the highest paid talking heads in all of television.

Surely nothing that Couric has done would cause such a mass exodus of viewers.

The fall guy, therefore, was her former boss, Rome Hartman, executive producer of the show, who himself had been no detached, unbiased purveyor of truth. CBS News is more like a half-hour ad for the Democrat Party than a news broadcast. And, as we have shown on The Liberty Sphere, Couric herself is such an unabashed Liberal that she has been a willing co-conspirator in this blatant slanting of news stories. Her years at NBC's Today Show further prove the point, as we have documented.

But guess who is now Couric's new executive producer? None other than Bill Clinton crony Rick Kaplan. Kaplan's cozy relationship with the Clintons is well-known. He even helped the former President with his image problem in the media when Clinton was being hit with the scandals of Monica Lewinsky and his subsequent impeachment.

Kaplan's work for Clinton was done while he was presiding over CNN.

Does this surprise anyone?

Kaplan also headed MSNBC. In his work for both CNN and MSNBC, Kaplan presided over consistently slanted news stories and programs that favored Democrats.

Interestingly, he was fired from both networks.

Now he winds up at CBS News with a decidedly Liberal anchor as we approach one of the most pivotal election cycles in the history of the Republic. George Soros must be doing cartwheels. He could not even buy such a beautiful scenario in which news is consistently slanted to favor Democrats and trash Republicans leading up to the 2008 election.

As we have observed many times, the big four networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN are all in the hip-pocket of Liberal Democrats. Yet this gang of thugs claims we need a 'fairness doctrine' so that they can get equal time on conservative talk radio.

I will repeat my former challenge to these numbskulls. Bring back the fairness doctrine. Get your equal time on conservative talk radio. And then we will demand equal time to answer Couric, Gibson, and all the rest on the big four TV networks.

Liberal Democrats have gotten free air time on the major network news programs for over 40 years--40 years' worth of blatant, in-your-face bias in favor of every Liberal program and politician to come down the pike. If they want equal time on conservative talk radio, then we will mount a campaign to demand equal time to answer Couric's bias--and that of all of her competitors on the other networks.

Oh, by the way, we will want that during prime time, on CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN.

Is it a deal?

More Doubts Surface on Allena Williams Ward Case

Washington, DC (TLS). More doubts have surfaced concerning the Allena Williams Ward teacher sex scandal in South Carolina. As previously reported on The Liberty Sphere, so much about this case borders on the bizarre that the allegations against the former middle school teacher beg the question of authenticity.

The latest series of questions focus squarely on the parents of the teenagers involved.

These are boys allegedly between the ages of 14 and 15. Teenagers of that age do not even have driver's licenses. And if they are allowed to drive under some sort of permit, it is only during daylight hours under adult supervision. In other words, an adult has to be in the vehicle.

Where were these parents? Why was there no adequate supervision of the boys? How did they get from 'point A' to 'point B?' Did Ward drive them to the various sites of the alleged rendezvous?

What about the allegation of a major motel in Clinton being the site of one of these meetings? A well-known teacher in a small town, who grew up in that town, going to the only major motel in the area with a young teenage boy or boys would surely be noticed and thus raise suspicions.

Is there a record of Allena Williams Ward checking into that motel? These days one must have a major credit card to be given a room in a major motel chain. If she had, in fact, checked into that motel, there is a record.

Does the Circuit Solicitor have that record, or is he simply taking the word of the boys?

So far absolutely no confirmation has been made by the Solicitor's office that Ward was ever a guest at that motel.

Further, does Circuit Solicitor Jerry Peace possess the record of the supposed text message in which Ward allegedly tells one student to 'keep his mouth shut?' If so, once again there has been absolutely no confirmation that such a text message exists, except on the word of one of the teenagers and his attorney. In fact, Peace stated as of Wednesday of this week that he did NOT have a record of any such text message. Thus, it is clear that Peace is basing this allegation entirely on the word of the teenage boy in question and his attorney.

That attorney, by the way, is one Karl Allen, who is representing three of the boys. Why do these teenagers need an attorney when supposedly the Solicitor is prosecuting their case before the court?

There is yet one more salient point about this case that raises doubt. The statement made by one of the boys that Ward told him to 'keep his mouth shut' is oddly reminiscent of what the students at Ware Shoals High School claim their principal, Jane Blackwell, told them when the scandal broke concerning the cheerleaders and their coach, Jill Moore.

The students claim that they interpreted Blackwell's directive as a threat, that they should keep their mouths shut and refuse to speak to authorities about the case. Blackwell, however, stated that she merely wanted the students to refrain from engaging in gossip and rumor in the midst of an investigation by law enforcement and that she never intended for her students not to speak to authorities about what they knew.

Yet, this one single statement by Blackwell, on the word of high school teenagers, was enough to get the principal arrested on the charge of obstruction.

Ware Shoals is a mere 30 miles or so from Clinton. The case in Ware Shoals brought international media coverage. The fact that Blackwell was arrested on obstruction for merely telling students not to talk about the case was headline news for weeks, particularly in the local area.

Did one of the boys in Clinton borrow a page from the Ware Shoals playbook in putting together this series of allegations that so far has totally ruined a teacher's life and career?

The case has not even gone to trial, and yet here we are a mere two weeks after the arrest of Ward, and we have already shed light upon a series of doubts that may well lead up to one big question mark that could break this case apart. The legal term is 'reasonable doubt,' and it is a biggie.

If a jury looks at these questions carefully, without any supporting documentation that would prove any of the allegations, that jury may well decide that there is enough reasonable doubt to render a verdict of 'not guilty.'

In addition, a smart prosecutor may well look at these questions and decide that this is a case that is not worth pursuing any further.

Time will tell.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Has Allena Williams Ward Been 'Nifonged'?

Washington, DC (TLS). Durham, North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong became infamous for prosecuting three innocent students on the Duke lacrosse team on the charge of rape. His motivation? To win an election in a overwhelmingly liberal Democrat district with a very large African-American population.

The case quickly became a national news item as citizens from around the country expressed their outrage that a rogue prosecutor could conduct such a blatant sham against three innocent persons. In time Nifong became a joke, a laughing stock of those who point out everything wrong with the politicized system of choosing state's attorneys.

He also became a defendant, the recipient of charges of prosecutorial misconduct, lying to the court, and ethics violations by the North Carolina BAR. He stepped down from the lacrosse case in order to defend himself. This was after revelations were made public that Nifong never personally interviewed the accuser until 10 months after the charges were brought against the students. That accuser also changed her story numerous times and demonstrated that her testimony would not be credible due to her unsavory manner of living, as well as statements she made to friends about the night in question when she was supposedly 'raped.'

DNA evidence also proved that not a single member of the Duke lacrosse team had engaged in sex with the accuser. Multiple sources of DNA were found inside her, however, none of which matched any of the students. This evidence, by the way, was supressed by Nifong in a sleazy under-the-table deal with the laboratory that did the DNA tests.

Thus, the term 'Nifonged' was coined to denote being prosecuted on false charges by a rogue state attorney.

The question, therefore, that must be asked is, has Allena Williams Ward been 'nifonged'?

Ward is the S.C. teacher accused of engaging in criminal sexual activity with five teenage boys. The actions of the state's attorney in this case (which, by the way, is called the 'circuit solicitor' in S.C.--whatever the heck that means) suggests suspicious behavior reminiscent of Mike Nifong.

According to one writer who commented on the case on The Liberty Sphere, the Solicitor was under pressure to score a conviction of a teacher accused in a sex crime, since two other similar cases fell by the wayside. The writer also suggests that if the Solicitor had a solid case, he would normally plead it out. This he has not done. Rather, he requested that no bail be given to the accused. When that did not work, her bail was set so high that it rivals that of murderers.


Perhaps the prosecutor knows he has no case and is thus going for broke...all or nothing. Throwing caution to the wind, he hopes a verdict will go his way, or else she will be totally exonerated, thus taking the monkey off his back for deciding to prosecute such a shaky case to begin with.

Of course, in that scenario the prosecutor will be under even more pressure than ever to 'win one against teachers gone bad.'

Teachers in Laurens County had better go ahead and get legal representation now, before the bull-in-a-china-shop comes charging after whoever is an easy target.

Naturally, all of this is conjecture at this point. What I have just described is a possible scenario rather than an accusation. But there is enough about this case that is simply too bizarre for an observer of the legal system not to raise questions. Needless to say, my suspicions are being raised to a fever pitch.

Baby Killers Support Hillary

Washington, DC (TLS). The nation's pro-abortion advocates have made no attempt to hide who they prefer for President. Hillary Rodham Clinton is their choice.

Stating that the agenda of the pro-abortion industry scored a major victory with the Democrat takeover of Congress, the baby killers say that their mission will be complete when Hillary is elected President with a Democrat Congress to back her up.

These nutcases have a clear agenda. They want legalized unlimited abortion-on-demand. And Hillary Clinton is their gal.

Barack Hussein Obama will do nicely for them as well, since he is every bit as much a supporter of abortion-on-demand as Hillary.

The following story will give you the complete details on the agenda of the baby killers and show you how the vast majority of women do NOT embrace their agenda:

Libby's Prosecution a Travesty of Justice

Washington, DC (TLS). Scooter Libby was found guilty for supposedly 'outing' the identity of a CIA agent whom everyone in Washington knew was a secret operative. The case should have never been prosecuted. And the calls for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney in the aftermath is the work of demented individuals who would rather see the U.S.A. defeated than to stand up and fight this nation's enemies with courage.

Believe me, we know the truth.

The prosecution of Libby was a sham from the start, perpetrated by individuals inside and outside of government who have a vendetta against the Bush Administration over the War in Iraq. The entire shameful affair was about the War, period.

Activists had to have a scapegoat, a central figure to whom they can affix blame.

They chose Libby, and in turn, they also targeted Cheney.

Libby deserves a Presidential pardon. And while Mr. Bush is at it, he can also pardon those two innocent Border Patrol agents who were falsely accused, again by government bureaucrats who rage out of control.

We need a housecleaning in the bureaucracy of high and mighty government officials who were never elected by the people but act as if they have all the power. They need to be 'clipped off at the gonads.'

Read the complete inside story here at Discover the Networks:

The Newt Gingrich Plan

Washington, DC (TLS). Newt Gingrich announced a plan this week that may well be his first step toward seeking the Republican Presidential nomination. Stating that Presidential campaigns have become mindless exercises in 5-second sound bytes, Gingrich has proposed a series of 90-minute discussion forums to take place each week from September through the November election in 2008.

The participants in these discussion forums would be the two Presidential candidates representing the two major Parties, plus a moderator. This is the most reasonable proposal for Presidential campaigns that has been placed on the table in many, many years.

One of the reasons I believe that Newt has put this proposal on the table is that he plans to be the candidate for the Republicans. Very few candidates in either Party would be able to withstand such a rigorous regimen of public debates. Newt is one of the few that could not only withstand it but excel. This is his forte, his arena. Possessing the verbal and rhetorical skills that surpass 99% of politicians in either Party, Newt would drive home his points with a keen intelligence and command of the English language that would put his opponent to shame.

As we have stated before on The Liberty Sphere, we would not be opposed to a draft Newt movement, although at present our support is with Duncan Hunter. Newt has solid conservative credentials and easily grasps the nuances and intricacies of international politics.

Several questions must be answered by Newt, however. Where does he stand on enforcing the nation's immigration laws? Will he force a federal bureaucracy which at present is out of control to enforce the nation's laws against illegal aliens? Will he enforce the notion that aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a FELONY, as stated in the United States Code?

Where does he stand on free speech? He once stated that he would be in favor of limiting some of our freedom of speech in order to fight terrorism. This is highly problematic for The Liberty Sphere and millions of others who value human liberty.

How thoroughly would he take up the mantle of 2nd Amendment issues in the face of a renegade Congress that is intent on robbing citizens of the right to keep and bear arms?

Newt will need to clarify these issues before The Liberty Sphere would support his candidacy. But we think his idea about a series of weekly debates from September to November prior to the 2008 election is an excellent proposal.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The attorney representing one of the teenage boys who accused Clinton, South Carolina teacher Allena Williams Ward with sexual misconduct stated late today that the teacher had sent text messages to one of the boys urging him to 'keep his mouth shut.'

This revelation was made today obviously in response to growing suspicion about the charges.

In the news release, however, the attorney did not specify what, exactly, the student was to keep his mouth shut about. This raises suspicions even further.

As The Liberty Sphere has reported since this riveting news story broke, there is much about this case that makes no sense. The allegations made by the boys must be held up to suspicion simply because of the reputation of the one accused. This does not mean that their allegations are to be dismissed. It means only that every avenue must be undertaken to arrive at the truth. And that means questioning the nature of the allegations to insure authenticity.

If the charges against Ward are to be believed, then corroborating evidence must be produced since the allegations specify that the sexual acts in question took place all over town, in public areas, including the very school where Ward taught.

Text messages between the teenagers and Ward are certainly important evidence. But what, exactly, did these messages say? When Ward told to boy to 'keep his mouth shut,' was she speaking of sexual acts between them, or was she reacting to a threat made by the boy to 'ruin her reputation?'

Teenage boys 14-15 years old these days can be quite intimidating, scheming, and given to retaliation. Did one of the boys threaten Ward by stating he and his cohorts would spread lies about her to ruin her career and her life?

Since the attorney in question publicized this small piece of information without stating exactly what the text message was referring to, then this lawyer succeeded in only adding more fuel to the fire of doubt. Thus, the subject nature of the text message in question is a key ingredient.

A text message that merely states that the boy should 'keep his mouth shut' could refer to any number of things, including sexual activity AND a threat to ruin Ward's reputation. If the attorney representing the boys plans to try his case in the court of public opinion, he certainly cannot do it without providing the exact nature of that text message, verbatim, within its full context.

So far, I see only more evidence of a hoax.

Ann Coulter Fires Back

Washington, DC (TLS). Under fire for supposedly using the term 'faggot' to refer to Democrat Presidential hopeful John Edwards, Ann Coulter has fired back at her critics. Stating that if the top Presidential contenders in either Party feel they must apologize for every remark she makes, then 'they better keep that statement handy cause there's going to be a lot more in the next year.'

The 'speech and thought' police in America and in Western Europe is actually a totalitarian coalition. If they can silence free speech, and even invade our thought processes, scouring for every single vestige of 'forbidden feelings and points of view,' then they will have succeeded in creating a totalitarian society where human liberty is a thing of the past, without going to war or firing a single shot.

Ann Coulter has the right IN THE UNITED STATED OF AMERICA to say whatever she wants, no matter what the speech and thought police of the Left in the mainstream media and the elected officials of the government think about it. The U.S. Constitution trumps all other law, PERIOD. Thus, laws that are passed that limit speech, religion, assembly, the Press, and gun rights are ILLEGITIMATE. Jefferson referred to such legislative initiatives as tyrannical and lacking in any authority.

Thus, as a lifelong JEFFERSONIAN LIBERAL, not to be confused with modern Liberals, I say to Ann Coulter's critics, 'Go find the nearest lake, and jump in.' Your idiocy is thoroughly annoying.

Read the full story of Ann's response here:

LIBERTY ALERT! Illinois to Ban Rifles, Shotguns

Washington, DC (TLS). This is an urgent Liberty Alert. The State of Illinois is considering legislation that would ban hundreds of types of rifles and shotguns. This bill has come one step closer to becoming law as the state legislature is set to vote on the measure as early as this week.

Observers say that the bill will create a furious fight on the floor of the Illinois legislature.

Under the guise of an 'assault weapons ban,' proponents of the measure have included hundreds of styles and models of shotguns and rifles in the ban, the majority of which are owned and used by law-abiding citizens. Gun rights groups in Illinois are crying fowl and have pledged to fight the measure with every single resource in their power to keep the bill from becoming law.

One Second Amendment advocate stated, 'This may well be our last chance to keep our guns.'

For the complete story, including links to organizations that are fighting this blatant attack on the Second Amendment, click here:

Cross to Return to Chapel at William and Mary

Washington, DC (TLS). A compromise solution has been reached concerning the Wren Cross controversy at the College of William and Mary, America's second-oldest college. In spite of the College's strong Anglican roots, President Gene Nichol removed the Cross from the Chapel late last year in an effort to make the Chapel 'more welcoming to diverse faith groups.'

Nichol's action spurred a heated protest from students and alums. One student, Ben Locher, started a nation-wide movement called 'Save the Wren Cross,' which accumulated over 17,000 signatures on a petition to have the Cross returned to the Chapel. Locher states that the compromise is less-than-acceptable, but it is perhaps the most realistic solution to the problem.

A committee was formed by Nichols that was made up of students, alumni, and others in order to consider possible solutions to the mess he had created. This committee recommended that the Cross be returned to the Chapel, but not to the Altar. The Cross will be displayed prominently in a glass case somewhere in the Chapel, the exact location of which has not yet been determined.

Read the complete story and further details here:

Is the Teacher Sex Scandal in S.C. a Hoax?

Washington, DC (TLS). The time has come to ask the question, is the teacher sex scandal in S.C. involving Allena Williams Ward a hoax? Has she been set up? Has someone 'born false witness'--the Biblical term for false accusations against the innocent--against her?

In no way does The Liberty Sphere seek to grant any excuses to anyone who has committed unlawful acts of assault--including sexual assault--against innocent persons, particularly children and under-age teenagers. Such perpetrators must face the consequences for such heinous deeds.

As much as we deplore such acts, however, we also deplore false accusations against the innocent and the loathsome horror of the possibility that an innocent person could go to jail and have their lives totally ruined on the basis of false testimony, trumped up charges, or a frame-up.

And these things DO happen in the United States of America these days, my friends--much more so than we realize.

Students in the nation's public school system are a far cry from the students of my day. Teachers in countless schools across the country fear for their very lives as students have turned violent and deadly. Discipline in the classroom is a joke. Parents obviously have not raised the present generation to be respectful toward adults and authority.

If I had said to my teacher what countless students say to their teachers today, I would have been permanently expelled.

Yet schools more often than not feel that parents have tied their hands in meting out discipline.

It is not beyond the scope of possibility that the charges against Ward were trumped up by young teenage boys in retaliation for disciplinary action. I make no accusation here at all. I do not even know the identities of the accusers. All I am saying is that it is not beyond the scope of possibility that today's students would so such a thing.

After all, this is an era where eight-year-olds have been caught with guns at school, 12-year-olds have had sex in the classroom out of view of the teacher (yes, they get help from their friends in distracting teachers while they engage in sexual activity), and parents have not come to the defense of education professionals but have instead defended their little angels, refusing to believe that 'any child of mine could do such a thing.'

So many factors in this case make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Allena Williams Ward is a child of Clinton, South Carolina--one of its very own, born and bred. Not only was she born and raised there, but she was educated there and taught school there. Instead of leaving home to to to college, she stayed home, in Clinton, and attended Presbyterian College, where she received her degree in Middle School Education.

Ward's family is well-known in the community. They are ministers in their church. They are described as upright, wholesome, honest, and outstanding citizens.

Clinton, South Carolina only has 10,000 residents. A home-grown girl WILL have a reputation in a small town, and Ward's reputation was above reproach.

If she were a dangerous threat to the town's youth as a hardened, wild-eyed child molester, it is hard to believe that somebody in Clinton would not have known.

Her friends said her life-long dream was to become a school-teacher. She would boil with righteous indignation at news reports of teachers who brought reproach upon the profession by involving themselves in sleazy scandals.

The allegations state that she basically had sex with these teenage boys all over town--in Clinton--population 10,000. She supposedly did it in the very school in which she taught. She did it in a motel in town. She did it in a public park in town. She did it behind a restaurant in town...or so the accusers allege.

And yet, not a single soul noticed?

In order to accept these allegations as fact, one would have to believe that not only did an upright, respectable Christian girl suddenly turn hot, but she would have to possess incredible skills of becoming invisible in a small town.

I have been wrong in my hunches in the past. But I have been right as well. I may well be proved wrong in this case. But so far, I smell a hoax.


Washington, DC (TLS). Enough is enough. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton should be fired immediately. And this is the the very least of the actions that should be taken. Investigations should ensue immediately concerning the possibility of felonies committed by Sutton in aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

A definite pattern can now be seen concerning Sutton's conduct as the U.S. Attorney in El Paso, Texas, who is charged with the role of prosecuting cases revolving around border security, illegal aliens, and drug smuggling from Mexico. Over a period of years, according to numerous published reports, including WorldNetDaily, Sutton has systematically targeted for prosecution U.S. law enforcement officials who use force in apprehending illegal aliens, even when the the lives of the lawmen were endangered.

One such case resulted in a new trial for the accused, culminating in a jury finding the falsely accused law officer innocent and charging Sutton with prosecutorial misconduct.

So, why is a rogue prosecutor still allowed to assault our law enforcement officials who are protecting our border?

The sad truth, however, is that Sutton is only the tip of the iceberg. Word has come today that the Department of Homeland Security actually encourages 'open borders.' This is now the official policy of the department under director Michael Chertoff who has been like a 'Nightmare on Elm Street' ever since he was appointed to the post. Under Chertoff's watch the Department of Homeland Security has disintegrated into a focal point for the politically correct and a cheerleading squad for the concept of 'open borders' in spite of Americans' growing outrage at the failure to enforce the nation's illegal alien laws.

So far in this squalid affair, the President has yet to act on any of it. The two falsely accused border patrol agents are still in prison, Sutton is still in El Paso unleashing his assault on American law enforcement at our border, Chertoff is turning Homeland Security into a joke, and the President is apparently suffering from a severe case of inertia.

As we have stated repeatedly on The Liberty Sphere, only the President can clear up this scandal. As of now, time ticks away and the stain on the Republic only grows more putrid by the day.

For more information on this story, click here:

Webb Seeks To Tie Bush's Hands on Iran

Washington, DC (TLS). Senator Jim Webb, D-Virginia, has introduced a bill in the Senate that would tie the President's hands in dealing with Iranian terrorism and its attacks against our troops in Iraq. The freshman Democrat from Virginia introduced legislation that requires the President to 'seek authorization before using force against Iran.'

Webb stated, 'This presidency has shot from the hip too many times for us to be able to trust it to act on its own. We need Congress to be involved in any decision to commence military activities absent from an attack from the other side or a direct threat.' Further, Webb maintains, 'this bill denies funding that would be necessary to begin such operations against Iran in the first place.'

It is no secret that Webb carries a deep-seated, near-pathological disdain for George W. Bush, refusing to shake his hand at the White House reception for incoming Congressmen and Senators. Despite the President reaching out to the toddler who obviously needed a diaper-change, Webb gave an abrupt retort to the President when Mr. Bush asked about Webb's son.

Yet Webb has the unmitigated gall to claim the President 'shoots from the hip.'

Obviously Mr. Webb is too dumb to know we now have confirmation that Iran is sponsoring the terrorist attacks on our troops and on Iraqis inside Iraq. And apparently the Senator from Virginia is too ignorant to realize that Iran is one of the biggest threats in the world to the security of Israel, Europe, and the United States. Further, the cry-baby tantrum-throwing Junior Senator from Virginia is woefully uninformed about the grave danger a nuclear Iran would pose to the entire world.

Or maybe he knows all of these things but simply doesn't care.

It is no secret that Webb lied to the public to get elected. Portraying himself as one of the so-called 'blue dog Democrats' who are conservative and would stand against the ultra-Liberalism of Nancy Pelosi. these 'blue dogs' proceeded to be a part of a Democrat majority that has proposed some of the most tyrannical legislation in the history of the Republic. They have marched in lockstep with Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Dodd, Reid, Conyers, and Hillary.

So much for the 'blue dog conservatives.' Not a single Democrat in either chamber of Congress has stood valiantly for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to keep and bear arms, or any other basic liberty the Constitution protects.

As far as we can tell, the blue dog Democrats are just as rotten to the core as the rest of the lot.

They are a part of the Democrat gang of thugs that has tried to unleash a massive assault on individual liberty, even to the point of making it a hate crime to even speak against homosexuality.

As far as I'm concerned, this was absolutely the last straw. This gang of thugs has got to go. And when we finally grab them by the seat of the pants and the nape of the neck and toss them out the door in 2008, we need to make sure their lying 'blue dogs' are thrown out with them.

I have very little tolerance for the forces of anti-freedom. And this bunch has pushed my last button.

Have I said that Webb is an idiot yet?

Nope, so here it is.

The bottom line? Webb is an idiot who is an embarrassment to the U.S. Senate. What is it with these Virginia Senators, anyway? Even the Republican senior Senator from Virginia, John Warner, has turned yellow-bellied when it comes to fighting terror and holding back Iran.

Has Cindy Sheehan been polluting the water up there with a substance that zaps otherwise sane people into pacifistic ultra-Liberals?

The President doesn't need approval from Congress to go after Iran. They attacked us first, and they have persisted in attacking us. Webb simply needs to go get his pacifier and shut up. He should leave the security of the nation and the free world to the grown ups.

Read more here:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Allena Williams Ward Once Decried Teacher Scandals

Washington, DC (TLS). As a high school and college student, Allena Williams Ward once decried teacher scandals that often made their way into the news. According to friends and acquaintances of the middle school teacher who finds herself embroiled in a sex scandal involving young teenage boys, Ward would express shock and outrage that teachers would behave in such as fashion as to bring reproach upon the teaching profession.

Friends who knew Ward back in those days describe a clean-cut, wholesome Christian girl who always wanted to become a school teacher. The entire family, in fact, displayed the wholesomeness that people in the Bible belt appreciate in Christian folk. Ward's parents are heavily involved in Christian ministry through their local church. The consensus of the community seems to be that Ward and her family have always been considered some of the finest people one could ever meet--'salt-of-the-earth' types who have reputations above reproach.

Yet if Ward is convicted of the crimes of which she is accused by local law enforcement, her lifelong dream will be coming to an abrupt end. Not only will she face prison, but her days of teaching school will be over--permanently.

According to county records, Ward graduated from Clinton High School in 2001. She immediately enrolled in the prestigious Presbyterian College in Clinton, from which she graduated in 2005 with a degree in Middle School Education. At the time of her arrest, Ward was the 7th grade teacher of Language Arts at Bell Street Middle School in Clinton.

In short, this woman grew up in Clinton, was educated in Clinton, and worked in Clinton. Her entire life was spent there. And believe me, small towns in the South know no secrets. If Ward had been viewed as a person lacking in the character and judgment to be entrusted with school children, someone--many someones, in fact--would have known about it in this small town.

Further, all prospective teachers in South Carolina are required to undergo a complete background check conducted by the state law enforcement division, called 'SLED.'

Without a blemish on her record or reputation, Ward was hired to teach students in her hometown...the town she never left, not even to get a college education. Apparently everyone knew her and trusted her with the education of their children.

These facts all beg the following questions:

Did Ward carry a dark secret for a number of years that was only unleashed recently--a secret that previously she had kept hidden within the confines of her own mind until they burst forth in a fury of 'acting out'?

Was Ward always engaged in this behavior throughout high school and college, but somehow managed to keep it all quiet? If so, how many knew this was going on?

Are the allegations made against her patently false? Was she framed? Is this a scheme cooked up by school kids seeking revenge on a teacher for some unnamed offense, such as discipline?

Did the cops get it all wrong? Do they have the wrong person? Were the accusations made against her designed to cover up someone else's wrongdoing?

All of these questions, and more, MUST be considered in order to arrive at the truth. Only the complete truth will satisfy the burning question of how such a thing could happen in such a nice place as Clinton. And the only redemption that will come to the guilty is in the disclosure of the complete truth.

For more details, click here:

The Democrats' Deceptive Script

Washington, DC (TLS). The Democrats have their talking points well-memorized. The script is ready to be rolled off of silvery-tongued orators of the Left as they blast the Bush Administration's foreign policy and demand retreat and change for change's sake.

Kenneth Timmerman at Front Page Magazine has blown the lid on the deceptive script and exposed it for the sham that it is. In the following article you will discover a page from the Democrat play-book--a strategy of double-talk, newspeak, smoke and mirrors, and deliberate dishonesty.

Click here for Timmerman's article:

The Hillary Thesis

Washington, DC (TLS). The secret, hidden thesis of Hillary Rodham Clinton from her days as a student at Wellesley College has now been revealed. Under a specific request from the Clinton Administration in 1993, the thesis was made off-limits to curious readers and hidden from public examination. That document is now available for the general public to read at Wellesley.

There is no use in attempting to find the thesis online, however. The serious reader will have to travel to Wellesley to read the document in person.

'Discover the Networks' has poured over the document and produced a complete analysis of its contents. Upon reading the assessment of Discover the Networks, it is not difficult to understand why Hillary and husband Bill wished to seal the document.

Hillary's thesis shows a young woman who had thoroughly renounced her earlier embrace of Goldwater Republicanism and had turned to radical schools of thought, particularly the views and philosophy of extremist activist Saul Alinsky. Hillary speaks of the radical community activist in glowing terms.

When one understands the underlying premise of Alinsky's point of view, one can correctly surmise that Hillary is precisely the ultra-Leftwing, extremist, collectivist radical that conservatives have long warned about. One can also fully concur with Dick Morris's opinion that Hillary is 'the most dangerous woman in America.'

Click on the link below to read Discover the Network's complete analysis of Hillary's hidden college thesis:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Welcome to The Liberty Sphere, 3/5/07

Good Morning! Welcome to The Liberty Sphere on this Monday, March 5, 2007.

Here are our news items and commentary for today: (scroll down for these stories)

**'LIBERTY ALERT! Conyers Seeks to Criminalize Anti-Gay Religious Speech!'

**'Allena Ward Williams Court Date Set'--new info on the teacher sex scandal in S.C.

**'New Movie Tackles Global Warming Lies'--WOW, this one will enrage environmentalist wackos!

**'Giuliani is NOT "One of Us"'--why conservatives should be wary

Have a great day!

LIBERTY ALERT! Conyers Seeks to Criminalize Anti-Gay Religious Speech!

Washington, DC (TLS). The doomsday scenario The Liberty Sphere warned about if Democrats took control of Congress in November of last year is gradually coming to fruition. Ultra-liberal, gun-grabbing, speech-squelching John Conyers, who is head of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, in spite of his admission to violating federal election law, is pushing for a federal criminalization of anyone who speaks ill of a homosexual, even within the context of religious speech, such as in a sermon, Sunday School lesson, or general discussions of religious beliefs.

Conyers' plan has the blessing of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Many post-industrial countries around the world have such laws banning anti-gay speech. Church ministers, Sunday School teachers, and other lay persons have either gone to jail or faced stiff fines if convicted of even SPEAKING about homosexuality in negative terms.

The Conyers/Pelosi plan would place such speech under 'hate crimes' legislation.

Thus, in the United States of America, the one place in the world where a Bill of Rights supposedly protects individual rights such as free speech, to merely state that homosexuality is a sin in public would possibly subject one to the charge of a 'hate crime' if the Conyers/Pelosi plan goes through.

Congressional observers do not give the proposal much of a chance. However, they caution that this is not the end of the battle. Even if Conyers loses his bid to place such a speech ban in hate crimes legislation, he will try again under a different bill. The hope is that citizens' activist groups will be so protest weary by that time, they won't even notice when Democrats slip such a speech ban into other pieces of legislation.

My friends, I have attempted to remain as coldly objective as possible in the wake of the Democrat victory in November, not wishing to appear too much the alarmist. However, I can hold back no longer. With this blatant attempt by Liberal Democrats in the House to ban free speech simply to appease the powerful pro-gay lobby, it is clear that Nancy Pelosi's gang of thugs is the single biggest threat to human liberty outside of terrorism.

Yes, they are thugs.

If my Pastor wishes to read from the Bible that 'men lying with men' is an abomination unto the Lord, then he should have that right in the United States of America. If I wish to write on my blog that I think homosexuals are behaving in a sinful and unnatural manner, I should have that right in the United States of America. After all, any of you have the right to call me a closed-minded, homophobic bigot. I have the right to call you an idiot. This is called FREE SPEECH.

The fact that our Congress is controlled by a gang of thugs who wish to rob citizens of ALL of their rights is a personal afront to me and to any conscientious citizen.

Friends, let's get ready to fight. Let's show this bunch of extremist Leftwing wackos that we have not even begun to fight, and they assault our rights at their own peril.

Not only should there be investigations into Conyers and others for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, and the like, but we need to start NOW to mount a national campaign to ensure that these parasites on our government never get elected to public office ever again.

Read all about Conyers' subversive plan here:

Allena Williams Ward Court Date Set

Washington, DC (TLS). Allena Williams Ward, the 23-year-old married school teacher accused of sexual misconduct with under-age teenage boys, will return to court on April 2. Until that time, Mrs. Ward is confined to her home, monitored by an electronic device that allows law enforcement officers to track her whereabouts.

Ward's movements are restricted. She is allowed only to attend church, see her attorney, get medical attention, and travel to court.

As reported previously on The Liberty Sphere, Ward's family has been supportive of the beleaguered teacher. Upon her release from jail, she walked arm-in-arm with her husband, surrounded by her father and other family members. They had been advised by legal counsel not to speak to the media. Once inside the vehicle, she could be seen crying as she was closely embraced by her husband.

Ward's father put up the money for her to make bail.

On condition of anonymity, sources close to Ward and her family report being totally baffled by the arrest. Without fail, these sources spoke of Mrs. Ward in glowing terms, describing her as a devout Christian who had never been involved with any illegal activity or behavior that could be considered questionable. Each source stated that up until now Ward's reputation had been beyond reproach.

These descriptions of Ward's character make the arrest and the charges that led to them all the more baffling.

As we have stated previously, there is much more here than what meets the eye. And this is why it is essential that residents of Clinton avoid any rush to judgment so that the defendant can have her day in court.

There are at least two sides to every story. All we have heard thus far is the law enforcement side. We will hear Ward's side when the trial gets underway.

New Movie Tackles Global Warming Lies

Washington, DC (TLS). A new movie that tackles all of the global warming lies emanating from Leftist collectivists is sure to turn the world of 'politically correct' science upside down. Film-maker Martin Durkin has assembled a stellar team of scientists and experts from around the world to discuss why the focus on human activity as the primary source of global warming is wrong-headed.

Entitled 'The Great Global Warming Swindle,' the documentary features an impressive list of scientists, climatologists, and professors in oceanography, meteorology, environmental science, biogeography and paleoclimatology – from such reputable institutions as MIT, NASA, the International Arctic Research Centre, the Institut Pasteur, the Danish National Space Center and the Universities of London, Ottawa, Jerusalem, Winnipeg, Alabama and Virginia.

The experts state unequivocally that the concept of man-made global warming has become so thoroughly politicized that no one seems willing to consider alternative points of view or to question the obvious flaws in the theory.

The film examines an alternative theory that explains global temperatures, based on research by Professor Eigil Friis-Christensen of the Danish Space Center. The professor and his team found that as solar activity increases, and the sun flares, cloud formation on earth is significantly diminished and temperature rises.

According to Dr. Ian Clark, Professor of Isotope hydrogeology and paleoclimatology at the Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa, 'Solar activity over the last hundred years, over the last several hundred years, correlates very nicely, on a decadal basis, with temperature.'

John Christy, Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Center, NSSTC University of Alabama, is adamant that the notion that there is a 'consensus of scientists' who believe mankind is the source of global warming is simply not true. In fact, Christy counts himself as one of thousands of scientists who believe that those with a political agenda have hoodwinked the public into accepting a theory that cannot be supported with observable data.

This riveting film should be enough to set the Left's heads to spinning. The Liberty Sphere hopes that it gains a broad audience so that the real truth about global warming can be heard.

Read the entire description of the film here:

Giuliani is NOT 'One of Us'

Washington, DC (TLS). Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, has been courting conservatives, attempting to portray himself as 'one of us.'

The Liberty Sphere is convinced, however, that Giuliani is clearly NOT 'one of us.'

At the outset it should be stated that there are certain important factors in Giuliani's favor. He exhibits strong leadership in the midst of a national crisis--a vital characteristic for a U.S. President in an age of terrorism. He supports American capitalism, so much, in fact, that he views Hillary Clinton and her atheist billionaire queen-maker George Soros with much suspicion. Giuliani has been much-quoted in the media as regarding Hillary's philosophy and alliances as a dangerous threat to American liberty and to U.S. capitalism.

It doesn't hurt that Giuliani is on record opposing the notion of socialism or any form of collectivism.

Thus, if it came down to a choice between Giuliani and Hillary, or Giuliani and Obama, or anyone else running on the Democrat side, Giuliani would get my support hands-down. However, this does not mean that he is 'one of us' or that conservatives should not watch him very closely if he is the nominee. Some of Giuliani's positions on the issues are cause for alarm.

One, he has consistently supported government registration of gun owners. This makes him no different than his gun-grabbing counterparts on the Democrat side. The lame excuse that New York City was so violent that guns needed to come off the streets is simply not going to wash down South or throughout the sun-belt and mountain states. You do not punish law-abiding citizens for what criminals do.

Second, Giuliani is clearly a social liberal. People who possess a deep faith that teaches homosexual behavior is sinful will have a tough time supporting Giuliani, particularly in light of some of his activities and associations during the period after his divorce. The fact that he is pro-choice on abortion does nothing but seal his fate as a non-viable candidate for religious conservatives.

My fear is that if Giuliani is the Republican nominee, a significant portion of the Party base will simply stay home on election day, which is tantamount to handing the election to Hillary or Obama or Edwards.

Giuliani's problem is one that he shares with the top three Republican nominees. McCain has all but totally botched any tentative support he may have had among conservatives with his attacks on free speech and his stance on open borders. Romney has taken so many different positions on so many different issues that my fear is that Democrats will have a field day with their attack ads if he is the nominee. Religious conservatives in particular may believe in the concept of repentance and conversion, but they are leery of so-called 'death-bed' repentance--that phenomenon that exhibits itself in a person's suddenly 'seeing the light' just before death or having a sudden 'change of heart' in order to please someone or to gain some sort of pay-off.

Romney's sudden pro-life and pro-gun stance appear much too expedient for many conservatives to feel comfortable with him.

Unless Republicans can come up with someone further down in the ranks who is trustworthy, consistent, believable, genuine, and has a solid track-record of votes that prove their conservative beliefs, then I am afraid we will lose this election to a candidate that will create the worst nightmare this nation has ever seen. Giuliani may have a shot at beating Hillary and Obama, but don't count on McCain or Romney pulling that off.

Duncan Hunter, so far, is the man to beat, in our opinion. He is by far the best candidate we have in the pack.

The only other hope is for a draft Newt Gingrich movement. Despite some of Newt's negatives, he is articulate and intelligent enough to hold his own with the likes of Hillary or Obama in a debate. In fact, they are no match for the former Georgia Congressman.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Liberty Sphere Welcomes Melanie Phillips

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere welcomes Melanie Phillips to our list of preferred links. You will find the link to her articles, designated as 'Melanie Phillips in the U.K.', in the left-column of The Liberty Sphere in our 'Links' section.

Writing from London, Phillips is a powerful voice for liberty in the midst of the Jihad across the Atlantic. Her poignant, crisply-written articles have become some of our favorites here at The Liberty Sphere, and we wanted our readers to have the added option of considering the perspective of someone in Great Britain who unashamedly stands for the freedoms that traditionally Americans and the Brits have held in common.

Consistently an enlightening and delightful read, Melanie Phillips provides a needed perspective in the trans-Atlantic alliance between the U.S. and the U.K.

Caroline Glick--'If Iran Gets the Bomb'

Washington, DC (TLS). Our favorite authority on Middle East policy, Caroline Glick, provides yet another brilliant analysis of the consequences of Iran as a nuclear power.

Read her latest article here, entitled, 'If Iran Gets the Bomb':

Johnny Sutton Is At It Again

Washington, DC (TLS). U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton of El Paso, Texas is at it again. This time he is seeking a seven-year prison term for a Texas law enforcement official who supposedly 'violated the civil rights' of an illegal alien the lawman had apprehended.

It was Sutton who was largely responsible for the lengthy prison terms of the two Border Patrol agents who shot at an illegal alien drug smuggler, hitting him in the buttocks. Agents Ramos and Compean are serving 11 and 12-year sentences.

Sutton is proving himself to be a one-man hit squad, targeting American law enforcement officials who are doing the job they were hired to do--protect the border from illegal aliens. Since illegal aliens are law-breakers, these law enforcement officials are correct in apprehending them, including the use of force if necessary.

But the U.S. Attorney in the area apparently believes that any U.S. law enforcement official who dares enforce our laws against illegal aliens should be severely punished.

Perhaps someone should remind Johnny Sutton that aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a FELONY under the U.S. Code.

Thus, it is Sutton who should be serving a lengthy prison term.

Read the latest about Sutton's assault against a Texas lawman here:

Female Teacher-Male Student Sex Scandals

Washington, DC (TLS). The state of South Carolina has been shell-shocked in recent weeks by two high-profile sex scandals involving female teachers/school officials and under-age male students. The first of these incidents involved Ware Shoals High School in the small town of Ware Shoals, S.C., where a cheerleader coach by the name of Jill Moore was charged with giving alcohol to minors, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and taking 16-year-old female students with her for sexual trysts at local motels with two National Guardsmen. The second incident occurred last week when a middle school teacher in Clinton, S.C. by the name of Allena Williams Ward was charged with sexual activity with 14 and 15-year-old-boys.

Both of these incidents made international news.

In addition, both of these incidents occurred in small, religiously-oriented rural towns in the South--something that is normally not expected in the Bible belt. The town of Clinton is home to the prestigious Presbyterian College, which is a small, liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Ware Shoals is even smaller, having at one time been a thriving textile mill village in the days when cotton was king in the South. Religion was the centerpiece of these small towns and villages, and to this day they continue to be strongholds of Christian evangelicalism and conservative Republican politics.

So what's going on here? Why the seemingly sudden rash of sexual scandals involving female teachers and their students?

The phenomenon is not unique to the South but is nation-wide. Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, news reports have increasingly focused upon high-profile cases of liaisons between female teachers and young male students. Several of these resulted in prison sentences for the teachers involved. At least two resulted in pregnancies. One of these cases involved not only a pregnancy but an eventual marriage when the teacher was released from prison and when the student became an adult.

Further, a shocking U.S. Department of Education study issued in June of 2004 stated that at least 20% of male students had reported either verbal or physical sexual misconduct by female teachers.

Several theories have been postulated as to the reasons for these occurrences. My own gut feeling is that the lax mores of modern society leave it vulnerable to these kinds of inappropriate, and sometimes criminal, behaviors. The waning influence of religion and moral values is certainly a core factor.

However, the problem is much more complicated than that. As a special report issued in 2005 by U.S.A. Today indicates, these troubling cases can be laid at the feet of mental and emotional instability, pathological insecurity. a terribly deficient self-image, personality disorders, as well as a family history of sexual, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. Most of the female perpetrators were being treated for depression and anxiety at the time of their arrest.

It should be pointed out that the vast majority of women who receive treatment for depression and anxiety are NOT involved in sexual activity with minors. However, these two disorders when added to a personality/developmental disorder, plus a history of abuse, can add up to a dangerous mixture that leads unstable persons to pursue intimate encounters with under-age persons--persons who reflect the emotional age of the adult perpetrator.

Thus, a 35-year-old teacher who is involved with a 15 year old boy may actually be only 15 years-old in emotional terms. She never matured emotionally to the point that she can have satisfying sexual relations with other adults.

The Liberty Sphere wishes in no way to provide an excuse for any adult who initiates sexual liaisons with under-age persons. The explanations postulated above are merely attempts to explain and understand the bizarre.

For the complete text of the U.S.A. Today special report on this subject in 2005, click here: