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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Univ. of South Carolina, Clemson Have Off Day

Both the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers have the day off today as both teams prepare for what will be a crucial final stretch of the 2008 college football season.

Clemson's next game will be against Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts at 3:30 PM on Saturday, November 1.

Clemson desperately needs a win to help redeem its season that is teetering on the edge of disaster with a 3-4 record. If anyone can help pull them out it is the newly named Interim Head Coach Dabo Swinney with his infectious enthusiasm that has reignited the team and its fans.

As for the Gamecocks, Steve Spurrier and company will square off against Tennessee at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC next Saturday, November 1, at 7 PM.

With a record this season of 5-3, South Carolina is on the brink of either having a stellar season with at least 8 wins or else they are standing on the edge of a precipice getting ready to crash.

South Carolina has 4 games left, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and Clemson.

It is generally believed that the Gamecocks can pick up 3 out of the 4, but even if they split the remaining games they will still be bowl-eligible.

If they drop 3 of the remaining games they will wind up with yet another lackluster season.

But don't count out the possibility that Spurrier can pull off a 4-game sweep, giving him another 9-win season in his career. He has done it before.


In a never-ending stream of corruption, illegal activity, voter fraud, and the breaking of federal law, the state of Ohio simply gets in deeper and deeper.

Allegations are that computers in the Ohio state government were used to dig up personal information on 'Joe the Plumber' Wurzelbacher once he made national news questioning Obama's tax policies.

This time, authorities have confirmed that the computers in question were assigned to the offices of corrupt Democrat partisan Attorney-General Nancy H. Rogers, who defied a court order to turn over 200,000 fraudulent voter registrations for verification, as mandated by federal law.

In addition, sources maintain that unnamed individuals in the Toledo, Ohio police department, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and a county Child Support Enforcement Agency also may have illegally gained access to Joe's personal information.

This story was first published in The Columbus Dispatch and is still developing (h/t to Matt Drudge).

Joe the Plumber: Obama Makes Him Fear for Nation

In a new article published by The Washington Times, 'Joe the Plumber' states that Barack Obama makes him scared for the nation.

Joe 'the Plumber' Wurzelbacher was made famous when Barack Obama approached him on a street in his neighborhood while campaigning.

When Joe questioned Obama about his tax plan, which will hurt people who operate small businesses, Obama issued his now infamous line, 'We have to spread the wealth around.'

Joe didn't take very kindly to the intention of Marxists like Obama seeking to take his hard-earned money to give to others.

As it turns out, Joe is not presently a business owner but has worked 12 hour days for years saving up enough money with the hope of purchasing one. Joe is worried that under Obama, people like himself will be punished for their success by Obama and the Democrats' notion of 'redistribution of wealth.'

That notion is straight out of the pages of Karl Marx, the father of modern Communism-Socialism.

After experiencing the fallout from his encounter with Obama, and the candidate's and the mainstream media's attempt to smear him for merely challenging the proposals of a Presidential candidate, Joe now says that Obama makes him scared for his country.

I think Joe speaks for countless millions of average Americans in the heartland.

More Lies by Obama on Taxes

In order to deflect criticism of his plans to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010, thus creating the largest single tax increase in U.S. history, Barack Obama persistently states that those tax cuts did nothing for the middle class and working poor.

FACT CHECK! That statement is a lie.

The fact is that an across-the-board tax cut, which characterized both of Bush's major tax cuts during his 8 years in office, put money back in the pockets of ALL taxpaying citizens.

Every working American who pays taxes got a tax rebate check from the IRS, unless they had prior tax issues such as a lien.

Yet Obama will allow those cuts to expire if elected, with the help of the other 2 ominous characters in his 'evil triumvirate,' Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

That will mean that without doing anything at all to sign new legislation, Obama will see to it that you will automatically owe back to the government whatever you got in those 2 tax cut stimulus checks you received over the last 8 years.

For a struggling, working-class family of four, for example, that could cost them up to $1200 or more in more taxes under the Obama plan.

She Made It All Up! Is She An Obama-Plant?

It turns out that the 20-year-old woman in Pennsylvania who claimed she was attacked, robbed, and mutilated by an Obama supporter who was angry over her McCain-Palin bumper stickers made up the whole story.

Michelle Malkin was the first to alert us to the possibility of a hoax.

The incident begs the question, however, why would a young woman who was supposedly working for the McCain campaign attempt such a shoddy job at a hoax?

Evidence at the scene did not corroborate her story. The 'B' etched in her cheek was backwards, indicating it was self-inflicted.

Outside the normal explanations of seeking 15 minutes of fame, a delusional state of mind, or some other emotional disorder, do not count out the possibility of campaign dirty tricks.

Candidates have been known for centuries for planting insiders in opponents' campaigns in order not only to spy and obtain information but to foil the 'enemy' to make them look bad.

And, as much corruption as we have seen from the Obama campaign in this election, the questions are valid--did the Obama campaign pay off this woman, and was she an Obama plant?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/24/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

CNS News leads with a major story on an Obama-led foundation that funded a self-avowed Marxist-Leninist group, the leader of which was the former head of the Communist Party. As we discover more and more, it is very clear that Obama's ties to Communists run deep.

Gateway Pundit confirms that the mainstream media possesses and withheld from the public a video of a Jew-bashing session conducted by Obama in a meeting with PLO operatives and Palestinian leaders who are clearly enemies of Israel.

Glenn Reynolds comments on the Commie-Nazi agenda of the so-called 'Canadian Human Rights Commission,' which actually suppresses free speech in Canada.

Dark Blog shows us a perfect example of the elitist newspeak of Obama concerning election night news coverage.

The Wandering Minstrel provides info on a ballot initiative led by vegetarians to drive the meat industry out of business in California.

Traction Control alerts us to an uploaded copy of Obama-friend-and-associate William Ayers' terrorist book, 'Prairie Fire,' in which he advocates the murder of 25 million Capitalists.

The Rustmeister has an interesting post on the common misuse of the terms 'clips' and 'magazines' among gun owners.

The Real Gun Guys speculates on the underlying reason liberal guys want to vote for Obama. LOL!

Joe Huffman points to a quote that shows the real reason Democrats push for gun control.

JB's Corner has 'Leaning Toward Obama? Watch This!'

Insight on Freedom posts further information, a MUST-read, on how Democrats plan to ram through censorship of conservatives through the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine.' Read it all, including the links provided!

West By God makes a very important distinction between Obama's statement on gun rights and what the Constitution actually says.

Mike McCarville presents the explosive proof that Barack Obama was a member of 'The New Party,' a Socialist group in Chicago that was an arm of the Communist Party of the U.S.

The NRA's grassroots alert page gives a good overview of what's happening around the nation with regard to the various campaigns and gun rights.

Wow! Take a look at this from Western Rifle Shooters Association. An undercover officer explains the ultimate goals and objectives of terrorist and Obama friend Bill Ayers' group 'Weather Underground.'

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*A Guest Critique on the Palm Pistol--good information here!
*The Oregon Firearms Federation says the NRA blew it with one of their endorsements.
*'Making Sure the Next Criminal Act Goes Smoothly'

Breda has a great read entitled, 'Death and Taxes.'

Sebastian gives Newsweek a good shellacking over its lies on Obama's anti-gun record.

I've been wondering what happened to 'The Bastard' of late. Seems he has been laying low during the campaign. But not in NYC! The Mayor and his goons have decided to extend term limits for 4 more years, according to Say Uncle. That means 4 more years of The Bastard and his consortium of gun-grabbing Mayors!

JR has a great post that answers the question, 'How Much Ammunition is Enough?'

Roberta X posts today's morning news, including info on the next Indy Blog Meet.

Armed and Safe presents a must-read on the renewed push for citizen disarmament in the U.S. In fact, the U.N. pushes it as well.

Speaking of the U.N., Reject the U.N. has some updated ominous news on the organization HERE and HERE.

Per my request of yesterday for more information on the Media Bloggers Association, Ron Coleman has graciously provided a link to the organization HERE.


In a shock-jolt heard and felt around the world, Democratic leaders have defended Barack Obama's advocacy for infanticide by supporting his votes to withhold medical care from babies that survive botched abortion attempts.

While Obama and the Democrats claim the candidate voted against the bills in the Illinois legislature because, supposedly, 'the state already had such laws on the books,' other legislators insisted no such laws existed.

The usual suspects came to Obama's defense, such as senior Democratic leaders 'Little Chucky' Schumer and Howard Dean, who believe that there should be absolutely no reasonable limitations on the 'right' of parents to kill newborn infants.

While the Democratic leaders attempt to frame this issue in terms of abortion and Roe v. Wade, the bills in the Illinois legislature actually had nothing at all to do with the right to an abortion.

The single issue was a botched abortion procedure where the baby survived and was placed in a dark closet with no food or water to die.

THAT is infanticide, not abortion, and Obama voted on 4 separate occasions to support it.

No amount of verbal gymnastics on the part of Little Chucky or Howie can change that simple, stark fact.

No fact could make it any clearer that the Democratic Party leadership is totally out of touch with the basic human values that characterize the great citizens throughout the American heartland.

More MSM Attempts to Suppress McCain Vote

As we swiftly fly down the home stretch to the 2008 Presidential election, the mainstream media (MSM) has kicked it into high gear to suppress the McCain vote and promote their man Obama.

The latest example is AOL News.

In AOL's headlines this morning, the top story is that a new ad Elizabeth Dole is running in North Carolina may seem to suggest that Senator Dole (R-NC) is conceding the Presidential election to Barack Obama.

First of all, the ad must be considered in context. Dole is in the fight of her life in her U.S. Senate race. The Democratic Senatorial Election Committee has been relentlessly attacking her in very personal ads.

One ad even had two old men claiming that Dole was 'too old' to be a Senator.

Dole's opponent is Democrat Kay Hagan, who has fully shown herself to be an opportunist who has used the present financial crisis in the housing markets to hammer away at Dole.

And, as North Carolina has fallen victim to hordes of new out-of-state residents who couldn't wait to move to the state yet seem to detest its ways and culture, the ads have worked.

Dole's response has been to remind voters that should Barack Obama win with a greater Democratic majority in the Senate and House, there will be absolutely no check on runaway legislation that would turn the stomachs of most traditional voters in North Carolina.

But AOL thinks this is an indication that Dole and the GOP have given up on McCain.

Nope. It is a very effective campaign strategy to use against a possible 'evil triumvirate' uniting Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to 'rule the country.'

McCain has shown signs of an historic surge within the last 2 weeks of the campaign. If the trend continues he will be one of only a handful of candidates in U.S. history to dramatically come from behind at the last minute to win the White House, as did Harry Truman in 1948.

It would seem the mainstream media is pulling out all the stops to prevent McCain from doing just that.

Most Accurate '04 Poll Has McCain, Obama Tied

Go back in your memory with me to the 2004 Presidential election, when nearly every major poll showed John Kerry with a fairly comfortable lead over George W. Bush in the 2 weeks prior to the election.

As you will recall, the polls were wrong and Bush won handily.

But one poll stood out from among the crowd as amazingly accurate. It is the Investor's Business Daily poll.

A certified analysis of the IBD's polling partner, TIPP, shows that its official final survey results prior to the 2004 Presidential election was the most accurate in the nation.

This year, IBD-TIPP shows that John McCain and Barack Obama are in a very close statistical tie. Obama narrowly leads McCain 44.8-43.7, with a whopping 11.6% still undecided.

The big news, however, is that in just 3 days this week, McCain has surged by 6 points. IBD-TIPP data shows McCain making significant headway in bringing working class and middle class citizens over to his side.

Folks, this thing is far from over. The tide, it is a-changin'.

Obama-Goons Turn Up Heat on Innocent Citizens (UPDATE)

In the waning days of the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama's goons are turning up the heat on innocent citizens, physically attacking them and destroying their property.

But why should we be surprised?

'Chairman Ba-O' (named after Chinese Communist dictator 'Chairman' Mao Tse Tung) ordered his brown shirts to 'get in their faces and argue them down' a while back.

They are only following the Chairman's orders.

But there are some specific examples you need to know about.

First, the latest attack was on a 20-year-old Pennsylvania woman who dared placed McCain-Palin bumper-stickers on her vehicle. The woman was attack, robbed, then mutilated by an assailant who was angry over the bumper-stickers.

He etched a 'B' into her face with a knife.

By clicking on the link provided to the news story, shown above, you can view a photo of the woman's wounds.

UPDATE! Michelle Malkin seems to think the above story was either fabricated or exaggerated by the victim, due to discrepancies at the scene of the crime. If this is true, it only hurts the cause to advance the real truth about actual cases of physical violence perpetrated by the Obama campaign against McCain-Palin supporters.

Second, there is the story of the man in Florida whose home was shot to pieces over the McCain-Palin signs he had in his front yard.

The man, the manager of the local GOP headquarters, also says he has received over 300 calls from friends and neighbors reporting vandalism and theft of McCain-Palin signs on private property.

Here in South Carolina, the headquarters of the McCain-Palin campaign in Greenville County was vandalized and burglarized on 3 separate occasions within the last 2 months.

We are hearing similar reports coming in from all over the country.

Third, citizens in Montana have reported getting strange, unidentified phone calls that attack McCain but promote Obama. The calls were reported as strange due to the fact that the callers refuse to identify themselves when asked.

As it turns out, the calls originate in Romania!

Now, as we know, Obama has received multi-millions of dollars from unidentified sources overseas, many of them originating in areas controlled by terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. We can count Iran among them as well.

The question is, who has Obama paid off overseas to place phone calls to American citizens to try to sway OUR election?

These latest examples of Obama thuggery only further prove that his campaign is the most corrupt Presidential campaign in the history of American politics. This is even worse than Warren G. Harding.

'Socialized Energy'? Venezuela Suffers From It

With all of the talk of the government stake in bank ownership in the U.S. resulting from the struggles in the financial markets, Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez stated that 'this proves Socialism (Communism) is the best way, and the U.S. needs a new Constitution.'

Well, now. Let's see how 'socialism' has worked for good ole Hugo, shall we?

It turns out that the Commie overlord can't keep the lights on in his own country!

Yet this is precisely the direction Barack Obama wants the U.S. to take--more government control, greater government stake or ownership in business (fascism), and the resulting economic consequences.

Liberals never learn. Their ultimate goal of ushering in Communism in this country is based upon an idea that is a proven loser all over the world.

Even Chavez presides over a 'third world' country although he is sitting on all that energy. What a 'role model.'

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Victims Threaten Crystal Mangum With Legal Action

In a late-breaking development, Liestoppers is reporting that false accuser Crystal Mangum may be getting herself into deep legal hot water over her renewed claims that she was sexually assaulted.

As reported earlier today, Mangum has written a book about the Duke lacrosse rape scandal and is promoting the book through a local bookseller in Durham, who is the founder of the local New Black Panther Party--the same group of which Barack Obama was a member in Chicago.

Mangum went further today and gave a TV news conference during which she repeated her discredited claims that the 3 innocent Duke students 'raped' her 3 years ago--an allegation that ALL of the evidence disproves.

Liestoppers is calling for Mangum's arrest.

And then, late today, a statement was released by the father of one of the students, Reade Seligmann, warning that unless Mangum ceases from continuing to slander his son with allegations that were proved totally false, the family will take legal action against her.

We agree. However, we also must remember that this time, as with last time, Mangum is being used by powerful people. The last time it was a corrupt DA and political system. This time it is a member of the New Black Panthers seeking to make a quick buck.

False Accuser! Crystal's Last Stand

In a never-ending saga that causes one to pause to consider if they are in the twilight zone, the false accuser who ruined the lives of 3 innocent Duke University students is back in the news promoting her new book.

Crystal Mangum, who was used by a corrupt District Attorney in a corrupt county run by a corrupt Democratic Party, is still maintaining she was 'assaulted' although no evidence supports her claim.

In a state investigation, it was determined that Mangum lied, the 3 students were completely innocent of charges, and that they had been framed by a dirty DA to win an election, all with the complicit approval of Duke University, the Durham County Police and Justice departments, and the county Democratic Party.

Mangum, however, continues with her claim of innocence in the frame-up, making her last stand in a bookstore owned by a member of the New Black Panther Party in Durham. Obama supporters, no doubt.

Read the complete story on this continually bizarre episode at Liestoppers.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/23/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

CNS News reports that an elections supervisor in Nevada stated that ACORN delivered 'thousands and thousands' of fraudulent voter registration forms. As I have repeatedly stated, folks, if Obama wins, that means ACORN stole the election.

National Review has scoped out yet another Communist in Obama's infamous circle of friends and associates.

Anyone ever heard of the 'Media Bloggers Association?' This guy, Ron Coleman (h/t to Glenn Reynolds), claims that joining will give us some protection from the coming gag order on the Internet-blogosphere by Obama and his goon squad in Congress. But since I am not a member, I don't know. Does anyone have info?

Glenn Reynolds posts a follow-up to an ACORN worker convicted of voter fraud. And he has another story of an arrest of an ACORN worker for voter fraud in Pennsylvania HERE.

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*David's new column is published in the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner. Support it!
*'The Trouble With Freedom'--'not enough government power.' ROFL!!
*'Can You Imagine Getting Arrested in Your Own Home?' Think Germany--1930s, Poland--1939, the Netherlands--late 30s and early 40s, and every other country in Eastern Europe that had been free.

By the way, here is the link to main page of the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner, in which David Codrea now has a regular column on gun rights.

Nicki did us all a great favor in posting commentary on the conference call with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, in which David Codrea participated. Take a look for a critique of what's going on in Missouri with regard to gun rights.

Mindful Musings has Vanderboegh's latest response to the insults the Left has delivered to American Spectator for referring to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid as 'the unholy triumvirate.' Well, I call them the 'evil triumvirate.' Same difference, a little more oomph.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts Vanderboegh's 'Praxis # I.' A MUST-read!

Armed and Safe responds to a misguided soul who says the response to tyranny should be to just sit there and take it.

JR posts the political cartoon of the day, entitled, 'Tricks and Treats.' A MUST-see!

Alphecca has an excellent read on the lack of fact-finding and truth-telling on the part of the mainstream media. Journalistic ethics and honesty are down the drain, folks.

Syd at Front Sight, Press muses about possible signs of hope for concealed carry in New Jersey.

Robb Allen asks 'As a Gun Owner, Who Would Get Your Vote?'

Sebastian reports explosive news that Democrats in Congress wish to abolish 401K contributions and put them into the federal government instead. Hope and change we ALL can believe it, right?

Catching up with Squeaky Wheel. Squeaks has been keeping a rather low profile of late, but I thought I would point readers to her blog so we can catch up on what's been happening with her lately.

Michelle Malkin has another example of flat-out dishonest news reporting on Sarah Palin!

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings posts today's edition of 'Obamarama.' Hilarious!

Days of Our Trailers speculates that there may be cheaper ammo coming.

Texas Fred shows us the video that proves Barack Obama is an unqualified, barefaced, dishonest, despicable liar of the worst sort. I'm serious. Take a look!

The Bobo Files publishes something on Colin Powell that you absolutely must see. Read it all!


Apparently the forces of the Christian conservative movement in America have finally gotten a taste of revival as we enter the final 2 weeks of Campaign '08.

Just yesterday I lamented the apparent lack of passion and zeal among Christian conservatives to mobilize to defeat an admitted advocate for abortion-infanticide, Barack Obama.

And then today I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, to find THIS.

Many Christians across the nation are engaged in a season of '40 Days of Prayer' in the lead-up to the election on November 4. Maybe those prayers are resulting in some feet being moved to get to work.

Barack Obama is not an acceptable alternative to John McCain for ANY person of faith. Not only has Obama consistently opposed any and all attempts to ban the gruesome 'partial birth abortion' procedure, but he voted 4 TIMES to disallow medical care to be given to babies who survive botched abortion attempts.

That is nothing less than sheer infanticide. And if Obama is elected to the White House, you will have the first American President who openly supported and voted for baby killing.

This is not mere abortion we are talking about here. This is infanticide, which is far, far worse.

We CANNOT allow such a hideous manifestation of humanity to occupy the highest office in the land.


If one senior Democratic Senator has his way, conservative radio stations will be forced to provide 'dissenting points of view' for any statement issued on Rush Limbaugh's show or any number of other conservative radio talk shows.

The one thing missing from the Senator's comment, however, is the requirement that LEFTWING media organizations, such as CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Air America give equal time to conservative points of view.

But then, that would only be fair. We can't have that, can we, Senator...

And this is precisely why the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine' is a sham and is anything BUT fair.

Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico told a conservative talk radio station that if he had his way, he would impose the doctrine on the station, forcing them to provide 'the other point of view,' but without imposing the same standard on liberal outlets.

Imagine the nightmare if you are a station programming director. You have top-rated programs that bring in top revenue, such as Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others.

Yet some Leftist government thug forces you to provide 'equal time' whenever a liberal nutcase has a problem with a statement made by such radio hosts.

Such a logistical nightmare will result in programming directors throwing up their hands, pulling the programs off the air, and playing Latin music all morning and afternoon.

This is exactly what will happen to our most popular talk radio shows across the nation if Americans elect the 'evil triumvirate' to run the country--Obama in the White House, Dingy Harry Reid in the Senate, and Commie Nan Pelosi in the House.


CNN has shown itself beyond doubt to be just as biased, partisan, underhanded, and untrustworthy as the New York Times, Newsweek, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

In an interview with Sarah Palin on Tuesday, the reporter who interviewed Palin either deliberately or unknowingly misquoted a statement from venerable conservative publication National Review.

The subject of the question to Palin was the Leftwing media's unfair treatment of Palin, which is well-known. Yet the reporter sought to make it appear as if conservatives also question her intelligence and ability.

National Review's Byron York wrote the piece in question, during which he stated that mainstream media coverage of Palin was designed to make her appear dumb, stupid, inept, and unqualified.

Yet, CNN's reporter read those words from the article as if York had assessed Palin in such a fashion, which is completely and blatantly FALSE.

According to sources at Fox News and other lesser-known news outlets, CNN was contacted early this morning in order to call their attention to the gross error. So far there has been no apology and no retraction.

A great disservice has been done not only to Byron York who was savagely misquoted, but to Sarah Palin herself. A apology from CNN is owed to both.

If the misquote was an simply error, it only points to gross incompetence on the part of CNN, particularly since many Americans do rely on the leftwing network for political coverage.

But if the whole thing was deliberate, then it only shows more 'in the tank' Leftwing thuggery the mainstream media is willing to adopt in order to get their guy Obama into the White House.

It is obvious that if Barack Obama is elected, then the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC will make up his centralized propaganda corp we can call 'the Politburo,' as per the old Commie Soviet Union.

I Don't Regret It At All

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-MN, was ambushed by leftist MSNBC hack Chris Matthews in an interview, during which he set a trap leading Bachmann to use the term 'anti-American' to describe terrorist Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah 'God Damn America' Wright, and Barack Obama.

The comment set off a firestorm among the Far Left, leading a major Democratic fundraiser to donate 1 million bucks to Bachmann's opponent, and Nancy Pelosi to travel to the state to pledge to do the same thing.

Bachmann, wishing to avoid appearing too 'rightwing' as the media is portraying her, stated she regretted walking into Matthews' trap.

Well, my dear readers, I said the same thing about the evil trio, referring to them not only as anti-American but Communists. And I don't regret it at all.

All the evidence, and I mean ALL of the evidence, says it's true. So, prove to me how Barack Obama and his thugs can escape the description if all of their actions and ideology prove it to be true?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In less than 2 weeks before the Election, the Associated Press has released a brand new poll showing a very tight race between John McCain and Barack Obama.

The poll shows the 2 candidates all even with Obama getting 44% and McCain getting 43%--a statistical tie.

Events over the last 48 hours within the 2 campaigns have indicated movement showing the concern of the Obama campaign and the heightened hopes of the McCain campaign.

For example, Pennsylvania's Governor Ed Rendell has become so concerned over what he once thought was a sure bet for Obama that he has called the candidate back to the state in order to 'reassure rural Democrats.'

In other words, Rendell sees signs of trouble. Obama is losing the 'God and guns' vote in the heartland of Pennsylvania. And the foot-in-mouth nutcase, John Murtha, certainly hasn't helped as he has constantly referred to his own constituents as 'racist' and 'redneck.'

It is also interesting that both McCain and Palin have been stumping in the state heavily over the past 2 days and appear to be unusually upbeat.

Meanwhile, in Missouri, another battleground state showing Obama with a comfortable lead, internal polling data supplied by local candidates for local offices show that the major polls may have drastically underestimated the strength and preferences of Missourians who live outside the large metro areas.

Obama is viewed in those areas as pariah.

There is yet another sign of a possible Truman-like surge for McCain. Police squads all across the country have been placed on high alert in order to be prepared for a possible 'Obama loss'... meaning, of course, that should Obama lose, law enforcement officials expect violence in the streets as the thugs, goons, and moonbats go Neanderthal over their failure to steal an election.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/22/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Matt Drudge issued a 'flash alert' this morning calling attention to the plummeting viewership for the 'big 3' major TV news programs at CBS, NBC, and ABC. It seems their cheerleading for Obama simply isn't working, at least not for their ratings.

Gateway Pundit posts the new audio of Bill Ayers saying that everyone who worked with him knew he was a Marxist-terrorist. Barack Obama shared an office building with Ayers and worked on the very same floor.

Michael Barone has an excellent op-ed at the WSJ today entitled, 'Are the Polls Accurate?'

CNS News reports that most major economists view the government stake in the ownership of large banks will create more problems than it solves.

David Codrea's War on Guns publishes a great review/blurb on the latest film by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership entitled, '2A Today for the USA.'

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has complete info about the film David mentioned, including the download. And I echo David's call for financial assistance to the group for offering these wonderful video productions that defend our Constitutional rights.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry puts in a good plug for David Codrea's new column in the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner. Good!

Speaking of Ohio, Ohioans for Concealed Carry has released it's crucial voter-guide for the November election in this battleground state where ACORN has been engaged in massive voter fraud.

From Western Rifle Shooters Association:
*'Lame Ducks' by Mike Vanderboegh--a MUST-read!
*'Living in a New, Improved Police State'

Michelle Malkin provides today's 'ACORN Watch,' highlighting new info about voter fraud perpetrated by the Obama group.

Say Uncle alerts us to the fact that due to changes in the law, some Tennessee permit holders are now felons!

From Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs:
*'Stealing An Election'--this time in North Carolina! Isn't it interesting that everywhere Obama is either ahead or tied there is widespread voter fraud!!
*Obama supporters have attacked Sarah Palin's motorcade!--just following 'the Chairman's orders to 'get in their faces.'
*Atlas Presents the Anti-Obama tour! Read and consider helping!

Mike McCarville reports some extremely bad news from pollster John Zogby.

From Traction Control:
*What If Columbo Were Investigating Obama? (H/t to JR at A Keyboard and a .45).
*'New Deal? Obama is MUCH MORE Dangerous'

Murdoc provides some interesting commentary on the Electoral College.

Tam has a glowing review of last night's edition of 'Gun Nuts Radio,' featuring Ahab and Breda. Congrats! Sorry I had to miss it.

ARRA News Service has the video of Barney Frank letting it slip out that Democrats believe 'there SHOULD be tax increases.' There you have it, folks. Tax cuts? Nope! And don't let Chairman Ba-O fool you!

Bloviating Zeppelin reports that the Middle East terrorist organization, HAMAS, has re-stated it endorsement of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Walls of the City comments on plummeting gas prices at the pump. Take a look! By the way, here in SC we are paying roughly $2.60 for a gallon...down from $3.80 just 2 months ago.

The Bitch Girls provide great reading today on the fraudulent group called 'Rednecks for Obama.' It turns out the group is an Obama put-up job. I knew they were illegit when I first saw them, but I had no proof. The Bitch Girls did some research and low and behold, look what they found!

Now We're Racist If We Call Obama a Socialist!

As we have witnessed with our own eyes throughout this campaign, ask an uncomfortable question of Obama, and you are 'racially motivated.'

Criticize the new 'Emperor-in-waiting,' and you are obviously a rank racist.

Promise to oppose the Emperor's pronouncements, and you are most assuredly a member in good standing of the KKK.

And now, a columnist in the Kansas City Star claims that for Obama critics to refer to the Marxist 'Chairman Ba-O' as a Socialist is a mere code word for 'black.'

The columnist then goes through a litany of various and sundry persons from America's past who referred to civil rights leaders as 'Socialist,' meaning of course that rather than appear racist they used the term to avoid using the word 'black.'

Perhaps the writer is in dire need of a history lesson. Socialism has its roots in Marxism and had nothing to do with Blacks. The movement was born among whites in European countries.

The record of history shows that the number of blacks who could be called 'Socialist' is a small minority compared to the large numbers of Caucasians who deserve the designation.

But since the good columnist thinks 'Socialist' means 'black' and denotes racism on the part of those who use the term, I am more than willing to oblige and stop using the term.

'Commie' is a much more appropriate description of the Obama plan for America.

In fact, 'Communist' is, in my view, a much more accurate description due to the fact that Socialism in practice is part and parcel of the Communist system.

'What Voters Need to Know'

I strongly encourage you to read the following and forward it to as many as possible before Election Day. It is entitled, 'What Voters Need to Know,' by Steve Baldwin.

Here are the first two paragraphs of the report:

The following information has been completed on my own time and not on behalf of any group or organization. It is based upon my own research and uses contacts I have in all branches of the US government, conversations with think tank leaders, policy experts, election law attorneys, sources within the McCain campaign, and top political consultants.Obama belonged to a Socialist Party.

New Information has come out confirming that Obama was a member of a radical socialist political party in Chicago called the "New Party," composed of former Black Panther members. Several documents have confirmed Obama's membership as recently as 1996. Obama's supporters have attempted to "scrub" websites clean of this information but fortunately, researchers made copies of it before it disappeared. So far, the media is refusing to cover this story.

There is much more information contained in this expose that every American citizen should read. If this won't wake us up, nothing will.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Collection of Pithy Comments on Election '08

*"Where are all of these so-called 'conservative' Christian evangelicals now that an advocate for infanticide/abortion is set to be elected President? If ever there were a reason for Christians to be mobilized against a candidate (Obama), it is now."

*"Selling one's soul to the devil often involves the mere act of voting for a candidate based upon how much money he promises you rather than your principles."

*"To paraphrase a quote from one of the nation's forefathers, 'No republican democracy can survive once the electorate discovers it can vote itself a bounty from the public treasury.'"

*"For a Christian to make an election 'all about the money' is sort of like a person on a sinking ship making the impending disaster 'all about the lost treasures.' You may save a few artifacts but you are still going to drown."

*"The Bible specifically states that 'if one would not work, then neither should he eat.' Yet Barack Obama wishes to send multi-millions of Americans who do not pay taxes a check from the IRS."

*"When one has been a member of the Socialist Party in Chicago and draws nearly 100% of his ideology from Karl Marx, it means he is a Socialist, pure and simple. That is much worse than just 'having some Socialist ideas.'"

*"Barack Obama's Socialism is anti-Christian and anti-faith. Socialism neutralizes all personal responsibility and initiative, and focuses it on society instead. The Gospel is all about personal responsibility and initiative."

*"To paraphrase one of our forefathers, 'The public gets the government it deserves.'"

*"When the people of faith, who make up a majority of a nation, turn their backs on their principles and vote for a candidate whose values reflect everything they stand against, rest assured the divine retribution for such a blatant act of disobedience will be the government we deserve."

*"Why don't the 'blue states' that are going to vote for a European styled Socialist just go ahead and join the European Union and leave the rest of us alone? Leave the United States of America to those of us who actually believe in the Constitution."

*"Rest assured Barack Obama and his gang of thugs will NEVER get our guns and ammo. If he succeeds in burying the gun and ammo industry, we'll all just make our own untraceable weapons."

*"The only legitimate form of civil disobedience is in response to an attempt by government to curb our rights and stifle our liberties."

*"Don't blame me when you wake up the middle of a Barack Obama 'Presidency' to find that you are nothing but a complete slave of the State. You were warned."

*"Are you sure that electing 'hope and change' Obama-style is worth all you are getting ready to give up?"

*"One day in the near future, Americans will look back to November 4, 2008 as the day they voted to allow thugs, robbers, and despots to turn 'that shining city on a hill' into an ash-heap."

*"A vote for Obama is a vote for a blatant anti-American. That makes those who vote for him anti-American, unless they are so ignorant as to be hopeless."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And It Just So Happens Google Endorses Obama...

In light of the post below on Barack Obama's plan to nationalize or 'socialize' the Internet industry, THIS INFO is nothing less than ominous.

The Commie-loving, free-speech-squelching Google, which agreed to limit free speech on the Internet in exchange for doing business with the ChiComs, has endorsed Barack Obama.

Obama and Google. Add the term 'fascist' to the many ways we can describe Barack Obama.


Since most Americans have been spellbound by the awe-inspiring aura of Barack Obama rather than paying close attention to his actual proposals, this news apparently slipped by unnoticed.

Barack Obama wishes to nationalize the Internet, particularly broadband.

Obama has proposed a 'national CTO' which would serve as a government-appointed position to oversee, control, regulate, and of course, ration the Internet.

Michelle Malkin has more information on the plan.

And thus, along with the many other proposals coming from Obama that would greatly expand the intrusion and domination of government in our private lives, Chairman Ba-O continues his march toward Marxism, Chairman Mao-style, by controlling the one truly free forum the citizens have left--the Internet.

Say goodbye to free speech, particularly if you have anything negative to say about the Chairman and his Communist policies.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/21/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

National Review reports new information that proves Obama and his goons equate American Gun Owners with terrorist Jihadists! Get ready for confiscation and prison, my friends.

Armed and Safe revisits the issue of the manner in which doctors are being used by the anti-gun movement to make gun ownership a 'public health issue.'

CNS News is reporting the Obama campaign is today trying to soften Joe Biden's shocking statement yesterday that the inexperienced Obama will be tested an a major international crisis if elected.

Chris Horton at Mindful Musings provides the context, background, and details of Biden's original statement.

From Mike McCarville:
*'Palin Rises Above Media Vilification'
*'ACORN's Massive, Multi-State Voter Fraud'
*Even Dan Rather Disturbed About This Year's Media Bias!--a MUST-read!

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*David's new article at 'Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner' is posted.
*An important note from the Right on the Heller case.
*More JBT shenanigans at the ATF.
*David will participate in a special telephone conference with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts essential reading from Ralph Peters (via Mike Vanderboegh) on the consequences of Barack Obama.

The Rustmeister says that Colin Powell has lost his freakin' mind. Yep!

Texas Fred comments on the early voting process in several states, including Florida.

Days of Our Trailers posts commentary on a new NRA ad highlighting Obama's voting record.

Insight on Freedom presents a riveting piece entitled, 'The Last Days of America.' Read it and weep.

Sebastian has the quote of the day.

Say Uncle informs us of 'the gun rights defender of the year.'

You just gotta love Nicki at The Liberty Zone. She flat tells it like it is, and this one is no exception.

Dark Blog has an historic quotation from John Tyler to Thomas Jefferson on what can happen in government when the right people refuse to step up to the plate.

Michelle Malkin reports that the mainstream media may be trying to suppress the vote in Colorado by floating out an unconfirmed rumor.

Ahab provides the details of tonight's edition of 'Gun Nuts Radio' which is hosted by Breda and Ahab.

Shocking New Info Surfaces on ACORN-Obama

As more digging ensues into the origin, background, and initial goals of the group ACORN, the more it becomes clear that the group was never a voter registration organization.

Shocking new information has surfaced showing Barack Obama's ties to the group's origin and the fact that the group was actually part of something called 'The New Party' in Chicago, of which Obama himself was also a part.

The New Party worked diligently to avoid any possible association with Socialists, although it drew 100% of its ideology from them. It's idea of redistribution of wealth traces its roots back to Karl Marx.

ACORN's involvement with Barack Obama's early political career and its support of The New Party clearly shows that the organization has always been a partisan political endeavor that fronts itself as a 'voter registration organization' for one purpose only--to perpetrate fraud and steal an election.

The 'Transformation Figure' that Mortifies

The great modern General Colin Powell, who will throw his friendships, associations, and country under the bus in order to support Barack Obama, referred to the 'emperor-in-waiting' as a 'transformational figure.'

But as Roger Kimball (h/t to Instapundit) says, 'We don't know the half of it!'

Apparently this 'transformational figure' that the media and liberals have already proclaimed as our next emperor will bring about 'the change that mortifies.'

It will be the death of free markets, the death of the strength of America, the death of prosperity, and the death of freedom.

An Obama Presidency will most definitely be a case of killing the patient to treat an ingrown toenail.

Still No Records

In spite of the federal investigation into nationwide voter fraud perpetrated by Barack Obama's ACORN, Chairman Ba-O still has not provided the feds with the records of all of his correspondence with the corrupt 'get out the vote for Obama' group that fronts as a 'voter registration organization.'

Obama was so incensed that the feds would actually investigate the organization that he helped form, nurse, and protect, that he called for an investigation into the investigation.

Not so fast.

Senator, that tactic only works when you are acting in good faith by providing the feds with all of your records concerning ACORN.

What better way to show that you have nothing to hide?

On the other hand, several offices of ACORN around the country have reported the mysterious disappearance of laptop computers just after the federal investigation ensued.

Perhaps the Chairman and his 'baby' know that those records will do nothing to clear his name but will only serve to show the fraudulent nature of ACORN and Obama's involvement with them.

So now, the records are gone with the wind.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/20/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*The arrest of a military service woman on bereavement leave (she had a gun at the airport)
*'Total Failure'
*'What Do You Call Citizens with a Car and a Radio?'
*'Wanting the Right' is a pain, especially when you already have the right.
*'A Little Traction' at, but not a lot. And why is that?!

JR has a good read on 'what to buy right now' in light of a possible Obama Presidency.

Speaking of getting ready for that possible disaster, Walls of the City shares his shopping list.

Roberta X has the must-read of the day on the McCarthyites accusing a GOP Congresswoman of McCarthyism.

Alphecca reports that there is more police state on the way in what was formerly known as 'Great' Britain.

From Sebastian's SnowFlakesinHell:
*John McCain's bus came under gunfire, but it was under reported.
*Todd Palin, the possible 'First Dude,' tours Pennsylvania.
*'Pennsylvania GOP Files for Injunction Against ACORN.'

Breda has been out 'walking the walk,' going door-to-door campaigning for McCain-Palin!

Michelle Malkin shows the ignorant Joe Biden that there ARE anti-Americans in America. You MUST see this!

Mike McCarville has a must-read--'Will Obama and the Dems Assault Conservative Radio?'

Syd at Front Sight, Press says that 14 counties in Illinois have a concealed carry referendum on the ballot in November.

Blogstitution posts an excellent read entitled, 'The Definitive Obama Post.' Read it all.

Nicki says that overt racism is allowed--as long as you're black. Just wait till you see what an Obama supporter actually said!

Western Rifle Shooters Association says 'Yes, Virginia, many state and local governments will join their federal masters in coming after freedom-loving Americans in the coming turmoil.'

The Smallest Minority shares the quote of the day, and it's a good one!


In the apparent upcoming extreme Leftist supermajority headed by the 'evil triumvirate' of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, the IRS is slated to become the nation's largest welfare agency.

Obama's proposal to give '95% of Americans a tax cut,' which will be rubber-stamped by a Congress that will do whatever Chairman Ba-O wants, will mean that multi-millions of Americans who do not pay taxes at all will get a check from the IRS.

It is estimated that of the 95% of Americans that the Chairman wants to receive a 'tax cut,' at least 40% do not pay taxes at all.

You have to first pay tax taxes in order to truly receive a 'tax cut.' Giving a citizen who does not pay taxes a check from the IRS is not a 'tax cut' at all but a welfare payment.

I know this sounds elementary and beneath the intelligence of most of my readers, but it still must be said: it is impossible for someone who does not pay taxes to receive a tax cut. How can something be cut that does not even exist?

Thus, such payments from the IRS is nothing short of a massive welfare program conducted by the Internal Revenue Service.

After Democrat Bill Clinton moved the state of Arkansas from welfare to workfare, and then as President worked with Republicans in Congress to do the same thing nationwide, millions of Americans have been removed from welfare rolls and engaged in productive work.

But now Obama apparently wishes to return to the days prior to Bill Clinton's election in 1992 using the backdoor, stealth method.

Under the guise of giving 95% of Americans a 'tax cut,' what he will actually do is get the IRS to serve as a welfare agency of the U.S. government, giving multi-millions of citizens who pay no taxes a check, compliments of Washington.

I'm sure that the vast majority of Americans who actually work for a living and actually pay their taxes will be simply thrilled when they find out how the Obama tax plan really works.

Maine's Collins Tells McCain to Back Off

U.S. Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, has told GOP Presidential candidate John McCain to 'back off.'

Apparently the Senator is facing a tightening race for re-election this year, and she is upset that the McCain campaign has been running ads and making phone calls to residents questioning Barack Obama's character because of his associations with the likes of terrorist Bill Ayers.

Collins fears the tactic will hurt her chances for re-election in a year when everything with an 'R' beside its name is subject to be tarred-and-feathered and cast into the midst of the sea, even the rutabagas.

And this may actually be the case in Maine, although I am not certain that the Senator is not overreacting.

In actuality, in a Constitutional Republic, having the moral authority to govern is key to the success of our form of republican democracy. Once that moral authority is lost, then the viability of that government is easily questioned, leading to the conclusion by the people that they can no longer trust their government to be guided by the overarching principles of liberty that keep us all free.

Thus, it is not only acceptable but essential that the public is able to discern the moral/ethical character of the ones they are considering electing to public office.

Barack Obama's past and present associations are highly troublesome for someone seeking the highest office in the land. Never before in the history of this nation has someone with so many disreputable friends and colleagues come so close to the White House, other than Warren G. Harding in the early 1920s, who was elected by the people and who proved to be an unmitigated disaster for the nation.

A man who has consistently associated himself with Socialists, Communists, terrorists, convicted felons, CEOs of Fannie and Freddie who essentially raped the American public, the corrupt
Chicago political machine, and far-Left anti-American religious leaders, has no business being elected President.

It is thus not only appropriate but essential for McCain to be running those ads in Maine.

The people have the right to know the truth.

'Joe the Plumber' Gets His Revenge

It was an historical moment in the history of cable news channel viewing. 'Joe the Plumber' Wurzelbacher got his chance to exact his revenge on the mainstream media and Barack Obama for the proctoscopic examination he has received at their hands of late.

Wurzelbacher appeared on the Fox News Channel's 'Mike Huckabee Show' over the weekend, and the Ohio plumber had plenty to say about the media scrutiny and smear campaign launched by the Obama bandwagon.

As reported in The Toledo Blade (h/t to Matt Drudge), Joe the Plumber is pretty upset about the manner in which he has been treated in the aftermath of a question he asked Barack Obama.

Since that time the Obama campaign and the mainstream media has launched a smear campaign against Joe, reporting his problems with tax liens in Ohio, among other issues--all for merely challenging a Presidential candidate on his tax proposals.

Joe wants to know why all of a sudden it is unacceptable to question the positions of a person who could be the next President of the United States.

The answer to Joe, of course, is that now we have a a self-proclaimed and media-proclaimed 'Emperor in waiting,' even before the Election, who has a distinct distaste for being challenged on anything.

We mere peons in the electorate can't be paid attention to unless we bow to the almighty pronouncements of the One with the divine light emanating from his being.

And if we refuse, we just may get ruined by the gang of thugs that surrounds the new Emperor.

Why Colin Powell's Endorsement Doesn't Matter

The NBC News Today Show on Sunday made a big deal over Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. The interview was played over and over on cable network news programs for most of the day.

But the Colin Powell endorsement of Obama doesn't matter. In fact, very few things in this campaign could be of lesser importance.

Everyone knew the endorsement was coming. Obama is a Powell kind of guy, although Powell has served in at least 3 Republican administrations.

Powell has never been a conservative Republican in the Ronald Reagan tradition. In fact, he has been vocally uncomfortable with the now-famous 'Reagan Coalition' of religious conservatives. blue collar Democrats, conservative and libertarian Republicans, and traditional Republicans.

Once during his years with the administration of Bush the First, Powell was described as making fun of some of the Christian evangelical conservatives Reagan had brought on board to form the coalition.

He stated, 'Can you imagine ME fitting in with these people?'

Well, General, no, I can't. You never have, and you never will.

Powell likes the Obama 'mystique.' A black man who is articulate, well-groomed, and who has no discernible guiding compass of core values other than doing and saying whatever is necessary to win, and hiding his true views on a variety of issues so that he can ascend to a position of power.

This is precisely what Powell has done his entire career except in those rare moments when he slipped and let close friends and associates know where he stands.

This time, however, he let Tom Brokaw at NBC News know exactly where he stands--on Sarah Palin. He doesn't like her.

Is that surprising? Not to me. She is everything Powell detests--a Christian conservative, a small government conservative, an outsider to Washington, and a woman courageous enough to take on the entrenched, establishment bigwigs in her own Party in Alaska.

Powell has always aligned himself, although stealthily, with that part of the Republican Party that is 'eastern establishment'--socially liberal, fiscally moderate, and generally supportive of big government programs.

It is no wonder that Palin rubs Powell the wrong way. He is the type of guy Palin would have no trouble going after with a vengeance for his lack of core conservative principles.

And, in spite of his admitted admiration for John McCain, including a long, 30-year friendship, Powell obviously has shown the country where he places his allegiance--not to long friendships, not to country, not to principle, but to the type of 'change' represented by a European-styled Socialist who was once a member of the Communist Party.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Evil Triumvirate

Americans claim they want 'change' in November.

Americans also claim that the present U.S. Congress, which is headed by Democrats in both the Senate and the House, is the most unpopular in American history, with an approval rating of only 9%--20 percentage points lower than George W. Bush.

Yet Americans apparently are not only going to elect the most radical, Leftwing extremist Presidential candidate in U.S. history to the White House, but they are going to increase liberal Democratic majorities in both houses of a Congress that receives their overwhelming opposition and condemnation.

The stark inconsistency of such a position is astounding.

If we can believe the polls, Americans will wake up from their stupor with a hangover on the day after the Election and wonder what on earth they have done.

For there, lying beside them in bed will be the 'evil triumvirate' that they have just given the power to rule the country unchallenged--Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.

These 3 will have enormous veto-proof power to do essentially anything they want no matter what the opposition--or average Americans--say.

Harry Reid is described by even members of his own Party as by far the most partisan obstructionist Senate Majority Leader the Democrats have ever had.

Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco style politics rubs multi-millions of Americans the wrong way. She has faced enormous opposition from more moderate-to-conservative Democrats in the House.

And Barack Obama is an outright Socialist, once a member of the Communist Party in Chicago.

The 3 will join forces to steamroll the Congress to enact the most sweeping leftwing, anti-Constitutional legislation in the history of the Republic.

Americans as recently as the 2006 midterm elections clearly expressed an aversion to monopolistic rule on the part of one Party in Washington.

Citizens clearly prefer a divided government so that a prudent system of checks and balances can be put into place that provides at least some roadblocks to complete domination by one group.

Yet we are led to believe by polling data that Americans are getting ready to do the exact things they claim to detest--granting unbridled power for one political Party that has presided over the most unpopular Congress in U.S. history, along with electing to the White House yet another Socialist in the tradition of Pelosi and Reid to help them continue with policies the citizens deplore.

How's that for logic?

I have trouble believing this is the 'change' most Americans are bargaining for. And I would be willing to wager it won't take long for Americans to sorely regret their decision.

Farrakhan Says Radical Muslim Group Rejuvenated

As the prospects of a Barack Obama Presidency have increased, the secretive, radical Muslim group known as 'Nation of Islam' has been rejuvenated, according to the group's head, Louis Farrakhan.

In what Farrakhan considers 'a new beginning' for the group, the Nation of Islam will hold a rare public meeting at their headquarters in Chicago today. Hundreds of religious leaders have been invited to the event at which Farrakhan will speak.

Farrakhan made headlines last week when a video surfaced of the radical Muslim leader telling followers that Obama is their 'Messiah' and 'the hope for the entire world.'

At the core of the groups' principles is the belief that white people descended from the Devil and black people are the true people of Allah.

While the Obama campaign has denounced such statements, Barack Obama himself was a member of a radical leftwing church in Chicago for 20 years (led by the Reverend Jeremiah 'God damn America' Wright) that had consistent ties with Louis Farrakhan.

ACORN Ads Show Group Works for Obama

In an explosive revelation concerning the supposed 'non-partisan' voter registration group for the 'underprivileged,' ACORN's own advertising dating back to February of 2008 shows that the group was seeking to hire 'canvassers to help Obama.'

Widespread, nationwide voter fraud is thus back in the top of the headlines.

Persistently during this campaign, Obama has distanced himself from ACORN, claiming neither he nor his staff have any connection to the group's activities.

In like manner, ACORN has also denied any connections to partisan politics, citing their only goal is to register the underprivileged to vote.

As it turns out, not only has Obama given $800,000 to ACORN, but ACORN has openly advertised itself as a 'canvassing group for Obama.'

As The Liberty Sphere has repeatedly stated, this is a clear violation of federal law, and those involved could well be charged with felonies once the FBI's investigation is complete...and that includes Chairman Ba-O.