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Saturday, August 30, 2008

South Carolina, Clemson Football Underway

The college football season is now underway in South Carolina. The University South Carolina Gamecocks played their first game Thursday evening, and the Clemson Tigers debut tonight.

In a game that was broadcast nationally on ESPN, South Carolina opened their season with a rout over North Carolina State, 34-0.

Despite the overwhelming victory, 'the ole ball coach,' Steve Spurrier, was not entirely pleased with the Gamecocks' performance.

Spurrier stated that there are problems with the Gamecock offense. Quarterback Tommy Beecher fell victim to 4 interceptions. The defensive line, however, showed that they are among the strongest in the nation by overcoming the offensive gaps.

South Carolina will travel to Nashville next Saturday for an SEC matchup with Vanderbilt,
beginning at 8:30 PM, ET.

Clemson University will begin its season tonight against the University of Alabama Crimson Tide at 8 P.M. This game will be played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Coach Tommy Bowden has one of his strongest teams ever this year, as the Tigers are ranked 9th in the nation in the pre-season USA Today poll.

James Dobson Comments on Sarah Palin

Dr. James Dobson, who leads an army of an estimated 20 million evangelical Christians, 9 million of whom listen to his daily radio broadcast, has been highly critical of the Republican Party during Campaign '08 because of its tendency to put forth candidates who betray 'Reagan conservative' values.

The evangelical leader at one point stated flatly that he could not support candidates such as John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and others, in spite of the fact that McCain is pro-life.

Dobson contended that McCain's stance on the other issues made him suspect.

However, this statement by Dobson says it all, in response to the addition of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the ticket:

'Now I will be pulling that lever.'

From what I'm hearing and reading, McCain has practically guaranteed the support of evangelical Christians with the selection of Palin. For the first time since the campaign began, the GOP base is actually excited and energized about this ticket.

Why Palin Is An Excellent Choice for McCain

John McCain demonstrated one of the reasons he is the best candidate among those running for President in Campaign '08--his decision-making skills are excellent.

No greater example of the wisdom of his decision-making exists than his choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate.

Palin would make a great Vice-President and an excellent President in the event that McCain should be unable to complete his terms of office.

Contrary to the suggestion of the Obama campaign that Palin is too young and inexperienced to 'one heartbeat away from the Presidency,' Palin is infinitely more qualified for the nation's highest office than the man who will BE President if elected (Obama), in spite of the fact that he has NO foreign policy experience.

But wait. That's exactly what the Obama campaign said about Palin. But she will only be Vice-President. Obama, with dangerously little knowledge of foreign affairs, would be President.

Obama's attack dogs aside, let's jump right into enumerating the reasons Palin is such an excellent choice.

1. Gun rights activists will love her. She is pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment.

2. Evangelical Christians will love her. She is a Christian who is pro-life.

3. Reagan conservatives will love her. She stands for small government, low taxes, individual responsibility, and a strong national defense. Her record as Governor of Alaska speaks for itself on these hallmark conservative-libertarian issues.

4. Government reformers will love her. She took on the corruption in the Alaskan state government and cleaned up its act. She is not afraid to go after Republicans as well as Democrats who betray the public trust.

5. Her leadership skills are above reproach, and she has a reputation in Alaska of being a highly intelligent quick-study.

6. Palin knows how to speak well on her feet, without the teleprompter, and will be an energetic, charismatic counter-balance to McCain's more low-keyed style.

7. An excellent candidate is not always measured by years of experience. Joe Biden, for example, has 36 years in the Senate but would be a trainwreck for the country because of his leftist extremist ideology. Palin was a city council member, a Mayor, and a first-term Governor, but her views on the issues are precisely what the country needs.

8. Palin appeals to women who were snubbed by the Democrats as the Party decided to disallow Hillary Clinton's candidacy. True, pro-abortion numbskulls won't like her. But there were many Hillary supporters who were pro-life who nonetheless liked the idea of a female President.

9. Palin is a Governor and not a Senator. The country doesn't need 4 Senators running for the 2 top offices in the land. Frankly, Governors make the best Presidents. Senators rarely do. And
by the way, Palin has an 80% approval rating from the citizens of Alaska.

10. Palin is THE one, true Washington outsider. None of the others--not McCain, not Biden, and not even Obama--can claim that mantel. If Palin could take on the governmental establishment in Alaska and turn it around, making it smaller, more efficient, and less expensive, then perhaps she can make some inroads in Washington, which needs to go on an extreme reduction diet.

In short, I am sold on the woman, folks. McCain's choice is the best news we could have gotten out of this campaign.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/29/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Palin'--David comments on McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, and I agree it is a great political choice. In addition, gun rights folk will love her.
*'Meanwhile, Back in Bloomberg Paradise'--'the Bastard's' Gotham City has an AIDS rate that is 3 times the national rate.
*'About Last Night'--it's official--the Democrats will enact more gun control if they get elected, particularly 'assault weapons' bans.

JR believes that McCain's choice of Sarah Palin is good news. I agree.

Sebastian also weighs in on the choice of Palin.

The Countertop Chronicles delineates the various reasons why Palin is an excellent choice for McCain, not the least of which is her appeal to female voters who are not extremist Leftists!

National Review, the venerable conservative magazine founded by William F. Buckley, Jr. in the late 1950s, has a glowing report concerning Palin from a conservative perspective. In short, conservatives, including the religious right, are going to love Sarah Palin.

ROFL! Just wait till you see the Greek god-o-bama coming out of his Temple over at Michelle Malkin's place. And then note what Obama and his glazed-over, automaton worshippers said about Sarah Palin.

John Lott reports that the various polls show that Obama-Biden got a VERY small bounce from Barack's speech last night. McCain predicted a 15-point bounce. They actually got about 4 points...very small for an after-the-convention bounce. And it's no wonder. The liberal extremists are having a terribly hard time connecting with mainstream America.

Nicki has the MUST-read of the day. She rips to shreds Obama's speech last night as only she can. And if this is the short version (her first draft got eaten by the goblins of the Internet/computer world), I would have LOVED to have read that first version!

From Mike McCarville:
*'Palin Charges into the National Spotlight' --this gal is dynamite!
*'Palin is Right on the Second Amendment'--she and her husband both are avid hunters and gun-rights activists.
*'Palin--GOP Maverick and Reformer'--this lady backs down for NOBODY and is a true go-getter! She attacks and routs out corruption in government, even if it effects the old guard in the GOP...yet she is a true Reagan conservative--guns, God, pro-life, low taxes, limited government.
*'The Gadfly Eats his Words'--Mike gives a personal word on McCain and his ability to make sensible, solid choices--not exactly the same impression Mike had before.

Gateway Pundit reports that ex-President Jimmy Carter, failure extraordinaire and one of Barack Obama's mentors, is saying that John McCain is 'milking' his POW experience in Viet Nam. No, he hasn't. Actually he has said little about it except for the one Viet Cong soldier who respected McCain because he was a Christian. Funny how in spite of the fact that Carter is a Christian, I have ZERO respect for him!

Breda has an affinity for a chic with a gun. And that means...well, read it and see!

Uncle comments on the experience issue, comparing Obama with Palin.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings has the cartoon of the day. Looks like somebody's been neutered! LOL!

Walls of the City has the quote of the day that I'm certain you will like.

'The ONE' Emerges From His Greek Temple Throne

Emerging from his Greek Temple prop that was built by the company that provides the props for rock star Britney Spears, Barack 'the One' Obama was greeted to an ovation suitable for a rock star as scores of Hollywood elitists and other Obama-worshippers held up their hands in praise to the Almighty.

It was as if the heavens opened and suddenly there appeared not a multitude of the heavenly host, but a candidate who doesn't any more know who he is than we do.

Is he a rock star or a Greek god?

One thing is for sure, he isn't very honest as one would expect from Deity. He told more whoppers in that one speech than Bill Clinton did in his the night before.

But you see, the masses have to be led to believe that their new political god-star is traditional enough to avoid stepping on their sensitivities about, well, First Amendment rights, Second Amendment rights, the Constitution, and everything else that makes America what it is.

The true believers, however, the insiders, know the truth.

Hollywood was out in full force...all of the ultra-Left wing wackos who bash America, claim that Fidel Castro's socialistic healthcare program in Cuba is better than ours, and who weep themselves into oblivion over the death of a whale while supporting the wholesale slaughter of America's unborn children--at times even after they are born.

The extremists know that Obama is their guy. His goal is to change the very nature of America from top to bottom. And no, my friends, that is NOT a good thing if you cherish liberty, life, and prosperity.

Most of the 70,000 or so who gathered in Mile High Stadium to see the Obamessiah represent one of the greatest tragedies of the modern era. They have been duped.

We can only hope they see the light before November.

Remember, politicians who garner this kind of hero-worship rarely turn out to be positive influences, though the masses believe they are in the beginning. Adolf Hitler was elected by overwhelming majorities of adoring Germans in the early years, only to lead them step by step to disaster.

We cannot afford to allow this country to be overwhelmed by such a charlatan. NoBama--not now, not ever.

McCain Announces Running Mate Today

GOP Presidential contender John McCain is set to announce his running mate today.

While campaign staffers have been tight-lipped about McCain's choice, the rumor-mill has been ablaze with speculation as to the person who has been chosen.

McCain's top picks are former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and even former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Also mentioned as possibilities are Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Many speculators believe McCain's choice to be Governor Pawlenty.

Such a choice would not be difficult to understand. McCain needs the bounce in the Great Lakes states that a popular GOP governor would bring him.

He could do much worse. And Pawlenty would be acceptable to the GOP conservative base.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 Fact-Checks on Obama's Speech 8/28/08

1. It will take 300 billion dollars in tax increases to pay for all of Barack Obama's proposals, which will necessitate hitting the middle class with some of those tax increases.

2. Obama claims he can give 95% of the population a tax CUT while at the same time calling for proposals that will cost an added 300 billion dollars in new taxes.

3. A 300-billion-dollar tax increase on 5% of the population will put a damper on the creators of wealth who drive the economy, and their businesses and investments will suffer as a result, passing along the costs to the entire economy.

4. George W. Bush is not responsible for the failure of an adequate response to Hurricane Katrina. The former Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans--both Democrats-- failed to implement state-mandated policies to evacuate citizens using school buses--which, by the way, eventually were rendered useless because they sat unused in parking lots as the flood waters rose.

5. Obama claims he wants to help people start small businesses, but this cannot be accomplished while at the same time punishing other business who do so well that their profit margin is described by Socialists as 'obscene.' You cannot be sincere about helping start businesses if you punish them for being successful, which is what the Obama program does.

6. Obama said that McCain represents only 10% change while he (Obama) represents 100% change. Sorry, but in a Constitutional Republic, a President does not have the authority to change things that much. We are governed by the Constitution of the United States of America, most of which should NOT be changed.

7. Obama said that electing John McCain will tantamount to a 3rd term for George W. Bush. In fact, electing Barack Obama will be tantamount to Jimmy Carter's 2nd term--long gas lines, inflation at 13%, interest rates at 23%, America becoming the laughing stock of the world because it's leader was so ignorant and naive that he could not actually guard U.S. interests abroad.

8. Obama stated that the number of uninsured Americans is up. Wrong. Figures for this year indicate that the number of Americans without healthcare has actually DROPPED.

9. Obama painted the economy as a disaster. While there are problems, in actuality the figures show that unemployment over the last 8 years is at its lowest point in 30 years, plus the housing industry is showing signs of a rebound. Inflation is at an average all-time low over the last 8 years as well.

10. America did not lose respect overseas because of George W. Bush, as Obama claims. America lost respect because we refused to cow-tow to Socialist European leaders who show the backbone of a jellyfish when it comes to ruthless dictators, such as Saddam Hussein and others in the region. Why do we need the 'respect' of imbeciles?

And if Obama is elected, I suppose the U.S. will become just another has-been 2nd-rate Socialist nation of the European Union--a nation which will be only a shadow of its former glory.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/28/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'An American Prayer'--commentary on worship of the Obamessiah and the Greek Temple he will appear out of tonight for his grand speech.
*'Feds Suppress Evidence'--a MUST-read! Olofson may get a new trial out of this!
*'New Petition Filed in Fincher Case'
*'The Hungry Are Dead'--a group of academics wants to stop gun violence on campuses by using unarmed resistance. David comments.
*'Instant Manufacturer'--the jackbooted thugs of the ATF are in another power-grab. Read it all.

Armed and Safe notes that the Obama-Biden ticket is the most anti-gun in the history of the Republic. Their platform says it all. But a Canadian newspaper thinks they don't go far enough!

JR offers up a thorough piece about the Gun Blog .45--the pistol used at the Blackwater training event.

Sebastian says that if the GOP is smart, they will make an issue out of the hunters that were detained in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. I agree.

The Bitch Girls have an excellent read on Obama-Biden, McCain, Barr, the NRA, and gun owners.

Breda blogs about her 2 year anniversary of learning to shoot.

Nicki reports that firearms are now the hottest selling item in Louisiana.

Roberta X comments on the threats of the Obama campaign against radio show hosts, TV stations, and other entities that show an ad depicting the candidates' connection to terrorist Bill Ayers. Sooooo, Obama hates freedom of speech too, eh?

21 Guns Salute posts Part 3 of his commentary on modern society and politics, entitled, 'Justified.'

Brigid at Home on the Range has an excellent piece describing the one glaring fallacy of the argument of the Democrats concerning 'everyone getting their share of the pie.' This is good reading concerning the failure of socialism (which is being pushed by Democrats) and capitalism, which made this country great (H/t to Syd at Front Sight, Press).

Gunservatively posts a piece about something we've warned about for several months--the secret plan to divide Jerusalem in order to create a Palestinian state. Condi Rice is at the forefront of this plan, but she's not the only one. Politicians in both Parties seem ready to throw Israel under the bus.

The Rustmeister has the quote of the day, and it's a good one!

From Michelle Malkin:
*'The ONE Descends from the Heavens'--ROFL! Day 3 of the DNC.
*Obama and the Chicago Gangland Thugs at work!
*'Next, The Obama Thugs Came For Stanley Kurtz--National Review investigative reporter'

Robb Allen puts the screws to public education with this little item of interest.

Poll Indicates Deep Trouble for Obama

The Gallup Organization is reporting trouble for Barack Obama which is not reflected in the day-by-day. up and down fluctuations of the daily tracking poll, according to CNS News Service.

According to Gallup, Obama's support among conservative Democrats has dropped 8 points to 63%.

Another troublesome trend is the fact that among liberal and moderate Republicans, support for Obama has dropped from 10% to 7%.

These numbers are significant when one considers that fully 37% of conservative Democrats do not support their Party's nominee and that fully 93% of liberal to moderate Republicans support John McCain.

The 2 key demographic groups are rarely mentioned in news headlines, but the trends observed within those groups are significant enough to raise serious questions about Obama's electability.

And if McCain nominates a running mate that is favored by Reagan conservatives, he is assured of a near-unanimous approval among evangelical Christians and other conservatives, which, along with Obama's falling approval numbers among the groups mentioned above, will spell major trouble for the Obama campaign.

Obama--Jimmy Carter's 2nd Term

It has become very clear during Campaign '08 that Jimmy Carter's 2nd term of office will be fulfilled by Obama if he is elected.

And we all know what the electorate thought of Carter after one term. He lost to Reagan in a landslide.

But Obama's outlook on the world, politics, the military, and American free enterprise mirrors very closely that of Jimmy Carter.

The question thus becomes, why would anyone in the country wish to elect a man whose views closely mirror the failed policies of Jimmy Carter?

Perhaps the GOP could use the following mantra to taunt Obama--WWCD? 'What would Carter do?' Apparently this is the guiding influence of Barack Obama.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill's Duplicity--Did He Really Just Say That?

'Barack Obama is ready to be President.'
--Bill Clinton

Presently I am listening to Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC. I could hardly believe my ears when he stated the above quote.

Just last week when a reporter asked Clinton if he thought Barack was ready to be President, Clinton stated, 'Nobody is really ready to be President. I wasn't ready to be President...but you get ready in a hurry.'

My, 'in a hurry' for sure! In only a week Obama apparently got ready.

It was also Bill Clinton who repeatedly stated during the primaries that Barack Obama was too inexperienced to be President.

So, which is it? Is he ready or not? Bill just said he is ready, so I suppose that means he's ready. But it may be dependent on one's definition of 'is.'

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/27/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Temple of the Gods'--ROFL!! Just wait till you see the backdrop for Obama's big speech on Thursday!
*'Olofson Appeal Filed'
*'Rejecting the Obvious'--the pioneers of the Civil Rights movement must be turning over in their graves!
*'Sebastian Knows Best'

Armed and Safe wonders what the VPC thinks of Joe Biden.

JR gets caught up on his blog reading after his Blackwater trip, and he has some good links to share.

Sebastian provides a response to the criticism of his comments on Appleseed training.

Speaking of Sebastian, he and Kevin Baker were guests on Gun Nuts--The Next Generation to give a wrap-up of the ParaUSA event at Blackwater. There is also another edition of the blog radio program HERE, where ammo is discussed via Tam.

Mike McCarville posts an analysis from The Hill that says the Democrats are off to a rough start at their Convention.

21 Guns Salute has Part 2 of his commentary on life in modern society. This is excellent reading, folks, so give it a look!

Alphecca presents us with 'Idiots for Obama.'

Speaking of Obama, Michelle Malkin says that Barack's Jim Ayers-terrorist connection problem is deepening. Malkin also live-blogged Hillary's speech last night at the DNC.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts 'First Draft of the Obamanator's Speech.' A MUST-read!

Texas Fred comments on the latest raid on illegal aliens, this time in Mississippi. Read it all.

Walls of the City blogs about his experience of becoming accustomed to concealed carry of his firearm. A good read!

Squeaks has some great gun porn today, including the Mossberg Maverick among others.

Robb Allen writes about a personal experience with TSA security.

Uncle gives us his take on the Democratic Convention and the Hillary speech.

Freedom Sight posts his insight on the subject of Guns and Property Rights, an issue that is seeing continuing debate within the gun rights community.

Syd is a recognized authority on the M1911. Here he answers the question, 'What Defines a 1911 Pistol?'

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have an EXCELLENT read on the hideous platform of the Democrats this year on the subject of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. Don't pass this up!

Laughing in His Grave

They called him 'nuts,' 'crazy,' and 'senile' for suggesting an idea that at the time seemed impossible.

Isn't that the way it's always been when it comes to visionaries who push society toward new advancements?

President Ronald Reagan was ridiculed as perhaps no President has been in modern times for his concept of a missile defense shield in space that would prevent a nuclear attack on the U.S.

Democrats, Liberals, European 'allies,' and even some 'moderate' Republicans jokingly referred to the concept as 'Star Wars,' meaning, of course, that the entire notion was nothing more than fantasy born from a popular movie series at the time.

They said it couldn't be done.

Ronald Reagan must be laughing in his grave.

Not only can it be done, but it IS being done, and Europe wants it.

Suddenly our European neighbors think that 'Star Wars' is an excellent idea. Of course, it took the Russian Menace to rear its ugly head again in order for them to warm up to the idea.

Funny how very real threats to life and property lead people and nations to do things they previously claimed were 'unnecessary' in a 'civilized world.' Funny that not everybody in this 'civilized world' is civilized.

Although it took the Europeans over 20 years to come around to seeing the importance of Reagan's concept of a defensive missile shield, at least they can be pragmatic when their backs are up against the wall.

Reagan had the foresight to propose the defense shield before America's back was up against the wall.


Leftist demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday attacked conservative columnist Michelle Malkin and shouted, 'KILL MICHELLE MALKIN!', as they chased her around the area.

Malkin is covering the Democratic Convention and had attended the demonstration to take photos.

While Malkin was not injured in the attack, it is interesting that Leftists, in the name of 'peace,' certainly perpetrate anything but peace in their attempts to disrupt the activities of freedom-loving American citizens.

The violence in Denver began the night before, on Monday evening, as a group of radicals at the Democratic National Convention staged a march. A riot ensued, forcing police to use pepper spray.

On Tuesday afternoon the demonstrators were at it again, this time turning violent toward Michelle Malkin.

Glenn Reynolds at Pajamas Media posted further information on the incident, stating, 'These people are coming unhinged.'

As expected, the mainstream media has said very little, if anything at all, about the incident.

Weather Watches/Warnings for Western Carolinas

As the remnants of Tropic Storm Fay continue to bring heavy rain to the Upstate of South Carolina and the mountains of North Carolina, the entire area is under a combination of tornado watches, flood warnings, and flash flood watches.

A 'watch' means that conditions are right for a weather event. A 'warning' means that the weather event is in progress.

Rainfall totals for the region are expected to be from 3-5 inches on Wednesday, in addition to the 2-3 inches that have already been recorded for Tuesday.

The Greenville-Spartanburg area of Upstate South Carolina is under a tornado watch until 2 AM and a flash flood watch throughout the morning hours, as 3-5 more inches of rainfall is expected.

The Asheville-Hendersonville area of the mountains of North Carolina is under a flash flood watch for Wednesday. Several counties in the region are under a flood warning as rivers and streams have already overflowed their banks, resulting in damage to property.

Here is the latest information from Weather Underground. Updates are provided regularly.
Greenville, South Carolina conditions and forecast
Warning for Spartanburg, South Carolina
Severe Weather Map for Southeastern U.S.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tropical Rains Bring Relief to Drought-Laden Upstate

NOTICE! Scroll down for latest updates...

With the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay moving eastward into the Upstate of South Carolina and the mountains of North Carolina, tropical rains have brought much-needed relief to the drought-stricken areas of the Southeast.

The Upstate of South Carolina has received an average of well over an inch of rainfall in the last 24 hours. The mountains of North Carolina have also received significant rainfall, with some areas experiencing flooding.

A mudslide caused by the rain forced the closing of a restaurant in the mountain resort area of Chimney Rock/Lake Lure. As the Fall tourist season gets underway in a few short weeks, the area will be teeming with customers. Owners of the restaurant are confident that they can have repairs completed before that time.

The Greenville-Spartanburg area of South Carolina, and the Asheville-Hendersonville area of North Carolina are expecting continued moderate to heavy rainfall Tuesday night and Wednesday.

An 'extreme drought' has engulf the entirety of the region since January of this year. Most reporting stations are anywhere from 10 to 15 inches below normal rainfall.

While the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay may not end the drought, the few inches of rain expected from the system will certainly bring welcomed relief to the area and take at least some of the pressure off of local water districts that have implemented either voluntary or mandatory water restrictions.

UPDATE! Watches and warnings for the Western Carolinas can be found here:
Weather Underground--Southeastern U.S.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/26/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'A Credible Threat'--liberals and MSM types love to paint gun rights activists with broad brush strokes. This is an example, involving a threat against Barack Obama at the DNC.
*'Gun Rights on Trial'--a MUST-read.
*'What Ken Allows'--another great read.

Armed and Safe blogs about a great gun-rights organization started by Neal Knox--the Firearms Coalition.

Robb Allen is back from Blackwater and posts a pic of some man shooting some steel. Who IS that man?!

JR has posted Day 3 of the Blackwater event--pics and all.

Ahab says that he and Squeaks will be talking about ParaUSA and Blackwater tonight on Gun Nuts--The Next Generation. Tam may even be making a guest appearance.

Sebastian has a news story of a gun-owner and concealed carry permit holder stopping some thugs.

Breda has Part 2 and Part 3 of her Appleseed shooting event (Part 1 was posted yesterday on the Roundup).

From The Liberty Zone:
*Nicki has a very provocative piece on why she refuses to vote for either McCain or Obama.
*And then she has THIS thought-provoking post on gun rights and property rights, which is sure to create some debate.

Uncle posts several links to bloggers covering the Democratic National Convention.

Roberta X blogs about her boiling points. I can relate to most of them. A good read!

Alphecca says that Nevada has proposed a Castle Doctrine bill.

Blogstitution wants to know how many times the Democrats have to run on THIS platform.

21 Guns Salute lays it on the line about life in modern society. This is worth reading!

From Gateway Pundit:
*Michelle Malkin attacked at DNC riot in Denver!--the thugs shouted, 'Death to Malkin' the entire time.
*The Obama campaign threatened a local TV station for showing the McCain ad that shows the links between Obama and terrorist Bill Ayers.
*Michelle Obama quoted from radical socialist Saul Alinsky in her speech last night.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has the latest chapter of Vanderboegh's novella. This chapter is entitled, 'Reverberations and Synergies.'

Days of Our Trailers comments on the latest, escalating problem at our southern border.

No Bounce for Obama After Biden Announcement

A quick scan of the various polls reveals no bounce at all for Barack Obama following the announcement of the selection of Joe Biden as his running mate.

Polls indicate that the race for the White House is still in a dead-heat, with John McCain and Barack Obama in a statistical tie.

In fact, many observers note a 'ho-hum' attitude among most voters in response to the addition of Biden to the ticket.

Obama's selection of Biden is, in fact, a curious one. Biden represents Delaware. He brings no significant electoral votes to the table, neither does he help Obama by being a significant influence in one of the all-important 'swing states.'

Further, Biden, as a 36-year veteran of the Senate, seems to belie the Obama message of freshness, newness, hope, and change.

And thus, the question arises once again as to Obama's wisdom in decision-making. What on earth was he thinking?

Windmills at the Democratic Convention

I have often said with regard to the present debate on oil drilling here at home that we cannot 'wind-blow' our way out of the present energy crisis. This, of course, is in response to those who claim that by placing windmills all over creation we can drum up sufficient energy to meet all of America's needs.

It would seem I am going to have to modify my stance on this issue just a tad.

With all of the hot air and wind bags at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, a few well-placed windmills could harness all of that air and wind, producing sufficient energy to meet America's needs for the next several centuries.

Obviously when I said we can't wind-blow our way out of the energy problem, I had not considered the gathering of blow-hards at the DNC.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/25/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Mutual Assurances'--nobody's taking away anybody's guns! III.
*'Last Man Standing'--updated info on 'The Bastard's' vendetta against a Georgia gun shop owner.
*'Meanwhile, Over in Bloomberg Paradise'--The Bastard has made sure that if you get hacked to death you won't have those evil firearms to protect yourself.
*'Dial 911 and....hello?'--what if law enforcement cannot be reached and you're left to fend for yourself against armed thugs in a city/state that will not allow citizens to be armed?
*'When Seconds Count'--criminals don't have a 'waiting period.'

Armed and Safe reports that Newsweek Magazine has rolled out a manifesto on forced citizen disarmament. Read it all.

Sebastian summarizes the Blackwater training event with Todd Jarrett.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 has pics from the Blackwater event on DAY ONE and DAY TWO.

The Rustmeister had a lot of fun at Blackwater spoofing everyone's blogs.

Uncle has plenty of posts on the Blackwater weekend, so just over there and scroll, but the thing that caught my eye was this post on Joe Biden's record on guns. This is important, so give it a look!

Nicki at The Liberty Zone blogs about the Pelosi incident in Denver during which she was evacuated from her hotel because someone came in with a gun. Turns out the 'dangerous terrorist' didn't have a clue. LOL!

Breda gives us a report from her Appleseed shooting event.

Politico via AOL News is reporting that tensions are very high at the Democratic National Convention between the Obama and Clinton camps. The Dems, apparently, are anything but 'unified.'

Gateway Pundit reports that the Obama people are lashing out at Hillary backers.

The Stiletto provides an excellent rundown of the reaction from across the political spectrum to Biden being chosen by Obama.

Glenn Reynolds has some very telling pics from the DNC, showing the ultra-Leftwing element of the Democratic Party.

Syd has a riveting piece entitled, 'Politically Correct Guns.'

Gun Law News posts a video of 'Joe, In His Own Words.'

Roberta X made it to the gun show yesterday and got what she was looking for.

Alphecca posts 'Madonna and McCain.' A good read!

Texas Fred has the MUST-read of the day! Get ready for some excellent political humor.

Dems' Convention Opens to Myriad of Problems

As the Democratic National Convention gets underway in Denver this week, it would seem that the Dems are opening their grand meeting to a myriad of problems and contradictions.

The most glaring of these contradictions is the fact that the City of Denver and the Democratic leadership opened a Gitmo-style jail near the convention site to 'detain' protesters.

One can only assume that some if not most of these protesters will be detained without charges being brought against them. Once again, is that the aroma of Gitmo I smell? You know, the one that the Dems condemn for being supposedly 'unlawful?'

Most of us were under the impression that since the Dems have made it their business to appeal to those who claim freedom of speech and expression is the paramount human right, they would welcome any and all protests.

After all, these are the very people who screamed bloody murder when the Bush administration made it a practice of moving protesters out of the line of fire whenever the President's motorcade passed by, although the protesters were merely moved to another location rather than jailed.

By taking these tactics to the extreme, the Democrats seem to be sending the mixed message that protesters are to be encouraged as long as they don't protest the Democrats. If they do, they go to jail.

Almost as glaring a problem as the Denver Gitmo Prison for protesters at the Democratic Convention is the fact that Barack Obama lacked the intestinal fortitude to do the one thing that would have nearly insured him the Presidency--choosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Hillary won millions of votes across the country and is much more popular than Obama with the very demographic groups that he needs to win. She garnered almost as many delegates as he did.

Prudence and wisdom would dictate that the top of the ticket would choose the most popular of his/her opponents in order to maximize voting potential and unite the Party. This is why Ronald Reagan chose George H.W. Bush in 1980 and why John Kennedy chose LBJ back in 1960.

But not Obama. Hillary is obviously too much for him--too much of a threat--too strong a personality--to suit Barack and his wife, Michelle, who loathe Mrs. Clinton.

And then there are the protesters from within the Democrats' own ranks. One such protest held on Sunday turned violent when a group of ultra-Leftwing activists led by Cynthia McKinney roughed up a Fox News crew. Other network news crews were left unharmed, but apparently the group feels that since Fox is perceived as 'conservative,' then despite all the participants' rhetoric about 'free speech,' 'peace,' and 'nonviolent protest' it is perfectly acceptable to throw those ideals out the window when dealing with, well, people who disagree with them.

Last but not least are the countless corporate sponsors--an entity that Democrats claim to hate with a passion but love when it's time to get bankrolled. Corporate entities will be in Denver by the dozens, throwing lavish parties, complete with free food and spirits, all in an attempt to gain some leverage with some of the most powerful people in Washington.

So much for 'campaign finance reform.'

And perhaps this is the most blatant hypocrisy of all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

'Biden' Our Time

Barack Obama may have just handed John McCain the biggest gift that could be given in a political campaign by choosing Joe Biden as his running mate.

In that sense, those of us who are committed to see Obama defeated big in November are just 'biden' our time, so to speak, until the election.

Obama referred to Biden as a 'great statesman.' He further stated he chose the Senator because 'he needed someone who can challenge him and tell him what he needs to hear.'

In other words, Barack lacks experience, wisdom, insight, and maturity that comes with age and having served one's country long enough to know the ins and outs of government.

Biden himself told reporters during the Democratic primaries that Barack 'is not ready to be President.'

Neither is Biden, not because he lacks the maturity and experience but because his ideology is diametrically opposite that of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Thus, with the Democrats we are stuck with 2 ultra-liberals, both of whom are rabidly pro-abortion and anti-gun, and both of whom wish to take the country in a direction the Founders never envisioned.

Biden's lengthy record in the Senate will be quite enough fodder for the GOP to use against him. But beyond that, the Senator gained some notoriety earlier in his career over some blatant plagiarism that got him into trouble.

His mouth is also a big problem.

Biden is known for shooting from the hip, popping off about this or that, and living to pay for it dearly. He even referred to Obama back during the primaries as an 'intelligent, articulate, clean, good-looking guy' as a way of differentiating him from other African-American candidates who have run for President in the past.

He was also caught engaging in some less-than-covert racism by suggesting that 'you can't understand a word being said in some businesses anymore unless you can understand Indian.'

These may or may not be issues in the campaign, depending on what Biden says from here on in. But one thing is for certain, the campaign won't be boring, and Biden stands to hurt Obama more than he helps him, if for no other reason than being the exact thing Obama claims he stands against--a consummate Washington political insider who has been there for 36 years.

Is this supposed to be the 'change we can believe in?'

For more information on Joe Biden, Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has done a thorough job at enumerating the many problems and contradictions of the new VP candidate.