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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Palin Is An Excellent Choice for McCain

John McCain demonstrated one of the reasons he is the best candidate among those running for President in Campaign '08--his decision-making skills are excellent.

No greater example of the wisdom of his decision-making exists than his choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate.

Palin would make a great Vice-President and an excellent President in the event that McCain should be unable to complete his terms of office.

Contrary to the suggestion of the Obama campaign that Palin is too young and inexperienced to 'one heartbeat away from the Presidency,' Palin is infinitely more qualified for the nation's highest office than the man who will BE President if elected (Obama), in spite of the fact that he has NO foreign policy experience.

But wait. That's exactly what the Obama campaign said about Palin. But she will only be Vice-President. Obama, with dangerously little knowledge of foreign affairs, would be President.

Obama's attack dogs aside, let's jump right into enumerating the reasons Palin is such an excellent choice.

1. Gun rights activists will love her. She is pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment.

2. Evangelical Christians will love her. She is a Christian who is pro-life.

3. Reagan conservatives will love her. She stands for small government, low taxes, individual responsibility, and a strong national defense. Her record as Governor of Alaska speaks for itself on these hallmark conservative-libertarian issues.

4. Government reformers will love her. She took on the corruption in the Alaskan state government and cleaned up its act. She is not afraid to go after Republicans as well as Democrats who betray the public trust.

5. Her leadership skills are above reproach, and she has a reputation in Alaska of being a highly intelligent quick-study.

6. Palin knows how to speak well on her feet, without the teleprompter, and will be an energetic, charismatic counter-balance to McCain's more low-keyed style.

7. An excellent candidate is not always measured by years of experience. Joe Biden, for example, has 36 years in the Senate but would be a trainwreck for the country because of his leftist extremist ideology. Palin was a city council member, a Mayor, and a first-term Governor, but her views on the issues are precisely what the country needs.

8. Palin appeals to women who were snubbed by the Democrats as the Party decided to disallow Hillary Clinton's candidacy. True, pro-abortion numbskulls won't like her. But there were many Hillary supporters who were pro-life who nonetheless liked the idea of a female President.

9. Palin is a Governor and not a Senator. The country doesn't need 4 Senators running for the 2 top offices in the land. Frankly, Governors make the best Presidents. Senators rarely do. And
by the way, Palin has an 80% approval rating from the citizens of Alaska.

10. Palin is THE one, true Washington outsider. None of the others--not McCain, not Biden, and not even Obama--can claim that mantel. If Palin could take on the governmental establishment in Alaska and turn it around, making it smaller, more efficient, and less expensive, then perhaps she can make some inroads in Washington, which needs to go on an extreme reduction diet.

In short, I am sold on the woman, folks. McCain's choice is the best news we could have gotten out of this campaign.

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