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Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Wing-Ding with Cartwheels in Congress

Leave it to the perennial featherweight, the wisp himself, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to keep the clown show going under the Democrats in Congress.

Reid stated this week that he would do absolutely anything, including cutting cartwheels down the aisles of the Senate floor, in order to call attention to the supposed 'Republican obstructionism.'

Apparently the chief clown in the Senate has his shorts in a bunch because he can't get all of his legislation passed. Despite clear majorities in both Houses of Congress, Democrats have not been able to pass all of the legislation they intended when they took over Congress earlier this year.

Heaven forbid that there be any serious debate, disagreement, and the healthy locking of horns when it comes to the important business of the country.

And let's not forget that both Reid in the Senate, and Fuhrer Pelosi in the House, have had plenty of opposition from their own Party.

It is much easier and expedient, however, to blame Republicans.

And thus, with a clown show there is always a big wing-ding. This one, of course, is not celebratory but one in which the dignity of the office of Senate Majority Leader is ripped to shreds by a clown who wants to do cartwheels down the aisles.

Many of us were sincerely hoping that Reid would make good on his promise. But alas, the Senator apparently backed out of the display at the last minute.

Wonder if he can even do cartwheels?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/7/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

John Lott posts a very important follow-up to coverage on the gun-free-zone shooting in the mall in Omaha:

Bob Parks of Outside the Wire has this gem on the United Nations global warming summit:

The MUST read of the day is over at JPFO, and it is entitled, 'Gun Control and the Supremes':

The Buckeye Firearms Association reports that the Castle Doctrine legislation in Ohio has been scheduled for a second hearing:

You have got to see this at The War on Guns about the disarmament of Jews in the sacred lands:

Nicki at the Liberty Zone has an easier solution to the threats we face:

Red's Trading Post says that the CCRKBA has urged the Senate to withhold the confirmation of ATF acting director Sullivan:

Alphecca reports that the gun control crowd is using the mall shooting to renew calls for 'assault weapons bans':

I just love politically incorrect stuff. Here, Say Uncle points to some doggy body armor for Pit Bulls:

Sharp as a Marble has the quote of the day:

Snow Flakes in Hell provides a timely reminder that today is Pearl Harbor Day. Read it all, and never forget!:

The Bitch Girls write about the harm done by those gun shops that are dark, dingy, and unfriendly:

Breda makes it clear she won't be the victim ever again:

Squeaky opines on giving too much publicity to mass murderers:

Born Again Redneck says that Mike Huckabee's definition of 'conservative' is a far cry from the way Reagan, Buckley, and Goldwater defined it:

Thompson Scores a Big Hit in S.C. Visit

Shown below: Fred and Jeri Thompson

GOP Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson campaigned in South Carolina this week in a series of stops in crucial Republican strongholds. The candidate visited the Greenville-Spartanburg-Greer area, Anderson, Pickens, and Lexington.

During the campaign swing Mr. Thompson granted interviews with local network television affiliates, such as WSPA-TV channel 7 in Spartanburg, the area's only CBS-affiliate. He also spoke with reporters and citizens at the famous Wade's Restaurant in Spartanburg, where Thompson castigated the government's attempt to tell people what to eat, while he munched down on Wade's delicious fried chicken.

Thompson was a big hit in Greer, where he stopped in at a local gun shop, the Blue Ridge Shooting Sports store. The candidate tested out some shotguns and stated that of late he has been more into shotguns than anything else.

As Thompson tested out some beauties, he stated, 'It's great to be in a place where people believe in the Constitution and ALL of its amendments.'

One local resident stated that she is a big fan of Thompson not only due to his stance on guns but because he has had a consistent record on immigration and abortion.

The candidate also got some good news that the latest polls show that the statistical dead-heat between Thompson, Giuliani, and Romney is holding firm.

However, one little-known but highly important state-wide poll shows that Thompson has pulled out into a two-point lead over Giuliani and Romney. That particular poll also indicates an erosion of support for both Giuliani and Romney in the state, which has worked to Thompson's benefit.

Another beneficiary has been Mike Huckabee, who nonetheless still lags behind the three front-runners.

In his prepared remarks Mr. Thompson stated that he expects good news from the Supreme Court on D.C. vs. Heller and that Democrats have backed themselves into a corner for attempting to portray the Second Amendment as a collective right only.

'I think now they see that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right,' he said.

Mr. Thompson also stated that the federal government will have little impact on the school dropout rate, because the issue is local, familial, and social.

On immigration the candidate said that illegal immigration can be controlled by securing the border, requiring employers to check for status, and cutting off federal funds for sanctuary cities.

Thompson wrapped up his visit to South Carolina late Wednesday. Early reports indicate that this campaign swing was successful in helping the candidate pick up more support among the GOP faithful.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/6/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Born Again Redneck has the full scoop on Huckabee the it all:

Red Neck also has this updated piece on Fred Thompson's visit to S.C. and some very well-chosen words that the candidate delivered about government while eating some fried chicken at Wade's restaurant:

Alphecca reports that the Legislative Black Caucus in Pennsylvania walked off the House floor in protest of the lack of any meaningful gun control legislation:

As a Pennsylvanian, Snow Flakes in Hell comments further on the hissy fit tantrum thrown by the Legislative Black Caucus:

Snow Flakes in Hell also has a very special message to suicidal people, and they are words fitly spoken:

A Keyboard and a .45 alerts us to a series of radio interviews in Texas on 'the gun issue':

Mike McCarville has the latest on the immigration issue in the Oklahoma legislature:

The War on Guns has the imbecilic quote of the day from one of the antis:

Concerning the Omaha shooter, Nicki at The Liberty Zone blogs on 'why they do what they do':

Breda has the MUST-read of the day. This is the price we pay for citizens being unarmed:

The Bitch Girls comment on a story about a controversy at a major university on the color pink:

Say Uncle points to the new low reached by one of the 'authorized journalists':

John Lott has written a new op-ed showing that media coverage of the mall shooting fails to reveal that the mall was a gun-free zone:

The latest op-ed from our favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, repudiates the contention of John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, Lou Dobbs, Hillary Clinton, etc., that there is income stagnation in the U.S. As Williams points out, the record shows there is great income mobility...upward:

Xavier Thoughts has something that you absolutely have to see. This is the story of a woman who became a well-trained gun owner after her nightmare at a florist shop:

Why Richardson is as Bad as Hillary

So, he supports gun rights. I suppose that if one is a single-issue voter, then no matter where Bill Richardson stands on anything else it is perfectly acceptable to support him.

I am not and never have been a single-issue voter. I believe to the depth of my being that such a thing is dangerous. There are too many other critical issues that must be considered.

And when it comes to Billy, there is plenty of reason to oppose him every bit as much as Mrs. Clinton or B. Hussein Obama.

Listen to or read Billy Richardson's stance on the ALL of the issues. It is clear that he is a big-government, European-styled Socialist. Add up the costs of all of his proposals, and we are looking at trillions of dollars of extra taxes to pay for them.

I have yet to understand the support that Billy gets from some gun-rights proponents in light of the fact that outside of the issue of guns the candidate supports socialized medicine, increasing the tax burden on younger working Americans in order to bail out and support Social Security and Medicare rather than look at alternative plans, and this is only for starters.

The candidate is also weak on the immigration issue. He opposes the building of the border fence that Congress has already authorized yet failed to build. His proposals for immigration reform mirrored those of John McCain (before he 'saw the light'), Hillary Clinton, and Lindsey Graham.

Perhaps the most damning of all of Richardson's ideas is the notion that he would 'set government mandates' for U.S. corporations after which he would allow the 'free market to respond.'

Doublespeak. The market is not free if the government sets mandates. And the market will respond, alright. When government puts the squeeze on American free enterprise the markets typically respond by taking a plunge.

And this is precisely what America would do if Billy Richardson is elected to the U.S. Presidency.

Here We Go Again

Every time some sicko boneheaded numbskull goes on a shooting rampage we are treated to renewed calls for gun control. Punish the 99.9% of the gun owners who are law abiding citizens for the actions of a .1% wacko fringe.

That makes about as much sense as suspending driving privileges for all Americans because of drunk drivers who take a joy ride and kill 10 people in the process...except DUI drivers kill many more people per year than guns.

Spare me the drivel of the anti-freedom, opportunistic gun-grabbers. Shove a sock in them.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/5/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

This is idiotic. If anyone had any doubt that George W. Bush is a big government Republican in the tradition of Richard Nixon, this late-breaking news should dispel any doubt. Bush is set to freeze sub-prime interest rates for the housing market for five years, reminiscent of the Nixon wage and price freeze. This is Hillarycare for the housing market and bad for the economy:

If I were a Jew I would be outraged. A group supporting 'Green Hanukkah' is encouraging Jews to light 'one less candle during the holy season for the good of the planet':

The McCarville Report asks the question, did the U.S. government try to stop the trial of Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma City bombing?:

Armed and Safe points to an ignoramus on the D.C. vs. Heller case:

Blogstitution has an excellent post today on the absurdity of authoritarian perpetuality:

Blonde Sagacity reports that a Democrat has been caught in an underage sex sting, but of course we haven't heard one damn word about it in the mainstream media:

Born Again Redneck has a great rundown on Fred Thompson's visit to S.C. yesterday, including a visit to another gun shop:

Oscar Poppa has the must-read of the day entitled, 'Shall Not Be Infringed':

Red's Trading Post has a great read on the abuse of the ATF and the attempt of the GOA to help in stopping it:

Red's also has the latest USA Today poll on whether Americans believe the Second Amendment refers to an individual right:

Say Uncle has the quote of the day:

Sharp as a Marble says he is doing his part of stop global warming (you gotta see this one!):

Snow Flakes in Hell reports that the Missouri Attorney General has filed a brief in support of Heller:

Squeaky has opened a photography business and already has a good prospect:

The Bitch Girls say that Ruger wants photos from people of the gun:

Breda says we should celebrate repeal day by going out and drinking some beer. Sign me up for the Beck's Dark, Breda!:

Tam has a couple of stories from CNN this morning that just seem to get the day started off on the right foot (in a pig's eye):

Rev. Huckabee and His Congregation

Much has been made over the past few days about the 'Mike Huckabee surge' in the polls both locally and nationally. Huckabee has surged to the top of the field in Iowa, and a recent national poll shows that he has moved into second place behind Giuliani and ahead of Thompson and McCain, who are tied for third.

Huckabee is going to have a tough time getting the GOP nomination despite his recent and soon to be shortlived surge.

As an ordained Baptist minister and former Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee has run into skepticism among the GOP base. At the top of the list of concerns is the Governor's record in Arkansas, which can hardly be portrayed as a shining example of conservative Republican policy.

The Party faithful are skittish on Huckabee's record on taxes and immigration, with immigration being the looming issue that is sure to eventually doom his surge.

As we have seen repeatedly in the past year, politicians in both Parties who show signs of supporting amnesty of any kind, or who support giving tuition credits to illegal aliens or their families, receive a swift and sharp kick to the behind from the voters.

Hillary Clinton is the most recent recipient of the backlash in Iowa over immigration policy.

Others who have suffered due to their stance on the issue are John McCain, Mitt Romney, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and others.

Huckabee is, without doubt, highly vulnerable on the immigration issue simply because the Republican base won't stand for a candidate whose views are so geared toward granting special privileges and exceptions to people who break our nation's laws by coming here illegally.

This is not to mention the fact that it is extremely unfair to immigrants who come here legally and become citizens through the provisions of the law.

But the factor that is perhaps the most damaging of all is that Huckabee tends to appeal only to a certain type of person within the Republican base--the religious conservative. In a sense he has built his own congregation of sorts across the country made up of people who believe that the nation's President must be closely akin to a church Pastor.

To be sure, voters are looking for men and women of character, honesty, and integrity. They want plain-talking straight-shooters. However, I highly doubt that they are ready for a Baptist preacher as President, particularly one who has advocated for the belief that the Earth and Universe are only a few thousand years old.

Huckabee's congregation tends to be homogeneous. There is not enough diversity within the ranks to satisfy Jews, Catholics, spiritual agnostics, and the like. Racially and socioeconomically the congregation is almost exclusively white middle class married couples with children. Single parents and singles without children are likely to feel left out.

The final deal-breaker, however, is the fact that polls show that among the potential GOP nominees, Huckabee is the one that Mrs. Clinton would likely beat. In fact, she would trounce him in the general election.

My hunch is that the latest national polls cannot be counted upon to present a reliable picture of Huckabee's true level of support. In spite of the fact that he now polls second, it is still only Thompson, Giuliani, and Romney that would beat Mrs. Clinton if the election were held today.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/4/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Bitch Girls have good news for concealed carry permit holders:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone takes the task one of the antis on the Second Amendment:

Armed and Safe contributes his own response to the numbskull mentioned in Nicki's post:

The War on Guns writes about 'false alternatives':

Traction Control has the ePostal Match results:

Tam reports that the Reverend Pat Robertson has attacked Fred Thompson:

Say Uncle says that the NYT has an article on Robert Levy and the Heller case:

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble writes about 'freedom parasites':

Snow Flakes in Hell has a very interesting post on 'cultural chauvinism':

A Keyboard and a .45 blogs about Gibbs Brand firearm lubricant:

Alphecca has a post entitled, 'Fisking the San Francisco Chronicle':

Born Again Redneck provides thorough political commentary and analysis here:

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the federal indictment of Norman Hsu in New York today, and yes, it impacts the Clinton campaign:

Right Wing Sparkle writes about the audacity of the Clinton campaign in claiming that Obama has 'an ethical problem':

Clinton Ladies Intervention Team Strikes Again

The Clinton Ladies Intervention Team, the name coined by columnist Monica Crowley to designate Mrs. Clinton's hit squad that is charged with the task of planting questions at opponent's news conferences and debates, as well as coordinate the vast network news machine controlled by Hillary, has been quite busy since the candidate was booed in Iowa on Saturday.

As expected, the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team jumped into high gear following a disastrous question-and-answer session by phone that the candidate had with Iowa voters.

The weather was so bad that Clinton was forced to cancel her appearance, but she took questions by phone. The crowd booed the candidate at least four or five times during her brief session with them.

Mrs. Clinton made no friends and may well have created some enemies when she answered questions on illegal aliens. She made it clear she supports a 'path to citizenship' for illegals, enabling them to circumvent the legal process that millions of others went through, thus catapulting them to the head of the line, in front of those seeking LEGAL citizenship.

The candidate also stated that she would seek to accomplish this along with the Democrat-controlled Congress within her first 100 days in office.

The boos began to crescendo until by the time the candidate hung up the phone, very loud boos were heard from the audience.

Thus, today it was the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team to the rescue.

CBS News and Katie Couric practically joined the team today as not only did they fail to show Mrs. Clinton's disastrous question-and-answer session in Iowa on Saturday but they took pains to show her in a very friendly crowd today, as the candidate coincidentally proceeded to take swipes at the Bush Administration.

In addition, Clinton got loads of free publicity, compliments of Couric and Company, when the Evening News did a segment on 'attempting to get the youth vote.' Here again, the segment coincidentally focused almost exclusively on the Democrats rather than Republicans, although the segment was designed to show the importance of youth to BOTH Parties.

But guess who got most of the airtime in the segment? You guess it--Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In fact, Couric and Company broadcast a key quote from Mrs. Clinton as she stated, 'The youth and their future is what this campaign is all about.'

If one is paying attention merely to the pictorial symbols and not the spin-verbiage that Couric used to mislead viewers concerning the nature of the piece, it is clear that the network wished for viewers to take with them two powerful images and thoughts--one, only Democrats are concerned about the youth of America, and two, it is Mrs. Clinton who has fashioned her entire campaign around youth and their future.

As if we didn't already know, we are now assured with proof positive that Couric and CBS News are part of the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Anderson Cooper Lied About Clinton Plant at GOP Debate

Rush Limbaugh is reporting today that CNN's Anderson Cooper knew the gay General who turned out to be a Clinton plant at the GOP debate, after all.

You may remember that in the aftermath of the discovery that Mrs. Clinton and several Democratic candidates had actually planted questioners at the Republican debate, Mr. Cooper denied that he or CNN had any prior knowledge that the General worked for Mrs. Clinton.

Yet a caller to the Limbaugh radio program today, a person who was chosen by YouTube to ask a question at the debate, stated that out of the entire group of chosen questioners, Cooper singled out the General immediately in the crowd and stated, 'Nice to see you, General.'

Thus, Anderson Cooper's claim of total ignorance in the entire matter is highly suspect at best and at least a barefaced lie on one point--the reporter knew who the gay General was, despite his denials.

The question is, did Cooper know that the General worked for the Clinton campaign? Many media observers say that it would be nearly impossible for CNN and its anchor NOT to know.

As we expected, the oozing, dripping sleaze from the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team keeps oozing on.

Oh, and add Anderson Cooper to the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team.

For Rush Limbaugh's conversation with the caller concerning this incident, click here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/3/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Alphecca gives us an update on one of the sorriest excuses for a judge in the U.S.--the anti-gun Jack Weinstein:

Alphecca also says that the Boston Globe is doing cartwheels over the D.C. gun case going to the Supreme Court. It seems they can't image the Court ruling that the 2nd Amendment protects individual rights:

The polls, they keep a-changin'. Mike McCarville reports that Huckabee and Edwards are early favorites in Oklahoma, although we read another poll showing Thompson ahead. This may well go right down to the wire, even the Convention:

A Keyboard and a .45 tells us about his day at the shooting range yesterday:

Armed and Safe blogs that the antis love to point to some elusive 'well-funded gun lobby' to explain our successes. Appropriate commentary follows on the claim:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone systematically takes apart the drivel from Laura Washington on the GOP supposedly 'pandering to the people of the gun':

Blogonomicon writes about 'gun stuff for Christmas':

Born Again Redneck provides commentary on potential support for GOP candidates in the Presidential election:

Cameron Bailey give us a run-down on what happened at the Washington State Legislature last week:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have some wonderful solar images which show the fluctuations and changes in solar energy over time and how this contributes to temperature change on Earth:

Syd has the must-read of the day, entitled, 'Have Gun, Will Carry':

Wanna see 'the Harvard Crimson' get reamed alive? Of Arms and the Law has a link to an author who tells it like it is concerning Harvard's anti-Bill-of-Rights bias:

Pribek comments on the Commie-thug (Hugo Chavez) and the fact that his constitutional initiatives were defeated by the citizens:

Red's Trading Post presents 'The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson's' comments on the D.C. vs. Heller case:

Say Uncle says that due to the Plain Dealer's decision to publish the names of concealed permit holders, journalists can no longer copy or duplicate that information:

Snow Flakes in Hell comments on background checks for gun purchases:

Squeaky tells us she is adding 'the Big Mo' to her tag line for a while:

The Bitch Girls report that in Michigan permit applications from women are way up:

The War on Guns has some well-chosen words for some numbskulls who believe the 2nd Amendment should be repealed:

Hat Tip to Traction Control for pointing us to this great blog written by a Texas beauty whose hero is Ronald Reagan. I think I am in love. In this post she writes about Michelle Malkin's tenacity:

Tam has the quote of the day:

From the NRA: commentary on the Boston Gun Search policy:

The Volokh Conspiracy has a pod-cast on gun issues:

GOP Primaries--States Where Fred Will Win

Many who are avid followers of political news may at this point have the impression that whoever wins Iowa and New Hampshire in the GOP primaries is destined to win the nomination. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ronald Reagan is the prime example.

With regard to Fred Thompson, the fact that the candidate is behind in both states seems to be an ill omen to many who observe the shifting sands of politics.

At this point I simply do not buy it.

The reason is fairly simple. Once we get passed the first cluster of early primary states and head southward to the next cluster of early primary states and beyond, Thompson is in very good shape.

He is way ahead in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. He is ahead in North Carolina. He is in a statistical dead-heat tie in South Carolina, but I am told by one of the most reliable political prognosticators in the area that he fully expects Thompson to be the winner in the state.

Fred is also ahead in Texas and Oklahoma, and in Maine of all places the candidate has been a surprising hit for the very reason he has lagged behind in other parts of New England--his down-to-earth, folksy manner.

It is for this very reason that we expect him to do very well in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana as well.

Louisiana is another state we expect to be added to the Thompson column when it is all said and done.

In short, NONE of the current proclaimed 'front-runners' will win in the South, with the exception of Mike Huckabee, who will win Arkansas in all likelihood.

And this means that Giuliani, McCain, and Romney will have a most difficult time winning the nomination. Florida may well go to one of these RINOS, although Thompson is also showing signs of strength there. But even with Florida, a GOP candidate is going to be hard pressed to win the nomination with only one southern state attached to his belt.

This is not to say that things could not change. In politics anything is possible. But at this point Thompson is slated to win more states in the key demographical areas than any other GOP candidate.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Clinton Ladies Intervention Team (C.L.I.T.)

But the real criticism should be directed to the Junior Senator from New York, whose campaign is getting away with murder out there. Peppering the audiences with her supporters (who last night booed everyone EXCEPT the only guy she can beat: Huckabee), planting questions, denying knowledge, stonewalling to the death. These are classic Clintonian tactics. She should be called out on them rather than have CNN take all of the slings and arrows. CNN was at fault, but the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team also played CNN—-and us—-like a Stradivarius.

Monica Crowley, Political Mavens columnist and Fox News commentator, has coined the perfect term for Mrs. Clinton's team of femi-nazi hit men. The above quote, from Crowley, refers to her 'plants' as the 'Clinton Ladies Intervention Team,' or 'C.L.I.T.'

And as you can see from Ms. Crowley's quote, C.L.I.T. has been quite busy all over the country creating as much mayhem as possible, even turning the last GOP Presidential debate into a Hillary-fest along with the help of the Clinton News Network (CNN).

Although there is absolutely no evidence at all to think so, one is led to wonder if the 'dangerous incident' regarding the deranged bomber who stormed the Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire with flares strapped to his chest was actually a set-up job, compliments of C.L.I.T.

After all, the man had no bomb, no firearms, and posed no real danger to anyone or himself. He was well-known to the local police department as a person who is off his rocker.

And Mrs. Clinton got TONS of free publicity on ALL of the networks and in ALL of the newspapers, just after suffering one of the worst weeks a candidate could have in a campaign.

How convenient.

I highly doubt that the bomb scare was anything but a news story about a sick man who wanted some attention. But the thing is, the American people have come to expect the worst from both Bill and Hillary when it comes to these matters. It certainly would be very 'Clintonesque.'

Come on, now. Try to convince me that you did not, at least once, have the fleeting thought during the 'hostage crisis' that the Clinton machine staged the whole thing.

In the highly unlikely event that the thing was staged in order to evoke sympathy for the candidate after several weeks of very bad news, it certainly did not work if Iowa is any indication.

Hillary was booed when she phoned in to a political rally in Iowa today. The weather prevented her appearance, but she called in to take questions from the crowd. Immediately the attendees peppered the candidate with questions about illegal aliens and the so-called 'path to citizenship.'

When Mrs. Clinton answered that she has always supported such a path for illegal aliens, she was booed. The moderator thus asked the question a second time, whereupon the candidate further alienated Iowans with her intention to attempt to accomplish this with the help of a Democratic Congress in her first 100 days in office.

More boos ensued.

When the moderator wished Mrs. Clinton well in the aftermath of the 'hostage crisis,' Clinton hung up the phone to very loud boos.

So much for creating sympathy. I suppose that now it's time to put C.L.I.T. back into action.

I'm sure we can expect them at each event featuring her opponents, perhaps posing as religious conservative housewives asking Mitt Romney if he would commit to placing at least one lesbian on his Cabinet if elected.

For Monica Crowley's complete commentary on this subject, click here: