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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Straight Black-Jack Night

A country song from several years ago is entitled, 'Straight Tequila Night,' which is about a woman who orders straight tequila at the bar whenever she is in a funk over a love gone awry.

I don't drink Tequila. It's just not my thing.

But I can handle the Scotch, Brandy, red wine, dark beer, and Jack Daniels. Sometimes a straight Black-Jack is the only thing that will do.

It's not that I am pining away over some love gone awry. At this stage of the game I am just glad that when I wake up in the morning I can still move and remember my name. It's actually not quite that bad, and I for SURE am not that old!

Oh, and by the way, yep, I got my Arturo Fuente cigar here too. Once I puff this thing down to within an inch of my mouth, and knock down another Black-Jack, I am off to bed.

You all have a great Friday night/Saturday morning.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/9/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville reports that there is a move afoot to promote a National Guard 'home for the holidays' initiative:

Alphecca hits the nail on the head once again with this post on non-violent drug offenders. They do NOT need to be crowding up our prisons, which should be reserved for violent criminals. Stats indicate that upwards of 60% of prison space is occupied by non-violent drug offenders. If they were decriminalized, we would never need to build more prisons, saving the taxpayers billions:

Armed and Safe reports that the Governor of Pennsylvania is at it again, supporting more gun control legislation:

Cap'n Bob reports on his new Glock 30:

Dustin's Gun Blog has an excellent post today on the erroneous notion that there is a Constitutional right to 'feel' safe in America:

Of Arms and the Law points to an excellent read entitled, 'What if We Apply the Claims to OTHER Bill of Rights Guarantees?':

Do yourself a BIG favor and read Oscar Poppa's publication of Jeff Cooper's 'A Call for Self-Reliance':

One would think the ATF's record-keeping would be perfect, meticulous, and above reproach, given that they routinely shut down gun shops for spelling errors on their license applications. But as Red's Trading Post shows us, the jackbooted thugs are themselves some of the worst record-keepers!:

Say Uncle reports on the FBI warning that Al Qaeda may be planning shopping mall terrorist attacks during the holidays:

Snow Flakes in Hell asks, 'What if we lose at the Supreme Court?':

I sure hope that Breda never decides she wants to kick me with that thing:

The War on Guns reminds us that today is the day that Heller goes to the Supreme Court:

Traction Control provides a link to some gun smut:

John Lott says that Mike Huckabee worries him a great deal. Here he explains why:

The Buckeye Firearms Association posts a great article from a 26-year old college grad who writes about the fact that concealed carry can prevent rape:

A blogger that is new to The Liberty Sphere is a young lady who refers to herself as 'Squeaky Wheel.' She reminds us today that it is time for all of us to do some good for the troops, and in a variety of ways:

Next Major Change in Political Landscape

The winds of change are a-blowing again as Campaign '08 begins to heat up in earnest. With less than two months to go until the winter primaries that will decide the Presidential nominees for the two Parties, I see a major shift in the making.

Headlining this shift is a subtle but significant change in momentum for both Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. This is bad for Hillary and good for Rudy.

Since the last Democratic debate during which Hillary exhibited clearly just how wishy-washy she is on a variety of issues, meaning of course that she is a flip-flopper, Mrs. Clinton has begun to lose some support in the national polls, not so much among Democratic primary voters but among the general electorate.

The beneficiary of the slippage is Rudy Giuliani, who over the past few weeks has increased his lead over Fred Thompson for the GOP nomination and who is now pulling in at a dead-heat with Hillary in the general election.

Those same polls show that Giuliani has the best chance of beating Hillary in states where Republicans have had little chance of winning in the past few Presidential elections.

The Wall Street Journal, as well as Senior Economics Editor Larry Kudrow of William F. Buckley's National Review, note that the momentum has shifted in favor of Giuliani and away from Mrs. Clinton.

Yet another coup in favor of Giuliani is the Reverend Pat Robertson's endorsement of the Mayor a few days ago, signaling that evangelical Christians are clearly NOT necessarily going to stay home on Election Day if Giuliani is the GOP nominee, contrary to the contention of Christian radio mogul James Dobson.

Pat Robertson's constituency is conservative, evangelical GOP voters, as is Dobson's. But by endorsing Giuliani Robertson has done two significant things. One, he has removed the reluctance of many conservative Christian voters to vote for Giuliani, and two, he has just about insured that a conservative third-Party candidate from the Religious Right will not happen.

Two pieces of bad news lay buried in all the good news concerning Hillary's slipping poll numbers. First, Fred Thompson's candidacy is not taking off as many had hoped. His negatives are higher than any GOP top-tier candidate other than Mitt Romney. Second, gun rights activists certainly cannot take great comfort in the possibility of a Rudy sweep of the GOP.

If there is a silver lining in the midst of the possibility of a Giuliani Presidency, it is that he has staked out definite positions on a variety of issues that most conservative voters can affirm. True, his past record belies some of his present positions. Yet in this campaign he has stated clearly where he stands on gun rights, Socialism, Capitalism, taxes, and fighting terrorism.

We have the interviews, the speeches, the TV appearances, the debates to hold his feet to the fire should he ever hint at deviating from the positions he took during the campaign.

In short, he will owe his political soul to the conservatives who risked their necks and reputations to support him.

We know what Hillary will do. We know what she believes, no matter what her rhetoric. We have learned the Clinton-speak over the past seventeen years. We can deal with Giuliani. We will not be able to deal with Hillary, particularly with a Democratic Congress.

Perhaps sometimes it is exactly as William F. Buckley has stated at times in the past--sometimes it is nothing more than a matter of choosing between an avowed and confirmed Socialist and a dubious Capitalist, but a Capitalist nonetheless. With one you know you are going to get screwed. With the other you can at least negotiate.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Intelligent People Read The Liberty Sphere

cash advance I suspected that this blog appeals to the more scholarly types, but now I have solid proof. Now, this doesn't mean you have to be a college grad to enjoy reading The Liberty Sphere. There are many, many highly intelligent people who do not have degrees for one reason or another.

Thus, I am happy to say that my readers are the most intelligent, informed, well-read, and cosmopolitan readers in the blogosphere....

So, with great pleasure I say, 'Intelligent people read The Liberty Sphere!'

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/8/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Today is the day! The National Report ATF Abuse Day. Read all about it at Red's, and ACT:

Say Uncle has the list on the top 10 guns used in crime (as reported by the ATF, interestingly):

Snow Flakes in Hell says that New Jersey may not be a lost cause after all, considering their vote on Tuesday:

Alphecca says that it may all be a matter of commas as the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the Parker/Heller case tomorrow on the Second Amendment:

A Keyboard and a .45 blogs on the Kimber:

Armed and Safe observes that we in the gun rights community do not receive compensation for our activism. This is NOT so with the antis. Armed and Safe says they get plenty of money:

Blogstitution shares his observations on the latest visit by the new French President Sarkozy:

Blogonomicon points to a new definition of 'gun extremist':

Robb Allen has an encouraging update on his Mom's chemotherapy treatment:

Breda informs us of a new documentary entitled, 'A Girl and a Gun':

The War on Guns has today's MUST-read entitled, 'Parade of Fools':

No matter what you might think of Ann Coulter, she has irrefutable evidence from a new book that says, definitively, that Joseph McCarthy was right after all...this after decades of Democrats' and Leftists' slandering him and bashing his work:

The Volokh Conspiracy has essential reading on the government's attempts to keep silent or to seal citizens' descriptions of illegal activity by said government:

The Four Rules of Capitalism

The little-known but all-important rules of Capitalism are as follows:

1. Motivated individuals create wealth by finding a need and filling it. This means you either make something that people want or need, or offer a service that they want or need.

Question Number One--what the hell is 'selfish' about that?

2. Wealth is not a limited commodity but a limitless opportunity to the truly motivated and the truly wise. Only those who believe that government creates wealth by printing paper money believe that wealth is a limited commodity with only so many pieces of the pie available, in spite of the ironic and contradictory fact that government goes on printing more and more money in a faux-wealth attempt to create the illusion that it is 'creating wealth.'

Question Number Two--instead of whining about the money those who create wealth make, why not encourage those who are stuck in dead-end jobs to rise to their potential, believe in themselves, and create more wealth, instead of preying on their class envy to shame the money-makers into giving up their wealth?

3. Once wealth is achieved, even more wealth is created by giving it away voluntarily to help others get started in creating their own wealth. John D. Rockefeller was a miserable billionaire until he stopped worrying, discovered faith, and began systematically giving away his wealth. He only found that he COULD not give it away at all. The more he gave, the more wealthy he became. As soon as he gave what he thought would surely break him, he only found his wealth to be multiplied at least tenfold or one hundred- fold afterward.

Question Number Three--instead of bleeding the wealthy dry with a punitive tax system that punishes the wealthy, why not instead encourage the systematic and voluntary giving away of wealth as a means of creating more wealth, and helping others help themselves in the process?

4. A good Capitalist knows that workers/employees only produce to the degree that they are positively motivated to do so from the top. The fair, positive, and motivational treatment of workers is the best defense against a unionized workforce.

Question Number Four--Since within a healthy, success-based Capitalism there is no such thing as an adversarial relationship between employer and employee, but only poor matchups between jobs and those who are either not skilled enough or motivated enough to successfully work those jobs, why not focus on the team approach rather than the adversarial approach inherent in the Management-Union square-off model?

Matching workers with jobs that utilize their own unique skills and aptitudes will make for a much more positive work environment and help to minimize the common conflicts that occur when the wrong person is working the wrong job. Taking a wrong person at a wrong job and placing him/her at the right job, makes that person the right person for the right job.

In addition, every good Capitalist knows that fairly compensated workers who are treated fairly and with respect make the best workers. By helping them, the Capitalist helps himself and his business. And when the workers help the company and management by helping to create wealth with quality work, workers gain the benefits of a sound, fiscally-solid company.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/7/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Red's Trading Post issues an important alert concerning tomorrow being the 'national-report-ATF-abuse day':

Armed and Safe comments on the alert issued by Ryan Horsley at Red's on tomorrow's national blitz on ATF-abuse:

Mike McCarville posts his awaited list on Oklahoma's most influential politicians. An interesting read!:

A Keyboard and a .45 posts a notice on the opportunity to get a fine pistol in the 'Louder Than Words' fundraiser:

The MUST-read of the day is from Alphecca, entitled, 'Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Left':

Sharp as a Marble blogs on the impending demise of the traditional print media:

Snow Flakes in Hell reports that Northern Virginia has 'flipped the finger' to Bloomberg:

The Bitch Girls write about 'alternative dispute resolution,' or 'arbitration':

Breda has a great message to the latest purveyors of PSH:

The War on Guns has the enraging story of a taxi service owner who was sent to prison for having a gun in one of his cabs:

Tam at A View from the Porch has the quote of the day:

The Volokh Conspiracy has a VERY interesting read on 'Confessions of a Waterboarder':

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs says that Muslim Keith Ellison, D-MN, and some of his Democratic cohorts are promoting election fraud:

Mark Hemingway at William F. Buckley's National Review writes a riveting article on Hillary's 'commie-nazi' constituency:

It Was Just a Joke, Folks

Never attempting to hide my admiration for former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, it has become necessary to give my take on the much bally-hoo'd off-the-cuff joke the GOP candidate made during a Fox News interview.

Thompson quipped to Fox correspondent Carl Cameron something to the effect of, 'And I'll probably never be President.'

Cameron immediately jumped on the quip, blowing it out of proportion, and frankly, misinterpreting it. Now the entire mainstream media is in on the feeding frenzy, claiming that Thompson is 'lazy' and 'doesn't have the fire in the belly' to be President, or even more ridiculous, taking an off-the-record joke as an indication that the candidate does not truly believe that he can attain the Presidency.

First, those who know Senator Thompson know that such self-effacing humor is one of his trademarks. The man simply doesn't take himself too seriously, much like another former Hollywood actor who later became President, Ronald Reagan.

Thompson is laid-back. This is his personality. It has always been and always will be. So what?

Second, so what that he does not campaign in the traditional way? I think his style is entirely refreshing. He isn't bound to anyone's prescribed methods of campaigning. In fact, there is NO 'prescribed method.'

Third, although Thompson is quick to remind voters that he is no Ronald Reagan, there is a certain similarity in one key area. Thompson does not HAVE to be President. Neither did Reagan. It was not like some sort of lifelong, 'to-die-for' goal that had to be reached or else life is meaningless.

To the contrary, both Thompson and Reagan had successful careers in other fields of endeavor, but politics, the future of the Republic, and the cry of the voters, lured them into doing something reluctantly--start a campaign.

It is no sin to be a reluctant candidate. In fact, this is much to be preferred over career politicians who never made a nickel of their own money except from the public treasury.

Reagan did not particularly want to be President; he felt he was compelled to be by circumstances outside his own personal preferences. He probably saved the Republic from becoming simply another has-been European-styled Socialist nation that was a mere shadow of its former self.

The result was that America grew even greater and stronger under the Reagan Presidency.

Remember that in the early stages of the 1980 campaign, Reagan was a clear underdog. Polls showed him losing to George H.W. Bush in the GOP race, and if nominated losing to Jimmy Carter in the general election.

Reagan lost both the Iowa and New Hampshire GOP primaries.

But then the campaign turned southward, and Reagan began to trounce Bush. As the general election drew near, Carter and Reagan appeared to be in a dead-heat according to the major polls. Reagan was denounced and ridiculed as a second-rate, B-grade movie actor who was prone to 'misspeak' on foreign policy issues. In actuality, he was only telling the truth, but the truth was appalling to the 'detente'-oriented forces that pushed appeasement with the Communists.

Thus, Reagan was seen as a loose cannon who didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

But when the election results came rolling in, a very different picture became clear than what was being presented in the mainstream media. Reagan was beating Carter in a landslide.

Back to Fred Thompson. It is a precarious exercise to trust mainstream pundits, even those on Fox. Most if not all of the pundits that appear on Fox have a clear agenda, and it is Rudy.

Thompson's laid-back, deliberative style gives him more gravitas, in my opinion. He is dead-serious about the issues he discusses, and thus, when speaking about the policies that guide the future of the Republic, Thompson exhibits no frivolity, canned speeches, or shameless juvenile cheerleading for himself. He is a serious candidate for a serious time in our history.

But he also has a sense of humor.

As we used to say during the Reagan years, 'Let Reagan be Reagan,' perhaps it is time to simply 'let Thompson be Thompson.'

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/6/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership issues a warning about the impact on gun rights that the so-called 'environmentalist movement' poses:

John Lott has an excellent read on hubris, the environmentalist movement, and 'carbon taxes':

Hanah Metchis Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy has an interesting post today on advice, consent, and statutory qualifications:

Democrats in the Ohio legislature have proposed outlawing guns for anyone under the age of 21. Read all about it at the Buckeye Firearms Association:

Xavier Thoughts posts some good advice on entry-level handguns, home protection, and self-defense:

The Breda Fallacy weighs in on the latest anti-gun, anti-Constitution, anti-freedom drivel from 'Lady Jayne':

The Bitch Girls comment on Ron Paul's amazing coup of raising over 4 million dollars in a 24-hour period (that is the latest update):

Snow Flakes in Hell posts his thoughts on the Ron Paul fundraising record (he beat Mitt Romney's previous record of raising the most funds in one day):

Robb Allen has an update on his Mom's treatments:

Say Uncle reports that gun sales are way up. No wonder. Perhaps the masses out in the heartland see a great train wreck coming in November of 2008:

Oscar Poppa makes an excellent point about knots and tools:

Taser background checks? Yep, and you won't believe who will be gaining access to your personal info if you buy certain models of tasers. Blogonomicon has the story:

Armed and Safe says that the more Rudy talks the more he digs himself into a hole on the Second Amendment:

Alphecca has the MUST-read of the day, 'Don't Own Anything that Might Get Stolen':

Mike McCarville says he will post a very important list tomorrow:

A very sad news story of murder has rocked South Carolina, similar to the Susan Smith horror over a decade ago in the very same state:

Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents

People who believe in liberty, the freedom of the individual, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights should swear off of the Democratic Party completely.

The Party has totally forsaken the founding principles of the United States of America and has sold out to Socialists, neo-Communists, and other statists who believe that government power should always trump the power of the individual. The fact that George Soros' gang of atheist neo-Commies runs the Party, along with those who fund, is ample proof that under no circumstance should conscientious Americans vote for a Democrat.

And this includes those who know how to sound like they support gun rights, the Bill of Rights, etc. during an election. The fact is that even though they may in fact support some of these ideals, their money is coming from those who will demand allegiance to the money source, and the money source is rotten to the core.

Take that dirt-bag in Virginia, Senator James Webb. What a dork. He rang all the right bells while he ran for office, but once elected he had to go as far as to lie about a gun his aide carried into the Capitol for the fear of reprisal by the Democratic Party bosses.

The gun belonged to Webb, which at first he denied, but then admitted months after the incident.

Countless other supposedly 'conservative' Democrats across the nation have fooled their constituents into believing they share the values of those who elect them to office, yet the record shows they routinely cut deals with the devil to survive in a Party where the real power rests with the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Little Chucky Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and that lame-brain Howard Dean.

For this reason, conscientious American voters, that is, those who take seriously our nation's founding documents and its original ideals, and who hold as sacred the Founders who risked life and all they owned to give us this shining light of liberty, should forsake once and for all the Democratic Party and vote ONLY for Republicans, or Libertarians, or Independents.

This is by no means a membership drive for the GOP. Frankly, some within the GOP are just as bad as the Democrats. But at least the Party as a whole stands for the Founding principles of this nation.

And frankly, it doesn't interest me in the least as to whether or not you belong to the GOP officially. I certainly don't. I will not hesitate to vote for Libertarians or Independents if the circumstances are right.

The point, however, is that as conscientious voters we can no longer do business with a political Party that has clearly forsaken and scorned ALL of the precepts that true Americans hold dear.

I, for one, will under no circumstance vote for a single one of the bloody traitors. Gone are the days when I can in good conscience do business with even so-called 'conservative' Democrats.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Update on Erin McLean

Erin McLean, the student teacher in Knoxville, TN who had an affair with a former student, which resulted in that student's murder, and who recently disappeared with her two sons, has made contact with her attorney.

McLean states that she is living in another state with friends and that she has enrolled her two children in school.

Meanwhile, a court in Knoxville has granted Erin's estranged husband, Eric, visitation rights with his children. Eric is free on bail for the killing of a 19-year-old student who was involved with his wife.

The court's granting of visitation rights to Eric, however, may be meaningless if they cannot be found, or if they are living so far away that regular visitation is impossible.

Rumor has it that Erin is staying with someone in California...a long, long way from Tennessee.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/5/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Red's Trading Post reports today that the jackbooted thugs of the ATF are still moving forward with revoking their license to sell firearms:

Snow Flakes in Hell comments on the Red's persecution by the ATF cited above:

Barbed wire and gun towers. Think it could not happen here? Think again! The only thing left to add are the crematoria. The War on Guns has the story:

Rioting lawyers? Read about it here, at A View From the Porch:

Traction Control reports that the BBC maintains most would make sacrifices for the sake of 'green':

Nicki at the Liberty Zone has this to say about the sorry state of affairs in Great Britain with regard to self-defense:

I 100% agree with Alphecca on using deadly force to keep your possessions from being stolen!:

Alphecca also has the story of high school students in Massachusetts being brainwashed into believing a bunch of BULLSHHTTT on the Second Amendment:

Congrats to Mike McCarville for his TV appearance Sunday!:

I simply couldn't resist this one, although it is WAY off topic. This is an absolutely beautiful baby! Yep, I am a dog lover, and they are all my babies, big and small. Cap'n Bob and the Damsel share a pic of their lovely canine, 'Bear':

The Bitch Girls have more on the Virginia Nanny State...that formerly southern state in which now even GOP candidates in Northern Virginia want to remove your Constitutional rights:

Now, do yourselves a favor and buy something at The Bitch Girls' site. There's plenty there for gunners, readers, and more. Just click on the links they provide:

The Ninth Stage says THIS about deceptive advertising:

Breda says she is interested in taking the CCW course. You won't fail, Breda...not with your keen intelligence:

Say Uncle reports that Jayne Lynn Stahl wants us all to commit suicide with our guns:

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble verbally takes down yet another idiot who spouts drivel about the Founding Fathers on the Second Amendment:

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 writes about his day at the shooting range yesterday:

The MUST-read of the day is over at Armed and Safe:

John Lott posts a collection of news stories on the defensive use of guns:

John Lott also has an excerpt from Fred Thompson's appearance yesterday on Tim Russert's Meet the Press. The subject is gun-free zones:

Fred Thompson has created quite a stir with his statement about abortion. Although he is avidly pro-life, Thompson does not support the GOP platform that calls for a Constitutional Amendment. Instead, he would revoke Roe v. Wade and allow the states to decide the issue:

The Volokh Conspiracy comments on the fact that it is becoming clear that Fred Thompson is explicitly a Federalist:

Former Latin-American Commie leader Che Guevara has become a cult hero among college students. But, as Michelle Malkin reports, perhaps they should take a look at history and then decide what kind of 'hero' the murdering barbarian truly was!:

The Buckeye Firearms Association says that the Brady Gang is kicking up into high gear their anti-CCW campaign:

From the NRA: Indiana Court Ignores Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act:

The Lawyer Chic over at 'Clarity' presents an article on 'heroic conservatism,' with which I disagree but which is deserving of consideration:

Another blog that is new to the Liberty Sphere is 'the Adventures of Roberta X.' Read this excellent article on why you should not take a village to get your child raised:

Ron Paul Radio Ad

I heard a Ron Paul radio ad yesterday...the first I've heard in this area. And, I must say that it was very well-done. The ad featured college students who spoke of the reasons why they support Ron Paul.

One said she liked him because he wants to get us out of Iraq. Another said it was the issue of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that drew him to the Paul campaign. Still another stated that Paul seemed to be the only one talking seriously about liberty and keeping government small and accountable.

Whether or not one is in the Ron Paul camp at this point, one must admit that ads such as these hit the nail on the head. Dr. Paul appeals to a large segment of college students, which is precisely what we want if we wish to preserve liberty for posterity.

In addition, the values and concepts emphasized by the Paul campaign are catching on among the college set in many countries besides America. Many if not most of the protest movements against oppressive governments in the world are spawned and promoted by college students.

Even if many of us prefer another candidate at this point in the campaign, we can truly take heart in the fact that Ron Paul is apparently inspiring a surge of interest in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the principles of liberty among the leaders of tomorrow.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nancy's Mongrels Blame Her for U.S. Success

This was not supposed to happen. Once the Democrats took control of Congress in November of 2006, we were supposed to be out of Iraq immediately. At least this was the game-plan of the Leftwingers who put Nancy and her mongrels in charge.

Not only did this fail to happen, but Nefarious Nancy and her gang of gratuitous grubs failed to pass a single bill limiting funding for the war.

In fact, the Democratic-controlled Congress has failed to pass a single major initiative that they supposedly had a broad 'mandate' to pass.

So dismal is public support for the nation's legislative branch that even Nancy herself stated last week that she disapproves of Congress.

The mongrels, however, are presently making it clear that part of the blame rests with Pelosi herself, and they are making their complaints known. It seems the mongrels are a-snarling, and their problem is that the surge in Iraq is working. Nancy was supposed to get us out of Iraq before the U.S. had a chance to turn things around.

This was the ultimate game-plan--take advantage of U.S. losses in Iraq, bring all the troops home, and then blame Bush and the GOP for whatever aftermath occurred.

Now that the U.S. clearly has the upper hand in Iraq and Al Qaeda is on the run, the mongrels in Congress are livid that Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional leadership did not move more forcefully to get the U.S. out of Iraq while America still had a good chance to lose.

In short, these defeatist and dastardly despots wanted America to lose. To them, for us to win is a bad thing.

I see a massive anti-incumbent move on the horizon during the 2008 election cycle, and it frankly will not matter whether the candidate is Democrat or Republican. But the Dems will take the worst hit simply because they are in power and under their watch the American people overwhelmingly lost faith in their the tune of 89% of the electorate.

Not only is Nancy taking the blame from her mongrels in Congress, but in her own state of California, more people express opposition to her leadership than those who express support, according to the latest poll.

If the liberals who populate California feel that way about her, then it is not difficult to determine how the rest of the country feels, especially in the heartland.

Pelosi is bad for America, and her mongrels are bad for America. We can only hope they will be shown the door next year.

Little Chucky Decides to Support Bush AG Nominee

Little Chucky Schumer, left, along with the Hildabeast...

Little Chucky Schumer, D-NY, announced that he is going to vote in favor of confirmation for President Bush's nominee for Attorney-General, Judge Michael Mukasey.

I suppose when you have been subject to ridicule and derision over proclaiming that 'the Reagan era is dead,' you have to do something to try to salvage what remaining credibility you have left, albeit minuscule.

Mukasey, a Reagan appointee who has broad support across the political spectrum as being a brilliant and effective jurist, had run into trouble with the Democrats on the Hill because of his unwillingness to say, one way or the other, whether or not waterboarding is 'torture.'

The Dean of the Congressional Trivial, Senator Patrick Leahy, stated he would vote against Mukasey for that reason.

But then, it was Little Chucky and the perennially ethically-challenged Dianne Feinstein to the rescue. Both stated that they would vote in favor of confirmation...odd, given their history over the past few years.

Yet when one takes into consideration that Congress stands at the all-time low approval rating of 11%, perhaps Little Chucky and Dianne suddenly got religion.