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Saturday, May 19, 2007

OUTRAGE! Illegal Aliens Voting In Texas!

Washington, DC (TLS). My friends, this story will let you know EXACTLY where this illegal alien mess will lead us. If this doesn't get your blood boiling, nothing will.

Illegal aliens are voting in Texas. And they have been doing so for the past several elections.

It is time to tell George Bush, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, and John McCain that we WILL NOT tolerate their behavior on this issue!

Click here for the details from Texas:

Ohio Politician Becomes Pro-Gun After Attack

Washington, DC (TLS). An Ohio state representative that was previously a gun control advocate has totally repudiated his previous position and become pro-gun following an armed assault.

Representative Michael DuBose, D-Cleveland, was the victim of a violent and potentially deadly attack. The assault totally changed his perspective on concealed carry.

Read the entire story here:

Race Keeps Knoxville Slaying Out of National News

Knoxville, TN (TLS). The brutal murder of a Knoxville, Tennessee couple has certainly made the headlines of local newspapers and television stations, but you won't find a word of it mentioned in the national media. This is odd given the heinous nature of the crime.

Knoxville residents Christopher Newsom, 23, and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Channon Christian, a student at the University of Tennessee, were found brutally murdered in January. Both had been raped and tortured.

In fact, the details of their slaying are so gruesome that they have not been made public by police officials, but plenty of websites have provided the gory details.

Four suspects have been arrested and charged with the crimes. All four are Black. The two victims are white.

And this is the source of the controversy. Local residents and bloggers claim that had the situation been reversed, with four Caucasians raping, torturing, and murdering two young African-Americans, the details of the crime and the arrests would be all over CNN and the national media.

But so far, nary word.

Country music star Charlie Daniels claims that while the news blackout may not be racially motivated or an example of reverse racism, it most definitely is a case of 'selective journalism.'

The trial will be underway in Knoxville very soon, and prosecutors have not yet indicated if they will seek the death penalty.

Read the complete story here:


Washington, DC (TLS). Gangs of Mexican criminals, drug runners, and smugglers perpetrated a bloodbath in a small Mexican town south of the border on Friday. Rumors suggest that this gang has formed a convoy headed north toward the U.S. border, intent on continuing the bloodbath within the United States.

This should be a wake-up call to the imbecilic Washington politicians in BOTH Parties who are pushing the latest amnesty bill. The Ted Kennedy-Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-John McCain-Lindsay Graham-George W. Bush immigration bill for granting amnesty is a slap in the face to all law-abiding Americans and to all LEGAL immigrants who stood in line to wait their turn to become citizens the RIGHT WAY.

Read about the Mexican convoy of barbarians here:

Congress Tried Twice to Make Churches 'Lobbyists'

Washington, DC (TLS). With the Leftwing in control of Congress under the Democrats, a consistent, persistent attempt is afoot to make churches 'lobbyists' under federal law.

Although the sponsors of this legislation have failed in both attempts, they are committed to keep trying until this is passed into law.

Should your church be considered a 'lobbyist' if it tries to influence Congress on, say, abortion legislation? If these nutcases have their way, it will.

Read the whole story concerning the Democrats' dastardly scheme here:

Methodist Leader--U.S. Flag Like Nazi Swastika

Washington, DC (TLS). As we have previously reported on The Liberty Sphere,
'mainline' Christian denominations in America today have little if anything to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of the so-called 'mainline denominations' are nothing more than outposts for Leftwing political propaganda that is then passed off as 'the message of Jesus.'

For example, Barack Hussein Obama's denomination, the United Church of Christ, is officially part of 'the Jesus Seminar,' and the 'Jesus Project,' which flatly deny that Christ spoke 90% of what is attributed to Him in the New Testament. They also question if Jesus was even a historical figure.

This week the leader of the United Methodist Church and Society stated that the U.S. Flag is like the Nazi Swastika. This point was made when the man was attempting to defend his contention that the U.S. Flag has no place in public worship, that it should not even be displayed in a sanctuary of worship at all.

My friends, the lunatic Leftwing fringe has infiltrated mainline Christian denominations!

Read this story about the statements of Rev. Clayton Childers on the flag:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fred Thompson Blasts Cuba, Castro, Ridicules Michael Moore

Washington, DC (TLS). Fred Thompson just may be THE candidate conservatives and independents are looking for. In the video you can watch below, Thompson takes a swipe at Communist Cuba, Commie-Dictator Fidel Castro, and proceeds to get us laughing at Michael Moore by suggesting that his continued trips to the island nation may result in his being thrown into a Cuban mental institution!

The video is really hilarious, smooth, and professionally done.

To see it, click here:


Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). A new scandal is brewing at the Ware Shoals High School in Ware Shoals, SC, just weeks after the school made international news in the Jill Moore-Cheerleader Sex Scandal.

This time the scandal involves a male teacher and a cell phone.

Sources report that a male teacher is under investigation when it was brought to the attention of authorities that inappropriate text messages were found on a cell phone.

At this point details are sketchy. It has not yet been disclosed if the cell phone in question belongs to the teacher or a student, and we do not yet know if the student involved is male or female.

The Liberty Sphere will provide you with late-breaking updates....

Banks That Cater to Illegal Aliens

Washington, DC (TLS). Throw out all of what you think you know about banks that cater to illegal aliens and those that do not. You will be shocked to discover just who are the worst offenders.

This story broke several months ago when Bank of America announced it would offer credit cards to illegal aliens. A protest movement was born. Many began to boycott Bank of America.

However, Bank of America is only one of the main offenders. There are truckloads more.

And there are many banks that do NOT cater to those who break the law.

How can we tell the difference? Asking questions of your bank is key. But there are other clues.

For example, if your bank requires a valid Social Security Number to open an account, that is a good sign. But even that is not enough to insure that your bank is not aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

Ask them if they accept the 'Matricula Consular Card' that illegal aliens must have to open a bank account. If your bank accepts this card, then it provides services to illegal aliens. If they tell you they do NOT accept this card, then you know that your bank adheres to U.S. Law and refuses to provide aid to people who break the law.

The following link will take you to a site that has complete information on banks across the country. You can even do a state-by-state check.

As always, be sure to verify the information before causing a ruckus. Banks sometimes change their policies.

For the complete list of banks that aid illegal aliens and those who do not, click here:


Washington, DC (TLS). Counterterrorism expert Michael Cutler has slammed the immigration agreement worked out between the White House and the Senate. Cutler has done scholarly research for years on worldwide terrorism, both foreign and domestic, and has provided sound policy recommendations.

Cutler maintains that a so-called 'guest worker program' is a dangerous way to go. In fact, Cutler refers to this specific provision of the bill as a 'Guest Worker Amnesty Program.'

Despite denials by the White House and Senate Democrats that the bill provides amnesty to illegal aliens, the guest worker program does exactly that, as Cutler shows below.

This timely article is an absolute MUST-READ! Click here for Cutler's analysis:

Hillary, Pelosi Lying About Gas Price-Gouging

Washington, DC (TLS). Two of Washington's premier Socialists, Senator Hillary Clinton and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been decrying so-called 'price-gouging' by the big oil companies.

First, it was Hillary with her now-infamous line from her stump speech concerning oil company profits--'We are going to take that money and put it in a fund for the development of alternative forms of energy.'

Spoken like a true Socialist.

Now it is Nancy Pelosi's condemnation of the oil companies this week, reacting to a new national average price of $3.07 per gallon of gas.

Pelosi was incensed by the fact that in her home district of San Francisco, the highest price of gasoline stood at $3.49 per gallon. Thus, she introduced a bill in the House, H.R. 1252, to 'protect consumers from price-gouging.'

Time for a reality check, Ms. Clinton and Ms. Pelosi.

When adjusted for inflation over a 25-year period, the national average for a gallon of gas is actually LOWER today than it was in 1981, just as Jimmy Carter was leaving the White House.

In addition, apparently consumers need protection from GOVERNMENT price gouging rather than gouging by the oil companies!

If anyone would bother to check the actual figures, one would find that the big oil companies make roughly 13 cents per gallon on the gasoline that is sold in America. Out of an average price of $3.07 per gallon, the big oil companies themselves gain a profit of just 13 CENTS PER GALLON.

Would anyone like to guess what THE GOVERNMENT makes on a gallon of gas?

Remember, a huge chunk of what you and I pay at the pump is for TAXES, both state and federal. Thus, for each gallon of gas sold, the federal government makes 18.4 cents per gallon. That is 5.4 cents per gallon higher than what those 'price-gouging' oil companies make!

On top of that, in the state of California, 40.2 cents per gallon goes to the state government. In other words, the state of California makes THREE TIMES the amount of profit the oil companies get from a gallon of gas.

And we are not through yet. Let's look at Pelosi's district alone, shall we? In the San Francisco Congressional district, which Pelosi represents, consumers pay a LOCAL tax on top of the state and federal tax. San Francisco residents pay another 8.2% in local sales taxes for their gasoline.

Thus, for every gallon of gasoline you purchase, you are going to pay at least 58.6 cents per gallon in federal and state taxes, plus 8.2% of the total for your local taxes.

For one gallon of gas, the government gets 58.6 cents plus 8.2% as compared to the 13 cents in profit that goes to the oil companies.

So who is actually doing the gouging here?

This is why I say that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are lying, deliberately attempting to deceive the American people.

Let's do the math in a hypothetical situation. Let's say you pull up to the pump in San Francisco in your eco-friendly hybrid, and it so happens you have found one lone gas station selling gasoline at the national average of 3.07 per gallon. Let's say you purchase ten gallons of gas for the total price of $30.70.

Out of that total price of $30.70, the oil companies make a whopping $1.30 in profit. ONE DOLLAR AND THIRTY CENTS out of your tank of gas.

The federal government makes $1.84 in federal taxes...54 cents higher than the 'profit' the oil companies make.

As for the state of California, out of your $30.70 purchase, the state government will get $4.02. Don't let this one escape your attention. The oil companies make one dollar and thirty cents' profit out of your purchase, but the state of California makes FOUR DOLLARS AND TWO CENTS.

We're still not finished yet. We still have to add two dollars and forty-eight cents for the 8.2% local sales tax for San Francisco.

Thus, out of your purchase of $30.70 in gasoline, you will pay $8.34 in federal, state, and local sales taxes. Yet you have paid the big oil companies a mere $1.30 out of your purchase.

And this brings us back to the central point. Why would Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi lie to the American public about so-called 'price gouging' by the big oil companies? In fact, they really do have a great amount of gall to suggest such a thing when the government will get over SIX TIMES that amount per gallon of gas sold.

Naturally, neither Clinton nor Pelosi would view such a thing as highway robbery. As long as the government does it, it is automatically for the 'greater good.' But the minute you let a corporation make a profit--and a tiny one at that--then that company is automatically a price-gouging, evil, corrupt, and malevolent example of capitalism.

Do you want to pay lower prices at the gas pump? Well, you are targeting the wrong people if you strike out at the oil companies. Get these gasoline taxes either lowered or eliminated, and you will automatically save 8 bucks per tank (10 gallons) in the state of California.

If you drive a large vehicle you will save about 16 bucks per tank.

Thus, when you feel the pain at the pump, be sure to remember just what is the biggest source of that pain--the government and not the oil companies.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). You will not hear this reported on the mainstream network news programs. You will not read about this in the New York Times, Time Magazine, or Newsweek. In fact, it took a Republican representative in the U.S. House, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, to take to the floor of the House to point out for the record that within the Democrat majority's budget proposal lies the largest single tax increase in American history.

The Democrats want you and me to pay the IRS 392.5 BILLION more in taxes over the next five years.

That's right. 392.5 BILLION DOLLARS.

Rep. Blackburn states that in the state of Tennessee alone, the average taxpayer will owe the IRS an average of over 2000 dollars more in taxes. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS PER TAXPAYER.

This should be enough of an outrage to the average American voter that Congress should be inundated, even shut down, with the number of protest calls placed into the nation's capital.

Many of us warned the electorate of this very thing prior to November of 2006. We warned you that if the Democrats took control of Congress we can expect to pay out the wazoo through our pocketbooks.

Most turned a deaf ear to those warnings in the midst of their temper tantrum over the Iraq War. Temper tantrums rarely result in rational decisions. And the decision the electorate made last November was to place into the majority a gang of thugs that will rob you of your money, take your guns, try to restrict your speech, declare America the loser in Iraq, denigrate our troops by refusing to pass an adequate spending measure to support them, and make it a hate crime for your preacher to state in church that homosexual acts are sinful abominations.

This tax increase proposal is absolutely the last straw. These imbeciles have got to go. And heaven help us if we elect one to the Presidency. If we do that, we deserve to live under tyranny.


Washington, DC (TLS). Late Wednesday afternoon House Republicans managed to beat back a power-grab by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Stung by a series of embarrassing defeats and approval numbers of Congress reaching a low ebb, the Speaker had attempted to change a rule in place since 1822 that allows the minority Party to block proposed legislation.

Both Parties have benefited from the rule through the years, which serves to keep a balance of power in effect even when one party is in the minority.

Pelosi, however, wished to take away this power from the Republicans in order to ram through tax increase legislation without as much as a serious debate.

So much for her pledge last November to 'work with the Republicans in a spirit of bipartisan cooperation.'

Such a liar.

Read the whole story here:

GOA Issues Urgent Alert on H.R. 297

Washington, DC (TLS). Gun Owners of America (GOA), the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington, has issued an urgent alert concerning the progress of the Dingell-McCarthy Bill (H.R. 297).

GOA says now is the time to contact your Washington representatives to get this bill defeated.

Carolyn McCarthy, the co-sponsor, never saw a gun-grab measure she did not like. And this time, she has managed to bring aboard some unexpected allies, such as a few Republicans and the NRA, which has stated it supports passage of the measure.

However, the bill will prevent millions of law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearms and will add yet one more plank of government control over an individual right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Read the full story, along with a sample letter to send to your elected officials here:

Dems Choose Debate Sponsors--Snub Fox

Washington, DC (TLS). The Democrats, continuing with their obvious cowardice at the prospects of facing Fox News, have chosen instead to allow CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC/MSNBC to host their next six obvious snub of Fox.

What are these bozos afraid of? Being asked the hard questions?

Obviously. They had rather Chris Matthews ask them about sex or about their thoughts on Hillary winning the White House.

What idiots.

CNN will get two out of the next six debates, NBC/MSNBC will also get two, and CBS and ABC will get one a piece.

Way to go, guys. It must be nice to have the reporters who are already in your hip pocket to ask you the soft-ball questions.

Read the full story here:

Walter Williams--'Things To Think About'

Washington, DC (TLS). The venerable Walter Williams, our favorite intellectual, presents to us some 'things to think about.' This is a must-read!

Click here for the article:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). In less than four months after assuming the majority status in Congress, Democrats are beginning to crash and burn in the court of public opinion. The latest Gallup poll shows that public approval of Congress has sunk to a stunning low of 29%.

Public approval of Congress is now below that of President George W. Bush, which stands at 33%.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone neanderthal in attempting to shut down the minority Party with a procedural rules change--the first of its kind since 1822.

Read the full report of the Gallup organization here:


Washington, DC (TLS). For the first time since 1822, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-California, is attempting to shut down the minority in the House by changing what is known as 'the germaneness rule.' which allows the minority Party to thwart proposed legislation by calling into question the germaneness of a bill and gives the minority the right to the Motion to Recommit.

This would effectively shut down the minority Party on the floor of the House.

Stung by a series of missteps, embarrassing defeats, and a low approval rating among the public, Pelosi and the Democrats are apparently ready to use draconian techniques to silence their detractors.

Wow, what a democracy....

Read the full report here by Matt Drudge:

Who Is Winning So Far Among the Republicans?

Columbia, SC (TLS). With two televised debates now under their belts, the Republican Presidential candidates have begun to carve out for themselves a certain niche in the minds of the voters. With some of these candidates, initial impressions have been made, for good or ill. Others have had opportunity to re-introduce themselves after years in the public spotlight.

The Liberty Sphere has been rating candidates, both Democrat and Republican, based upon our exclusive 'Liberty Scale.' This scale is based upon eight key issues that we view as being central to the preservation of liberty in our lifetime and beyond--taxes, gun rights, abortion, national defense, border security, immigration control, the War in Iraq, and the broader War on Terror.

Based upon the ratings of the Republican candidates on these issues during the two debates, we can now get a clearer picture as to who is ahead so far, and who is lagging behind.

We have added together each candidates' two scores from their two debates, and divided them by two, in order to get an average score. The following is the average score of each of the 10 Republican candidates, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score:

Duncan Hunter--10
Mike Huckabee--10
Jim Gilmore--8
Tom Tancredo--7.5
Sam Brownback--7
Rudy Giuliani--6.5
Mitt Romney--6.5
Tommy Thompson--6.5
Ron Paul--6.5
John McCain--5

You will note that only two candidates have a perfect score on the issues that are key to The Liberty Sphere--Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee. However, our concern at this point is money. Neither Hunter nor Huckabee have shown the ability, at least thus far, to raise the mega-bucks needed to mount a competitive campaign. It will be interesting to see if this changes after last night's debate.

If anyone stands to gain the most in terms of fundraising, it is definitely Rudy Giuliani with his powerful showing in the debate. We look for the candidate to overtake Romney as the Republican who raises the most funds, at least with the present field of candidates.

That looming unknown factor is still very much present, however--how soon will Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich announce, and to what degree with this effect the Giuliani bandwagon.

Rudy Hits Grand Slam

Columbia, SC (TLS). By anyone's estimation, the decisive moment that occurred in last night's Republican debate was 'the Giuliani response' to Ron Paul. These sorts of things cannot be staged. The fact that the response was a spontaneous emotional reaction only served to lend it credibility.

Giuliani was given a golden moment to shine on an issue that is obviously very dear to his heart--the issue of terrorism and the motivations for terrorists to attack us on our own shores.

As Mayor of New York City, Giuliani dealt first-hand with this very real issue as few are ever called upon to do.

Thus, when candidate Ron Paul implied that the reason why we were attacked on 9/11 was our own fault for being involved in the Middle East in the past, Giuliani spontaneously spoke up without even being prompted or asking permission. It was not part of the script for him to respond. But he seized the moment and made it into the decisive moment.

Giuliani, visibly upset with Paul's misguided suggestion, turned righteously indignant. I would guess that 95% of Americans were right with him, feeling the same thing. Showing little tolerance for such a short-sighted point of view, Giuliani blasted Paul for implying such a thing.

And with good reason. It would be mighty convenient to blame terrorism upon past U.S. failures in foreign policy, or in our justifiable attempt to keep a powder-keg from blowing sky high. But the notion fails to take into consideration fundamentalist Islam, which maintains that the entire world must convert to Islam, or we will be considered infidels who must be killed.

The notion of convert or kill within radical Islam was not created by past U.S. foreign policy.

Giuliani thus turned the moment into a grand opportunity to seize the day and hit one out of the park. Not only did he have the facts on his side, but the gut-wrenching nature of the issue enlivened and humanized a debate, which like all debates, was sorely lacking in basic human emotion.

Thus, Giuliani was able to show America something of his soul...a glimpse into the things he holds dear. And American lives is one of them. The candidate displayed for the nation why he became known after 9/11 as 'America's Mayor.'

These moments are few and far between in debates. And when they present themselves the candidates involved are not always able, for one reason or another, to seize those moments as opportunities. Giuliani reacted spontaneously and showed the nation why he is ready to be President.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The 2nd Debate--Ratings of the Republican Candidates

Columbia, SC (TLS). The Republican candidates squared off for their second debate here this evening at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. The University, which boasts over 30,000 students here in a metropolitan area of roughly 400,000, became the focus of thousands of news personnel from around the country, some from as far away as Washington State, in order to see these candidates in action.

An estimated crowd of 10,000 gathered for this forum, which was hosted and aired by Fox News. News veteran Britt Hume, Washington bureau chief for Fox News, did his normally admirable job of moderating this debate.

The questions presented to the candidates were reasonable, thoughtful, thorough, sometimes confrontational, and substantive. In fact, Fox News, Britt Hume, and company, can take pride in the fact that tonight they displayed a brilliant presentation of professional journalism.

Tonight's format was decidedly different from what we have seen so far in these gatherings. Fox had stated prior to the debate to expect changes, and they delivered. There was room for interaction between candidates, with Giuliani going head-to-head with Ron Paul on the reasons we were attacked on 9/11. There was even an innovative part of the debate where Britt Hume presented a hypothetical scenario of a terrorist attack on America. The candidates then had to describe what they would do in light of the attack.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will begin by presenting our analysis of the effectiveness of the candidates' presentation, i.e., clarity and style of communication, connection with the audience, logical progression of rhetoric, and ability to answer the questions asked rather than running off on tangents.

In light of these qualities, The Liberty Sphere ranks the candidates as follows, in order of their overall effectiveness of presentation:

Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter (3-way tie)
John McCain, Tom Tancredo, Mitt Romney, Sam Brownback (4-way tie)
Tommy Thompson
Jim Gilmore
Ron Paul

The person showing the most improvement over the first debate was Tom Tancredo, who was engaging, articulate, and powerful. The biggest disappointment was Ron Paul, who implied that the reason we were attacked on 9/11 was directly due to our involvement in the Middle East for years. This played right into the hands of Rudy Giuliani, who was visibly outraged at such a suggestion, and displayed the indignation of one personally offended by the mere suggestion that America itself is responsible for the terrorist murders of our citizens.

When we are dealing with radical Islam, no amount of isolationalism would have prevented them from attempting to carry out the will of Allah in slaughtering the infidels. Ron Paul should know this.

In fact, the major gaffe of the evening was by Ron Paul on this issue, who may have just insured his demise as a viable candidate.

Second, The Liberty Sphere will rate the candidates based upon our eight-point 'Liberty Scale.' This is the heart of our ratings system, for the emphasis here is exclusively on the issues alone.

The eight issues we have chosen by which to rate the candidates on the issues are as follows: taxes, gun rights, national defense, abortion, the War on Terror, the War in Iraq, border security, and immigration control. These particular issues are at the heart of liberty, and they are consistent with The Liberty Sphere's mission statement.

For a full explanation on our rationale for rating the candidates on these eight issues, see our post on the first Democratic debate here:

Based upon The Liberty Sphere's analysis of each of the 10 Republican Presidential candidates and the extent to which they adhere to our eight key indicators of liberty, the candidates in tonight's debate are rated as follows on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score:

Duncan Hunter--10
Mike Huckabee--10
Tom Tancredo--8
Jim Gilmore--7
Rudy Giuliani--7
Mitt Romney--6
Sam Brownback--6
Ron Paul--6
Tommy Thompson--6
John McCain--5

You will note several items of interest. Tom Tancredo significantly helped himself in tonight's debate. So did Rudy Giuliani. Ron Paul lost a great amount of ground due to his more complete explanation of his views on foreign policy and his apparent short-sighted take on the nature of radical Islam. We did not create Muslim terrorists. To merely imply such a thing either deliberately or inadvertently is to insure the end of one's candidacy, for all intents and purposes.

Our rationale on giving significantly higher marks to Rudy this evening revolves, in part, around his eloquent explanation of his views on abortion. Although we disagree on how to deal with a moral issue, we can respect his point of view because he is honest about it, and because he has obviously thought it through very thoroughly. In addition, we believe that his credentials as a player on the world stage against global terrorism were on full display this evening. And it doesn't hurt that he pledges to appoint only strict constructionists to the courts and that he believes in American capitalism and free enterprise as opposed to Hillary Clinton's socialism.

Fort Dix Six Had Been Granted 'Safe Haven' by New Jersey

Washington, DC (TLS). Word has surfaced that the Fort Dix Six, who were planning on a terrorist attack that would have killed hundreds of American soldiers, could have been easily apprehended in the state of New Jersey.

Three of the main perpetrators had a total of 34 traffic violations between them, yet they were allowed to continue driving--as illegal aliens.

Not only that, but they had been busted for carrying drug paraphernalia. Yet they were still allowed to drive around the state of New Jersey freely--as illegal aliens.

I will give you three guesses as to why these thugs were not handcuffed and hauled to jail, and the first two guesses don't count.


Way to go. You guys were protecting and harboring the very people who wanted to kill us.

Arrests of N.J. law enforcement officials and politicians should proceed immediately in light of this shocking revelation. They have committed felonies according to the law. And the fact that these bozos were getting ready to stage a terrorist attack on our own soil further implicates the so-called 'safe haven' proponents.

Obviously, you care more about scumbag terrorists than you do your own countrymen. Not only should you be ashamed, but you belong in prison.

What to Look for in Tonight's Republican Debate

Columbia, SC (TLS). The campus of the University of South Carolina in the state capital of Columbia will be the setting this evening for the second debate of the Republican Presidential candidates.

As a primer for this evening's debate, here are a few things to look for:

1. Fox News will undoubtedly provide a very different format and approach from that of the first Republican debate, which was sponsored by MSNBC. While Fox has not disclosed exactly how this forum will be different, it will be interesting to see if this meeting comes closer to being a real debate than any of the previous candidates' forums this year.

2. With news veteran Britt Hume as the moderator for tonight's debate, look for more questions of substance. Chris Matthews' stint as 'moderator' of the first Republican debate was nothing less than a debacle for two reasons: Matthews is a known partisan who favors Liberal Democrats, and two, many of the questions were downright ridiculous and not even worthy of consideration. It will be hard to imagine this happening tonight with Hume in charge.

3. Ron Paul stands to make major strides in advancing his candidacy if he does well tonight. His first debate appearance set the Internet abuzz. Will he build on that momentum, or will he stall?

4. Tom Tancredo will more than likely stage a very strong appearance this evening, given that he was off his game in the first debate. Look for him to display his characteristic charisma and eloquence, particularly on the issue of border security.

5. The four candidates who helped themselves the most by their performance in the first debate--Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Jim Gilmore, and Mitt Romney--will be under the gun to pull off the same thing this time. Look for at least one of these to stumble a bit.

6. Giuliani and McCain have a chance to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park this evening. However, anything less than a stellar performance out of each will amount to a net loss, in our opinion. Neither candidate did or said anything in the last debate to separate themselves from the rest of the pack in terms of desirability. Unless they change that perception, and change it soon, you can look for both of these top contenders to begin losing steam in the polls.

7. At this point we do not see either Kansas Senator Sam Brownback nor Tommy Thompson as viable contenders. Brownback could change that with an unusually strong showing this evening. He is a good man who certainly has a bright future worthy of greatness. The question is, is the timing right? With Thompson, his candidacy has had trouble getting off the ground, and we don't see that changing tonight unless a major miracle takes place.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will post our exclusive 'Liberty Rating' on each of the candidates following tonight's debate.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dems Seek to Silence Citizens on Terrorism!

Washington, DC (TLS). Remember the six Muslim imams who were ousted from a U.S. Air flight because they were acting and speaking exactly like the 9/11 terrorists?

It was ordinary citizens like you and me who alerted airport officials about their concerns.

If Congressional Democrats get their way, those ordinary citizens will be subject to civil liability. In short, report your suspicions about potential terrorists, and you will be sued.

Guess who is leading the Democrats' charge in Congress? Senator Russ Feingold and Representative John Conyers.

Behind the effort to get these changes passed into law is CAIR--the infamous Council on America-Islamic Relations. CAIR is also working on a bill with the Democrats to prevent so-called 'racial profiling.' That's just a code word for forbidding you to report your suspicions about terrorism if the ones you suspect happen to be Muslim young men of Middle Eastern descent.

Remember it was CAIR that just last week circulated demands that news organizations refrain from referring to the Fort Dix Six as Muslim terrorists. CAIR said they were not Muslim and that their actions had nothing to do with their religion.

But guess what? It turns out they are Muslim, they are part of the Jihad, and they used Al Qaeda tapes to train for their foiled terrorist plot.

CAIR did not want you to know that.

Frank Gaffney, Jr. has the following must-read over at Jewish World Review. Read the details about how CAIR and Congressional Democrats are working in tandem to silence YOU, the citizen, from reporting your concerns about terrorism:

Gun Control Idiot in Carolina

Washington, DC (TLS). The idiot of the day is a man down in South Carolina who wrote to his local newspaper on gun control. Here is what he had to say:

'Was the Virginia Tech massacre the price that this country is willing to pay for the Second Amendment?'

Way to go, Einstein.

Let me show you the 'logic' of this question.

Are tens of thousands of highway deaths per year the price this country is willing to pay for the privilege of driving a car?

If freedom results in unintended deaths, do those deaths negate freedom?

Somebody needs to tell Einstein down in South Carolina that if our forefathers held this 'logic' about freedom and rights, we would all still be living under tyranny.

Ron Paul on Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC (TLS). Today's quote of the day comes from U.S. House Representative Ron Paul, R-TX. Mr. Paul is a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.

Here is what the candidate says about Gun Owners of America:
'The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.'

This is a very important quote, for there are plenty of gun lobby groups in Washington and around the country. However, some are no more than gun control groups attempting to splinter gun owners into factions so that our power as a voting block will be diminished.

Others are sincere in their belief in the Second Amendment but will compromise on some vitally important issues that have the effect of weakening our rights.

As Ron Paul states, Gun Owners of America will not compromise on a Constitutional right. The right to own and carry guns is either a protected right guaranteed by the Constitution or it isn't. There is actually very little middle ground.

If you have not already visited their website, you can click here to go directly to Gun Owners of America:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ron Paul on the Radio--Illegal Aliens

Washington, DC (TLS). Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul made a guest appearance on late-night talk radio Saturday evening, coast to coast. This gave the candidate the perfect forum for giving some no-nonsense straight talk concerning the nation's problems and how to solve them.

Mr. Paul is perhaps best known for his opposition to the War in Iraq--a rarity among Republicans. But his views on many other issues are worthy of a hearing.

Perhaps the most interesting of Mr. Paul's views concerns the nation's immigration problem. The candidate insists that there is already a path to citizenship for legal immigrants through U.S. law and that the last thing we need is yet another amnesty program.

The so-called 'path to citizenship' for illegal aliens is just another amnesty program. The true path to citizenship, according to Mr. Paul, is the same path that legitimate immigrants follow--the path that is afforded them by following the tenets of the law.

Thus, Mr. Paul would insist that the law be followed. In addition he would remove all present incentives for people to come here illegally--the freebies. Mr. Paul would immediately cut off free medical care, free education, and other incentives for illegal aliens to flood into the country.

When illegal aliens discover that America is not the world's destination for those looking for a handout, the problem of illegals flooding the country will either stop or be greatly diminished.

The Liberty Sphere is in full agreement with Mr. Paul on this issue. Such rational, no-nonsense thinking is sorely needed among American politicians.

Mothers' Day, 2007

Today is Mothers' Day, 2007. We wish you all a very happy day.

Donna Lewis, pictured below, wrote a very moving tribute to her Mother, the lyrics of which we have reprinted below.

We also give you a tribute to Mother from The Liberty Sphere's archives. We hope you enjoy.

We lost her in the month of October as the weather grows cooler and the days shorten, as if she were beckoned to heaven by the changing color of autumn leaves. Her struggle with cancer had left her depleted and weary, her relief and permanent healing only provided by her abiding faith in One who would transport her to another realm where suffering is no more.

Welsh singer/writer/poet Donna Lewis speaks of her Mother as the one who showed her the way through 'the chosen words' of everlasting faith and hope. I can fully relate. But more about that a bit later.

My Mother was a woman of unusual strength and determination, buoyed constantly by a faith that would not flinch in the face of seeming insurmountable obstacles. But my most vivid and poignant memories of her are from boyhood, having spent many a day suffering from the frightening plight of childhood asthma.

I remember as a boy feeling as if I were smothering once the lights went out at night. I am not certain of any scientific or medical evidence suggesting that this is common among the victims of childhood asthma, but nonetheless, I remember having the distinct and frightening feeling that my struggle to breath was made worse by the darkness.

Many a night during those days I would get up and go to the den, where there was always a light. Some way, somehow, though she were sound asleep, my Mother would always sense my presence in the den, and before long she would be by my side sitting in the chair as I reclined on the sofa.

Sometimes she would hold my hand, other times she would get me medicine to help me breath. Sometimes she would hold my head as I threw up from the drugs that were given for the asthma.

Eventually, sleep would slowly overtake me unaware. I would awaken in the morning as the light of the sun came through the window. Invariably as I would look to my side, I would find my Mother still there, sometimes sleeping softly in the chair, sometimes watching me as I awakened.

In some indescribable fashion, the terror that the night brought to a small boy who suffered from asthma was always greatly relieved by the presence of my Mother...and the knowledge that she would be there at the dawning of the morning's light.

Her memory forever lives on in my heart, undimmed by the passage of time. And when October comes, I still feel the sadness of the day we lost her to that higher realm of being.

Donna Lewis, the Welsh singer/songwriter, burst onto the music scene in this country in 1996 with the hit single 'I Love You Always, Forever.' On that same recording is a song that also received some acclaim, though it never reached the level of success as her initial release. It is called simply, 'Mother.'

The song is profound. And it bears an uncanny similarity to my own experience and feelings associated with my Mother. In loving tribute of my Mother, I offer you these captivating words from Donna Lewis.

by Donna Lewis

And I can hear you calling my name
Your healing hands smooth away the pain
And I can hear you whispering
'It'll be alright''ll stay until the night breaks into day

You are my light ... in the dark
You stand beside me
You take my hand ... show me the way
You're here to guide me
You give me the strength ... that I need
You give me shelter
You gave me life ... you gave me love
You are my mother

And when you hear me calling your name (I hear your voice)
You touch me with your chosen words
Everlasting faith, everlasting love is the greatest gift you have
Believing understanding me


Closer ... closer ... closer to heaven are you
You are my light in the dark
You take my hand and show me the way
You give me the strength that I need
You gave me life you gave me love