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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adoring Castro: CBC Ignores Religious Persecution

The Congressional Black Caucus went to Cuba to lick the boots of barbarian Fidel Castro, and in doing so ignored 50 years of history involving systematic attacks on human rights and religious freedom.

Read my report and commentary on this issue today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

It is a dreadful sign that so many within our own government express outright admiration for a totalitarian society and a barbaric dictator such as Castro.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/10/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Notoriously Conservative reports the stunning news that NASA's latest data show that the melting of polar ice we saw before last year could be caused by the pollution controls implemented in the 1970s! Read it all.

David Codrea has one today that should get things stirred up a bit--'Why Are So Many 'Conservatives' Following Michael Savage?' An excellent question that demands an answer.

JR takes the opportunity to do some fisking of a Star-Telegram reporter who had some snarky things to say about the upcoming Tea Parties on April 15.

21 Guns Salute has THE must-read of the day on an intense debate he had recently with a commenter who wants to change the Constitution, particularly with regard to guns.

Alphecca reminds us that tonight ABC will do a special report on guns. Click on his link for details.

Kurt Hofmann speculates on why Obama and company keep changing their story on what they plan to do about 'assault' weapons.

Blogstitution provides a good read on Netanyahu and American interests.

Free In Idaho comments on what Hillary said about the pirates, and he also notes Obama's complete silence.

Rev. Kharma further comments on the above story with 'Bowing to Princes, Surrendering to Pirates.'

Pax Parabellum posts a riveting story on the futility of depending on 911 operators when seconds count.

Texas Fred has a highly important read on a push to reign in a President and Congress that are raging out of control. Read it all.

Sebastian reports that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (known affectionately on The Liberty Sphere as 'The Bastard') is paying for some anti-gun ads in the state of Virginia.

Western Rifle Shooters Association informs us of an Oath Keepers event coming up on April 19.

Robb Allen posts a link to a young lady who really tells it like it is! Dang, I sure am glad she's on our side. Heh.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight provides the quote of the day, and it's a barn-burner!

Tam says she's having flashbacks to Jimmy Carter. Take a look to see why.

Walls of the City thoroughly analyzes the Pelosi plan for reinstating the gun ban. It's worth your time to read it.

Way Up North alerts us to an 'odd coincidence' concerning hundreds of similar news stories about 'healthcare reform' showing up in newspapers and other mainstream media all on the same day.

The Rustmeister has a moving story of a WWII medal-of-honor recipient that recently died.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings presents the best political cartoons on the net...for your Friday reading pleasure.

Remember, this is Good Friday. And remember that it is only through the dark suffering and horrors of the cross that we can find the victories and triumph of Easter.

Can You Get a Fair Trial in America Today?

Answer--not if the integrity of the state's attorney is in doubt.

There is mounting evidence that the citizens have every reason to doubt the integrity of those who represent the state in trials.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

I deeply appreciate your continuing to click on those links and reading my articles.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/9/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Western Rifle Shooters Association urges us to read the article he provides on Obama's plan to legalize 20 million illegal aliens, and then ponder the consequences of such a move.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost comments on San Fran Nan's admission that she wants registration. A must-read for any gun owner!

Pax Parabellum provides an important update on the 'handgun carry in restaurants' bill in the Tennessee legislature.

John Jacob H adds his insight to a recent discussion on snubbies and newbies.

From Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner: 'What Does Obama's Weather Control Plan Have to Do with Gun Rights?'

The War on Guns provides some good (and disturbing) evidence that we may not be able to vote our way out of the current march toward Socialism.

Mike McCarville has a MUST-read on the growing problem of prosecutorial misconduct in America. It appears as if growing numbers of innocent Americans are being 'nifonged' (a word coined in derision of disgraced NC District Attorney Mike Nifong who wrongly charged 3 innocent students with rape in order to win an election).

Alphecca points to 2 examples of 'back door gun control.'

JR posts a tax day Tea Party update.

Armed and Safe reports that the Mexican attorney-general has admitted why he wants a U.S. ban on 'assault' weapons.

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner notes that the Bradys are upset that Gallup didn't manipulate the data in a poll on guns.

Say Uncle has more on an AP hack that spouts nonsense concerning firearms.

The Stiletto provides must-read commentary in her daily post called, 'The Daily Blade.' This is good stuff!

Free in Idaho needs our thoughts and prayers on behalf of his wife. Read it all!

Erin Haust of Minneapolis Conservative Examiner has a video of the dimwit Barney Frank fumbling around with a question posed by a student.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight posts a must-read on 'immigration mass-murder syndrome.'

Walls of the City blogs on some 'sore losers' over at The Commercial Appeal.

Tam muses that there may be a push for sword control now that sword-wielding sword nuts are on the loose among the citizenry.

Texas Fred posts some mighty big news on the upcoming Tea Parties.

Traction Control reminds us that the AP has stepped up its attack on bloggers.

Days of our Trailers reports excellent news out of Missouri concerning their expansion of the Castle Doctrine.

Every Blade of Grass has an excellent primer for a novel that is so relevant to today that you'd think you were reading from a newspaper. Take a look!

Breda provides a great read and video entitled, 'President Flinchy.' Heh.

Media Hide Truth about Obama's Approval Numbers

To hear the mainstream media tell it, Obama's approval rating among Americans is through the roof.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and a simple look beneath the surface proves it.

This is what I discuss today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Read to discover that Obama's approval rating is very close to his disapproval rating!

Thank-you in advance for clicking on the link, reading, and sharing with friends and family!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/8/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Right is Right presents a collection of great Obama bumper stickers that she calls 'Barry's Bumper Stickers.' Take a look.

MaddMedic informs us of some great stuff going on with the taxpayer's league in Minnesota. This is what can happen when citizens band together.

Bloviating Zeppelin comments on the fact that, despite his supposed popularity in Europe, Obama couldn't get any more cooperation than Bush from our 'allies.'

Texas Fred notes that Texas knows how to throw a Tea Party! Look at who will be there.

Insight on Freedom says that Iran and terrorist groups in the Mid East have much to fear from Israel. Good!

The Rustmeister announces the big Memphis Tea Party on April 15. Sounds like a good one!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports excellent news that despite negative reporting in the media and the hysteria of Obama and company, public support for gun control is at an all-time low in the latest poll.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight provides a graphic that maps the plummeting support for banning handguns in America. Take a look!

John Jacob H comments on a recent NPR report on the guns and ammo shortages.

2A Musing has a MUST-read on the charge that Obama is leading the nation toward socialism.

Mike McCarville has another MUST-read on a serviceman who Mike believes was wrongfully convicted of murder.

Gun Nuts posts a recap and audio of last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, during which Breda made her debut as the sole host.

Occupied Nashville blogs on a gun you've probably never heard of. He has a pic to boot.

Say Uncle has some more examples of media ignorance concerning guns.

Robb Allen takes a writer to task for his 100%, pure, unadulterated, aromatic pants-shittin' hysterics over guns.

Sebastian provides an interesting read on 'signaling and carrying' which touches on open vs. concealed carry...and which, by the way, has sparked numerous responses.

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner informs us the latest attempt by San Fran Nan to attack our firearms rights.

The War on Guns points to Jessie Jackson's latest anti-gun blather.

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner reports that gang members from Mexico have infiltrated the U.S. military and are stealing weapons!

Dr. John Lott gives us an update on the abuse of power by Obama and company by firing people in the private sector--a power the Constitution does NOT grant to a President or anyone else in government!

Walls of the City follows that up with 'Control for the Sake of Control.' Read it all.

Days of our Trailers shows us an ominous consequence of Obama's stimulus plan.

Mindful Musings provides the quote of the day. Don't miss this!

UPDATE! Leftwing Plans Counter-Protests

It seems the liberals will attempt to divert attention away from the Tea Party taxpayer protests around the country on April 15 by staging their own counter-protests on April 11.

But the big news is that leftwing activists plan to infiltrate the Tea Party protests incognito in order to stage some sort of disruption.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Your support by clicking on the links and reading my daily column at Examiner is making a big difference and has been a great encouragement to me in the midst of my recent health problems. I am forever in your debt.

Obama Team Supports One Global Currency

Barack Obama and his economic team have clearly displayed to the world that they are 'open' to ditching the dollar as the global currency in favor of some one-world, universal currency that all countries use.

This would vastly weaken the United States as a world power and economic leader.

Democrat activist and billionaire George Soros supports the idea. Oh, and by the way, Soros made 2 billion dollars last year when the rest of the world lost trillions.

How did he do it? By betting AGAINST the U.S. and British economies and currencies!

This is how Soros has made most of his betting against currencies, and then manipulating the markets. And this is the man whose foot-soldiers control the Democratic Party in America today...along with Barack Obama.

Thus, not only is Obama in the process of vastly weakening America by cutting defense spending and weapons systems, nixing the planned nuclear shield, apologizing to extremist Islamists for America's 'arrogance,' and claiming that Jews must simply 'understand' those who wish to annihilate them, but he and his economic team have embarked on a concerted plan to weaken America by deliberately weakening the dollar and suggesting an 'openness' to a new world-wide currency that would replace the dollar on the world stage.

If these things had happened as recently as the early 1980s, he would be run out of town on a rail. But not now. The wolves are in the hen-house, and so far, the hens are just fine with it.

'Minnesota's Shame'

The extremely close and hotly contested race for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota heated up again on Tuesday as liberal Democrat Al Franken appeared to pick up the lead from the latest contested ballot count.

But, Powerline cites an article of immense importance to this issue, published in the Weekly Standard.

The article claims that Minnesota election officials do not give enough time to military personnel serving outside the state and overseas to receive and return absentee ballots before the deadline.

Over 300 of these ballots were declared ineligible due to the fact that they were received after the deadline for absentee ballots.

Click on the link for full details.

Are 'Blue Dog' Dems Claims Holding Up?

But most of the time, the large majority of Blue Dogs have been enablers of the Big Government agenda. Ultimately, the extent of their alliance with House uber-liberals reflects the Democratic leadership’s most remarkable and overlooked accomplishment: the use of a form of legislative triage. On the big issues, the Democrats quietly condone the loss of an “acceptable” number — but only an acceptable number — of Blue Dog votes.

Thus, it would seem that the claim of the 'Blue Dog' Democrats that they are 'conservative' simply doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

Talk is cheap. The proof is in the votes. Read the entire National Review report here.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Now I'm seething mad. 'Phuk-uh-Bama!' The man is a c**k-sucker!

He goes to Europe and tells Jews that they must 'understand' people who have sworn their annihilation. He then claims people who rape their wives, kill their children in 'honor-killings,' and engage in suicide bombings and head-chopping 'must be respected.'

Obama is a sleazebag and an embarrassment to this nation.

Read the infuriating story, with pics, here and here.

Did I mention I am mad as hell?

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/7/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Sebastian gets us started off today with some 'pants shittin' hysterics' from the local media concerning the recent shootings.

Sipsy Street Irregulars presents us with 'fashion sense in the era of Obama.' Heh.

Walls of the City comments on the news we reported yesterday that Barack Obama has divided the country more than any President in modern history.

Breda reports that she's going to be hosting tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio all by herself since Caleb is out of town. Click for complete details.

Alphecca provides a MUST-read today entitled, 'Deep Thoughts, by Katie Couric.' Couric is obviously clueless, particularly about guns, so why don't we begin to license and register news anchors!?

From Roberta X: 'Guns, American Cowboys, and Whatnot.'

From Robb Allen: 'If You Live in Idaho and Would Like to Know Where NOT to Buy a Gun.' It seems there is growing fear of new gun laws.

Texas Fred has riveting commentary on Obama's assertion that 'we are not at war with Islam.'

Days of our Trailers blogs on the finger-pointing going on in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh shooting.

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides essential reading on narcissism and victimhood--a thread that binds together the shooters in New York and Pennsylvania, along with even Barack Obama!

The Wandering Minstrel, in keeping with the constant stream of acronyms emanating from Obama and company, posts the ultimate acronym.

Say Uncle has the quote of the day.

David Codrea gives the collectivists some long-overdue straight talk. Read it all.

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner reports that the Bradys have resorted to promoting gun recall as a means of curbing violence. Sheesh.

Kurt Hofmann announces the 2nd annual Second Amendment Freedom Rally in Chicago!

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner takes a look at a big gun fight brewing between the Feds and the state of Montana. The 10th amendment in the Bill of Rights is at stake.

Brigid has an excellent, thorough, and informative article on corrosive cleanup of firearms. Take a look.

Pax Parabellum provides an update on the offer of a free NRA membership.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight points to an excellent article that corrects some common misconceptions that are usually presented as fact.

Way Up North has the late-breaking news from Alaska concerning former Senator Ted Stevens. Wait till you see what the Judge said in this case!

From Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast: 'Doing in Again, Only HARDER!'

The BoBo Files posts his periodic 'carnival of politics.' Lots of links!

The Rustmeister has today's update on legislation to restore concealed carry to National Parks.

From Gateway Pundit: 'After Apologizing for the Liberation of Iraq All Week, Obama Arrives in Baghdad.'

Leftwing Saboteurs Threaten Tea Party Protests

Word has come late Monday that George Soros, ACORN, and Obama-bots are going to attempt to sabotage the Tax Day Tea Party protests against Barack Obama's spending spree on April 15.

I discuss this issue today in my column at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Find out what these subversives plan to do in order to thwart the efforts of concerned citizens.

As always, thank-you for clicking on the link, reading, and sharing my articles.

WATCH OUT! The AP Is On A Rampage!

A word to the wise for bloggers:

...The Associated Press stated it would sue websites that use its news articles without permission!

The move came as the AP announced rate cuts for newspapers that use its services in order to help those who are struggling.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/6/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea informs us of yet another attack on free speech.

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner examines the lies, fear, and hatred spread by the Left concerning the cop shooting in Pittsburgh.

Armed and Safe provides an interesting read on the VPC and Eric Holder.

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner takes a look at brainwashing through simple terminology.

Standing By has a MUST-read on 'defending the Constitution.'

On the Green posts good reading on 'Jefferson's Reset Button.'

From Sipsy Street Irregulars: 'Denninger: The Constitution Thunderous Applause.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association reports the infuriating and despicable news that Obama has refused repayment of TARP loans from banks because he wants to keep his control over them! What a damn fascist!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost blogs on 'more lousy Obama nominees'--from the Far Left, naturally.

Texas Fred has an update on sending tea bags to Obama and other politicians to remind them of the big citizen 'tea party' tax protests around the nation on April 15.

Notoriously Conservative points to new numbers that show Obama has divided Americans more than any President in modern history.

The Rustmeister says that the Commercial Appeal has yet another gun-hater spouting nonsense.

Rev. Kharma posts thoughtful reading on the killing in Binghampton, New York, entitled, 'To Serve and Protect (Themselves).'

Nicki thoroughly reams a 'douchebag' over his comments on an NRA gun rights shirt. Take a look!

From Mindful Musings: 'A Giant Has Fallen--May the Rest Follow Quickly.'

John Jacob H provides the recording of armed, uniformed TSA agents interrogating a liberty activist at an airport. His crime? CARRYING CASH!

21 Guns Salute has a series of MUST-see television interviews explaining why TARP happened.

Armed Citizen posts the 1964 Ronald Reagan speech for GOP Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater--a speech that propelled the former actor onto the national political scene. A must-read for ANY liberty-loving American!

2A Musing reports on his day of training at KR Training. Mighty fine reading!

JR shares with us why he loves Ted Nugent. Yes sir!

Pamela Geller thoroughly 'cactus-jacks' the Left over their smear-and-ruin campaign against good people. Wanna know what 'cactus-jack' means? Think 'proctoscope with long, sharp needles!' Read it all. This is great!

CarteachO has another informative read on defensive shotgun skills.

Days of our Trailers informs us of the drawings to be held at the 2A Blogger Bash.

Say Uncle posts major news out of Montana concerning their bill to exempt the state from federal gun laws. Take a look.

Pax Parabellum reports the stunning news that Phoenix police raided the home of a blogger because he criticized them!

From Ride Fast and Shoot Straight: 'Senate Votes to Kill and Maim Our Children.'

Syd provides good reading on newbies and the snubnose.

Traction Control reminds us that April 15 is 'Buy a Gun Day.'

Tam makes a vital point about mass shootings, guns, and first responders.

Dr. Walter Williams, my favorite intellectual, has the MUST-read of the day on the immorality of forcing one American to live for the purposes of another. Do yourself a BIG favor and read this article.

Americans 'Scared' of the Words of the Framers?

It would appear that many Americans today are 'scared' of the direct words of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Why would this be?

I provide 2 possible explanations today in my column at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

It seems I sparked a heated debate that has been raging at my Examiner site and at Digg. Be sure to click on the link above, read it, comment if you wish, and pass it along to others.

And thank-you very kindly for all of your support in recent days. I am deeply grateful.

Morris: Obama Gave Away U.S. Sovereignty

Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris, who is now a columnist, Fox News analyst, and campaign expert, has determined that in agreeing to the 3 basic principles at the G-20 summit, Barack Obama has given away U.S. sovereignty when it comes to managing its own economy.

This trashing of the Constitution has become a regular feature of the Obama administration and grows more dangerous with each day that passes.

Click here to see the You Tube analysis provided by Dick Morris.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Allowing Loonies to Dominate the Debate

Why should we, as gun owners and freedom advocates, allow lunatics such as the one in Pittsburgh who shot the cops to dominate the debate about firearms and the armed resistance to government movement?

That crazed lunatic in Pittsburgh no more represents me and 99.99% of gun owners than terrorist William Ayers represents most of those who voted for Obama.

And this is the subject of my column today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

It is we who should set the terms of the debate and always be on the offensive!

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