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Saturday, September 06, 2008

South Carolina Loses, Clemson Wins Big

The South Carolina Gamecocks lost to Vanderbilt in its first SEC matchup for the season, after shutting out North Carolina State last week. The final score was 24-17.

Vanderbilt is now 2-0 on the season. The Gamecocks fall to 1-1.

The Carolina offense looked much better this week than during last week's game against N.C. State, but a 4th quarter rally by the Gamecocks failed to yield enough points for the win.

Carolina will play at home next Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Clemson Tigers of South Carolina came back to win big over in-state rivals The Citadel Saturday afternoon, after a heartbreaking loss last week to the Alabama Crimson Tide. The final score for today's game was 45-17.

This week had been a tough one for Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, especially after reports indicated he had called Alabama coach Nick Sabin for advice.

Sabin's advice must have paid off, for there was little to complain about with Clemson's very strong showing against The Citadel. In fact, Clemson dominated every aspect of the game against a team that has rarely mounted much of a contest in the long history of matchups between these two teams.

"Peasants With Pitchforks' Uprising Against MSM

The mainstream media is reeling from the furor it has created over it's hate-filled bashing of GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin.

As John McCain and Sarah Palin took their post-convention campaign tour of several areas over the last few days, 'peasants with pitchforks' have greeted the reporters who are covering them with derision, shouting and pointing fingers at them, demanding that they 'be fair.'

Several MSM columnists have reported being stunned and even 'frightened' by the amount of negative attention readers have given to their smear campaign against Palin.

These idiots in the media don't have a clue.

They are so out of touch with mainstream America that they are shocked to discover the average voter in the vast American heartland views their punditry with disdain.

The reason is not far to find. Most of these elitist snobs don't know anybody in the heartland. Their friends and acquaintances, their social circle of fellow elitists, surround themselves with a mutual admiration society. They are so out of touch they actually believe their views are accepted by, well, everyone.

One columnist in particular stated that her column on Palin was viewed by 100 times her normal readership and that the vast majority were enraged that she would say such things about Palin.

She said was shocked by the attention and that the response 'frightened' her.

No greater example of the self-congratulatory snobbery of the MSM exists than the CBS gathering of its political correspondents covering the RNC on one of its morning shows this week. Katie Couric, Bob Schieffer, Jeff Greenfield, and others responded to the charge of negative coverage of Palin by claiming they had been 'totally fair.'

By who's standard? Who helped them arrive at their decision? Did an independent watchdog group come to this conclusion? Or did they simply get together and decide all on their own?

The idea that the CBS partisans arrived at their assessment with the help of an independent source is rolling-on-the-floor laughable.

Don't look now, Katie and Bob, but the millions of 'peasants with pitchforks' who are enraged at the tone of your coverage are watching you as never before. And they are demanding that you back off McCain-Palin and do some investigative digging on Obama's scandals--something you have refused to do.

For more info on the citizen uprising against the MSM, click here for the complete story at American Thinker.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/5/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*A Commie-media Bolshevic, Bill Press, has called Sarah Palin 'a national joke.' But he is passing around a bogus picture of Palin in a wonder woman outfit holding a gun. What a complete idiot.
*'Quantum of Hoplophobia'--the antis are 'up in arms' about the latest James Bond film.
*David has an update on Mark Marchiafava, about whom Nicki has been doing some extensive reporting.
*David also reports on a gun case involving the San Francisco Housing Authority and the NRA.

Sebastian has more on what he calls 'the San Francisco screw up' cited above.

Armed and Safe follows up on a report he posted earlier this week on doctors claiming that guns are a 'public health' issue these days...

In the interest of fairness and allowing opposing points of view to be heard, I am posting Nicki's piece on her opposition to both McCain and Obama, in spite of her admiration for Sarah Palin.

Western Rifle Shooters Association also offers a dissenting opinion on the election.

Dark Blog discusses an issue I haven't heard mention in a LONG, long time, and that is the Nazi-inspired movement to ban tobacco use. Read this and think! Don't think about health concerns because that could be a part of ANY discussion including alcohol and sweets. But think personal liberty and property rights!

Uncle says that once again Barack 'Zeus' Obama is engaging in doublespeak on guns.

Robb Allen shows off his new anti-Obama bumper sticker.

The Bitch Girls have 'Sarah Palin Facts.'

Dustin's Gun Blog posts a link to an audio montage of Sarah Palin quotes.

Gateway Pundit has the scoop on how the Code Pink moonbats got into the GOP convention.

Mike McCarville reports the stunning news that the Neilson TV ratings show McCain's speech was viewed by more Americans than even Barack Obama's by over 500,000 people!

Voting One's Conscience

As most of you know by now, I have thrown my support behind the McCain-Palin ticket, mainly on the strength of Sarah Palin, whom I see as the future of conservatives within the GOP.

I have my reasons for making this decision, the primary one being Palin but also my desire to see the Obama-Biden socialist ticket lose as decisively as possible. I see no other way that has a snowball's chance of succeeding except by voting for McCain-Palin.

It goes without saying that I realize that not all will agree with my decision.

If I ask for your forbearance in voting my conscience, it is only fair that I respect your right to do the same. I would expect nothing less from the regular readers of this blog.

There are people who I have come to know and respect in the blogosphere who cannot in good conscience vote for either McCain or Obama. I respect your decision because I respect you.

My hope and prayer is that whoever wins in November will faithfully uphold the Constitution and hold fast to the principles of liberty.

Who Let These Kooks Through the Door?

For two nights in a row, the freaky hecklers of 'Code Pink' attempted to disrupt the Republican National Convention.

My question is, who let these kooks through the door?

Surely, someone dropped the ball when it comes to security at a major political event, and heads should roll as a result.

During Sarah Palin's speech on Wednesday night, the kooks tried to disrupt the speech but barely made a ripple. Palin didn't even have to stop or acknowledge their presence.

But during John McCain's speech on Thursday evening, the kooks shouted, heckled, and interrupted McCain who stated in response, 'This is one of the reasons I believe we need to stop shouting at each other.'

At least twice the kooks had to be wrestled to the floor and hauled out of the arena.

You see, these lamebrains don't believe in free speech, though they constantly refer to it. Their MO is to disrupt free speech. They wish to prevent the free speech of those with whom they disagree by heckling them into silence.

Again, my question is, who let the kooks through the door, and why?

Methinks that a few saboteurs were planted around and about during the RNC.

RNC Blows to Bits the 'Obama Bounce' in Polls

Even before Sarah Palin's rip-roaring speech on Wednesday evening, the Republican National Convention had already succeeded in totally obliterating Barack Obama's post-Democratic convention 'bounce' in the polls.

CBS News reported Thursday evening that even before Palin delivered her speech, Obama's poll numbers had dropped by 8 points to tie that of John McCain, making the race a dead-heat.

I can't wait until the latest poll numbers are out, AFTER the Palin grand slam and McCain's acceptance speech.

Make no mistake, my friends, there is a great amount of Obama-fatigue out there, and there are many disenchanted and disenfranchised Democrats who are still galled by the way Hillary Clinton was treated by the Democrats AND the way Sarah Palin has been treated by the mainstream media.

The backlash has begun.

The McCain Plan

In a speech during which he reached out and connected to the country's average citizens, GOP Presidential candidate John McCain tonight laid out his plan for America in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

The plan, like McCain, is bold but steady, daring but sensible, new and unique but mature and rational. McCain reached out to independents and disenfranchised Democrats by calmly presenting a plan that will:

*Lower taxes on average Americans and small business so that the economy can get rolling and jobs can be created...

*Retrain workers displaced by manufacturing jobs that have been lost, but grant them assistance in the meantime by supplementing their lower wages until they are ready to assume the jobs in the new, high-tech era...

*Insist on drilling for oil here at home offshore and launch a bold new adventure in developing natural gas, wind power, nuclear energy, clean coal, solar energy, electricity, hydrogen fuel cell, and sensible biofuels. This plan will create millions of new jobs.

*Increase the income tax deduction/credit from $3000 to $7000--a MAJOR financial boost to families...

*Make healthcare more accessible and affordable for more families while refraining from a massive government takeover which will result in gross inefficiency such as we find with all other government programs...

*Boost education in America by allowing parents to take more control, including allowing them school choice as a means of addressing failing schools by introducing competition from better schools...

*Reduce government spending and exercise budgetary restraint...

*Keep America strong militarily...

*Work toward a spirit of bipartisan cooperation with ANYONE who wishes to join us in addressing our problems with bold new directives...

*Provide competent leadership in the War on Terror, and working to keep winning in Iraq so that our troops can come home...

*Confront the Russian menace and the Iranian threat with steady, experienced leadership...

*Veto any and all bills that contain earmarks and pork barrel spending...

McCain highlighted the differences between the Obama plan and his own vision for America. While Obama relies on the old liberal mantra of 'new government programs made possible by increasing revenues (higher taxes), McCain relies on the resilient independent spirit of Americans who can make their own choices when they keep more of their own money.

Government, he said, can help citizens make their own choices but not make their choices for them as Obama and the Democrats wish to do.

The most moving part of the speech was when McCain told his own story of his capture and torture by Viet Cong Communists during the Viet Nam War. A clearly emotional McCain told of the great lessons he learned about service to his country and living for a higher purpose.

These lessons, he said, were learned only through the dark days of suffering.

If anyone can truly connect with suffering human beings in this country, it is surely John McCain.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/4/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Jim Martin Has a Big But'--commentary on a U.S. Senatorial candidate from Georgia.
*'Michael Dukes Interview of Ryan Horsley and David Codrea'
*Another Democrat gun-grabber bites the dust.
*My, how times have changed. David has excerpts from a 1958 issue of Guns Magazine.

Armed and Safe writes about a numbskull law professor who thinks constitutional rights are not a good thing and that tyranny has gotten a bad rap.

From JR at A Keyboard and a .45:
*'Feeding Frenzy'
*'Governor Sarah Palin on Jury Rights'
*'Too Much Politics, Not Enough Guns'

Syd comments on Palin's speech last night at the RNC.

Alphecca has a MUST-read on media bias.

From Mike McCarville:
*A Rasmussen poll shows that most voters are upset with how the media has covered Sarah Palin.
*'Palin: A Stunning Star is Born'
*'Palin's Audience Almost Matches Obama's'--this is a stunning TV ratings report, given that Obama is at the top of the ticket, and Palin is NUMBER TWO on the other ticket. Yet almost as many watched her speech as Obama's. For more on this, read Atlas Shrugs' report below.

Nicki points to interesting political commentary of a different sort.

Breda has the must-read of the day, entitled, 'Hope.'

Sebastian reports the excellent news that D.C. gun sales start soon.

Say Uncle has this juicy item--a 'talking points' memo from Democrats concerning Palin.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has been live-blogging all week as an official blogger of the RNC. Just click on the link and start scrolling.

Walls of the City posts a VERY interesting read on the Alaskan Independence Party.

Insight on Freedom blogs on Republicans, Democrats, the mainstream media, and evangelical Christians. A very intriguing read!

A New Look At T. Boone Pickens' Energy Plan

Oil man and wind mill proponent T. Boone Pickens agrees with the GOP plan to drill for our own oil right here at home. In fact, he says, and I quote, 'Drill, drill, drill.'

Those were the magic words to get me to take a new look at the Pickens' energy plan.

Pickens, of course, believes that the key component of his plan is to harness wind energy by building wind turbines in numerous places across the country. I have spoken at length many times about my problems with such a plan.

However, I do believe that harnessing wind energy is part of the overall solution.

But it is Pickens' proposal to shift from gasoline to compressed natural gas that has caught my attention.

The U.S. possesses rich natural gas resources that could provide power for many years to come, particularly with regard to autos. Compressed natural gas, or CNG as it is called, is easily accessible, easy to make available to the consumer, and much cheaper than gasoline--40% cheaper to be exact.

CNG could be a very effective, low-cost way to bridge the gap between oil and new technologies that will make hydrogen fuel cell and electric autos more feasible in the future.

It is for this reason that I can get behind the Pickens plan, with some reservations about the wind-mill aspect of the proposal.

The Pickens plan is certainly worth a try. Let's get to work on that natural gas, and let's get drilling in our oil reserves off the coastal areas and in ANWR.


Erasing all doubt concerning whether or not she is up to the job as Vice President of the United States, Governor Sarah Palin hit a grand slam homerun in her first time at bat before a national audience.

Pundits are already saying that this was by far the best political speech we have heard during this entire campaign season.

Despite the derision of the mainstream media, liberals, and the Obama campaign, Palin stepped right up to the plate and not only delivered for John McCain but showed the country that she is ready to take on any task placed before her--even that of becoming President in the future.

She was funny. She was poised. She was direct and straightforward. She was personable. She was real.

Further, she showed the 'good ole boys' in the media and the Democratic Party that she is not afraid to take them on face to face, eyeball to eyeball, toe to toe.

And John McCain showed the country and the conservative base of the GOP that he made an extraordinary choice in choosing an extraordinary woman as his running mate.

Not only that, but Palin demonstrated that she knows a thing or two about issues the media claimed she could know nothing about. She was fluent in foreign policy and energy policy in addition to her vast knowledge of the ins and outs of governing on the state and local levels.

On a personal note, Palin has sealed the deal for this writer. As most of you know by now, I have been one of John McCain's biggest critics on a number of issues in the past. And despite my single-minded purpose of seeing the Democrat socialists go down in defeat, I could not quite bring myself to endorse the McCain candidacy.

With the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket, I can support the GOP in this election. McCain showed that he is looking down the road toward the future with the selection of Palin. This woman is the future of the GOP.

And she has shown that conservatism is not irrelevant in the modern era. All we need, all we have EVER needed, is an effective spokesperson.

Sarah Palin is that spokesperson in the tradition of Ronald Reagan.

In November I will be casting my vote for McCain-Palin.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby-Killers at Forefront of New Palin Attacks

By now everyone should know that Barack Obama's support for infanticide, as well as abortion-on-demand, is well-documented.

Apparently the latest tactic of the Obama campaign and its lapdogs in the mainstream media is to roll out its baby-killers to attack Sarah Palin on her pro-life stance.

So, it really does boil down to one issue, doesn't it, despite what the Leftists say about 'the other issues.'

If you are pro-life, you are automatically extremist. If you are a baby-killer, you are 'mainstream,' according to the Einsteins of the Democratic Party and their Leftist mouthpieces in the mainstream media.

If these people had their way, anyone who is pro-life would be automatically disqualified from serving in public office. In actuality, it should be the other way around. Baby killers, who support murder, should be disqualified.

And anyone who participates in infanticide by refusing to give medical treatment to a baby that survives a botched abortion attempt should be thrown in jail.

Obama is actually no better than Nazi butcher-doctors who performed painful and devastating 'medical experiments' on babies and adults during the Third Reich.

It is actually frightening that he and his kind have as much popularity in this country as they do.

MSM Reporters--Aroused, Gushing, Frothing

Have you noticed yet the difference between the manner in which the mainstream media reported the Democratic National Convention and the way they've handled the Republican National Convention?

This week during the RNC, Couric, Gibson, Williams, Cooper, Olbermann, and company have run hit-piece after hit-piece on the McCain ticket, particularly against Sarah Palin. The interviews they have conducted have been negative in tone, and their interviewees have been decidedly negative in their assessment of Palin.

During the Democrat's Convention last week, however, at one point I actually thought that the female reporters were sexually aroused as they covered Obama. I even thought the male reporters exhibited signs of arousal.

They gushed, frothed, giggled, laughed, clapped, cheered, and worshipped right along with the Democratic delegates.

I would be willing to bet money that had Katie Couric stood up, you would have found a wet spot in her seat. And had Chris Matthews stood up, you would have probably found he had a 'woodie.'

The entire lot of them had the appearance of being drunken with adoration of the Obamessiah.

These are not reporters. These are partisans who are working to get the Democrats elected. This is why, if the 'Fairness Doctrine' ever returns, we should DEMAND equal time on the major networks to respond to the blatant bias of their 'news reporters.'

The entire lot belongs in the dust-bin of journalistic failure.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/3/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Experience Life in Kenmore'--ever wonder what the definition of an 'arsenal' is?
*'A Forum of Their Own'--check it out.
*'A Moment for the History Books'--ROFL!!
*'All Things Considered'--if the McCain ticket wins, remember that Palin will be on the fast track to the Presidency ahead of all others who may have designs on the office. This is something ALL gun rights folk should consider before voting for anyone else.

Armed and Safe has vital commentary on the stance of some doctors' organizations that consider guns to be a 'public health issue.' This is much more dangerous than it sounds, folks!

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a status report and chapter list from David Vanderboegh concerning his novella, Absolved.

Also, WFSA has info on a brand new novel by Mark Spungin entitled, Neither Predator Nor Prey. The plot centers around a scenario of a Leftist American President who, along with a Leftist Congress, signs the U.N. treaty banning all guns. This is a MUST-read!

Mike McCarville reports that a pro-Hillary women's group has come to the defense of Sarah Palin against the smears of a news media that's gone berserk.

Ahab comments on last night's blog radio show where he hosted Breda, who talked about her experience at the Appleseed training program.

Sebastian presents some bad news for Barack.

You absolutely MUST read THIS from Sharp as a Marble.

Brigid at Home on the Range blogs about an excellent gun choice for ladies who carry concealed.

Freedom Sight has a goodie about the mainstream news media.

Syd reports that the sleazebags of the Democratic Party have released Sarah Palin's Social Security Number. This is truly an outrage of drastic proportions.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership posts info about their latest film project entitled, 2A Today for the USA. You can also make a contribution toward the making of this film.

Texas Fred says you just can't please some people. He points to the whiners in New Orleans who now say that the Feds and others 'overreacted' to Hurricane Gustav. Sheesh.

The Rustmeister informs us of a new NRA site that rolls out the truth about Obama's anti-gun record...just so the truth gets out there. This is good news.

The Smallest Minority posts the quote of the day.

Michelle Malkin shows us the latest hit job against Sarah Palin by a major magazine. I tell you, folks, these media types are going berserk over the possibility that a...GASP...conservative woman is on the GOP ticket.

John Lott comments on the latest lies told by Barack Obama in his new McCain hit-piece ad.

Gateway Pundit reveals who is behind the Palin smears (the media is merely serving as his mouthpieces), and also reports that today the Democrats and their cohorts in the liberal media are charging that Palin is a 'Jew-hater.' I tell you, folks, this is going to backfire on the Dems and the media bigtime. Just give it time, mark my words.

Katie Couric, CBS News Trash Sarah Palin

The tone was clearly negative. The intent was to create questions and doubt not only about Sarah Palin but about John McCain's 'decision-making' in choosing her as his running mate. The display was tabloid 'journalism' at its worst, although one can hardly describe this news segment as journalism.

Katie Couric and CBS News on Tuesday evening descended to the garbage bin of news reporting, trashing GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin primarily because she had the audacity to raise a teenager who is pregnant out of wedlock.

Couric further trashed Palin by claiming that she is not the maverick politician she claims to be because she once supported Ted Stevens. So what? Most Americans have supported politicians at one time or another who turned out to be charlatans. The fact that Palin went after Stevens and his good ole boy network is proof positive that she is not afraid of attacking corruption in her own Party once she discovers the corruption.

But the CBS smear-piece didn't stop there.

Couric stated that once, way back in 1994 or so, Palin had actually attended the convention of the Alaskan Independence Party, which at one time supported Alaska's secession from the Union. Well, whoop-tee-dooooo!!

Nevermind that Couric failed to tell the rest of the story.

Palin has been a lifelong member of the Republican Party, and the GOP has her registration papers to prove it. She never joined the secession movement nor the Alaskan Independence Party. She never even spoke in favor of the Party's objectives.

Barack Obama spoke at the annual meeting of, one of the most Leftist, subversive groups in America. But naturally Couric never reported it. Obama, Biden, Edwards, Clinton, Richardson, ALL of the Democratic presidential candidates went to the meeting and spoke on their stage.

But Americans never heard about it from the likes of Couric and her partisan Leftwing cohorts in the mainstream media.

Amazingly enough, however, this still is not all.

CBS News showed the picture and gave the name of the young man who is the purported father of the baby Sarah Palin's daughter is carrying.

Let me give just a personal word to Katie Couric and CBS News in particular, but to NBC, ABC, and CNN in general: you all are nothing but trash who engage in trash journalism. In fact, you have presided over the death of real journalism in America. Go to hell. You are completely irrelevant along with the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Fred Thompson Fires Up GOP Base

Delivering the most rousing and moving speech of his political career, former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, R-TN, hit a grand slam this evening at the Republican National Convention.

The speech, the gist of which was a personal testimony to the character and honor of John McCain, was the perfect example of why many of us supported Thompson for President early in the campaign.

This was classic Thompson. Logically and deliberatively, Thompson made the case for a McCain presidency with the step-by-step precision of a well-seasoned lawyer but with a passion that one only finds among those who sincerely believe in the message they are presenting.

Thompson vividly painted the scenario of McCain's capture and torture by Vietnamese Communists in such a manner that the entire arena fell silent. He spoke of McCain's refusal to give up information, only to be tortured all the more as a result.

Make no mistake, however. Thompson delivered plenty of barbs aimed at the Democrats who have chosen, in Thompson's words, 'the most inexperienced Presidential candidate in the history of the United States.'

He further stated that apparently the Dems think Obama is an excellent choice to serve side-by side with a Democratic-controlled Congress, which is 'the most unpopular Congress in history.'

The crowd loved it.

Thompson also took dead-aim at critics of Sarah Palin, denouncing the media's smear campaign against her, and lambasting the liberal Democrats' practice of late of going after her children, plastering their personal problems all over the news.

Yet not a single major news media outlet has investigated Barack Obama's direct connection to terrorist Bill Ayers.

The Thompson speech was precisely what the conservative faithful have been looking for. And I have a hunch that this is a fitting precursor and foreshadowing of what is to come tomorrow night from Sarah Palin herself.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/2/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Babs is Back! Apparently this time Streisand is going to sing for Barack. Wonder if she will get a cigar out of it like she did with Bill?
*'A Brilliant Observation'
*Dissident Bloggers are in increasing danger all around the world. Here is an example.
*'Navigating the Maze' in light of the SCOTUS ruling on D.C.'s gun ban.

JR has another example of gun-fearing hysteria.

From Nicki's The Liberty Zone:
*'Repugnant Pieces of Fetid Effluvia!'--yeah, you'll have to read it to find out what that is. And it's a goodie!
*'That's Nice, But I Was There First'--you need to become familiar with this case!
*'The Major Story That Never Was'
*'And Where The Hell is the Fourth Estate?'--a MUST-read!

From Mike McCarville:
*The planned schedule will resume today for the GOP convention.
*Palin is a big hit in the South.
*How is the choice of Palin playing in Oklahoma?

Sebastian has a great read on how the Left is absolutely coming unhinged over Sarah Palin.

Roberta X has info on the September Indy Blog Meet.

Alphecca points out the blatant hypocrisy of the mainstream media over its hysteria over Sarah Palin's daughter and its complete silence about Barack Obama being a bastard, literally.

West, By God has an informative read on waiting periods and C & R.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts, 'What Is to Be done: Is It Too Late for a Political Solution?'

Gun Law News has very interesting reading on Sarah Palin.

Michelle Malkin posts a must-read entitled, 'Selective Sympathy for Moms in Public Office.'

And Malkin reports that Obama claims HIS meager experience is far superior to Palin's. ROFL!!

John Lott compares mainstream media coverage of Joe Biden with that of Sarah Palin. There are no surprises, but the shocking part is just how blatant and thorough is the bias.

Breda announces that she will be the guest on tonight's blog radio show, 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation.' Click on the link to get the info on topic and time.

Gateway Pundit shows that the mainstream media continues with its sexist, disgusting attacks against Palin while refusing to cover the Obama-Ayers terrorist scandal.

Bikini Photos of Sarah Palin?

In an attempt to do what they think will turn conservative evangelicals against Sarah Palin, certain members of the Democratic leftwing have sunk to the level of going through garbage bins and landfills attempting to find bikini photos of GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Uh, guys, don't stop what you're doing. I wouldn't want to deprive you of the joys of pilfering through acres of the rank stench of discarded waste.

But, please realize that even if you find something, it won't work.

Obviously you know nothing about most Christian evangelicals, or else you would not have bothered.

For example, down here in my neck of the woods, South Carolina, Baptists in the area outnumber all other denominations 2-to-1. Yet Baptist teenagers and college-age young women, and older, are not shy about displaying their short-shorts and t-shirts that bare midriff, bikinis and thong bathing suits at the beach and at the pool, and even miniskirts that some wear to church.

One of the joys of going to a large Baptist church in the South is getting a leg-show. It makes an otherwise dull sermon much more palatable.

Thus, the Palin-in-a-bikini thing is a non-issue, guys. Hope you have fun trying to get disinfected after going through all of that infectious waste. NEXT!

Dowd, Quinn Gang Up on Sarah Palin Today

The attack dogs of the far-Left in the mainstream media plan a coordinated attack-blitz on GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin today in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Both newspapers plan to put their premier Leftist women, Maureen Dowd and Sally Quinn, at the forefront of the attack, delivering what they hope to be a one-two knockout punch on the Alaska Governor.

Dowd and Quinn will claim that Palin isn't qualified to be President, in spite of the fact that the head of the Democratic ticket is an untested rookie who is more mouth than anything else. They plan to attack her conservative politics. They even plan to attack her religion.

You see, liberal elitists such as Dowd and Quinn look askance at anyone who is not only deeply religious but who belongs to a denomination that is conservative and evangelical. This is why in their view Barack Obama is okay. He belongs to one of the most extremist liberal denominations in the world, the United Church of Christ, which endorses liberal politics nearly 100% of the time.

Palin, on the other hand, is Assemblies of God, a conservative, evangelical group that tends to be suspicious of liberal politics and its adherents in leftwing 'Christian' denominations, where one hears more about liberal community activism than Jesus Christ.

Dowd and Quinn hope that their vitriol against Palin will rally the feminist troops out and about, turning them against the very first woman who actually has a good chance of being elected to the 2nd highest office in the land.

However, look for the Dowd-Quinn smear campaign to backfire in the faces of Democrats. Millions of women in the heartland of American detest the views of Dowd and Quinn, that is, if they have ever read them. Most probably have not even heard of the two extremists, and even if they have, they are not inclined to give proponents of abortion-on-demand and big government nanny-state programs the time of day.

Dowd and Quinn totally misread the mindset of most women in this country. Sure, radical feminists will agree with them. But most American women are anything but adherents to the Dowd-Quinn school of Leftist thought.

And when they see these two mount a concerted effort to destroy a very popular woman with whom they can connect at a very deep emotional level, they will turn against not only the two writers, but the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as the extremists within the Democratic Party who seem to support only those women who espouse ultra-liberal ideas.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Regarding the Pregnancy of Palin's Daughter

The news came today that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. This should not be fodder for the news media or bloggers. But here I am talking about it, mainly in response to Leftwing bloggers who have already blasted the candidate.

Thus, I will make a few comments and then leave the issue alone. She's 17-years-old, for heaven's sake. She and her family need privacy at this time.

Frankly, I am proud of the Palins for the manner in which they have handled this situation. As loving parents, they have embraced their daughter, and they support her decision to have the baby.

Had this been 75% of Democrats, if we take seriously their views of abortion-on-demand, they would have encouraged the young woman to just go and get it 'taken care of' so that she can 'move on with her life.'

Thank goodness a good number of these are hypocrites who would clearly NOT encourage their daughters to do such a hideous thing. Yet they support a Party platform that essentially gives abortion a free pass, not to mention the fact that their Presidential candidate supports infanticide.

The fact that Leftwing Democrat bloggers have been all over this issue all day long only proves that the entire lot is nothing but sleaze. Heaven help us if this crowd gets their candidates in the White House and the Congress.

What Is An 'Anti-American?'

An anonymous poster in the comments section of this blog took me to task over referring to former Democratic Presidential candidates George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, and John Kerry, and the present candidate Barack Obama, as anti-American.

I stand by the charge.

Thus, what is the definition of an 'anti-American?'

An anti-American is one whose political ideology is diametrically opposite of that which is embodied in the Constitution of the United States.

The Constitution is our final authority in all matters of law and governance.

Thus, one cannot be for robbing citizens of their right to own, bear, and use firearms for defense and protection, and then claim to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The two are mutually exclusive.

One cannot promote measures that limit free speech, free exercise of religion, a free press, or the freedom to assemble, and claim to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The two are blatantly incongruent.

And it really doesn't matter how much time such persons may have spent in the military. Some have even gone to war. While that is admirable, such acts of service to one's country do not automatically make them pro-American if they turn around and trash the Constitution in their political beliefs.

This is why in the United States of America one can be a true patriot even if they never served in the official, government-sanctioned military. And serving in that military does not automatically make one a patriot.

It is all about beliefs, ideology, political philosophy.

And this is precisely why I will fight tooth and toenail against those who self-righteously claim to be 'patriots' who love their country but who nonetheless work to rob citizens of their Constitutional rights, condone the killing of unborn infants and even those who survive attempts to kill them (this is barbarism every bit as dangerous as the Nazis and Communists), and who in the name of religion seek to steal from ordinary citizens through taxation to pay for programs that government has no business implementing in a free society.

In short, I don't give a damn what your military service has been if your views are more in line with Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, and Karl Marx than with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Patrick Henry.

As the old saying goes, 'Just because a mouse gets into the cookie jar doesn't make him a cookie.'

Pamela Geller Blogs from Republican Convention

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs is an official blogger for the Republican National Convention. She is already in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she has been doing on-the-scene reporting on the run-up to the Convention.

Already she has hit the ground running with some stunning reports.

First, Geller exposes some anti-GOP activists who have shown up at the Convention to heckle the delegates. In this shocking report, she shows where Leftist extremists in the Democratic Party are saying with regard to Sarah Palin's Downs Syndrome child that she 'should have had the tissue aborted and moved on with her life.'

These same individuals cry over the death of baby whales and drilling in ANWR, but they view human life in such stark, inhuman terms.

Second, Geller says the Left has descended on the RNC, complete with buckets of urine, slingshots, and weapons designed to 'take out' buses. And how are these people any different than terrorists?

Finally, Geller has the video of the Don Fowler Scandal. Fowler is the South Carolina native who became Chair of the Democratic National Committee after serving as Chair of the S.C. Democratic Party for a number of years.

Fowler and John Spratt, D-SC, joked and giggled over the fact that Hurricane Gustav would hit New Orleans during the Republican National Convention, contending that such a thing proved that 'God is on the side of Democrats.'

Leftist extremist clown Michael Moore said the same thing.

Fowler later apologized but then opened up another can of worms by condemning the actions of 'some right-wing blogger' who made a video of the conversation Fowler had with Pratt concerning what a wonderful thing it was that a destructive hurricane would hit during the RNC.

Some apology, huh.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

SC Dems Fowler, Spratt Laugh about Gustav, GOP

In an unguarded moment caught on video, South Carolina Democrats Don Fowler and John Spratt laughed about Hurricane Gustav occurring during the Republican National Convention, and joked that it proves, 'God is on the side of Democrats.'

Such a statement is beneath contempt, and I call on Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the Democratic National Committee leadership to condemn the statements of the two men.

Don Fowler was the long-time Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party. John Spratt, Democrat, is the U.S. Congressman serving South Carolina's 5rd Congressional District.

A hurricane of Gustav's magnitude hitting the Gulf Coast of the U.S. is no laughing matter. And to turn such a massive natural disaster into a political issue with which to whip the other side is simply one of the lowest things a politician can do.

As a South Carolina resident, I am very familiar with the 'work' of both Fowler and Spratt. Neither have any authority with which to make statements concerning the approval of God, since both have supported some of the most anti-American, Leftwing politicians in the history of the Republic, such as George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry, and Barack Obama.

If Fowler and Spratt want to get theological about this, I will meet them both head-on, eyeball to eyeball. Perhaps both should remember the ancient Biblical question first posed centuries ago--'why do the ungodly prosper and the righteous suffer?'

Fowler and Spratt are an embarrassment to the state of South Carolina.

Louisiana Hurricane Response: Jindal vs. Blanco

The looming catastrophe of Hurricane Gustav dredges up chilling memories of Hurricane Katrina 3 years ago. This time, however, there are major differences in how the state of Louisiana is handling the threat.

When one notes the methodical planning that has gone into the evacuation procedures in anticipation of Gustav, one cannot help but remember the chaos and mass pandemonium that engulfed the region when Katrina threatened the area.

One by one residents of New Orleans have told news reporters this weekend that there is actually no comparison between the orderly process that Governor Bobby Jindal, R-LA, has implemented and the disastrous ineptitude of former Governor Kathleen Blanco, which led to a tragedy of draconian proportions.

Blanco, along with the New Orleans mayor, and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA, attempted to blame their gargantuan failures on President Bush.

Yet a simple look at Louisiana state law regarding emergency procedures reveals the real culprits. It clearly was NOT the Feds. Blanco did not follow state law in implementing evacuation measures using school buses. Those buses sat in parking lots where they later were totally destroyed by flood waters.

Instead of getting people out of the city, they opened up large shelters that themselves were subject to the ravages of the hurricane, where hundreds perished.

This time, however, more competent heads have prevailed, the main one being the new Louisiana Governor, a GOP rising star, Bobby Jindal.

Jindal has ordered evacuations of the area well ahead of Gustav. Buses are being used to transport people out of the city. Residents are being told that this time, if they do not evacuate as ordered, there will be no refuge within the city of New Orleans. Disastrous measures such as opening the Super Dome will not occur this time around.

These common-sense measures could have been implemented 3 years ago resulting in the saving of thousands of lives.

Thankfully, most of the residents of New Orleans are being compliant with the evacuation orders. And yes, people in a free society have a choice. They can refuse to evacuate and stay behind. But they should not expect any help from government in rising flood waters if they make that choice. We are free to make decisions such as these, but we must also be prepared to live with the consequences of our decisions.

We hope and pray that with Gustav, human life will be spared the ravages of the winds and waters. And we can be thankful that people like Bobby Jindal are in office making rational decisions.

Obama Votes with Extremist Leftists 100% of the Time

The new Obama campaign ad portrays John McCain as a George W. Bush foot-soldier, voting with the President 90% of the time.

Obama hopes this will further solidify in the minds of the voters that a McCain first term will be Bush's third term.

Let's take a quick look at the Obama record, then, shall we?

Obama is a lapdog of Leftwing extremists. He votes with Leftists nearly 100% of the time. On issue after issue, Obama has proven that he is one of the most extremist Liberal politicians in America, even surpassing Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi, and Carolyn McCarthy.

Along with San Francisco extremist Nancy Pelosi, he votes with environmentalist extremists who have hamstrung this nation's ability to provide for its own energy needs.

With Carolyn McCarthy and John Conyers he has called for the outright ban of handguns in America, essentially rendering the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution null and void.

Like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry he never saw a tax hike he didn't like, and he never saw a problem that he believed a new government program could not fix.

But, surpassing all of the Leftwing Democrats mentioned above, Obama has gone far beyond the normal liberal mindset of insisting on abortion-on-demand. Obama supports infanticide. While an Illinois legislator, he voted against a bill that would have mandated medical care for infants that survive botched late-term abortion attempts.

The bill that was introduced in the Illinois legislature was a response to an incident wherein a newborn infant that survived a botched abortion procedure was placed in a darkened closet without food or water, and simply left to die unattended.

This was just fine with Barack Obama, and he put his vote where his mouth is, voting against providing medical care for other babies in similar situations.

Clearly this vote shows that extremist liberals have moved beyond abortion to baby killing outside the womb--a position that even Pelosi and Kennedy don't support.

Whether the issue is infanticide, ridiculous tax hikes to pay for numerous new government programs, hamstringing the nation's ability to provide for its own energy needs, or banning the weapon of choice for multi-millions of Americans who are concerned about self-defense, Obama is clearly on the wrong side of ALL of the issues.

A politician who votes with the likes of Ted Kennedy or the San Francisco extremist Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time is totally out of touch with the views and values of mainstream Americans.

The last time I checked, the vast majority of the American heartland believes politicians in
Massachusetts and San Francisco to be Leftwing fringe-element lunatics who simply do not understand the things that are important to normal, everyday Americans.

Obama has cast his lot with these extremists.

Clemson Loses to Alabama in Season Opener

In a game that was played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, the Clemson Tigers of South Carolina lost their season opener to the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama, 34-10.

The loss was a stunner to Clemson, which had been ranked 9th in the pre-season poll by USA Today.

In his 2nd season as coach of the Crimson Tide, Alabama coach Nick Sabin demonstrated that perhaps the Tide, ranked 24th in the pre-season poll, had been under-rated.

Rocked by a series of scandals and coaching changes over the last 10 years, Alabama has struggled to regain some of the glory of the old days under the legendary Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

Sabin's first year as coach of the Tide was certainly no cakewalk, but with the upset victory over a strong Clemson team, perhaps Sabin has a chance in his 2nd year to give the Alabama nation a season they can be proud of.

As for Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, it will be back to the drawing board to analyze what went wrong with a team that had high expectations going into this season.