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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Top News from the Western Carolinas for 6/28/08

From the Upstate, Piedmont, and Mountains of the Western Carolinas:

Gasoline may prevent Carolinians from diving long distances for vacation time, but the summer weather has a local antidote--white-water rafting. The world's largest man-made white-water river is located just off of I-85 in Charlotte, and it may be just the thing for local vacationers. Read all about it HERE.

Mauldin High School in the Greenville County, S.C. town of Mauldin is the setting of the latest school sex scandal involving a volunteer track coach and a 14 year old female who was a member of the track team.

The drought in upstate South Carolina continues as water levels become dangerously low in some of the area's lakes and streams.

There is new, updated information about the Lyman hazardous waste spill. A Lyman, SC couple in Spartanburg County has been indicted in the spill. Law enforcement officials state that the couple deliberately disposed of the waste along a 13 mile stretch of road in Spartanburg County.

Police in Charlotte state that not only are thieves stealing gasoline from the pumps, but they are taking gas right out of people's gas tanks.

Have you seen this woman? Police need your help in locating this 33-year-old woman who has been missing since May 29.

A severe weather alert for Saturday and Sunday has been issued for the upstate of South Carolina, the mountains and Piedmont of North Carolina, and the mountains of northeast Georgia.

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa O-Baa-Maa

The crib babies who blindly support the likes of nanny-statist Barack Obama do not realize they are being duped by one of the biggest charlatans in the world of politics.

In spite of his claim following the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the D.C. gun ban that he 'has always supported the Second Amendment,' Obama has always done the exact opposite, calling for the outright ban of all handguns in the state of Illinois, for example.

Early in this year's Presidential campaign the candidate stated that the D.C. gun ban was appropriate and passed the Constitutional test.

He was wrong, according to the Court.

But he hopes his supporters have forgotten that. Most of them have, or least they are engaging in denial in the midst of their starry-eyed gaze into the face of their beloved Obamessiah.

In like manner, Obama supporters are oblivious to the fact that their candidate supports measures that will hurt them even more in the pocket book than they are hurting now.

Nothing is going to bring down the costs of gasoline at the pump other than an increase in supply as the demand for oil in developing countries skyrockets. Demand is up but supply is barely keeping pace, and if demand continues to increase as it surely will in places such as China and India, then supply will fall behind.

This does nothing but drive up the price of gasoline even further.

Raising gasoline taxes, which Obama has proposed, will do nothing to give consumers any relief but will increase their burden even more. Americans are already paying anywhere from 40-75 cents per gallon in taxes.

Government, in fact, has made windfall profits from the supposed 'obscene' profits of the oil companies. While demagogues such as Obama and his minions of the Democratic Party decry oil company profits, government has been making out like bandits from the skyrocketing prices at the pump.

Nobody wants to talk about that, though.

With foreign oil rising to record prices on the open market, the only thing that will help bring down the price of gasoline is for Americans to develop and use our own resources here at home.

Sure, new technologies that utilize solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cell, bio-diesel, and electric energy are important. But none of these will be ready to sustain the nation's energy needs for another 10 years at least.

The cold, hard fact is that we need the oil. And we have it.

But Barack opposes drilling for it. He opposes building new refineries. He opposes nuclear power, which is one of the cleanest sources of energy we have.

John McCain has admittedly proposed the most sensible energy program that I have seen. The program supports developing the new technologies that utilize solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cell, bio-diesel, electric, and nuclear power. But McCain is also realistic enough to know this is not enough.

McCain knows that in order to address America's short-term energy needs, we have to drill here and drill now.

This is the only way to give consumers relief at the pump. When we are not being held hostage by foreign sources of oil, we as Americans can determine our own prices through OUR markets.

Thus, while the zombie-like supporters of Barack Obama are falling down in worship at the feet of their Messiah, chanting, 'Goo goo gaa gaa O-baa-maa,' it turns out their emperor has no clothes. He is getting ready, if elected, to increase rather than relieve their pain.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/27/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea at the War on Guns would like to issue a complaint to a bar association concerning part of the dissent of the Supreme Court to the Heller case. The minority opinion cites the Miller case in a blatantly erroneous fashion, which shows the shocking incompetence of the Judge in question.

David also says that Father Snuffy Pfleger has pledged more public temper tantrums now that he has returned to his pulpit.

Commissar Nancy Pelosi's lunacy on bringing back the Fairness Doctrine gets a shellacking from David as well.

Squeaky has the final details on the Memphis blog meet, including a corrected version HERE.

In light of the Heller decision, Sebastian asks, 'What regulations are reasonable?'

My favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter E. Williams, has a thought-provoking column entitled, 'The Problem of Ignorance.'

Mike McCarville has some interesting stats on the number of citizens who are licensed to carry handguns in Oklahoma.

Roberta X blasts the latest drivel from 'bogus' professor Carl T. Bogus on his PSH concerning the Heller decision.

Freedom Sight provides thorough commentary on the ramifications of the Heller decision.

Gateway Pundit reports that a leading Democrat has admitted that the Democratic Party has no solution to the problem of escalating gasoline prices. No kidding!

Gateway also reports that a Hillary-turned-McCain supporter has gotten the boot from the Democrats because of her support for McCain. So much for the 'Party of the big tent.'

Of Arms and the Law provides a link to the website of the Chicago gun lawsuit. As soon as the Heller decision was issued yesterday, the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, and others brought the lawsuit against the Chicago gun ban. Good for them.

The Volokh Conspiracy points to three key articles on Heller. And then there is an excellent read at Volokh concerning 'originalism' in the Heller decision.

SCOTUS Gun Redux: Back to the Fight

We won, and victory is sweet. Despite significant differences of opinion between the majority and minority on the Court, all 9 Justices affirmed that the Second Amendment refers, at least to some degree, to an individual right.

Precedence has been set for recognizing that self-defense through the use of firearms is a basic human right, and that is a victory worth celebrating.

But now it is time to get back to the fight.

As wonderful as Justice Antonin Scalia's words were in upholding the notion of an individual right within the Second Amendment, this Court is notorious for recognizing a right without making provision for protecting that right.

No greater example of this can be found than the Court's recognition that individual, private property rights are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. But the Court has failed on several different occasions to extend legal protections to those citizens who have suffered through blatant violations of their property rights.

Ilya Somin's excellent post at The Volokh Conspiracy provides a sobering warning to those who think that today's Court ruling on gun rights will insure the legal protection of gun owners who must fight for their right to bear arms in the courts.

And make no mistake about it, the forces of anti-freedom will come out of the woodwork to fight harder than ever to restrict Second Amendment rights in any way they can. The Brady Campaign, for example, is already using the Court's decision to rally the troops to raise more money to fight gun rights.

In addition, we can look for a growing movement to repeal the Second Amendment altogether.

As JR points out, before the ink was dry on the Supreme Court's decision the Chicago Tribune was already calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment on its editorial page.

Further, we all know that had Al Gore or John Kerry won in 2000 and 2004, the Court's decision today would have been much different. We are only one vote away from losing a guaranteed right, and neither Roberts nor Alito would have been there to join with the majority.

A Barack Obama Presidency will guarantee a total shift in the makeup of the Court, and despite his flip-flop statement yesterday claiming he supports the Second Amendment, we can rest assured that his appointees to the Court will be in the mold of Ginsberg, Souter, Breyer, and Stevens.

This shameful gang of 4 all dissented from the majority opinion that D.C.'s gun ban must be struck down.

It is for this reason, perhaps, that Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership delayed issuing a response to Thursday's decision on Heller. That response is now on the website of the JPFO. The statement is a realistic assessment of the issues we face.

And thus, let us not be lulled into a false sense of security. We have won a major battle, but the war still rages.

And once again, it is time to fight.

For more thoughts on the Court's decision, click here and here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chics'n'Guns: Pamela Geller Celebrates Gun Rights

The lovely Pamela Geller, the mastermind behind the popular blog Atlas Shrugs, gets in some target shooting in celebration of today's Supreme Court decision affirming the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms.

Wish I could be there to celebrate with ya, Pamela!

Second Amendment News Roundup Special Edition 6/26/08

This is a special edition of the Second Amendment News Roundup.

The United States Supreme Court ruled today that Americans have the right to own and keep firearms--including handguns--in their homes. The ruling struck down a District of Columbia law banning handguns.

Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia stated that the record of history both before and after the ratification of the Second Amendment shows that individual citizens have the right to their preferred method of self-protection--the handgun.

The ruling also struck down D.C.'s requirement for safety locks or keeping the firearms disassembled.

The ruling does, however, leave intact many local regulations on the use of firearms.

Shockingly, the decision came with a 5-4 majority. In dissent were Stevens, Breyer, Ginsberg, and Souter, which shows that our precious right to self-defense in this country is a tenuous one.

In fact, the anti-freedom crowd is already attempting to spin the decision to its benefit...Nancy Pelosi being one of them, stating that 'D.C. still has the right to regulate handguns.'

Joining Justice Scalia in the majority were Alito, Roberts, Kennedy, and Thomas.

Naturally, the blogosphere is ablaze with commentary and analysis of the decision. The following is a run-down on the comments of various bloggers:

Let the celebration begin! The Breda Fallacy helps to get us started.

David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law quotes from Justice Scalia's majority opinion, and he follows up with highlighting the major key points in the ruling.

Say Uncle says the 5-4 ruling is too close for comfort. Uncle also has some Key Quotes from the ruling.

Snowflakes in Hell opines on what should scare us about this ruling and says that there is room to work.

David Codrea at The War on Guns provides insightful commentary on the decision, stating that the ruling leaves the door open for continued infringement.

Robb Allen reminds us that this decision is not a call to victory but a call to battle. It ain't over by a long shot.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs gives her take on the Heller decision, including a comment on what it might mean to Jihadists.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone weighs in on the decision, including some sharp words for the turncoats, I mean, dissenters.

Tam at View from the Porch does a bit of well-deserved gloating.

Traction Control has the text version of the decision in two separate formats.

The Bitch Girls recognize and thank the key players in today's decision. Had it not been for these valuable persons in the cause, this may have never happened. Go have a look.

Eugene Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy is one of the ones Bitter Bitch cites as a valuable person in the cause, providing crucial legal guidance. Volokh is cited in the Heller decision as well. You can find plenty of commentary on the Court's action at The Volokh Conspiracy here. Simply scroll down for a variety of commentary and analysis.

Clayton Cramer is another who was cited in the majority opinion, and he provides his take on the ruling here.

Dustin's Gun Blog highlights the 'individual right' aspect of the Heller decision.

Dr. John Lott quotes D.C. Mayor Fenty who is still attempting to act as if the Heller case has not been decided. What a complete idiot.

Michelle Malkin reports that John McCain has jumped on the Heller decision to underscore his differences with Barack Obama on gun rights. And, not surprisingly, Obama does another 'flip flop' on the issue. I suppose now he is the 'Thomas Jefferson candidate' for unrestricted gun rights. ROFL!!

Mike McCarville is reporting that many are applauding the Heller decision today, including U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe.

But wait till you see THIS stunner! McCarville also issues a news alert that a Leftwing blogger is ridiculing the Heller decision on the basis of the 'racial angle.'

Ahab points to a very important component of the Heller decision, which states that the Second Amendment codifies a pre-existing right.

Alphecca comments on the potential ramifications of Heller for the states and for the Chicago ban.

Armed and Safe points to the response of the Brady Bunch to the decision.

Gun Pundit makes an excellent point about the decision today being an affirmation of an old right rather than a 'new right.' He also breaks the thing down into a step-by-step analysis.

Gunservatively highlights a statement in the Heller decision that declares it is not the Court's role to declare the Second Amendment extinct. Read it all.

The various gun websites offer their commentary on the decision. Click on the underscored links to go to the statements issued by Gun Law News, the NRA, the Buckeye Firearms Association, Gun Owners of America, and Ohioans for Concealed Carry.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has not yet released a statement.

Among the major political websites, statements on the Heller decision can be found at The Cato Institute, Human Events (which features an excellent article by Ted Nuggent), and National Review Online (which catches Barack Obama in a blatant lie about his position on gun rights).

I hope this collection of links will be helpful to you as we continue to decipher the ramifications of the Court's action today.

Supreme Court Decides Gun Rights Case Today

The District of Columbia vs. Heller gun rights case will be decided today by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court will issue all remaining decisions, including Heller, today at 10 AM.

For a minute-by-minute liveblog of the Court's public session, click here to go to SCOTUSblog (Supreme Court of the United States blog), beginning at 10 AM EDT.

At issue is the constitutionality of the ban on handguns within the District of Columbia. Observers say this will be the most significant high court ruling on the Second Amendment in the past 100 years.

Anne Frank, Desecrated

By now a large part of the world, particularly the West, knows about the young Jewish girl whose family fled Nazi Germany for Holland, only to find that the country had the highest rate of police compliance in turning Jews over to the Nazis.

And thus, Anne Frank wound up in a Nazi concentration camp, where she lost her life at the mere age of 14, her battered corpse disposed in a mass grave where human beings were treated on a par equalling that of trash or animal waste.

The original play about Frank, written by Meyer Levin, was based upon Anne Frank's diary but was rejected by Communist and anti-Jewish producer Lillian Hellman because it was 'too Jewish.'

The play that finally made it to Broadway and was ultimately adapted into a major film complied with Hellman's insistence that Frank's Jewish roots be de-emphasized and that she be 'universalized' into a generic 'everyman.'

That version, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, won a Pulitzer prize.

Curiously, that version never tells us that Frank died anonymously in the camp or that her body was dumped into a mass grave at the hands of barbarians who hated Jews or anyone else who loved freedom.

And that version is also the one that desecrates the heritage and memory of Anne Frank, as Meyer Levin later wrote in his book Obsession.

Marilyn Penn at Political Mavens has done the world a great service in exposing the fraud that Hellman and company unleashed on the world, and thereby preserving the integrity and truth of the real story of Anne Frank.

Penn's excellent essay can be found here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

S.C. Tax-Free Gun Purchases Upheld by Senate

Overriding Governor Mark Sanford's veto, the South Carolina Senate voted late Wednesday to keep the sales tax holidays for guns and appliances.

The S.C. Legislature had presented a bill that would give consumers a break from sales taxes during the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend--the busiest shopping period of the year.

But the Governor vetoed the measure, stating that sales tax holidays are ineffective and that such a thing could invite lawsuits.

The state Senate, however, disagreed with the Governor's assessment and voted 34-8 to override the veto. The House is expected to concur with the Senate.

Thus, those who purchase guns and energy-efficient appliances in South Carolina during the Thanksgiving weekend can do so tax free. Read the full story here.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/25/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville says that a group of Oklahoma Democrats used the Iwo Jima picture to endorse local Democratic candidates. The problem is the leader of the group didn't have permission, which prompted an apology.

JR has a link to Gun Facts, an e-book that debunks all of the common myths about gun control. All you do is download it.

JR also weighs in on the current debate about open carry.

Roberta X says that the hand-wringing has already begun among the antis concerning Heller vs. D.C., although the decision has not even been issued from the Supreme Court.

Armed and Safe has the MUST-read of the day concerning the centrality of guns during the Civil Rights movement...on the part of the oppressed!

Clayton Cramer has an interesting read today on why his respect for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy continues to decline.

Gateway Pundit reports that Barack 'Fruitcake' Obama unleashed a spray of machine gun style bullets in attacking Dr. James Dobson. The Fruitcake doesn't realize that Dr. Dobson represents millions of evangelical votes.

Gateway Pundit also notes that the (Un)Fairness Doctrine is back full force. Nancy Pelosi supports it, despite the free publicity she and her Marxist cohorts get from the MSM. Can you imagine what this group of clowns will do with a greater majority AND a Democratic President?

One more from Gateway Pundit. Here is what liberal Christianity stands for, and it is SICK.

Gun Pundit reports that because we didn't get a decision on Heller vs. D.C. today, it will be tomorrow for sure.

Sharp as a Marble is a law-abiding gun owner. And it's a good thing!

Sebastian reports that the VPC has unleashed a pack of lies about concealed carry holders.

WHO IS THIS MAN?! LOL. Breda has a link that shows us.

David Codrea links to a post that says, 'There is no such thing as gun control.' Take a look.

Dr. John Lott reports that there is a move underway in Florida to overturn the new law allowing licensed gun owners to keep their firearms locked in their cars while at work.

Judges like THIS make me want to puke. Michelle Malkin reports.

Guns: How Many Are Too Many?

The local press in the upstate of South Carolina is reporting the arrest of a Greer, S.C. man who had a stash of 300 firearms in his home. Headlines proclaimed, for example, 'Greer man arrested; 300 weapons found in home.'

One would think, based upon the headlines, that the man was arrested because he had too many guns.

In fact, many seem to believe that there are limits on how many firearms an individual citizen can own without breaking the law. Such may be true in some areas of the country, but here in South Carolina no such law exists.

And rightly so.

How many coins can a coin-collector own legally? How many pairs of shoes can a woman own before she has 'too many?'

When it comes to guns, there is no limit on how many a person can own. But the press in the area implies that the man in question, William David Delamar, was arrested because he had too many firearms in his home.

By the way, the reason for Delamar's arrest was the fact that he allegedly pointed a gun at a man standing near his home over the weekend. The news story fails to state if the man was on Delamar's property, or in the street, or standing on the lawn next door.

When law officers arrived to investigate, Delamar would not allow them inside his home without a search warrant. The officers returned with the warrant, searched the home, and made the discovery of the gun collection.

Delamar explained that he is a licensed gun collector and that there is no limit on how many guns a person can own.

Curiously, the news story continues to play up the '300 guns' angle, in spite of the fact that Delamar was not charged with violating any law regarding possession of firearms. The story quotes law officers as saying that gun collections must be antique or curios, but that 'there is no limit in the regulations.'

And thus, the only charge Delamar faces is presenting and pointing a gun at someone. Delamar is out of jail on a $5000 bond. And apparently the collection of 300 firearms is a non-issue.

Read the full story here at News Channel 7.

Newcomers Win in S.C. GOP Runoff

Political newcomers Shane Martin and Lee Bright have won their bids for the South Carolina Senate in a runoff election held on Tuesday.

Bright defeated the incumbent Jim Ritchie in a landslide for the seat in Senate District 12. Martin's race against Scott Talley in Senate District 13 was significantly closer, but in the end Martin was able to pick up the seat.

Both Martin and Bright are local businessmen whom the voters, along with S.C. Governor Mark Sanford, view as more sensitive to the needs and wishes of the people.

Although the South Carolina legislature has been controlled by the GOP in recent years, voters have been soured by the inability of legislators to work closely with a popular GOP Governor to enact sorely needed changes in the manner in which the statehouse does business.

A pronounced 'anti-incumbent' mentality swept the electorate in South Carolina, resulting from what voters saw as an inadequate response to illegal immigration and other key issues.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/24/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea has a message for Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party.

Sebastian reports on those who open carry being harassed in Wisconsin.

The Bitch Girls have an important post on CCW training and retention.

Mike McCarville reports on Charlie Black, adviser to John McCain, who apologized for a remark made a few days ago about another 9/11.

In case you missed it, the American Pastor who went to jail for a 3-year sentence in Russia on guns and ammo charges has been released.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 reports that the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have joined up to give the Mayor of Seattle a trip to the woodshed over his blatant violations of state law regarding firearms.

Roberta X has her latest update on the Indy Blog Bash this past Sunday.

Ahab has an excellent response to an anti-gun activist (on the 'God Not Guns' blog) who compares gun enthusiasts with religious fundamentalists.

Armed and Safe reports more corruption and shenanigans in the Chicago political machine, this time with regard to gun control.

Monica Crowley reports today that the U.N--that's the UNITED NATIONS of all entities--says that Iran is within 6 to 12 months of having nuclear bombs. Wonder if the Libs, who bow to the authority of the U.N., will accept this notion of Iran's nukes now?

Breda has a neat pic of herself, Tam, and Roberta X. Hey! Who is that little short woman between those two tall women????

Squeaky is putting together a Memphis, Tennessee area blog meet. Bloggers in that area, go on over there and take at look!

Say Uncle suggests manners rather than 'in your face' when it comes to gunnies.

Blogstitution has a great read on political language, particularly with regard to the Obama word 'change.'

Wow. Gateway Pundit reports that John McCain has received a surprising and heartwarming endorsement from an unexpected source.

Despite Barack Obama's claims, Erick Erickson at Human Events says that Georgia is NOT in play in the November election.

Dobson Blasts Obama on Bible, Constitution

Evangelical Christian leader Dr. James Dobson, the pediatrician whose radio program reaches millions of people across the nation, has taken to task Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama over his views on the Bible and the U.S. Constitution.

Dobson forwarded to the Press advanced copies of the remarks he plans to broadcast on Tuesday's edition of 'Focus on the Family.'

Of particular concern to Dobson are Obama's unorthodox views of scripture, which Dobson contends leads him to a faulty interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

At issue are Obama's views on abortion and his rather curious statements on the teachings of Jesus and the dietary rules found in the Book of Leviticus in the Bible.

The full story can be found here.

Top News Stories from the Western Carolinas

Breaking news! South Carolina Pastor Phillip Miles has been released from a Russian Prison following an initial 3-year sentence for carrying a rifle and ammunition into the country. A Russian court reduced the sentence and Miles was set free. Miles is Pastor of the Christ Community Church in Conway.

Runoff elections will be held today in South Carolina, but how do you know if you are eligible to vote? Click here for complete information, county by county.

A massive, fatal house explosion in northeastern Charlotte caused traffic snarls, and investigators still have not determined the cause.

A Clemson University football player has been arrested and charged with assault. Read the details here.

A local school board voted to allow the 'Gay Straight Alliance' to have access to schools as an official club, over the protests of one major high school principal.

A convicted child molester committed suicide on the day he was to be sentenced in North Carolina. The story is here.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2009, and plenty of activities have been planned.

Here is the link to the official site of the Great Smoky Mountains 75 Anniversary website, which is complete with a calendar of events and an interactive feature to allow you to plan your vacation in the Park during its anniversary.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Endorsements for GOP Runoff in SC Tuesday

Two important races in upstate South Carolina will be decided in Tuesday's GOP runoff election. The Liberty Sphere endorses two newcomers to politics--Lee Bright and Shane Martin.

Roebuck businessman Lee Bright faces off against incumbent Scott Talley in S.C. Senate District 12. Bright's vast experience in business, as opposed to Talley, who is an attorney, led Governor Mark Sanford to endorse Lee Bright for the seat.

The Liberty Sphere feels that a solid businessman like Bright is to be preferred over Talley in a legislature that has been traditionally overrun with attorneys, much to its detriment.

The other newcomer, Shane Martin, squares off against incumbent Jim Ritchie in S.C. Senate District 13. Once again, the candidate is a small business owner and engineer and thus possesses the kind of background the legislature sorely needs.

Although both Talley and Ritchie are good men and have done an acceptable job in Columbia, neither have provided the kind of strong leadership to facilitate change and progress in the state legislature.

The Liberty Sphere feels that this is the year for incumbents to go, many of whom have failed the voters. Fresh faces in Columbia would do the state a world of good.

Thus, we encourage voters in Districts 12 and 13 to vote for Bright and Martin in Tuesday's GOP runoff primary.

For further information about both candidates, click here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/23/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Any day now, the U.S. Supreme Court will issue its opinion in the all-important D.C. vs. Heller Second Amendment case. Eugene Volokh reads the tea leaves and believes Antonin Scalia will write the majority opinion, which is an excellent sign for gun rights:

Of Arms and the Law provides addition commentary on the matter here:

For those liberals who seem to think that the Second Amendment is 'hard to interpret,' Noah Webster, the patriot and quintessential dictionary publisher, defined it precisely as the Founders intended:

On the issue of global warming, the Brits have more sense than we do. Dr. John Lott reports the high level of skepticism among the Brits concerning man-made global warming:

Gateway Pundit reports that Barack Obama's first public speech was sponsored by a Marxist group linked to terrorists!

The MUST-read of the day is by Gateway Pundit, who has George Will's commentary and video on the Democrats' socialistic plan to nationalize the oil industry:

David Codrea links to 'The Proper Response to "Gun Violence"':

Sebastian blogs on 'the open carry thing' and links to further comments by Uncle:

On the other hand, Armed and Safe has this to say about the issue:

Alphecca links to a petition to allow open carry in Texas, of all places. It's hard to believe that in Texas you are not allowed to carry your firearm openly:

Mike McCarville has the scoop on Obama's toying with the Presidential seal:

JR provides a very informative post on the Texas Republican Party platform:

Roberta X has a run-down on the Indy Blog Meet yesterday:

Ahab has some pics up from the Indy Blog Meet:

Most gunnies are familiar with Akins Accelerator and its problems with the jackbooted thugs of the ATF. Alphecca reports that now, Akins has sued the ATF!

Freedom Sight provides interesting commentary on the U.S. Tax Code:

Michelle Malkin reports that yet another despicable world tyrant has endorsed Barack Obama:

With all the talk from Obama and the Democrats about 'normalizing' relations with Commie Cuba, Discover the Networks has vital reading on the history of Cuba's takeover by the Communists...the most thorough report I've ever read on the subject:

Obama's Murky Connections with Muslim Extremists

Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama has a long history of associations with persons of dubious character, not the least of which are the likes of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and Father Michael 'Snuffy' Pfleger.

This may be only the tip of the iceberg, however.

Obama's associations with extremists within the world of Islamofascism should be cause enough to stop any potential supporter dead in their tracks.

It has been common knowledge for quite some time that Obama supports a Palestinian state and a divided Jerusalem. True, Condi Rice supports the same thing, as do others within the Bush administration.

But Obama's attempt to hide his support for such things by claiming before a group of Jews two weeks ago that he 'supports a united Jerusalem under the control of Israel' should give rise to serious questions concerning the candidate's honesty, his blatant duplicity, and his frantic attempts to keep his more extremist views under the cover.

It is no coincidence, then, that the candidate has recently claimed that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations while at the same time supporting policies that favor both.

And as for Israel, Obama potentially represents one of the most dangerous threats to their existence that has ever proceeded from a major American political figure.

Obama, for example, in answering questions from reporters, stated forthrightly that both Hamas and Hezbollah have 'legitimate goals.' Which goals, exactly, of these two terrorist organizations are legitimate?

The reporter in question never posed a follow-up to allow Obama to explain himself, nor did the reporter flinch when the candidate made that statement--a statement which represents one of the most outlandish and dangerous points of view a potential President could have.

Obama's contention that Hamas and Hezbollah's goals are legitimate is tantamount to claiming that Al Qaeda makes an excellent point about the West, or that the Nazis, after all, had worthy objectives when they came to power in Germany.

These explosive and wildly wrong-headed notions concerning Hamas and Hezbollah were not lost on the two organizations. Both strongly support Barack Obama for President of the United States. This is in spite of Obama's most recent disclaimers during which he claims support for Israel and claims to believe both Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations.

It seems that the leadership within the two groups know the real score. One leader in particular stated that he understood that Obama had to play the political game by denouncing them and cozying up to Israel, but that they all know that the candidate truly supports their objectives.

This, my friends, is an explosive revelation.

And the notion that Obama privately supports Hamas and Hezbollah is certainly confirmed by his associations through the years in the U.S.

The following is a list of links that will take you to numerous news stories and investigative reports concerning those dubious associations. Some of the research you will find in these links is thorough and exhaustive. Others are brief and more issue-specific.

Take a look if you dare. Those who are interested in the truth and who do not wish to be hypnotized by soaring rhetoric and soothing words of 'change and hope,' rock star charisma, and Messiah-like worship, should want above all to know the story behind the story of this 'new kind of politician' who would be President.

American Thinker:

No Quarter on Obama and Chavez, and terrorism in Venezuela:

Rightwing News:


Front Page Magazine:

Discover the Networks:

Discover the Networks--Barack's World:

Obama and Odinga--'We are Taliban' at Atlas Shrugs:

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Almost from its inception, The Liberty Sphere blog has consistently linked to news alerts concerning the Jihad and the War on Terror, as provided by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs--one of the top blogs in the nation.

Atlas Shrugs has been an invaluable source of information concerning the fight for the survival of the West. And Geller has proven herself to be a valiant and courageous soldier in this fight.

As with all who are willing to put their very lives on the line for the cause of truth, justice, and liberty, Geller has not been without her share of detractors and critics, which unfortunately include those who see her as such a threat to their subversive and dangerous agenda that they resort to personal attacks, smears, lawsuits, and even death threats.

This is to be expected given that the Jihadists and their sympathizers do not wish for the truth to be told and would love to see the public kept in the dark. An uninformed public is a sitting duck for the attacks of those who wish to destroy not only the fabric of freedom but the very existence of our country and way of life.

Thus, one thing should be made crystal clear--Pamela Geller is not a 'terrorist' simply because she fights terrorism with a passion that scares the true terrorists. She does not run a 'hate site' simply because she blogs about the twisted, insidious, and deadly world-view of Islamic extremists.

Some of those who make such charges brought their blather to this very blog in the comments section of an earlier post. Pamela Geller was kind and gracious enough to come here and give a direct response.

That response was important enough that I thought it merited a whole post unto itself.

Here is what Geller had to say about her beliefs, her goals, her objectives, and her heart:

Everything posted here is wrong. Utterly inaccurate. But hey am not surprised - its the leftist Islamic alliance propagating their memes.Muslims Against Sharia asked me to join them and to chair a committee who's objective is to make honor killing a capital crime. I was unaware of their group but thought what they wanted to do was admirable and important. Islam must be reformed from within. I love everyone that fights on the side of truth, justice and the American way. I fight the jihad and consider myself most fortunate to count amongst my friends Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Andrew Bostom, Youssef Ibrahim, Walid Phares, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, Sam Solomon. I am against the coming holocaust against the Jews. I am against FGM, honor killings and the sub class citizenship of women in Islamic countries. I fight the jihad - that is my fight.To address your charges of racism and islamophobia is a canard. I can't prove a negative. It is obvious you do not read my blog or understand why I do what I do. I fight for the individual and the basic tenets of western civilization. You can avoid evil but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding evil.I and the folks that work with me intend to save America. You're either with us or against.

This is precisely the way I have experienced Pamela Geller and Atlas Shrugs ever since I stumbled upon the blog about a year and a half ago. This is why there is a permanent link to the blog on the left sidebar. And this is why I was honored to have Pamela Geller come here to make a straightforward, clear statement of what motivates her to engage in this battle.

Make no mistake about it, Islamofascisim is a major threat to the freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, freedom of religion, and every other liberty associated with free societies. This is why Canada and much of Europe has succumbed to the dire and ominous moves to place restrictions on freedom of speech.

In nearly every instance, Islamofascism is the shadow-force behind the scenes that drives these restrictions on human liberty. Extremists under the guise of being 'moderate Muslims,' for example, were behind the trial of Mark Steyn and Mclean's Magazine in British Columbia.

For sure, there are many moderate Muslims in the world. But simply because someone says they are moderate does not necessarily make them moderate.

Atlas Shrugs exists to help us make the distinction.