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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fighting Against Lies and Corruption

The Liberty Sphere received the following notice, and information, from Liestoppers. We are gratified that the blog's forum is back up and running again.

As a website that is dedicated to exposing the truth in the Duke lacrosse rape hoax/frame, the importance of Liestoppers cannot be overestimated.

In spite of the fact that the accuser was exposed as a fraud and the D.A. was exposed as a legal quack who had no regard for the truth, so many who aided and abetted the hoax/frame escaped any blame whatsoever.

Thus, Liestoppers is as important today as it was when the 3 innocent students were falsely accused, for what happened behind the scenes is most assuredly much worse than what came to light.

Here is the notice from Baldo at Liestoppers:

'We are back up.

'Thank you so much for your support. It was really appreciated. This has been quite a difficult time, but we are back on target. Exposing the Duke Lacrosse Hoax/Frame. The treachery in this case is so deep. Durham & Duke still refuses to confront what happened.'


Friday, May 02, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/2/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Born Again Redneck says there is a much better and cheaper way to make fuel than ethanol, which is creating a food crisis world-wide:

Liestoppers has excellent news that their message boards are back up and running after a hacker shut them down:

It's all in the family with Breda. Here she shows a pic of her mother and cousin shooting their guns out on the range:

ROFL!! Just wait till you see this quip from Tam:

As the Indiana Democratic Primary draws near, Michelle Malkin has the scoop on some dirt flying (as if we expected otherwise) from Hillary and Obama:

John Lott reports that in England the British Conservatives have won big in the elections, almost completely destroying the Labor Party (liberals):

Dr. Lott also has some excellent news on guns on college campuses in Louisiana:

David Codrea has the MUST-read of the day, and you aren't gonna like it. This is an outrage that should get any gunowner's blood boiling:

Freedom Sight has more on the jackbooted thuggery of the ATF here:

Of Arms and the Law has THIS on the Lautenberg Amendment:

Apparently Vice-President Dick Cheney is quite an effective fundraiser for the GOP in Oklahoma. Mike McCarville has the story:

All American Blogger is part of an important gun resolution in the Georgia legislature:

Armed and Safe reports on the prosecution/persecution of Utah gun dealers:

Hillary the Queen Protector of gun owners? ROFL!! Note Uncle's comments:

Robb Allen has a range report on the 6.8 SPC:

Congrats to Squeaky on getting her handgun permit:

FACT CHECK: Why Commies Are Evil

On this the day after 'May Day' during which Communists around the world march to celebrate their ideology, it is imperative to do a quick fact check.

To put it simply, Commies are evil.

For Communists to celebrate is every bit as twisted and demented as Nazis celebrating Jewish skeletons at Auschwitz.

This is not some friendly disagreement concerning ideology, such as the difference between a moderate Republican and a conservative one. This is about pure evil and the danger it poses to all of humanity.

Conservative estimates indicate that the number of murders directly linked to Communist regimes is at least 110 MILLION. Stalin had roughly 25-30 million of his own countrymen in the USSR slaughtered. When Communists took over China, another massive purge of Chinese, Tibetans, and others took place that would make Hitler's Holocaust pale in comparison.

In like manner, when the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia was unleashed after America refused to win in Southeast Asia, the slaughter of tens of millions of Cambodians ensued. History shows that the same thing happened all over the world when Communism came to power, from Cuba to Central America to North Korea.

And this is not to mention the murders that the USSR perpetrated against the citizens of Eastern Europe following Hitler's demise.

As with extremist Muslim terrorists, the Jihadists, Communists seize and hold power by force. Those who resist are killed.

Thus, Commies are every bit as evil and dangerous as Jihadists. Cold-blooded mass murderers by any name are a blight on humanity.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/1/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Roberta X has a message for certain liberal politicians of the Democrat variety: communism still isn't cool:

Armed and Safe reports that the Illinois legislature passed a terribly misguided anti-Second Amendment bill:

All American Blogger has rolled out a brand new look...and it is wonderful...highly professional. Go have a look!:

Born Again Redneck features some timely commentary on Hillary Clinton's appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox News Network:

FreedomSight has a most gripping piece of commentary on the suicide of Deborah Palfrey. And I agree with the blogger that government has no business passing or enforcing so-called 'personal sin crimes':

Uncle has a message to the Bastard (Mayor Michael Bloomberg) in light of his being slapped down by a federal court for his vendetta against guns:

David Codrea comments on the Bastard here (among other important items):

David Codrea also has a critical update from Cavalry Arms and their fight with the feds:

Robb Allen has a MUST-read on bullet efficiency from the perspective of a medical examiner:

Sebastian has the quote of the day:

Nicki has an interesting post on 'who should own guns':

John Lott alerts us to the fact that California is getting ready to pass another ominous anti-gun bill:

Michelle Malkin has this gem on May 1--May Day, World Commie Day, Illegal Alien Rights Day, Open Borders Day, and all other groups of the disgruntled:

The Volokh Conspiracy has the right idea. May 1 should be 'Victims of Communism Day' due to the fact that Communism is responsible for the murders of at least 110 MILLION people in the USSR, China, Cambodia, and other countries:

Update on the Palfrey Suicide

Deborah Palfrey was awaiting sentencing on her conviction of money laundering, racketeering, and using the mail for illegal purposes in a prostitution ring. The woman believed to be 'the D.C. Madam,' who supposedly had a secret list of high-profile clients, was said to be adamant about avoiding prison at all costs.

According to sources close to Ms. Palfrey, she had already served time for prostitution once before, and the experience was so dreadful to her that she became very ill. Palfrey had indicated that she had no intention of going back to prison, in spite of her conviction on federal charges.

For the complete latest update, click here:,8599,1736687,00.html

LIBERTY ALERT! Deborah Palfrey Commits Suicide

This is a special news alert. Deborah Palfrey, the alleged 'D.C. Madam,' has committed suicide in Florida. Details are sketchy at this time, but Palfrey had been the target of a federal investigation into high-end prostitution in the D.C. area, involving some who work within government.

It was suggested by several news organizations that Palfrey kept a secret list of her clients, which were then supposedly turned over to the court. However, most of the names on he list have been kept confidential.

'Palfrey's List' was widely speculated to have contained the names of high-profile politicians in Washington.

This story is still developing...

'Pump Head' Bill?

Physicians, nurses, chaplains and other hospital personnel who deal with cardiac patients on a regular basis are usually familiar with the term 'pump head.' The term is medical lingo for that minority of cardiac surgery patients who experience lingering mental ill effects from being on the heart-lung machine, or by-pass machine, during surgery.

These patients suffer with somewhat diminished brain function and may display mild confusion on a regular basis or experience a slowness in the ability to deduce or think logically. Sometimes the disorder is so mild that it appears the patient is merely agitated a great deal, leading those around them to conclude they underwent a mild personality change post-op.

Others may display a certain lack of judgment in decisions, including inappropriate behavior and speech.

The vast majority of cardiac surgery patients suffer no such lingering side effects. But a small percentage of these patients will exhibit at least some of the characteristics of 'pump head.'

Within the last few months as Bill Clinton has been out on the campaign trail, stumping for wife Hillary, many who know the former President describe a somewhat different Bill Clinton than what they knew prior to his heart surgery a couple of years back.

In fact, some Democrats openly describe some of Clinton's actions and statements as 'bizarre.'

Thus, the question is, are we dealing with 'Pump Head' Bill?

Is Bill Clinton one of the small minority of patients who emerge from heart surgery with pump head disorder?

Naturally, when it comes to Bill, one must be careful when using the terms 'pump' and 'head' in the same phrase. The aspiring comedians abound who are sure to claim that in Bill's case, 'pump head' refers to his penchant for sexual indiscretions.

Clearly, Bill's disorder involves the head with the brain.

For example, recently in a speech the former President stated that Barack Obama had 'used the race card on me.' The very next day on a radio program Clinton claimed he never said it. Yet the video and audio of the speech on the preceding day confirmed that he did, indeed, say it.

In addition, there are Mr. Clinton's numerous emotional outbursts at reporters, who traditionally have been viewed fondly by the former President.

And then there are his countless statements that have alienated Black voters, driving them to Obama, all in an attempt to appear more appealing to 'white folk,' when in the Democratic Party it is usually considered a MUST that a candidate win the Black vote to get the nomination.

These examples clearly indicate that Bill is not quite the same Bill post-op.

Surely the former President is more politically savvy than to do these things deliberately. Thus, perhaps we can chalk the whole thing up to the lingering effects of Bill's heart surgery.

Wonder if Hillary will begin to use this as the explanation for some of Bill's embarrassing moments which have actually hurt her in many ways.

But she had better tread softly here. Referring to a heart patient as a 'pump head' is usually not received positively. On the other hand, Hillary may use the term in the other sense if it is discovered that Bill has another woman on the side somewhere around.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/30/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gun Law News has an important alert concerning a bill that would retain NICS records for extended periods of time, compliments of our old 'friend,' Frank Lautenberg:

The Bastard and his mongrels are still at it (Mayor Bloomberg and his coalition to rob citizens of their rights). The Buckeye Firearms Association has a highly informative article about their tactics here:

Obama claims he never referred to Wright as his 'spiritual advisor or mentor.' But the Volokh Conspiracy has his statements in the media that suggest otherwise:

Ever wonder how many gunowners there are around the world? John Lott has some estimates:

David Codrea has an extremely important report from the front lines in the battle for gun rights, and this one isn't good:

Traction Control has the good news from the Department of the Interior:

Breda blogs on being a new licensee for concealed carry in Ohio:

Michelle Malkin reports that certain groups have designated May 1 (tomorrow) as the day when all workers united to support totally open borders....making it 'amnesty day':

Blogstitution questions why certain politicians and 'scientists' have any credibility at all when one delves into the details of the 'global warming' theory:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel report that a pioneering scientist in the realm of hurricane forecasting may lose his funding because he believes certain 'scientists' are brainwashing the nation's children concerning 'global warming':

Freedom Sight blogs on Jonah Goldberg's book, 'Liberal Fascism':

Uncle has excellent news about a case in New York where the appeals court slapped Judge Jack Weinstein (a big gun-grabber) for misinterpreting the law concerning holding gun manufacturers responsible for gun crime:

Sebastian has a link to a post that tells us what, exactly, the gun-grabbers wish to ban:

A Numbskull By Any Other Name... still a numbskull.

A famous Indiana Republican, whom I shall not name due to the fact that I can't think of a better name for him than 'numbskull,' has stated that the GOP needs to 'get over' Reagan.

What a complete imbecile.

Reagan is responsible for launching the conservative revolution in this country which probably saved the Republic from tyranny from within and Communism from without. And by the sheer force of his personality and the success of his policies we enjoyed conservative majorities in the U.S. Congress for over 20 years.

But numbskulls within the GOP hate the Reagan legacy, and the sooner they can get people to 'get over it' the quicker they can continue to push the country toward the failed policies of 'moderate' Rockefeller and Jerry Ford-style Republicans who colluded with Democrats in bringing the nation to the brink of ruin.

I remember well the days before Reagan in the GOP. Failure was their legacy. They could never manage to get enough Republicans elected to stop the overwhelming Democratic majorities in Congress, which means the Democrats were veto-proof. And they had trouble electing (and keeping) Presidents, i.e. Nixon and Ford.

Reagan proved that the conservative message, when delivered by effective communicators, is a winning message. When Reagan won in 1980 he swept TEN conservative GOP Senators into office with him.

Why do some within the GOP hate such success?

The answer is not far to find. They HATE the message behind the success.

And if the imbecilic 'gentleman' from Indiana is so loathe to remember and revere the Reagan message, then perhaps he should join the other Party where he'll find plenty of friendly company.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/29/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

JR has the MUST-read of the day, as he posts excerpts from the debate between the Brady Bunch and Eric Thompson on Fox News:

Alphecca reports that Toronto, Canada has banned handguns:

Armed and Safe has the story of a Socialist unleashed in Illinois:

Mike McCarville shows that a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to how badly Rev. Wright has hurt Barack Obama:

Robb Allen has a great post on the Castle Doctrine and Self-Defense:

Just wait till you see who was behind inviting Jeremiah Wright to address the National Press Club this week! Sebastian has the scoop:

David Codrea has news from Oregon on CHL:

John Lott's latest op-ed shows how the ethanol mandates are the cause of skyrocketing food prices:

Michelle Malkin asks some piercing questions today that you have gotta see. Where did the DNC get footage from Iraq showing two of our soldiers being killed? Where do leftwing news sources get their footage of these things? People like Michael Moore, CNN, the DNC, and others always seem to get footage that nobody else could lay their hands on. Hmmmm. Malkin 'outs' them here:

Say Uncle has more about that non-existent gun show loophole:

Are the Democrats Back to Party Boss Rule?

Vestiges of the old days of Party bosses sitting in smoke-filled rooms, engaging in arm-twisting and outright heavy-handed control of the process seem to be overshadowing the Democratic Party in the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean has all but decreed that one of the two Democratic candidates for the Party's Presidential nomination should drop out of the race by June.

Excuse me, but, what if neither Clinton nor Obama have the required number of delegates to be the clear winner in June?

This, my friends, does not matter in the thinking of the bosses behind the scenes.

Dean's objective is to prevent the nomination process from going to the Convention floor in the late summer, despite the fact that it appears that Democrats across the nation are clearly divided as to who they prefer to run against John McCain.

Thus, the Party of 'letting every vote count' seems to be under the rule of Party bosses, or in this case, the Party boss, Howard Dean.

If neither Obama nor Clinton have enough delegates to be the clear winner in June, how is it fair to require one of them to drop out, even though their rival may have more delegates? Party rules do not state that whoever has the most delegates wins but that whoever reaches the required 2024 delegates is the winner.

For example, suppose at the end of June Obama has just over 1800 delegates to Clinton's 1550. Obama would be short of the required number to win by 224. Clinton would be short by less than 500. In that scenario, neither candidate wins.

And this is precisely what Dean and the Party bosses wish to avoid--allowing the individual voters in the Party to control the process. The Party elites fear the process going to the Convention floor in spite of the fact that apparently this is the choice of the majority of the rank and file Democratic voters.

The Democrats set up these rules for themselves. Party bosses have no business intervening in the process.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/28/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville reports that the Democratic Party fears a racial divide, created by Barack and Hillary, in this year's Presidential race:

John Lott has details on the Supreme Court ruling today concerning photo voter I.D.s:

Michelle Malkin live-blogs from the National Press Club as the Reverend Jeremiah 'Kill Whitey' Wright continues with his unintelligible pronouncements. Funny that his only claim to fame is being Barack Obama's spiritual mentor:

Tam comments further on Wright's goofy remarks here:

Wait till you see why the Massachusetts police are getting black uniforms. David Codrea tells us here:

Was Fred Thompson too 'normal' to be President? The Volokh Conspiracy suggests he may be, along with Thompson's reasons for being unwilling to run for VP:

A Keyboard and a .45 has an offer from the Fifty Caliber Institute:

Roberta X blogs on 'the four rules':

Alphecca reports that the Crime Commission in Virginia is going to 'study' private arms sales at gun shows (the so-called 'gun show loophole'):

Gun Owners of America issues an important alert about an American Pastor who was sentenced to 3 years in a Russian jail for having one box of ammo:

Sebastian says that Hillary may well have handed John McCain the perfect strategy for winning
Pennsylvania and other Democrat-leaning states:

Freedom Sight blogs on 'the Parker Six' and some nutty and outdated laws on political activity and spending:

The Bastard is at it again. Bloomberg is coming to Nashville to drum up more support for his group of gun-grabbing mayors. Uncle has the story:

And Of Arms and the Law points out that the gun-grabbing mayors have more than a few skeletons in their closets!:


In a stunning decision that is sure to totally revamp the manner in which voting is done in the nation, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law requiring photo voter I.D.

The Court ruled that requiring proper photo identification at the polls is NOT a violation of Constitutional rights.

It is our opinion that the ruling is long overdue. It is also a stinging defeat for Democrats who tend to favor 'open voting' and a major victory for Republicans who wish to thwart illegal activity at the voting booth.

Thus, the door is open for many more states to pass voter photo I.D. laws that target illegal aliens and other forms of voter fraud such as persons using the names of the deceased in order to vote more than once.

The High Court is to be congratulated for a good ruling today.

UPDATE:Imposters Seize Liestoppers Board

As reported last evening, the Liestoppers message boards have been hacked by those intent on silencing free speech, particularly in this election year. First, the message boards were seized and shut down. And now, imposters are running the show.

The message boards are back up and running but with imposters at the helm. This travesty of liberty should not go unpunished.

Liestoppers has posted the URL and the owner of their message board management here:

Feel free to go to Invision and register a complaint about the problem.

My friends, we who blog should not allow this type of activity to go by without a concerted response. If they can do this to Liestoppers they can do it to ANY of us. And that means anyone who wishes to silence free speech, political dissent and discussion, and any other expression of liberty has the means to do so.

Solidarity on the part of bloggers, and their readers, who value truth, liberty, integrity, and justice is essential when these sorts of things happen.

We will keep you updated on the situation, or, of course, you may visit the Liestoppers blog, which has not been hacked (only their message boards have been effected).

Make no mistake, my friends, corruption in government is lethal to freedom-loving citizens.
When an entire city government, it's police department, its District Attorney's office, and the county Democratic Party are all awash in corruption so pervasive it would make one dizzy, lives are at stake.

These people will stop at nothing to further their agenda and silence any opposition. They framed three innocent young men all in an attempt to get a corrupt District Attorney elected. The lives of these young men were almost completely ruined beyond repair.

And now, with politics being at the forefront of everyone's thinking, you can rest assured that the corrupt political machine of Durham, Duke University, and the North Carolina Democratic Party is hard at work attempting to re-launch their voodoo.

This is why Duke attempted to shut down Liestoppers, and this is why the message boards at the blog were seized by imposters who purvey a message that is fraught with lies and deceit--all in the name of the very ones who sought and are seeking to put a stop to those lies and deceit.

Unless the citizens of North Carolina wake up and oust every single vestige of this rank stench of cankered corruption within the state's political system, then they deserve the derision and scornful laughter of the law-abiding citizens in the rest of the country.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fellow Blogger Under Attack by Hackers

Almost from its inception, Liestoppers has been featured regularly on The Liberty Sphere as the most important source of factual information concerning the Duke lacrosse rape hoax and its many political ramifications.

As a result of its tireless efforts, the three falsely accused lacrosse players were pronounced innocent of the charges and a popular local District Attorney was disbarred and faced criminal charges before a North Carolina court.

Determined that no stone be left unturned in its valiant search for truth and justice, Liestoppers continued peeling back the layers of the case, revealing widespread corruption in the North Carolina Department of Justice, the state legislature, the Durham police department, the Durham D.A.'s office, the North Carolina and Durham County Democratic Party, and Duke University.

Political aspirations among some within these corrupt entities run high, and, given that this is an important election year, someone with deep pockets and access to high-tech methodology has embarked on a systematic effort to silence freedom of speech, particularly with regard to the Liestoppers blog.

Hackers gained access to the blog's control panel and shut down its popular forum, where readers can participate in discussions concerning the corruption of the North Carolina political system, which is under the dominance of the N.C. Democratic Party.

We at The Liberty Sphere had noticed something amiss in the blogosphere when, over a period of several weeks, we received messages concerning Liestoppers containing charges that the blog has engaged in deliberate misinformation and outright lies.

Bloggers are accustomed to these periodic displays given that the Internet is a reflection of life in general, i.e., persons of ill repute and ill will occasionally leave us an unwelcome 'gift.'

These messages, thus, were disregarded.

This was until we read on Saturday that the Liestoppers' forum had been hacked and shut down. At that point we began to realize that the attack was part of a broad, concerted effort to silence free speech, attempting to involve anyone and everyone who had been a part of Liestoppers' efforts in any way in the past.

Liestoppers is a daily feature of The Liberty Sphere. Their latest posts are included in our sidebar as a matter of course. Liestoppers has reciprocated and done the same for The Liberty Sphere. This has been our mutual relationship for a significant period of time.

For our part, this will not change. In fact, now more than ever the blog needs the support of those who appreciate and value their stand for truth and justice.