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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Growing Momentum of GM, Chrysler Boycott

The citizen revolt against the nationalization of private business and large corporations is beginning to express itself in support for a boycott of GM and Chrysler.

At today's Columbia Conservative Examiner, we will take a look at the growing momentum for this boycott, including a new Rasmussen Poll that indicates rising support.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 05, 2009

This Is Not Good

Kurt Hofmann at Armed and Safe and St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner is having computer problems that prevent him from posting.

For a writer, that is a terrible problem that hits one in the pocketbook.

Go over there and give him some moral support!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/5/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

I say, I say, I say, I say, I say....IT's FRIDAY!! Let's get the afternoon started off with a bit of humor:

Around O-Town has a good one about the Obamanoids. He calls them Ozombas. LOL! Take a look.

Speaking of the Obamanoids, it's time to boycott Government Motors! Spread the word!

Mike Vanderboegh provides the must-read of the day on the anniversaries of Tienanmen Square and D-Day.

Brigid blogs on tinfoil hats, guns, and the blood-pressure popping blather at CNN.

David Codrea writes about a big gun event being held at a church, and he says the whole thing is misguided. Take a look.

Open Carry reports that the movement has led at least one newspaper editorial board to call for the repeal of all illegal gun bans!

Texas Fred provides riveting commentary on BHO's apology tour speech in Egypt.

Way Up North has the Friday wrap-up of news from the great state of Alaska, including the latest on Governor Sarah Palin.

Meeting on the Green has been publishing segments of Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Today he has Part 3. Click on his links for Parts 1 and 2.

Free in Idaho presents the quote of the day from the great Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. This is his response to the Obama speech in Egypt.

Mr. Completely blogs on getting ready for a big shooting match--the Washington Steel Championships.

Say Uncle posts a pic of the results of his target practice with Kel-Tec P3AT using his new laser grips.

Tam notes that Obama is going to appoint yet another 'czar' to his administration. Dang, he's got more 'czars' running around Washington than Russia had in all of its history prior to the Bolshevik Revolution.

JR provides a highly informative rundown on the status of all of the gun legislation in the 2009 Texas legislative session.

Blogstitution has very interesting reading entitled, 'Obama the Prevaricator.'

Alphecca reports disturbing news on the advance of a bill in California to limit ammo purchases.

2A Musing posts a pic of a neat shotgun he won in a raffle. Take a look!

Armed Citizen has good reading on the erosion of our freedoms and the creep of socialism. Read it all.

John Jacob H presents 'the parable of the good cop,' which should be thought-provoking enough for ya!

If you love dogs and kids, you'll love this one today, courtesy of Nicki.

Sebastian reports important news on the NRA's Civil Rights Defense Fund.

Michelle Malkin provides an explosive read today on AG Eric Holder's 'U.S. Department of INjustice!'

Days of our Trailers has some important gun news from Illinois.

Notoriously Conservative says there is growing evidence that Barack Obama may not be a U.S. Citizen after all. Wouldn't THAT set the Constitutional lawyers in motion!

Walls of the City writes a good one today entitled, 'One Letter.'

And now, my friends, the moment you've been waiting for...the Friday afternoon edition of the funniest political cartoons on the Internet, provided by An Ol' Broad's Ramblings. Enjoy...

Time to Stop Buying from 'Government Motors'

Well, my dear fellow citizens, it is time for all Americans to start putting their money where their mouth is. Americans by overwhelming majorities are telling pollsters they oppose bailouts of the auto industry, as well as Wall Street and the banking sector.

Now that Obama has pulled off the ultimate bailout--the government takeover of a private corporation in addition to the billions in tax money he has given it--it is now time for us, the consumers, to boycott 'Government Motors.'

We can show our total disdain for the Obama economic plan by refusing to buy anything made by G.M. or Chrysler.

Read all about this call for American common-sense purchasing at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Don't let Barack Obama dictate the type of vehicle you have to drive! Refuse to buy from a socialized auto company!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/4/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Atlas thoroughly fisks Obama's apology speech to the Muslim world today in Egypt.

Mike Vanderboegh presents the riveting 'The American Tyrant's Insoluble Conundrum.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has some right-on commentary on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Free in Idaho provides a MUST-see video '20 Years Ago Today.'

Nicki posts a good read on the subject of 'guns on aircraft.'

CarteachO has an excellent reloading tip--'beware the powder measure knocker.'

Tam discusses 'Gun Safety for Dummies.'

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner informs us of several gun news updates, including an NRA appeal.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight evaluates the new Taurus .45/.410 Revolver called 'the Judge.' I haven't fired this particular weapon, but based on past experience with Taurus, I have to say they make a fine gun--sturdy, durable--at a reasonable price.

The Rustmeister says that BHO finally commented on the homegrown Muslim terrorist attack on a military recruiter in Arkansas...all 2 sentences' worth.

Days of our Trailers blogs on the violence of anti-gun activists at a Georgia shooting range.

Walls of the City publishes an interesting letter from a constituent to the Tennessee Governor concerning his veto of a gun rights bill. Read it all.

Texas Fred comments on BHO's contention that the U.S. is one of the world's largest Muslim nations.

Notoriously Conservative has the latest news on the global warming scam.

From Say Uncle: 'AR vs. AK and Guns as an Investment.'

Robb Allen provides the latest example of how people just seem to find a way to violate 'gun-free zones.'

Sebastian posts an update on the status of the microstamping movement on the part of the gun control crowd.

Breda is boycotting a manufacturer that is donate a portion of their sales proceeds to the Brady Campaign (to rob citizens of their gun rights).

Mindful Musings has 'the quote of the week' along with a pic to drive home the point.

Murdoc says that the Navy is planning for more gunships, but we are going to need more than the budget allows.

Standing By provides an excellent read on the growing expendability of private property. Read it all.

Zeta Woof says that more details are coming forth about the Air France disaster.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

America faces a predicament of historic proportions. We have elected a man to the White House that a writer at the Canada Free Press describes as 'the most dangerous man in the world.'

And this is my topic of discussion today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Obama's policies have plunged the nation into disarray and threaten to plunge us even further into complete chaos.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/3/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville has the quote of the day on Sotomayor, Republicans, and Democrats.

2A Musing posts a MUST-read featuring some charts that need to be closely examined. Don't pass this one up!

Kurt Hofmann presents a fine article on those who are using the murder of Tiller the Baby Killer to silence those who exercise their right to free speech in criticizing his practices.

Armed Citizen says that despite what you've heard, there is a way other than filibuster to stop the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor using Senate rules. Take a look.

David Codrea posts a great read on a variety of gun issues, including commentary on the circuit court that ruled the Supreme Court's affirmation of gun rights doesn't apply to the states or municipalities.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight provides info on the various goings-on at the upcoming Gun Bloggers Rendezvous in Reno.

Breda has the audio from last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

The Wandering Minstrel discusses 'moving toward more affordable ammo.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association points to a discussion of how to protect your belongings and property. Take a look.

From Conservative Libertarian Outpost: 'Patriot Resistance Movement.' By the way, Sperry (the blogger) maintains that Pamela Geller is a lot better looking than either me or Texas Fred. I won't dispute that at all. In fact, Pamela is a lot better looking than most of the women I've dated. Ooooops. Don't tell anybody I said that.

Notoriously Conservative comments on Obama's recent growing tendency to be more open about his Muslim roots--something he was careful to avoid during the campaign.

Mike Vanderboegh reports the explosive news that the homegrown Muslim terrorist Jihadist who killed a military recruiter was targeting others as well. Just wait 'til you see what was on his list!

Say Uncle says that now it is the 9th circuit court that has made a stupid anti-gun ruling. Gun rights are under attack again in the courts, folks.

Sebastian has more on Sotomayor and the Second Amendment. She has some explaining to do.

Tam provides good reading she entitles, 'Random Gun Stuff.'

Pax Parabellum reports an outrage. GM (now 'Government Motors') will still be allowed to lobby the government, in spite of the fact that the government owns the darn thing.

Walls of the City has great news on a recent poll on the Second Amendment.

Brigid shares a beautifully moving must-read entitled, 'A Letter from a Daughter.' Read it all.

Meeting on the Green publishes the intro to Thomas Payne's 'Common Sense' from 1776.

CNSNews reports that the talking points from the Treasury Secretary reveal that banks for forced by the Feds to take the bailout money, placing them under government control, a move that Obama now says justifies the White House in seizing control of General Motors.

Truth Trickles Out Concerning Air France Disaster

Find out what the mainstream media did not report and what the U.S. Government did not want to acknowledge concerning the Air France disaster at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

A South American news agency reported on May 27, just days prior to the disaster, that Air France had received a bomb threat.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

ALERT! DOJ to Allow Aliens to Vote in Georgia!

This is nothing less than a sheer outrage and an act of treason!

Obama's Justice Department will allow illegal aliens and other non-citizens to vote in the state of Georgia! Read it all HERE.

Laying It On the Line About Tiller the Baby Killer

Texas Fred just posted a MUST-read concerning the murder of Tiller the Baby Killer. Never one to mince words, Fred lays it on the line about the late-term abortion doctor who slaughtered 60,000 in his career.

Tiller was one of only THREE abortion doctors in the entire United States who perform these types of late-term procedures. THREE.

There is a reason for that. Doctors won't do them, not even the most rabid of pro-abortion physicians.

Be sure to read Texas Fred's report and commentary.

Kooky Howard Dean Shows Ignorance on Sotomayor

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean showed his ignorance (yet again) by saying that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's statements on race were 'taken out of context.'

When asked what, exactly, was the context, Dean admitted he didn't know.

Another idiotic liberal.

Read all about it here.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/2/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has an excellent must-read today entitled, 'Things that Make Gun Owners Cringe.'

Walls of the City comments on 'gub'mint motors' (my term) and the growing difficulty of purchasing a car that is really 'made in America.'

Gun Nuts posts the info on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio...the subject is the growing influence of bloggers in the gun community.

Notoriously Conservative says he wants to spit fire over 'Bamey's' latest remarks on U.S. values and foreign policy.

Jihad Watch points to a CNN poll that shows Americans hold a negative view of the Muslim world. If that is true (and I believe it is) then why is our illustrious Fuhrer-in-Chief cow-towing to extremist Muslim nations?

JR has the quote of the day, and it's a good one!

Every Blade of Grass blogs on the Kimber 22LR Conversion Kit.

Free in Idaho says that the senseless and despicable gunning down of a military recruiter in Arkansas by an extremist Muslim Jihadist is an indication of abject failure all around by those in our government.

The Rustmeister weighs in on this homegrown terrorist attack against our military. So, where is 'Bamey's' outrage he expressed concerning Tiller the Baby Killer's murder?!

Alphecca has the idiot of the day who wrote on the Second Amendment in a newspaper in South Dakota.

Standing By has a MOST interesting read on Judge Dredd and the 'only ones.' Read it all.

Way Up North reports that Governor Sarah Palin has opted out of nationalized education standards for the state of Alaska. Good! The Feds have no authority to impose standards on any state anyway...

John Jacob H posts an excellent read on 'how things change out from under us' regarding the Second Amendment.

Ha! Tam has a good response to Nancy Pelosi's contention that 'every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory...'

Sebastian has a great response to a 'progressive' whining about guns in the national parks.

2A Musing points to a good read from Gun Geek concerning 'making it yourself.'

From Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner: 'Tennessee Veto About Control, Not Guns and Alcohol.'

Sipsy Street Irregulars rolls out a highly important read entitled, 'Building a Distributed Counter-Jihad Network.'

Pax Parabellum presents 'the Tennessee Pork Report' concerning outrageous runaway government spending.

From Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner: 'Record Numbers of Missourians Preparing for Armed Self-Defense.'

Robb Allen points to the latest example of 'pants shittin' hysterics.'

Days of our Trailers has the stats showing that there is NO 'epidemic of gun violence.' Take a look!

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast provides essential reading on the attempt to silence abortion opponents in the wake of the murder of Tiller the Baby Killer.

Roberta X has a gun show report from the mega Indy 1500 over the weekend.

Say Uncle lays it on the line concerning public servant accountability to the citizens. Read it all.

David Hardy reports (be sure to look at the comments section) the disturbing news that the 7th Circuit Court has ruled against incorporating the Second Amendment. Numbskull judges.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/1/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea exposes the myths of gun control by pointing to Chicago's latest shooting sprees, and he notes that gun control hasn't done a thing to stop these shootings.

Kurt Hofmann points out to Defense Secretary Gates that gun owners are way ahead of him on 'getting tough' if diplomacy fails.

Nicki provides MUST-read commentary on BO's decision to let slide the voter intimidation tactics at the polls by the Black Panthers.

Western Rifle Shooters Association blogs on the notion suggested by some that a revolution is brewing in Britain.

Mike Vanderboegh provides info concerning the shooter of Tiller the Baby Killer and says that the present circumstances are like going back to 1995 at the height of Clinton's assault on personal liberties. A good read.

Mike also posts the full text of a speech he gave a few years ago that you absolutely must read. Don't miss this one!

Armed Citizen has a Chuck Norris article entitled, 'Outlawing Opinion.' Another fine read.

Billy Beck hands us the scoop on the intensification of the struggle between collectivists and their opposition among the citizenry, which Beck contends will lead to war.

Tam says that there were some ammo scalpers at the gun show over the weekend.

Say Uncle has the latest news on the former pro-gun Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton's replacement in the Senate.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight reports that 2 extremely anti-gun bills come up before the California legislature this week.

Traction Control has important, breaking news concerning the upcoming Gun Bloggers Rendezvous in Reno in September.

Brigid, as always, provides an excellent read, this one entitled, 'True Grit.' And I fully relate and agree with the sentiments!

From Free in Idaho: 'The American Racism Charade.'

From Rev. Kharma: 'A Tough Week, or, Obie Charms the World Once More.'

Texas Fred is mad as fire at the latest actions of 'Bamey' and Holder. Take a look to see why.

Days of our Trailers says that with Obama, we are now 'paying it backward.'

From Insight on Freedom: 'Obama, Christian Zionists, Israel, Palestinians, Iran, Decades of War in the Middle East.'

The Rustmeister has a special message to those who wish to create yet another government-protected special class of citizens, a message which he entitles, 'Dear Gay People.'

Pax Parabellum posts a good roundup on various issues in a segment he calls, 'Random Shots.' Take a look.

The Wandering Minstrel provides his range report from Sunday.

Mindful Musings shares with us his latest activity regarding 'self-reliance.'

Sebastian says that over the weekend reports came from several areas of the country that concealed carry permit applications are way up.

Mike McCarville reports that U.S. Senator Tom Coburn will be seeking reelection after all. Good. He is a good friend to gun rights and limited government.

Sen. Graham: Sotomayor Is No Racist

RINO Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has engaged in some deft doublespeak, claiming that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is no racist. Yet he claims she should apologize for her remarks.


What does she have to apologize for, then, Senator?

Read all about this and other reactions from Senators in today's Columbia Conservative Examiner.


The Murder of Tiller the Baby Killer

The infamous abortion doctor in Kansas, 'Tiller the Baby Killer,' was murdered in cold blood at his church on Sunday.

Let me be perfectly clear about this display of deadly violence. It is to be harshly condemned.

How can a human being who is so concerned about the sanctity of human life turn around and do the very thing he/she is accusing the abortion doctors of doing?

This is nothing more than an example of twisted thinking on the part of such perpetrators. And pro-life citizens should be quick to disavow such acts. The murderer who took Tiller's life in no way represents the pro-life movement. As with all movements and institutions, the crazies make up a small percentage of those who belong to them.

Barack Obama stated he was 'outraged' at Tiller's murder. So am I. But what I want to hear from Obama is that he is just as outraged by the barbaric slaughter of innocent unborn babies

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jew-Hater Obama

"Jew-Hater Obama Wants to Eject Israelis From Ancient Lands"

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.