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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Gamecocks, Tigers Win

The Volunteers of the University of Tennessee were no match for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks Saturday evening as the Gamecocks totally dominated the game and won by a score of 27-6.

While Tennessee has struggled this season, South Carolina has managed to pull together its fledgling offense to strive for some balance with its nationally-recognized defense.

The Gamecocks are now 6-3 on the season.

Meanwhile, the Tigers of Clemson University went to Boston College and walked away with their 4th win of the season, a victory that would prove to be sweet to Interim Head Coach Dabo Swinney, who is attempting to salvage what he can of a near-disastrous season that has seen most of Clemson's hopes dashed.

The Tigers move to 4-4 on the season and still have an outside shot at a bowl game, although their hopes for the ACC championship have been all but doomed.

Swinney still has a shot at becoming permanent head coach at the end of this season, but he must prove he can win most if not all of the remaining games on the schedule--a very tall order.

Next Saturday the Gamecocks play host to Arkansas in another SEC matchup, and the Tigers travel to Florida State for another ACC game.

College Football Today--South Carolina, Clemson

With both teams fresh from a week off from play last Saturday, the Gamecocks of the University of South Carolina and the Tigers of Clemson University are ready to resume play in 2 crucial conference games today.

Clemson will travel to Boston College for an ACC matchup that begins at 3:30 PM ET. With a faltering record of 3-4 on the season, Clemson desperately needs this win.

South Carolina will play host to Tennessee in a major SEC matchup that begins at 7 PM ET at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. The Gamecocks have a chance to pick up their 6th win of the season as they face a struggling Vols team.

The final scores for these games will be posted on The Liberty Sphere later this evening.

North Carolina--Dole-Hagan TV Ad Brawl

One of the so-called 'battleground states' in this campaign has been North Carolina, where Barack Obama seems to have made inroads into this traditionally Republican state.

And at the center of the fight is the U.S. Senatorial race between Elizabeth Dole, R-NC, and challenger Kay Hagan.

Hagan has been running unusually personal attack ads against Dole, aided by the Democratic Senatorial Election Committee, which has put up the funds for many of the attacks.

Finally, Dole fought back with an ad accusing Hagan of cavorting with and accepting money from a group of atheists whose values are antithetical to that of most North Carolinians.

Hagan went ballistic, accusing Dole of character assassination, attacking her 'Christian faith,' and descending into the sewer of politics.

All of this makes for the appearance that Hagan is so thin-skinned that although she can dish it out with no problem, she can't take it.

Particularly irksome to Hagan is her contention that Dole claimed in the ad that Hagan is 'godless.'

In actuality the ad does not say anything of the kind. The ad says the group in question that contributed to Hagan's campaign is godless.

Apparently Hagan traveled to Massachusetts to meet with and accept campaign donations from a group of atheists that refer to themselves as 'secularists.' Dole highlighted this meeting in the ad.

But Hagan claims the meeting never took place and that she never took donations from the group.

She is also suing Dole for defamation of character.

Attorneys for Senator Dole say that the information in the ad is 100% factual and that they have the documentation to prove it.

But in a TV ad in which Hagan responds to Dole's claims, she never denies the meeting took place nor does she deny accepting campaign donations from the group. Rather, she whines about 'gutter politics' and defends herself by saying she was once a Sunday School teacher in a Presbyterian Church.

None of this, of course, addresses the issue of the donations from the group in question.

One thing is for sure, however. When you make attack ads the focus of your campaign as Hagan has done, you can rest assured the chickens WILL come home to roost.

Zogby Shock Poll--McCain Moves Ahead of Obama

Friday, October 31, 2008 may well be the day that Americans observed a major, last-minute shift in momentum during the waning days of Campaign '08.

Today at 1 PM ET, pollster John Zogby will release the results of Friday's daily tracking poll which shows that for the first time since the days just after the Republican National Convention, John McCain has moved into the lead in the race for the White House.

This poll will show a 48% to 47% lead for McCain.

But the big news behind the news is the momentum McCain seems to be picking up from independents, undecided voters, working class citizens, and younger voters, ages 25-45.

The numbers show these groups of voters breaking sharply in favor of McCain in the last few days of the campaign.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/31/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Texas Fred reports breaking news that 2 minor earthquakes have hit the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area within the last 45 minutes or so.

Gun Rights Examiner has David Codrea's latest article on 'no guns' signs in Ohio rest areas.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*David will host a national gun-talk radio show this Sunday.
*David provides a good tongue-lashing to a Texas dingbat on the subject of guns.
*Ryan Horsley is back in the news on 'being prepared.'

Armed and Safe takes to task the rabidly anti-gun 'Gun Guys.'

JR has the MUST-read of the day entitled, 'Is There a Reasonable Gun Control Law?'

Blogstitution notes that Pennsylvania Congressman Jack Murtha may lose his re-election bid. Well, there may be a good reason, particularly when you refer to your constituents as 'rednecks' and 'racists.'

21 Guns, Salute provides an extraordinary read entitled, 'I Believe.' Do yourselves a favor and go read it all.

Nicki reports that gangs of ravenous lawyers have already descended upon Florida getting ready to look for voting irregularities on November 4. I think they're wasting their time. There's already plenty enough fraud to investigate in ACORN.

Sebastian says McCain is going back to Pennsylvania for a major rally on Saturday, indicating the race is much closer there than the polls suggest.

Say Uncle has info indicating that Obama supports a federal law to ban concealed carry nationwide. We reported this some weeks ago, citing an interview Obama gave in February, but this latest information indicates Obama is willing to go much further to ban the practice than the original article indicated.

Robb Allen responds to a nutcase who says if Obama loses, blood will run in the streets. While I don't think it will be on the scale indicated by the loony 'toons Robb quotes, I have said all along that if Obama loses we can expect the Obama-zombies to go neanderthal.

Roberta X adds her comments to the 'blood in the streets' scenario.

Mindful Musings notes the philosophical argument between Mike Vanderbeogh and Jeff Knox. Read it. The issues are critical.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has more on the controversy, including Vanderboegh's thorough response to Knox.

Alphecca has 'Reasons to Vote for McCain.'

Mike McCarville posts the latest Rasmussen Poll numbers.

Gun Pundit posts the 'Second Amendment Voter Guide.'

Days of Our Trailers has the story of vandals digging up McCain signs and replacing them with Obama signs.

ARRA News reports that people using the names of dead citizens have cast early ballots in Texas.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings has today's incredibly funny 'Obamarama.'


In a special alert this morning, Matt Drudge is reporting that Barack Obama has tossed from his plane reporters from 3 major newspapers that endorsed John McCain--the Dallas Morning News, the New York Post, and the Washington Times.

As of Sunday reporters from the 3 newspapers will no longer be allowed on the Obama campaign aircraft.

The move is supposedly to 'make way for those minority news outlets that will emphasize Obama's election from the angle of being the first Black man chosen for the Presidency.'

But media watchers say that the move is retaliatory.

Obama wants only those members of the media that are 'sympathetic' to his cause.

Interestingly, one of the newcomers to the Obama plane will be ultra-Leftist New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. Readers may remember that Dowd referred to avid Obama opponents as part of an 'angry mob.'

2nd Great Depression? Obama Tax Plan Mirrors Herbert Hoover's

Economic analysts in government and in the media have stated that the present financial crisis in America is 'the worst since the Great Depression.'

Maybe, maybe not.

It depends on what we do now.

The Great Depression began in the early 1930s following a deep recession resulting from the infamous Stock Market crash in 1929. From 1929 until 1932 the U.S. suffered from a recession, not a depression. But that recession was nothing compared to what would follow when President Herbert Hoover made one fatal mistake in 1932.

Most historians and economists trace the beginning of The Great Depression to a program initiated by the administration of President Herbert Hoover to place a hefty tax surcharge on all those making over $100,000 per year.

Remember, this was 1932, and $100,000 was considered wealthy.

The act put the economy in an immediate tailspin from which it never recovered until the U.S. entered World War II. From 1932 until the U.S. joined the War in 1941, America was held in the death-grip of a deep economic depression that threw millions out of work and onto the long bread lines.

In many ways the U.S. is presently in circumstances greatly similar to those of 1929-1932. We are on the brink of recession; some would maintain that recession has already begun.

Further, we have a Presidential candidate who proposes massive tax increases on capital and those who create wealth and jobs, similar to Herbert Hoover's tax policy in 1932.

It is a simple fact of economics that you cannot avoid economic meltdown during a recession if you hit capital and those who create wealth and jobs with hefty tax increases.

In the name of giving a tax cut to '95% of Americans,' 40% of whom have been shown to pay no taxes at all to begin with, Barack Obama would place a hefty tax burden on the very ones who are in a position to help the country dig out of a recession and avoid a possible depression.

To tax those who use their wealth to fuel the economy is tantamount to economic suicide for the nation. If Obama and the Democrats are allowed to raise those taxes we could well see the beginning of the 2nd Great Depression within the next year.

In other words, if you think it's bad now, 'you ain't seen nothing yet.'

Contingency Plans

Should the worst happen on November 4, nothing is as important as being prepared in advance. Thus, there are 'contingency plans.'

Barack Obama stated in an interview not long ago that he is not intent on 'taking away anybody's guns.' But what he went further to say is very telling.

Obama stated, 'Even if I wanted to do so, I could not take away anyone's guns because I would not have the votes (in Congress).'

And herein is the problem.

He might!

With Democrats slated to increase their majorities in both the House and the Senate, a President Obama could have a veto-proof majority in the Congress to do basically whatever he, Pelosi, and Reid want to do.

This means he WOULD have the votes to enact massive gun-control legislation, including doing what he has stated as his goal all along while in the Illinois legislature--the complete ban on all handguns in America.

Thus, the contingency plans.

In dark and oppressive days such as what we may be facing should the doomsday scenario become reality on November 4, it is important, at least in my way of thinking, to be both
practical and minimalist.

My main objective is to exercise my Constitutional rights while they are still viewed as individual rights guaranteed to free citizens.

But I also want sufficient hardware to stay safe from criminals and JBTs while at the same time avoiding unnecessary baggage. The goal is to buy what you can reasonably expect you will need.

Thus, I have been doing some shopping.

And, I still believe that for most of us with fairly limited funds, the following article is essential and the best I have seen on surviving on a minimalist budget.

I commend for your reading enjoyment, 'The Poor Man's Survival Arsenal.'


Boca Raton, Florida is the setting today at 12 noon for the big pro-Israel rally. If you're in the area, go and take someone with you!

To quote co-sponsor Pamela Geller:

"Nidra Poller will be joining me on the second half of the show. Poller is my partner in crime on our schlep through Florida. The objective of our information tour is to educate and arm Florida's older voters with the facts about Obama and McCain so when they walk into the voting booth, they are confident they are making an informed decision."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/30/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*The Mere Mention of a Gun
*Updated Info on Dan Cooper at Cooper Firearms
*Preparations Going As Planned. III.

Gun Rights Examiner has Codrea's latest entitled, 'Truth and Consequences.'

Mindful Musings posts Vanderboegh's latest entitled, 'Community Organizers with Firearms.'

Of Arms and the Law wonders why the McCain-Palin campaign put the gun issue on the back burner when the record of Obama and Biden is so dismal.

Western Rifle Shooters Association submits a nominee for the quote of the year, and it's a good quote from a good man.

Insight on Freedom warns that the upcoming election could signal a dire irreversible rift in the 'United' States.

Syd has a great read on Weapons Cache, for those who wish to be thoroughly prepared.

Texas Fred provides an interesting article/commentary on the Vatican's attempts to address sexual deviancy among potential priests.

The Rustmeister points to some gun news in the blogosphere today. Give it a read!

Bloviating Zeppelin has THE must-read of the day! This political cartoon gets to the heart of the problem with Barack Obama's view of redistribution. I say let's just take half of his 600 million and give it to McCain, since McCain has less!

Armed and Safe blogs about one good man running for office in corruption-infested New Jersey.

JR demonstrates that Texas Democrats don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to their Party's record on gun rights.

Alphecca has the explosive story that Obama is now linked to even MORE terrorists.

Sebastian comments on Chris Cox vs. Paul Helmke on Fox News. The gun issue is getting at least some traction.

Breda writes a great little piece on Annie Oakley, the 'little sure shot.'

Nicki found some Obama relatives living in abject poverty. Apparently, 'spreading the wealth around' applies to all but him!

Dustin at Dustin's Gun Blog reports that he got hit with vandalism as a group of thugs aimed at his yard signs.

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting today that illegal government snooping into Joe the Plumber's personal records is turning out to be much broader and deeper than first reported.

Dr. John Lott points out that now the Obama campaign has lowered its definition of 'rich' to those making $150,000. Mmmmm, now let me see, first it was $250,000. Then it was $200,000. And now it's down to $150,000. First he says 95% will get a tax cut. Then when it's pointed out that 40% of those pay no taxes at all, we wind up with 55%...but Obama is still saying 95%. But somehow he's got to get the money from somewhere to pay for the, the 'rich' category just keeps getting bigger, with the threshold much lower. And what does THAT tell you?

Gateway Pundit reports big news today. The Rasmussen Poll shows that for the very first time in this campaign, more Americans now trust McCain on the economy than Obama. This is shocking given that Chairman Ba-O has made his Socialist economic views the centerpiece of his campaign.

What Obama Won't Tell You About Health Care

Health care has become one of the central issues of the 2008 Presidential campaign, and Barack Obama has taken great pains to make you think he is on top of it.

The problem lies is what he has NOT told you.

Obama's plan calls for mandated universal health coverage for all. Notice I did not say 'all Americans.' There is a very good reason for that.

Obama's plan includes roughly 20 million illegal aliens.

Of the so-called 45 million Americans without health insurance, as Obama likes to say, what he won't tell you is that 20 million of those are not even American citizens.

The Obama plan is modeled after the disastrous practice in California of granting free health care to any illegal alien that shows up at the door of a hospital. Such a practice has driven the state closer and closer to the brink of economic collapse.

In addition, Obama's plan calls for no systematic effort to recruit millions of new doctors or the construction of hundreds of new healthcare facilities that will be needed to handle the masses of new patients who will overwhelm the present system under a universal coverage program.

This can only mean one thing--health care rationing!

And our nation's Senior Adults and the Baby Boomers who are set to begin retiring will be the victims of such rationing.

Decisions will be made to withhold care from Seniors in lieu of providing care to illegal aliens who may be younger and healthier.

Is this the kind of America we want?

Big 'Save the Jews from Obama' Rally in Florida!

Due to the fact that the mainstream media has failed to do its job in providing much-needed information to the public concerning Barack Obama, at least one blogger decided to take matters into her own hands when it comes to informing Jews of the dangers Obama poses to them.

ATLAS is sponsoring what I call the 'Save the Jews from Obama' tour. Pamela Geller refers to it as 'The Great Reverse Schlep.'

Boca Raton, Florida will be the setting of this massive rally tomorrow, Friday, October 31, at 12 noon, at the Sanborn Square across from the Old City Hall, 72 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida.

During the 1-1/2 hour rally, investigative documentation will be presented that proves an Obama Presidency would be fatal for the Jews and a disaster for Israel.

All of you who live in Florida and are within reasonable driving distance of Boca Raton, make an effort to attend this rally, and try to take along with you some Jewish friends/family who may be sitting on the fence in this election.

A fully informed electorate is key to the survival of our nation.

Little Chucky Schumer Demands Surrender to Ruling Party

Sensing there is a chance that Democrats may totally dominate the totality of government beginning in January, Senior Democrat Senator Charles 'Little Chucky' Schumer has demanded that citizens surrender to the rule of one party.

Only 2 years ago Little Chucky extolled the virtues of a divided government.

My, what a difference 2 short years make.

Little Chucky wants citizens like you and me to surrender to the ultimate wisdom of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd.

Think again, Little Chucky. Hell will freeze over first. We will surrender to NO ONE. In fact, if you win, rest assured we have only just begun the fight.

Info Blackout on Obama-PLO Operative Rashid Khalidi

Not only is the Los Angeles Times refusing to release a video of Barack Obama partying with and toasting-praising PLO operative Rashid Khalidi, but apparently Wikipedia has entered the battle by imposing an information blackout on the rabid anti-Israel activist.

According to Gateway Pundit, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has locked up the page on Rashid until after the November Presidential election.

We can't have the voters finding out the full scoop on the man and Obama's support of his objectives, can we.

And make no mistake, Obama has always sided with Palestinians over Israel. This much we know whether the information on Rashid is made available or not.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Send the 'G-D America' Candidate a Message

The 'G-D America' candidate, Barack Obama, has bought up 30 minutes of air time tonight on 3 major networks and 4 other lesser-known networks with the dirty money he has received from illegal campaign donors.

At 8 PM ET tonight on CBS, NBC, FOX (not the news channel), MSNBC, and 3 others, the 'G-D America' candidate will perform his infomercial, insulated from reporters' questions.

I say let's send the 'G-D America' candidate a message.

At 8 PM tonight, turn your TV OFF! Just turn it completely off. Don't even watch a different channel. Turn the TV off, listen to the radio, go to dinner, walk the dog, or do any number of other things for 30 minutes.

Then, at 8:30 PM ET, when the 'G-D America' candidate is finished, turn the TV back on.

America will save billions of dollars in energy costs, and TV ratings will plummet during that half-hour.

What better way to send Chairman Ba-O Tse Tung a message than for him to address the nation when no one is listening or watching?

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/29/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Sebastian at Snow Flakes in Hell:
*ACORN is now targeting guns in addition to stealing elections!
*More on Cooper Arms--the CEO contributed to Obama
*Obama intends to start a new database listing ALL gun owners!

Say Uncle comments on the media's open campaigning and cheerleading for Obama.

Robb Allen has a must-read story entitled, 'Infringement--Because We Care.'

Alphecca laments over 7 inches of snow in Vermont. We even got 2 inches in the North Carolina mountains, and temps are what we normally get in mid-February.

Ahab has a copy of last night's edition of 'Gun Nuts Radio' in case you missed it.

JR provides essential reading entitled, 'If Obama Wins.'

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Campaign Hypocrisy from Democrats on Guns
*Voter Fraud Alert in Mississippi
*News from Mayor Daley and his corrupt Chicago political machine

Nicki has THE must-read of the day on taxes under Obama.

Tam says that Chuck Norris gives a strong boot-kick in the face to gun-grabbers (video).

Roberta X provides good reading entitled, 'A Peak Behind the Mask.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts some very telling quotes from Barack Obama's political playbook, Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Give it a look.

CNS News is reporting that John McCain is overwhelmingly winning the support of white religious voters.

Via Matt Drudge:
*Gun sales skyrocket over fear of Obama Presidency (Video)
*Florida voters cling to guns out of fear of Obama (Video)

The Wall Street Journal says that the U.S. court system is bracing for a takeover by the judicial Leftwing should Obama win. Say hello to more activist judges and a 'redistribution Constitution.'

Michelle Malkin reports that an arrest has been made in the case of government snooping into the personal records of Joe the Plumber. Good! Many more arrests are needed, though.

Gateway Pundit has 5 things you won't see tonight on Obama's infamous infomercial he bought up with dirty money on some of the major TV networks.

The Final Stretch

With one week to go until Election Day, John McCain and Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama and Joe Biden head down the final stretch of Campaign '08, making their case before an electorate that shows signs of being more fired up this year than any in the recent past.

No doubt the citizens are 'Bush-weary' as they were in 2001 when they were described as having a bad case of 'Clinton fatigue.'

And, with the nation's first African-American chosen as the standard-bearer of one of the 2 major political parties, and with the very first Alaskan governor and the first female to be chosen to serve on the GOP ticket, the excitement generated in this campaign has been one for the history books.

The mainstream media and the Obama campaign have all but proclaimed victory before a single vote as been counted and before most votes have even been cast.

Polls have varied widely.

But most reputable pollsters are admitting that in this final stretch, the numbers show a vastly tightening race.

Only 4 days ago Gallup showed a 7-point gap between McCain and Obama, with Obama gaining 51% support among those surveyed.

As of today, McCain has closed that gap, picking up 5 points in 4 days, and is now within 2 points of Obama--well within the poll's margin of error.

Other reputable pollsters, Rasmussen, Zogby, TIPP, and others also show tightening numbers.

The battleground states, of course, will be key to winning the White House. Polls show Obama ahead in Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, but with McCain showing signs of a last-minute surge in at least 2 of those states.

McCain is slightly ahead in Missouri and Ohio, but within the polls' margin of error.

One electoral factor to bear in mind--in the last few days of a campaign, undecided voters have a history of breaking in favor of the underdog. And McCain has been running behind during most of the Summer and Fall.

L.A. Times Should Release Video of Obama

In these waning days of the 2008 Presidential campaign, a major news organization, the Los Angeles Times, admits that it possesses but refuses to release a video showing Barack Obama partying with and praising a former terrorist PLO operative and advocate for Palestinian concerns.

The McCain campaign is demanding the release of the video.

We agree.

Journalistic integrity demands that a news organization make available to the public all known information concerning Presidential candidates that could potentially impact the ability of the electorate to discern the fitness of that candidate for public office.

Plus, the people have a right to know.

The reason this issue is so crucial to the present campaign is not that it shows Obama's dark and murky associations. All but the hopelessly misinformed already know these things.

But the video the L.A. Times possesses portrays a candidate that has been decidedly on the record against Israel, in spite of his attempts during the campaign to hide that record and appear acceptable to Jewish audiences around the country.

Obama has flirted with disaster with the Jewish vote before, advocating for a united Jerusalem under complete Israeli control, only to retreat from that position in less than a week and advocate for a divided Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians.

But a video that shows the candidate not only praising a known anti-Semitic Palestinian apologist, and celebrating with him at a party, would do much to seal Obama's fate among a large number of Jewish voters who would view such a thing as the last straw.

For more information on the video and the L.A. Times' refusal to release it, click HERE.

Tax Returns Show Obama Funded Extremists

According to tax returns released by Fox News, Barack Obama has a long history of providing large sums of money to controversial groups that most Americans view as outside the political mainstream.

The question, therefore, is whether or not a candidate for public office can be judged by the organizations he/she supports and the money such a candidate sends to those organizations.

In the report you will find by clicking on the link above, Barack Obama's tax returns reveal tens of thousands of dollars given to the controversial group under federal investigation for voter fraud--ACORN.

The tax records also show that Obama contributed over a million dollars to a group called 'The South Shore African Village Collaborative,' which lists as one of its goals the spread of the so-called philosophy/theology of 'liberation,' although the group claims it is 'educational.'

Obama further contributed $60,000 to a group founded and ran by convicted domestic terrorist Bernadine Dohrn, the wife of terrorist William Ayers of the infamous 'Weather Underground.'

As they say, if rhetoric won't convince you of something, just 'follow the money.'

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/28/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville makes some key predictions for Oklahoma in national races one week prior to the election. Sounds like Oklahoma would be a great place to live.

From Michelle Malkin:
*New info on the use of government computers in Ohio to dig up dirt on Joe the Plumber
*The 'Obamified Bill of Rights'--redistribution
*Obama tells his worshippers to ditch work and school on Election Day to vote for 'The One.'

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*'What's In Store for the Disarmed'
*McClintock for Congress in California--important!
*Commentary on the ATF's foil of 2 low-life skinheads in a plot to kill Obama and others

Texas Fred provides further commentary on the assassination plot.

From Gateway Pundit:
*He's Baaaaack! The Reverend Jeremiah 'G-D America' Wright featured in new ads
*New McCain ad hammers Obama on 'redistribution' notion.
*Identity of government snoop who tried to dig up dirt on Joe the Plumber! A MUST-read!

Armed and Safe contrasts the views of McCain and Obama on government mandated defenselessness in the nation's national parks. A good read!

JR has some words to the wise that all should heed concerning the election.

Ahab posts the information on tonight's edition of 'Gun Nuts Radio.'

Walls of the City provides some comic relief with 'Keeping Up With the Joneses.'

Days of Our Trailers tells us why he won't be buying anything from Cooper Firearms!

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a short must-read on developing a resistance mindset.

Breda provides good reading today on Sarah Palin, entitled, 'A Woman's Woman.'

Nicki posts the MUST-read of the day on a Marxist dimwit who introduced Obama at a rally and spouted some nonsense in the process.

Syd warns that in the event Obama is elected, Syd and others like him (that means most of us) will go on a 'known terrorist' watch list. Read it all!

Atlas has the complete scoop on the massive campaign finance fraud of the Obama campaign, and please note the list of links provided at the end of the post. She was even cited by Fox News for her hard work at digging up this explosive story on Obama's corruption.

Liestoppers provides a review of the false-accuser Crystal Mangum's new book about the Duke University lacrosse rape hoax. As we previously reported, this book may get the woman into even deeper legal hot water.

West, By God has a good read on incorporating the 2nd Amendment.

'Massive Crowds' for Obama

Much has been made over the ability of Barack Obama to draw massive crowds to his speeches. Joe Biden attempted to divert criticism of Obama's Marxism-Socialism by stating that the millions of Americans who stand in line to hear him speak would not be doing that for an extremist.

We must remember, however, that in the 20th century a country with a democratic constitution had another leader who could draw massive crowds unlike any that had ever been seen.
(IMPORTANT--click on the photo to see the full view).

Below, Adolf Hitler speaks to the German people in 1934. (IMPORTANT! Click on the photo to see the full view).

Remember, dangerous demagogues can always draw massive, worshipful throngs.

Photos courtesy of The Weekly Standard and

Redistribution: Americans Disagree with Obama

Ever since the news was reported concerning Barack Obama's philosophy of 'spreading the wealth around,' along with the video from 2001 showing he fully supports the concept of 'redistribution of income,' several surveys have been conducted that show Americans overwhelmingly disagree the apparent new 'President.'

One survey shows that by a 90% margin, Americans are totally against redistribution of wealth and support instead programs that grow the economy through the creation of wealth.

This is accomplished through tax cuts, breaks for small businesses and corporations, and clearing the hurdles these businesses must jump in order to create jobs.

Americans overwhelmingly support these ideas rather than Obama's Marxist-driven concept of 'redistribution of wealth.'

Yet another survey was conducted that shows over 60% of Americans believe that those citizens who receive a tax rebate check but did not pay any taxes to begin with are actually receiving welfare.

This is of vital importance due to the fact that Obama's infamous 'tax cut for 95% of Americans' includes 40% who pay no taxes at all.

Over 60% of Americans view this as welfare, not a tax cut.

Obama claims he has 'tweaked' his tax proposal to exclude those who do not pay taxes. If this is the case, then he cannot truthfully continue to tout his plan as a 'tax cut for 95% of Americans.'

When one excludes those who pay no taxes to begin with, Obama's tax cut will apply to only 55% of Americans, not 95%.

This means that marginal tax rates for those making over $200,000 per year will go through the roof to make up the difference. And it must be remembered that the top 1% of wage earners in the country pay over 60% of the taxes already.

Monday, October 27, 2008


In the this eye-opening video, Barack Obama makes clear his flawed understanding of the U.S. Constitution, to which he refers as 'fundamentally flawed.'

Note that among the comments made by Obama, not only does he point out the 'blind spots' of the Framers (true, but these were corrected as rights were expanded), but he refers to the nation's ultimate law of the land in the past tense as a 'political document' of its time.

While claiming 'there is no doubt the Constitution laid the foundation for what we have today,' nowhere does Obama acknowledge that the document has any present-day relevance.

In fact, he states that its 'fundamental flaw' continues to this very day.

Yet this man would purport to lay his hand on the Bible and 'swear to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States.'

What a dangerous hypocrite! Barack Obama is unfit to serve this nation in ANY elected capacity.

Someone should inform 'Chairman Ba-O' Tse Tung that the Constitution is not just some quaint historical document from a bygone era but that it is the supreme law of the land that trumps the President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court.

But the Chairman wants nothing standing in his way of changing America in his image, along with the help of extremist leftists such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, activists Judges, and a national propaganda machine cheering him on in the form of the mainstream media.

He will stop at nothing to ram his agenda through, even if it means trashing the Constitution.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/27/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Tracy Crouch of Cajun Bass memorializes 3 cops killed in the line of duty by the infamous 'Weather Underground' of the 60s and 70s--the terrorist organization of William Ayers, Obama's friend and co-worker. This organization was NOT just a war protest group. They murdered Americans, and Ayers said he wished 'he had done more.'

Dark Blog provides a direct quote from William Ayers' book, Prairie Fire, that should send chills up the spine of ANY normal human being.

Blogonomicon has a MUST-read entitled, 'Clinging.'

Sebastian quips that when a Commie starts telling you to 'get off of his private property,' it's time for some head-scratching. Commies don't believe in private property, of course, except for themselves.

Brigid at Home on the Range provides excellent reading entitled, 'Faith--More Than Blind Trust,' which encapsulates her final thoughts prior to the November election. (H/t to Syd at Front Sight, Press).

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel give us a report on their latest activities at the shooting range. This couple knows what they're doing when it comes to firearms, and many could learn a lot from them.

Roberta X reports on a good October Blogmeet in Indy.

Mike McCarville posts the 2001 interview in which Barack Obama discussed at length his support for the Marxist notion of 'redistribution of wealth.'

Armed and Safe reports that today marks the 13th anniversary of his assault at the hands of nutcases. This is essential reading. In spite of it all, Kurt supports unfettered gun rights. Read it all.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*The ATF is up to more no good in going after gun sellers.
*'When Did Self-Defense Become Morally Wrong?'
*Gun ban proponents change tactics but not their goals.
*'Gun Bans Don't Prevent Murder.'

The Bitch Girls have good reading entitled, 'What We Are Facing Among Our Own.'

Robb Allen says the topic of guns came up in a school classroom, and he has the link to the story.

Nicki has a MUST-read on Democrat dirty tricks and election fraud.

Say Uncle provides a quote from a candidate in Chicago that exhibits the mindset of Chicago politicians like Barack Obama toward guns.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has Vanderboegh's latest, the riveting 'Unleashing the Killer Angels.' III.

The Rustmeister posts required reading for undecided voters. Go take a look.

Insight on Freedom muses on the subject of 'Militias and a Liberal President.' Interesting!

National Review has a very worthwhile read on '100 Days of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid.'

Blonde Sagacity comments on the practice of 'vote early, vote often' that Chairman Ba-O and his goon squads in ACORN have perpetrated, taking advantage of so-called 'early voting' in many states.

Striking Similarities--What Will Be Our Price to Pay?

One of the most tragic and inexcusable episodes in the history of humanity was precipitated by a government regulated by a democratic constitution which called for the free election of the nation's leader.

The problem, however, was 3-fold.

One, the government controlled the information reported to the public through the use of what is known as 'propaganda.' Only that information that was deemed favorable to the government was reported.

Second, class warfare was rampant in the society, pitting one group against another and leading to a culture of blame against certain groups of persons who had done well, such as Jews.

Third, the democratic constitution contained one fatal flaw. In the event of a perceived national emergency, the nation's elected leader could suspend all human liberty and assume complete control of the government.

These events coalesced from 1919 to 1932 to form the backdrop for the ascension of the Nazi Party in Germany, leading to the formation of the Third Reich and the assumption of power by Adolf Hitler.

The similarities between these events and the events occurring presently in the United States are striking.

During the current campaign for the Presidency of the United States a shocking lack of objectivity has been exhibited by a Press that has shown itself to be recklessly unconcerned about journalistic integrity in lieu of assuming a cheerleading role for a possible new President, Barack Obama.

Even veteran newscaster Dan Rather, who has never been a friend to conservatives, noted that the mainstream media's bias in favor of Obama has been pervasive, consistent, and blatant.

The ominous character of this bias lies in the fact that the media has simply withheld vital information from the public in the midst of an important Presidential campaign.

For example, the mainstream media deemed it infinitely more important to send out multi-millions of dollars' worth of satellite equipment, and manpower, to dig up possible dirt on Sarah Palin in her hometown in Alaska than to simply report known fact concerning Barack Obama's friendships and collaborative work with known terrorists and anti-Americans such as William Ayers.

It is further very interesting to note that within the past week all reports concerning widespread voter fraud by ACORN, an Obama get-out-the-vote project, have mysteriously disappeared from the news.

Apparently in the days leading up to the election, the propaganda machine has decided it does not wish for citizens to be reminded of the fraud and corruption that has characterized this campaign, Barack Obama in particular.

The class warfare issue is another interesting parallel to 1920s Germany.

Despite Obama's claim that 'there is no white America, no black America, we are all Americans' mantra, the campaign has conducted a very subtle yet noticeable attempt to pit one group of Americans against another, in the name of not doing so.

To refer to an across-the-board tax cut that benefits all citizens as a 'tax break for the rich' is a perfect example of this class warfare.

Obama wishes to allow to expire the Bush tax cuts of the last 8 years so that 'we can give those cuts to the middle class.'

But the middle class got tax cuts under Bush. Everyone did. That is what we mean by 'across the board.'

So how, then, is an across-the-board tax cut something that is only for 'the rich'?

This is class warfare at its worst, and Obama has used it to his advantage just as Hitler did in Germany in the 20s and 30s.

But the problem here is much more sinister.

While most Americans thought that within the halls of academia professors and students were conducting the normal business of learning and training young minds to think for themselves, a group of radicals sat around Columbia University and other settings during the late 1960s seriously discussing how they were going to pull off the systematic murder of 25 million capitalists.

Obama-friend and co-worker William Ayers was part of the that group.

Ayers himself writes of this episode in his book on homegrown terrorism from the 1960s entitled, Prairie Fire.

Yet Obama later sought out Ayers, formed a friendship with him, wrote promotionals for his books, and collaborated with the terrorist in developing and propagating an educational scheme in Chicago to brainwash students into becoming radicals.

This information has been carefully withheld from the public by the Press, except among various sources of the 'unauthorized variety' that are not part of the propaganda machine.

Yet another eerily similar aspect of 1920s Germany and the U.S. in 2008 is the push to shore up government power using the 'security from terrorism' tactic as an excuse.

Many Constitutional adherents and patriots were appalled that in the massive government bailout of Wall Street, pushed by George Bush and Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, and Chris Dodd, the federal government was given unprecedented power to control financial markets and even 'inform' large banks that the government was going to buy shares in them in order to shore up its control.

The banks were given no choice. The government forced their hand to allow the feds to participate in bank 'ownership.'

The Nazi Party in Germany was fascist in nature. One defining characteristic, among others, of fascism is the government's stake in private ownership of business, leading to one massive collaborative effort by the government and big business to dominate society under the leadership of a dictator or a dictatorial consortium.

Hitler partnered with big business in Germany in the 20s and 30s, creating one mammoth 'oligarchy'--a government-big business complex.

Beyond this, in the government's present attempt to 'protect' American citizens at all costs from terrorists, a line has been crossed leading to an unprecedented consolidation of centralized government power.

The changes to our Constitution resulting from these misguided steps leave the citizens vulnerable to a suspension of their rights in the event of some unnamed 'national emergency.'

We have already seen what the effects of such a thing have done in certain areas of the country. In the aftermath of Katrina, innocent law abiding citizens were deprived of their right to protect themselves and their property as local government confiscated their guns.

And within this year's Presidential campaign, we have seen the dark side of unbridled government power used to try to smear and ruin an ordinary citizen, Joe the Plumber, for challenging Barack Obama on his tax policies.

The state of Ohio is investigating invasions into Joe's privacy by those in government who used government computers to dig up personal information to use against Joe.

Barack Obama is on record stating that he opposes the right of American citizens to own handguns and would support measures to outlaw them. He also told reporters back in February that he is opposed to lawful concealed carry of firearms by American citizens.

Hitler opposed such things as well. And during his rise to power Germany not only registered weapons but then went further to confiscate those weapons from the citizens who had registered them in good faith.

When Hitler ran for office in the years after World War I, he lost his election to Hindenburg. But Hindenburg made Hitler a part of his government, giving him the title of Chancellor. Upon Hindenburg's death, Hitler consolidated his power and became the sole head of the government.

And, using the fatal flaw contained in the democratic constitution, Hitler was able to seize complete control as a Fuhrer, using the excuse of a national emergency as his reasoning.

The fact that Hitler could hypnotize and mesmerize multi-thousands of Germans in the speeches he gave before massive crowds only helped him further consolidate his power. With the support of the people behind him he could then do whatever he wanted in terms of his overall agenda--to rid society of those making up the 'undesirable classes,' to remove any and all opposition, and to bring back to Germany some of the lost 'hope and change' they forfeited at the end of World War I.

With an unchecked national media supporting him, and with an overwhelming majority of like-minded persons in the Congress and in the courts, Barack Obama is set to amass the very same kind of power that the charismatic Adolf Hitler was able to seize during pre-World War II Germany.

The result for Germany and Europe was the Holocaust during which 7 million Jews and 4 million political dissidents were murdered. What will be our price to pay?


McCain Vice-Presidential running mate and rising star of the GOP, Governor Sarah Palin, packed 'em in Sunday evening in a major blowout rally held at the Asheville Civic Center in the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina.

The weather was perfect for the event. Skies were clear, the sun was bright, and the colorful changing leaves in the scenic North Carolina mountains provided the ideal combination for Palin to demonstrate her 'drawing power.'

And draw them in, she did.

Crowds began to gather at 5:30 AM for the event that was not supposed to begin until 7 PM in the evening.

By mid-afternoon the 17,000-seat civic center was overflowing with citizens wishing to see Palin in action. When the doors closed at 6 PM, there were still thousands left outside unable to get a seat.

An informal survey of those standing in line indicated broad support for McCain-Palin across the political spectrum.

One young woman in particular, a registered Democrat, stated that when McCain added Palin to the Republican ticket she changed her mind about her vote. Stating that Palin adds something to the campaign sorely missing in both Parties, the woman indicated she would be voting for the McCain-Palin ticket on November 4.

Granted, there were large numbers of conservative Republicans in the long lines--those who recognize in Palin the values reminiscent of Reagan conservatism.

But Palin's appeal is certainly not limited to the Republican base. She appeals to thinking women, even of a liberal bent, some of whom had supported Hillary Clinton.

Upon Palin's arrival, the crowd's response was consistent with what we have come to expect for the charismatic candidate. Palin brings an energy, an excitement with her into an arena that immediately draws the observer, and her words and demeanor establish an instant connection with her audience.

Launching to her speech, Palin laid out her case for the McCain plan for lower taxes, placing a freeze on new government spending, cleaning up corruption in Washington, and bringing a victorious and honorable end to the war in Iraq.

Palin also served up some red meat to the conservatives in the crowd by hammering away at Obama's Socialism, his notion of 'redistribution of wealth'--a Marxist concept, and his long history of opposition to drilling for more crude in America's own oil-rich reserves.

North Carolina is one of the battleground states this year with neither McCain nor Obama showing a clear advantage. But one thing is for sure, Palin was a big hit today in Asheville.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Chairman Retaliates, Punishes

It was like a soothing, life-giving breath of cool, fresh air in a stagnant desert. For once during this campaign, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were actually challenged by a serious journalist.

But there was a price for to be paid for daring fly in the face of Chairman Ba-O and his cheerleader underling, Joe Biden. The Chairman retaliated and punished the station.

The interview was conducted by Barbara West of Orlando, Florida's WFTV-Channel 9.

According to a report in the Orlando Sentinel, West dared to ask Biden what millions of ordinary Americans have been wondering since Obama made the now-infamous statement to Joe the Plumber, 'We have to spread the wealth around.'

Is Barack Obama a Marxist?

West read an excerpt from Marx that shows the concept of redistribution of wealth is a Marxist-Communist concept.

Biden went to the brink of Bedlam over the question, wondering if it were a joke and then hinting a threat to the reporter by asking, 'Where did you get these questions?'

But he never answered the simple question.

What did happen, however, is retaliation and punishment from the Obama campaign office.

WFTV was contacted by the Obama campaign to state that they were being 'cut off' from access to Obama and Biden, and that there would be no more cooperation from the Obama machine.

If this were an isolated incident in the midst of a long and arduous campaign, it could well be explained as an unfortunate overreaction on the part of Obama and Biden.

But the problem is that this has been an ongoing problem with a campaign headed by a candidate that is obviously so hyper-sensitive to any criticism or challenge that he must threaten, retaliate, and punish when a reporter dares ask a question that makes him uncomfortable.

And this mode of operation is not reserved for just reporters. As Joe the Plumber found out, even an average citizen who challenges Chairman Ba-O may well find himself the victim of privacy violations and a concerted effort on the part of political operatives in government to ruin his/her life.

Obama has made it a practice of threatening TV stations that run McCain campaign ads that are critical of him.

The level of paranoia in this campaign is frightening for the country. As we know about paranoia, the one who believes they are being attacked will relentlessly and without provocation attack the perceived 'enemy.'

Apparently, Barack Obama thinks he has lots of enemies among the news media and the citizens at large.

Corrupt Judges Giving to Obama Campaign!

More information has surfaced concerning illegal campaign contributions going to the Obama campaign.

This time, the issue centers on corrupt leftwing judges who have given campaign contributions to Barack Obama.

In this Atlas Exclusive report, you will see that the Judicial Code of Conduct for federal judges is that they avoid making contributions to ANY political campaign.

Yet that report cites numerous instances where activist judges who disregard the accepted law of the U.S. Constitution have made major campaign donations to Barack Obama.

If Obama is elected, add a corrupt judiciary to a corrupt White House, a corrupt Senate, and a corrupt House of Representatives. And with a news media that is thoroughly in the tank for all 4, the deck will stacked for the most bloodthirsty onslaught on American liberty in the history of the nation.

Campaign Fundraising Fraud

In the midst of countless scandals, lies, orchestrated deception, and schemes involving terrorists, Communists, anti-Americans, and anarchists, one major piece of the Obama corruption lies in his fundraising.

When citizens look at the 600 million bucks Obama has raised for his Presidential campaign, it is likely to provoke feelings of shock and awe among less scrupulous spectators.

But those with skeptical minds that tend to look beneath the surface smell a rat, and when one follows one's nose, one finds that rat. Obama may have just pulled off the single most corrupt and scandalous fundraising scheme in the history of American politics.

As reported by The Pajamas Media (h/t to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit), Obama has made out like a bandit by using a loophole in campaign contribution regulations that allow online donations of $200 or less to go unreported.

Half of all Obama donations fall into this category, and the candidate has refused to make public his list of small donors, fueling broad speculation that shady dealings are being conducted under the radar screen.

In addition, the Obama campaign has refused to screen these small donations thus making it possible for single donors to make huge donations to the candidate using hundreds of fictitious names and aliases.

These contributions are fraudulent and are against federal law. Thus, campaigns who allow them to go unchecked also break the law.

The Communist Question

The one major issue that has dogged the Barack Obama campaign from the start is the candidate's connections to characters of ill repute, particularly those of the Communist persuasion.

And the issue is not going away, even if Obama is elected to the White House.

A video has surfaced, not from back in the Senator's early career in Illinois, but from 2004, which shows Barack Obama praising a fellow member of 'the New Party' in Chicago, or 'the New Black Panther Party,' which was an offshoot of the Communist Party in the U.S.A.

Obama ran as a candidate of The New Party for the Illinois legislature.

This video shows Obama in action, stating that the views of his friend the Communist are his views as well.

That should say it all.