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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Few Biden Quick-Facts

Now that Senator Joseph Biden from Delaware is Barack Obama's running mate, here are a few quick-facts concerning the Senator that should be of vital interest to Liberty Sphere readers:

1. He is one of the most rabid, anti-gun activists in the Senate. Let's not forget that Biden is the one who made the snide remark about the gun rights advocate who asked a question by video at the first Democratic debate of this election season.

Biden suggested that the questioner was 'nuts' who certainly had no business with a gun.

Apparently the Senator believes the same about all gun owners since he essentially believes that all handguns should be banned. Obama will certainly be proud since his own record portrays the same thing.

2. Biden is staunchly pro-abortion even though he is a 'devout Catholic.' This may not matter to some, but it matters an awfully lot to me. How can a person be 'devout' when their religion of choice condemns a practice they actively advocate?

Again, Obama has found a soul-mate in Biden since Obama is on record supporting infanticide.

3. Biden is a proponent of the 'living Constitution' school of thought, which essentially maintains that the meaning of terms in the document can be changed arbitrarily to 'reflect modern culture.'

His votes on Supreme Court justices reflect that belief. Ginsberg, Breyer, and Souter are some of his favorites.

4. Biden is a tax-and-spend liberal who believes in such things as socialized medicine and cradle-to-the-grave government nanny-statism.

5. Biden is one of the Senators who has always made sure that the ban on offshore oil drilling remains in place, and he will continue to engage in obstructionism on this issue.

This is not all concerning the Senator's record, of course, but this little primer should get us started thinking about Biden as a reflection of the Obama approach to government. He certainly does nothing to 'balance the ticket' except in the realm of experience and foreign policy.

Joe Now Says It's So

After days of claiming 'it ain't so,' Senator Joe Biden now says it's so. In fact, he is now with Barack in Springfield, Illinois in a big media event as we speak.

Biden had repeatedly told news reporters, 'I'm not the guy,' when asked if he was the one Barack had chosen for a running mate.

As a 36-year veteran of the Senate, Biden knows a thing or two about half-truths and non-truths. He has a long record which will most assuredly be rolled out for the public to see.

He has run for President twice, both times barely making a ripple in public approval.

Biden also stated earlier this year that Barack Obama was 'not ready to be President.' Perhaps we shall see if Biden has changed his mind, or if this is just another example of playing footsie with the truth, as in 'I'm not the guy.'

Friday, August 22, 2008

Breaking...MSNBC Says Bayh, Kaine Out

According to sources who spoke to MSNBC on condition of anonymity, Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana and Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia have been informed by Barack Obama that neither will be his choice for a running mate.

Rising to the top of the list is a Nancy Pelosi endorsement--U.S. Representative Chet Edwards of Texas, who serves a predominately Republican district as a Democrat.

Other top possibilities include Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton (a very unlikely choice), New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and several other less-likely choices such as Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Chuck Hagel.

But the Obama camp remains tight-lipped about the choice, whom Obama says he will announce in the morning by text message just prior to a media event at the Illinois capital of Springfield, where the official announcement will be made.

McCain Has 16-Point Lead in 11 Southern States

A new poll conducted jointly by South Carolina's Winthrop University and ETV, the state's PBS network, shows that John McCain is leading Barack Obama by 16 points in 11 southern states. reports that the poll which was released Thursday night was conducted by a phone survey of 11 states with a sampling of 1100 persons.

If these figures hold through November, Barack Obama will not carry a single southern state, unless he changes tactics and focuses entirely on Florida and Virginia, where he claims he can make inroads.

Nonetheless, even in those two states Obama's chances are dwindling due to a variety of factors, not the least of which is a sharp drop in the candidate's poll numbers among key voter groups, such as white women, senior adults, and blue-color white men.

No Presidential candidate has won the White House without winning the South since 1964.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/22/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'More From They Hate Us Because We're Free'--the FBI now has the power to open investigations into the activities of persons who are not even suspected of wrongdoing!
*'Spies Like Us'
*'Guest Editorial on The Three Most Important Attributes of a Decent Human Being'--great reading here!
*'A Call to Disarm'--one of the antis blathering again.
*'DGU at Table Rock'--a great story on the virtues of defensive gun use.

Armed and Safe is now a lifetime member of the NRA, showing that even the NRA's most vehement critics can work within the system. Personally I have been an advocate for joining ALL of the top gun rights groups--the NRA, the GOA, and the JPFO. There is a place and niche for all of them.

Speaking of the NRA, The Rustmeister comments on the Bryan Miller controversy.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 and the gang that is training with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater are getting settled in for the weekend.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone shows us that while the Feds fritter away opportunities to stop illegal aliens at the border, they are toys, of all things!

Squeaks announces the next Memphis blogger meetup.

Mike McCarville reports that U.S. Senator Tom Coburn will address the GOP convention.

From the Adventures of Roberta X:
*'Be Here Now'--key tips from Xavier on carrying a firearm and using your head.
*The Blackwaterites'--Roberta links to a site that has a live blog feed from the Blackwater event.

WOW! Syd at Front Sight, Press reports that the anti-gun activists have admitted to writing the Democratic Party platform. Why am I not surprised? But I AM surprised they admitted it!

From Rezkorama:
*ABC Pushes McCain Housing Thing While Giving Only 13 Seconds to the Obama-Rezko Housing Scandal--sheesh, talk about media bias!
*'A Pop Quiz for Barack'--yep, that's me...engaging in shameless self-promotion!
*The MSM works overtime to defend Obama's Rezko-housing scandal.
*Clayton Cramer notes Obama's land deals with convicted felons.

Gateway Pundit has the new ad that John McCain released today in response to the Barack Obama attack on the house thing.

Gateway also posts this new McCain ad on Obama's relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has the MUST-read of the day. Whatever you do, don't pass this one up!

My Way News reports that 'the Bastard' is being ridiculed for his idea that New York City can 'wind-blow' its way into energy savings.

Congrats to Linoge of Walls of the City for being a first-time carrier of a concealed handgun in public.

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day. Read it all!

A Pop Quiz for Barack

Barack Obama seems to be making a big deal out of the fact that John McCain could not answer a question as to how many houses he owns. The bigger issue is how Barack Obama came to own the 1.5 million-dollar-home HE owns.

Thus, I think it's time that we gave Barack a little pop quiz.

1. Barack, who is Tony Rezko and what has been your relationship with him?
2. How could you afford to own a house that costs that much money on your meager, poor man's salary as a legislator in Illinois and 'college professor.?'
3. Which strings were pulled with Fannie Mae to get you special financing for that home, particularly since one of your good buddies was head of the mortgage giant?

Now that we have dealt a bit with YOUR housing issue, Barack, let's go a bit further, shall we?

4. Why do your campaign offices in various parts of the country have pictures of Cuban Communist leader and mass murderer Che Guevara hanging on the walls?
5. Who is Bill Ayers, and what has been your relationship with him?
6. How do you explain being a Christian and yet belonging to an ultra-liberal church for over 20 years that espouses 'liberation theology' by a Pastor who preaches 'God damn America?'
7. Why do you have a forged birth certificate?
8. Why are you accepting campaign funds from anonymous overseas sources that have been traced to Hamas?

If you can answer these questions, Barack, without drowning in the box into which you have tied yourself, we will call you Houdini.

True, this is only 8 questions, but remember, it is a pop quiz. But since Barack probably cannot satisfactorily answer any of these questions, we can only assume that 8 simple questions are 'above his pay grade.'

New Scandal Plagues Obama

The McCarville Report, one of the most respected names in political news in Oklahoma and the nation, is reporting that a new scandal is beginning to rock the Barack Obama campaign.

Obama and company have issued special credentials cards to attendees of the Democratic National Convention who are fans of Barack. The card contains the picture of an upside down American flag.

According to official protocol for displaying the flag, the stars are always to be placed in the upper left corner. On the Obama card, however, the stars are in the lower left corner with the stripes above it...clearly upside down.

An upside down U.S. flag is an international symbol of distress.

The obvious question arises as to whether or not a candidate is fit for office if he and his worshippers are so dumb as to be ignorant of the accepted protocol for displaying the American flag.

And further, if they are aware of the faux pas and are deliberately sending the symbol of distress to the world, are these the kind of people we want in the highest offices in the land?

Sen. Harry Reid Says He 'Can't Stand' McCain

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, claims he 'can't stand' John McCain. I understand. There are days when I can't either.

But McCain is nowhere near being in the came league with those who are beneath contempt, such as the illustrious Majority Leader.

It's too bad most people simply don't like you at all, isn't it, Harold?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


A new term that I coined can now be dropped into the modern vernacular:

'Barackabortion'--a type of abortion wherein a baby that survives the initial abortion procedure is killed or allowed to die outside the womb by being placed in a darkened closet with no food or water.

(Named after the man who supported legislation that would allow this type of abortion, Barack Obama--advocate for infanticide).

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/21/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'A Dullard In Dallas'--a simple response to a statement by one of the anti idiots.
*'True North'--a letter from a Canadian ally on the Olofson case.
*'In Contrast to Media Myth'

Armed and Safe has an article that shows Heller perhaps was not the resounding victory we all had thought. A MUST-read!

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 reports that U.S. News and World Report is calling for comments on the Texas School District that allows teachers to pack heat.

Roberta X posts info on the Indy 1500 Gun Show and Blogmeet.

Mike McCarville has stunning information on the dramatic turn-around of John McCain and the sinking ship of Barack Obama, especially in the battleground states.

Alphecca comments on the tendency of Massachusetts and Connecticut to blame Vermont for gun crime.

Western Rifle Shooters Association publishes the latest chapter in Mike Vanderboegh's new novella. The chapter is entitled, 'Dead Man's Holler.'

The quote of the day is by Sebastian at Snow Flakes in Hell.

Say Uncle posts a good 'top ten' list on the Blackwater Para training event coming up.

Squeaks has a new doo!! Nice pics, there, Squeaks. I like the new haircut.

Texas Fred confirms that there is a move underway for conservatives to write in the names of Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter for President and Vice-President in November.

American and Proud has more on the write-in campaign.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone provides her reasoning for not voting for either McCain or Obama.

Insight on Freedom posts a great read today entitled, 'The Mysterious Mr. Obama.'

Michelle Malkin reports that Little Chucky Schumer is being investigated in California for the role his motor-mouth played in the failure of IndyMac.

Gateway Pundit has an audio from 2002 that shows Barack Obama actually argued for the death of a newborn baby after it survived a botched abortion attempt. As we have reported before, the man supports infanticide.

Gateway follows up with info on the infamous Chicago Annenberg Challenge involving Barack Obama and some unsavory characters such as terrorist Bill Ayers.

Dustin's Gun Blog gives us a glimpse, via Glenn Beck, of the new national anthem should Barack Obama win the Presidency.

Poland Needs Shield: Russia Now a Rogue Nation

In addition to making threats of attacks against Poland and the West for 2 straight days, Russia will also withdraw from NATO, according to Norwegian sources.

With its growing isolation from the rest of the world and its belligerent sabre-rattling about nuclear strikes against Poland and 'going beyond diplomacy' in response to the U.S.-Polish agreement on a defensive missile shield, Russia now joins North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and Venezuela as a 'rogue nation.'

Rogue nations are part of an 'axis of evil,' an 'evil empire' to borrow Reagan's term, that recognize no civilized manner of dealing with conflict in the world.

With their barbarian and totalitarian notions of world dominance and bullying their neighbors, the rogue nations recognize no power or authority of individual citizens but concentrate their power totally in the state.

It is a shame that only 20 years after breaking free from the grip of Communism under the leadership of Mikael Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin--as a result of Reagan's prodding--the Russian people are once again succumbing to the harsh brutality of totalitarians such as Vladimir Putin and his puppet-President.

And the thing that is not only ironic but baffling is how the Russians, with a straight face, can claim to be so outraged over a missile shield that they threaten to attack Poland with nukes, yet act bewildered that Poland and other bordering nations are so afraid of the Russians that they need a missile shield in the first place.

Russia's manner of protesting the shield is nothing but proof that Poland needs the shield.

More Sex Charges Against Joey Pettigrew Sanders

The former director of the Miss South Carolina Beauty Pageant, Joseph 'Joey' Pettigrew Sanders IV, has been re-arrested on even more charges of engaging in sexual activity with a minor.

A 12-year-old girl alleges that Sanders engaged in sexual activity with her at his residence in Pickens County. The girl claims that the activity has gone on for most of the year.

Sanders had already been charged with engaging in sexual activity with a minor on allegations from a 16-year-old that she and Sanders had met for sex at a local motel several years ago when the girl was only 14 years of age.

Sanders had been free on bond when he was re-arrested Wednesday on the new charges.

Morgan Pleads Not Guilty, Gets Continuance

Former Union, South Carolina Mayor Bruce Morgan pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges stemming from an alleged kickback scheme in which Morgan was paid cash for granting government contracts to businesses.

Morgan resigned from office the day the charges were handed down.

Both Morgan and former Union zoning director Jeff Lawson were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, but their attorneys requested a continuance in order to have more time to prepare for the hearing.

The attorney for Morgan stated that his client has no plans to change his not guilty plea.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In a stunning development of draconian proportions, Russia has threatened the West with a response that will 'go beyond diplomacy' if the U.S. follows through with its missile shield in Poland.

The U.S. signed the agreement with Poland over the objections of the Russians who not only oppose U.S. Patriot missiles being placed in the country to counter the Iranian threat, but who also object to an anti-missile defense shield to protect Europe from an attack.

But this afternoon the Russians upped the ante by threatening to 'go beyond diplomacy' in its response to the missile shield being placed in Poland.

Matt Drudge via Breitbart reports that Russia issued its second such threat in just 2 days following the signatures on the agreement between the U.S. and Poland.

Earlier in the week the Russians hinted that such an agreement would 'leave Poland open to a nuclear attack.'

The latest threat is yet another signal that many observers claim that Russia has moved to open another Cold War and to position itself as the enemy of Europe and the United States. The move comes some 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

But under former KGB operative Vladimir Putin, Russia has taken a definite turn toward the ominous.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/20/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'David Olofson Update'--the MUST-read of the day.
*'The Terror Loophole'
*'Tracking the Problem'--does it bother anybody but me that the U.S. has been tracking its citizens with appropriate I.D. at the southern border, but not illegal aliens?!

Armed and Safe shows us a most interesting choice of quotes from the 'Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.'

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 writes about a letter exchange between him and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson on D.C. gun rights.

From Sebastian at Snow Flakes in Hell:
*'Barack George McGovern Obama?'--Clayton Cramer thinks it's 1972 all over again. I agree.
*'Preparing for Blackwater'

Speaking of Barack the Magic Dragon, Michelle Malkin posts THIS:
*The Democratic Party Platform's hidden George Soros Slush Fund'
*The Obama-Ayers Papers'--an update on Obama's connection to terrorists.

Ahab has the following:
*Commentary on last night's show of 'Gun Nuts, the Next Generation'
*California has defeated the gun show ban!--good!

Robb Allen comments on his appearance as a guest on last night's show.

Nicki comments on an incident that shows how eager the MSM and some in the public are about blaming the victim if guns are used in self-defense.

Mike McCarville reports that for the first time in the race for the White House, John McCain has jumped ahead of Barack Obama by 5 points.

Blogstitution has news on the continuing media bias in the race for the White House.

From Gateway Pundit:
*Explosive new info on the John Edwards sex scandal!
*Zogby and Reuters show big trouble for Barack Obama in the polls!--this is in addition to the Rasmussen poll cited earlier.
*Once again, Iran has threatened to destroy Israel.

Open Carry has information on its petition and flier campaign for 5 states.

WOW! Take a look at THIS over at An Ol' Broad's Ramblings! A Tom Tancredo-Duncan Hunter ticket, as an alternative to McCain? Is this legit? Does anyone have info?

Days of our Trailers does a good job at taking apart the faulty 'facts' laid out by one of the antis.

Obama Makes His Choice

Barack Obama has made his choice for a running mate, but apparently the public is going to have to wait until Saturday morning for the announcement.

News reports late Tuesday indicated that Obama has secured his running mate, who will give the keynote address in a week at the Democratic National Convention.

But Obama has apparently decided to reserve making the announcement until Saturday morning at the Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.

The early odds-on favorite was Senator Joe Biden, but Biden seemed to throw cold water on the idea Tuesday afternoon by telling a reporter, 'It won't be me.'

We have learned, however, that politicians cannot be trusted in their statements about these matters.

So, we shall see.

Others mentioned as possibilities are the Governors of Kansas, Indiana, and Virginia.

Russian Menace Grows Dangerous

In its most defiant act of aggression yet, the Russian menace continued to delve deeper into Georgia, taking Georgian 'prisoners of war' and seizing U.S. humvees in the area.

Most of us who remember the Cold War with the old Soviet Union are very familiar with these tactics undertaken by what was known at the time as 'the Great Menace.'

President Ronald Reagan referred to the Menace as 'an evil empire.'

It is time we had some Ronald Reagan-style leadership on the Russian menace today. They have shown to the entire world that they have returned to the tactics of the old Communist Soviet Union and are still every bit the Great Menace and Evil Empire that they have always been.

The new Russian President, Vladimir Putin's puppet, even made fun of NATO on Tuesday in light of an emergency meeting of the organization's leadership concerning the growing Soviet threat.

The U.S. and the free world cannot allow the acts of such a rogue, lawless nation to go without a decisive response.

Moscow obviously thinks it has the free world over a barrel. There was another time in history when it thought the same thing, only to find that with the emergence of Ronald Reagan and his carefully-crafted threats to the Soviets it became obvious that the U.S. was not going to back off or allow the Menace to continue its march toward world domination.

Are there options other than military force in response to these modern-day acts of aggression by Russia?

Of course there are. We can isolate them. We can cut them off from trade. We can cut off their supplies that flow from the West. We can use all of the diplomacy at our disposal.

But at the end of the day, when all else has failed, as Ronald Reagan demonstrated the use of force or threatened force is the only language the Russian barbarians understand.

And yes, Reagan even called them barbarians.

The barbarians need to understand that there are serious, deadly, and totally destructive military consequences to acts such as the Russians perpetrated in Georgia.

The missile shield Poland wants from the U.S. should be in place...yesterday. And when the U.S. Patriot missiles are put into place in Poland, we should make it clear to Putin and his paper tiger puppet that those missiles are aimed not only at Iran but Moscow as well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/19/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Fingers Point South of the Border'
*'Fingers Point North of the Border'
*'Worth 10,000 Words'
*'Women on Frau..uh..Guard'--women and guns--a MUST-read!
*'Grand Opening'--an update on the grand opening of the new Red's Trading Post

Armed and Safe comments on the upcoming election and has no regard for either choice. I basically agree with the exception that with McCain we will probably get much better judges in the courts--not to mention that in terms of foreign policy he is the Ph.D. while Obama is still in kindergarten.

Notice! For the second day in a row I have not been able to open Sebastian's blog at Snow Flakes in Hell. Don't know whether the problem is on my end or his, but I'm not having the same problem with other blogs. Sebastian?

The Bitch Girls provide a good read on McCain-Feingold and corruption in politics.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 has Governor Rick Perry's response to the school district in Texas that's allowing school personnel to carry guns.

Nicki found some VERY pointed advice for Barack Obama. A good read!

Mike McCarville has a late-breaking update on the Oklahoma D.A. who is harassing a blogger because of negative comments on the blog about the D.A. Perhaps the term 'D.A.' in this case stands for 'Dumb A**'? Naaaaa...I don't want to get harassed.

Alphecca comments on the anti-gun billboard campaign in Massachusetts.

Ahab has a reminder about tonight's show 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation.' He and Squeaky will have Robb Allen and Joe Huffman as guests.

Syd at Front Sight, Press issues a warning to those who would attempt to take their guns into Canada.

Breda has some examples of the condescending, arrogant Barack Obama toward women!

Traction Control cites an article in the Washington Post on Dick Heller getting his gun registration.

Dr. John Lott indicates that the major media is finally picking up the story on Obama's extremist position on abortion (he actually supports infanticide), and the lies he has told to hide his record on the subject in Illinois.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has an excellent piece on 'Living in an Imperial World.'

The Rustmeister points to an anti who is about as honest as a snake-oil salesman.

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day. Don't miss THIS one!

Walls of the City has breaking news on reciprocal handgun carry permits. Read it all.


Rumors are swirling around Washington that today may be the day that Barack Obama announces his choice for a running mate.

One source claims that the Senator will make the announcement the first thing this morning.

Many believe that Delaware Senator Joe Biden is the odds-on favorite to run with Obama. Biden would be a good choice. He is strong in areas where Obama is weak, particularly in foreign policy.

But don't be fooled by Biden's 'good guy' image. He is a classic Democratic liberal who has made a practice of supporting everything conservatives, libertarians, and traditional Christians deplore.

Meanwhile, others believe that Obama will choose a wild card--someone who has not been publicly discussed as a potential running mate. My initial guess is that this option is probably more likely than Biden being chosen.

And then, Obama could potentially totally shake up the entire campaign in 2008 by choosing Hillary Clinton. The Party faithful would no doubt be wildly energized by this choice, but it would certainly bode ill for a potential Obama Presidency. And the candidate, and his wife, know it.

With the Democratic National Convention just around the corner, Obama has almost run out of time to make his announcement.

On the Republican side, John McCain is also running out of time. With the GOP Convention several weeks away, he has more breathing room than Obama, but time is of the essence.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindel, a rising star within the GOP, took himself out of the running on Monday by saying unequivocally that he has the job he wants and that he will not be McCain's choice.

Jindel has made the right decision. The experience being Governor will help him in the long run, and for someone with Jindel's personality, energy, and popularity, being a VP will certainly be beneath his level of gifts. Give him time, and this guy will be running for President in either 2012 or 2016.

This leaves McCain with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former Governor Tom Ridge, Senator Joe Lieberman, and Florida Governor Charlie Crist among those on the candidate's short list.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/18/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Displaying Their Colors'--the use of billboards in gun rights advocacy.
*'And Remember, They Hate Us Because We're Free'--new plans for domestic spying by law enforcement agencies on U.S. citizens.
*'A Blessing From On High'--Nancy Pelosi has declared that Obama has been annointed by GOD to be 'our leader.' Sheesh.

Armed and Safe provides excellent commentary on a columnist who claims gun rights advocates make him 'sick to his stomach.'

A Keyboard and a .45 has appropriately named Front Sight, Press as the blog of the week. I was saddened when Syd said he was hanging it up back in April. But now he's back as strong as ever. Good!

Speaking of Syd, Front Sight, Press posts a great article by Brian Fentiman entitled, 'Guns in the Hands of Good People--A Testament to Second Amendment Rights.'

Nicki blogs about her encounter with an NRA rep at a gun show recently, particularly when the rep found out Nicki had written articles for an NRA publication.

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel give us a follow-up report on the Para Warthog that had been repaired. Over the weekend, they took the pistol out to the range for a trial, post-repair.

Gateway Pundit reports that Andrea Mitchell and NBC News made some VERY serious charges against John McCain concerning the forum at the Saddleback Church. The McCain campaign came out swinging against NBC's obvious liberal bias. It's about time!

Gateway also reports that one day after Obama told Saddleback that his record on abortion was not as bad as reported, he proceeded to admit on Sunday that his record is the most liberal in the nation on abortion...and a pro-life group has a copy of a document that proves it!

Michelle Malkin has more on the liberal media smear of McCain.

Oleg Volk is known for world-class photography. Here, he posts two photos that we could entitle, Chics and Guns. (Slightly risque).

Freedom Sight posts more good quotes on liberty.

Bear on a Bicycle has a MUST-read on the sorry state of education in America today. Read it all.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs reports explosive news concerning a secret jail set up for the Democratic National Convention in Denver! These liberal bozos condemn Gitmo, but they have NO PROBLEM 'detaining' protesters at their Convention in a secret facility!

American Thinker posts '10 things that are above Obama's pay grade.'

Mike McCarville announces this year's recipient of the Oklahoma Rifle Association's Mike McCarville Media Award for support of 2nd Amendment rights.

Texas Fred posts one of the reasons why I hate homeowners' associations. They tend to be elitist, commie-fascist, and petty. Just wait till you see what THIS one told a man about his pickup truck!

Breda gives us a range report on her first-time use of the Colt 1911.

Robb Allen announces that he and Joe Huffman will be guests on the Gun Nuts show tomorrow night with Squeaks and Ahab. Good!

Say Uncle has another example of how anti-gun folk are curiously violent...and extremely so!

Days of Our Trailers provides an interesting read on one of the antis, entitled, '30 More Days of Summer.'

Of Arms and the Law reports that Chicago suburbs are trying to get around Heller.


Russia has threatened Poland with a nuclear attack.

Yes, you read that right.

When the nation of Poland, frightened by Russia's blatant, lawless invasion of a sovereign nation, offered the U.S. the right to place a nuclear missile defense shield in the country, Russia responded by going nuts...bonkers...luny.

In response to Poland's desire to protect itself from nukes, Russia went into hysterics by threatening Poland with a nuclear attack if they allow the U.S. to give them such a defense shield.

According to Financial Times, Russia is concerned about the part of the agreement that allows the U.S. to place some of its Patriot missiles in Poland.

Yet the Russians hardly have any room to complain. By invading and occupying Georgia, which posed absolutely no threat whatsoever to the Russians, Vladimir Putin and his KGB comrades who control the government have demonstrated to the world that they are just as great a threat to world stability and the security of bordering nations as the old USSR.

Both Poland and the Czech Republic are in grave danger of attack and invasion by the Russians. The entire area is also a prime target of Iran.

In order to provide for their defense against lunatics in the region such as Iran and Russia, the nations of Poland, the Czech Republic, Georgia, and others are in dire need of the anti-missile defense shield.

McCain Played Well At Saddleback

The results of the political forum at Rick Warren's Saddleback Community Church are in, and according to most pundits and observers John McCain played very well to this crowd made up largely of Christian evangelicals.

On the hand hand, Barack Obama did himself no favors.

Despite the notion of Rick Warren and some within the evangelical movement that a Presidential candidate can waffle on issues such as abortion and when human life begins, the crowd that attended the forum Saturday night demonstrated that these things still matter to conservative Protestant Christians.

When asked when life beings, Obama claimed that the question is 'above his pay grade.'

That statement is simply not good enough, and most serious Christians know it.

McCain, on the other hand, answered by saying, simply, 'At the moment of conception.'

His answer is consistent with his long career in the Senate, during which McCain has demonstrated that he is as pro-life and anti-abortion as any politician in Washington.

Obama, by contrast, has proved in his short career as a state legislator in Illinois and a one-term U.S. Senator that he is one of the most extremist, militant, abortion-on-demand politicians in the country.

Further, Obama continued with his bash-America-first campaign by suggesting that the greatest mistake he ever made was living in a nation that he obviously thinks has been despicable in its policies.

In short, he never admitted to ever making a personal mistake but made some vague reference to America's failures as a nation.

McCain, however, openly admitted the failure of his first marriage and took full responsibility for it. This, he said, was his biggest mistake. With that one statement, McCain has disarmed those who would lump him in with the likes of John Edwards.

The difference between Edwards and McCain is that Edwards was unfaithful to his wife while she was sick with cancer and while he was pretending to be the 'a man of family values.' This is not to mention his numerous lies that he continues to tell about the matter even after he supposedly 'came clean.' McCain has no such baggage other than his first marriage failed, he made the mistake of having an affair as a result, and he takes full responsibility for this 'biggest mistake he ever made.'

As for the faith perspective of the two, McCain stated that he believes in Jesus Christ and is saved by His grace. Obama makes a similar claim, yet he maintained membership in a far-Left, extremist Church, in a far-Left, extremist denomination, the Pastor of which stated from the pulpit, 'God damn America.'

During the forum, McCain appeared comfortable and answered the questions in a logical, coherent fashion, while Obama's answers seemed forced, sometimes obscure, and certainly disjointed.

In fact, one political pundit has already described the Obama performance as 'a colossal failure.'

As a postscript, it is interesting to note that the candidates answered questions about oil during the forum. McCain stated forthrightly that he is for 'drill here, drill now,' in addition to developing various forms of alternative energy. This is one of the strongest statements yet from McCain concerning where his allegiance lies in the vitally important debate on the nation's energy needs.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Rick Warren Forum with McCain and Obama

The Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, California held a political forum Saturday evening. This is nothing new for the mega-church founded by nationally-known Pastor Rick Warren.

Warren often delves into politics while claiming neutrality on the matter. Yet when it comes to his much-publicized forums at the Church, he has consistently invited speakers that are clearly Leftwing in their politics while virtually ignoring conservative political leaders.

For example, Warren invited Hillary Clinton to speak at an annual forum at the Church in 2006 and followed up with Barack Obama at the same forum in 2007.

Where are the speakers with a clear conservative Christian point of view?

On Saturday evening, Warren held a so-called 'civil forum' in which he acted as a moderator by posing questions to guests John McCain and Barack Obama, the two Presidential candidates.

But Warren received help and guidance in formulating those questions from the Leftwing group known as 'Faith in Public Life.' This group is loaded to the gills with extremist liberals.

And that's not all.

Warren's position on international affairs is clearly anti-Israel yet flies under the veneer of being an 'opportunity for dialogue between religions.'

While he claims he is simply following Jesus' command of showing compassion to the poor, Warren consistently supports government programs funded through tax dollars rather than emphasizing the simple Gospel message that each individual Christian is charged with the responsibility of caring for the poor individually and by personal choice.

This is a far cry from forced participation in government programs through taxation.

Nowhere in the Christian Gospel does Jesus anoint governments to be the instruments of service to the poor. But individual Christians both personally and collectively through their Churches are certainly admonished to do so. Service to the needy is a matter of individual initiative rather than government mandate.

As Dr. Walter E. Williams of George Mason University often says, 'For me to reach inside my pocket voluntarily to help the poor is a noble and worthy gesture. But for government to reach inside my pocket and take my money to do so is stealing and should be punished by law.'

Make no mistake, Rick Warren has an agenda, and it certainly isn't the standard evangelical model based upon the New Testament.

Although he is often referred to as 'the most powerful evangelical leader in America today,' Warren's vision has inflicted a dangerous, festering wound upon the Christian evangelical movement that has split the Church as never before.

At one time evangelicals were clear about certain things--abortion is wrong and politicians who support it are wrong; liberty does not mean we must place a muzzle on Christians in the marketplace, in the government, and in the schools in order to avoid 'offending' someone; as Christ has made us free so should we work for the freedom of all people, particularly from the shackles of oppressive governments--even our own; if lying is wrong then there is no adequate, moral defense of a politician who lies; if stealing is wrong then there is no justification for government doing it through the confiscation of personal property and funds from the citizens; and on and on I could go listing the basic convictions of the evangelical movement when it comes to politics.

Due to the fuzzy and vague views of leaders such as Warren, evangelicals have begun to exhibit
some shocking waffling on issues that were previously viewed as settled matters.

Rick Warren has not given the views of traditional Christianity and its concomitant conservative political agenda an adequate hearing at the Saddleback Community Church. And this is precisely why many Christians view him and his Church will great skepticism and suspicion.

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