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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Perfect Example of Environmentalist Stupidity

THIS is one of the reasons Americans are quickly losing patience with the environmentalist movement and the Democrats who are bankrolled by them.

At every single turn, at every juncture along the way of attempting to address this nation's energy needs and the present crisis resulting from dependence on foreign oil, we are hit with roadblocks, stalling, excuses, and obstruction from the environmentalist wackos who got us in this mess in the first place.

With their utterly irrational restrictions on everything from building new oil refineries and expanding refining capacity, to nuclear power, coal, and a host of other ways to solve the problem, the U.S. is lagging woefully behind in its capability to provide for its own energy needs.

Americans are sick of it in increasing numbers, and we will remember when we go to the polls in November who is listening to the whining bleeding heart enviro-extremists who seem to value the bark of a tree more than a human life.

Nancy Pelosi's Democrats in the House, and Harry Reid's Democrats in the Senate are the very ones responsible for putting into place policies that led to today's outrageous oil prices...and hamstringing our ability to develop other sources of energy, such as nuclear power.

Duke Energy Corporation of Charlotte, North Carolina plans to build a brand new nuclear power plant in Cherokee County, South Carolina as part of the solution to our energy needs. But environmentalist extremists are blocking the plan.

'Friends of the Earth' and 'NC Warn' filed petitions to block the building of the nuclear reactor, claiming that the design has not been approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This is nothing more than a stalling technique. Environmental groups are notorious for blocking ANY nuclear reactor whether it is an approved design or not.

Here is a message to the enviro-wackos: this country is through listening to your stupidity. Get over it, already. We have an energy problem to solve.

So, go have yourselves a party. Go jump in a hole in the woods, cover yourselves in bear-dung, and be happy. Let the rest of us solve the problems of the day.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or PHEVs, are the key to the nation's energy independence, according to Jerry Asher of the Electric Vehicle Association of Washington, D.C.

Asher was in Union, South Carolina last week as part of a 50-state tour promoting the concept of a hybrid car that can be plugged into an electrical socket for recharging.

The car is a variation of the hybrids that are already on the market. But with a few modifications that presently cost roughly $6000, a Toyota Prius, for example, can get up to 101 miles per gallon, or about twice its estimated MPGs as sold.

Asher adds that with electric vehicles it is vital that drivers change their driving habits. The classic jump-starts and quick-stops ruin fuel efficiency, even with electric vehicles.

NC Senator: Drop Gun Limits for Vets

U.S. Senator Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, is the ranking GOP member of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, and Burr wants to ease restrictions on gun purchases by U.S. veterans who have been placed at one time or another under psychiatric care.

Burr has introduced an amendment to a bill in the Senate that will prevent such veterans' names from being added to a national database of those unfit to own a firearm.

At present, 115,000 veterans are listed in the database.

The American Legion and the NRA support the Burr Amendment. The usual suspects, such as the Violence Policy Center, oppose it.

Burr maintains that many of these veterans were added to the list by the Department of Veterans Affairs, not because they were a danger to themselves or others, but because they had been assigned guardians to oversee their finances.

And thus, the matter becomes a Constitutional issue, according to Burr.

The Liberty Sphere supports the Burr Amendment. But we feel it doesn't go nearly far enough. As we warned many times concerning the massive gun control bill initiated by Carolyn McCarthy and supported by the NRA, the slippery slope that has ensued is resulting in veterans being banned from owning guns.

Granted, the system specified in the Burr Amendment is the result of the Brady Bill in 1993. Yet the ramifications for veterans are similar in both bills.

The Burr Amendment is an important first step in addressing a travesty of justice and liberty.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Fox News is reporting this afternoon the explosive revelation that a hotel security guard caught former U.S. Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards (D-NC) at the Beverley Hilton in the room of his mistress on the night of July 21.

The guard confirms that Edwards was in the hotel room and that there was an altercation between Edwards and the media personnel who had followed him to the room.

In addition, the guard says that he escorted Edwards out of the hotel at roughly 2 AM and that the former Senator was 'white as a sheet.'

Read the rest of this breaking story HERE.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/25/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Principle-Freaks Need Not Apply (a MUST-read on the Vanderboegh controversy)
*Another Look At the Freeport Gun Seizure
*Are the Feds Stockpiling Survival Food? (You gotta see this. If they are, they have not told us why).

Mike McCarville reports the story of a man in Oklahoma who was convicted of murder in a case where he fired off some rounds following an attack in a restaurant. In spite of apparent self-defense, the man was given the death penalty.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs reports on the 'corruption eruption' inherent within Barack Obama's healthcare plan.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 has THE must-read of the day on 'Blood Dancing in San Francisco.'

Snow Flakes in Hell says that Chicago is going to stick by its gun ban, claiming that the Heller decision does not effect municipalities.

CNS News Service is reporting that a top Democrat (who is a Vice-Presidential contender) meets regularly with the wildly radical anti-war group 'Code Pink.' This is the group that vandalized a military recruiting office in Berkeley, California.

Via Rezkorama, Writing the Wrongs points out that Jews cannot vote for Barack Obama and be pro-Israel at the same time.

Squeaky hits the nail on the head concerning Obama in Europe.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone has some questions for the Gonzalez Police Department concerning the case of Mark Edward Marchiafava, whose case was recently settled out of court.

Gateway Pundit reports that the hyper-liberal Associated Press just couldn't wait any longer. They have now labeled John McCain as 'old' and 'confused.'

John Lott has news on the major tracking polls following Obama's much-touted trip overseas.

The Rustmeister provides a great read on a church that was planning to give away a rifle but got some heavy-hitting grief from the Brady Bunch and the Washington Post.

Arra News Service posts an article on why Europe loves Barack Obama.

House Judiciary Investigates 'Imperial Presidency'

Our old friend and frothing fodder for countless jokes, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has begun a House Judiciary investigation into the 'Bush Imperial Presidency.'

Conyers will investigate...well, everything.

He will investigate the War, the intelligence leading up to the War, interrogation techniques, allegations that Bush 'started a War as a means to rule the world,' and other such nonsense, in a spectacle that is sure to lampooned for the cosmic joke that it is.

Oh, and by the way, Rep. Dennis 'I Saw Outer-Space Aliens' Kucinich will get to bring up his proposal to impeach President Bush.

Congress is under the control of stooges. While we face an oil crisis that needs immediate attention, Pelosi wants to 'free our oil' that somebody, somewhere must be holding hostage, and Conyers wants to investigate all 8 years' worth of the Bush Presidency.

But none of the Democrats want to drill for oil, even as Cuba, Venezuela, and even China are drilling in our own backyard.

These people must have way too much time on their hands. They should all go home and return some money to the taxpayers--such as about half of their salaries.

Top News from the Western Carolinas for 7/25/08

Here are a few of the top stories from the Piedmont, foothills, mountains, and Upstate of North and South Carolina:

The Watauga Democrat reports that a bomb was discovered at the Boone, North Carolina Walmart. The bomb was later detonated by police. No one has yet been charged. The audio of the 911 call to police is posted by the newspaper as well.

WSPA News Channel 7 interviews the 25-year-old wife of slain state trooper Shawn Blanton. The Blantons have a premature infant in neonatal ICU as well.

The Union Daily Times begins a series of articles profiling the write-in candidates for Mayor of Union in light of the resignation of Mayor Bruce Morgan after the filing deadline. Two of these profiles can be found HERE and HERE.

The Gaffney Ledger reports that Limestone College has raised its tuition for the upcoming school year.

Pelosi Admonishes Bush to 'Free Our Oil'

Like a war protester mouthing a sound byte for the masses who watch the boob tube with glazed-over eyes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admonished the Bush Administration on Thursday to 'free our oil.'

Is the oil being held hostage? Is it enslaved somewhere by the wicked Pharaoh George W. Bush?

Pelosi, of course, was speaking about the nation's strategic oil reserve, the back-up supply of energy the government keeps on hand in case of a national emergency.

A few facts stated up-front are in order.

First, releasing some of the reserve will not effect prices at the pump one red nickel.

Second, the oil in the reserve is not meant to be used as a means of addressing market issues to begin with. That oil is held back in case the nation is hit unexpectedly with a true national emergency of catastrophic proportions, such as a massive terrorist attack, a natural disaster of mega-proportions, a total cut-off of oil from our overseas suppliers, etc.

Third, if the oil in reserve is tapped for non-emergencies, it could severely hamper our ability to address the nation's oil needs in the midst of a real crisis.

Pelosi knows these things.

The only reason she brought up the 'free our oil' mantra was to take the focus off of her obstructive stance in blocking attempts by the GOP and the President to get the nation off its duff and start drilling here, now.

Pelosi as Speaker of the House has single-handedly prevented any proposal to lift the Congressional ban on offshore drilling from reaching the House floor. Thus, in her obstructionist tactics she is to a great degree responsible for the failure of this country in addressing its oil needs in the short-term and medium-term.

Releasing some oil from an emergency reserve does nothing at all to address the need. But Pelosi hopes that the mantra, 'Free our oil,' will gain some traction with the zombies of the far-Left who will mouth off the mantra on cue.

Privately, a few more level-headed Democrats say off the record that the reason Pelosi blocks attempts to bring the bill to lift the ban on offshore drilling to the House floor is that she is afraid of being embarrassed by defections within her own Party.

Apparently more than a few Democrats are willing to jump ship and vote with the GOP to start the drilling now.

It will be interesting to watch to see which is more important to the Speaker: to relent and allow the country to address a problem prudently, or to continue to obstruct and thus drag the Democrats down with her as she sinks the Congress to a new low in public approval.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/24/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Obamessiah has arrived in his Mecca (the European Union) to throngs of worshippers who wonder if his speech in Germany will be his 'JFK moment.'

Messiahs don't lie, but Barack Obama does! Gateway Pundit caught him in at least 3 whoppers just prior to his departure from Israel to go to Europe.

Via Rezkorama, The Astute Bloggers show us the difference between lying and misspeaking (the Obamessiah's excuse for every lie he tells).

Born Again Redneck has essential reading on the 'Big O's' visit to Germany, entitled, 'Ich bin ein doughnut.' ROFL!!

David Codrea at War on Guns posts a follow-up to the story reported yesterday that the Memphis police chief has targeted bloggers in the area who have been critical of the department.

Armed and Safe, among others, calls attention to the controvery within the gun community that Mike Vanderboegh has stirred. Some among us believe his writings are over the top, but not if you consider that his premise has merit. It seems to me the rub comes in on the question of 'when' and not 'if.'

Traction Control provides a good summary of the controvery and has some entirely reasonable observations, in my opinion.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 gives us an update on his upcoming trip to Blackwater to train with Todd Jarrett.

Roberta X points out some vital facts about the human race before we wised up and started eating meat.

Alphecca says that D.C. still doesn't get it, but one editorial writer does.

In case you missed it, The Bitch Girls provide an update to the anti-freedom billboard debacle in Philly.

Speaking of Mike Vanderboegh, Sebastian has posted a poll on the subject of revolution. Go over there, take a look, and cast a vote that represents your views on the subject.

Breda blogs on the joys of learning to shoot...and guns being 'the great equalizers.'

John Lott reports that a former proponent of the man-made global warming theory has now changed his mind.

Michelle Malkin gives us some news that was not reported in the MSM. Obama was heckled during his visit at the Western Wall in Israel...and was met with very loud and persistent protesters. But no matter. He's already in Germany where the peons will bow in worshipful praise to their Master, providing the MSM with many good photo-ops.

Texas Fred said the Second Amendment IS his gun permit! Yes, sir, I agree!

JB's Corner points to some MUST-read articles today, one of which is, 'What Part of "Drill Now" Do They Not Understand?'

Days of our Trailers provides a good example of what happens when illegal aliens are given refuge in so-called 'sanctuary cities' (i.e., cities that are breaking U.S. law).


The Communist government of China has made no friends in its run-up to this year's highly publicized Olympic games which are to be held in the country.

In fact, the regime's human rights violations in the days leading up to the Games can be described as nothing less than a public relations fiasco.

First it was the regime's treatment of Tibetan monks. Now it is its treatment of political dissidents.

Reuters New Service is reporting that Chinese police have arrested Du Daobin, a prominent Internet dissident, for violating the terms of his probation.

Du had been arrested and imprisoned for posting online essays in support of fellow dissident Liu Di. Once convicted, Du was placed under house arrest and given a suspended sentence for 'subversion.'

But Du was placed under arrest once again this week after being charged with posting articles on overseas websites and receiving guests without permission.

In fact, an entire group of dissidents has been rounded up by the Chinese Communists prior to the Olympics. Their worst offense appears to be making statements critical of the Chinese government.

Yet most of the Chinese believe that hosting the Olympics will help 'improve their image around the world.'

Not with these human rights violations, it won't.

SC Legislature Strips Doctors of Control of Care

Who, exactly, should be in control of the medical care of the sick?

According to the South Carolina legislature, it should be a bureaucrat sitting in an office somewhere miles away and NOT the patient's personal physician.

The fact that said bureaucrat has an M.D. beside his or her name is immaterial.

The legislature overrode Governor Mark Sanford's veto of a bill that effectively strips doctors of their control of their patients' care and places it squarely in the hands of unnamed bureaucrats sitting in plush offices in insurance companies.

Governor Sanford is to be commended for standing up to the special interests of the insurance companies and placing the health and well-being of patients first.

As for the South Carolina legislature, the Governor has had an exceedingly hard time gaining the cooperation of the supposed 'Republican-controlled' statehouse. Apparently many of these are Republicans in name only. Many of them have already been defeated in primaries and will not be serving again.

They can't begone quickly enough to suit us, in fact.

To be sure, patients are the ones who have ultimate control over their medical care. Outside of that, it is the patient's physician. Never was health insurance envisioned to be a mechanism whereby to override the judgment of the medical professional closest to the scene--the bedside physician.

For the legislature to take this time-honored, sacred trust and turn it over to anonymous pencil-pushers is nothing less than an outrage.

The Democrats in the statehouse, along with the few Republicans who joined them, should not be allowed to get away with this travesty. It is time for an accounting.

Be sure to read the entire article HERE. It names the names of the offenders. Glenn Reese, D-Spartanburg, is one of them.


Former U.S. Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards (D-NC) has been caught with his pants down after meeting his mistress and their love child at a hotel this week.

Matt Drudge first broke the story concerning Edwards' extramarital affair and love child last December, as reported on The Liberty Sphere.

At the time Edwards was running for the Democratic nomination for President.

The story produced a string of strongly-worded denials by Edwards and his staff.

Yet this week the National Enquirer was on the scene where Edwards met the woman and child--the Beverly Hilton on Monday night, July 21.

The Enquirer reports that the former Senator was in the woman's hotel room all night and was seen leaving the next morning.

Edwards' wife is at home in the fight of her life against cancer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/23/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Don't Mess With the Tyrant (Carolyn McCarthy targets a gun rights advocate)
*Turn In Your Firearms to be Destroyed, says Chicago Mayor Daley
*'Obamessiah'--you GOTTA see this one!

Armed and Safe says that Americans aren't buying the notion of the New England Journal of Medicine that guns are a 'public health issue.'

Ahab has posted the archived copy of last night's podcast of Gun Nuts--the Next Generation, featuring himself and Squeaky.

Mike McCarville reports that John McCain has opened up a 6-point lead over Barack Obama in the battleground state of Ohio.

American Thinker has one of the day's MUST-reads: 'Republicans Could Tap a Gusher of Support off the California Coast.'

Here is some good news. A county in South Carolina has proposed to stop doing business with those companies that hire illegal aliens.

Snow Flakes in Hell points to yet another town in Illinois that has repealed its handgun ban.

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble has a hot tip for all of the 'progressives' out there.

Say Uncle posts an idiotic statement made by the idiotic Mayor of San Francisco.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone provides commentary on the TSA.

Breda has the funny of the day on 'the fashion police.'

Traction Control has a vital and long-awaited update on the case of the two falsely convicted and imprisoned Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean.

From the Western Rifle Shooters Association--the Internet introduction to 'Absolved.'

The Volokh Conspiracy is reporting that D.C. has provided FALSE information in its 'fact finding' report on gun violence in the district.

The Rustmeister announces the meeting of Tennessee Friends of the NRA coming up soon...prizes will be given away too.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings posts this MUST-read on a blogger who has become a target of the Memphis police. It seems the blogger has dared criticize 'the only ones,' and now they're coming after him.


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The candidate is too much the novice and his campaign staff far too inexperienced to get a free ride.

Add to this the fact that the candidate and his staff have zero humility but seem to possess an arrogance that defies logic.

The Barack Obama campaign attempted to explain why it has been so doggedly determined to put the candidate on glowing display in Europe during his much-touted overseas tour, and in doing so may have committed the single biggest political gaffe of the century.

Obama faced criticism from some within the EU, German Chancellor Angie Merkel in particular, who did not want the candidate making a 'campaign speech' from the Brandenburg Gate as he requested.

The Obama campaign responded with this incredible piece of reasoning: 'When the President of the United States goes out to give a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.'

Of course, the statement is true. Problem is, Barack Hussein Obama is not the President of the United States, a small fact that he seems to have lost while on his trip to the Middle East and Europe. It's hard to maintain your sense of groundedness in reality when you are the subject of adoration 24/7 by those who liken you to the Savior of Mankind.

This one single statement by a senior Obama campaign official represents the political gaffe of the century. But the statement is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is an attitude of entitlement that assumes Obama speaks with the full weight of a head of state, which he clearly does not.

Obama had absolutely no business speaking with the Iraqi Prime Minister, for example, concerning troop withdrawals. This is the task of the President of the United States and his official representatives alone.

And thus, we now have major gaffe number 2.

Gaffes 3 and above, ad infinitum, came during Katie Couric's one-on-one interview with Obama during the CBS Evening News Tuesday evening.

Under surprising pressure from Couric, Obama still insists that 'if he knew then what he knew now,' he STILL would not support the troop surge in Iraq, which has resulting in a stinging defeat for terrorist insurgents in the country.

The candidate also snatched the victory away from our troops serving in Iraq and credited the improving conditions solely on circumstances inside Iraq, particularly the Sunnis.

And as if this were not enough, Obama claims he never stated two different positions on dividing up Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians, although the statements in question have been preserved on video, which you can find by clicking on the links provided below.

So dreadful was Obama during the interview with Couric that one commentator has stated that this could be the beginning of the end for the candidate.

For more information on the beginning of the unraveling of Barack Obama, including video excerpts of the interview with Couric, click HERE.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Union Council Leaves Mayor/Adm. Position Intact

The Union City Council left intact the combined positions of Mayor and City Administrator for the upcoming special write-in election in November.

Early reports indicated that the Council may seek to separate the two positions following the indictment of Mayor Bruce Morgan, who had initiated the combining of the two jobs.

But the Council decided that the positions will remain combined, and thus, the person who wins the mayoral election in the Fall will also become the City Administrator with a salary of $103,545 per year.

The winner will also oversee an operation with an annual budget of over $50 million per year.

And surprisingly, the qualifications for running for the office are quite few.

Read more about it here in a special report issued by the Union Daily Times, entitled, 'Want to Be Mayor? Few Restrictions for Write-in Candidates.'


The prosecuting attorney for the government in the Union, South Carolina corruption scandal commented today on the case, according to local news sources at the Union Daily Times.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald told the Daily Times that his office places a high priority on cases of public corruption.

If convicted, former Union Mayor Bruce Morgan and city zoning Director Jeff Lawson could receive a maximum of 20 years in prison and fines of $250,000 per infraction.

Morgan is charged with 6 counts of extortion. Lawson is charged with 4.

McDonald also confirmed earlier reports indicating that more indictments could be handed down in the case.

Mayor Morgan resigned from office the morning of his arrest, just prior to the announcement that the indictments had been issued. Lawson, however, has not resigned but has been placed on administrative leave.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/22/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*Evil Is: And It's Coming for You
*Friends Like These
*If Not, Then Our Republic is Lost--a correspondence from David Olofson

Armed and Safe provides updated commentary on the persecution of David Olofson.

Scott Rasmussen reports that more and more Americans believe that the reporters of the mainstream media are actively trying to help Barack Obama win the Presidency.

Rasmussen also posts poll numbers that show most Americans believe the mainstream media makes the economy look worse than it really is.

Ahab hits the nail on the head today with his comments on Barack Obama and his supporters.

In addition, Ahab has THIS that shows just how well the surge has worked in Iraq.

Alphecca reports that Smith & Wesson is correcting its mistakes under its former owners who pandered to the Bill Clinton Justice Department.

Freedom Sight gives us all a word to the wise. Libel suits are on the rise against bloggers.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone wonders if she fits the profile of a gun-toter. Nice pic, there, Nicki!

Squeaky posts the information on tonight's podcast of Gun Nuts--The Next Generation. The popular show features Squeaky and Ahab.

Breda provides us with an interesting Ruger 10/22 range report.

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble blogs on how big a mistake it would be for McCain to choose Mitt Romney as his running mate. I agree. In fact, such a choice will probably cost McCain the election.

Say Uncle says that the open carry case in Louisiana has been settled out of court.

The Bitch Girls provide good reading entitled, 'Billboards Against Rights.'

The MUST-read of the day is at The Volokh Conspiracy (h/t to Say Uncle) on the United Nations vs. The Second Amendment.

The Buckeye Firearms Association has posted a new op-ed by Dr. John Lott on the gun rights debate being far from over. Read it all.

Michelle Malkin has the Cliff Notes version of Obama's news conference today in Jordon. What a blabbering, driveling numbskull.

Incredible. Absolutely, unbelievably, freakin' incredible. Gateway Pundit quotes Barack Obama as saying overseas that even now, after the resounding success of the troop surge in Iraq, he would still oppose it. What a worthless little piece of sh**!

Days of our Trailers gives us an update on the various municipalities around Illinois that are rescinding their gun bans in light of the Heller decision.

Comrades Raul and Hugo Strengthen Ties

When Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro relinquished control of his regime into the hands of his brother Raul, many speculated that the transfer of power signified a new era of more freedom and fewer restrictions for the Cuban island.

As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth.

Raul apparently is every bit the Communist hardliner that Fidel was.

Reuters News Service has released an analysis of the relationship between the new Cuban leader and Venezuelan communist dictator Hugo Chavez, and the news isn't good.

The two are quickly forging a stronger alliance as plans are made to team up in oil drilling in the Caribbean, even as the Congress in the U.S. under the Democrats continues to forbid offshore oil drilling by our own country in response to the current crisis in gasoline prices.

Cuba and Venezuela are having a field day in the region while the Americans are forced to live with ridiculous and irrational restrictions placed on our own ability to drill, as prescribed by the environmentalist movement and their mouthpieces in the Democratic Party such as Barack Obama, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

In addition, Cuba and Venezuela are set to begin laying an under-the-sea cable that will enable the two countries to share Internet access.

Thus, the analysis provided by the mainstream media on the 'moderating influence' of Raul Castro was wrong. One can be judged by the company he keeps, and in Raul's case, Hugo Chavez tells us all we need to know.


In February of 2007, just after making a speech in San Francisco, Holocaust survivor and internationally-acclaimed author Eli Wiesel stepped onto an elevator at his hotel to return to his room.

Seemingly out of nowhere a man stepped forth who began to shout obscenities at Wiesel, accusing him of helping perpetrate 'the lie of the Holocaust.'

Wiesel, who was 78 at the time of the attack, was left traumatized by the incident.

The man who was arrested and charged with the attack received a guilty verdict today in a San Francisco courtroom. His sentencing will take place later in the summer.

At the trial Wiesel testified that he thought he was being kidnapped by his attacker.

For the complete story on the incident and the trial, click HERE.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/21/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Armed and Safe starts us off this week with a riveting piece that says he's ready to go ahead and 'scare white people' due to what's at stake in the gun rights issue. A fascinating read!

Dark Blog weighs in on the subject here.

Freedom Sight provides great reading on Heller and Constitutional originalism.

Blogstitution points to essential reading by Charles Krauthammer on the narcissistic Barack Obama.

Squeaky gives us a summary of the very first Memphis blogger meetup and their trip to the shooting range over the weekend.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs says that Barack Obama may be getting illegal campaign contributions from overseas, and she has plenty of evidence that suggests it's true.

Via Rezkorama, The Barnyard follows up on allegations that Obama is receiving illegal campaign contributions.

Snow Flakes in Hell reports that Dick Heller finally got his handgun registered in D.C.

David Codrea at War on Guns posts the finalists in the Bob Barr-Libertarian Party poster contest, and they are all good. Take a look.

Breda reports good news that a group of gun bloggers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts got together over the weekend to show off their toys.

The Stiletto posts today's segment of 'The Daily Blade' and comments on the difficulty of comics in making fun of Barack Obama.

The Real Gun Guys provide interesting reading and pics from the range activity on Sunday.

Roberta X announces this month's Indy Blog Meet.

Alphecca has a good read on algore's continuing hypocrisy.

Gateway Pundit has several must-reads. First, in spite of Obama's much-touted withdrawal plans for Iraq, once he got there the coward never mentioned the subject. Second, The New York Times refused to publish an editorial by John McCain in spite of the fact that it published a complete article written by Barack Obama. And third, the V-P of CBS News has the gall to say that John McCain is to blame for the Obama-worship of the 3 network anchors on the trip to Europe and the Middle East.

If you want a good laugh today just wait till you see what Michelle Malkin has posted...the finalists for the Obama World-Tour Tee-Shirt Contest. They are all good and incredibly funny!

From the NRA: an action alert for the state of Florida concerning concealed carry licenses.

The Western Rifle Shooters Association has the quote of the week from Billy Beck.


An expert in forensics computer analysis who is also a certified fraud examiner claims that the official birth certificate used by Barack Obama to prove his credentials for running for the Presidency is a forgery.

This explosive revelation was made after a thorough investigation involving weeks of scientific analysis, document examination, comparative studies, and forensics lab work were conducted, the results of which have been posted by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs.

Geller posted the results of the study of the birth certificate this weekend after securing the services several weeks ago of the expert who has made Barack Obama the subject of a fraud investigation.

As you will see by clicking on the link, the investigator completed the analysis under the weight of personal threats by those who obviously did not wish for the report to be issued.

My friends, this is explosive stuff.

Scandalous CBS Reporter Lands Obama Interview

Much has been made, and rightly so, of the fawning reporters of the mainstream media who are following in Barack Obama's train to the Middle East and Europe this week.

Katie, Charles, and Brian will all be there to give us a play-by-play.

But it is CBS that has scored first with a one-on-one interview with the Illinois Junior Senator.

And guess who was the CBS reporter who scored that first one-on-one interview.

None other than Lara Logan--the one who has been named as 'the other woman' in a divorce lawsuit brought by the wife of one of the men with whom Logan allegedly had an affair while serving as CBS's war correspondent in Iraq.

She is also reported to be pregnant with the man's child. Or at least she was, maybe.

Logan had disappeared from the air for several weeks after the story first made news. She had taken on a high profile after receiving a promotion to become CBS News' Chief Correspondent for 'Foreign Affairs,' often appearing along side of Katie Couric in the studio.

Yet when CBS News aired its segment Sunday evening of its much-touted 'first interview with Obama by a major network' while on the highly publicized trip abroad, the reporter who was on the scene doing the interview was none other than Lara Logan.

The irony of it all was almost too good to be true...the perfect example of fawning female mainstream media reporters following Obama around like a bunch of groupies.

Yet Logan did a fairly respectable job, pushing the Junior Senator to explain his plan for more troops in Afghanistan, possibly in Pakistan, and the potential for a greater and greatly expanded war.

In fact, she pushed him hard, and he refused to answer.

Many will no doubt claim that Obama deftly dodged any landmines set by Logan in the interview. But the fact is it was very obvious that he was stonewalling. He simply refused to answer questions concerning the potential for failure in a greater war in Afghanistan, and he certainly would not comment on Pakistan's probable failure in solving the problem of terrorist camps along its border with Afghanistan.

More likely than the fact that Obama was stonewalling is the distinct probability that he simply does not know the answers to the questions.

And it was very obvious.

This means, of course, that perhaps CBS made the right move in putting Logan in charge of the interview. Perhaps it's the first step in the network's redeeming its image in the wake of widespread criticism that it is 'in the tank' for Obama, and perhaps it's Logan's first step in putting a bad chapter behind her and moving onward toward becoming a serious news reporter.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The 'Obamameter'--A Gauge of Political Hysteria

Apparently many of our former friends across the Atlantic in the EU have been overcome with a worse case of mass political hysteria than we find even here at home.

No sooner had Barack Obama announced that he would be visiting Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East than the bandwagon jumpers in the EU were planning to throw a massive party for the man some in the European media are calling 'the John Kennedy of our time.'

Obama-worship has hit Europe--that land of our forebears where supposedly cooler heads and more rational minds prevail.

Just look at what's being said across the pond of the wannabe rock star who somehow found himself in politics: he represents a new openness to the 'European Way,' his race and color make people feel he is 'more open to multiculturalism,' he is a breath of fresh air because he is against 'Bush's war,' he is 'charismatic' and 'photogenic,' and other such fluffy nonsense that has no more to do with how effective a person can be as President than Hitler's mustache was an effective gauge as to the leader's potential for driving Germany into the ground.

These sorts of irrelevant considerations apparently are more than enough for Europeans to overwhelmingly elect Obama as the U.S. President, if they were allowed to vote here. The only island with a semblance of rationality was Great Britain, which showed a preference for Obama at 49%--high, but still not a majority.

A more telling gauge, however, is inherent in the reaction of Europe to the Obama visit. I call it 'the Obamameter,' and it's a pretty doggone good indicator of the level of political hysteria one finds in Barack Obama's wake.

Hysteria as a medical diagnosis has its basis in an irrational overreaction arising from highly unrealistic expectations.

If ever there were a definition that more perfectly fit a situation than that of hysteria to the Obama phenomenon, it has yet to be found.

A perfect example here in the U.S. is the reaction of the mainstream news media to the Obama candidacy. For instance, all 3 major network news anchors, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charles Gibson will be traveling with Obama on his trip to the Middle East and Europe in order to provide on-the-spot coverage.

When Obama's GOP rival for the Presidency, John McCain, made the same trip not long ago, not a single one of the 'big 3' went along.


In fact, a major organization that monitors balance and fairness in media coverage of the two candidates has found a terribly lopsided bias in the amount and nature of coverage given to Obama as opposed to McCain.

The Tyndall Report found that since June, the 3 major networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, spent a total of 114 minutes covering Obama while spending only 48 minutes covering McCain during their nightly news broadcasts.

In addition, a video surfaced not long ago which showed a group of female news reporters on Obama's plane ogling, giggling, and commenting on Obama's rather tight blue-jeans. The display was not only highly unprofessional but indicative of a vocation that has taken leave of its intelligence in lieu of succumbing to hormones and hysteria.

Thus, here in the U.S., the Obamameter has reached the fringes of the dreaded 'red zone,' which indicates that the nature and level of coverage of Obama have gone over the top and out of the normal range into the danger area.

In Europe, however, with news reporters and those within the halls of government gushing forth with accolades for Obama without knowing a thing about his record, his lack of accomplishments, his background, his philosophy, or his ability to lead effectively, the dial on the Obamameter has just about reached its limit in the red danger zone.

Europe may well cause the demise of my little gauge as it explodes under the weight of the irrational.