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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hillary Gets Standing Ovation at Evangelical Church

Hillary Rodham Clinton went to a major evangelical church on the west coast this week to deliver a speech, and received a standing ovation.

When one considers the church and its Pastor, it is easy to see why the candidate would receive such an overwhelming welcome.

Saddleback Community Church is not your normal evangelical church. In fact, you would never know it is a church at all except for the name. Visitors are treated to jazz and rock music upon entering the facility, which can hardly be called a 'sanctuary.' The minister has been known to deliver his 'talks' in shorts and a tee-shirt, or his signature wild-Hawaiian shirts.

The minister in question is Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life.

Warren is the founder of the Saddleback Church, which he claims is purely an evangelical enterprise that seeks to win over the non-church crowd in California. An ordained Southern Baptist minister who graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and who claims that Fundamentalist icon W.A. Criswell, long-time Pastor of the megachurch, First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, is his spiritual hero, Warren has nonetheless discarded most of the accoutrements of the evangelical Christian culture that Southwestern and Criswell held so dear. Warren claims his only goal is to reach people who are turned off by church.

And, to that end, he has been quite successful. The church is now one of the largest in the world. And most of the 'congregants' never cared much for the churchy stuff of which American evangelical Christianity is made.

Hence, everything is informal. There are dance routines, musical groups that sing the popular music one might hear on the radio, and there are no 'sermons' but talks that are geared toward the interests of the non-church suburbanites in California.

The controversy of the church does not stop with its methods, however. For the past two years Warren has made the controversial decision to invite two of the most liberal icons in American politics to speak at his annual AIDS conference.

Last year the special guest was Barack Obama. This year it was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Warren's hero, W.A. Criswell, surely must be turning over in his grave. Criswell was an unabashed political conservative who made no secret of supporting Barry Goldwater, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. He was also known to deliver a zinger or two aimed at liberals in his sermons if he felt they had betrayed not only the Christian faith but the ideals of the Founders of the Republic.

Warren, on the other hand, embraces these liberals, and his congregants love it, as the standing ovations exhibit.

It is not clear as to Warren's true motives, his rhetoric notwithstanding. This is an election year, and we are in the middle of a campaign. To invite Clinton to speak at this particular time has a symbolic endorsement written all over it.

In case you are wondering, I have no use for the Rick Warren methodology. The fact that he tends to wrap himself in liberal politics only further raises my suspicions as to just how 'evangelical' he and his congregation actually are.

When I go to church, I want to feel like I have been to church and not to a bar. Yes, I have tried out these so-called 'seeker-friendly' type churches that are modeled after Warren's Saddleback experiment. I departed the building thinking that the only thing lacking in the experience were the drinks and the cocktail waitresses.

Spare me the informalities, the jazz music, and the 'hip-pop' culture. I can get that at the bar.

Oh, and if I had been in attendance at Warren's Hillary-fest, I would have stood up and booed at the end.

Friday, November 30, 2007


A man who claims he has a bomb attached to his waist has taken hostages at the campaign office of Hillary Rodham Clinton in Rochester, New Hampshire. According to news reports the man is demanding to talk to Senator Clinton, who is not in town.

At least two hostages have been taken by the man.

The campaign offices of Barack Obama and John Edwards in Rochester have been closed as a precaution. Local schools in the area are on lock down. Police have set up a command post at a nearby church.

Senator Clinton, who was supposed to deliver a speech before the Democratic National Committee in Washington, has cancelled her appearance.

The incident occurred just minutes ago and is still being monitored...

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/30/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Roberta X has the MUST-read of the day on the nanny state, parenthood, and the nurse dilemma:

Mike McCarville links to an article that takes to task the blogosphere due to its rhetoric:

A Keyboard and a .45 has a good article on staying safe during the holidays:

Alphecca has an article from Harvard University that will make you sick and angry. Take a look at what our fine 'intellectuals' think of our rights:

Armed and Safe reports that Cook County, Illinois slides further into the abyss:

Say Uncle writes that Paul Helmke has commentary on the GOP debate the other evening in this PSH alert:

Snow Flakes in Hell says that the antis are getting desperate:

Squeaky blogs on trying to find the positive. Hang in, Squeaks. You have lots of friends here:

Breda posts some great observations on crime and self-defense:

The War on Guns posts pertinent info on the stance of the various states' Attorneys-General on the Heller case:

Tam is reaming the RINOS today:

Oscar Poppa points to a massive firearms raid in an area where they are supposed to be banned. Hmmm:

We are in a dangerous state of affairs when Congress seems to have no power over government agencies. Red's has the story:

John Lott has Rush Limbaugh's take on Fred Thompson, along with a new YouTube video by the Thompson campaign:

Gun Law News has some legal questions that need to be answered on various gun laws:

The Volokh Conspiracy has this gem on Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama:

Speaking of Mike Huckabee...

Since Fox News and the other major networks seem to the think that the former Arkansas Governor is a rising phenomenon who overshadows even Fred Thompson, it is important to remember several vital pieces of information.

First, I am not too keen on someone who believes that the Earth was created in 6 literal 24-hour periods becoming President...or Vice President, for that matter. And this is not to mention that Huckabee believes that the planet and the entire universe are only a few thousand years old.

Having said that, I happen to know many good, honest, and even intelligent people who believe the same thing, and it never seemed to prevent them from making rational decisions.

But for a President? Let me say it at least causes me some concern.

Second, Huckabee's record in Arkansas on immigration and taxes is not very admirable, despite all his rhetoric about 'doing the right thing.' The Governor should know that doing the right thing does NOT entail granting in-state tuition discounts and scholarships to illegal aliens and their children.

It is clearly NOT an automatic, God-given right to go to college. Many American citizens can't even attend college. So why should illegals or their children?

Huckabee further defends his record on raising taxes by pointing to how poverty-stricken Arkansas was when he was first elected. Tell me again how poverty is any justification for raising taxes? If anything, it should be the supreme reason to CUT taxes.

The fact is that Huckabee is not a real conservative. His stance on social issues does not in any way negate or blunt the blow from his blatantly liberal tax and fiscal policy or his entirely indefensible views on illegal aliens.

Ignoring the IGNORE-amuses

Ignoramuses come a dime a dozen. But since when has it become standard practice to put them on TV on every major network, including Fox, to provide political commentary?

To be frank, I have sworn off the entire lot of them, and that includes Fox's Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and all the rest. Granted, they are not nearly as bad as CBS, NBC, ABC, or the Clinton News Network (CNN), but Fox nonetheless has started standing on my last good nerve.

We have known for quite some time that Fox has been promoting Rudy Giuliani. Rupert Murdock has seen to that. Thus, we can overlook the sometimes not-so-subtle manner in which Fox pushes the candidate.

But the thing that is entirely unacceptable is for conservative commentators such as Hannity and O'Reilly to practically place every single instinct they have on the back burner in order to place Giuliani at the forefront of their starry-eyed gaze.

Both of them know better.

But the absolute last straw was when attorney and Fox commentator Monica Crowley, for whom we normally have utmost respect, states that Giuliani and ROMNEY are the two front-runners, and that Huckabee is a possibility.

Never once did Crowley mention Fred Thompson, who is in a national statistical dead-head for the front-runner position with Rudy among GOP voters who are extremely likely to vote in the primaries.

It is as if Thompson isn't even there.

Are these commentators such hopeless ignoramuses that they are totally unaware of the polls, or is it that they have simply sold out heart, soul, body, and mind to Rupert Murdock?

It is too late to make amends for these near-unforgivable mistakes. I have hit the ignore button on the ignoramuses. And unless Fox somehow redeems itself, they are history in my book, just like CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN.

Unfortunately, I happened to inadvertently catch Katie Couric's interview with Rudy Giuliani, during which she went after the Mayor with a vengeance in spite of the fact that in her interview with the Queen of Sleaze, the Hildabeast, she acted as if she were so awe-struck that she could give Mrs. Clinton a bear-hug at any moment.

Here again, Couric referred to only Giuliani and Romney as the 'front-runners,' while waxing eloquent over the fact that Mike Huckabee seems to be 'coming on strong.'

No mention of Fred Thompson being in a statistical tie with Rudy.

So, is Fox now using the very same template as CBS?

It seems odd that within the very same week both Fox and CBS would speak of the GOP candidates in the very same fashion, with the exception that CBS obviously is in the Clinton camp while Fox is in the Giuliani camp.

I try very hard not to watch network news broadcasts anymore. The frustration level involved in the endeavor far outweighs anything to be gained. Yet it is important to know what the talking heads are doing and saying.

Unfortunately, I now have to add Fox to that list of the ignoramuses, about which I am too curious to totally ignore, after all.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/29/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Michelle Malkin is reporting today that the Clinton plant at the GOP debate is only the tip of the iceberg. Edwards and Obama planted questioners as well. Thus, CNN has basically declared itself a purveyor of a hoax and has joined the sleaze-infested ranks of the Hillary machine:

Mike McCarville has more on the Clinton News Network (CNN) here:

Speaking of media bias, John Lott shows that the trumped up 'we're almost at the point of recession' nonsense being spouted by the mainstream media is dead wrong. Lott has the figures to prove it:

Alphecca points out that the people of Boston have basically said 'screw the 4th amendment' as they sheepishly agree to warrantless searches:

Say Uncle has the video of the gun portion of the GOP debate last night, and Fred came across very strong as I knew he would:

Tam comments on CNN's blatant bias against Fred Thompson:

Snow Flakes in Hell provides thoughtful commentary on the Ron Paul movement:

Robb Allen was inspired to comment on the nostalgia of freedom by reading one of the greats, Milton Friedman. His commentary is the MUST-read of the day:

A Keyboard and a .45 informs us of a gun guy challenge:

Born Again Redneck comments on the alarming number of Mexican immigrants on welfare:

The MAN...the quintessential conservative...the brains behind the conservative movement, Mr. William F. Buckley, Jr., has a great read today on questions of life and death:

The quote of the week is over at Bob Park's 'Outside the Wire' (formerly Black and Right), and it is by none other than Pat Sajak. You gotta see this:

Blogstitution writes an excellent piece on the disintegration of Russia under Vladimir Putin:

Syd comments on the reprehensible exploitation of the death of the Redskins' Sean Taylor by the Brady gang:

The most beautiful blond on earth, Blonde Sagacity, reports that Dennis Kucinich of all people is suggesting that he and Ron Paul run together for President. Sagacity wonders what THAT says about Ron Paul:

Xavier blogs on the S & W M-13 Aircrewman, and it is a beauty:


Overshadowing the issues discussed during Wednesday night's GOP debate is the stunning revelation that Hillary Rodham Clinton planted a questioner at the debate. CNN's Anderson Cooper quickly responded to the discovery by saying that neither he nor the network were aware that the questioner worked for the Clinton campaign.

Thus, CNN's ineptitude and bias, and Mrs. Clinton's sleaze overshadow almost everything else.

A question was taken from a member of the audience at the debate concerning the U.S. military's policy of 'don't ask don't tell' regarding gays. But it turns out that the questioner, Keith Kerr, a retired Colonel in the U.S. Army and a retired Brigadier General of the California National Reserve, is a member of Hillary Rodham Clinton's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Americans for Hillary Steering Committee.

Kerr is also part of a filming crew that is attempting to overturn the policy of 'don't ask don't tell.'

Hence, the oozing, dripping sleaze of the Clinton campaign comes staring American voters in the face as she has been caught red-handed, once again, engaging in 'question planting.'

As for Anderson Cooper, he admitted in the final moments of CNN's post-debate commentary that Kerr was a member of the Clinton campaign, and had he known this fact he would have disclosed it.

Pardon me, Mr. Cooper, but don't you mean you would have disallowed the 'plant' to ask a question at all? That would have been the only honorable and ethical thing to do.

But of course, when your network is practically the television division of the Clinton Campaign, why would we expect you to disqualify a questioner who is there under false pretenses, particularly when that questioner works for Hillary Clinton?

And thus, my friends, we are treated to yet another example of Hillary's sleaze and CNN's bias.

As for the debate, so what that Rudy and Mitt had a knock-down, drag-out over immigration? These guys are practically a part of the angel Gabriel's choir when compared to the corruption exhibited by CNN and Mrs. Clinton, Bill's wife.

The 'Major Endorsement' That Wasn't

When Hillary Clinton announced her intention to campaign in South Carolina earlier in the week, her campaign sent out advanced notice that she would announce a 'major endorsement' during her speech in Spartanburg.

As it turned out, that 'major endorsement' was given by some two dozen local African-American clergymen. With all due respect to these men of the cloth, none of them are nationally known and none are known to have widespread influence on how persons vote.

Thus, the 'major endorsement' was anything but major and was much ado about nothing.

Over 50% of Democratic voters in South Carolina are African-American. Bill Clinton relishes his reputation of being 'America's first black President.' Bill and Hillary are very popular with the African-American community. It is no surprise that the local brethren announced their support for her.

The truth of the matter is that this particular endorsement is a concession prize of sorts. When a candidate fails to get the endorsement of a single major political figure in the state, and further fails to receive the endorsement of a single major newspaper in the area to boot, the blessings of a few African-American Pastors may seem to be a big deal.

And that is the problem. It isn't a big deal.

Hillary is losing ground. She has actually been in a free-fall in the polls ever since her dismal performance in the debate in October.

In addition, Zogby, Rasmussen, Reuters, and several other national polls show that for the very first time since the campaign began, the top three Republican hopefuls--Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney--would beat Hillary if the election were held today.

And that's not all. Word leaked out from the Clinton camp yesterday that Hillary's own internal pollster is feeling the heat from the campaign because of the bad news he has had to deliver lately.

I can only imagine. As difficult as Hillary is widely known to be in private, this may be a case of shoot the messenger for the bad news, although the bad news is the candidate herself.

Apparently Mrs. Clinton is going to need a lot more than the endorsement of two dozen black clergymen. She may need to see a Catholic priest for an exorcism.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/28/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville has a most interesting article on the potential of nuclear power:

A Keyboard and a .45 says that the pink gun phenomenon has hit Texas in a big way:

The Adventures of Roberta X has been busy of late. She shares her work with us here (I sort of have the feeling that she is a secret operative of some sort):

Alphecca points out the disingenuousness of B. Hussein Obama on gun rights:

Alphecca also has this little item from the President of the Brady Gang to rob citizens of their Constitutional Rights:

Good for Fred! I like to see a guy stand up for who he is, especially to the intellectually-challenged talking heads of the news media. Born Again Redneck has the story:

Say Uncle says that a local politician has taken a swipe at us bloggers:

Robb Allen gives us the latest on his mother's treatments for cancer. Our prayers are with her:

Snow Flakes in Hell provides excellent commentary on how the Second Amendment gets treated by state and local governments:

Virginia is cutting jobs that help the unemployed get jobs. That's because Virginia's unemployment rate is down to 2.8%. But the mainstream media isn't celebrating. The Bitch Girls have the story:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone reports that Granny has used a gun to stop a 'Ma Barker' and her son. Good goin', Granny!:

Remember how I've been telling you about the Che Guevara rage on college campuses, as campus leftists have made the murdering Commie subversive a hero? Well, you will appreciate this gem from Tam at A View from the Porch about a college student who got a rude awakening about the Che Guevara fad:

Of Arms and the Law points to a very good piece in the American Thinker on the militia:

John Lott posts links to two new Fred Thompson ads:

Perhaps this is one of those Freudian slips that show more about a person's true feelings than anything they intended to say. Rudy Giuliani's spokesman has referred to people who attend gun shows as 'moonshiners.' The Buckeye Firearms Association has the story:

Gun Owners of America has issued an alert on the Supreme Court and other unfinished business:

Eugene Volokh has the MUST-read of the day as he examines the fact that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court treats the Second Amendment as involving an individual right (which could have historic ramifications for D.C. vs. Heller):

Syd at Front Sight, Press has a great news story entitled, 'Be Prepared':

Red's Trading Post shows us an example of bias against guns at ABC News:

Another Nail in Coffin of Global Warming Fanaticism

Let's cut to the chase for a moment--the most ardent supporters of the flawed theory of 'global warming' are fanatics who care little about science. Their concern is purely political.

Convince the masses that the sky is falling and that it is our fault, and perhaps they will buy into the dubious and dangerous prescriptions for the cure offered by the fanatics in the environmentalist movement.

These prescriptions, of course, mandate control of human behavior as do all totalitarian-communistic solutions to problems. We must, we are told, stop using fossil fuels, live in cramped quarters that use little energy, and stop having babies which only turn into vicious monsters whose carbon output destroys the planet.

The most hardened of the fanatics are even promoting having abortions to 'save the planet.'

Science, however, continues to march forward, proving that such alarmists are simply engaging in hysterics.

First, we discovered that an increase in carbon is the result of and not the cause of global warming. There have been periods during the earth's vast history during which carbon in the atmosphere rose to unusually high levels, following periods of warming.

The problem is that these epochs of time occurred long before human beings inhabited the planet. Thus, there was no burning of fossil fuels, no vehicles spewing poisonous fumes into the air, and no human babies being born to contaminate the 'pristine' conditions of earth.

So much for THAT part of the theory.

Second, we discovered that NASA's computers had made a mistake concerning the warmest years of the 20th century and that it was actually the 1930s that were the warmest on record rather than the 1990s.

And third, we are now being told by scientists that the latest figures from U.S. satellites show that surface temperatures have FALLEN since 1998, and in 2007 these temperatures declined to their 1983 levels.

Thus, 2007 has been the coolest year on record since 1983.

Hear those thumping noises? That is the sound of the nails going into the coffin of the environmentalist movement's trumped up scheme on global warming. The problem is that the fanatics don't yet know that it is dead. So, they are still spouting their extremist fear-mongering.

For complete information on this latest update on the global warming hoax, click here to go to the original article in the London Telegraph:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/27/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The War on Guns gives us an example of what passes for a legal scholar these days:

Alphecca has more on so-called 'reasonable regulations':

Say uncle hits the nail on the head with this one!:

Today's MUST-read is provided by Nicki at The Liberty Zone:

Michelle Malkin reports that France is ablaze once again at the hands of angry Muslim 'youths':

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has more on the Muslim riots in France, with pics:

Our favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, takes issue with Tom Brokow's assertion that the WWII generation is the greatest generation the world has seen, and he has a VERY good reason for that disagreement:

The attorney for Red's Trading Post gave testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, and here's what he had to say:

Snow Flakes in Hell shows us a letter to the editor from one of the antis:

Breda posts her firearms wish-list for Christmas:

The Lawyer Chic has this gem entitled, 'You Know You're In Law School If....':

Blogonomicon has a great post on miniature firearms:

Of all the silly twists and turns the D.C. gun case has taken, this one takes the cake. Now it is all about 'suicide prevention.' Armed and Safe has the story:

Congrats to Patrick Joubert Conlon at Born Again Redneck, who was quoted on Fred Thompson's blog:

'08 Election Another Geographical Showdown?

The last two Presidential elections has brought to the forefront a stark, 21st century truth concerning Americans and their political preferences. That truth is that there is a vast geographical divide that pits the vast American heartland against the large metro areas of the coastline and the Great Lakes.

Looking at the geographical demographics from the last two elections, it is clear that those around the peripheral rim of the country, along with the Great Lakes region, prefer Democrats and tend to be more liberal. On the other hand, those everywhere else in the nation's vast heartland that includes the South, the Midwest (except for the Great Lakes shores), the 'Bread-Basket,' and the Rocky Mountain states tend to prefer conservatives and are more prone to vote for Republicans.

The 2008 Presidential election is shaping up to be a replay of the geographical showdowns that have occurred in the past two Presidential elections.

We see absolutely no reason to think that Boston, NYC, D.C., Baltimore, Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, or Buffalo will decide not to support Mrs. Clinton or B. Hussein Obama. These large cities and their surrounding areas are inhabited largely by people who prefer the nanny state and the watchful eye of Big Brother.

By the same token, there is no way that South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and many others will vote for Mrs. Clinton or B. Hussein Obama. Either candidate is going to have big problems in the heartland.

And so, another geographical showdown is in the making. Americans are still greatly divided. And the ideological conflict that separates the heartland from the peripheral is only going to get worse.

The question will be, how many individual voters in that vast wasteland we call the metro-peripheral will jump ship and vote for the GOP candidate? The answer will boil down to how many within the liberals' paradise will affirm America's values, history, and Constitution rather than support Socialists who want to bring our Constitutional Republic to ruin so that a new order can be ushered in.

And yes, it really does boil down to nothing more than that.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/26/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Fred Thompson visited a major gun show in South Carolina, where he picked up some support:

Mike McCarville is reporting that U.S. Senator Trent Lott, R-Mississippi, is retiring from the Senate and will not finish his current term:

Michelle Malkin has the late-breaking update:

A Keyboard and a .45 observes that we are on the brink of living in an Orwellian society and 'Big Brother is watching':

Alphecca says that gun control must be used by the GOP as a wedge issue to take votes away from Democrats, since they are highly vulnerable on this issue:

Neo-cons are NOT true conservatives. And, as I have been saying for months, Fox News' neo-cons have been going after Fred Thompson and building up Rudy Giuliani. Born Again Redneck says that Thompson blasted Fox when he appeared with Chris Wallace yesterday. Good for Fred!:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel write about their trip to a major gun show in California:

Dustin's Gun Blog says to support your favorite gun rights organization:

Syd at Front Sight, Press reminds us that at one time in America, even liberals recognized the value of gun rights:

David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law has a great read on U.S. vs. Heller and the various political campaigns:

The MUST-read of the day is over at Oscar Poppa, and it is an excellent piece:

Say Uncle posts a key poll concerning how to help win the antis around to our side:

As always, Robb Allen admirably responds to an anti-gun diatribe written by a 'journalist':

Snow Flakes in Hell blogs on why gun-control is having a difficult time in Pennsylvania:

You gotta see this! Squeaky says that on 60 Minutes last evening a report was issued concerning the sleep medication, Ambien. As it turns out, Ambien has another effect on some people that is quite unexpected:

The Bitch Girls say that it is time to open up our wallets to support Academics for the Second Amendment, a very worthy organization:

Wanna read a good joke on the Hildabeast? Breda has a GOOD one!:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone responds to an asshole's assertion that pro-gun scholars 'twist' the meaning of the Constitution on the Second Amendment:

The War on Guns posts an interesting read from the Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910:

Xavier has a sickening story, but you gotta read it just to know how dastardly some of the 'we're the only ones' have become. I'll tell you one thing, if some jackbooted thug shows up at my door wanting to murder my dog, he'll be staring down double-barrels!:

An Invigorated Fred Thompson

Reporters who become embedded in the various campaigns have noticed a big change lately. Fred Thompson has become amazingly invigorated and is running as if he intends to win.

This is great news, for Thompson got off to a rather slow start following being catapulted to the front-runner status just after he announced. That initial bounce came back to earth in a hurry as Thompson settled in 2nd place behind Rudy Giuliani.

The buzz was that he lacked 'the fire in the belly' to be President.

And, to some degree, he acted like it, though I never put much credence in the conclusions of mainstream media naysayers who wish to put every candidate into a prescribed mold so that they can be manipulated.

Yet perceptions matter, and many formed the impression of Thompson that he didn't have his heart in the campaign.

Apparently that has changed...bigtime.

Larry Kudlow of William F. Buckley's National Review, was perhaps the first to notice the change, since he had been one of the ones critical of Thompson early on.

Kudlow tells about an interview he conducted recently with Thompson during which the candidate was enthusiastic, focused, motivated, and possessed a thorough knowledge of the facts that back up his views with a precision that few in politics can muster these days.

But Kudlow isn't the only one noticing the change. Reports from across the country indicate that Thompson has honed his skills in campaigning (it is important to remember he hasn't campaigned in several years) and has zeroed in on the message he wants to deliver.

That message is that he is a small town native with small town values--values that connect with the vast majority of Americans. He is conservative but not radical. He is pro-life but doesn't support throwing doctors and their female patients in jail for having abortions. He supports the Second Amendment with a passion that no other candidate exhibits besides Ron Paul. He castigates his 'johnny-come-lately' rivals Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney for their sudden and mysterious change of heart on gun rights. He believes that taxes should be kept low and that government should be small. Yet he doesn't think it is necessary to tamper with the Constitution to do any of these things.

Further, Thompson has a comprehensive plan on immigration reform that would stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country and promote legal immigration without granting amnesty to anyone.

And this is not to mention that he is wary of Communist regimes and sees Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez for what they are--two lawless totalitarian thugs.

Thompson has always talked about these things on the campaign trail. The difference is that now he does so with vigor and determination.

It would be a major mistake to count him out. The major polls conducted by Zogby and Reuters suggest that among GOP voters who are extremely likely to vote, Thompson is closing in on Rudy's lead and is actually in a statistical dead-heat.

This strongly suggests that the conventional wisdom one hears in the mainstream media, even on Fox, is dead-wrong.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

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