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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Campaign Fundraising: Who's Ahead So Far?

Washington, DC (TLS). With precious time ticking away as we draw ever closer to that important but early deadline of 1/1/08, Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates are reporting their fundraising totals for the second quarter.

Never before in a campaign has money been so vitally important this early. And it is way too early, indeed. Yet, in order to be competitive in the early 2008 primaries, each of the candidates will need at least 100 million bucks on hand.

We can thank the masterminds of both Parties for setting up this scenario, moving state primaries earlier and earlier supposedly giving their states more clout. What they may succeed in doing instead is making the electorate totally sick of politics a year ahead of the election.

Nonetheless, this is the situation we have, and we must deal with it.

So, who is ahead so far?

Republican campaign contributions are lackluster. This is due in part to a fairly unpopular President who continues to make gargantuan mistakes, all in the name of attempting to secure a positive 'legacy.' The other factor is Fred Thompson.

And this points to a much deeper problem. The present field of candidates are not catching on with the Party's base, and thus, most are holding on to their money until Fred Thompson makes his announcement.

Among the announced Republican candidates, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain are still the top three, although McCain's 2nd quarter totals were totally disappointing, leading the candidate to cut campaign staff. Although Romney's totals look fairly good, his 2nd quarter was not up to par with his 1st quarter totals, and the candidate loaned personal cash to his campaign. Giuliani still leads the pack with a steady and consistent stream of contributions.

Giuliani's 2nd quarter totals were approximately equal to his 1st quarter totals, bringing his grand total to over 32 million.

While the Ron Paul campaign claims it has more cash on hand than McCain, in terms of totals raised so far Dr. Paul is not in the top tier. When his 1st and 2nd quarter totals are combined he comes up with roughly 2.5 million in campaign funds.

However, Paul runs a very frugal campaign. He rarely travels to campaign on the stump, and most of his funds are raised on the Internet. Thus, the candidate can make a couple of million go a very long way, and he doesn't have to worry about overhead that eats through money faster than Michael Moore can inhale four Big Macs from Mickey D's.

Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee appear to be in a dead-heat with regard to funds, and the rest of the 2nd tier lags far behind.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the 2nd quarter, raising 32.5 million. This means that he is now ahead of Hillary for the year, raising 55.7 million as compared to her 53 million.

John Edwards comes in third with a lackluster 9 million, followed by Bill Richardson with 7.2 million.

Although the money has taken on more importance than normal given the unusually early primaries, it is nonetheless common in campaigns for candidates who have the most money to lose in the actual vote counts. This would give hope to candidates such as Bill Richardson, Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Mike Huckabee.

Here is a quick wrap-up of the top fundraisers so far, in order of their year-to-date totals:


**Rudy Giuliani
**Mitt Romney
**John McCain
**Ron Paul
**Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee
**Sam Brownback
**Jim Gilmore
**Tom Tancredo
**Tommy Thompson


**Barack Obama
**Hillary Clinton
**John Edwards
**Bill Richardson
**Chris Dodd
**Joe Biden
**Dennis Kucinich
**Mike Gravel

Friday, July 06, 2007

Late-Breaking Update on Palfrey's List

Washington, DC (TLS). A Judge has ruled that the infamous 'D.C. Madam,' Deborah Palfrey, may begin to publicize and publish her 'list' which up until now has been kept secret by ABC News and the courts.

ABC News somehow mysteriously got a copy of the list.

For several anxiety-laden days Washington awaited the decision either by the court or by ABC News to make the list public. The rumor mill of the beltway was rife with speculation as to who's names were on that list.

It is fairly certain that there are high-powered politicians on the list, that is, unless somehow the main players made sure that certain names were deleted before going public.

They have certainly had plenty of time to do so.

If names have been deleted, the infamous 'Palfrey's List' may be anti-climactic (forgive my pun) once the thing is published. There may be NO famous names of interest to be found. Of course, there is a slight chance that there were never any powerful names on that list to begin with, other than those already 'outed.'

If this turns out to be the case, then apparently Deborah Palfrey played the system in order to gain some sort of leverage in her attempt to avoid jail.

LIBERTY ALERT! Dems Won't Back Down on Fairness Doctrine

Washington, DC (TLS). Like a bad rash that won't go away, Democrats in Congress just keep scratching the infected itch to do something to silence conservative talk radio.

After losing a round in the House when an amendment to an appropriations bill was passed that barred the use of federal funds to revive the Fairness Doctrine, Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate indicated that they have no intention of giving up on trying to revive the ominous doctrine that would have the effect of silencing free speech on the radio.

There was a time back in the dark ages when such a doctrine was necessary. Radio was the ONLY form of electronic media. The Fairness Doctrine was implemented to keep citizens informed of political news on all sides of the issues.

Today, such a doctrine is simply not necessary due to the many various ways that Americans get their news. The fact that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly dominate radio does not mean the other side is not heard loud and clear.

And, as I have said, if Democrats and Liberals are hell-bent on bringing this monster back, then Republicans and Conservatives should make sure that the doctrine applies to mainstream network news.

This would mean that conservatives could demand equal time when Katie, Charlie, and what's-his-name on NBC roll out their nightly slant in favor of the Democrats.

And, of course, I would demand equal time to respond to Chris Matthews' nightly shenanigans.

Here are the details about the plan the Democrats are waiting in the wings to implement when they get a chance:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/6/07

Scroll down for today's news:

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

A Keyboard and a .45 reminds us that when on vacation be sure to familiarize yourselves with local gun laws. This tourist was arrested at the Sears Tower:
Armed and Safe points out a particular gun manufacturer that helps government stay ahead of the citizens when it comes to firearms:

The Ninth Stage reports that these particular rock stars are protesting Al Gore's 'Live Earth' shindig--you know, the one that promotes environmentalist wacko fiction?"

Front Sight, Press shows us the gall of the Clintons in blasting Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence. He has a .pdf file of all the pardons Clinton issued...get ready, because there is a LOAD of them!:

The Buckeye Firearms Association says that the story of Matt Westerhold and the Sandusky Register's publication of the list of concealed gun owners made national news:

The McCarville Report gives us some exciting news. Rasmussen is reporting that if the election were to be held today, Fred Thompson and Hillary Clinton would be tied...a dead-heat (and Thompson hasn't even announced):

The Bitch Girls have the scoop on the real story (and the actual costs) of John Edwards' extravagant haircuts. It turns out that these haircuts actually cost the Democratic candidate $1200 bucks. Must be nice to be filthy rich off of suing the pants off of OB-GYN physicians (one of the reasons why OB-GYNs have been leaving medicine by the droves--malpractice insurance is too high):

Blogonomicon offers hope for those who are fed up with politically correct postage stamps. He says there is a way to make your own stamps that reflect your views, including religiously oriented themes and gun-rights:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone blogs about a new law in Missouri that protects gun owners from prosecution in cases where they use their firearm in self-defense:

Say Uncle has the evidence that shows news reporters are woefully ignorant about firearms and the gun-rights of citizens:

Say Uncle also blogs about the ongoing tug-of-war in Wisconsin concerning a pro-gun legislature and an anti-gun Governor:

Snow Flakes in Hell points to a self-satisfied, self-righteous gun-grabber who goes on a tirade against gun-owners:

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Of Guns, Citizens, and Soldiers

Washington, DC (TLS). A small but vocal minority in America has made its presence known by protesting various and sundry actions of citizens, such as, for example, the erecting of a statue in honor of a fallen Iraq War hero who was from Littleton, Colorado.

Their problem? The statue of the hero depicts him in army fatigues and carrying a gun. A few parents complained that, since the statue is near a school, their children may be put under a 'bad' influence, since the statue 'glorifies war.'

People of this ilk who live by the millions in the San Francisco area were the very ones that prevented a retired navy vessel from being placed in permanent port there, not to mention that they also have banned ROTC programs from city high schools.

Once again, their complaint is that such things 'glorify war.'

Pray tell, what DO they wish to glorify? Cowtowing to terrorists?

War is never a first-choice option. It is not even necessarily a second-choice option. But sometimes it is the ONLY option when the nation is fighting for its very existence against enemies who wish us dead.

As for guns, this nation would be much better off with regard to crime if we taught our youngsters how to be well-trained, proficient, and effective firearms enthusiasts. And as a sport, firearms training is much safer than football, cheerleading, wrestling, or a host of other popular sports among the nation's youth.

Thus, our praise of heroes on the battlefield and of individual citizens who defend themselves with guns against rapists, murderers, and thieves has nothing to do with 'glorifying' war or violence. It's just that most of us appreciate those who fight for their country, and those who have the gumption to prevent thugs from gaining the upper hand.

Lieberman Blasts George Soros, Democrats

Senator Joe Lieberman

Washington, DC (TLS). In a poignant interview with NewsMax Magazine, Senator Joe Lieberman, (I-CT) took aim at Democrat billionaire activists George Soros and those who share his disdain for America in the Democratic Party.

Stating that the Democratic Party in America has been usurped by those who carry a decidedly negative view toward America, its history, and its form of government, Lieberman stated that the George Soros influence in the Party is blatantly 'un-American.'

The Liberty Sphere has repeatedly warned about the atheist billionaire who has not only pumped millions of dollars into the Democratic Party and a host of Democratic candidates, but has undertaken a systematic scheme to influence public opinion through the mainstream media, with whom he meets on a regular basis.

During the 2006 election cycle, for example, Soros met with news execs at the major networks to discuss how to bury stories that made Bush look good and emphasize the stories that made him look bad.

Lieberman has a decided disdain for the likes of Soros and expresses deep disappointment in those who not only accept his money but tow his ideological line, such as B. Hussein Obama, John Edwards, and at one time, Hillary Clinton.

For this he was targeted for defeat by his own Party in 2006. But Lieberman showed the elitists and their emperor George Soros that he could not be outfoxed. He ran as an Independent and beat to a pulp the extremist Leftwing pacifist the Democrats put up to run against him.

Read this riveting interview here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/5/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is the Second Amendment News Roundup for today:

The Bitch Girls present us with the actions of another 'Reverend,' except this time the clergyman in question is the exact opposite of 'the Reverend' Jessie Jackson:

A Keyboard and a .45 reports on a major firearms burglary at a gun supply store:

The Volokh Conspiracy has an excellent article on the Founders entitled, 'What Would George Washington Do?':

Traction Control has a timely reminder in light of President Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence:

Blogonomicon reports on some bad news concerning a gun-rights blogger in England:

John Lott has some good news about Canadian opposition to stiffer gun control laws:

Snow Flakes in Hell blogs about OSHA's defense of its new regulations that, if implemented, will basically put the firearms and ammunitions industry out of business:

The Buckeye Firearms Association has been doing some excellent investigative reporting on the Sandusky Register. Just wait till you see what they WANTED to do!:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


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Happy Independence Day! Let Freedom Ring! God Bless America!

Click here for an historical overview of the Independence Day Holiday:

Gun Rights Pic of the Day...Liberty WILL be Preserved

Hat tip to Nicki at The Liberty Zone:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/4/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Snow Flakes in Hell has a reason why, if you are a hunter who lives in California, you might as well drop 'em, bend over, and grab 'em, because your state legislature has just stuck it to you:

Gun Law News has even more bad news from OSHA, which has proposed new regulations that are a definite threat to the firearms and ammunition industry:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone has some good news. Blackmail doesn't work in the legislature of the state of Pennsylvania after all:

Say Uncle has info on the infamous ATF and how they try to skirt around the law:

Armed and Safe posts the good news from the state of Illinois and the move by various counties to pass pro-gun resolutions in order to defy the anti-gun bigots in the Chicago area:

Alphecca gives us yet another example of a woman who defended herself against armed intruders:

The Volokh Conspiracy has a problem with many of us bloggers who agree with Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence. Here are two dissenting opinions:

The 2nd post on Libby from The Volokh Conspiracy:

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bill Clinton Avoided Jail, Why Not Scooter Libby?

Washington, DC (TLS). President Bush late Monday did the right thing and commuted the sentence of the former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby.

Libby had been sentenced to a jail term of two and a half years after a jury found him guilty of perjury and obstruction in the investigation of the leak of the identity of former covert CIA agent Valerie Plame.

U.S. Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald never charged anyone with a crime in 'outing' Plame.

The charges against Libby had nothing to do with the original 'crime' but were connected to the after-the-fact activity that ensued during the ongoing investigation of the 'crime' of disclosing Plame's identity--which was already known by everyone in the Beltway to begin with.

This sham of an investigation is one that never should have been launched in the first place. It was entirely political and aimed at Vice President Dick Cheney.

The sentence of Scooter Libby was just one more example of a political witch-hunt and the search of a scapegoat. After all, former President Bill Clinton lied to a GRAND jury. He was impeached by the Congress. Yet he never faced jail time. He never received a fine or faced any consequences of his actions other than being disbarred by the Arkansas State Bar.

If Bill Clinton avoided jail, why not Scooter Libby?

Not surprisingly, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama stated that, 'This is the kind of politics we want to avoid in Washington.'

You mean, like, a Congress that is full of Democrats who are corrupt, such as William Jefferson, Dianne Feinstein, John Conyers, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Keith Ellison, Patrick Leahy, oh, and, uhhh, HILLARY CLINTON, just to name a few?

Until your cronies in the Congress clean house, Senator, you have very little moral and ethical authority to stand on in lashing out at the President's actions in commuting the sentence of a man who did nothing more than BILL CLINTON did in court.

And by the way, Hillary Clinton weighed in on Bush's action today, condemning the commuting of the sentence. This is in spite of the convicted felons her own husband pardoned precisely because of their close relationship to the Clintons.

Thus, Hillary's words can be dismissed outright for the hypocrisy on display.

The fact that B. Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are part of the most corrupt, inept, and unpopular Congress in history should be ample evidence that their opinions about the matter should be dismissed along with the rest of the imbeciles who run the place.

As for Scooter Libby, we all can be grateful that he will not have to endure a politically-motivated sentence that was the result of a witch-hunt.

Car-Bomb Jihad Raises Serious Questions for U.S.

Washington, DC (TLS). The still-unfolding news story of the terrorist plot in Great Britain involving car bombs has raised serious questions for both the U.K. and the U.S.

It is still unclear as to whether or not Great Britain clearly understands the nature of the threat and its germination right under its nose as the country has sought to accommodate Muslim immigrants over the last few years.

Anytime a nation allows a flood of immigrants from regions of the Middle East that are known for radical Islam, it is opening the door to dangers yet untold. Yet it is highly doubtful that most of England can see their own culpability.

While the U.S. is not nearly as far along the continuum as England and the rest of Europe when it comes to such accommodation, we are getting there bit by bit. And this raises alarming questions concerning immigration, Homeland Security, law enforcement, and counterterrorism activity.

Counterterrorism expert Walid Phares has this in-depth analysis of the serious questions raised by the British car-bomb jihad:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/3/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Alphecca blogs about his new shot-gun and why he prefers this for protection over a handgun:

Snow Flakes in Hell has info about this month's E-Postal match:

The Bitch Girls make an interesting distinction of terms--weapon vs. firearm:

Say Uncle has a news story about a deputy mayor being robbed at gun-point--in that gun-free zone we call Washington, DC:

It seems that our old 'friend' Christian Trejbal at the Roanoke Times is at it again. The paper has published some pro-Brady Campaign anti-gun propaganda. Say Uncle has the link:

Blogonomicon reports that a previously unknown handgun turns up in Delaware:

Jawa Reports has a timely comment from Fred Thompson about the explosion of independent media, made up of ordinary citizens, who cannot be controlled by the federal government:

Armed and Safe says that Jessie Jackson is now taking his gun-shop protest in Illinois national. Could we perhaps call this the 'Jessie Jackson Deacons for Defenselessness Road Show?':

Buckeye Firearms Association has some examples of the business backlash against the Sandusky Register as a consequence of their decision to publish registered concealed gunowners:

John Lott has this highly disturbing story about how simple self-defense in England can land you in jail or place you under heavy fines:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Secret Documents Reveal Al Qaeda 'Summer Spectacular' Attack

Washington, DC (TLS). Secret government documents indicate that the United States is under the most imminent and ominous terror threat since 9/11. The content of these documents were not supposed to be released to the public.

Yet Michael Chertoff, head of the Department of Homeland Security, stated barefaced Sunday morning on the various news programs that there is 'no credible evidence to suggest the U.S. in under an imminent terrorist threat.'

The Liberty Sphere has long maintained that Chertoff has been a hideous choice as head of Homeland Security, and his lies are one more symptom of a much broader problem within the Bush administration, particularly as it connects to the Department of Justice, Attorney-General Gonzalez, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, and the manner in which a series of lies perpetrated the unjust imprisonment of two Border Patrol agents who were trying to protect this country from illegal Mexican thugs.

The fact that we now know Chertoff lied to the American people means that he should be summarily fired.

Do I expect George W. Bush to do so? Not anymore. I completely lost faith in the President when he allowed his bull-headedness to get in the way of truth and justice by providing a cover for a corrupt crony by the name of Johnny Sutton, allowing two innocent Border Patrol agents to rot in jail, and then turning around and proposing an amnesty program for illegal aliens.

Back to the issue at hand. The Bush Administration should come clean with the American public about the level of threat we now face, and in this way salvage what little integrity they still have.

According to the secret documents now made public, Al Qaeda is planning a 'summer spectacular' terrorist attack on the U.S. this year. Because of that, plus what has occurred in Great Britain, the terror threat alert level should be raised in this country to RED.

Read the complete details on this ominous terror threat from ABC News:

Hillary Nervous About Fred Thompson

Washington, DC (TLS). In a display showing just how nervous Democrats have become over the prospects of a Fred Thompson candidacy, Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Thompson over his remarks about Cuba.

Thompson made the remarks within the context of the looming immigration compromise bill in Congress, suggesting that Fidel Castro is still sending spies into the U.S.

The U.S. Government apprehended 1000 Cuban illegal aliens last year.

Wasting no time in using Thompson's remarks to incite the ire of the Cuban-American community in Florida, Hillary grossly mischaracterized Thompson's remarks, twisting his words to suggest that the former U.S. Senator was somehow slamming Cuban-Americans.

Thompson's campaign staff quickly jumped on the mischaracterization, and wrote on the Thompson website that the Senator in no way referred to the thousands of Cuban-Americans who live in Florida. The response made it clear that nobody in the U.S. understands the danger of Fidel Castro and illegal aliens any more than the Cuban-Americans in the Miami area.

Apparently Hillary and her husband have no understanding of that danger, however.

In the early 1990s, the Clinton White House issued one of the largest welcome mats to host a visit from the Cuban Communist Dictator. In fact, Clinton rolled out the red carpet for Castro and treated him like a revered elder statesman.

Dan Rather at CBS News at the time could not resist using the Castro visit to do a major prime-time interview, treating the Communist as if he were a hero.

Perhaps the Cuban-American community in the Miami area should go back in their memories and recall the outright disgust, disdain, and outrage they felt toward Clinton and the mainstream media at the time. Clinton and others like him were severely denounced and condemned by numerous voices in the Cuban-American community, many of whom still have vivid memories of the horrors they fled under the brutal regime of a Communist bully in order to come to the U.S.

Americans should not forget that Fidel Castro is still leading Cuba and that Cuba is still very much a Communist nation.

To hear Hillary talk, perhaps we should expect a Clinton Presidency to be one in which Castro would be brought to live in the White House in his golden years and receive, free of charge, private healthcare from the best healthcare system in the world, built by U.S. capitalism.

Wouldn't THAT be an interesting counter-blow to Michael Moore's latest Commie lovefest!

Read complete coverage of the this latest war of words, and more, here at Fox News:,2933,287494,00.html

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/2/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The McCarville Report states that citizens who carry guns have served as a deterrent to crime in Oklahoma:

Traction Control provides evidence that concealed carry works:

Front Sight, Press has a news story about an 'old geezer' who foiled two armed thugs:

Front Sight, Press also provides a roundup of news stories concerning gun rights:

Xavier Thoughts blogs about a neat Smith & Wesson (pics included):

The Ninth Stage has a video of a ricochet from a .50 BMG, which hit the shooter in the earmuff:

The Bitch Girls have reason to wonder if registration of baseball bats and knives is next:

John Lott reports that an eleven year old boy was arrested for using a rubberband gun:

The Buckeye Firearms Association has an interesting article on why it is so harmful to publish the names of registered concealed gun owners:

Armed and Safe blogs on where the immigration debate and gun-rights intersect:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Poor Little Innocent, Frail, Weak Elizabeth Edwards

Washington, DC (TLS). To hear the mainstream media describe it, the poor, innocent, frail and weak Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, was compelled to call in impromptu to Chris Matthews' show to defend her husband against the relentless, cold, mean, and barbaric attacks of that pit bull Ann Coulter.

Never has a pathetic political operation gotten so much milage out of the comments of a ideological opponent.

And the Edwards laugh all the way to the bank.

First, Elizabeth Edwards is no innocent, frail, and weak human being. To the contrary, despite her fight against cancer, she is one of John Edwards' most effective and TOUGH campaign advisers. But you have to give the woman credit, she played the poor little innocent frail and weak wife to the 't.' She should win an Oscar.

Second, Edwards' phone call to the Chris Matthews show was no impromptu, spur-of-the-moment thing. It was PLANNED. Matthews informed Coulter just before airtime that Elizabeth Edwards 'might' call in.

'Might.' Sure, Matthews. You set the whole thing up. You even admitted it.

Third, Coulter's statements about John Edwards are largely deserved. And for the record, she never actually said she wished he would die in a terrorist attack. That statement was a joke and was a takeoff on the statement by Bill Maher that Vice President Dick Cheney should die in a terrorist attack...about which he was 100% serious. It was that very week that the blogosphere was full of venomous attacks against Cheney, who has heart disease, to the effect of, 'We wish he would die.'

Now, did the mainstream media report on the fact that countless posts to the Daily Koz and the Huffington Post website were calling for the death of Dick Cheney? Nary one.

What about their comments concerning White House Press Secretary Tony Snow's cancer, to the effect of, 'We hope he dies. His death will be proof that God hates him.'

NONE of this was reported by the mainstream media. Zilch.

Yet Ann Coulter is made out to be a close relative of Bagdad's 'Chemical Ali' because she uses what the Left had already been saying to turn the tables around on Edwards, saying in effect, 'Every time I say anything negative about him I get attacked. Maybe if I do what the Left does and wish he would die in a terrorist attack, that would be just fine.'

But you see, most of the reporters in the mainstream media are too dumb to follow carefully such logic and use of the English language, and unfortunately, many of their viewers are in the same boat.

Thus, it is much easier to assume Coulter meant she hoped Edwards would die in a terrorist attack.

Make no mistake, my friends, the Edwards campaign, for which Elizabeth Edwards is the most powerful player outside the candidate himself, has its own pit bull tactics that make Ann Coulter look like Pollyanna.

An Edwards campaign staffer wrote this on the Edwards campaign blog in the months prior to her resignation (and she was not even fired for the statement): "What if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit"?

Wonder what the good, down-home Baptist and Methodist folk in Edwards' hometown of Seneca, South Carolina think about this blasphemous attack on Christian belief?

Personally, I don't think they're surprised. People who know the Edwards know that they are relentless and cold opportunists. And in this way they are so very much like the Clintons.

Al Gore Takes a Beating from a Scientist

Washington, DC (TLS). Conventional wisdom has maintained that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee of the Democratic Party to run in the 2008 Presidential election. Conventional wisdom has also maintained that Al Gore's stranglehold on the environmental issue is fast and secure.

So who still believes in conventional wisdom, anyway?

Certainly the Clintons believe that the Democratic nomination is rightfully hers and that the 2008 Democratic convention is nothing more than a coronation. Party loyalists and the elite old guard also believe that she will be the nominee.

And I don't really doubt them that much. In fact, this is the most likely scenario.

Yet, her securing the nomination is not yet in the bag. Hillary faces some landmines that have surfaced at a very inopportune moment in her rise to fulfill a lifelong dream. First, her negatives are actually growing in the polls, not abating. She is not perceived positively by a majority of the electorate, and a new poll suggests that at least 50% of likely voters state that they will NOT vote for her.

Such bad news is sure to create some nervousness on the part of Party operatives. They may well turn to someone else if Hillary's negatives continue to dog her campaign.

Second, Hillary faces a potential bombshell of a scandal involving illegal activity on the part of both Clintons. The centerpiece of the scandal is a videotape that shows the Clintons committing felonies with regard to receiving illegal contributions and making underhanded deals.

If she is indicted and goes to trial, she can kiss her political aspirations good-bye.

Enter Al Gore.

Gore has been waiting in the wings for an opportunity to take center stage and supposedly recapture what he has always considered his since 2000--the Presidency.

Should Hillary falter, it is a near-certainty that the Democrats will NOT turn to Barack Obama, since his polls numbers have plummeted faster than the speed of sound. Edwards has fared even worse. And none of the other Democratic candidates appear to be catching on.

Thus, Al Gore would be the Party's tenured star waiting in the wings to save the day...except the problem is that Gore is facing his own set of problems.

By making global warming the centerpiece of his public discourse over the past few years, Gore has thrown himself lock, stock, and barrel into the 'environmentalist movement'--which is actually a political movement that uses environmental issues to push an ideological agenda.

Gore has bought the propaganda of the movement without question--that mankind is to blame for global warming and that the only way to 'fix' it is to enact sweeping policy changes in society that will reflect a collectivist rather than a free market set of values.

In short, personal freedom of choice will suffer. Free market capitalism will be smashed. The only way the planet can be saved from the exceedingly wicked human beings who have trashed it and caused it to warm up is to put severe restrictions on those sinister human beings and their behavior in commerce and free enterprise.

The truth of the matter is that Al Gore is only listening to SOME of the scientists.

As we have repeatedly shown in countless articles on The Liberty Sphere, the scientific community is far from unanimous on the issue. In fact, with each passing month new evidence emerges that strongly suggests that the 'Al Gore hypothesis' which was born out of the environmentalist movement is totally wrong.

Americans are increasingly waking up to the scam. A poll just this week found that over 70% of Americans now believe that climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon and not primarily a result of human activity.

The hard science supports their belief.

One scientist in particular has some sharp words for Mr. Gore and his film, 'An Inconvenient Truth.' Many of the assertions made by Mr. Gore and the film have been shown to be false. And this could spell real trouble for the Democrats in 2008 if they turn to Gore as their nominee.

Read the entire article here:,CST-EDT-REF30b.article