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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Foiled JFK Terror Plot May Be Tip of Iceberg

New York, NY (TLS). The foiled terrorist plot to blow up JFK International Airport in New York is proving to have far-reaching ramifications. New information released this afternoon indicates the Islamic terrorists were also going to blow up jet fuel lines at LaGuardia Airport as well.

In addition, the pipeline that carries the jet fuel that feeds both JFK and LaGuardia originates in New Jersey and runs through residential sectors of Queens. In short, had these terrorists had access to the appropriate explosive devices, they not only could have blown to smithereens two major U.S. airports but several residential areas in a densely populated sector of New York.

But even this may be only the tip of the iceberg.

Back in January, The Liberty Sphere was the first to report that the Saudi government had information concerning suspicious activity at major U.S. airports involving strange persons who were watching restricted areas of the facilities, including Chicago's O'Hare.

Read The Liberty Sphere's original story on the suspicious activity at U.S. airports here:

According to sources investigating the foiled JFK terror plot, the perpetrators had been keeping the airports under surveillance since January of 2006. This particular plot and its details were uncovered by under-cover agents who infiltrated the gang of Muslim extremists who were planning the attack.

The FBI and other agencies of the nation's counterterrorism apparatus can be congratulated for this foiled plot. However, as our report showed in January, there may be more of these attacks planned for other airports around the nation.

The Saudis had identified O'Hare in Chicago in particular as one of the targets.

In addition, there is the shocking story that is still evolving involving the most wanted man in America, Islamic terrorist Adnan el-Shukrijumah and his plot to smuggle nuclear devices into the country in order to carry out an Al Qaeda-mandated simultaneous nuclear attack on major U.S. cities.

Read The Liberty Sphere's alert about this particular plot here:

The bottom line is that the nation's risk level from terrorism is increasing. Our ability to identify and thwart such attacks is greatly improved, yet the level of risk is growing.

This should be a sobering warning to certain Presidential candidates who suggest that there should be no war on terror or who minimize the global threat posed by Muslim extremists.

The threat that was foiled today should be a stark reminder that we are living in an era when crazed Islamic fanatics will stop at nothing to kill thousands, if not millions, of Americans. For the U.S. to go about business as usual thinking that there is no real need to stay alert and fight this threat is tantamount to national suicide.

Video Catches Student Attacking Teacher

Mobile, Alabama (TLS). A 61-year-old high school teacher in Mobile, Alabama sustained injuries to her face when she was attacked by a teenage student, who allegedly used brass knuckles in the attack.

The interesting component of the story, however, is that the whole thing was caught on video by another student, who taped the attack with his cell phone.

That video was used in court as evidence in the case.

But before the video was shown the alleged perpetrator's family arose to leave the courtroom in an emotional display of protest. An officer stopped them at the door and stated that they were not allowed to leave during the trial of their underage son.

Several family members were also charged and fined in contempt of court for cursing at the officer who blocked their departure from the courtroom.

Television station WKRG in Mobile has a copy of the video of the attack. Click here to see it:!news!local

Friday, June 01, 2007

11-Year-Old Black Boy Scarred For Life

Laurens, SC (TLS). An eleven-year-old African-American boy has been scarred for life in the fallout from a shocking teacher sex case that culminated today in Laurens, South Carolina.

Fifth-grade teacher Wendie Schweikert, a Caucasian, was sentenced to 15 years in prison plus 5 years' probation for engaging in criminal sexual activity with an 11-year-old Black student. The sexual activity took place right in Schweikert's own classroom.

Today during her sentencing a sobbing Schweikert apologized to the boy's family, her students, and the community for what she described as 'committing this horrible sin.' From the start Schweikert acknowledge that she had engaged in sexual activity with the boy and stated today in court that she 'was not herself' when she committed the acts.

The boy's parents spoke at the sentencing hearing today, and stated that their son had been scarred for life by what took place in Schweikert's classroom.

That is an understatement. Parents in this country are entitled to know that when they send their children to the nation's public schools they are not entrusting them into the care of sexual predators. Increasingly, parents have cause to worry. The Schweikert case is only one of many similar cases across the country.

The Judge who handed down Schweikert's sentence did not go easy on her, but neither did he give her the maximum under the law. She will be forced by law to serve 85% of her sentence in incarceration and then serve an extra five years' probation once released. She will also be registered as a sex offender.

We can take consolation in the fact that a sexual predator has been removed from the classroom, but our hearts go out to the victim and his parents who must live with the horror of what took place in that classroom for the rest of their lives.

UPDATE on Beth Hawkins TB Scare in S.C.

Gaffney, SC (TLS). Good news was delivered today to USC-Aiken student Beth Hawkins and the other students who were on the same flight as 'TB Andy' Speaker from Atlanta to Paris.

Hawkins and her fellow travelers from the University of South Carolina's Aiken campus are far.

They will need to be tested again in eight weeks.

The South Carolina students were on a class trip to Europe when they discovered upon their return home that they had been on one of the same flights that Andrew Speaker of Atlanta took when he flew to Europe for his wedding and honeymoon. Speaker is now being treated for the rare and deadly form of TB in Denver, Colorado.

So far, the news is good for Andy Speaker and all of those who were in close proximity to him. His sputum shows no signs of the disease, and he remains symptom-free. Blood tests, however, show that he has been exposed to the deadly virus at some point in the past. Speaker will remain in Denver to be monitored for two months.

As for Beth Hawkins and her classmates, there is a collective sigh of relief as their initial test was negative.

S.C. Student Gets TB Test Results Today

Gaffney, SC (TLS). Gaffney, South Carolina resident and USC-Aiken student Beth Hawkins will get her TB test results today at the Cherokee County Health Department in Gaffney.

Hawkins is one of the students from the University of South Carolina at Aiken who was aboard the flight from Atlanta to Paris, the same flight on which the infamous 'TB Andy' Speaker was a passenger.

TB Andy is now in Denver being treated for his extremely dangerous and extremely rare form of TB, which is resistant to drug therapy. Medical personnel believe, however, that the risk of infection from the patient is extremely low due to the fact that to date he has exhibited no symptoms of the disease whatsoever.

Nonetheless, those who were in close vicinity of Speaker while he traveled Europe are understandably concerned. Although Beth Hawkins has not been notified that she and her fellow students sat in close proximity to Speaker on the flight, she and her friends decided to be tested for TB to be on the safe side.

Hawkins is due to get her test results today in Gaffney.

The Liberty Sphere will provide you with pertinent updates....


Washington, DC (TLS). This is a critical Liberty Alert. The most wanted man in America, Al Qaeda operative Adnan el-Shukrijumah, has most likely already smuggled nuclear material into the United States in order to set off simultaneous nuclear explosions aimed at several major U.S. cities.

The FBI regards Shukrijumah as armed and extremely dangerous. The U.S. Government is offering a 5 million dollar reward for information leading to his capture.

Read this highly alarming news alert here at News Max:

Fred Thompson Bid Picking Up Steam

Washington, DC (TLS). Since Senator Fred Thompson announced yesterday that he is forming a Presidential candidacy exploratory committee, it seems that many who as yet have been sitting on the fence are jumping on the Thompson bandwagon.

Some of these supporters have a strong independent bent and tend to have a deep level of distrust for both Democrats AND Republicans.

But, as The Liberty Sphere reported months ago, a Fred Thompson candidacy has much that is attractive to such independent voters. Thompson is a different kind of candidate who will run a different kind of campaign. He is not afraid of innovation, including using the Internet and V-logs to send instant campaign videos to millions of voters.

Many have compared Thompson to Ronald Reagan, but we feel that this is a bit unfair. Let's face it, there will never be another Ronald Reagan, just as there will never be another Lincoln. But Thompson has that broad, widespread appeal that Reagan exhibited.

And it is a big mistake to write him off as just another actor. Before he was an actor and before he became a U.S. Senator, Thompson was a highly skilled and respected attorney, having served the nation during the Watergate hearings.

One blogger in particular, which you will see below, has even started his own movement of sorts called, 'Spread Fred.' Click here to read his interesting take on why he is now supporting Thompson after having been on the fence:

FBI Reports High Level of Terrorist 'Chatter'

Washington, DC (TLS). The FBI is reporting a spike in the level of what is known as 'terrorist chatter' over the past two years within the United States. Surveillance sources indicate that since 2005 the chatter has been unusually high and has sparked a sharp increase in search warrants issued within our borders.

Such chatter has resulted in several high-level arrests and the foiling of terrorist plots in the making.

However, the two years of chatter has revealed a few gaps in the nation's security apparatus. In addition, many within the Department of Homeland Security believe that Al Qaeda has been actively recruiting persons inside the United States to carry out attacks against citizens, which is potentially leading up to a massive crescendo of 'shock and awe' aimed at killing multi-thousands of Americans.

Read this disturbing story here:

Thursday, May 31, 2007

South Carolina Students Involved in Atlanta TB Scare

Gaffney, SC (TLS). Beth Hawkins of Gaffney, South Carolina was on the flight from Atlanta to Paris that carried the Atlanta man who is now under a federal isolation order for carrying a deadly strain of TB. Hawkins and a group of students from the University of South Carolina, Aiken Campus, were flying to Europe for a week and a half.

Hawkins found out about the TB scare after returning home to Gaffney from Europe, when a family member saw on television the flight number that CDC officials had identified as one of the flights the Atlanta man had taken.

Although officials from the World Health Organization have not contacted Hawkins as one of those within the rows of seats most vulnerable on the flight, Hawkins was taking no chances. She went to the Cherokee County Health Department first thing Wednesday morning to have the first of a series of TB skin tests.

Hawkins also contacted her classmates who were on the flight with her to Europe, and each of these students will also be tested.

As of yet there is no reason to believe that any of the students are in any danger. Yet they state they prefer to err on the side of caution.

The Atlanta man who started it all is now in isolation at Grady Memorial Medical Center in Atlanta, awaiting to be transported to Denver for the remainder of his treatment. So far the man has had no symptoms whatsoever, and his level of infection appears at this point to be non-active, which is good news for those with whom he came into contact.

The man's wife has tested negative for TB as well--another good sign.

As for the South Carolina students who were on the initial flight with the man, the only thing they can do now is wait for their test results and hope and pray for the best.

No Law Can Be Enforced 100%

Washington, DC (TLS). Statistically it is impossible to enforce every law 100% of the time. This is no argument against those laws, however.

How would you like it, for example, for all child abuse laws to be repealed simply because many child molesters get away with their crimes?

Such a point of view is entirely laughable. Yet this is precisely the argument being used in favor of the new immigration bill (which is just an updated version of the old immigration bills that grant amnesty).

The common argument is that we cannot deport 12 million illegal aliens. True. We cannot. It does NOT follow, however, that therefore we must change the law to accommodate law-breakers. If this argument is valid, then it is entirely reasonable to repeal child abuse laws because we cannot enforce them 100%.

We may not be able to deport all of them, but we can sure deport a LOT of them!

Read more on the debunking of the 'it's impossible to enforce' argument here:

Fred Thompson Takes a Step Closer

Washington, DC (TLS). Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson took the first step on Wednesday toward announcing his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination by forming an exploratory committee.

The former Senator and current star of TV's 'Law and Order' certainly looked like a candidate and sounded very Presidential at a press conference on Wednesday as he made the announcement.

'A Jet Pilot' has more information on the Thompson move here:


Washington, DC (TLS). My love for dogs prevents me from getting too hearty a laugh out of the story of the following idiot who ate a dog to protest the killing of a fox. But I have to admit there is a big part of me that chuckled at the blatant idiocy on display.

The following article about this vegan loony-toons is a must-read. It is entitled, 'How To Make An Animal Rights Activist Eat Meat.'

Click here for the story:

What Illegal Aliens Are Doing to America--the Real Story

Washington, DC (TLS). The onslaught of illegal aliens into this country continues to be a serious national tragedy left unabated by government officials. But the real, behind-the-scenes story of the carnage left in the wake of this national tragedy has gone largely unnoticed, totally ignored by the mainstream media.

Read the real story here:

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Losing Our Resolve

Washington, DC (TLS). The West is in mortal danger of losing its resolve to fight global terrorism, much to our peril. Western Europe finds itself in the throws of a nonchalance towards Islamic extremists and therefore finds itself in danger of being totally dominated by barbarians within a decade or less.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the Presidential candidates provide a sobering microcosm of the nonchalance of the electorate. Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards says there is no global war on terror. Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama both voted against funding our troops.

Americans, by and large, have turned against the War in Iraq, not because they did not think the cause was noble but that it did not go as expected. We have come to think that military campaigns should be swift, short, and clean.

Perhaps this is due to the fairy-tale world that the television generation has created.

Nonetheless, we stand on the brink of not only losing our resolve to fight what is a most dangerous fight to the death against extremist barbarians emboldened by their religion, but we are in grave danger of losing our very civilization, our values, our way of life to those who will throw the world into another era like the Dark Ages.

These people aren't playing. They WILL take advantage of our weakness, and they WILL dominate the West if we continue on the present course.

Our favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, warns that America's fate could well be that of the great Roman Empire, which fell to barbarians who then ushered in the Dark Ages. If the West falls to the present barbarians, you can be assured that a thousand years of darkness will follow in a world ruled by ruthless terrorist warlords who believe women should be kept enslaved, children should be used as suicide bombers, and all must convert to Islam or be killed.

Read Williams' gripping article here:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Mounting Shame of John Edwards

Washington, DC (TLS). Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards stated that Monday, Memorial Day, should be a day of protest against the Iraq War and the War on Terror.

Thus, in one simple sentence, Edwards has succeeded in desecrating what to multi-millions of Americans is a sacred day to remember the ultimate sacrifice of those who gave their time, effort, energy, resources, and lives, for their country--many in foreign wars.

Rather than taking the opportunity to honor and remember our military men and women, Edwards and his ilk instead chose to use this as an opportunity to bash our troops overseas and their families. Edwards politicized a national holiday for his own expediency.

This is what we have come to expect from Leftwing nutcases. Hillary Clinton stated week before last that on July 4--Independence Day--Americans should declare the day to be our 'independence from foreign oil and the burning of fossil fuels.'

You can rest assured that as July 4 draws near, this writer will have plenty more to say about THAT utterly stupid and ultimately desecrating remark on the part of one who has absolutely no reverence for traditional American values.

But for now the focus is on Edwards, who continues to show Americans, particularly those in his own home territory of the South, that he is so out of step with the majority that only a Jane Fonda radical would vote for him.

As the campaign moves forward it has become abundantly clear that the Democrats have no candidate to put forth who is not marching in lockstep with Cindy Sheehan nutcases. These are the ones who control the Democratic Party.

They may as well go ahead and choose either Michael Moore, Harry Belafonte, or Danny Glover as their candidate. At least it will be an honest presentation of where, exactly, they stand on the issues rather than attempting to hide their true ideology by using rhetorical mumbo-jumbo that clouds the facts.

Edwards, for example, believes there should be no worldwide war on terror. He also condemned the Supreme Court's ruling to outlaw the barbaric procedure known as 'partial birth abortions.' And now he takes a sacred American holiday designed to memorialize our servicemen and women, and turns it into a day to stage war protests.

These are hardly the values of Seneca, South Carolina, Edwards' hometown.

Thousands Protest Hugo Chavez in Venezuela

Washington, DC (TLS). In a display of spontaneous open defiance of Communist dictator Hugo Chavez, thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets Monday to protest the shutting down of a television station that had been critical of the Chavez government.

Is this the beginning of the Venezuelans' Tienanmen Square? And will the totalitarian government prevail as it did in China, or this time, will the freedom-fighters succeed in putting a restraint on Chavez's power at the very least, or in a best-case scenario, depose him?

Interestingly enough, the mainstream media did not report the Venezuelan uprising this evening. Of the major television news networks, only Fox provided extensive coverage.

In addition, the Hollywood set that supports the Communist dictator, such as Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, were strangely silent about the average citizens taking to the streets to protest the squelching of human freedom by the Venezuelan madman.

In video feeds provided by Fox News, government forces could be seen firing tear-gas into the massive crowds. In addition, troops used rubber bullets and shot-guns to fire upon citizens. Yet the protesters refused to budge.

One citizen in particular was seen standing down an armored government vehicle as it attempted to gain closer access to the protesters. The citizen simply took his life into his own hands and stood in the middle of the street, refusing to allow the vehicle to pass.

These brave freedom-fighters need the help of the U.S. We need to help them take Chavez down. And then, rather than arresting Belafonte and Glover for treason, we should simply deport them both to a FREE Venezuela, after Chavez is gone, and let the CITIZENS in that country decide what should be done to them.

The entire world should be made to realize that Belafonte and Glover are supporting a tyrant who not only shut down a television outlet because it dared criticize the madman, but Chavez's actions also put hundreds of television actors out of work.

Thus, the outrage of the free world should be directed not only at Hugo Chavez but at people within the United States who embrace Chavez and his ideology. These are NOT nice people.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day, 2007

In memory of those departed who served, and in honor of those who have served and who now serve, have a Happy Memorial Day! God Bless America!

More Shame in Durham--Circling the Wagons

Durham, NC (TLS). And the shame of Durham continues as the co-conspirators in the Nifong-Mangum Hoax circle the wagons, denying any culpability, not even as much as acknowledging mistakes in the entire fiasco.

The Durham Police Department had ample opportunity to cleanse itself in its own internal investigation into the affair, only to return with a statement of denials and the insistence that it had done absolutely nothing wrong.

Can't you just see the halos?

The Department's failure to confess and repent, and thus salvage what little integrity may remain within its dens of corruption, has led to calls for totally independent examinations and a much more candid assessment of what went wrong. The Liberty Sphere believes that such an independent investigation is long overdue.

Our concern, however, runs much deeper than just with the Durham Police Department, for we are convinced that Durham is but a microcosm of a much broader culture of corruption that exists in North Carolina state government. We have sounded the alarm many times about such corruption, for example, within the North Carolina Department of Social Services and its heavy-handed, gestapo-like tactics with innocent citizens.

We will leave that matter to our ongoing investigations into DSS. For now, the focus is on Durham. Perhaps if a concerted effort is made to clean up the police department, city government, the judiciary, and the local Democratic Party, then this would be one gigantic first step toward further reform in other areas.

We can only hope.

Liestoppers has a detailed examination of the nature of the corruption within the Durham Police Department with regard to the Nifong-Mangum Hoax. In spite of a scathing assessment from the North Carolina Attorney-General and others who have observed this scandal from afar, the local co-conspirators are indeed circling the wagons, fabricating stories, and outright lying to the public concerning their conduct in the affair.

Thus, the shame of Durham only deepens.

Read the Liestoppers report here:

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). This kid is not even 21 years of age, and yet she is already behaving like a hardened addict. She needs intensive, long-term help.

Here is the video of Lohan's latest crash-and-burn auto accident and DUI arrest:


Washington, DC (TLS). The First Amendment is under severe attack. Blogger Bill Warner, at the link found below, is being bullied and sued into silence by a group of Muslims in Florida who are upset that he published material already reported in the news and available to all under the Freedom of Information Act.

If this law suit against Mr. Warner is successful, ALL of us who blog are in deep trouble. We could all be shut down for merely reporting the truth.

The Liberty Sphere will keep you updated on all further developments about this matter, but for now go to Bill's blog and become familiar with his work. This is of utmost importance to ANY American who is concerned about Free Speech and Freedom of the Press!

Click here to go to Bill Warner's blog:

LIBERTY ALERT! The Law Firm Suing Blogger

Washington, DC (TLS). The name of the law firm that is representing a group of Muslims who are suing a fellow blogger for posting news information about American Muslim connections to overseas Islamic terrorists is as follows:

The McIntyre Law Firm, P.L.
Address: 6987 East Fowler Avenue
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Phone: (813) 899-6059
(813) 785-9073 (Cell#)

Fax: (813) 899-6069

Baruch, Jason H.
Deese, Dustin D.
McIntyre, Richard J.

We need to stand together in solidarity with our fellow blogger who is being bullied into silence by Muslims who obviously have an agenda to circumvent the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

LIBERTY ALERT! Blogger Sued For Stories on Muslim Terrorists

Washington, DC (TLS). This is a special Liberty Alert for all of those who value freedom of the Internet, First Amendment rights, including freedom of the press, and the freedom of bloggers to post news stories that alert the public about potential danger.

A fellow blogger has been sued by a group of Muslims for posting stories on his blog that link certain Muslim business interests to overseas Islamic terrorists. These stories had also been reported in the mainstream press.

But apparently, the Muslims behind this action have found a vulnerable 'little guy' to bully.

My friends, if they succeed in shutting him down, they will then have the power to shut down any blog or website on the Internet--just for publishing the truth!

Read the full story here at Atlas Shrugs, and then follow the links to the site of the blogger who is being bullied and sued into silence:

2 Plus 2 Equals 5--Says 'Reform Math'

Washington, DC (TLS). Throw out all you know about exact science, precise mathematical calculations, and right and wrong answers. In 'Reform' math, all you need is an 'approximation' rather than a precisely correct answer.

Thus, 2 plus 2 DOES, in fact, equal 5, approximately speaking.

This balderdash is what your kids and grand-kids are being taught in public schools across the nation. And some parents are up in arms.

Some are even taking matters into their own hands after being mortified by the shocking lack of knowledge their children exhibit concerning basic mathematical equations. More than a few parents are charging that the Reform Math is causing their children to miss the boat on tests and college entrance exams.

No wonder the United States continues to lag behind other industrialized nations in math and science skills.

Apparently the government-run public school system continues to fail our nation's youth by dumbing down the requirements and skills needed to function in the real world. When I go to the local restaurant, I don't want the cashier giving me 'approximately' the correct change. Nor do I wish for the government's confiscation program otherwise known as the IRS to shortchange my refund as long as they can claim it was 'approximately close' to what they owe me.

Unless this nation begins to mandate certain basic skills that ALL school children must learn in order to graduate, then I am afraid that with super-powers like China looming on the scene, whose citizens run circles around Americans in math and science, the U.S. is headed for the ash-heap of irrelevance on the world stage.

New Book Drops Bill and Hillary Bombshell!

Washington, DC (TLS). With the vast majority of Americans reporting in a nationwide survey in April that they have serious concerns about scandal in the event of a Hillary Clinton presidency, a new book that is hitting the shelves does nothing but magnify those concerns.

The book details yet unrevealed secrets regarding the soap-opera existence of Bill and Hillary Clinton, including the bombshell revelation that at one point Bill was ready to divorce Hillary over one of his many female dalliances.

Rather than casting Hillary as the poor female victim, the book shows a calculating Hillary who entered into a 'mutual understanding' from the very start of their marriage, that each would help the other win the White House, resulting in four terms for the Clintons--two for Bill and two for Hillary.

Thus, Bill's philandering was a small price to pay for winning the prize.

Read it all here: