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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nan Reneges on Her Openness to Oil Drilling

In less than a week after stating she would be open to the possibility of a vote in the House on offshore oil drilling, 'Nan' Pelosi reneged on her offer by stating unequivocally that she is still 100% opposed to such a vote.

Pelosi maintains the only way she would allow an up or down vote on oil drilling is to lump it together in a bill that would eliminate so-called 'tax breaks' for oil companies, which by the way pay over 50% of their profits in taxes in addition to the taxes per gallon at the pump, and take the money she would confiscate from the oil companies to invest in 'alternative energy.'

You mean, 'big wind' as in T. Boone Pickens' companies, Nan? The ones in which you have invested your personal funds?

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Nan claims that drilling offshore will result in a mere 2 cents per gallon savings in 10 years.

But market analysts strongly disagree. Gasoline prices are based upon oil futures. By merely announcing today that the U.S. is going to drill in ANY area off of our coastline that shows there are bountiful supplies of crude oil, the price would drop by 40 cents per gallon almost overnight.

Nan, however, wants us to believe the worst lies possible about oil because she is banking on T. Boone Pickens' notion that we can 'wind-blow' our way out of the energy crisis, and she has put her personal funds on the line by investing heavily in Pickens' companies.

Under normal conditions that would be considered corruption--conflict of interest. But in Nan's House of Clowns in Washington such a thing is considered normal. Remember, Diane Feinstein, D-California, was the ranking member of the very committee that granted millions of dollars in government contracts to Feinstein's husband!

Yet nothing, nary word, was said by the Democratic leadership.

And Nan is going to get away with her conflict of interest because the criminals are guarding the prisoners. This is the way Nan's House works.

Nan also lied about the GOP plan in the House to approve offshore oil drilling. It is NOT just about oil. The GOP plan includes oil, coal, nuclear, solar, electric, hydrogen energy cell, air compression, and yes, even wind turbines.

The difference is that the GOP correctly believes that it is going to take ALL of our available resources, not just a select few, to meet the nation's energy needs and get ourselves off of foreign oil.

But Nan wants oil, coal, and nuclear off the table.

Apparently the environmentalist wackos that bankroll her political career laid down the law to her about her previous willingness to consider offshore oil drilling.

And as long as Pelosi blocks new oil drilling, she and her puppets can push government contracts that will lead the nation to 'big wind' and none other than T. Boone Pickens!

It's all about the money, isn't it, Nan?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/15/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'The Poor Man's Survival Arsenal'
*'A Man of Conviction'
*'An Expert Opinion'--teachers shouldn't be allowed to arm themselves?
*'No Carry'--beating a dead horse.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 has good news that at least one school district is encouraging its staff to pack their pistols.

Gateway Pundit says:
*Pelosi backtracks on the 'hoax' of oil drilling--too much pressure, huh, Nan?
*Russia claims their invasion of Georgia was a plot by Cheney to make Obama look weak--rofl! Obama does that on his own without any help from Cheney!
*Republicans collect signatures to get 'that nutty Pelosi' back to Washington to allow an up or down vote on offshore oil drilling.

Michelle Malkin has an update on the cheating Chi-Coms and the failure of the IOC to do anything about it at the Olympics.

From Dr. John Lott:
*The consequences of Obama's allowing Hillary's name to be placed in nomination at the Democrat Convention
*The Obama tax plan will raise marginal rates for low and high income persons

Dustin's Gun Blog comments further on gun-grabber Obama's tax plan.

Alphecca reports on a concealed carry resolution in an Illinois county.

Freedom Sight has a great quote from Thomas Jefferson on liberty.

Agree or disagree, Sebastian has the MUST-read of the day.

Breda provides essential reading on the Chi-Coms entitled, 'Wards of the State.'

Nicki has riveting commentary on a strange letter received by her best friend concerning gun shows.

Mike McCarville posts an interesting follow-up to the Oklahoma District Attorney who is seeking the identities of anonymous posters on a website. Their crime? They had the audacity to criticize the D.A. Imagine that in a free country!

Ryan Horsley reminds us on his new blog that the grand opening of the new Red's Trading Post will be this coming Monday!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has big news about 'climate change' in Colorado!

Days of Our Trailers posts a great read, via The Rustmeister, entitled, 'In Your Face Tactics''s about the Brady Bunch.

We Can't 'Wind-Blow' Our Way Out of This

My quote of the day:

T. Boone Pickens, former oilman turned wind turbine evangelist, claims we can't 'drill our way out of this energy crisis.' Well, T. Boone, we can't 'wind-blow' our way out of it, either. Personally I don't want windmills all over scenic hillsides and on the tops of buildings throughout America. Wind turbines have their place in the solution of the energy crisis. But it will take much more than that, like an 'all of the above' approach--oil, wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cell, coal, sensible biofuels (not grains used for food!), electricity, air compression, all of it. To put all of our eggs in one basket and eliminate 'fossil fuels' entirely is a plan doomed for failure and tragedy. And the citizens will be the ones left holding the bag.
--D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan

Conflict of Interest, There, Nan?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or 'Nan' as Michelle Malkin calls her, is implicated in a potential conflict of interest scheme over her obstructionism on oil drilling and her support for 'wind turbine' technology.

It seems 'Big Government Nanny' Pelosi has hefty investments in the 'big wind' industry of former oilman T. Boone Pickens!

California has also placed on the ballot several initiatives to be voted on by residents this November that have to do with a heavy push toward 'wind turbine' technology, which would supposedly replace dependence on oil by up to 50% in just a few short years.

Of course, in order to reach that goal, T. Boone's companies would have to place wind turbines by the thousands on hillsides throughout California.

This is the plan that Pickens wants all of America to adopt.

Can you imagine a windmill on every lawn, in every field, on every hillside, and on every building in America? This is practically the number of wind turbines it would take to replace 50% of our dependence on oil.

Now back to Nan.

Nan has consistently refused to allow an up or down vote in the House on offshore oil drilling. Yet the entire time she was investing heavily in 'big wind.' In fact, she and T. Boone are practically using the very same talking points.

But what's the difference between that 'evil' enterprise called 'big oil' and 'big wind'?

Health advocates claim that 'big wind' is more damaging to the public health than 'big oil. ' Oregon Live has an interesting report on the ill health effects of wind turbines located near residences.

But Nan and her liberal comrades in California made sure voters' propositions were placed on the November ballot to approve the plan to expand big wind as no other industry has expanded in recent memory.

And guess who would be one of the major beneficiaries of such an expansion?

T. Boone and his investors, such as Big Government Nanny Pelosi.

Do I smell a conflict of interest, there, Nan? Is your opposition to oil drilling related in any way at all to your personal investment in wind turbine technology?

For more on this story, click HERE for the full details provided by Michelle Malkin.

Thompson Denied Bond In Jeter Murder in Union

Charged with convincing her husband to kill Union High School cheerleader Marisha Jeter to 'prove he loved her,' Yolanda Thompson was denied bond in court on Thursday.

Thompson and her husband Pernell Thompson are charged in the murder of the 16-year-old high school junior in a love triangle gone bad.

Marisha Jeter and Pernell Thompson had dated before the Thompsons' marriage in 2007. But even after the wedding vows Thompson reportedly had difficulty staying away from the Jeter.

Although Jeter had reportedly decided she was going to break it off with Thompson, a fit of jealous rage allegedly led Yolanda to lure her husband into a murder scheme.

Yolanda allegedly convinced Pernell to get Jeter to meet him behind the Union YMCA building. It was there that Marisha Jeter was stabbed over 30 times. Afterward, Jeter's body was dumped in the Broad River in a rural area between Union and Chester.

The Thompsons have confessed to the murder and are awaiting trial.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/14/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*David comments on the story I cited yesterday at Volokh Conspiracy, 'Fincher Conviction Affirmed.' This is today's MUST-read concerning the Courts being 'Constitution-free zones.' What an outrage.
*'The Heller High Watermark'--David's latest article in Guns Magazine.
*'Republicans for Obama'--what happens when you let Bolsheviks into the 'Big Tent.'

Armed and Safe has news about the United Methodist Church and guns. Frankly, I am not surprised. The UMC has been moving Leftward for decades.

JR's interview with Texas Weekly is posted at A Keyboard and a .45. JR follows up with another post today on how conservative bloggers can catch up to the head-start the liberals got on using the Internet. This is essential reading for conservative bloggers.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone comments on the D.C. gun situation with 'Why I Shouldn't Listen to Radio in the Morning.'

Sebastian has some excellent questions to ask California lawmakers on their ridiculous ammo sales tracking program, but which the MSM will never ask.

The Bitch Girls post an NRA News moment that's worth listening to.

21 Guns Salute provides an interesting perspective on the Russian invasion of Georgia.

Speaking of the Russian invasion, My Way News has an article on Russia's violation of the truce with Georgia.

In addition, The Times of London has Bush's warning to Vladimir Putin.

Squeaks points to an article that says Russia isn't planning on leaving anytime soon to boot.

Mike McCarville reports that there is a major controversy raging over the famous Davis Gun Collection in Oklahoma.

Well Well Well. It seems the Chi-Coms have been caught red handed in a cheating scandal at the Olympics. Who wudda thunk it?

Michelle Malkin reports that the Democrats' anti-drilling rhetoric on oil simply ain't cuttin' it with their constituents.

The GOA issues an alert concerning proposed TSA rules that will take away your right to self-defense at the nation's airports. This is in response to the dreadful events surrounding the Atlanta airport earlier in the week.

Open Carry has a hot thread going about the Brady Bunch's characterization of the group as 'pushy and aggressive.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association points to info provided by David Hardy concerning a federal judge who will likely weaken the Heller decision when appeals come his way.

Freedom Sight reports that Ryan Horsley of Red's Trading Post has a new blog, in addition to the new website of the store itself. I've already put Red's website in my list of links under 'websites.' Now, I will add Ryan's blog under the category of 'blogs.' Good!

Robb Allen posts a doozy today that's got my blood boiling. Take a look at this item on infringement of Constitutional rights!

Say Uncle has an interesting read on his, shall we say, 'less-than-pleasant' experience at the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

The Ninth Stage says 'STOP IT!' Go take a look at a good post!

Islamic Danger to Americans has a nifty item on Barack Obama--and the joke may not be as funny as you think!

LIAR! Putin Breaks 1-Day-Old Truce with Georgia

In less than 24-hours after agreeing to a cease-fire with the Georgian Republic which it had illegally invaded, the Russian Communists under the direction of Vladimir Putin broke the agreement by sending in the tanks and troops through a southern Georgian town, provoking violence.

Putin's actions are reminiscent of one Adolf Hitler, who, after signing a treaty with Chamberlain of Great Britain, promising to stop invading territory that wasn't his, proceeded to invade Poland before the ink had dried on the document.

Perhaps the words of CNN's Jack Cafferty in describing the Chi-Coms as 'the same old goons and thugs they've always been' also apply to Putin and the Kremlin.

A Commie is always a Commie. You can take him out of the old military uniforms worn by totalitarians of the past, dress him up in a nicely-tailored Western suit, have him smile and say nice things about 'human rights,' but in the end he is still a Commie who wants to take away your liberty.

And he certainly still wants to take over as much of the world as possible.

Putin and the Russian Commies are no different. Not only do they want Georgia, but if they are allowed to succeed in this blatant violation of a nation's sovereignty, they will want the Ukraine and Poland as well.

The liars need to nipped in the bud before the menace gets too big to manage.


After touring some particularly hard-hit drought areas of the Upstate of South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford formally requested federal disaster area relief on Wednesday.

The Governor requested that all but 2 South Carolina counties be designated as federal disaster areas, allowing farmers and others to apply for financial assistance and low-interest loans.

Sanford held an impromptu outdoor townhall meeting and news conference in Pickens County,
which is one of the 5 Upstate counties hit hardest by the drought. Farmers in the region stated that without significant rainfall soon, they will be forced to sell their farms.

The 5 Upstate counties of Spartanburg, Greenville, Cherokee, Pickens, and Oconee are suffering from 'extreme' drought conditions, the worst designation possible in the state. Rainfall totals are running 11-12 inches below normal just since the start of 2008.

The rest of the state is under either severe or moderate drought conditions with the exception of Charleston and Georgetown counties, both of which have received enough rainfall in the last month to bring them out of the drought.

Many areas throughout the state are also under either mandatory or voluntary water restrictions.

Edwards Has Not Come Clean with American Public

Former North Carolina Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards apparently has not come clean with the American public about his affair with former staffer Rielle Hunter.

The National Enquirer reported on Wednesday that Edwards had not one, but a series of clandestine meetings at the Beverly Hills Hilton with Hunter.

In addition, Edwards apparently continued with the relationship with Hunter long after the time when he claims he 'ended it.'

Remember, this is the man who is being considered as a running mate for Barack Obama and also has been considered for Attorney-General or a Supreme Court appointee in an Obama Presidency.

It is too bad that a sex scandal turns out to be thing that ruins Edwards. The thing that should have ended his career is when he told a reporter during an interview last year that gun rights are a 'privilege' and not a 'right,' but that having Internet access and U.S. citizenship are automatic inherent 'rights.'

Funny that Edwards, like Obama, is a lawyer and yet knows very little about the U.S. Constitution. But in today's America, that is just fine with a large portion of the electorate.

And so, the mighty falls on his own sword knowing full well that as a Presidential candidate and potential government official, he will be scrutinized with a proctoscope.

Edwards was born in the small South Carolina town of Seneca in the Upstate and grew up in North Carolina just above Charlotte.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/13/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'Give Me Back My Property'--from Len Savage to gun-grabber Sullivan at the ATF. This is today's MUST-read!
*'Grand Opening of the New Red's Trading Post'--Ryan has a new URL for Red's website as well.
*'Of Course You Realize This Means War'--the slippery slope of the Fairness Doctrine could end squarely with bloggers being forced to grant 'equal time.'
*'Stalled in Lake County' --it seems nobody had the guts to pick up the ball and run with a pro-2nd Amendment resolution in this Illinois county.

Armed and Safe says it's time for McCain to do some serious fence-mending with gun-rights folk.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone makes an important distinction on the subject of discrimination.

The hideous practice of law enforcement officials seeking to identify anonymous online posters who are critical of their practices has spread from Memphis to Oklahoma. This time, however, the culprit is the District Attorney! Mike McCarville has the complete story.

Roberta X makes an important point about caliber wars. I don't disagree with her point at all. It's just that I prefer larger caliber handguns over the others.

Gun Nuts posts last night's show and comments on the subject matter--Action Airgun. Go and give it a listen in case you missed last night's 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation' featuring Ahab and Squeaks.

21 Guns Salute points to some good insight for those who carry and are faced with dangerous situations.

Dark Blog comments on the police-state notion of presumed guilt just because you own a gun.

Sebastian has vital reading on how an Obama Presidency would shut down shooting ranges.

Robb Allen flips the bird at Barack Obama. Now I can really get into that one!

Speaking of Obama, Say Uncle exposes some rather deceptive 'endorsements' of Barack, with the exception of the Communist Party, which has thrown its support behind the candidate.

Alphecca highlights some rather disgusting and downright infuriating statements in the Democrats' 2008 Party platform.

Texas Fred has the scoop on a Border Patrol agent who wounded a Mexican near the border. Be sure to read Fred's commentary on the story. Now, I like that!

The Smallest Minority has Wednesday's Quote of the Day.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts Mike Vanderboegh's latest chapter of his upcoming novella.

Gateway Pundit reports that Valerie Plame's case against several Bush Administration officials has been tossed out of court.

Gun Pundit has a story that shows what simply showing a .357 mag can do.

The Volokh Conspiracy posts an interesting read on the original meaning of the 2nd Amendment and an update and commentary on the Appellate Court decision on the Fincher case.

Hollywood Pretty-Boy Advises Barack Obama

Hollywood star and Leftwing political activist George Clooney seems to be taking on a different role these days as he has been seen in a number of venues acting as an advisor to Senator Barack Obama.

The Obama campaign denies any official role for Clooney, of course.

But the fact remains that the actor has been seen whispering in Obama's ear at functions, as well as standing by his side and just behind him during major campaign events.

Perhaps the rock-star candidate has now determined that no one outside 'his league'--the Hollywood elite--is qualified to give him advice, from one Hollywood pretty boy to another.

Graham's Office Rude With Callers on Oil Issue

While GOP Representatives in the House are working diligently and effectively to get the nation moving on drilling for oil here in the U.S., 5 Republican Senators in the other chamber are doing all they can to stop their efforts, thus allowing Democrats to escape responsibility for their obstructionism on the issue.

The Senate's Gang of 10, which includes Republicans Graham, Isakson, Chambliss, Corker, and Thune, are pushing a so-called 'compromise' measure that will placate the demands of liberal Democrats who have opposed offshore oil drilling here at home for over 20 years.

When Rush Limbaugh called attention to these Republican turncoats on his radio show on Monday, the phones began to ring off the hook at the offices of the Gang of 10.

Many of these callers were greeted by some very rude office staffers who, rather than responding rationally to the concerns of taxpaying citizens, chose instead to argue with the callers who had a problem with the sellout by the 5 GOP Senators.

One rude staffer in particular works in the office of S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham.

With Graham facing very little opposition in the Fall election, does he think he is so all-powerful that he can do whatever he wants with little or no accountability to the peons who comprise the citizenry?

One Senate staffer actually had the audacity to suggest that it is more important to 'pass a bill,' 'cooperate with Democrats,' and 'get something done' rather than hold firm to principle, in spite of the fact that over 70% of Americans support the House GOP floor revolt against the Democrats.

Perhaps the ignorant office staffer should be informed that it is vitally more important to pass a bill that actually addresses the problem, such as 'drill here, drill now' than to pass a compromise bill that retains most of the restrictions on drilling we now have.

But apparently Graham's Gang believes that we citizens are such morons that we will buy into the moronic explanations of rude office staffers.

With each passing day that this gang of 5 Republican turncoats in the Senate insists on continuing with this sham of a 'compromise' with liberal Democrats and environmentalist wackos, the more I am convinced that they should be targets for defeat when they come up for re-election.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/12/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*"Follow the Results"--which contains the quote of the day concerning David Olofson.
*"A Maryland Shooter"--there is a dire warning here for gun owners in Maryland as law enforcement begins using intimidation tactics.
*"Support Your Local Gang Rape"--this one should make you sick. Law enforcement actually encourages atrocities like these within prisons.

Armed and Safe has something that should get your blood boiling this afternoon. How about a law professor who believes ALL gun owners should face legal liability whether they are guilty of anything or not!?

A Keyboard and a .45 has an interesting news story concerning football coaches that are grappling with gun policies.

Mike McCarville posts an interesting read on Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK, and his ongoing dispute with the Senate Ethics Committee concerning his delivering babies for FREE! It seems the Dems want to hang Coburn because he often ties up abominable legislation the Democrats introduce in the Senate, making him a VERY valuable resource in the cause of freedom.

Gateway Pundit provides vital reading on the ground invasion of Georgia by Russian troops, just as the New York Times reports that Russia has ordered a halt to the invasion.

Gateway has an update on the John Edwards sex scandal which shows that the Senator's version of the events don't square with the facts.

Gateway is also reporting that Nancy Pelosi has indicated she may cave on the GOP's demands for a vote in the House on offshore oil drilling.

The Hill has more on the story of Pelosi's supposed willingness to allow an offshore drilling vote.

CNS reports that the Communist Party USA has endorsed Barack Obama and says that if elected he will end 30 years of 'ultra-right rule.'

The U.K. Telegraph posts an op-ed that says the great oil bubble has finally burst.

Wallet Pop reports on an 'air car' that supposedly gets up to 106 miles per gallon by using a combination of compressed air and gasoline.

The Autonomist has the Barack Obama dupe salute. LOL! (H/t to Rezkorama).

From Dr. John Lott:
*Video of Lott's Debate with Paul Helmke on Gun Free Zones on college campuses
*New Op-Ed on Obama's statements on energy efficiency
*Judge upholds gun ban at Atlanta airport--time to gear up for another fight.

Today's MUST-read is at Western Rifle Shooters Association entitled, 'The Penalty is Always Death.' This piece is not for the faint of heart but it tells the truth about the tactics of the growing all-powerful government.

Sebastian reports that a federal court has upheld Lautenberg. Damn.

Robb Allen notes some good news concerning the gun ban in Evanston, Illinois.

Nicki hits one out of the ballpark today. This is good writing, and her sentiments on what is right about America is something we need to hear.

Ahab has the info on tonight's podcast of 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation.' This is a great Internet radio show that apparently is growing. So give it a listen!

Alphecca says it the way I like it about Communist China. YEAH, what he said!!!

Texas Fred provides hard-hitting commentary on the Russia-Georgia situation. Not sure I agree with all of it, but it is an opinion worth reading and considering.

Insight on Freedom has a warning to America. Read it all.

Graham's 'Gang of 10' In Senate Raises GOP Ire

A storm of controversy swirls around U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, and his so-called 'Gang of 10' in the Senate that has put forth a 'compromise' plan on energy to appease anti-drilling Democrats.

It turns out that the 'compromise' plan is nothing more than putting a Republican stamp of approval on the Democrats' anti-drilling stance.

The plan in actuality does nothing to get this nation drilling for its own oil as a means of weaning ourselves off of foreign oil. According to the terms of the plan, only 4 states will be allowed to determine if they want offshore drilling in their area, and even then it has to get by tons of restrictions and regulations, including approval by Leftwing enviro-wacko groups.

So disgusted are the Republicans in the House with the Graham plan that he is now viewed with great suspicion within his own Party. If his plan passes in the Senate, Graham may be responsible for the demise of the highly successful GOP floor revolt in the House, which has called attention to Democratic inaction on drilling for oil here at home.

Conservative talk radio on Monday was ablaze with Graham-bashing, and rightly so. RUSH LIMBAUGH blasted the Gang of 10's 5 Republican turncoats--Graham, Corker, Thune, Chambliss, and Isakson. So vehement was Limbaugh's condemnation of the Senators' terribly misguided actions that Senator Saxby Chambliss--one of the Gang--called into the program.

At issue is the net effect of the plan of the Gang of 10. First, it totally obliterates an issue that is working in the Republicans' favor--doing something NOW about oil and other resources HERE AT HOME. The Democrats are highly vulnerable on this issue due to their being held hostage by enviro-wackos who contribute heavily to their campaigns.

The enviro-wackos want no drilling for oil here at home at all.

But Graham's Gang would have the effect of taking the Democrats off the hook, making it possible for them to escape responsibility for their inaction.

Second, the Gang's plan lays a gift into the lap of Barack Obama, whose plan is similar to the Gang's, and essentially slaps John McCain in the face.

McCain has stated he supports the House GOP plan to drill here, drill now in addition to developing alternative fuels.

What kind of numbskulled, asinine knuckleheads would fly in the face of the stated goals of their own Party's Presidential nominee, who obviously had seized upon an issue that resonates with the public?

Are Graham, Chambliss, Corker, and company trying to get McCain defeated?

According to The Hill, McCain has held off on supporting the Gang of 10's energy plan for the precise reason that it would complicate his campaign. And, since the Senator has already expressed support for the House GOP energy plan, it would be a stupid move to shift support to the Republican turncoats in the Gang of 10.

The House GOP energy proposal is an 'all-of-the-above' approach to the nation's energy needs. This is what McCain has indicated he supports. The Gang of 10's plan is more of the same old 'oil is evil' that we have come to expect from Democrat-Leftwing-environmental extremists.

Evil or not, we need it. This is the real world and not some future utopia where transportation can be fueled by honey that flows from the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

Graham and his GOP wussies in the Gang of 10 need to realize they don't need to compromise with liberal Democrat numbskulls. The American people overwhelmingly support drill here, drill now. And if they can't stand up to the Democrats on THIS issue, then perhaps they shouldn't be in the Senate at all.


In response to Russia's invasion of the sovereign nation of Georgia, Republican Presidential candidate John McCain stated Monday that the nations of the G-7 should call an emergency meeting to discuss a concerted response.

According to CNS News Service, McCain believes the actions of the Russians to be a serious violation of international law. He also stated it was obvious that the Russians have every intention of taking over the country.

In addition to the emergency meeting of the G-7, McCain also called for a special meeting of the North Atlantic Council of NATO in order to demand a cease-fire.

NATO, said McCain, should begin discussing the possibility of sending an international peacekeeping force into Georgia and begin deliberations about future relations with Russia, the implication being that unless Russia stands down there will be serious repercussions concerning its relationship with NATO.

Many international political observers believe that the Russian invasion of Georgia is a signal that we may be entering into a new ominous era reminiscent of the Cold War.

One thing is clear, however. The Russians under Vladimir Putin still believe in the old Soviet Communist ideal of total domination.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/11/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*'The One Way Door of Separation'--it seems the government is giving money to churches if they will only buy into the pc movement of the church of Marxist secularism.
*'The Kenneth Stokes Solution' --this guy wants to ban gun sales at pawn shops.
*'Showdown in Atlanta'--the City of Atlanta squares off against gun owners TODAY. David says this one is one to watch very closely.

Armed and Safe has a MUST-read follow-up to the Mike Vanderboegh letter to the editor that created such a stir in the gun-rights community.

Mike Vanderboegh's 'Revolution' is posted at Western Rifle Shooters Association.

A Keyboard and a .45 gives us a range report.

Snow Flakes in Hell points to the Olympic Babe of the Day--a beautiful girl with a gun!

Folks, this is what it's all about--training non-gun folk to shoot. Nobody does more for this cause than Breda.

Say Uncle says that just when he thought the Democrats were 'getting it,' they put stupid things in their platform. Read it all.

Robb Allen posts 'Gun vs. Taser.'

Mike McCarville reports that most Americans believe that media bias is a bigger problem in the 2008 campaign than large campaign contributions.

Freedom Sight gives us an update on Red's Trading Post and Cavalry Arms.

Alphecca muses over a John McCain-Hillary Clinton ticket.

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel test out their newly-repaired Para included.

WSJ has a riveting op-ed, written by the President of Georgia, on the Russian invasion (h/t to Blogstitution).

Atlas Shrugs provides MUST-read commentary on the invasion, plus the response by John McCain and Barack Obama.

Michelle Malkin provides a helpful update on falling gasoline prices and the GOP's pressure on energy concerns, and has a MUST-read on Barack Obama's lies on abortion.

The Rustmeister points to a post that says Senator Bob Corker dropped the ball on energy policy by joining the Senate's 'Gang of 10.'

Texas Fred reports that he and his wife may be moving to California (for her job). Fred, if you have to do that, better take some strong disinfectant with you out there. The place is full of gun-grabbing Commies.

The Smallest Minority has a story that shows how dangerous the government has become in this country. As the great Ronald Reagan once said, 'The government IS the problem.'

Via Rezkorama, Reality Bytes shows just how far to the Left Barack Obama really is--you gotta see this!

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings reports the ominous news that Barack Obama supports the global tax from the U.N.

Syd at Front Sight, Press has a MOST interesting read on caliber snobbery. I suppose I fit into that category. I simply don't like the smaller caliber handguns, and frankly, I think they can be dangerous in a critical situation.

Russia Seeks Return to Soviet Domination

It is clear that with Vladimir Putin's invasion of the sovereign nation of Georgia, Russia is seeking to return to the old days of Soviet domination in the region.

The former province of the USSR had sought and won its independence from Russia at the end of the Cold War. As long as former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was at the helm, Georgia could be assured of its continued independence.

But with the ascension of former KGB operative Vladimir Putin to the nation's highest office, political observers have noticed a distinct turn away from the reforms accomplished under Mikael Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin and a gradual return to the oppressive policies of the old Communist USSR.

The relatively small nation of Georgia is no match for the Russian army. When the tanks rolled in, Georgian citizens were clearly outnumbered and overpowered. Reports from Moscow indicate that Putin plans to send in even more tanks and troops.

Clearly, the intent is a complete takeover of the country, which many analysts say poses an ominous threat to the region and may signal the beginning of a new Cold War.

European nations in particular have grave concerns about the Russian violation and its ramifications for other nations in the region.

Make no mistake, Putin is a Communist and never stopped being a Communist, though in the early part of his regime he acted as if he were a reformer in the tradition of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The KGB agent in him is too strong and too powerful. His tactics were born in the bowels of the KGB. And his goal is Russian dominance in the tradition of Stalin, Kruschev, and Brezhnev.

The entire community of the free world should unanimously and strongly condemn Russia for its act of aggression against a basically defenseless sovereign nation.

And unless the Russian army stands down, there should be swift and resolute military consequences initiated by the West.

Gearing Up for Day 7

Today marks Day 7 of the GOP floor revolt in the U.S. House of Representatives. The GOP is calling for Nancy Pelosi to call Congress back in session in order to deal with the nation's energy needs.

As we gear up for Day 7, I thought it would be beneficial to provide the observations of a blogger on the scene--a writer who was present in the House Chamber on Friday, as well as earlier in the week.

These are first-hand observations of a member of 'the new media'--a citizen journalist who blogs. These reports show House Republicans in action, assertively providing the leadership needed to get America rolling on oil drilling, wind and solar power, fuel cell technology, as well as a host of other alternative sources of energy.

Read both reports in their entirety. This is America at work.
*Report on Day 6--Friday
*Report on Day 5--Thursday

Sunday, August 10, 2008

3 Key Questions

The story, or at least John Edwards' version of it, simply makes no sense.

His statement to the Press on Friday raises more questions than it answers. But he ended his remarks by saying that after giving the statement he would say nothing more about the matter.

How convenient.

Here are 3 key questions for Senator Edwards:

1. Now that we know Rielle Hunter, your supposed 'ex' mistress, will refuse to participate in a paternity test for her child, doesn't that make your offer of 'taking any test to prove you are not the father' just a tad disingenuous, particularly if you knew in advance she would refuse to participate, making your offer a moot point?

2. If Rielle is indeed your 'ex' mistress and the child is not yours, then what were you doing with them in her hotel room in Beverly Hills on the night of July 21, from roughly 10 PM until roughly 3 AM?

3. If you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are not the father of the child, then why didn't you go ahead and have the paternity test in advance, making the results known to reporters and the world when you made your 'confession' on Friday? If such a test would prove you are not the father, then having the results available as soon as you finally admitted to the sordid mess would certainly have put an immediate stop to the speculation.

Until John Edwards answers these 3 key questions, then we can only assume he has more to hide--much more to hide.

The National Enquirer insists that it has more information and more pictures, including video footage.

And contrary to the notion that such things are 'private' and have no business being reported in the news, such things are vital to the public interest. The voters have a right to know about the character of the person they are considering supporting, right?

After all, this is the common mantra of the media and liberals every time a conservative or Republican is caught in a sex scandal.

Edwards has always held out his family and marriage as stellar examples of his character. Now we know of the hypocrisy of that tactic. He has not been who he says he is, and THAT is news.

My hunch is that Edwards threw the Press a bone to chew on in order to try to squelch the story and move on without telling the whole story. In that sense he is still lying, and there is much more to this story than the small part Edwards made public.

If the National Enquirer is telling the truth, then what Edwards stated on Friday is only the tip of the iceberg.

S.C. GOP Senator Joins Anti-Drilling Democrats

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, has joined the so-called Senate 'Gang of 10' that is working on an energy bill that will placate anti-drilling Democrats.

The 'Gang' is comprised of 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans. Fair enough. But the Republicans in the Gang have basically sold out to those liberals who are against oil drilling in the very areas that are richest in crude.

GOP Congressmen and Senators who are now demanding that Democrats return to work and join them in 'drill here, drill now' are incensed that these 5 Republicans would go for such a sham, particularly when it would effectively shut down the floor revolt the GOP has mounted on an issue that finds broad support in the electorate--offshore drilling in the areas shown to be rich in crude oil.

Graham is joined by Republican Senators Saxby Chambliss, John Thune, Bob Corker, and Johnny Isakson in this slap in the face of their colleagues who demand action on drilling, and drilling without miles and miles of restrictions and red tape.

The bill that the Gang of 10 supports would not allow drilling within 50 miles of the coastline--the very area where there are some of the richest crude oil fields. Drilling is limited to only 4 coastal states and then only if the state legislatures approve it. ANWR is still off limits. And get this--federal taxes will be raised on oil companies to pay for developing 'alternative fuels.'

Nancy Pelosi and the Sierra Club couldn't have asked for a greater gift.

On the other hand, the bill that House Republicans demand includes provisions for drilling anywhere in the offshore region where there is an ample supply of crude. ANWR is included in the plan. This is key. If we don't get our own oil there, the U.N. has already said it will, and Democrats are ready to give it to them!

In addition, the GOP plan in the House includes development of wind, solar, nuclear, coal, and hydrogen fuel cell technology. And it does not call for more federal taxes on oil companies, which already pay over 50% of their profits in taxes. This is in addition to the cents-per-gallon taxes the government collects at the pump.

In South Carolina politics, Graham is an enigma. When it comes to certain issues he can certainly sound as conservative as any. But on some major key issues he is nothing more than a RINO.

In contrast, S.C.'s other GOP Senator, Jim DeMint, is a stalwart conservative all the way. DeMint is leading the effort in the Senate to get Harry Reid and the Democrats to delete the ban on offshore oil drilling from the 2009 budget resolution.

DeMint has also threatened to shut down the government, i.e., approve no budget at all, unless the ban on offshore drilling is lifted. THAT is leadership.

Graham is in a re-election bid this November with very little serious opposition. But the problem is that he has already created opposition within his own Party in South Carolina by supporting measures that conservatives deplore.

The fact that he is part of this 'Gang of 10' certainly does nothing to improve his image.

Read more about the 'Gang of 10' at