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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Transcripts of Final Report on Duke Rape Hoax

Washington, DC (TLS). North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper has issued the final report on the Duke lacrosse rape case. The 21-page document, which fully proclaims the innocence of the three accused Duke students, concludes that none of the charges made by accuser Crystal Mangum could be corroborated by supporting evidence.

In fact, the report makes clear that NONE of the claims of the accuser actually took place.

Thus, this particular chapter in one of the most sordid and shameful sagas in American jurisprudence is closed. But the story is far from over. There will be lawsuits a-plenty. And then there is the subject of Mike Nifong's fate before the N.C. Bar, and potentially before a criminal court.

So there is much more to come.

The full transcripts of the final report can be found here:

ALERT! H.R. 297 Gun Rights Ban on Fast Track

Washington, DC (TLS). Little Chucky Schumer was on Bill O'Reilly recently to talk about gun control. Since the Democrats took control of Congress, they have basically laid low on the subject of guns, with the exception of the introduction of the McCarthy bill. But the lack of support led McCarthy to state that gun control was dead in this Congress.

However, the Virginia Tech massacre has the gun-grabbers coming out of the woodwork, seizing the actions of one crazed madman to enact massive, sweeping gun control legislation upon law-abiding citizens. Little Chucky has a plan, and it ain't pretty.

In a bold move that has shocked even the most astute observers of Congress, Schumer and his colleagues are going to try to ram this legislation through Congress BY ACCLAMATION without even as much as a vote!

Clearly, this is an all-out attack on the rights of American citizens. The politicians in Congress do not even have the courage to go on the record with a 'yea' or 'nay' vote.

H.R. 297 will treat gun owners worse than terrorists. It is one terrible piece of legislation, introduced in the name of protecting us against mass murders such as Cho Seung-Hui. It is always interesting as to how politicians will use one single crazed idiot as a tool by which to hit ordinary citizens over the head and rob them of their rights.

GOA has issued yet another alert on this debacle. It is time to contact Congress about this foul scheme to ram through H.R. 297. This will be a major knock-down, drag-out fight that pits the NRA against 2nd Amendment rights, and Republican against Republican.

Perhaps we can garner the support of the so-called 'Blue-Dog' Democrats who have yet to prove they can stop the steam-roller of the ultra-liberal Democratic Congressional machine. If ever there were a time to stop them, the time is now.

Go here to the GOA website for complete information:

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ratings of Democratic Presidential Candidates

Orangeburg, SC (TLS). The first major debate of the upcoming campaign cycle took place tonight in Orangeburg, South Carolina, at the campus of a traditionally black college, South Carolina State University. The University has a first class facility that only bolstered its reputation, and the debate was professionally conducted.

The Democratic candidates gathered on the stage to discuss the major issues of the day and to present their views about America's future.

The Liberty Sphere has rated each of these candidates as a service to those who study politics and public discourse, and to those who are honestly seeking clarification on a myriad of issues that can appear daunting and confusing.

According to the mission statement of The Liberty Sphere, we are here to advocate for groups, candidates, Parties, and organizations that promote human liberty all around the world. Thus, the heart of our rating system revolves around the candidates' views on those issues that we deem to be essential to human liberty.

More about that in a moment.

First, however, we would like to rate the candidates in tonight's debate based upon the strength of their presentation alone. A central element to being a good leader is being a great communicator. We will first rate the candidates based upon their style, manner of presentation, clarity, persuasiveness, and that often elusive quality of ANSWERING THE QUESTION that is posed.

Based upon our analysis of these elements of communication, we feel that John Edwards was strongest. He rarely dodged the question, although he did so a couple of times, and his style of communication was relaxed, succinct, and substantive, all encapsulated in a pleasant, deliberative demeanor that came across very well.

Three candidates tied for second place when it comes to strength of presentation...Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Dennis Kucinich. Each of these presented their case very well, but none came up to the level of Edwards.

In third place is Chris Dodd, who is no slouch as a debater but who often came across this evening as a bit tentative at times.

Fourth is Hillary Clinton. Her performance was predictably lackluster and did nothing to change the opinions that have already been formed of her. To those who love her, she did nothing to disappoint. To those who dislike her, she did nothing to persuade the leery.

Surprisingly, Barack Hussein Obama came in fifth. Obama was unusually ill-prepared in our view. He seemed to strain for his sentences, coming off as rather hesitant, disjointed, haphazard, and lacking in his usual energy and charisma. One wonders if this was simply a bad night for of those days when a person is off their game, or if more significantly, being on the same stage with Democratic veterans was sufficiently intimidating to knock him off-balance.

But for whatever reason, Obama certainly did not help his case at all this evening, and if anything he may have hurt himself with many voters.

Coming in last is the former Senator from Alaska, Mike Gravel, who is such an unknown that his performance would be totally unremarkable, except for his striking anger and vitriol. The candidate came across as a gruff, angry, and irritable curmudgeon who is a bit frightening.

Now, on to the more substantive issues.

In rating the candidates in tonight's debate, The Liberty Sphere looked at 8 key issues that are central to the cause of liberty--national defense, taxes, healthcare, gun rights, abortion, the war on terror, U.S. foreign policy, and immigration control.

National defense is the ONLY thing mandated by the U.S. Constitution as a legitimate role of government, other than to protect and preserve basic human freedom. Without a strong defense, we cannot expect to maintain liberty in a world full of oppression and danger.

Taxes can be oppressive or they can be an adjunct to a healthy society. When taxes become so burdensome that average citizens feel oppressed, with little or no recourse or adequate representation, then liberty suffers. Currently the U.S. Tax Code is oppressive by its sheer size, scope, and contradictory provisions, leaving the electorate with nothing but mass confusion. The IRS is the single biggest example of taxation without representation in America today.

Healthcare is an issue that collectivists are using presently to take away more of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. If this nation goes with a 'nationalized healthcare plan' funded by tax dollars, all freedom of choice goes out the window both on the part of patients AND doctors.

Gun rights are paramount in the preservation of liberty. Enough said.

Abortion is an issue of human freedom due to the fact that no government can maintain the moral authority to govern if it sanctions atrocity, murder, and barbarism. The Supreme Court passed an important corrective to absolute abortion rights by placing rational restrictions on the practice based upon the view that even medical procedures should be humane and not barbaric. Partial birth abortion is simply barbaric, and every single Democratic candidate stated on the record that they oppose the recent Court decision to ban this blood-thirsty, savage procedure.

This alone was enough to rob every single candidate of a top rating.

America must fight the War on Terror with the resolve to win or else we will not exist as a nation. Our enemies have sworn our annihilation. To back off, cut and run, or proclaim defeat is to accept our demise. We can do much better. The Democrats have little to offer in this most important endeavor.

U.S. foreign policy is crucial in the preservation of liberty. Do we stand with the EU with its Leftist leanings? Do we continue to support the U.N., which has become an organization of murderous thugs that bash America constantly? Or do we stand with our friends, such as NATO, Israel, Australia, Japan, and the eastern European block?

The support of Leftists and their anti-American rhetoric is a prescription for disaster for liberty.

Finally, without immigration control the nation is lost as a bastion of freedom. We CANNOT continue to allow non-citizens to come here illegally, benefit from our way of life without a willingness to adopt our language and customs, and make a mockery out of law-abiding immigrants who obey the law and go through the legal procedure for becoming citizens.

We MUST begin to enforce the nation's immigration laws, or else every single freedom for which our forefathers fought will come to naught.

Thus, based on these 8 key, critical issues that are central to the cause of liberty, The Liberty Sphere rates the Democratic candidates as follows, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best score), based upon tonight's debate and the previously-stated views of the candidates:

Governor Bill Richardson--6
Former Senator John Edwards--4
Senator Hillary Clinton--2
Senator Joseph Biden--2
Senator Chris Dodd--2
Rep. Dennis Kucinich--1
Senator Barach Obama--1
Former Senator Mike Gravel--1

As you will note from our ratings, of the 8 Democratic candidates in tonight's debate, Bill Richardson rates way ahead of the pack on the issues that impact liberty. But even then he has rated only a '6.' Thus, while there are aspects of Richardson's views that are encouraging, such as his stance on gun rights, there is actually little to recommend any of the Democrats thus far as potential guardians of our precious liberties.

Update on Overweight North Carolina Boy

Columbus, NC (TLS). Joyce Painter, the mother of the overweight boy who was seized by the North Carolina Department of Social Services, states that she has a court hearing scheduled for Monday morning in an attempt to regain custody of her son.

Painter's nightmare resulted from being investigated by DSS due to her son's weight. The boy is 7 years old and weighs 250 pounds.

Despite Painter's documented consultation with numerous physicians concerning her son's obesity, DSS officials decided to go aggressive. In the weeks prior to his being snatched from his Mother by government officials, the boy had lost 14 pounds in a special program for obese children at Duke University.

In spite of the progress, DSS officials proceeded to seize the boy, remove him from the home, and then 'ask around' about Mrs. Painter's food choices at the local grocery store.

Outraged store employees contacted the news media about the tactics of DSS officials. Yet thus far, no amount of public outrage about this case has been enough to move DSS one inch away from their heavy-handed, gestapo tactics.

My friends, if the government Gestapo can seize a child because they deem him to be 'too fat,' then no parent in North Carolina is safe from the outrageous intrusion of DSS.

What will be next? Removing a child from a home because grandpa comes over once a week and smokes a cigar during his visit?

Give me a break. This stuff is WAY over the top.

Former Ware Shoals Principal Gets New Job

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). Former Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell, who was relieved of her duties this week by the School Board, has been given a new assignment in the technology department of the district office.

Blackwell will begin her new assignment Monday morning.

The Ware Shoals School Board decided this week after more than 20 hours of testimony that although they feel there is no evidence to implicate Blackwell in any wrongdoing, it is a prudent course to reassign her, given the publicity of the scandal at the high school which she served as principal.

Thus, although the Board removed Blackwell as principal of the high school, they agreed that she could remain as an employee of the school district.

Blackwell's woes began when law enforcement officials charged former cheerleader coach Jill Moore with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The Sheriff's department charged Blackwell with obstruction in their investigation of Moore.

Upon her arrest, Moore resigned as a school employee. Blackwell, however, maintained her innocence and requested hearings before the School Board to make her case for continued employment with the Ware Shoals School District.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Capitalist in All of Us

Washington, DC (TLS). The venerable Walter Williams (our favorite intellectual) put forth a proposal in a recent column that put our minds into overdrive. His column was on the subject of tobacco smoke and how much smoke-free air is worth to those who seem determined to ban smoking entirely.

Williams decided to try a little experiment. It went something like this. When a sponsor called to ask Williams to deliver a keynote address, he would say, 'Yes, I will do it, but only if I am allowed to smoke.'

The last time he tried this the sponsor was a representative in the U.S. Congress who had asked Williams to deliver an address in one of the forum rooms at the U.S. Capitol. Smoking, of course, is not allowed in those particular areas.

Williams informed his sponsor that he would not come unless he were allowed to smoke.

The Congressman got permission for Williams to smoke. Why? Because he placed more value on Williams' words of wisdom than he did smoke-free air.

This got us to thinking. Perhaps we could try this experiment on a more personal level, such as a private residence.

You see, I maintain that no matter how vehemently certain persons denounce capitalism, there is a capitalist lurking inside each and every member of the human race. How do I know this? Because everyone has their price.

In this case, I wanted to know how much a smoke-free environment in a private residence was worth to the owners.

I realized there are those who cannot under any circumstance be around tobacco smoke for various reasons, such as allergies, asthma, or other various and sundry lung problems that effect breathing. In those circumstances, no price can be placed on the value of smoke-free most cases. But certainly not all. Even many of those have a price. regardless of their health status.

My experiment would commence on a recent trip out of town to a place where I was covering a story in East Tennessee. I was to stay in the home of some close friends overnight. These friends are non-smokers.

After I had come in from a long day, we shared a meal and settled down to a DVD and some fine Scotch. This seemed a good time to begin my experiment. So, I asked, 'I know you folks don't smoke, but I gotta tell ya, this Scotch just seems to cry out for a good cigar. How much are you willing to take as payment for granting me permission to smoke?'

They looked at each other with an uncomfortable but amused deportment, and stated that they did not want any smoke in the house, period. It was then that I upped the ante.

'Would you take 100 bucks for the right to smoke?'

This brought forth laughter. When they saw I was dead-serious, they said, once again, 'We don't place a premium on smoke-free air.'

I calmly stated, 'Ok, I understand, but I do believe that everyone has their price. And I sure would like a cigar with this Scotch. So, would you take 500 bucks?'

The amused and uncomfortable deportment changed almost immediately to dead-seriousness.

'You would pay us 500 dollars to allow you to smoke your cigar?'

'I sure would,' I said.

They whispered to each other for a bit, and then said they didn't know if 500 would be enough, given the fact that they would need to deodorize their furniture and clothing.

Then, I dropped the biggie on them. I said, 'Ok, I want to be completely fair about this. I am willing to give you 1000 dollars to smoke. 1000 cash.'

The wife looked at her husband in astonishment and said, 'Dang, honey, that will pay for 6 months' worth of your medication!' Her husband has a digestive disorder.

'One thousand dollars in cash, tonight, for the permission to smoke your cigar....' they said.

'That's right,' I said, '1000 big ones, cash on the barrel-head.'

They looked at each other and nodded. 'We'll take it!!'

I gave them the 1000 bucks, I lit up my cigar, and everyone was happy--that is, with the exception of that part of me that was moaning over the fact that I just dropped 1000 big ones just to prove a point.

Thus, in this case, smoke-free air inside a private residence was worth the grand sum of 1000 dollars. They can denounce smoking with all the righteous indignation they can muster--up to the 1000-dollar line of demarcation.

But 1000 dollars in cash was their price. For that price they were willing to give up on their insistence on smoke-free air.

My friends, if the price is right, most of our supposed pet peeves go flying out the window, including tobacco smoke. Everyone has a price. And that is why I maintain that inside of every single human being on earth there is a capitalist lurking.

In the frenzied mad dash of municipalities to ban smoking in bars and restaurants and other public places, perhaps business owners should demand to be paid by those municipalities for their clean air. How much is that clean air worth to the municipality? After all, it is that municipality that is demanding that business owners stop a practice inside of a privately-owned enterprise, thus meddling in the affairs of private property owners.

If those municipalities and taxpayers who demand a smoke-free environment are truly serious about the issue of smoke-free air, then how much is it worth to them? As a business owner I would demand that the municipality pay me 5000 bucks per month to prevent my customers from smoking.

If the taxpayers and the city officials think that smoke-free air is not worth 5000 bucks per month, then maybe they are not all that serious about the importance of 'clean air.' After all, I lose business when I prevent my smoking customers from smoking. Plus, you would be so pompous as to assume you have any right whatsoever to interfere in what happens on private property--which you do not. It seems to me that 5000 bucks per month is a fair price to ask for the right to dictate how I treat my customers and to insure smoke-free air.

Do I expect this to get anywhere with these collectivists who interfere in private enterprise? No. The 'pc' police in most metropolitan areas is much too strong and much too oblivious to common sense.

Vast Ignorance of American History

Washington, DC (TLS). For one reason or another, the United States has produced a generation or two of persons who exhibit a vast ignorance of American history. This is partly due to the dumbing down of the U.S. educational system, which is reluctant to reward students on the basis of merit for the fear of harming their 'self-esteem.'

At any rate, vast numbers of Americans are woefully ignorant of our nation's history, the nature of its form of government and how that government is supposed to work, and the importance of the private sector in American life--including the importance of private property and private, free enterprise.

Today there are many out there who are all too willing to exploit this ignorance for either ill-gotten gain or for subversive purposes.

Walter Williams exposes these charlatans in this eye-opening article:

What's Going on with Cities that Defy U.S. Law?

Washington, DC (TLS). First it was San Francisco. Now Oakland. And of course, Virginia Beach has been caught red-handed doing the very same thing.

What do these and other U.S. cities have in common?

They are breaking the law. In fact, they are committing felonies.

The Mayor of San Francisco stated earlier this week that his city would be a 'safe haven' for illegal aliens and would defy any federal order to stop the practice. Today, we received word that Oakland will do the very same thing.

Several weeks ago, Virginia Beach, Virginia was exposed by Bill O'Reilley for being a town that defies U.S. law by granting safe haven to foreign law-breakers.

There are several salient points we need to remember about this practice.

First, if the federal government allows these cities to get away with this, then George Wallace and the cities of Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama were correct in defying de-segregation orders from the federal government during the Civil Rights era.

In short, if Constitutional law is not the prevailing law of the land--the entirety of the land--then those towns in Alabama had as much a right to defy the law by continuing segregation as San Francisco has to defy the U.S. Code in aiding and abetting illegal aliens (which is a felony).

Second, if these cities persist in defying federal law, then the rest of the country should demand that Congress immediately withdraw the funding of millions of dollars' worth of projects that benefit those cities, using our tax dollars. I don't want my tax money being used to support a municipality that willfully and openly defies the law of the land. And, to be fair, these cities should not even expect the government to give them any money, since they obviously have no respect for its Constitution and laws.

In addition, we should also make it clear to these towns that they will no longer be afforded the
protection of the U.S. military in the event of a terrorist attack or any other siege upon them.

If they don't play by the same rules that the rest of us are forced to play by, then they don't get the defense of the military I proudly support--particularly a place like San Francisco, which is unabashedly anti-military.

They can fend for themselves if they are attacked.

Third, it is time we began to demand that our elected officials enforce the provisions of the U.S. Code, which clearly states that aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony that carries with it certain punishments determined by the courts.

City government officials who defy the law and openly encourage others to do so should be immediately arrested and sent to jail. Once they are charged with the felonies they have committed, they can then argue their case in a court of law.

So, what, exactly, is preventing the immediate arrest of the Mayors of San Francisco, Oakland, Virginia Beach, and other so-called 'safe haven' cities? They have openly stated before all of America that they are defying the law and will continue to do so. We have them on tape stating these things. It should be fairly easy to prove in court that they are guilty of felonies.

Why are we not enforcing the rule of law in this country?

As it stands now, these are renegade cities that are run by renegade, out of control Mayors and other city officials. If we let them do this, then how can we with any integrity enforce ANY federal law ANYWHERE?

What if my town down south decides that it is going to be a 'safe haven' city for members of the Klu Klux Klan who are on the run from the FBI?

If San Francisco can pull this shameful, in-your-face defiance of the rule of law, then what is to prevent any town in America from doing the same thing with OTHER issues?

Until this practice is stopped cold by placing city officials under arrest and charged with felonies, then this nation is on the brink of imploding from the lack of the moral authority to govern. Without the rule of law as established by the Constitution and the U.S. Code, then we are stuck in a time-warp prior to the Civil War when some of us thought that local governments could defy federal law.

We already fought one war over that issue. We don't need another one. Put the perpetrators in jail where they belong.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cho an Islamic Terrorist, Says Virginia Cop

Washington, DC (TLS). Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs has received some explosive new information concerning Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung Hui. According to a Virginia law enforcement official who has seen the text of the manifesto (which is still being withheld from the public), Cho quotes extensively from the Koran.

In addition, Cho's manner of shaving himself before a terrorist attack is reminiscent of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

All of this is in addition to his taking on an Islamic name prior to the massacre--Ishmail Ax.

This is big news, folks. So, click on the link below and go over to Atlas Shrugs to read this story. Read ALL of it. The most damning part of the videos have not yet been released, either!

Click here now:

The Electability Factor--A New Look at Rudy

Washington, DC (TLS). Many conservative groups are taking a new look at Rudy Giuliani. The key issue at play--electability. Many believe that of the announced candidates, Giuliani is the one most likely to defeat either Hillary or Obama in November of 2008.

At the present time, they have the facts on their side.

Take Hillary, for example. In New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Giuliani beats Hillary by ELEVEN POINTS in a head-to-head matchup, if the election were held today. In Florida, the race is tighter, but Giuliani is still ahead. In Ohio the two are in a dead-heat.

What does all of this mean? It means that Giuliani is strong in those states where Republicans have been weak in the past four Presidential elections.

It is for this reason that many staunch conservative groups, evangelical Christians included, are taking a second look a Rudy Giuliani. When compared to Hillary or Obama, Giuliani is a Jerry Falwell conservative.

All of this information assumes that Fred Thompson is not in the race, since he has not announced. It is generally believed that Thompson would also run a very strong campaign against Hillary and Obama.

Read the entire report here:

Gun Grabbers on the March--H.R.297

Washington, DC (TLS). No matter what the Democrats in Washington say publicly about there being no serious challenge to gun rights in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, it is clear that the gun-grabbers are on the march with a vengeance.

H.R. 297 has been introduced in the House--the Dingell-McCarthy bill, which if enacted will take the Brady Bill to new heights in rolling back 2nd Amendment rights.

This bill is so serious and damaging that Gun Owners of America issued a special 'GOA Alert' to notify its members of an all-out effort to get this measure defeated. GOA states that this piece of legislation, under the guise of closing the so-called 'background check loophole,' will prevent millions of honest, law-abiding Americans from buying firearms.

For example, if you are a military Veteran who has suffered at any point in the past from post-traumatic stress disorder, you will be prevented from owning a gun under the provisions of this bill.

Your country called on you to bear a gun in the defense of this nation, yet your country is getting ready to claim you are unfit to bear a gun as a civilian, if this measure is passed.


Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-New York, has failed in getting broad support for her relentless attempts at banning weapons thus far. She attempted to get us to lower our alert level by stating publicly this week that 'this Congress is pro-gun. There will be no anti-gun legislation from this Congress.'

McCarthy lied.

No sooner had she made that statement than she had introduced H.R. 297 along with Rep. Dingell. The two apparently have now gained some allies and support from some strange bedfellows, including some top Republicans and the NRA!

This bill is a farce and should be defeated. It is nothing more than one more veiled attempt at preventing millions of ordinary citizens from gaining access to guns.

Read the GOA Alert here:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blackwell Ousted as Principal of Ware Shoals High

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). In a meeting that lasted until 2 AM, the Ware Shoals School Board decided to remove Jane Blackwell as principal of Ware Shoals High School in the wake of the scandal that involved former cheerleader coach Jill Moore.

Blackwell will be reassigned to another position within the school district, however.

This suggests that the Board accepted the core of Blackwell's position of innocence, yet it was felt that to return Blackwell to her former position as principal of the high school where the cheerleader sex scandal took place would be ill-advised.

Blackwell still faces charges of obstruction.

Thus, this particular chapter of the scandal that brought international attention to Ware Shoals is closed. But there is much more to come. Blackwell has yet to have her day in court. Circuit Solicitor Jerry Peace still has to decide if there is enough evidence to prosecute Blackwell.

And then, there is the whole matter of Jill Moore.

Moore is charged with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She is not charged with criminal sexual conduct, according to the Circuit Solicitor's office, because the cheerleaders involved in the scandal were all over the legal age of consent.

N.C. Food Police Snatch Overweight Boy

Columbus, NC (TLS). Joyce Painter, of Polk County, North Carolina, is back in the news concerning the custody of her 7-year-old overweight son. Painter has informed the media that North Carolina DSS officials have called her to inform her of their intention to file a motion in court to seize custody of the Painter boy.

This is in spite of the fact that the boy has lost 14 pounds at a specially supervised program for overweight children at Duke University.

The Liberty Sphere reported on this case several weeks ago when it came to our attention that the gestapo-like tactics of the N.C. Department of Social Services had placed Mrs. Painter in a quandary. They told her that her son was too fat. They told her if he did not lose weight he would be removed from the home.

The jackbooted government thugs even went to Mrs. Painter's local supermarket to inquire about her food-buying action that resulted in the supermarket contacting the local news media to complain about the heavy-handed tactics of DSS.

A local TV News station sent a reporter and a camera to the Painter home to confront the Social Worker from DSS concerning their questionable tactics in dealing with the case. The case worker stated she could not conduct the meeting due to 'confidentiality issues.'

This is in spite of the fact that DSS had already violated confidentiality by going to Mrs. Painter's grocery store to 'ask around' about whether or not she had been buying 'treats' for her son.

And now, in spite of the fact that the Painter boy is losing weight, DSS plans to proceed with the motion for a court order to remove the boy from the home.

We at The Liberty Sphere have never attempted to hide our utter disdain for government power run amok. If ever there were an example of the ominous tentacles of 'big brother,' this is it. It seems to us that a court order is in order, order to shut down the Polk County DSS pending a full investigation into unprofessional conduct, harassment, bullying, and gestapo tactics aimed at Mrs. Painter, simply because her son is overweight.

Let the food police be damned.

School Board Meeting in Ware Shoals Drags On

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). The Ware Shoals School Board's meeting to determine the fate of high school principal Jane Blackwell is dragging into the wee hours of the morning, with the decision concerning Blackwell's continued employment still hanging in the balance.

News sources report that in spite of the fact that the Board has made its decision concerning Blackwell continuing as principal of Ware Shoals High School, the Board is delaying the announcement of that decision so that it can provide a complete oral report of all of the testimony that led to its decision.

This means that page after page of testimony is being read at the meeting prior to making the announcement concerning Blackwell.

Blackwell has consistently maintained her innocence of the obstruction charge resulting from the investigation into former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore and the cheerleader sex scandal that involved two S.C. National Guardsmen.

The Ware Shoals School Board began today's meeting at 5:30 PM, and as of this moment the meeting is dragging on as the Board provides full details of all of the information it gathered concerning Blackwell's handling of the Jill Moore-Cheerleader scandal.

At the present rate, it could take the Board several more hours to complete the reading of the testimony.

The Liberty Sphere will provide an update as soon as it is available.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Announcement on Jane Blackwell/Ware Shoals Tonight

Ware Shoals, SC (TLS). The Ware Shoals School Board has informed the media that an announcement concerning Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell's continued employment will be made tonight.

A meeting will be held at 5:30 PM Monday in the Ware Shoals High School Auditorium. The Board had determined that it needed to review all the evidence before making its decision.

In addition, the attorney for Ms. Blackwell stated that he needed to present police report evidence to the Board for review before they take a vote on the employment of his client.

Blackwell was arrested in January for obstruction following a cheerleader scandal at the Ware Shoals High School, involving the activities of former cheerleader coach Jill Moore, who was charged on several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Allegations that Moore had taken several cheerleaders to a local motel to have sex with two National Guard recruiters resulted in disciplinary action and re-assignment for the two National Guardsmen.

The Ware Shoals School Board for the first time heard Blackwell's side of the story at a special meeting two weeks ago. That meeting went behind closed doors when WSPA-TV channel 7, a CBS affiliate, refused to turn off its cameras during the testimony period of the meeting, as requested days prior to the meeting.

The Board had indicated that it was willing to consider allowing Blackwell to keep her job as principal of Ware Shoals High School if she could demonstrate that she had no intent to obstruct an investigation into Moore.

At tonight's meeting, the Board will review prior testimony, hear further evidence from Blackwell's attorney, and then go into executive session for a vote on Blackwell's continued employment. A Board spokesman stated that when a decision is reached, the Board will make a statement to the media this evening.

The Liberty Sphere will keep you updated on breaking developments....

Transcripts on April 13 Nifong Bar Hearing

Durham, NC (TLS). The North Carolina Bar is continuing its investigation into charges of prosecutorial misconduct, lying to the court, and ethics violations on the part of Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong.

A hearing of the Bar was held on April 13. A transcript of that hearing is available below.

Nifong's legal woes began in the aftermath of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax scandal, the result of which was the proclamation of complete innocence of the students by N.C. Attorney-General Roy Cooper. Nifong's gross mishandling of the case, including that of prosecuting three innocent citizens for political gain, sent him before the Bar for possible disciplinary action that could result in his disbarment.

Liestoppers has provided the complete transcripts of the April 13 hearing. Click here to read:

Virginia Tech History--Concealed Guns Save Lives

Blacksburg, Virginia (TLS). Before Virginia Tech enacted a ban on guns on campus, a crazed gunman was subdued by students who were carrying handguns, resulting in a minimum of loss of life. This was five years ago.

Before being subdued by gun-totin' students, the gunman had shot and killed three persons on campus and injured three others--a far cry from the 32 killed and 15 injured last week on a campus that had made sure its students were disarmed and unable to defend themselves.

This story is being retold time and again across the country in similar situations. Citizens who are allowed to carry firearms minimize the loss of life in the face of crazed murderers. Unarmed citizens are sitting ducks.

Virginia Tech made sure its students were sitting ducks through its ridiculous and totally illogical ban on guns.

Read the complete story here:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Dog Who Stole My Heart Away

Saluda, NC (TLS). As soon as I first saw him he was my dog. He was a bit shy at first, exhibiting the natural reluctance of a sensitive canine who had been given away three times. I vowed that very day that no one would ever give him away again, and frankly, I could never understand for what good reason 3 different persons would give away a dog with so much to offer. He was loving, playful, loyal, protective, and very smart.

I kept him with me throughout the night so as to engage in that often elusive but most definite phenomenon known as 'bonding.' He was small enough to sleep comfortably in my queen-sized bed. I wondered how he would respond to being with a complete stranger. But when he approached me wagging his tail, licking my hand, and exhibiting the body language of submission, I knew that the bonding had begun.

Beau was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, a 5-year-old black Lhasa-Apso/Poodle mix. He had the personality of a Lhasa and the keen intelligence of a Poodle. I never ceased to be amazed at the many ways he read my moods, and responded accordingly.

He took care of me as no human being has known how to do, with the exception of my Mother. Fiercely protective and uniquely loyal, he could be ferocious in the face of those he thought meant me harm. He then would gaze at me with those piercing and longing eyes for the slightest hint of approval. He would watch me intently until I patted his head and told him what a good boy he was, and how he had done a good job.

Then, he would wag his tail and lick my hand as if to say, 'I'm glad you approve of me.'

There was never a day that went by in nearly eleven years that I did not approve of him. He was in my thoughts whenever I was away from him. I could not wait until I got home so that I could join him in a glad reunion. He always acted as if I had been gone for weeks and would whimper and whine for several minutes while I rubbed him and patted his little head.

Gradually Beau grew old, and with age came the normal aches and pains--and illnesses. His cataracts gradually took 80% of his sight. His hearing went bad. In his last months of life he had begun to have occasional seizures. And, I could tell he was having some difficulty with his joints.

I had considered euthanasia and had promised myself that I would do it if I perceived he was in constant severe pain. But I never had to make that decision.

One day I heard him wail--a chilling sound that made my heart sink. I had never heard him make that sound before, so I picked him up and cuddled him for a while. He gave me one or two slight licks. I could tell he was tired, so I laid him on his blanket beside me on the sofa.

He immediately went to sleep after giving me one small lick. He rested all night without pain.

I had determined that come morning I would check into arrangements for euthanasia.

Throughout the night Beau slept...snoring. This was nothing new, and I took comfort in the fact that as long as he was snoring he was sleeping comfortably. But with the breaking of the dawn I noticed that the snoring became labored and erratic.

And then there was complete silence.

I reached over and rubbed him, but Beau was gone.

I was struck by the peaceful look of satisfaction on his face. He was just as beautiful in death as he was in life.

It dawned on me that he had died in the manner he had chosen--to be with me at the final moment. That was why he gave me that loud moan I never heard before. He was telling me it was time and that he wanted to be with me.

Beau had been my constant companion, my friend, my baby, for eleven wonderful years. I will always miss him and love him. As the days go by I am only reminded even more of the hole he left in my heart with his passing.

He was simply the very best--the best that ever was. I will have other dogs, no doubt. But there will never be another dog like Beau, the one dog in my entire life who stole my heart away.

Coulter Makes the Case for Concealed Carry

Washington, DC (TLS). Ann Coulter's latest column makes the case for allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre. Virginia Tech is a 'gun-free zone.' Thus, no law abiding citizen was allowed to carry their concealed handguns on the campus. They were sitting ducks for a madman like Cho Seung-Hui.

As we saw with the case of the Muslim who went on a shooting spree in Salt Lake City, a concealed handgun carried by an off-duty police officer took down the perpetrator before he could take more lives.

Had someone been on the campus of Virginia Tech with such a concealed weapon, Cho would have been gunned down long before his rampage became the largest single-perpetrator massacre in U.S. history.

Click here for Ann's article:

The Case for a Fred Thompson Candidacy

Washington, DC (TLS). As they say in politics, things can change overnight. But in these days of instantaneous coverage on the Internet and the primaries moving up to February of 2008, things can change on a dime.

We still have some time to go before we can make any definitive commitment to THE one candidate who can unite libertarians, conservatives, and others who adhere to the principles of the U.S. Constitution. We still like Duncan Hunter, but as the days go by, unless Hunter can begin to amass a war chest that will make him competitive, the likelihood of his being the Republican nominee slowly fades.

Despite Newt Gingrich's popularity with conservatives, and despite his obvious gifts and grasp of the issues, he nonetheless has some negatives that make me nervous...particularly if he is in a showdown with Hillary Clinton. I am not certain that the general population would go for Newt.

This bring us to Fred Thompson. As we have reported on The Liberty Sphere, Thompson's immediate popularity after the mere hint he may run has given conservatives reason to hope again. There are many reasons why Fred Thompson should throw his hat into the ring.

First, Thompson has instant name and face recognition. With that comes free coverage that all the money in the world can't buy. Wherever he goes there is an entourage of admirers and news reporters. The man simply creates a sense of excitement wherever he goes.

This means the campaign cash will most definitely come rolling in.

Second, Thompson has all the right qualities libertarians, conservatives, and independents are looking for--populist appeal, charisma, the quiet but firm resolve of a strong leader, great communication skills, and a very public and no-nonsense support for gun rights, border security, immigration reform, tax cuts, a strong military presence in a dangerous world, and an intent to appoint judges who demonstrate that they have reverence for and are restrained by the U.S. Constitution.

And that means that original intent is the primary guiding principle in interpreting the Constitution.

Third, Thompson doesn't need to be President. This is more important than most people realize. When one reads the writings of the great American statesmen of the past, one gets the strong notion that these men did not enter the public arena because they had some burning personal or selfish desire to be 'career politicians.' They were constrained to enter politics because of the burning issues of the day that had to be addressed.

We have been stung far too many times by career politicians who have had a selfish desire their entire lives to either be President or serve in the Congress. These offices should never be occupied by the power-hungry, but sometimes they are. Ambition can be a good thing, but only to a degree. Selfish ambition in politics is dangerous.

Fred Thompson is not driven by some overriding personal and selfish need to be President. He has had a very successful career both as an attorney and as an actor. One gets the sense from Thompson that he is considering entering the race because of a great need, and because citizens who love liberty and freedom--and who believe in the ultimate wisdom of the Constitution--sincerely want him to run.

In this manner he is more like Ronald Reagan than anyone in the field of candidates in either Party. Reagan did not live to be President. He did not crave the power and attention. He had already made his mark and was quite successful--and wealthy--when he entered politics.

But the burning issues of the day beckoned to him. The people who love liberty called to him. And he answered that call magnificently.

It is hoped that Fred Thompson will hear that same call, that same beckoning.

Political pundit and campaign guru Dick Morris has a stunning article on Thompson this week at Morris says that Thompson needs to jump in the race NOW rather than later, or else it may be too late. Read how Morris makes the case for an immediate Thompson candidacy, and how an announcement now will more than likely catapult him to front-runner status:,_runnow!