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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why We Are Not Governed by Majority Rule

'Majority rule,' the simplest definition of 'democracy,' is actually dangerous!

It's a good thing we are not governed by majority rule in this country, although many citizens erroneously believe we are.

This is the subject I examine today in my column at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/17/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner: 'Obama Using Treaties with Foreign Powers to Enact Domestic Gun Control.'

From Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner: 'Senate Must Reject Inter-American Arms Treaty.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost blogs on some acts of idiocy, not the least of which is the latest government action on 'global warming.'

Texas Fred has the latest news on Texas Governor Rick Perry's assertion that Texans would have the right to secede from the Union if they wanted.

From Standing By: 'Armed Self-Defense and the Stop Watch of Death.'

Free in Idaho comments on reports that Obama was 'amused' by the Tax Day Tea Party protests.

2A Musing has a very creative post on collectivism that's worth reading.

Rev. Kharma publishes an excellent read today on Guns, Mexico, and the Department of Homeland Security Report.

Occupied Nashville posts an informative read on the Browning Nomad .22 Pistol--along with photos.

Pax Parabellum muses on what to do next after the Tea Parties.

Walls of the City points to some stupidity on the part of Obama and Georgetown University.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight gives us a heads-up on a possible appointee to the ATF.

Say Uncle provides some more examples of Obama doublespeak on guns.

Alphecca follows-up to that story and shows us why we can't depend on anything Obama says.

Sebastian informs us of national crowd estimates for Wednesday's Tea Parties.

JR has a thorough report, with photos, of the Arlington, Texas Tea Party. Take a look!

Blogonomicon posts an excellent read entitled, 'Texas As a Terror State.' Heh.

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast identifies who the REAL anti-Americans are!

Joe Huffman has the quote of the day from Jeff Cooper.

From An Ol' Broad's Ramblings: 'ZoNation 1' and 'ZoNation 2.'

Napolitano 'Clarifies' But the Die is Cast

Despite Janet Napolitano's 'clarification' on Fox News that she didn't mean to target veterans in that libelous and slanderous report issued by Homeland Security, she actually did very little to assuage the fears of growing numbers of Americans that the Obama administration exhibits a distinct disdain for at least half the population.

This is the subject of my article today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Please click on the link above, read, and pass it along. Thank-you very much for your support.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ALERT! National Guard Told to Consider Tea Party Protesters 'Terrorists'

First, it was Missouri Law Enforcement.

Then, it was a Homeland Security document.

Now, we find that the Obama administration instructed the Maryland National Guard to consider Tea Party protesters as 'potential terrorists,' particularly those who carry copies of the U.S. Constitution!

The Obama administration even referred to the Constitution as 'political paraphernalia!'

My dear readers, I do not wish to engage in meaningless rabble-rousing or sensationalism. That would be counter-productive. But what I am witnessing is one of the most frightening attacks on American liberty we have seen since the days of the Revolutionary War.

Read this complete report!


Let's bombard the Department of Homeland Security with phone calls of protest over the 'Right Wing Extremist' report they issued, where they disparaged, insulted, and labeled veterans, gun owners, Constitutionalists, pro-lifers, and small government advocates as 'potential terrorists.'

Click here for the DHS homepage where you can find all of the pertinent phone numbers.

Remember, it is important to be respectful, focused, brief, and to the point. A great deal of damage can be done by those who call the Department and rant.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/16/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville reports on some heavy fallout from Janet Napolitano's caricature of average citizens, conservatives, and veterans as 'potential homegrown terrorists.'

McCarville also has the quote of the day on this subject from Alan Gottlieb.

Texas Fred has an excellent report on the Dallas-Fort Worth protest yesterday.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has an idea on taxes and voting that is worthy of careful consideration.

The Rustmeister provides a report and pics on the Memphis tax day protest.

Days of our Trailers updates us on the concealed carry movement on campus.

Walls of the City does an excellent job at thoroughly debunking the 'right wing extremist' argument presented in Janet Napolitano's report at the Department of Homeland Security.

Say Uncle provides a link to '10 Reasons to Attend the Second Amendment Blog Bash.'

Sebastian alerts us to some more anti-gun shenanigans at the United Nations.

Robb Allen posts THE ultimate example of the rank stench of pure, unadulterated, aromatic pants shittin' hysterics on guns.

Armed Citizen has a great pictorial report on a tax day protest in Arizona. Take a look.

Roberta X reports that the leftwing loons at Huffington Post must have felt threatened by the Tea Parties across the nation yesterday...

John Jacob H blows the whistle on an Oath Breaker sheriff in North Carolina.

Pax Parabellum has a neat report on a very large Tea Party protest in Nashville.

The Wandering Minstrel provides good reading on 'the evolution of the Second Amendment.'

Nicki's title for this post says it all--'Bring It On, Bitches!'

The War on Guns says that Newbius (of The Newbius Papers) not only went to the Tea Party in D.C. but visited the Brady headquarters while he was in town. Take a look for the complete story.

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner points to some anti-gun propaganda in the Wall St. Journal.

Armed and Safe shows us some twisting of the facts over at the Violence Policy Center.

Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner explains that changing U.S. gun laws won't disarm Mexican drug cartels.

Sipsy Street Irregulars has the absolute must-read of the day. I have been saying for years that the 'Southern Poverty Law Center' of Montgomery, Alabama is an extremist Leftwing organization intent on waging war on our liberties. This piece does a pretty thorough job at proving the point.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has another must-read on America's addiction to big government. And in light of the Tea Parties yesterday, he injects a good dose of reality into what we're facing.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight posts good reading entitled, '5 Lessons of Columbine.' Read it all.

Dark Blog comments on the 'right-wing terrorist' flap at DHS, and reminds us that he warned us this sort of thing was coming. Be sure to click on the links he provides.

Tam provides a good, snarky definition of 'right-wing terrorism.'

Breda posts some pics from the Cleveland Tea Party, where 2000 citizens turned out.

Dr. John Lott has the video of the CNN reporter who argued with a Tea Party attendee and then misrepresented what was going on. But, of course, there is no media bias, right?

Insight on Freedom declared, sadly, that 'old America is gone.' Read it for a good dose of reality.

MOWCA Blog has changed domain addresses. The second is HERE. Paul Davis and company are good at keeping us updated on Wayne Fincher. (H/t to David Codrea).

Complete Report on Tea Party Protests

From what I can tell, the Tea Parties were a resounding success.

You will find a complete report with lots of links at Columbia Conservative Examiner, where I attempted to provide a panoramic view of what happened yesterday in various areas of the country.

And as always, thank-you so much for clicking on the link and reading my articles at the Examiner. It is greatly appreciated.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All I Can Say Is...

...those who were expecting the Tea Party protests to flop today should have come to South Carolina! This relatively small state had multi-thousands to gather today for liberty.

More details a bit later...

Confirmed: ACORN Launches Attack on Tea Parties

Despite assurances to the contrary, ACORN has already launched its attack on the Tax Day Tea Party protests scheduled for today around the nation.

Greenville, South Carolina is GROUND ZERO for the first of these attacks, even before the events take place.

And this is the subject of my column today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Find out what ACORN did to a local business owner who is hosting a pre-Tea Party gathering in his restaurant!

As always, thank-you for clicking on the above link, reading the article, and passing it along.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is a special Liberty Alert.

Barack Obama and his Department of Homeland Security have taken direct aim at the nation's conservatives in a scathing indictment of anyone who basically disagrees with the liberal agenda.

Under the guise of issuing an alert concerning 'rightwing terror groups,' DHS has in effect painted 70% of Americans as potential terrorists.

Be sure to carefully read this report provided by Michelle Malkin, which highlights the dangerous nature of this DHS report--which is a drastic departure from its past practices.

In addition, this special alert became the top-of-the-page headline on The Drudge Report today.

Further, Pamela Geller was one of the first to issue this alert when the story first broke over the weekend. Read it all.

My friends, Obama's war on the American people has begun. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/14/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Sipsy Street Irregulars: 'With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemas?'

Breda has all the info for tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio. The topic will be self-defense, and they are having a very special guest. Click for details.

Alphecca blasts the Washington Post for suggesting the U.S. is the 'big, bad bully' in the Somalian pirate situation.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports that the scuttlebutt has come out on the rescue of Captain Phillips, who was captured by Somalian pirates.

Robb Allen does a side-by-side comparison of a Glock and a KelTec.

Traction Control's commercial site has plenty of guns and ammo for sale for 'buy a gun day,' which is tomorrow. Take a look!

From St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner: 'Gun Show Loophole the Number One Federal Priority for the Citizen Disarmament Lobby?'

Mike McCarville reports that America's gun-buying spree since the election of Barack Obama has not slowed down one bit. The rush on the gun stores continues.

Live from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast has an excellent quote concerning Michael Savage's rant against a certain classification of firearms.

Snarkybytes posts some info on the boomershoot coming up in a few days.

From Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner: 'Why Does Our Government Equate Constitutionalists with Terrorists?' This is the MUST-read of the day.

Western Rifle Shooters Association also has essential reading on the disturbing ignorance of the populace that results in disasters such as Obama.

The Newbius Papers provides good evidence that the Brady Campaign can't handle debate.

Say Uncle points out an NRA Board nominee who is sorely needed at this time. I agree.

Pax Parabellum posts a statement that highlights the stupidity and illogic of liberals.

Nicki enumerates the things that make her purrrr like a kitten, not the least of which has to do with citizens using firearms.

Sebastian reports that 'the Bastard' has started yet another anti-gun group. The Mayor probably realizes his 'Mayors Against Citizen Rights' is fizzling, so he figured he had best start up another travesty of human liberty...

JR, in anticipation of tomorrow's national tax day tea party protests, has a good poster for the event. Take a look!

2A Musing muses on a shooting class he took recently, which includes some comments on the Colt Pocket Hammerless.

21 Guns Salute and his lovely wife are due our congratulations today.

Free in Idaho calls our attention to even more pirates engaging in violations in the wake of the Navy rescue.

Way Up North writes about the unnecessary and ridiculous fuss being made over Sarah Palin by the mainstream media.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight calls our attention to a barefaced liar on the gun issue.

Tam comments on the mainstream media frenzy to whip up support for gun control.

The Rustmeister says that at least one mainstream media outlet has provided a counter-balance to the Commercial Appeal's anti-gun bias.

Days of our Trailers has a link that informs us of the latest anti-gun antics of 'Snuffy' Pfleger in Illinois. Yep, he's baaaaack!

Walls of the City posts a mega-fisking of a bone-headed numbskull. Read it all.

"Gun Control Rhetoric Veers Off Target"

According to the Independent Institute, as the media launches a coordinated effort to bring the gun control agenda back to the front burner of our thinking, a noted criminologist says that the 'facts' they use to back up their point are blatantly false.

My column today at Columbia Conservative Examiner will give you the complete story.

Thank-you again for clicking on the link above, reading the article, and passing it along to others.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/13/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Brigid provides excellent reading, as usual, with this piece on her first experience as an adult with a hunting gun.

CarteachO has a very informative post entitled, 'Improvised Positions--Rifle Practice.'

Dark Blog reports that Obama even has a Hollywood liaison to control information. Read it all at the link.

Days of our Trailers shows us one of the main reasons things are swinging in our favor on gun rights. It's the loony-toons of the gun control movement! Take a look.

Insight on Freedom has a must-read today on gun rights, entitled, 'Shall Not Be Infringed.'

The Rustmeister has an important message for Diane Sawyer. Read it!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost delivers appropriate and well-deserved kudos to the United States Navy.

On a related note, Bloviating Zeppelin informs us of the present ramifications of piracy on the seas.

Walls of the City takes aim at 'waiting periods' for gun purchases.

From Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner: 'Is the ATF Playing Politics with Firearms Classifications?'

From Hofmann's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner: 'Banning 'Assault Weapons' to Protect Gun Rights?'

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides good reading from Friday, in case you missed it, entitled, 'Comrade Pelosi.'

Mike Vanderboegh has a leaflet suitable for handing out at the upcoming Tea Parties, and he makes a valid point about getting the attention of the powers that be in government.

Tam blogs on 'keeping children safe with guns.' Take a look.

Nicki comments on some common sense in Missouri with regard to gun rights.

Standing By points to some excellent reading on 'the anti-success President.'

Pax Parabellum and his wife are both sick with the flu, and they need our thoughts and prayers. But they post this on the lies of the Brady campaign.

From Ride Fast and Shoot Straight: 'New Surrender Monkey.' Good reading. Go. Read.

The Wandering Minstrel gives us some excellent gun art and info on 'muzzle flash.'

Say Uncle has the quote of the day on gun control data.

Sebastian comments on a gun segment broadcast on 60 Minutes. Looks like the big lib media are bringing back gun control to the front burner.

Texas Fred reports late-breaking news that Homeland Security has 'right wing extremists' in their sights.

Human Liberty Thrown Under the Bus

I hate to break it to you, but your friends, family, and co-workers who may be Socialist in their thinking are more than willing to sacrifice all of your rights--that's right, throw ALL of your liberties under the bus--in order to achieve their goals.

This is Communism-Socialism's dirty little secret.

And this is my topic of discussion today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

In order to get 'government mandated healthcare for all' and government-controlled endeavor previously handled by the private sector, they are more than willing to take your guns, free speech, and everything else.

I encourage you to click on the link above and read. And pass it along. Thanks!

Innocence Vindicated

Saturday was the 2nd anniversary of one of the most important days in the history of American jurisprudence. Corruption in government was condemned and punished, a lynch mob was put in its place, and innocence was vindicated and affirmed.

Our old friends at Liestoppers have the story and the proclamation by North Carolina Attorney-General Roy Cooper.

Take a look and let's celebrate this one major victory in an ongoing war against government corruption.

"Economics, Population, and Abortion"

Our guest blogger today is Rev. Kharma of Kharma Futures.This is a thought-provoking read that deserves your consideration.

Economics, Population, and Abortion
by Rev. Kharma

I have read many different articles over the last few years addressing economic trends. In the last year they have focused on the housing bubble and it’s relevance to our current economic crisis. Inflated housing prices spiraled out of control, and eventually collapsed which created a chain reaction throughout the economy of the US and the world. Often we are told that the economic problems we face will not settle out until the housing market rebounds. When we begin to buy houses again, at re-inflated prices the US economy will re-inflate and we will back at our old pace once more, spending money we don’t have.

This afternoon I opened my newest issue of First Things. It sat on my desk for several days, I have been apprehensive about reading it. The original editor and driving force, Fr. Richard Neuhaus died earlier this year. The journal has inspired and educated me for more than a decade since I read the first issue I encountered. His passing has made me wonder just who is capable of picking up the banner he so ably carried during his tenure.

In this issue there is an essay, dealing with economics and families. I have seen bits and pieces and hints about this, but Daniel Goldman had fleshed out and given life to the ideas as no one has ever done. He describes the theory that it is the distribution of young and old that has continued to refresh and renew our economy for generations. The young families have need of houses and all the accessories which would accompany that. The older members of our population have need of investment and growth of financial security. This has worked for generations, providing a continuous cycle of growth and expansion, opportunity and advantage for all concerned.

The demographics since the late 1960’s have begun to erode this model. Increasingly families are smaller, fewer children means fewer and smaller houses. As happens more and more often, there are single parent homes and homes with no children at all.

Make no mistake here, I am not, and never will criticize someone who has a small family, or even no children at all. Not everyone is cut out to raise a family.

The problem here is not the occasional small family or childless couple. The problem is a society that has devalued the family entirely. We have created a new ethos where having a family and raising children is not only removed from the primary role of a society, it is now frowned upon. Those who have a family are regarded as outlaws, and the green movement had demonized them. We are no longer sustaining our population. Societies are aging. We hear over and over that the US Social Security program will be bankrupt due to a lack of wage earners paying to support those receiving benefits. Virtually every Western nation is moving toward demographic extinction. In his article, Mr. Goldman displays a chart which shows the age of ‘Advanced Nations”. In 1965 the population aged older than 65 was approximately 10% of the general population. Those under age 4 made up about 8%. Projected for the year 2050, the trend shows a remarkable shift. Over aged 65 is projected to be more than 30%, while those under age 4 show less than 5%. Clearly this presents an unsustainable strain on the traditional economic cycle.

What is it that could account for this? Mr. Goldman’s article is not meant to address this.

However, as I read it a number kept presenting itself to my mind. I kept thinking of a number I have heard over and over. That number is in the range of 50 million.

That number is the estimated number of humans who would be current Americans had they not been aborted. Our culture of death has wiped out the hope of our generation.

All the economics lectures, and demographic analysis ever written cannot erase that fact. The Culture of Death that has enveloped our society has caused a devastating erosion to our ability to fund our own nation.

We can debate deficit spending, socialism, and capitalism, democrats and republicans in government, but we face a stark reality.

America is rapidly aging. We are aging as a nation because we have become essentially self-centered. The inconvenience of bearing and raising children has been alleviated by the simple answer of eliminating the children considered such a burden.

This is certainly one of a panoply of factors which include delaying marriage, reduced size of families, and many other fractured and altered family structures. However the fact remains, that had fifty million children not been murdered before they were born, we would be facing an entirely different demographic today. Perhaps individual wealth would not have grown so fast. Individual self fulfillment might not be such a sought after goal. We surely would not have a society which faces extinction simply because we are growing older and are not able to fund our expansion. One may debate the morality of the issue, and many do. The straight economics are simply numbers. We are dying, and we are not replacing our dying members. There are many ways to look at it, but there is simply no way to see it differently. We are paying the price of convenience. We are paying now for the elimination of a generation which we never permitted to exist.

The culture of death has created a wound in our society and the infection continues to weaken us. Combined with the unlimited demand for government payment for individual needs we are facing a bankrupt nation. America, we are paying for our choices, no matter if we decide to face it or ignore it.

We can look at so many of the dangers we face as a society and point back to the devaluation of live embodied by the abortion culture. The devaluation of life spreads and creates an ethos of total selfishness which infests and debases every aspect of our world today. The total self absorption, the movement toward the importance of the self and the instant gratification which has been exalted as the pinnacle of achievement all flow logically from the mindset which decides that one individuals life is more important than any other consideration. We are no longer looking toward self reliance, but rather to self preservation.

The nation which was formed with a minimal government to protect basic rights is now a nation which wants a strong government to provide everything at the expense of others. Instead of a generation willing to go to war to save the world, we have a generation which seems to want to beg the world to save them. Instead of raising children and providing for the future, we want to have the government raise and provide for us.

We have taken the dream of the founders and turned it on its ear. We have perverted the original republic and corrupted it to a democracy which feeds off its children instead of protecting them.

That cliff is getting closer and closer and the nation is sliding faster and faster into the abyss.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

460 Tea Party Protests Confirmed for April 15

April 15 is quickly approaching, and as that day draws near, excitement and anticipation are growing as the grassroots citizens' protest movement against government runaway spending explodes.

460 various protests will occur in towns and cities across America, and that number is growing.

Read all about it in my latest column at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

I have provided a partial list of Tea Parties, along with links to all the rest of the 460 protests!

Thanks for clicking, reading, and spreading the word!

"A Cowboy's Easter"

Happy Easter to all!

I would like for you to take a look at a very interesting and creative take on Easter, written by a colleague at Examiner.

It's entitled, 'A Cowboy's Easter.'

I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day!