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Saturday, September 27, 2008

SC College Football: South Carolina Beats UAB

The South Carolina Gamecocks have beaten the University of Alabama at Birmingham by a score of 26-13.

South Carolina will begin a string of 6 Southeastern Conference games next Saturday as they head to Old Miss for a game that begins at 2 PM ET.

SC College Football: Clemson Loses to Maryland

The Clemson Tigers have lost one to the Maryland Terrapins in a squeaker, 20-17.

Clemson now falls to 3-2 on the season and are 3-1 in Atlantic Coast Conference play.

The South Carolina Gamecocks will play this evening at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia at 7 PM against the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The Liberty Sphere will provide that score at the end of the ball game later this evening.

Rating the Candidates on the Real Issues--9/26/08

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and best score, here is how The Liberty Sphere rates John McCain and Barack Obama on the real issues at stake in tonight's debate--9/26/08.

Solving the present financial crisis:


Explanation--McCain's thrust is with more government accountability, reduced government spending, and therefore reduced government interference in private enterprise. Obama has sided with the Democrats in Congress, and George Bush, in spending 700 billion of taxpayers' money for a bailout of a mess created by federal government meddling in business affairs.

Size and scope of government:


Explanation--McCain wants to reign in government spending, which he describes as 'raging out of control.' This means fewer programs and smaller government. Obama has proposed 800 billion dollars' worth of new programs, requiring an unprecedented expansion of the size and scope of government.



Explanation--McCain has stated he wants to cut the capital gains tax which will pump billions of dollars into a slumping banking and mortgage economy. He also opposes raising taxes on small businesses. McCain supports extending the Bush tax cuts well beyond 2010 when they are set to expire. Obama, on the other hand, wants to raise taxes significantly on small businesses and their owners because his definition of 'rich' includes small business owners whose businesses make over $250,000 per year. This will hurt these people who employ 80% of American workers, forcing them out of business. Obama also opposes reducing the capital gains tax. The one bright spot in the Obama economic plan is his tax cut for 95% of Americans. For that he gets a rating of '4,' but the fact that he does not couple this with necessary spending reductions prevents his tax cuts from benefiting anyone in the long term.

Energy policy:


Explanation--McCain supports drill here, drill now on the outer continental shelf. Obama has repeatedly stated he opposes it, though he claimed tonight he is for it. McCain also supports not only more oil drilling, but development of wind, solar, nuclear, coal, hydrogen fuel cell, and natural gas--an 'all of the above' approach. Obama, on the other hand, has repeatedly nixed not only offshore oil drilling, but coal, nuclear, and natural gas, although tonight he claimed he is for all of these. We do give him points, however, on his support for wind, solar, and hydrogen fuel cell. Both McCain and Obama lose points on refusing to allow oil drilling in a very small part of ANWR.

Environmental policy:


Explanation--McCain has a penchant for siding with environmentalist extremists on issues that we find deplorable. However, his stance on this is nowhere near the dangerous and socialistic notions of Obama, who essentially has bought into the 'man is to blame for climate change, period' point of view, failing to consider natural phenomena which have nothing to do with human activity.

The War in Iraq:


Explanation--McCain supported the mission but not how it was conducted. When McCain's views on how the war should be conducted were implemented, we began to win outright in Iraq. Obama still says he would have opposed the troop surge, which is responsible for the dramatic turnaround. No one with common sense could oppose something that is helping America to win.

U.S. foreign policy:


Explanation--McCain has been to war, knows the issues involved, knows foreign leaders personally, and understands the meaning of the term 'leadership.' Obama knows nothing. He would sit down with thugs, dictators, and Commies, thus legitimizing their views on various things such as annihilating Israel, terrorism, and aggression. Frankly, I am frightened of the possibility that this nation could elect to public office a complete novice such as Obama when the world grows more dangerous by the day.

Total score on the first debate:

McCain--63 out of a possible 70
Obama--9 out of a possible 70

Notice we did not consider such peripheral issues such as 'how the candidate looked on TV,' 'did they ever stutter or stammer a bit?' or 'how often they frowned or smiled or wiped their nose,' or even worse, 'did they appear angry, frustrated, or giddy?' Hell, why not assess whether or not we think they need to go to the bathroom!

These things are petty, juvenile, and should not be part of a serious discussion.

Frankly, we hate TV debates for that very reason. They tend to lend themselves to an emphasis on ALL of the wrong things rather than the real issues--a casualty of television 'journalism.'

Friday, September 26, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/26/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Gateway Pundit:
*The debate is on for tonight. Gateway has all the details.
*The financial crisis timeline. The truth has been revealed that the Bush Administration warned Congress 7 different times, beginning in 2001, about a growing crisis on Wall Street.
*A 'gaffe-a-day' Joe Biden has told another whopper, but the media instead focuses on Sarah Palin's nostrils--do they flinch when Katie Couric gives her a pop quiz? What a joke.

Dr. John Lott reports that Obama is threatening legal action if they run NRA ads prior to the election...and all the while he is using '527 ads' from HIS focus groups to attack McCain.

David Codrea at War on Guns posts more on this story.

Days of our Trailers has 'the video Obama doesn't want you to see.'

Mike McCarville has today's MUST-see. This is 'worth more than a thousand words.'

From the American Thinker:
*This blog blows the whistle on this unbelievable story on Katie Couric and her cohorts who show blatant disrespect to Governor Sarah Palin. This is an absolute MUST-READ!
*'Hold It! The Public Hasn't Seen Any Rescue Plan Yet!'

Alphecca has more on the story reported yesterday that Obama is going to run attack ads on McCain that slam senior adults. The ads will ridicule McCain's age and health problems...which is a subtle attack on ALL senior adults!

21 Guns Salute posts a letter he sent to elected officials opposing the bailout plan. I can't blame him nor disagree with the gist of the letter. It's not that I support 'a bailout' as it has been proposed, but I do think that doing something is necessary, even if it is simply reducing regulation and leveling the playing field for all.

Nicki has essential reading today from one of the most passionate defenders of capitalism in history. Read it!

Sebastian gives us a quick sampling of what he found politically in the Philly suburbs.

From ARRA News Service:
*The bailout plan supported by Democrats includes an earmark!
*A roundup of what's happening in Washington today--more pork!

JB's Corner posts 'About This Economic Crisis.'

Texas Fred provides some good reading today entitled, 'Barack, Sarah, and the Bible.'

From Notoriously Conservative:
*'What Caused the Economic Crisis?'--the video
*'How the Credit Crisis Started'--read it all.

Joe Huffman has a good read entitled, 'Headlines for Obama.'

How About Some Good Financial News For a Change

For those of you who are waiting for an automaker to bring to market affordable, fuel-efficient vehicles in America rather than just in Europe, here is some good news.

Ford Motors has announced that it is bringing 6 fuel-efficient European models to the States.

For years American automakers have built, marketed, and sold vehicles in Europe that are made specifically for those countries where gasoline is at least twice as expensive as here.

Now that the American market is demanding the same break, Ford will be bringing some of its best-selling gas-savers to the U.S., including the Ford Fiesta (a new update on an old concept), and the European Focus, among others.

For the complete story, click on the Ford link above.

Obama: 'McCain is "Following My Lead"'

Barack Obama stated on Thursday that John McCain is 'following my lead on solving the financial problem.'

Uh, look, Senator, nobody is following your lead on anything.

With the 300 billion dollars in tax increases it will take to finance all of your proposals, we simply can't afford to 'follow your lead' plus pay for the mess your liberal cohorts created on Wall Street.

We can't afford you, Obama.


The President, the Congress, candidates McCain and Obama, and members of the government have not reached a deal on a Wall Street bailout at this hour...yet.

House Republicans have reportedly balked at the idea of a 700 billion dollar taxpayer bailout of Washington's mistakes.

And yes, I say Washington's mistakes deliberately.

Washington, particularly the Congress, created this mess with the maze of senseless regulations they have imposed upon free-market capitalism. The major players in this fiasco? Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Dodd, and other Democrats who not only support government meddling in free enterprise but kept their hands in the lucrative cookie jar to boot.

Some of these people should be jailed.

The problem, however, is the massive debt the U.S. has amassed, which has been bought up by China and other foreign countries which, at any moment, could call for all the money from a country that's flat broke (that means us).

And that scenario, my friends, could well mean the spread of a Wall Street problem to Main Street and our local banks.

As Senator Jim DeMint, R-South Carolina, stated so eloquently, 'The government had no business going into the mortgage business with FannieMae and FreddieMac.'

This was the step that started it all.

Very true, Senator, and now that we know our government did that very thing so that it could push lenders to give money and mortgages to people who could not afford to pay it back, the question becomes, what do we do now?

Our government has created a gigantic mess that has the potential of hurting millions of innocent Americans who have paid their bills on time, paid their taxes, and been model citizens.

Bailing out Wall Street will potentially hurt those citizens through their taxes. But we know without doubt that if Wall Street and our entire financial system fails under the weight of our government's mistakes, those model citizens will be hurt infinitely worse.

What is needed is not more regulation but less and more prudent regulation so that the playing field is level. And businesses should not have to compete with government-chartered entities which immediately have a built-in advantage.

I don't know if 700 billion is needed, but I do think that we are going to have to cough up some dough for Wall Street to keep Main Street from going under...and as a means of taking the first step toward financial solvency, a balanced budget, and reducing the national debt in order to keep America's creditors such as China off of our backs.

Yes, supporting such a measure for me goes against every fiber of my being. But if we as the citizens do not fix the problem the only way we can through the money and the principles of free market capitalism (at least once the problem is fixed), then who will?

Even Reagan supported the Savings and Loan bailout in the 1980s because the economy depended upon it. We may need to do the same now.

Remember, free market capitalism did not create this mess. Government did. And now government must fix the mess it created.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/25/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

ABC News reports that none other than Bill Clinton defended John McCain's request for Friday night's debate to be postponed.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Barack Obama is being investigated for a state
grant he received for an Englewood garden.

Yahoo Financial News reports that the stock market has rebounded in response to President Bush's speech last evening. As of this hour, stocks are up nearly 300 points.

The New York Times, of all things, is reporting that liberal PACs are set to begin graphic TV attack-ads on John McCain's health and age.

Michelle Malkin has a poll going on whether or not readers think the McCain campaign suspension was a good idea. So far, 60% say it was a good move.

Say Uncle has a must-read on 'CBS, Obama, and Guns.'

From Nicki at The Liberty Zone:
*'When Friends Betray'--Oleg Volk has been hoodwinked by someone he thought was a friend.
*Nicki takes issue with the President's speech last night and whole notion of a bailout.

Breda follows up with a plea on Oleg's behalf.

Here is Oleg Volk's story of the betrayal, in his own words. Scroll down to see some of his great photography.

JR has more on Oleg's difficulty here. Be sure to read to the end.

From David Codrea's War on Guns:
*Black Democrat Congressman tells Jewish Democrats that 'gun owners are racists.'
*'A Leading Enabler'--it's always the gun's fault and not the dimwit pulling the trigger!

Robb Allen gives us a good range report.

Murdoc gives us his take on the plan to put a brigade of U.S. combat troops on the ground here at home and the repercussions....this is a great read!

From Dr. John Lott:
*The Illinois State Rifle Association head talks about his experiences with Barack Obama.
*The former Fannie Mae chairman is still working for the Obama campaign. Mmmm, wonder why Couric and the other mainstreams are not asking the Senator about conflicts of interest and corruption!?

The Rustmeister posts 'On the McCain-Obama Debate.' And I fully agree with Rusty here.

Walls of the City has some updated information on the upcoming Gun Blogger Rendezvous.

The Countertop Chronicles provides his own solution to Wall Street's problem. Sounds pretty good to me!

Palin Should Take On Obama Friday Night

While John McCain is putting his country first by going to Washington to hammer out a reform measure to correct Wall Street's failures, Barack Obama refuses to suspend partisan campaigning or postpone the Friday night debate, the subject of which is not the economy but foreign affairs.

Thus, it looks like McCain will either be a no-show, or he will decide at the last minute to make an appearance at the Obama love-fest, sponsored by the University of Mississippi.

But according to GLENN REYNOLDS, perhaps a better option is to have his Vice-Presidential running mate fill in for him against Obama on Friday.

I like the idea. Palin and Obama head-to-head.

My opinion is that she would have him for lunch, and he would have trouble figuring out what hit him.

Ooops! Obama, Biden Supported 'Bridge to Nowhere'

After making such a big deal over the fact that Governor Sarah Palin at one time supported the infamous Alaskan 'bridge to nowhere' (which she stopped in its tracks once she discovered the corruption behind it in her own Party, i.e., Ted Stevens), guess who has been 'outed' as big supporters of the project in Congress?

None other than Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Both Senators are on record as supporting federal funding (earmark or 'pork barrel spending') for the Alaskan project!

Yet they demonized Palin for her early support of the project before changing her mind.

Now, exactly when did Obama and Biden discover any corruption surrounding the bridge to nowhere project? When did they demand that funding cease? And if they thought the whole thing was a corrupt boondoggle, why did they vote for funding it?

Mmmm, you'll be looking a LONG time to find THAT one!

Looky, Looky! Wanna See Who Got the Lootie?

The federal government has begun an investigation into corruption at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae--corruption that may have led to the present crisis in the mortgage and banking industry.

Well, low and behold, let's see which Senators on Capitol Hill have been getting the most contributions from the 2 mortgage giants, shall we?

Looky, looky, wanna see who got the lootie?

Hint--the top 4 are all Democrats and among that top 4 are none other than Barack Obama and Chris Dodd!

To see the others who are tops in making out with the loot, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stop the B.S., Barack!

Barack Obama refuses to delay Friday night's debate with John McCain because 'a President needs to be able to do more than one thing at a time.'

Oh come off it, you imbecile. Stop with the B.S., Barack.

This isn't about being able to do more than one thing at a time, and you know it.

This is about dealing with a very real crisis for the average American citizen. You are a U.S. Senator as is John McCain. Your ass needs to be in the Senate helping to hammer out a plan to address the crisis on Wall Street so that we can restore consumer confidence.

You can debate any time between now and the election. Hell, you can even debate Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or any time, anywhere. But McCain wants a solution hammered out before a debate, and if you were half the American you claim to be, you would too.

Thus, my question to you, Barack, is that since you refused to resign your Senate seat when you ran for President, why are you so unwilling to do the work of a Senator even as you run for President? Can't you do 2 things at a time?

Sophomoric Couric Does It Again

The sophomoric Katie Couric does it again, showing the American public that she is but an amateur and not a real news professional.

Tonight on the CBS Evening News, Couric attempted to lay 2 traps for Sarah Palin in her much-touted interview with the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate.

First, Couric asked Palin if 'the present financial crisis could lead to another Depression if steps are not taken to address it.'

Palin correctly answered that such a thing is possible if something isn't done to enact necessary reforms on Wall Street.

But Couric turned right around and asked John McCain in her interview with him this evening if it is 'appropriate for Sarah Palin to be using the term "depression" at a time such as this.'

Well, Ms. Couric, it was YOU, not Palin, who brought it up. And it has been YOU and your Obama-supporting colleagues in the media who have been playing up to the hilt the 'dire financial situation' with the economy, that this is 'the worst since the Great Depression,' and that unless the government undertakes a massive FDR-era bailout of Wall Street, we could see circumstances similar to the 1930s (hint-The Great Depression).

This kind of trick is the stuff of amateurs and not seasoned professional journalists, Ms. Couric.

Couric's 2nd attempt to lay a trap for Palin was in her question about the sincerity of John McCain in attempting to reform Wall Street. Palin cited the fact that McCain was calling for reforms for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae long before it was cool to do so.

Couric would have none of it.

She continued to press Palin for other examples rather than the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac reform proposals put forth by McCain. It was obvious Palin couldn't think of any right off the bat, but she quickly added, 'Well, you know, Katie, I will look those up and get them to you.'

The exchange was bit too much like the old 'gotcha' trick that Charles Gibson used on Palin and that countless other mainstream media idiots have used on various politicians in the past. Excuse me, Charles, Katie, Brian, Chris, and others, but YOU are not the all-knowing teacher giving an ignorant student a pop quiz.

If fact, if we would put all of your brains together in a paper bag, it would be quickly discarded as human refuse.

I would like to give Katie Couric a pop quiz on the air. Katie, can you name the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and can you tell me the Founders' original intent for wanting to place the 2nd amendment in a bill enumerating basic human rights?

Yes, I would love to see you, Charlie, and Brian, and especially Chris Matthews, squirm attempting to answer those two very basic questions concerning our country.

Katie, perhaps you made a colossal mistake in taking over at CBS News. Your style of amateurish, sophomoric baiting tactics are more in line with The View rather than a news program...not that there is any real, hard news on CBS or the other networks to begin with.

Perhaps the mainstream talking-head teleprompter readers should start each broadcast with the disclaimer--'We admit that we are attempting to get Barack Obama elected to the Presidency. All of the stories we present should therefore be viewed with that basic fact in mind.'


In a major, late-breaking development in Campaign '08, GOP Presidential candidate John McCain has suspended his campaign in order to focus on providing solutions for the ailing economy.

MCCAIN: America this week faces an historic crisis in our financial system. We must pass legislation to address this crisis. If we do not, credit will dry up, with devastating consequences for our economy. People will no longer be able to buy homes and their life savings will be at stake. Businesses will not have enough money to pay their employees. If we do not act, ever corner of our country will be impacted. We cannot allow this to happen.

According to Matt Drudge, McCain has called for a special commission made up of the President, Barack Obama and himself, GOP and Democratic leaders in the Congress to come together to forge a solution.

McCain has even stated he wants to push back his first debate with Obama in order to focus on the Wall Street problem.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/24/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Mike McCarville:
*Bad News! Obama has opened a 9-point lead over McCain in a latest poll. It's starting to get away from us, folks. If this trainwreck gets elected, it will be the single largest political disaster since Jimmy Carter.
*'Media Campaigns Hard For Obama'--so, are we going to let talking-head teleprompter-readers determine the Presidential election?

Scott Rasmussen places the Obama lead at just 2 points, however, 49-47%, in his daily tracking poll.

Dark Blog has an interesting read on Ron Paul's endorsement of Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.

Gateway Pundit thinks there is a catch to the fact that Congressional Democrats let expire the ban on offshore oil drilling. Maybe so. But the GOP certainly pressured did the electorate.

Dr. John Lott posts 2 videos on Joe Biden's views on guns.

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*A teachers rips off a microphone from the shirt of a student while he talks to the media about the banning of his flag shirt at school.
*'Dispatches from the Front'--a communique from a pro-gun advocate in an anti-gun state.
*'Standing Up for Canadian Gun Rights'

Nicki gives a well-deserved tongue-lashing to the politicians who created the Wall Street mess and are getting ready to create another one bailing it out.

As always, Western Rifle Shooters Association has provocative reading, this one entitled, 'Post Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century.'

Sebastian reports that the sleazy Obama campaign can't be counted on to pay its restaurant tab.

JR has a rather interesting story on one of 'Dallas' finest.'

Roberta X comments on a variety of issues, one being the financial mess on Wall Street.

Alphecca posts the MUST-read of the day on CBS propaganda concerning Obama's supposed 'trustworthiness' on the gun issue. ROFL! Give me a freakin' break. Friends, read this one if you read nothing else.

Breda follows up on the 'mainstream media for Obama' fiasco as she gives a wrap-up of last night's radio show, 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation,' which she co-hosts with Ahab.

Traction Control says Tom Tancredo nails it with his latest comments on the U.N.

Walls of the City says he feels dirty after seeing his results on this little quiz on Barack Obama.

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings gives us an update on her recovery from surgery.

ARRA reports that despite the expiration of the ban on offshore oil drilling, the Democrats in Congress still won't allow the American people to have access to our own oil. You know, I am beginning to smell a major scandal here with regard to oil and the Democrats.

Quote of the Day on the Wall Street Bailout

From Mark Krikorian at National Review:

"I have no way of judging whether the Wall Street bailout is a necessary evil or an impending disaster. But we're in this mess, ultimately, because our political elites thought it was good social policy to encourage banks to give mortgages to uncreditworthy people."

H/t to Glenn Reynolds.

Read the whole article by clicking on the author's name.

Wall St. Journal Uncovers Obama-Ayers Ties

Instapundit reports that the Wall Street Journal has uncovered the exact nature of the ties between Barack Obama and terrorist bomber William Ayers.

Although various bloggers and non-traditional media sources have reported this information many times, this marks the first time in Campaign '08 that a mainstream source of news has reported on the explosive relationship between Obama and a terrorist.

The Journal details a relationship forged upon the foundation of a mutual respect for and allegiance to extremist radical Saul Alinksy, who wrote extensively about overthrowing the U.S. government in the 1960s in order to usher in Socialism.

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama launched his political career from the home of William Ayers in 1995, where he announced his bid for the Illinois state Senate.

In the years that followed Obama and Ayers sought to influence the educational system to push the political ideas of Ayers/Alinsky and by instructing school children against 'oppression' as defined by 'community activists,' which view the U.S. as the biggest oppressor of all.

Yet to this day not a single mainstream media outlet has investigated or reported this segment of Barack Obama's life, a segment which the Senator conveniently leaves out of his 2 published autobiographies.

It is time for the Senator to answer a simple question. What happened during the years 1995 and 1999, Mr. Obama, that you do not wish to discuss with the American public?

Update on Palin Email Hacking Case

Glenn Reynolds reports that in spite of a grand jury hearing on Tuesday involving the 4 suspects in the hacking attack against Sarah Palin, no indictments were handed down, according to the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

At the center of the FBI's investigation is the son of a prominent Tennessee Democrat, 20-year-old David Kernell and his 3 roommates at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Kernell is the son of Michael Kernell, D-Memphis, who is a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The FBI cited an 'ongoing investigation' as the reason for the delay in handing down indictments against the 4 men. However, it is unusual for there to be a grand jury hearing so quickly in a case such as this, particularly when indictments seemed to be premature.

Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy, however, explains that the reason the grand jury met so quickly was 'to nail down the testimony of Kernell's 3 roommates.'

Kerr explains that getting the roommates' testimony now, under oath, is a way to insure admissible, credible testimony at a potential trial, should the investigation lead to one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For Couric/CBS, Body Language Says It All

CBS News anchor Katie Couric has been asking questions of the 2 Presidential candidates in a series on Campaign '08, but the biggest story so far is Couric's body language.

Tonight, for example, Couric asked John McCain and Barack Obama 2 questions--is it ever appropriate to lie to the American people, and what is your favorite movie.

When interviewing McCain, Couric is clearly reserved, rarely smiles, and appears perturbed by having to interview the GOP Presidential candidate.

But when Couric put the questions to Obama, there were big, broad-faced smiles, even a flirty sort of give-and-take with the Democrat--so much so that one gets the distinct impression that there is a sexual component for Couric to be in Obama's presence.

This only further proves the mainstream media's lust for Barack Obama and its concomitant 'over-the-top' style of news coverage for him that simply is not present with McCain or any other candidate for that matter. It's all observable in the body language and facial expressions.

Remember it was Chris Matthews of MSNBC who stated during Obama's speech at the DNC that he 'felt a sensation going up his leg' as a result of hearing the speech delivered in person.

These dimwits of the MSM are so mesmerized and sexually aroused by Obama that obviously they have taken leave of their rationality. We can expect no objectivity from such sophomoric teleprompter readers of the modern mainstream media.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/23/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*David gives us an update on the latest shenanigans of the JBTs and their changing the definition of 'pistol.'
*Barack Obama opened his mouth and spouted gibberish in Jacksonville, Florida.
*Here is a guy who bursts a few bubbles.

Sebastian follows up on the reclassification issue concerning the term 'pistol' that David mentioned above.

JR posts 'Concealed Carry on College Campuses.'

Breda does an excellent job in exposing young minds to the 'reasonable-ness' of firearms.

Mike McCarville posts 'Obama Struggles to Win Clinton Voters.'

Ahab gives us a preview of tonight's radio show 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation.' Go over there and see the very interesting topic that he and Breda will be discussing. Sounds like a good one!

Squeaks did a guest-blogging gig over at Marko's. It's great to see Squeaks is still writing.

Nicki has some thought-provoking comments about 'the bailout bonanza.'

From Gateway Pundit:
*The case of the Palin email hacker attack has gone to the Grand Jury. David Kernell (son of Tennessee Democrat Mike Kernell, D-Memphis) and his 3 roommates will face the Grand Jury, with each facing a possible 2 years in prison for the felony.
*Barack Obama and terrorist William Ayers tried to push subversive radicalism on the schools.
*The Democrats blocked an oil deal between the U.S. and Iraq right in the middle of our oil crisis. And that's not all they blocked...
*Democrat billionaire operative George Soros says he is the one who got Sarah Palin uninvited to a rally against Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the U.N.

The Times Online reports that Russia has sent a warship to the Caribbean.

Western Rifle Shooters Association says that there is a peasants with pitchforks revolt brewing against the trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout plan proposed by Democrats and Bush's czar, Henry Paulson.

Freedom Sight adds his protest to the bailout here.

Syd has a MUST-read on survival in light of his recent experience of living through some pretty awful conditions in the wake of the recent Hurricane to hit the Gulf coast.

The 'ole broad' of 'An Ol' Broad's Ramblings' is having knee surgery today. We can surely offer up our thoughts and prayers for her and for a speedy recovery.

Insight on Freedom offers insight on TWO potential 'October Surprises' just prior to the November election.

West, By God provides essential reading on children and gun safety.

Palin Goes to the United Nations

In a gesture that is meant to show that Sarah Palin can hold her own with world leaders on the world stage, the GOP's Vice-Presidential candidate will go to the United Nations this week.

According to Breitbart via the AP, Palin will meet with 7 world leaders to discuss a variety of issues revolving around national security, U.S. foreign policy, and U.S. relations with the nations represented by the leaders.

While in the area, Palin also intends to meet with the quintessential expert on foreign affairs, Dr. Henry Kissinger.

Known as an exceedingly bright individual who is a 'quick study,' Palin will no doubt utilize the series of meetings not only to show she can stand head-to-head with world leaders but to bone-up on her ability to speak with authority on matters of foreign policy.

It could also be assumed that Palin is using the meetings as part of her preparation for her upcoming debate with Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/22/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Codrea's War on Guns:
*'The Race for the Presidency'--good reading here!
*'The "Founders' View" Update'--from David E. Young
*'Canadian Gun Rights Up in Smoke?'

Armed and Safe has an interesting read on gun stats.

From Nicki at The Liberty Zone:
*'But It Worked So Well in Great Britain'
*'Some Economic Realities'--a MUST-read!

Mike McCarville reports that the addition of Palin to the ticket has given the California GOP a boost.

Sebastian highlights another example of ineptitude on the part of the 'authorized journalists.'

Breda provides us with an awesome range report.

Roberta X gives us some good reading on the proposed bailout of Wall Street.

Traction Control offers an alternative plan for the GOP to support instead of a bailout.

Alphecca says that CCW in Florida is on the rise.

Bear on a Bicycle says 'Aye likes me some Colt...'

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel post their range report from yesterday.

Robb Allen blogs on getting a new car, bumper stickers, and the NRA.

Say Uncle says the NRA is going on the offensive against Barack Obama with some key ads.

Apparently it's good weather for some mayhem in Chicago. Days of our Trailers has the story.

Texas Fred has a VERY intriguing read on the rumor that Joe Biden will step aside and Hillary Clinton will be his replacement on the Obama ticket.

The Rustmeister gives us a good chuckle in his MUST-read of the day, entitled, 'Obama Supporters in One Act.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association, as always, provides highly intriguing reading, this time on the proposed bailout of Wall Street. Read it all.

Michelle Malkin posts 'On the Palin email hacker trail...'

Gateway Pundit reports that the Washington Post published a shameful cartoon attack on Sarah Palin's religion. Funny they never do this with Muslims or Jews.


It was her first appearance in Florida before an audience that didn't even know her name a month ago. GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin drew a crowd of over 60,000 cheering, flag-waving citizens in a community north of Orlando on Sunday.

Palin is continuing her solo-campaign tour after spending a couple of weeks appearance jointly with John McCain.

Apparently the new political sensation to hit America is making friends wherever she goes.

While throngs of people cheered and clamored to get her picture or her autograph, Palin took the opportunity in her speech before the crowd to press for major reform on Wall Street.

For more information on Palin's big hit in Florida, click HERE.

'Stubborn Ignorance'

Dr. Walter E. Williams is Professor of Economics at George Mason University and a major syndicated columnist, author, and lecturer.

In light of today's massive bailout of Wall Street, which the Congress and the President have been hammering out over the weekend, I thought it fitting to post these words of Dr. Williams on government and economics:

Here's what the U.S. Constitution says: "All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills." How many times have we heard politicians, pundits and guardians of our news media say that President Bush cut taxes, or Obama is going to raise taxes? The fact of the matter is that presidents have no power to raise or lower taxes. They can propose tax measures or veto them but it is Congress that has the ultimate power to raise or lower taxes since they can, with a two-thirds vote, override a presidential veto. The same principle applies to spending. Presidents cannot be held responsible for budget deficits or surpluses. A president cannot spend a dime that Congress does not first appropriate. Given these plain facts, are politicians, pundits and media people -- who persist in talking about a president cutting or raising taxes, or creating a budget deficit -- ignorant, stupid or deceptive?

Dr. Williams goes on to state that the mess which Congress has created in the markets is not the taxpayers' doing, yet it is the taxpayers who will surely pay the costs of bailing out Wall Street.

The article is a MUST-read, and it is entitled, 'Stubborn Ignorance.'

Dr. Williams does an excellent job in shedding light on the problems the nation faces in the markets and the wrong-headed notion of a massive, taxpayer-funded bailout.

Breaking: Warrant Issued to Democrat's Son in Palin Case

A local TV News affiliate in East Tennessee is reporting that the FBI has issued a warrant to the son of a Tennessee Democrat in connection with the hacking attack against Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family.

20-year-old David Kernell, son of Memphis Democrat and State Representative Mike Kernell, has been served with a search warrant for his apartment in Knoxville. News sources also confirm that Kernell's 3 roommates have been served subpoenas to testify in the case.

FBI agents reportedly entered the Kernell apartment over the weekend while a college party was being held. Pictures were taken of nearly everything in the apartment, and potential witnesses were questioned.

One of the key issues in this continually developing story is, will the national mainstream media report this latest development in a scandal that could drag some key Democrats, including Mr. Obama, down into a modern-day 'Watergate' hole?

CBS News' Scott Pelley Smears Sarah Palin

Scott Pelley of CBS News' 60 Minutes can't imagine Sarah Palin as President of the United States.

In an interview with John McCain, Pelley pressed McCain on the choice, asking, 'Do you believe she is ready to assume a national leadership role should that become necessary?' To which McCain responded with, 'Absolutely.'

Pelley's voice expressed shock as he followed up with, 'As President of the United States!?'

That's ok, Scott. Most of us out here in the great American heartland can't imagine YOU as a serious news reporter, either.

You are but a tool of the Leftwing nutcases in the Obama campaign.

Update on Palin Email Hacker Attack

Have you noticed that news and updates on the inexcusable breach of the Palin family privacy in the email hacker attack have suddenly gone missing among the various news agencies?

There is absolutely no doubt that had this been Barack Obama's email and his wife's personal cell phone number, the mainstream media would still be all over it, making it headline news even to this day.

MSNBC would be in continuous coverage mode 24/7.

But since this was Palin and not Obama, as far as the mainstreams are concerned this was a 2 day story at best. For the past several days NONE of the network news broadcasts have even mentioned it.

News Busters, however, has an update on the story, including the bias of the mainstreams, and the curious fact that the hacker included News Busters in the information on Palin that was posted on the Internet.

As a media watchdog organization, News Busters reports on bias in the news media. Perhaps this will be one of the few places we can find regular updates on this outrageous attack against Sarah Palin and her family.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama, Media Play Up the Race Card

As it has become clear in recent weeks that Obama is losing significant support among working class white men and white women in general, the Obama camp and their compatriots in the mainstream media are playing up the race card.

One by one, the commentators, the analysts, the pundits are jumping on board the latest Obama talking points memo that there is a 'hidden racism' among many Democrats that may cost Obama the election.

And thus, the stage is being set for a possible future scenario. Should McCain win, Obama and the talking heads will claim it was all because of racism. They will claim Obama's defeat will have nothing at all to do with his extremist ideology.

I can just hear them now. 'If Obama had been a white man, he would have won handily.'

In this manner the liberals will try to totally discredit the election of John McCain and Sarah Palin to the 2 highest offices in the land.

And I suppose racism led to Obama's snatching victory from the jaws of defeat as he surprisingly robbed the supposed chosen one, Hillary Clinton, of the Democratic nomination. One year ago, my friends, everyone assumed that nothing could stop Hillary's march and that she would sail into the White House with little or no problem.

Nothing except Barack Obama. But, of course, racism was the reason Barack was able to defeat one of the most celebrated celebrities of our time, not to mention one of the most powerful women of our time, Hillary Clinton, wife of 'the first African-American President.'

If Obama loses, it will be because the American people are smarter than to allow a novice with an extremist voting record into the White House.

All of the circumstances would point in Obama's favor. He should be ahead of McCain by at least 15 percentage points at this stage, given an unpopular war, an unpopular President, and troubles in the oil and banking industries.

But he is having trouble convincing the electorate that he is honest and trustworthy, that he is reliable in a national emergency, that heaping more taxes onto an already stressed economy is going to actually help the economy, and that he has the moral and ethical authority to lead.

Thus, the man who should be leaving McCain behind in a cloud of dust is running neck-and-neck with the Arizona Senator and is losing ground bigtime in some key battleground states.

We can take some comfort in the fact that there are yet millions of voters in the 'blue states' that are rational enough to see that Barack Obama is the wrong man at the wrong time with the wrong ideas for the country.

And that has nothing to do with race.