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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Valerie Plame Back in the News

Valerie Plame, the CIA operative who claims she was 'outed' by Bush Administration officials in retaliation against her husband, Joe Wilson, is back in the news. This time she claims her 'covert' work involved gathering information on Iran's nuclear program.

Immediately both the mainstream media and the Left are placed in a precarious situation by the claim.

Supposedly Iran had no such program. Conventional wisdom, as relayed by the mouthpieces of the mainstream media, always cast doubt on the suggestion that Iran was working on a nuclear weapons program.

One can safely assume that the reason for such well-placed doubt was the suspicion that Bush Administration officials were using such claims as justification for attacking Iran. Thus, any slight hint that Iran either had nukes or was intending to develop such weapons had to be dismissed.

For example, as recently as June, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that Iran was absolutely no threat to the U.S. or the world, and that there was no credible evidence that Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group in Iran was sending insurgents into Iraq.

And this leads us to the following question. Where did the materials for Iran's nuclear program come from?

We know that loosely connected terrorist organizations and rogue nations have a vested interest in Iranian nukes.

The bottom line is that if what Plame is saying is true, then the preconceived notions concerning Iran on the part of the mainstream media and the Left have been totally wrong.

The other alternative is the possibility that Plame is making the whole thing up. While this alternative is highly unlikely, such a possibility raises the stakes in the charges made against Scooter Libby. If Plame is no more trustworthy a witness than to fabricate or exaggerate her work with the CIA, then how can she be believed when giving testimony concerning her supposed 'outing' by the Bush Administration?

Her credibility at that point goes out the window.

Yet we already know there is at least some credibility to Plame's claims. We know that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons, and we have a good idea who is helping them do it. But we knew this anyway, without any information provided by Plame.

The problem is we cannot know for sure if Plame is being totally candid concerning the role she played, if any, in the Iranian nuke intelligence gathering process. But we do know enough to totally debunk the Left's contention that Iran is no serious threat.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/19/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Snow Flakes in Hell points to a post on how attitudes on guns have changed through the years:

Xavier Thoughts has more on the news reporter who harrassed a man who shot some thugs:

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 has the perspective of a local on the story cited above:

Traction Control states that when it comes to having his facts straight, Fred Thompson ran circles around Rudy at the last Republican debate:

The War on Guns asks the question, do gun-free zones encourage school shootings?:

The Ninth Stage maintains that it looks like we have gone back to the 'dark ages' with guns being considered 'evil' and all:

Nicki at the Liberty Zone reports that British police have been stealing private property for no good reason:

Breda has found another pink gun:

Robb Allen's Mom needs our prayers. They have found more cancer:

Say Uncle says that the drought in Atlanta is a perfect example of just how dangerous the government is. Click here for the reason (and it's an infuriating eye-opener, too!):

Dave Kopel at the Buckeye Firearms Association has reason to believe that Ron Paul could surprise us all:

From the NRA: NRA President tells Philadelphia that gun control laws are not the answer:

John Lott reports that a burglar in Montgomery, Alabama was forced at gun-point to clean up the mess he made in a home he burglarized:

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the latest Hillary scandal. It seems scores of impoverished Chinatown residents somehow managed to give her campaign megabucks:

Blogstitution comments further on Hillary's latest dirty money scandal here:

Mike McCarville reports that Latinos in Oklahoma have sought emergency relief in federal court in light of the new strict laws on illegal immigration passed in the state:

Armed and Safe has the story of a kid in Florida who wore body armor to school:

Just wait till you see THIS tidbit of info out of Burma, as reported by Cameron Bailey:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel reports that Senator Harry Reid's smear letter of Rush Limbaugh has resulted in over 2 million bucks sold at auction on ebay:

Dustin's Gun Blog says that the NSSF has blasted the California RINO:

Random Ramblings of a Republitarian comments on an article written by one of the ignorant ones:

Red's Trading Post updates us on 'the Red's Challenge':

Katie Couric/CBS News Blunder

This week's series of posts on the blunders of the news commentators focuses today on Katie Couric and CBS News.

A hot tip to Katie and the producers at CBS: when you are doing a segment on the mindset of evangelical Christians you don't turn to the publisher of one of the most liberal Christian publications in the nation as an example of the typical conservative religious voter.

As an example of the modern evangelical voter, the CBS piece cited the publisher of Sojourners' Magazine, historically one of the leftwing's most vocal proponents for 'Christian socialism.'

Sojourners has a long history of advocating for positions that conservative evangelicals and conservative voters in general have deplored. For historical perspective one only has to note that the magazine has long admired the philosophy of Jimmy Carter and deplored that of Ronald Reagan.

It is no wonder, then, that one listens to Sojourners' editor Jim Wallis' words to the effect that, 'God is neither Republican nor Democrat,' with a certain incredulity given the fact that his magazine has always supported the position of Democrats.

The very fact that the CBS News piece would interview Wallis about evangelical Christians makes the entire segment suspect. For example, CBS rolled out some poll figures that suggest conservative, evangelical Christians are not concerned anymore with abortion or traditional family issues.

One can safely assume that the numbers are highly suspect and are indicative of CBS' practice of slanting the manner in which poll numbers are reported in order to get a certain result.

Supposedly the conservative Christians cite 'healthcare' and 'Social Security' as their top concerns in the 2008 Presidential race. Abortion and family issues are not even in the top five.

Do I believe it? Not one bit. And if you believe it, as the saying goes, I have some swampland to sell you...

It is difficult to determine who, exactly, CBS picked for its poll of evangelical Christians. More than likely they included the likes of those who read Sojourners. If this is the case, you can count on those poll numbers being skewed.

It is also safe to assume that CBS did not include in the survey James Dobson's army of radio listeners. It is highly naive of CBS to assume that these persons will not vote their conscience on social issues related to abortion, the family, gun rights, and other issues related to personal liberty.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/18/07

Images courtesy of A Human Right.

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Larry Elder has a significant article on school shootings (H/T to Of Arms and the Law):

Mike McCarville is reporting that Kansas Senator Sam Brownback will withdraw from the race for the GOP Presidential nomination:

McCarville also has this report on a Democratic Congressman in California who is obviously stark raving nuts:

Speaking of loonies, it seems the Philadelphia Daily News has another insane editorial on guns. Alphecca has it here:

Armed and Safe has the story of a Viet Nam vet who was subjected to an outrageous denial of his rights:

Blogonomicon comments on Texas Governor Rick Perry's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani:

Cameron Bailey says that the police union in Albany New York wants to keep the names of the officers who obtained machine guns illegally kept quiet:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel post good reading today entitled, 'Guns, Kids, Medics, and the Left':

Oscar Poppa has the quote of the day:

Say Uncle says that half of the residents of New Jersey want to leave. What on earth for? They voted for the bums who made the state the way it is, and now they want to leave? Don't come here. You people obviously are notorious for electing liberal crooks:

Michelle Malkin has the complete story on the failure of Congressional Democrats to override Bush's veto of S-CHIP:

The Breda Fallacy has an interesting read on 'chics and guns,' including the perspective of a friend who was shocked that a Jewish Rabbi loved to shoot guns:

Sharp As A Marble has a good post today on fighting back:

The Bitch Girls post this on freshman Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri. Needless to say, I am not impressed, and I hope Missouri voters are ashamed of themselves:

The Ninth Stage comments on an 'unreasonable fear':

The War on Guns shares the sentiments of a Trolley Square survivor who is calling for more gun control, in spite of the fact that his life was saved by a man with a gun:

Traction Control gives a report, via Snow Flakes In Hell, on Project Valour-IT:

Tam at View from the Porch blogs on her favorite guns:

Xavier Thoughts has the story and video of a stupid reporter who ambushed and hounded a citizen in Texas because he used his firearms to shoot some vermin:

Gun Owners of America issues an alert concerning Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK. Coburn, who has single-handedly stopped H.R. 2640, has now gone on the offensive demanding info on the Dept. of Veteran Affairs' systematic banning of guns from the hands of our vets:

From the NRA: California Emergency Powers Bill Signed into Law:

Now It's Sean Hannity's Turn to Blunder

Yesterday we reported that Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly made a major blunder by suggesting that not only has Giuliani practically sewn up the GOP nomination but that he should tap Mitt Romney as his running mate.

Now it's Fox News commentator Sean Hannity's turn to blunder.

We have commented recently that Fox apparently wishes for the GOP to be dominated by northeastern liberals, such as Giuliani and Romney. Hannity seems to be no exception.

On his daily radio broadcast, Hannity took a call from a woman who stated that she was very concerned that some of the GOP front-runners cannot gain the support of evangelical Christian conservatives. The caller stated that the GOP nominee will need this block of voters to win.

We agree. We have commented at length many times on how desperately the GOP needs evangelical conservatives to beat Hillary Clinton.

Yet Hannity hedged a bit, stating that 'this is what the primary process is all about.'

Granted, that's true, but the primary process is certainly not being influenced by certain conservative commentators who have all but conceded the GOP nomination to Rudy.

As we have stated before, repeatedly, if Giuliani is the nominee the religious right will stay home on election day, throwing the election to Hillary. They have already told us that this is what they plan to do.

Why should we not believe them? Giuliani's record on a range of issues from gun control to abortion has alienated the vast majority of evangelical voters. Their view is, if there is essentially no difference between Hillary and Rudy on gun control and abortion, for example, then why vote at all?

Personally, I have some very good, sound reasons as to why they should vote for Giuliani if he is the nominee, not the least of which he is not a Socialist like Hillary, and he would appoint to the Supreme Court and the federal bench only strict constructionists, unlike Hillary.

Nonetheless, my position is a hard sell when it comes to persons who so value human life that they would rather die themselves than vote for someone who supports abortion rights. And just enough of these persons will, indeed, stay home on election day to throw the election to Hillary.

I honestly do not think that commentators like O'Reilly and Hannity truly understand the mindset of the evangelical voter. These pundits are far too prone to underestimate the commitment of evangelicals to principle over Party, to issues over ideology, to honor and faith over politics.

Issues oriented voters couldn't care less about what happens to the Supreme Court if the supposed alternative to Hillary is himself a supporter of abortion rights.

In a close election, or even a not so close election, the loss of a mere 5 million evangelical voters could tip the election to Hillary.

And this is precisely why choosing Rudy as the GOP nominee is highly risky and therefore terribly ill-advised, unless the candidate experiences a major surge in popularity over Hillary. Thus, Hannity has it least for now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/17/07

Images courtesy of A Human Right.

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership reports that a college student in St. Paul, MN has been suspended and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation for advocating firearms ownership:

From the NRA: Terrible legislation in Wisconsin is being revised:

The Volokh Conspiracy points to an article on the innovative work in economics by George Mason University (my favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, teaches there):

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the latest in the S-CHIP debate, including's endorsement and threats against Republicans:

The Breda Fallacy has today's MUST-read on the middle school shooting in 1994:

The War on Guns found a possible loophole in California's microstamping bill that may make the thing impossible to implement:

Traction Control says that Fred Thompson now leads Rudy Giuliani in fundraising in Texas:

Tam at View from the Porch comments on the mugging of a liberal talk radio host:

In addition, Mike McCarville reports that the mugging never happened and that the leftwing lied about it:

Say Uncle reports that gun dealer Sandy Abrams will go to trial:

Sharp as a Marble has the quote of the day, which shows where the Brady Bunch gets their statistics:

Snow Flakes in Hell gives a thorough roundup of the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous:

Take the Red's Trading Post challenge and get a free Red's coffee mug:

A Keyboard and a .45 posts this on the crime lobby:

Armed and Safe does a good job at taking apart the notion that in modern times, 'antiquated' gun laws need to be updated:

If you want to read a good discussion that is occurring at Blogstitution, featuring yours truly and a liberal by the name of Priscilla, click here:

Cameron Bailey reports that among the GOP candidates, only three--Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, and Rudy Giuliani--are running fiscally sound campaigns:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel post THIS on the 40 liberal wackos in the Senate:

Dustin's Gun Blog issues this in support of the NRA:

Oscar Poppa highly recommends the book, 'Ashmadai,' for good reading. Our own Nicki at The Liberty Zone is the co-author of the book:

Bill O'Reilly Blunders

Whether you like the guy or not, you have to admit that he is quite a force with which to be reckoned when it comes to political and social commentary. Sometimes I find myself agreeing 100% with him, and sometimes I cringe at his comments. Yet I keep watching and listening because he matters.

But Bill O'Reilly is certainly far from perfect, and sometimes when he misses it, he misses by a mile.

O'Reilly's blunder came on the radio this evening. In commenting on the various political campaigns, he stated that Mitt Romney would be a good running mate for Rudy Giuliani should Giuliani get the GOP nomination, of which O'Reilly is certain.

The reason cited by O'Reilly? Because 'Romney is a true conservative, and Giuliani will need a bona fide conservative on the ticket.'

Now let me get this straight. O'Reilly would place on the GOP ticket two northeastern liberals, Republicans in Name Only. My question is, does he wish to hand the election to Hillary?

It will be bad enough for many parts of the country for Giuliani to be the nominee. Many have already vowed to stay home on election day if he is. But some of these could be persuaded if there is a solid REAL conservative on the ticket.

Put Romney with Giuliani and you have immediately lost the entire South and Southwest, along with the Rockey Mountain States.

No Republican will ever win the White House without the South. Period, end.

O'Reilly's contention that Romney is a conservative is based upon his indefensible philosophy in taking a candidate at his/her word and totally ignoring that person's record. The record shows that Romney is no conservative.

It should be noted that ever since the campaigns began in earnest Fox News and their conservative pundits have all been in Giuliani's hip pocket just as CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN have been in the hip pocket of Hillary Clinton.

This fact shows just how thoroughly Fox wishes for the GOP to be dominated by politicians in the northeast corridor.

The people out in the heartland want none of it.

Should Giuliani get the nomination, he will need Fred Thompson or Mike Huckabee. But let's hope such a scenario will never become a reality. Giuliani is simply not a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/16/07

Images courtesy of A Human Right.

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Snow Flakes in Hell has this to say about changing minds, via Say Uncle:

Say Uncle provides a link to some pics from the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous in Reno last week:

Alphecca notes that the Boston Globe is trying to spin Obama's record in such a way as to make it appear that he supports gun rights:

Armed and Safe blogs on a liberal's support for gun rights:

Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs comments on the news, reported today, that there is an Al Qaeda sleeper cell in New Jersey with contacts to every known terrorist organization in the world:

Pamela also has the news that a member of Al Qaeda, living in Charlotte, North Carolina, is blogging and sending out terrorist videos:

Blogonomicon reports that he has 'joined the Tribe':

As residents of California, Cap'n Bob and the Damsel comment on that damned RINO's signing of two anti-gun bills:

Speaking of that damned California RINO, The Bitch Girls provide good info and commentary on a group that's going after Arnold due to his sell-out to the forces of anti-freedom:

The War on Guns has this on criminalizing theft victims:

Tam at View from the Porch says it like I like it! You gotta read, Why Mommy is a Fricking Bedwetting Socialist:

Tam also says that freakin' Commie dictator down in Venezuela has implemented policies that remind one of some American politicians:

Oscar Poppa has the MUST-read of the day on a variety of subjects, and you won't be disappointed. Be sure to read ALL of it:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone has an interesting read on a disturbing incident in Oregon:

The McCarville Report has the story of an Oklahoma father who plans to arm himself:

McCarville also reports this on Senator Tom Coburn's hold up of the gun bill in the U.S. Senate:

John Lott has THIS disturbing piece on people's actual experiences with intrusive pediatricians who act as if they are government agents seeking info on citizens, particularly with regard to guns:

John Lott also reports that Hillary engaged in illegal activity by listening in on unlawful tapes of phone conversations (there's that gurgling, dripping ooze of sleaze I hear again):

In addition, John Lott points to some video clips on the defensive use of firearms:

The Volokh Conspiracy has an example from history, the year 1915 to be exact, that shows the dangers of gun confiscation:

The Buckeye Firearms Association reports that the Second Amendment Foundation has recognized Ron Paul for his achievements in support of the 2nd Amendment:

Shorts in a Bunch, Panties in a Wad

And the jackass bucks...

Congressional Democrats will be returning to Capitol Hill with their 'shorts in a bunch and panties in a wad' over the leak of the email concerning Congressional staffers getting inoculations before attending NASCAR events.

Naturally the Dems will attempt to downplay the flap, along with tons of help from the mainstream media that now considers the whole thing a non-issue. Even NASCAR has squelched talk about the incident, the result of a lot of jaw-boning from their friends in the North Carolina Democratic Party.

One Party official in North Carolina stated that the Party's 'business interests' with NASCAR should help to soothe any ruffled feathers over the public relations nightmare resulting from the suggestion that Democratic staffers should get their shots 'due to the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases, tetanus, and other maladies,' as if NASCAR events are just oozing with canker sores and warts as opposed to, say, an afternoon watching the Pats play football in New England.

And NASCAR certainly makes cozy with North Carolina Democrats. After all, liberals are firmly in control of the state. The Governor's office, the Lt. Governor's office, the Legislature, and one U.S. Senate seat are all held by Dems. It makes good business sense for NASCAR to appear politically neutral.

Yet NASCAR fans in general view Democrats with a wary eye. And with the latest snub, the icing may well be on the cake as most fans simply flip the proverbial finger to the Dems for their callous, condescending attitude, in addition to their previous transgressions regarding the flag, patriotism, the military, and at least a hundred and one other issues that put them at odds with the vast American heartland.

These are issues that doom candidacies among a significant portion of the population. And to suggest that these everyday, honest, down-to-earth citizens who happen to enjoy auto racing are just dripping with dangerous fluids that a mere sneeze could transmit is so far over the top as to be downright comical.

Such things can kill political campaigns.

And the Democrats know it.

Thus, whether you or I hear anything about it or not, you can bet your last drop of penicillin that the Dems in Washington are irked beyond all measure that an email that insults tens of millions of citizens was leaked to the media.

The doors may be closed when the emotions fly at the Capitol over this, but we can rest assured that behind those closed doors the jackasses are bucking.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/15/07

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Bitch Girls say that 'Virginia is done,' and for good reason:

The Breda Fallacy has a comment to make about Democrats and squirrels:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone says that the Orlando Sentinel blasted the teacher who wants to carry her concealed weapon to class:

Tam at View from the Porch has a news item about a dangerous stowaway on a Boeing 777:

Traction Control reports that a West Dallas business owner has shot two suspected burglars in 3 weeks:

The War on Guns has this to say about Arnold's (the damn RINO) signing of the microstamping bill in California:

Alphecca further comments on that damn California RINO here:

Say Uncle reports some PSH for a Monday:

Red's Trading Post is way too kind in describing the lies of the ATF Seattle Field Office as exaggerations. These are nothing short of pure lies by the jackbooted thugs:

Random Ramblings of a Republitarian has a very good read on the ever-dwindling supply of 'uncommon knowledge':

Oscar Poppa has a very informative post on the proposed Constitutional amendments in Texas:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel share with us their 'gunventory':

Armed and Safe shows us yet another pro-tyranny screed:

Blogonomicon blogs on some interesting gun stuff in his aunt's garage:

Cameron Bailey give us another good medical reason for drinking red wine:

The McCarville Report says that so far the Democrats have successfully kept the gun control issue out of the Presidential campaigns:

Here is an article on the growing success of single-gender classes in public schools:

From the NRA: Important Michigan Pro-Gun Bill to be Heard Soon:

This is a special alert just for the guys. It seems a hidden bacteria causes men to 'shoot blanks':


First of all, my question is, who, exactly, is giving political advice to the Democrats? Whoever it is should be fired. A series of serious miscues and blunders by various and sundry Democrats as an election year draws near should be ample evidence that these buffoons are not ready to lead the country.

The latest flap has succeeded in irking the fans of the most popular sport in America today--auto racing. Democratic Congressional staffers were ordered to undergo a series of inoculations in preparation for attending a NASCAR event called 'The Bank of America 500,' including injections for protection against sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, influenza, and diphtheria.

However, the House Office of the Attending Physician stated that Congressional staffers were not required to get these particular shots as part of their domestic travel preparation.

Further, the staffers have never specifically requested these inoculations before attending football, baseball, or other sports events.

And this leaves NASCAR and its legion of fans scratching their heads. 'Why us?'

'Why us,' indeed.

No matter which way you cut it, this is a public relations nightmare. In one swoop the Democrats have succeeded in alienating millions of Americans who not only follow NASCAR but attend its events.

For comparison's sake, the largest football stadium in the Carolina-Tennessee-Georgia-Alabama area is Knoxville's Neiland Stadium where the University of Tennessee Vols play. Capacity is just over 106,000. A typical NASCAR race track will have room for nearly 200,000 fans, and these events are not only sellouts but attract several thousand more to the area who cannot get inside the gate.

In the political world, NASCAR venues such as these are perfect reservoirs from which to attract voters. Not for the Democrats, however. Apparently these fans are nothing but redneck hayseeds who are to be detested, even to the point of wishing to be sanitized before lowering oneself to mingle among them.

And believe me, these fans are all-too-ready to pounce on Democrats, whom most of them perceive to be San Francisco-Boston-New York City elitist snobs who desecrate our flag, denigrate our military, and wish to confiscate our guns.

In other words, there is no love lost between most racing fans and the modern Democratic Party.

With the latest debacle of the Democratic elite, along with alienating an Eagle Scout who wanted to use the word 'God' in a flag tribute to his grandfather and Hillary Clinton's McGovernite plan to give 1000 bucks to every man, woman, and child in America, it would seem that most NASCAR fans have seen enough to make up their minds. The values that drive the modern Democratic Party are nowhere near the values that racing fans hold dear.

In fact, the entire fiasco reminds one of the early days of the AIDS scare in the 1980s. People were actually afraid of being on elevators with HIV patients for the fear that one would sneeze.

Let's hope that the Democratic elite who got their hands soiled by attending a NASCAR event didn't get treated to a nasty, infectious sneeze by a race fan sitting nearby.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Obama and Fundamentalist Liberalism

Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama issued a package of proposals last week which he described as 'the attempt to usher in the Kingdom of God in America.'

Many observers were caught off-guard by the statement. Yet the concept is nothing new.

Obama belongs to a tradition within Christianity that has been around since the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century which maintains that the concept of the 'Kingdom of God' as mentioned in the Bible is a mandate for political and social structures.

Thus, 'Christian liberalism' was born and encompassed a vast segment of the Church in a variety of old, mainline denominations in Europe and the U.S. The adherents to Christian liberalism believed that the Kingdom of God could be ushered in by the activities of man. This could be accomplished by changing social and political structures to reflect what adherents believed was the 'teachings of Jesus' regarding the poor.

The ultimate objective was to wipe out poverty and war by implementing governmental policies that supposedly made society more just and fair. Humanitarian pursuit was the order of the day with the goal of not only alleviating human suffering but preempting that suffering in the first place by making sure that society was structured in such a way as to minimize the risk of poverty, disease, and war.

This, of course, meant that capitalism had to go. Human freedom and personal choice had to be minimized in such a way as to insure that wealth was spread as evenly as possible throughout society.

The remnants of Christian liberalism are still alive in Europe today. The only change is that the masses generally do not recognize that the secular Socialism that governs their nations had its roots in a segment of Christianity.

The main reason that Europe and the rest of Western society in general have forgotten that fact is the rampant disillusionment that occurred in the wake of two World Wars and the Great Depression. Man's best attempts to 'usher in the Kingdom of God' resulted in disaster.

In short, you may be able to change social and political structures externally, but you cannot change the internal darkness that leads to such horrors as the Holocaust.

Further, under the influence of liberal theologians such as Rudolf Bultmann, who sought to 'demythologize' Christianity, there arose in Europe a securalized version of Christian liberalism. The mass suffering that occurred on the continent during the first half of the 20th century led to a growing distrust of church structures, which of course, fed the securalized version of Christian liberalism.

Yet the basic premise of Socialism is just as bound for failure as its religious equivalent.

Much of Europe seems to have failed to learn that lesson.

Despite the obvious failures of Christian liberalism and its secular equivalent, Socialism, that segment of Christianity that embraces such a point of view is alive and well. Barack Hussein Obama belongs to that segment of Christianity.

Obama would mandate certain key tenets of Socialism in the name of 'ushering in the Kingdom of God' just as his spiritual forebears did in Europe in the early 20th century. The problem, of course, is that Christian Liberalism as it stands today is just as unwilling to allow any deviation from its prescriptions as the Fundamentalists on the extreme Right.

This is why I do not hesitate to refer to Christian Liberals as 'fundamentalists.' They have a dogma that must be strictly followed just as surely as the rightwing fundamentalists.

For example, a speaker before the annual meeting of the National Council of Churches, which represents those Christian denominations that adhere to liberalism, stated that 'government should have a monopoly on the use firearms.' Period, end.

This, in a nutshell, is the mindset. Government, in their view, truly IS the means by which to usher in the Kingdom of God. And to them, that means government must have ultimate power to confiscate wealth in order to distribute it to others, confiscate firearms in order to insure a 'peaceful society,' withdraw U.S. troops from every region of the world to show in good faith that we 'mean no harm,' and to exhibit a literal reading of Jesus' words to 'turn the other cheek' by allowing our enemies to strike us without any response that uses force.

Those who dissent from this liberal dogma are vilified every bit as thoroughly as the most rabid rightwing Fundamentalist preacher you can imagine. In fact, in many ways the leftwing fundamentalists are worse.

Various and sundry organizations that are dominated by the leftwing mainline denominations, such as Barack Obama's United Church of Christ and others, are known for their intolerance of dissenting points of view. Talk to many of our military Chaplains, for example, and you will discover that organizations such as the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, the Association of Professional Chaplains, and others, are notorious for making it difficult if not impossible for a conservative Christian to be recognized professionally by those groups.

One of these organizations in particular, the ACPE, demands that its members adhere to standards that many conservative Christians find to be against Biblical teaching.

This is not to say that these organizations do not have the right to set their own standards. For certainly they do. Further, this is not to say that their standards are necessarily wrong. That is not the point at all. The point is that there is within Christian liberalism a fundamentalist mindset that is every bit as exclusionary and dogmatic as rightwing fundamentalists.

And this is the problem with Barack Obama. In the name of Christianity he would unleash on the Republic a plethora of tyranny that flies in the face of every single principle of liberty for which our Founding Fathers fought and died.