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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Border Patrol Hoax: What We Know So Far

Washington, DC (TLS). Three days have passed since the Department of Homeland Security admitted to lying to Congress about the evidence in the Border Patrol Hoax. Washington has been abuzz with outrage, suspicion, accusations, and shock over the mishandling of the case by the Federal Government, which sent two innocent men to prison.

In the midst of the aftermath of the government's bombshell admission of lies, here is what we know so far.

1. The Mexican who attempted to cross the border with drugs was breaking the law. He is therefore an illegal alien, even if he possessed no drugs at all. The Border Patrol Agents were totally within U.S. Law to apprehend a lawbreaker attempting to enter the country illegally.

2. The illegal alien, who was shot in the buttocks by one of the Agents, did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

3. The illegal alien is now suing the federal government--a common ploy of law-breakers who attempt to enter the country illegally and get injured in the process.

4. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, a Bush crony from Texas, and a Bush appointee, unleashed the maximum charges possible against the two Agents, painting them as 'bad cops.'

5. Neither Sutton nor the Department of Homeland Security possessed any proof or evidence that the two Agents were 'bad cops.'

6. The Department of Homeland Security lied to Congress about the evidence it claimed it had on the two Agents, but which later admitted it did NOT have.

7. Sutton lied in several different settings and news outlets concerning the manner in which the illegal alien came to his office to register a complaint. Sutton claims he showed up with an attorney. This turned out to be a lie. In fact, Sutton tracked down the illegal alien, who was already known by the feds, and offered him immunity for testifying against the two Agents. Thus, the law-breaker did not approach Sutton but was tracked down in Mexico to secure his testimony.

8. Judge Kathleen Cardone, another Bush crony and appointee, refused to allow information concerning the illegal alien's drug activity to be admitted in court.

9. The verdict issued by the jury was blatantly excessive given the nature of the incident. One Agent is serving 12 years, the other 11 years.

10. Judge Cardone refused to allow release of the Agents pending investigations by Congress into the incident and trial. Instead, they were quickly whisked away to jail as if they were hardened and dangerous mass murderers.

11. Although Johnny Sutton assured the public that the two Agents would be under a high level of protection while in prison, and kept apart from the general prison population, one of the Agents was moved to a medium security prison in Mississippi where he was placed squarely in the middle of the general prison population, despite assurances from Sutton.

12. The Agent was severely beaten by other inmates the day he arrived at the Mississippi facility.

These are the facts and not conjecture. This is what we KNOW...12 sordid and despicable facts that all point to a set-up job by somebody, somewhere in government. That person or persons need to face justice for breaking the laws of this nation.

U.S. Senate Investigates Border Patrol Debacle

Washington, DC (TLS). The U.S. Senate has renewed its investigation into the Border Patrol incident by calling for investigations into the beating of one of the convicted agents in a Mississippi prison. Before the close of the last session of the Senate in 2006, Republicans had initiated the investigations, but those deliberations were stalled with the election of a new Democrat majority.

However, as increasing pressure mounts from the U.S. House of Representatives to open investigations into lies, corruption, and a possible felonious conviction of two innocent men, the Senate has decided to re-open its own investigation into the the entire ordeal.

Democrats in the Senate have joined Congressional Republicans in raising serious questions about the illegal alien involved in the case, the actions of the two Agents, and the subsequent prosecution of the Agents by the federal government, which admitted this week to lying about the evidence to secure a conviction

The renewed interest in this case by the Senate is welcome news. However, it is clear that Senate Democrats have been dragging their feet in placing the case under scrutiny. In fact, there has been a conspicuous wall of silence among Democrats about this entire fiasco, more than likely due to their complicity in the sordid scheme to ignore U.S. Law on illegal aliens and contribute to the rush on America by illegals.

Democrats have always found loyal voters among illegal aliens.

Thus, time will tell as to how serious Senate Democrats are in tracking down the ugly truth about this case. My hunch is their only motivation in launching the investigation is the potential to hang Bush with it. We can also expect the Demos to walk gingerly through this quagmire so as not to stir up even more anti-illegal alien sentiment among the citizens, who are already enraged by the abject failure of both Democrats and Republicans to truly address this explosive problem.

Read more about the Senate investigation here:

How the Left Contributes to Muslim Takeover of Europe

Washington, DC (TLS). A rising chorus of voices in America and in Europe has warned that extremist Muslims are on the brink of a complete takeover of Europe. At the present rate of immigration and the bullying of the extremists within Islam, Europe has less than 10 years, tops, to stop the entire continent from becoming an Islamic region. Some countries have even less time than that.

The thing that is most discouraging, however, about the Jihadist surge in Europe is not that the extremists are using urban warfare, or suicide bombers, and the like, to accomplish their goal. They have actually done very little of this, with the exception of the hundreds of firebombings of autos in and around Paris for the past two years. Rather, the Jihadists are being helped by the Left. With the Left's relentless emphasis on political correctness and 'multiculturalism,' nothing can be put in the way of the extremist surge. Without a deeply held conviction that the Judeo-Christian culture of the West is far superior to the vision of the world held by Muslims, there is no motivation to stop intrusions of deviant extremists into the present culture. And, make no mistake about it, these extremists are most definitely driven by their agenda to impose their inferior cultural and religious values on the rest of the world.

Thus, unless Europe rises from its drunken stupor, fueled by its addiction to political correctness and multiculturalism, the Islamic onslaught will continue until nothing is left of Western European culture as we know it. Any vestige of what Europe once was will be swallowed up by the madness and ruthlessness of a Middle Eastern culture and religion that espouses total dominance, violence, and religious totalitarianism.

Read this shocking report here, from Discover the Networks:

Friday, February 09, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). WorldNetDaily News is reporting late today that documents obtained by the news service show ties between the investigator of the case in the Department of Homeland Security and the illegal alien who was shot by the Border Patrol attempting to enter the country illegally.

Special Agent Christopher Sanchez of the Department of Homeland Security was charged with the responsibility of managing the case and conducting the investigation that landed the two Border Patrol Agents in prison. Yet Sanchez had a history with the illegal alien in the case, dating all the way back to 2005, and even gave a border pass bearing his name to the illegal alien, allowing multiple entries into the country.

It was Special Agent Sanchez who testified that bullet fragments collected at the scene implicated the two Border Patrol officers. Yet, the weapons identifications ballistics analysis performed by the Texas Department of Public Safety on the bullet fragment held by Sanchez did not match the bullet to the weapons fired Feb. 17, 2005 by Border Patrol Agents Ramos or Compean.

The entire fiasco has led to calls for resignations by Congressman John Culbertson, R-TX. Culbertson has pointed the finger at Department of Homeland Security officials Richard Skinner and Elizabeth Redman as being among those who should resign. Add Christopher Sanchez to that list.

Thus, with each passing day the intrigue grows deeper. And the scandal broadens.

Read the complete WND report here:

Late-Breaking Update on Ware Shoals-Cheerleader Scandal

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned late today that the South Carolina National Guard has reprimanded, demoted, and relieved from recruitment duty the two Guardsmen involved in the Ware Shoals High School cheerleader sex scandal. Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Fletcher, 29, and Sgt. Jeremy Pileggi, 21, were placed on part-time duty along with their demotion and will not be allowed to do recruiting for the Guard.

Fletcher has admitted to an affair with former Ware Shoals High School cheerleader coach Jill Moore, a married mother of two. Pileggi has confessed to having sex with a 16-year-old Ware Shoals High School cheerleader, whom Moore had allegedly taken to a motel to have sex with Pileggi and watch as Moore had sex with Fletcher. S.C. Law states that the age of legal consensual sex is 16 years of age. Thus, Pileggi will not be charged with statutory rape.

Moore has not been convicted as yet of any crime. She is charged with passing alcohol to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Moore has confessed to taking several cheerleaders off school grounds after football games, where she would give the students alcohol and cigarettes.

The Liberty Sphere will provide regular updates to this story as Moore and Ware Shoals High School principal Jane Blackwell face charges in court. Blackwell allegedly obstructed the investigation into Moore's activities.

Republican Lawmaker Calls for Resignations

Washington, DC (TLS). A Republican Congressman is now calling for the resignations of Department of Homeland Security officials who lied to Congress concerning its 'evidence,' or lack thereof, with regard to the Border Patrol debacle. U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, stated that resignations are in order for those within Homeland Security who claimed to have evidence that did not exist, resisted requests by Congress for documentation in the case, and then lied to Congress about that documentation.

The Inspector-General of the Department of Homeland Security, Richard L. Skinner, reported to a House subcommittee in September of 2006 that the Department had evidence that implicated the two Border Patrol agents in felonies.

However, when Skinner appeared before the Committee once again this week, he was questioned about that claim. Skinner stated to Rohrabacher, 'The person who told you that misinformed you.'

That person was Skinner himself. That incident of 'misinformation,' in plain English, means LIE. Thus, Skinner implicated himself in lying to Congress.

Today Rohrabacher called for Skinner's resignation. However, this problem goes far beyond Skinner. Ohers were most definitely involved in the hoax, including U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, District Judge Kathleen Cardone who presided over the case, and a host of others within the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Justice Department. A massive scheme of this magnitude, involving retrieving a convicted drug offender from Mexico and giving him immunity to testify against the agents, would have to involve persons in high levels of government. Sutton repeatedly lied about how the illegal alien came to his office. False testimony was secured from persons who were obviously threatened into silence about what they actually knew. The jury in the case never heard or saw critical evidence. And the Judge resisted any effort to release the men pending appeals. Instead, they were quickly whisked off to prison like hardened mass murderers to rot in jail for a dozen years. Most murderers are given lighter sentences.

Somebody, somewhere wanted these two agents out of the picture in a hurry.

The Liberty Sphere demands to know who and for what purpose. The public has a right to know.

We will go a step further than Representative Rohrabacher in calling for Skinner's resignation. Johnny Sutton and Kathleen Cardone should also step down. They should also face investigations for misconduct, possibly a felonious attempt to frame two innocent men.

These actions of corrupt government officials are too serious, too damaging to the credibility of the criminal justice system in America, that much more than a simple resignation is in order. It is a felony to wilfully and knowingly prosecute and convict innocent citizens. We have LOADS of evidence that government officials knew exactly what they were doing. If this is the case, then they should face jail time.

No one in this country is above the law. Not the President, not the U.S. Attorney, not the Judge, and nobody in the Department of Homeland Security. Lying to Congress is a crime as well. Those who did so must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to show to the citizens of this country that there is still a tiny bit of integrity left in the criminal justice system. Anything less will send an ominous signal with far-reaching consequences that bode ill for this Republic.

Read more about calls for resignations here:

More GOP Outrage at Bush over Border Patrol Debacle

Washington, DC (TLS). A growing chorus of voices within the Republican Party are expressing dismay and outright bitterness toward the Bush Administration's handling of the Border Patrol incident, resulting in two innocent men being cast into prison for lengthy sentences. Among those publicly voicing the growing discontent are Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Ted Poe, Walter Jones, Marsha Blackburn, and Presidential candidates Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo--all Republicans.

While Hunter and Tancredo express confidence that the President will do the right thing and either pardon the men or release them at least until a review of the case can be completed, Rohrabacher, Jones, and Blackburn have expressed deep concern about the apparent gross government mishandling of the case--a trail that leads all the way to the Oval Office. Rohrabacher on Wednesday stated that the President will face impeachment hearings if any more harm befalls the two falsely charged agents while they are imprisoned.

Read more concerning GOP voices of discontent here:

More Muslim Terrorism Uncovered in North Carolina

Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has been tracking the connections between Muslim groups in North Carolina and overseas terrorism. As we have reported to you several times over the past few weeks, North Carolina is home to a network of terror cells that operate just beneath the radar screen but with enough publicity to make their presence--and their subversive agenda--known.

Charlotte, for example, was ground zero for a group of Islamic terrorists who were engaged in money laundering, marriage fraud, immigration fraud, raising money for Hezbollah, the dangerous terrorist organization in the Middle East, and a tobacco scheme that had connections in Canada and New York City. Raleigh is home to one of the most active extremist Muslim groups in America, which has sponsored anti-Semitic, anti-American, and Jihad-promoting speakers of the Muslim faith. Members of the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill helped the group sponsor these subversive speakers. One such meeting led an enraged Muslim student to drive his SUV through a group of students on the campus of UNC, injuring nine. The Muslim student told a news reporter that he did it in the name of Allah and that reading the Koran led to his actions.

The Liberty Sphere also reported that Greensboro, North Carolina was the first ground zero in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and 2001. Many of the terrorists who were involved in the hijacking of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were educated at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro.

Word has now reached us that more Muslim terrorism has been uncovered in the state of North Carolina. Greensboro apparently once again is ground zero for a Muslim hit team, this time operating out of Guilford College.

As The Liberty Sphere has repeatedly warned, although these terror cells in North Carolina so far have not targeted Americans with threats of violence, with the exception of the UNC incident, these groups have been busy for nearly 20 years in North Carolina getting the lay of the land, including taking photos and video of tall buildings in downtown Charlotte, one of the major banking hubs in the nation.

While violence against American citizens in North Carolina by terrorists has been minimal, it would be a big mistake to drop the guard. As the following article from 'Discover The Networks' shows, the violent nature of extremist Islam can rupture to the surface at any time, unexpectedly.

Read the full story here:

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is This the Beginning of the End of the Bush Presidency?

Washington, DC (TLS). A dark cloud has descended upon the nation's capital over the past 24 hours. What began as whispers in the corners of hallways around the beltway is now becoming an angry, demanding crescendo of outrage directed at the President of the United States, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security. One Republican lawmaker publicly warned the President late Wednesday that impeachment looms in his future if immediate action is not taken to correct a most dreadful travesty of justice, the imprisonment of two Border Patrol Agents about whom the government admits it lied in order to secure their conviction.

The thing that is adding fuel to the fire concerning the possibility of impeachment is the fact that one of the Agents was beaten to within an inch of his life over the weekend in a prison facility in which he was placed along with the general prison population--something that the government promised and assured the public it would NOT do. The attack has resulted in outrage among Republican lawmakers on the Hill. U.S. House Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, was so enraged that he directly issued a warning to the President. Rohrabacher stated at a news conference late Wednesday, "I tell you Mr. President, if these men - especially after this assault - are murdered in prison, or if they lose their lives, there's going to be some sort of impeachment talk in Capitol Hill."

Rep. Rohrabacher is not the only one within the President's own party that are talking impeachment. Republicans are finally getting the message through their thick skulls that Americans are completely fed up with the government's conduct on the issue of illegal aliens. They are sick of people being allowed to work here, get medical care here, and receive an education here who do not go by the rules like everyone else who wishes to be good citizens...citizens who obey the laws of their adopted country. Americans are fed up with employers who look the other way when hiring those they know to be illegal aliens so that they can save a few bucks. And Americans are completely enraged that nothing is being done to secure our border.

And let me digress for just a moment to issue a warning to Democrats about this. Don't think that you escape culpability in this massive national disgrace. For years you have promoted the idea of open borders, lax enforcement of immigration law, and the like, because you see Hispanics as an easy mark for support. You want their votes, so you are just as guilty as Republican big business in looking the other way. Thus, if you turn this into a political issue with which to whip Republicans, take it from me--it AIN'T gonna fly. We are coming after YOU too. And you will pay a heavy price in the next election. And don't start with the hypocritical denunciations of Republicans, when you yourselves have closets so full of dirty laundry that the stench emanates upward to high heaven. I will be more than happy to roll out your record on immigration for all the world to see if you so much as hint that you plan to use this as political fodder.

Republicans on the Hill are finally getting the message, and they are in no mood to continue to play games with the nation's laws and security in order to appease a President whose shady dealings with the Mexican government trump the nation's clearly-stated laws on illegal immigration.

What began as a pesky little court case involving two supposed 'bad cops,' as the Department of Homeland Security described them, has gradually turned into a scandal of gargantuan proportions. This scandal implicates the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the case, Johnny Sutton, the Judge in the case, Kathleen Cardone, Homeland Security Inspector-General Richard L. Skinner, who lied to Congress about the case, the U.S. Department of Justice, and even the White House itself. The fact that the White House has engaged in consistent stonewalling when questions are asked about the Border Patrol Hoax, plus the President's foot-dragging in the process of pardons for the two innocent Agents, only increases suspicions and outrage.

We can rest assured that Republicans in Congress notice the dubious actions of the White House. And they are snooping, as well they should. Already feeling betrayed by a President whose poor ratings in the polls brought about the loss of Congress, Republicans have very little patience with the President when it comes to a highly emotional issue that most Americans feel has been placed on the back burner--illegal aliens invading our country, aided and abetted by a Republican President and Liberal Democrats who make strange bedfellows but who are co-conspirators in allowing U.S. law to be broken for ulterior motives. The public clearly wants something done to stop it, and Republicans sense the deep sense of outrage out there in the heartland. They have no intention of allowing Mr. Bush to bring them another defeat in 2008. If he does not get the message and issue pardons for the two Agents, then Republicans will gladly seize upon the impeachment process to show the electorate that they clearly DO NOT support a President who is selling the nation's soul to Mexico.

Thus, as much as I loathe quoting a question from Dan Rather, it seems very appropriate here.

What did President Bush know, and when did he know it?

Republican Lawmaker Warns Bush of Impeachment

Washington, DC (TLS). With outrage reaching a fever pitch on Capitol Hill over the government's admission that it lied to convict two Border Patrol Agents, one Republican lawmaker is warning President Bush of impeachment proceedings. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, warned the President in a news conference late Wednesday that if the two incarcerated Agents are murdered or die in prison, the President himself will be held personally responsible.

Republican lawmakers have demanded the full and free Presidential pardon of the two Agents who did the job they were hired to do to protect the nation's borders from illegal aliens. So far, the President has been dragging his feet, and White House spokesman Tony Snow has persistently stonewalled on questions related to the government's mishandling of the case, including fabricating and falsifying evidence, lying to a court of law, lying to Congress, and incarcerating two men the government knew to be innocent of the charges.

Unless the President immediately takes the steps necessary to release the two men from prison and launch a full, relentless investigation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, then I am quite certain Republicans will do the job Democrats have threatened in the past. They will launch impeachment hearings against the President.

All of this, of course, would be unnecessary if the President steps up to the plate, admits that people within the government engaged in willful deception, take steps to prosecute the guilty, and releases the innocent Agents from prison. This would clear the President's name and reputation and avert pending impeachment proceedings launched by members of his own party.

As it stands now, however, the President is implicated in the entire mess due to his close ties to the main players. If the President was unaware of the corruption of his cronies in this case, then he needs to say so and undertake the necessary steps to rid the government of their shameful presence.

Click here for more on impeachment talk:

Republicans Unleash Rage at Bush Over Border Patrol Debacle

Washington, DC (TLS). When news reached members of Congress that one of the Border Patrol Agents who had been falsely charged and imprisoned had been beaten, and that the beating occurred in a facility where the government promised he would not be, Republicans went ballistic. Rarely has such stinging rhetoric been used against a sitting President by members of his own Party.

The Republicans have good reason to be angry. The government admitted it lied to convict the two men. The government lied to the court. The government lied to Congress. Two innocent men were sent to prison, supposedly to a minimum security facility where they would not be kept among the general prison population. These promises were made by U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton.

Yet one of the men wound up in a medium-security federal penitentiary in Mississippi among the general prison population. The very day he arrived he was beaten to within an inch of his life.

This is when the verbal carnage began to fly. As news of the beating reached Congressional Republicans, who have been calling for the men to receive a Presidential pardon, they immediately vented their anger toward the White House. One Republican lawmaker stated that he was so angry with President Bush that he didn't know what to do. Another threatened impeachment hearings against the President.

My friends, this is a story that is not going away, for the corruption it represents reaches the very highest levels of government, and now members of the President's own party are turning against him.

Read the full account of Republican outrage here:

Feds Favor Mexico Over American Citizens

Washington, DC (TLS). Donald A. Collins has an interesting take on the beating of the imprisoned Border Patrol Agent. As the fallout from one of the biggest hoaxes in U.S. jurisprudence continues to unfold, Collins sees the debacle as one more indication of a federal government not only turning its back on its own laws and Constitution, but is willing to betray, accuse, convict, and imprison innocent citizens in the disgraceful plot to appease Mexico and continue the onslaught against our nation by illegal aliens.

This is a MUST-READ!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has received explosive information this afternoon concerning the Border Patrol Hoax. As reported earlier today, the government has admitted to a Congressional panel that it lied in order to convict two innocent Border Patrol agents, both of whom are now in prison. Word comes this afternoon, however, that this scandal follows a trail that may lead directly to the White House and the Oval Office itself.

The U.S. Attorney who led the charge against the two Border Patrol agents is none other than Johnny Sutton, a Bush appointee who was also closely involved with the administration of then-Texas Governor Bush when he was the state's chief executive. Another Bush crony, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone, presided in the case and did the sentencing.

My friends, this is explosive new evidence, particularly in light of the fact that we now know that everything the Department of Homeland Security said to convict the two agents was pure fabrication--barefaced lies. We also now know that U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton lied to the court, to the press, and in numerous interviews he granted to talk radio hosts.

We know that the Bush administration has been dragging its feet in the pardon request for the two agents. We know the Department of Homeland security stonewalled, lied, and refused Congressional requests for documents proving their allegations against the agents. We also know that the Bush White House has also engaged in stonewalling when questions arise from the press corp about the two wrongfully-imprisoned agents, one of whom was beaten to within an inch of his life in a federal penitentiary, although he was supposed to be placed in an area apart from the general prison population. None of the government's promises to that effect were fulfilled.

This is beginning to look like a put-up job from start to finish--an outright attempt to frame two innocent cops. Why? We can only conjecture at this point. But we do know that the Bush administration has consistently resisted enforcing U.S. law when it comes to our border with Mexico. Laws concerning illegal aliens have been almost totally ignored. And if the White House was involved in any way with this deliberate framing and incarceration of the two innocent border patrol agents, then felonies have been committed.

Was Bush a willing accomplice to this sordid scheme?

If not, then the ONLY way the Bush White House can cleanse itself of any stain or dreadful political repercussions from this despicable episode is to IMMEDIATELY issue a full, free pardon to the two agents and launch a thorough investigation into the conduct of the Department of Homeland Security, Judge Kathleen Cardone, and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton.

Heads will need to roll over this one, folks. And if Mr. Bush does not follow through, then Congress certainly will, except then it will be a criminal investigation of the President himself.

This entire fiasco will most definitely blow up in the President's face unless he takes decisive action NOW to rid the government of corruption and set those two innocent men free.

The Liberty Sphere Top Stories for Wednesday, Feb. 7

Washington, DC (TLS). Good Morning! Here are The Liberty Sphere's top news stories and commentary from D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan for this Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2007.

**Shocking Admission from Feds--They LIED to Convict the Border Patrol Agents!
**The Liberty Sphere launches a new mantra for 2008--ANYBODY BUT HILLARY ('ABH')
**The Billionaire Madman Who Would be Queen-Maker (George Soros)
**More Fallout From the Nifong Debacle in Durham
**America Losing Its Resolve

We are also following the latest 'Washington whispers' around the beltway concerning the impending urban warfare WITHIN THE UNITED STATES! Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) was the first to break this still-developing story, and The Liberty Sphere will follow it.

Hang in there, folks! It's hump-day! The weekend is coming.

LIBERTY ALERT!! Government Admits It Lied to Convict Border Patrol Agents!

Washington, DC (TLS). This is an urgent Liberty Alert. The Department of Homeland Security has admitted to the Border Patrol Hoax! The Feds concocted a scheme to send two innocent men to prison!

The Federal Government admitted before a Congressional panel on Tuesday that it lied in order to convict the two Border Patrol Agents who shot at two illegal aliens attempting to cross the border with illicit drugs. This shocking bombshell was dropped as Department of Homeland Security Inspector-General Richard L. Skinner was being grilled by Congressman John Culbertson, R-Texas.

Skinner had informed a Congressional subcommittee in September of 2006 that the Department had sufficient evidence that proved the guilt of the two agents in question, that they admitted the two illegal aliens posed no threat to them at all, and that they had decided earlier that day that they were 'going to shoot some Mexicans.'

NONE of this is true, as Skinner admitted today.

The shocking admission brought an angry outburst from Congressman Culbertson, who thundered, 'You lied to me and you lied to all of us. Your office tried to paint a picture of Ramos and Compean as dirty cops, and now you come before this committee and tell us you never had the information to back up those claims.'

This chilling admission poses a dire omen for the U.S. Department of Justice. As despicable as were the actions of the U.S. Attorney in charging the two men falsely, in essence fabricating evidence against them, the truth is that the corruption in this case extends all the way to Washington, DC in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

As The Liberty Sphere has warned repeatedly in the aftermath of the Durham Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax, and now the Border Patrol Hoax, if these actions on the part of prosecutors in the highest levels of state and federal governments are any indication of the state of affairs of our criminal justice system, then NO ONE IN AMERICA CAN BE ASSURED A FAIR AND HONEST TRIAL.

My friends, this taints the entire system from top to bottom.

Once again, MR. PRESIDENT--SET THOSE INNOCENT BORDER PATROL AGENTS FREE! They have been falsely prosecuted and imprisoned by corrupt government officials. Do the right thing to help restore integrity to our government.

And once again to the North Carolina judicial system--DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST THOSE THREE INNOCENT DUKE STUDENTS WHO WERE FALSELY ACCUSED! They were falsely charged and prosecuted by a rogue D.A. to win an election, and the entire N.C. System of Justice, including the state Democrat Party, were willing accomplices.

It is high-time for a day of reckoning for the U.S. Attorney in El Paso, the Department of Homeland Security, the North Carolina Justice System, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Granted, we cannot control the actions of everyone under our authority, but we sure can condemn them and prosecute them when they so blatantly pervert the system.

These cases demand immediate action so that citizens do not entirely lose respect for the criminal justice system in particular, and government in general. The longer action is delayed in setting the innocent free, the more we the citizens lose trust and faith in our system of government. And someone, somewhere is going to pay a heavy price in order to restore honesty, integrity, and the rule of law in America.

Anybody But Hillary ('ABH')

Washington, DC (TLS). During a campaign swing yesterday, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made the following remark: 'The oil companies have made massive windfall profits. If I am elected I will take that money and put it in a fund to develop alternative energy sources.'

The remark was met with wild cheers among the friendly crowd. It seems the profit-bashing motif has caught on big-time in America, perpetrated by Leftist socialists who consistently refer to the profits of the big oil companies as 'obscene,' 'immoral,' and 'excessive.' This sounds fine to those who have a vested interest in class warfare in this country, pitting those who do not make money against those who do.

However, since when does government get to decide how much profit is 'too much?' Price gouging is a separate issue here. We are not speaking of price-gouging to take advantage of citizens in the wake of, say, a hurricane. We are speaking of a publicly-traded entity with a responsibility to the millions of shareholders who expect that business to turn a profit. If the corporation turns big profits, everyone benefits--the shareholders, the executives, the workers, and eventually the economy as a whole. For the oil companies to make huge profits that benefit their stockholders, who then pump millions of dollars back into the economy, is a healthy thing for America.

But not if you are Hillary Clinton.

Hillary says she intends, to 'take that money.' By whose authority? Does that money belong to her? Does it belong to government? Who else besides the shareholders does that money belong?

In short, what Hillary Clinton is proposing is stealing. She wishes to undertake a massive government program of stealing profits from the pockets of the average American stockholders. She would take these stolen funds and place them in a government pool where government would then decide how the money is to be spent.

The notion is called 'socialism,' and it is anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, anti-free enterprise, and a subversion of the U.S. Constitution. According to our way of government, private business propels the economy, not government. Government serves only as a referee to level the playing field so that businesses can compete fairly. Government in this country was never envisioned as having the means of production. Yet this is precisely what Hillary is proposing.

This dangerous and subversive attempt to smash American free enterprise and the profit-driven nature of our economy MUST BE STOPPED NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

And thus, I am calling for a nationwide stop-Hillary movement called, 'Anybody But Hillary' (ABH).

True, I would prefer a solidly conservative alternative, such as Duncan Hunter or Condi Rice. Yet, when I begin looking at Hillary Clinton very closely and realistically weighing the consequences of her words and proposals, a sobering picture emerges. Unless we stop this woman whom Dick Morris refers to as 'the most dangerous woman in America,' we are going to be stuck for four long years with an unabashed, abject Socialist who will attempt to dismantle American liberty and free enterprise.

In short, I would much rather prefer Rudi Giuliani, John McCain, or Mitt Romney than to suffer through the nightmare of a Hillary Clinton presidency. True, Giuliani, McCain, and Romney may be Republicans in name only, but they are nowhere near the trainwreck of a Hillary Clinton administration.

As a gun owner and supporter of gun rights, I am very wary of Giuliani, McCain, and Romney. Yet they can be influenced and lobbied. The money they get will come from those of us who will not tolerate any wavering from a firm support of 2nd Amendment rights. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is not only a gun-grabber but an abject Socialist, European style. She will target businesses, industry, entrepreneurs, and free enterprise with a vengeance. She will tax such businesses into extinction. She will appoint Socialists to the Supreme Court who neither value nor adhere to the principles of the Founding Fathers of this nation as found in the U.S. Constitution.

Thus, no matter what, we must stop Hillary Clinton. No matter who the Republican nominee may be, we must get out and support that person with all our might. We CANNOT under ANY circumstance allow this woman to become the President of the United States.

And so, my friends, join me in 'ABH'! ANYBODY BUT HILLARY!

The Billionaire Madman Who Would be Queen-Maker

Washington, DC (TLS). Make no mistake about it, George Soros is a madman. He even hints at it himself. In his latest book he claims that he often fancies himself to be mad. This may well be the one statement Soros has made that is 100% correct and based in reality.

As we have reported before on The Liberty Sphere, the evil billionaire madman has given upwards of 100 million dollars of his own money to the Democrat party. He is the Party's largest single-source donor. He has been meeting regularly with Hillary Clinton for at least a decade. In fact, the one person who was called upon to provide private solace to Hillary in the midst of Bill's Monica Lewinsky scandal was George Soros.

Who is this man and what does he stand for? There are several things we know as fact. We know he is a Jew who hates Jews and wishes to run from his background. He grew up in Hungary during the Nazi occupation and once stated that the greatest and happiest year of his life was 1944, when Nazis were exterminating by the millions Jews, political dissidents, and those considered to be expendable, such as psychiatric patients. We know that he wrote that he hated his father for deciding to fight cancer instead of giving into it and dying, and thus, forced his own father to die alone--simply because the evil son was angry that his father did not die as that son wished.

Soros is famous for engaging in Orwellian double-speak. He claims to support and promote democracy but has a loathing for the country of his choice, the United States, because it does not measure up to his vision of what a 'democracy' should be. Thus, he has set about to change it from top to bottom, donating multi-millions of dollars to leftwing activist groups and the Democrat Party. He unabashedly supports Hillary Clinton for President, and, along with his ominous 'shadow party' behind the scenes, wishes to turn American society upside down with the most far-reaching government intrusions into personal lives in history, including the dismantling of American free enterprise. Soros has also hinted many times that the U.S. Constitution is a document of limited value. His favorite brain-child,, is a haven for such subversives. has made no bones about the fact that they do not believe America should be guided by the Constitution at all, but that the document is helpful only from a historical perspective.

After all, we would not want some 200-year-old document written by a bunch of old white guys telling us what we should be today, would we.

To Soros and his gang, the Constitution is but a nagging obstacle to their ultimate goal of totally revamping American society from top to bottom. Of course, Soros would be at the very top of the new 'ruling class' in this brave new world of Socialism, along with Hillary Clinton, Terry McCaughliff, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Ted Turner, Hanoi Jane, and Barbra Streisand.

Despite their rhetoric about 'helping the poor and underprivileged,' and 'stopping the evil working of big corporations and their immoral profits,' these demagogues of the Left have no intention of giving up THEIR lavish lifestyles, which they gained precisely because of the capitalism of the United States of America. To the contrary, the elites of the ruling class would continue to live off the fat of the land, with their finest wines, Lear jets, Hummers, Rolls Royces, and Vipers, jet-setting all over the world burning up all of that fossil fuel they blast us nobodies for using.

The one big difference between them in their brave new world and the capitalism of America as it stands now, is that at present ANYBODY ANYWHERE has the opportunity to rise upward, to improve their lot in life. Under the Soros/Hillary scheme of Socialism, the elite ruling class' share of the wealth is protected. They give up ZERO. The only people who must give up more and more of their paychecks is the middle class and members of the upper class who are not part of this elitist ruling circle. The poorest among us, of course, may experience a slightly improving fortune, but only because of the giveaway programs and not because of any initiative or hard work on their part. Why strive to improve when your government nanny is there to care for you from the cradle to the grave?

You can rest assured that the money and influence of George Soros is already at work behind the scenes getting the ground fertile for a Hillary Clinton coup in 2008. He already has the backing of the three networks and CNN. He already has the allegiance of the New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the Washington Post, and others.

During the 2006 election cycle, Soros met on a daily basis with news producers at ABC, CBS, ABC, and CNN to make sure that the news was slanted in favor of Democrats. The objective was to place a premium emphasis on stories that made George Bush look bad, such as the War in Iraq, and totally squelch stories that made him look good, such as an excellent economy and a booming stock market.

Thus, for the first time in recent history, the election was not just about 'the economy, stupid.' Soros bought off the networks to make the economy a non-issue.

He will pull this again in the 2008 election cycle.

Watch for these things very closely as we get closer to the 2008 campaigns. Hillary has already experienced a volcanic surge over the past few weeks as Obama's star begins to fade. This is all according to plan.

So, get ready. We may be on the brink of observing the disintegration of the American republic as we know it. The question is, will America care?

For a thorough expose on George Soros and his subversive objectives, click here:

  • George Soros Expose
  • More Fallout From the Nifong Debacle in Durham

    Washington, DC (TLS). Two jurors who were part of the Grand Jury that decided to proceed with the trial of three Duke lacrosse students charged with rape have told ABC News that had they known about the suppressed evidence that D.A. Mike Nifong withheld, they would not have agreed to proceed with the case. This comes as no surprise given that anyone with an ounce of integrity would say the very same thing. The evidence that Nifong withheld, which has led to his troubles with the N.C. Bar, shows that NO Duke lacrosse player was involved in any way with the assault.

    The accuser states that the perpetrators wore no condom. Yet no DNA evidence found on the woman and inside the woman point to ANY Duke lacrosse player.

    There was plenty of other DNA found on the woman and inside the woman, however.

    We are now into the third month since the bombshell admission of Nifong was made public, namely, that he consorted with the owner of the DNA lab to withhold the evidence that proves the defendants are innocent. Yet to date, no move has been made to dismiss this case.

    The Liberty Sphere wants to know why.

    Why the foot-dragging? We know Nifong withheld vital evidence. We know he lied to the Court. We know the DNA evidence clears the accused. We know that everyone involved in this case, from the Durham police, to the D.A.'s office, to the Durham judicial system, is eye-ball deep in corruption.


    The Liberty Sphere also demands to know why the U.S. Department of Justice has not yet intervened in this case. In such a blatant display of prosecutorial misconduct, possibly with criminal intent, and in such a highly-charged racially-motivated scheme to 'get three rich white guys,' thus showing that it is nearly impossible to get a fair trial in Durham, North Carolina, why hasn't the U.S. Department of Justice intervened and then dismissed the charges?

    Granted, the new prosecutors in this case could well do exactly that. But here it nearly a year after the three were charged, and still justice has not been done. Time is ticking away. These three young men and their families need to get about the business of getting their lives back after they were robbed of precious time and reputation by the State of North Carolina and its corrupt prosecutor, Mike Nifong.

    They also need to get about the business of suing the pants off of whoever was involved in this disgraceful display.

    America Losing Its Resolve

    The victory of the Democrats in taking control of Congress in November of last year has had a chilling effect on America's resolve to fight global terrorism. The Bush Administration, stung by the loss of Congress for the first time since George W. Bush took office, seems to be on a course of retreat, as if the wind has been knocked from its sails.

    Caroline Glick examines the problem in her latest column for the Jewish World Review. Here is an excerpt from Glick's chilling analysis:

    'THE US policy of appeasing jihadists in the Horn of Africa is just one example of the recent turn that US policy has taken regarding the war against the global jihad. On every major front, and particularly in its dealings with Israel, Iraq and Iran, the Bush administration is implementing policies that undermine its allies, strengthen its enemies and consequently harm US national security interests. While the administration and the new Democratic Congress argue over troop levels and funding for the US military in Iraq, as former CIA analyst Robert Baer wrote last week in Time magazine, Iran has effectively taken control of Basra, Iraq's port city and oil hub. The Iranian toman rather than the Iraqi dinar is the currency of trade in the city. The Shi'ite holy city of Najaf is also veering toward becoming a protectorate of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.'

    Read the rest of Glick's article by clicking here:
  • Caroline Glick
  • Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Jihad in North Carolina

    Raleigh, NC (TLS). For the past week The Liberty Sphere has been embedded in Raleigh, North Carolina, in our continuing investigation into Islamic extremists in the state. As reported to you from Charlotte, NC, last week, North Carolina has been the focus of an FBI investigation into connections between extremist Muslims in N.C. and international terrorism. The fact that the state is one of the hubs of Jihadists was established during several court cases within the last few years, centering on a tobacco scam, money laundering, marriage fraud, the breaking of immigration laws, and the funding of overseas terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah.

    Several of the masterminds behind the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, as well as the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, were trained in North Carolina at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro.

    These small, tightly-knit terror cells are still operating today throughout North Carolina, according to The Counterterrorism Network, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security.

    Our investigation brought us initially to Charlotte, NC. The trail led from there to Greensboro to Raleigh, the state capital. The Muslim American Society has a chapter that operates out of Raleigh. MAS evolved from the notorious Muslim Brotherhood of Europe, which had its beginnings back in the 1920s in Egypt. The website of the local chapter of MAS states that, 'The Muslim American Society is a charitable, religious, social, cultural, and educational, not-for-profit organization. It is a pioneering organization, an Islamic revivial and reform movement that uplifts the individual, family, and society.' What the website does NOT say is that MAS has direct connections to the terrorist organization, Hamas.

    According to a special report in the Carolina Journal, the president of the Raleigh chapter of MAS, Winston-Salem State University professor Hamdy Radwan, stated that Hamas is a group of 'freedom fighters.' However, on November 8, 2006, Hamas called on Muslims around the world to attack American targets. In a statement sent to the Associated Press, Hamas stated, 'America is offering political, financial and logistic cover for the Zionist occupation crimes…. Therefore, the people and the nation all over the globe are required to teach the American enemy tough lessons.'

    On November 18, 2006, MAS sponsored a conference at the Exploris Children's Museum in Raleigh that featured an Islamic leader who has close ties to several convicted terrorists and who himself was interviewed by the FBI in connection with the 1993 World Trade Center attack. In addition, the Raleigh chapter of MAS invited a Muslim imam who is known for his virilent anti-Semitism and revolutionary speeches calling for violence. That imam is none other than Johari Abdul-Malik of the largest mosque in the nation in Falls Church, Virginia, the very same mosque that two of the 9/11 hijackers attended regularly.

    According to the FBI, so far none of the U.S. terrorists currently residing in North Carolina are directly involved in violence against Americans here (that is, with the stark exception of the ones who perpetrated the attacks on the Twin Towers in 1993 and 9/11). Rather, their modus operandi at present is to raise money through various illegal activities in order to fund terrorist organizations overseas.

    According to Michael D. Resnick of the N.C. Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI, 'While we typically think of terrorists as "bomb throwers," most of the terrorist activity in the United States is nonviolent, though illegal, such as terrorist fund-raising, procurement of equipment, and general criminal activity used to raise money to support terrorist operations worldwide.'

    Resnick continues, 'This type of activity does exist in North Carolina and the FBI, through its partnership with other federal agencies and state and local law enforcement, is actively investigating those matters.'

    However, one Muslim who attempted to murder American students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is located near Raleigh, stated that the Koran specifically justifies such attacks. Here is the Associated Press news report on Muslim Mohammad Teheri-azar, who hit nine students with an SUV on campus:

    'RALEIGH, N.C. -- The man who hit nine people with a sport utility vehicle on the University of North Carolina's Chapel Hill campus wrote a letter to a television reporter saying he read the Quran's 114 chapters 15 times and found that the Muslim holy book justified the attack.

    '"I did not act out of hatred for Americans, but out of love for Allah instead," Mohammed Taheri-azar, 22, wrote in a letter to Amber Rupinta dated March 10 posted on WTVD's Web site....

    'Taheri-azar wrote that he began his readings of the Quran in June 2003. He called the book "a scientific and mathematical miracle, so there can be no doubt that it is from a supernatural source."'

    Taheri-azar had connections with the Raleigh chapter of MAS.

    Further information on the activities of the Raleigh group of the Muslim American Society is even more troubling. In October of 2005, the group brought in Radwan Masmoudi, the founder of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, to the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. This orgnaization was created by leaders of the American Muslim Council, a group that has pledged its support to Hezbollah and Hamas, two of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. The title of the event was, 'The Future of Democracy in the Muslim World.' This event, along with two others in February of 2006, featured extremist speakers that claimed that suicide bombings against Israelis is 'justifiable.'

    One of the speakers in question, Mohamed Rida Beshir, was quoted at that meeting as saying that children are born pure (Muslim), and it is their parents who corrupt them by turning them Christian, Jewish, etc.

    The remaining speaker in quesiton, Amir Abdul Malik Ali, has stated the following:

    • 'We must implement Islam as a totality, in which Allah controls every place – the home, the classroom, the science lab, the halls of Congress.'

    • 'The enemies of Islam know that when we come back to power we're gonna check 'em.'

    • 'Stay conscious and ask Allah to raise the Muslims and give us victory over the disbeliever.'

    • 'When it's all over, the only one standing is gonna be us.'

    • 'Neo-cons are all Zionist Jews.'

    • 'You [Jews] are walking into all the traps we want you to walk into. You hijacked American foreign policy.'

    • 'Sooner or later, today's Muslim students will be the parents of Muslim children. And they should be militants.'

    • 'Zionism is a mixture of chosen people-ness and white supremacy.'

    • 'The Israelis were in-control of 9-11, which was staged to give an excuse to wage war against Muslims around the world.'

    • 'Israelis ought to return to Germany, to Poland, to Russia. The Germans should hook y'all up. You [Israelis] should go back to Germany.'

    The fact that this disgusting, nauseating, and subversive activity is allowed on a major college campus in North Carolina, while conservative voices and those who oppose the Jihad are threatened into silence, should raise the ire of any concerned patriotic citizen.

    And if this is not enough to get your blood boiling, consider this:

    On February 16 of last year, the Muslim American Society, IN COORDINATION WITH THE UNC FACULTY AND CAMPUS Y, a leftwing group that features anti-Israel speakers, hosted an event ON CAMPUS, that supposedly shed light on Islam's prophet Muhammad and the controversy surrounding the Danish cartoons depicting him, cartoons that brought threats of violence around the world from Muslims.

    Remember the Muslim who rammed his SUV into nine students on the UNC campus? He was in attendance at this meeting. It was shortly afterward that he went on his violent rampage with his vehicle on campus. It has been postulated by some in the know that the perpetrator was so enraged by what he heard at the MAS-UNC FACULTY sponsored meeting that he gave expression to his rage by going on an attempted killing spree on campus.

    It MUST not slip by us that at least two major terrorist attacks occurred by extremist Jihadists operating out of two of North Carolina's institutions of higher learning--the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Modern academia's penchant for openness with no limits has led to a dangerous, subversive, and tacit endorsement of the goals of radical Islam, not to mention its inherent anti-Semitism.

    Academic pursuit that has no boundaries or guiding principles of freedom, honor, integrity, and respect, becomes a haven for despots and terrorists. North Carolina, unfortunately, is home to such an example of academic despotism. The result is that terrorist organizations get thousands of dollars to conduct their mayhem, and North Carolinians themselves are potential targets for violence.

    For a deeper study of the problem of terror cells in North Carolina, here are some helpful links:

  • N.C. Chemist Sought in London Bombing

  • Washington Times

  • Carolina Journal

  • Terror Comes To North Carolina

  • Jihad Watch

  • N.C. Terror
  • Monday, February 05, 2007

    New York Times Contempt for Law-Abiding Citizens

    Raleigh, NC (TLS). The New York Times has shown itself once again to be nothing more than a Left-wing political rag posing as a newspaper. What was once the most respected news organization in America continues with its descent into political propaganda, which it attempts to pass off as 'news.'

    In their latest debacle, the Times shows its utter contempt and distrust for law-abiding citizens. As a rabid anti-gun publication, the Times expresses sheer disdain for states such as Florida that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons.

    The irony is that the Times is always front and center in mounting a vigorous defense of the unconditional right of freedom of the press, as outlined in the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Yet they would deny to citizens the same unconditional right to arms that is outlined in the 2nd Amendment.

    I would postulate a possible line of defense. We should begin to hold the press to the very same standard by which they hold gun owners and 2nd Amendment rights groups. Perhaps freedom of the press should NOT be unconditional. Perhaps there should be severe government-imposed limitations. Perhaps we should demand accountability, fairness, balance, and the absence of any vestige of bias. In order for a reporter to keep his or her license, which should be entered into a national database and issued by the federal government, they must demonstrate the responsible use of the freedom of the press. They must undergo a rigorous background check. If there is the slightest hint of emotional instability or a history of psychiatric care, or the use of a psychiatric drug, then their license should be denied or revoked.

    In short, you don't have freedom of the press unless you pass a very stringent test of your worthiness for such a freedom. In addition, we want to know exactly WHY you wish to exercise freedom of the press. For what purpose? Is your purpose a worthy one? If it is to inform the public, fine. But if it is to 'contribute to change in society,' as most reporters say is their main objective for entering the field of journalism, sorry, but you don't qualify for a license. That is not what the job of a reporter entails.

    In short, we will watch your every move. We will keep complete records on you in our national database. And if you show the least bit of resistance to the requirements for licensure, then we can only assume that you are engaging in ill intent and are quite likely to use your freedom of the press for a subversive and dangerous purpose.

    Hey, we may even roll out our own version of Rosie O'Donnell. 'ALL JOURNALISTS SHOULD BE IN JAIL PERIOD!!'

    Of course, I am doing all of this to make a point. If the New York Times and other rags like it would apply the same standard to their 1st Amendment right as they do to our 2nd Amendment right, I am quite certain there would be a chilling muzzle placed on news organizations in America. Reporters would be afraid to speak lest they run afoul of some stupid regulation concerning their right to freedom of the press. Publishers would be afraid to print certain stories for fear of government reprisal. And local District Attorneys would be just sitting there perched, poised, and ready to bring criminal charges for those wayward souls in the news business who get out of line. You know, like they do to gun owners.

    Do I expect what I have just written to make one bit of difference to the New York Times? Not one bit. They are too busy congratulating themselves in their ivory tower of snobbish intellectual elites to see their own hypocrisy.

    For more information about the New York Times' contempt for the citizens, click here:
  • NY Times Distrust
  • Is America Ready for a Black Female President?

    Raleigh, NC (TLS). The mainstream media has a common mantra these days concerning female and ethnic minority candidates for President. The question is invariably, 'Is America ready for a Black President,' when referring to Barack Hussein Obama. When referring to Hillary Clinton it is, 'Is America ready for a female President?'

    These are clearly the wrong questions, questions that portray a covert racial/gender preference couched within the question as to whether or not most Americas are 'ready' for it.

    I have a new twist on the question. Is America ready for a black female President?

    It is quite remarkable that no news outlet in the mainstream media has yet asked this question, notably because the person to which the question refers is Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice--a Republican Conservative.

    Condi Rice is a strong pro-gun advocate, citing her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama during the dreadful days of racial violence and police brutality against Blacks during the reign of the infamous 'Bull' Connor. Rice maintains that there were times when it was only a firearm that gave her frightened community at least some semblance of security during those loathsome days.

    Rice clearly has some problems when it comes to a run for office. Her stance on Israel and the Palestinians is quite baffling and sometimes exasperating. However, her solid conservative credentials and her amazing intellect can perhaps overcome any shortcomings in that area. Plus, she is a quick study and can learn quickly if the right people are around her advising her on foreign policy.

    Condi Rice may well turn out to be the 'ace in the hole' in the upcoming election cycle if none of the conservatives in the present field of candidates catch on with the electorate. She will immediately remove from the arsenal of the Democrats the race card and the gender card. I am already hearing beautiful music. They will not be able to use either race or gender against the ticket. In addition, she has immediate name recognition not only among American citizens but on the world stage. She may be the ONLY candidate who could stop Hillary Clinton.

    And while I would definitely prefer someone like Duncan Hunter, my next choice would be Condi Rice. She will most definitely appeal to gun rights groups and other conservatives. And she would enter the race with several major advantages--experience in foreign policy, name recognition, an ability to raise money, solid conservative credentials, plus, the VERY FIRST African American female to become the candidate of a major political party for the highest office in the land.

    But let's not forget that this is not about race or gender. This is about ideology, ability, and electability. If all the others falter and we face the prospects of getting stuck with John McCain or someone like him, Condi Rice may well be the very one to whom conservatives can turn to save the day.

    Strange Kennedy Pitch for Hugo Chavez's Oil

    Raleigh, NC (TLS). I always knew that the Kennedy clan in Massachusetts is as corrupt as they get. Going all the way back to 'Papa Joe' Kennedy and his underhanded schemes with characters of ill repute, including some of America's enemies (such as Adolf Hitler), the Clan has rarely strayed from Papa Joe's legacy of corruption.

    The same can be said of Joseph P. Kennedy, II. When Little Joe took the mantle of the Citizens Energy Corporation upon the death of his brother, Michael, he dropped out of a Congressional career to run the corporation. Now, it seems, Little Joe finds himself playing footsies with none other than Commie-strongman Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela. Not only that, but Little Joe is running TV ads in New England urging American citizens to buy their gasoline and oil from Citgo, which gets its supply from Chavez.

    And he even admits that it is Chavez's oil.

    The thing that is so very strange about the entire matter is that there is absolutely no shame in Kennedy's unabashed support for one of America's most dangerous enemies in the world today. Then again, it is not so strange given the Kennedy clan penchant for cozying up to homicidal/genocidal dictators, Commies, and other scum bags within the dregs of the human community.

    Read the full story here:
  • Kennedy Oil Scam
  • Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Imagine It's 2080 and the World Is Warm

    Raleigh, NC (TLS). Imagine for a moment that it is the year 2080 and the entire world is enveloped in a warm climate, as predicted by the just-released U.N. report on climate change. The report warns of a possible 3.8 to 8 degree Fahrenheit rise in global temperatures, resulting in a melting of many of the ice shelves across the planet, a rising of sea levels, and a massive disruption of rain cycles, causing severe droughts in some areas and tropical showers and humidity in others.

    If these predictions are realized, Greenland could lose all of it ice, becoming a paradise of green meadows instead. Nova Scotia's climate could warm up to the point that wine grapes could be grown there.

    The ramifications of this warming have been so hyped up by certain voices in the scientific and governmental realms that most people fear that such a massive climate shift presents a doomsday scenario.

    BUT WAIT! Time for a reality check.

    Greenland was once such a land that the U.N. demagogues warn about. Yes, it was once very green. Nova Scotia was once so warm that wine grapes WERE grown there. Global temperatures once rose within the range the 'global warming' scientists warn about within the next 70 years. But those days were long-gone LONG before there was any burning of fossil fuels by humans.

    Yet here we are. Mankind survived.

    During the Middle Ages, between the years 800 and 1300, the earth warmed significantly in what is known in scientific and geological circles as 'The Medieval Warm Period.' During that period of history documents and other data show that Greenland was a warm-weather-lover's paradise and Nova Scotia was a rich, fertile land that produced grapes perfectly suited for wine-making. However, something happened that changed all of this around the year 1300-1350 or so. The earth went into what became known as 'The Little Ice Age,' which resulted in a cooling of temperatures around the globe. This 'Little Ice Age' is well documented in history, such as some of the founding documents of the United States show, which report unusually cold temperatures and heavy blizzards.

    The Little Ice Age continued until roughly 1900. However, before the end of this period the earth began to experience a gradual warming of temperatures, resulting in the melting of glaciers and ice caps. The warming started roughly 300 years ago, and by the year 1900 most of the vestiges of the Little Ice Age were gone. Since that time the earth has been in a period of warming, and the phenomenon began long before humans began burning fossil fuels.

    Realistically speaking, the human race has much more to lose now than it did then in terms of a gradually warming climate. With population increases, and with individuals flocking to tropical-type resort areas, usually within close proximity to shorelines and riverbanks, any rise in the earth's temperatures will extract a much more devastating effect on the global economy and human activity. We may have to give up our preference for coastal areas. Property values in flood-prone regions that are vulnerable to rising sea levels will plummet.

    Thus, the human race most definitely will be forced to make adjustments in terms of habitation, farming, and water conservation. This can be done as private enterprise joins hands with government to come up with an acceptable strategy to deal with these potential problems. The Real Estate market, for example, will probably have to shift its focus away from warm areas near the coastline and place a premium on higher ground.

    In short, these problems are much too complicated for governments to address alone. Private enterprise will be essential. In fact, government will most likely be forced to contract with private business to develop solutions to these problems in the fastest, and most efficient and economical way possible.

    Thus, the dire warnings of 'the environmentalist movement' and its rabid extremist notions about private enterprise and capitalism are to be totally ignored. Their views are already discredited right from the starting gate. Global warming is cyclical, involving radiation levels from the sun which are always changing, particularly in 1500-year increments, according to the observable, hard science.

    Mankind did NOT produce global warming.

    The notion that mankind must shun capitalism and free enterprise in order to address climate change is nothing more than sheer demagoguery and political opportunism at its worst.

    For more information on the REAL science of climate change, click here:
  • Global Warming

    Raleigh, NC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that there are new developments at the College of William and Mary and the controversy surrounding the removal of the Cross from the college chapel.

    The College's Board of Visitors plans a meeting this week to consider the complaints by a group of students and alums who have presented a petition containing 10,000 signatures demanding that the Wren Cross be restored to its rightful place. The controversy has a new twist, however. A group of students who support College President Gene R. Nichol's decision to remove the Cross from the chapel have also presented a petition containing 1100 names.

    Thus, a line has been drawn in the sand. Although the petition to put the Cross back in the chapel has far more signatures than the one seeking to keep it out, Wren Cross supporters may find themselves in an uphill battle. The tide of political correctness is against them. And, as we all know, political correctness is the end-all and be-all of college education today. Historical facts are mere annoyances.

    It is to be hoped that the decision of the Board of Visitors will bring some sanity back into academia. The Liberty Sphere hopes they go further. We will once again call for the dismissal of President Gene R. Nichol, who so ruthlessly ran rough-shod over the history of the College of William and Mary.