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Friday, November 20, 2009

Second Amendment New Roundup for 11/20/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Conservative Libertarian Outpost notes the growing discontent in Congress over the Obama Administration--from some unlikely sources.

Texas Fred provides an update on the cop in Arkansas who tasered a 10-year-old girl.

Days of our Trailers reports updated news on the Ft. Hood terrorist attack.

From David Codrea: 'Red Teeth, the Pirate.'

Vanderboegh posts chapter 3 of his riveting novel--Absolved.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight has info on Brownell's coupons and gift certificates for firearms.

Western Rifle Shooters Association reports the outrageous news that CNN is doing a hatchet job on Oath Keepers.

Say Uncle comments on Dave Kopel's new book entitled, 'Aiming for Liberty.'

Sebastian blogs on AG Eric Holder's latest statements on gun policy.

GunRights4US provides an excellent read on the unintended consequences of a civilian trial in New York for the 9/11 perpetrators.

Meeting on the Green has a simple yet poignant 'last post.' I hope this doesn't mean he is quitting blogging!

Brigid writes about an awesome firearm, the M1 Garand, and the movie 'Grand Turino.'

Way Up North posts some excellent photos and comments about life in Anchorage, Alaska.

Tam evaluates the .38 super revolver for personal protection. Good reading.

Kurt Hofmann says that guns are better protection for gays than hate crime laws.

The Ol' Broad has the MUST-see political cartoon of the day. Enjoy...

Ramming Through Draconian Healthcare Bill in the Senate

My friends, Harry Reid is intent on pulling a Nancy Pelosi on healthcare legislation, and WE MUST STOP HIM!

Read all about it today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Please, my fellow citizens, get out there tomorrow and attend one of the rallies of the Million Med March in order to show Reid and Pelosi that citizens and their doctors OPPOSE this tyrannical act!

LIBERTY-THON DAY 4--Liberty's 'Gang of 10'

We continue to inch slowly but steadily toward our goal of $3000. A heart-felt 'THANK-YOU' to those who have participated so far.

Would you consider becoming one of 'Liberty's Gang of 10?' 10 people to give $100.

Of course no gift is too small. No gift is insignificant. And I know full well that in hard economic times some cannot give at all. These things are understood fully. You are still valued readers.

I am going to wrap this up before the Thanksgiving holiday and the 'black Friday' Christmas rush the day after. I'd like to reach the goal by then. Thanks for whatever you can do.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reid's Risk--Mysterious Healthcare Bill Comes to Light

Well, the mysterious bill that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wouldn't let anyone see until last evening has now come to light.

And the provisions are highly troublesome, as I discuss today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Time to contact your Senators and tell them to oppose this bill!! Especially put the pressure on Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson, Lieberman, Graham, McCain, Snowe, and Collins!


Something a bit different for today's promotion of the Liberty-thon.

I want to try to wrap this up before the holiday rush at the end of the month. So, here is what I propose:

If you have not yet contributed but wish to help me in this work to spread the message of liberty, maximum individual freedom, small government, low taxes, and strong national defense, here is what you can do:

***I need 10 people to give $100 dollars.

***I need 20 people to give $50 dollars.

***I need 30 people to give $10 dollars.

If you want to be recognized for your gift of $100, I am willing to do that if you request...but only if you request. You will be my 'Liberty Sphere Gang of 10.'

Of course, any gift in any amount will be accepted and greatly appreciated. No gift is insignificant or too small. I know most of my readers aren't rich by this world's standards.

Thank-you my good friends for your support, your readership, and your commitment to liberty.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/18/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Brigid has excellent reading on 'predator hunting--down on the farm.'

Tam demonstrates that contrary to popular opinion we gunnies do, indeed, have a heart.

Gun Nuts provides the wrap-up, audio, and downloads from last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, in case you missed it.

21 Guns Salute posts the MUST-read of the day, entitled, '1000 Cranes for Krista.'

Kurt Hofmann shares an excellent read on why gun sales are skyrocketing, even over the record sales from the last quarter of 2008.

Dr. Jim over at Every Blade of Grass has a very special announcement to make, but it's tucked into a post on various and sundry matters concerning his life changes of late. Congrats, man!

GunRights4US has a photo that you MUST see!

Texas Fred comments on the surprising fact that Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett landed an interview with Barack Obama, who has consistently snubbed the network.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports some news of interest about the Colorado Hunting Season.

Say Uncle has an interesting post on treating guns like health insurance.

Sebastian has some 'gun math geekery.'

The Newbius Papers posts some important news for all gun bloggers in the northern Virginia area.

Traction Control puts it very simply and accurately--'Guns Are the Answer.'

From David Codrea: 'Why Should California Gun Owners Care About Meg Whitman?' Excellent reading.

Vanderboegh provides the MUST-see political editorial cartoon of the day, and this one NAILS it!

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts essential reading on the Pandora's box Obama and team have opened by bringing Jihadist enemy combatants to U.S. soil for trial in our civilian courts.


This is a major news alert concerning the grassroots movement of thousands of doctors across the country.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

The real doctors--not the ones who run the American Medical Association--are solidly AGAINST ObamaCare!


We are now in Day Two of our November Liberty-thon fundraiser, and I sincerely thank those who have participated thus far.

Our goal is $3000--a very optimistic expectation to be sure.

But I subscribe to the theory that if one has no goal, then you hit nothing. I believe in optimistic goals.

Speaking of goals, what are yours? What do you want for the rest of your life and for that of your children, grandchildren, and generations beyond?

Do you want them living in an America that is totally foreign to the Constitutional Republic established by our Founders? You know as well as I do we are headed in that direction faster than a speeding bullet.

Do you want to live out the rest of your days in liberty, free from government intrusion, free to make your own decisions, chart your own course, and live in a manner that you see fit rather than what some government bureaucrat thinks?

If so, then we have to work together. And The Liberty Sphere is one voice in the wilderness, crying out the yearning for liberty on behalf of all of those who are oppressed by the power of the state.

Yes, there are other voices. And many of them I support. They are invaluable in the fight for liberty.

But for some reason, you, the reader, have been drawn to this place because something about these words resonate with you deep in the core of your being.

If this is true about you, then consider a gift to this important work. I believe we can leave behind for posterity an America that not only repudiated the attacks on freedom we are seeing today but rediscovered and championed the Founders' vision as encapsulated in the Constitution--maximum individual liberty, small government, low taxes, free markets, and strong national defense.

Help me get out that message to the masses, especially to the young who need to experience up close and personal the sweet smell and taste of freedom.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Consider a Donation to The Liberty Sphere

The Liberty Sphere's November 'Liberty-thon' is under way as of today. Consider making a donation to this work.

Why donate?

Because liberty, individual freedom, small government, low taxes, and strong national defense are vital concepts that are quickly being lost to an entire new generation of Americans.

The Liberty Sphere is at the point now, after 3 years in existence, where we can take things up to an entirely new level of visibility and vitality.

But I need your help.

I won't mince words when I say that my illness, with which I was diagnosed last year, has cost me dearly in terms of earning a living. My eyesight is under constant change, and the inflammatory condition that creates that change makes it impossible for me to handle most jobs.

But I can write, and I can speak. Sure, standing too long is painful, but that's when I sit.

In short, I am forced to depend on my op-ed columns at The Examiner and what little advertising is done on The Liberty Sphere for my livelihood.

Just yesterday I accepted an invitation to speak at a TeaParty rally sponsored by physicians who organized a grassroots 'Million Med March' all across the country. This is a golden opportunity to take the message of The Liberty Sphere to entirely different level.

But as you know, grassroots organizations are limited in their funding. That's why I need your help.

By making a donation to The Liberty Sphere you will help me take a message of maximum individual freedom to a larger audience.

Plus, I have some plans in the works to make The Liberty Sphere much more highly visible on the Internet. But that takes funding.

Will you consider making a donation today? Simply click on the 'Donation' link at the top of the left column. That will take you to PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.

Thank-you in advance for your kind consideration, and even to those of you who cannot afford it but support this work with your faithful readership, I am deeply grateful for all of you. It has been a joy to be here doing this for the past 3 years.

Kind regards, and God bless.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/17/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Walls of the City points out there is a new narrative afloat concerning the Fort Hood terrorist attack. It seems everyone is to blame but the terrorist!

Say Uncle says that on this day the NRA turns 138 years old.

Texas Fred minces no words when describing Obama's despicable bow to the Japanese emperor.

The Rustmeister has a great story about a kid who knows how to use a firearm, and proved it!

Days of our Trailers provides info on the latest smear against gun owners.

Western Rifle Shooters Association shares some tools to help liberty-minded persons build community.

Vanderboegh posts Chapter 28 of his upcoming novel entitled, Absolved. Can't wait for the whole book to be ready.

Sebastian weighs in on 'Little Chucky' Schumer's latest rabble-babble about more gun control and blaming Fort Hood on 'a gaping hole in gun laws.'

Robb Allen shares a bit of gun and ammo humor in his Sharp as a Marble educational series.

Breda posts all of the information on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

David Codrea has more on Little Chucky Schumer's proposals to deal with suspected terrorists by tightening restrictions on gun rights for ALL.

Kurt Hofmann has a MUST-read entitled, 'The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is Not Based on Sporting Purposes.'

Brigid blogs on 'breaking the rules.'

Tam reminds us that THIS THURSDAY is National Ammo Day. Buy at least 100 rounds.

The Wandering Minstrel posts great reading on the NRA's Wayne LaPierre and his appearance on Glenn Beck yesterday.

Alphecca appropriately gripes about the Obama Administration's plan to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens. Is anyone surprised?

Gun Pundit has a great read on open carry and the fact that here in America we don't need 'walking papers!'

Mike McCarville reports the explosive news that Obama's figures on jobs 'saved' or 'created' are totally bogus--made up out of thin air--including the districts in which these jobs were supposedly saved or created!

Guns Under Govt Attack Again But Americans Still Buy Them Up

Obama and his minions continue an under-the-table attack on gun rights without having to deal with U.S. law.

This multi-pronged scheme to rob citizens of the right to self-defense is discussed today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

In addition, you will find the mind-boggling sales figures from Glock, S & W, and Ruger, that suggest another 'run on the gun shops' is in effect.

I'm Speaking Saturday at the Raleigh, NC TeaParty

It's now official--I will be speaking at the Raleigh, NC gathering of the TeaParty this coming Saturday, sometime after 2 PM. This is part of the nationwide Million Man March on healthcare that will not only protest ObamaCare/PelosiCare but advocate for sensible solutions to the problems in the medical sector.

The event will begin at 2 PM and will be held at the Halifax Mall.

A group of concerned physicians is sponsoring this particular event to highlight the hardship government-run healthcare will place on citizens and to offer alternatives that will result in lower costs and enhanced quality of care.

To those of you who live within reasonable driving distance, try to come! I would love to meet you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/16/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea has a hum-dinger to get us started today on the fact that the Marxist-driven 'Southern Poverty Law Center' provided some 'training' to the Oregon police. What on earth could THEY have to 'teach' them!?

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts a most interesting read and video entitled, 'ICONS.'

Kurt Hofmann has 2 excellent reads today that you cannot pass up:
1. A timely warning to Illinois Gun Owners.
2. The Brady Campaign wants our soldiers to be defenseless.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost sends out an urgent and ominous warning concerning the coming storm in America.

Tam provides EXCELLENT commentary on a variety of issues today. Be sure to note her take on Palin and the attacks against her by the state-run media (SRM).

Nicki says that the TSA is nothing but a bunch of 'moronic dillweeds.' Read her reason why.

Way Up North reports on ammunition availability 'way up north.'

Say Uncle has a new post in the continuing debate in the gun rights community on 'open carry.'

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight provides an interesting photo and brief write-up on 'the Volcanic No. 2 Navy Lever Action Pistol.'

Sebastian alerts us to a timely update on Eric Holder and the 'Assault Weapons Ban' proposal.

From Pax Parabellum: 'So Suave Yet So Wrong.' Take a look.

Standing By has the MUST-read of the day entitled, 'The Narrative vs. The Facts.' It seems that anti-gun bigots and other Leftists don't want any fact that contradicts their narrative!

John Jacob H blogs on 'Porcupine 411.' I think it's a good idea for you to be finding out what that is.

GunRights4US tells the story of the current U.S. economy in graphics. Read. Ponder. Protect yourself.

Free in Idaho provides the quote of the day on liberty and respect.

Texas Fred reports the news that....Jimmy Carter....(trying hard not to laugh)....has defended his....ROFL....handling of the....(oh my, I can't breath from the laughter)....Iranian Hostage Crisis back in 1979-80. Somebody call the paramedics. I need help. ROFLMAO!!!!

Walls of the City comments on a debate of sorts over at Roberta X's place concerning the Bill of Rights. My view on the matter is that if you cannot accept the Bill of Rights, in totality, all 10, then you are no friend of mine, period. I think most regular readers of this blog agree.

ALERT! Senate to Consider Healthcare Bill

Reid has placed on the docket a healthcare bill to be considered on the floor of the Senate THIS WEEK.

Read all about it, including the long and intricate process for reconciling House and Senate versions of bills, at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Still, this gang we have in Washington today bears close scrutiny. In short, we need to watch 'em like a hawk.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Factors that Prove the Recession is NOT Over

Do you trust the people who are now telling us 'the recession is over,' although they are the very ones who assured us the economy was sound and the markets stable prior to the 2008 crash?

Read all of the factors that show the recession is NOT over, contrary to the claims of some economists, at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

And, as always, take prudent measures to protect yourself.

FINALLY! Israel Declares War on New York Times

This has been a LONG time coming:

Israel declares long-delayed war on New York Times. Dear Friends, The half-truths, untruths, and outright lies printed by the New York Times, once the respected newspaper of record, are an outrage. When it comes to Israel and terrorism and leftist agendas, the New York Times suddenly can't report the truth, reverting to the worst excesses of think-control organs -- no different from Pravda under the Soviet communists -- in which articles are slanted to convince, not to inform.

Read the whole thing at Atlas Shrugs.

Judge Napolitano--Where does the Constitution Authorize...?

David Codrea has excellent commentary today on Judge Andrew Napolitano's key question to Congress concerning any new legislation, particularly healthcare--

'Where does the Constitution authorize the federal government to involve itself in healthcare?'

In our system of government, the federal government only has those powers that are specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

We have MUCH work to do eliminating much of the unlawful, unconstitutional legislation that Congress has enacted illegitimately.

Brigid: "When It Hits Close to Home"

Our friend and fellow gun-blogger, Brigid at Home on the Range, has quite a story to tell about when home invasions hit close to home.

Her post is an absolute must-read, not just for the story but for her spot-on tips about self-defense with a firearm. Read it!

Giuliani Blasts Obama on 9/11 Trial in NYC

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has blasted Barack Obama over his decision to bring the trial for the enemy war combatants who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks to New York City.

And CNN has the video of the remarks.

Say what you will about Giuliani (and I have been one of his biggest critics), he truly rose to the occasion after 9/11 and gave the city and the nation what it needed as 'America's Mayor.'

Gamecocks Fall to 6-5 on Season After Loss to Florida

After a hopeful start to a new season and a new freshmen quarterback who shows remarkable promise, Steve Spurrier and crew at the University of South Carolina have fallen to a disappointing 6-5 record on the season after a loss to the Florida Gators last night, 24-14.

To be sure, the Gamecocks played remarkably well against an unbeaten team that has gone 20 straight games without a loss. The Gators have steamrolled over everyone, even in the tough Southeastern Conference.

Yet South Carolina gave them a run for their money, coming to within a mere 4 points of the Gators during the 3rd quarter of the game.

But a victory for the Gamecocks simply wasn't in the works.

South Carolina has but one game left on the season after an off week next Saturday. They will face the red hot Clemson Tigers on November 28 in Columbia.